The La Crosse Tribune from La Crosse, Wisconsin on February 22, 1960 · Page 7
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The La Crosse Tribune from La Crosse, Wisconsin · Page 7

La Crosse, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1960
Page 7
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Pictured Cave Near Barre Mills Is Viewed As Attraction For Tourists WAR WITH SUBWAY, OR- VOCAL TRACK SUCCESS ahtii., drifted beck to the type aribunf writer company. “What a bunch of stuffed he said Here I was seH- Vtonday, Feb. 22, l%0 HeltyerM rn RXD t»> 13 'a landslide which closed most ofldigging down five feet to the the mouth to the cave. (marsh level water line. Each bar* Dr. John A. Rice, of Merton injrowioad was examined carefully Waukesha County an archaeio-ibefore dumping in the marsh A I "T”l? A ^1 I shirts gist. who also writes in the his- The ’'cross-sec' ion revealed four V vV^ML I IxAv IV JU VwL mg heir deluxe electric models hollered Taxi' ' and gave them toncal book, noted after inspec- separate and distinct layers of at list price and who buys any- a battery of hiccups, tropical lion and digging that the cavern I ashes and burnt sand, in some Bv "ARI) I ANNER A bus-full of people was baited ^ prU;r today- and birds. dogs. cats, ca hopes and gin- By JAMES. 0. HOLMLUND tour was Harold Hath, La Crosse the pictures, characters and char- <*1S sirnpiy ^ enlarged fissile in!places almost vitrified,'’ Dr. Rice NEW VORK < NEA)—Ai Hoi- on Broadway while the driver got;they‘re suiting in their leather tars. History observers and the curi- County 4-H leader, Ross E Hunt coal paintings also at the time the soft Post dam sandstone, wrote from Merton July 4, 1879 land is one of New York City' out to help Holland who was only chairs telling me shape up. “I got another job the next ous each year continue to peek and Woehrmann. showed in rude form several bi- which abounds in that region, and Each layer was from four to six 8,000,OOO residents. And this story practicing hiccups ' Well, I wasn’t going to change day, Holland said I could have into what is left of the “pictured The cave was discovered in Oc- son. lynx, rabbits, otters, badgers, 1S situated on the eastern edge inches thick separated by from is how he accidentally discovered “Listen/ Holland said, “that And f wasn’t going to qui? I was got a thousand jobs I ve met cave of La Crosse Valley.” itober 1378 by Frank Samuel, then elk and herons. of a small marsh surrounded on nine to 12 inches of clean, white’the way out of the rush-hour sub- drunk act was terrific for get- going to make them fire, me “ thousands of people on buses suo- The cave, located on the Gust 18. a son of David Samuel, who ii ii -ti all sides, except the north, by a sand way at his stop--and what hap- ting off the subway or on it—or That afternoon he walked .nto ways at golf lessons on Broad* Horman farm in the Barre Mills farmed the tract. Young Samuel There was ‘ no regard” to rela- high ridge of this sand rock.” Nothing was found in the low- pened to him because of it. off or on anything ” a prospect's office with his coat way. ou* walking my dog bark on area, could become part of the discovered the cave after he set a tjve the Rev Mr. Brown The same general features ex- est layer of ashes and sand. In Now, at the time this story be in the end. news of his vocal awry and his hat. on sideways. Madison Ave preserved historical lore of La raccoon trap at “a hole of con- sa;d ist today. the second were a few pieces of gins. Holland was selling type Crosse County. It also could be- siderable size in the hill,” the his- He bad heard of the Samuel Dr noted at the time that pottery, made of clay and pound- writers and taking singing lessons come more of a tourist attraction tory book relates. b^s discovery in June 1879 and the original opening to the cave ed shells, and smooth on both from a teacher who was not very ii it ii From then on to the present ^ 0 ^ about it in July 2, 1879, at was level wlth the marsh and sides. expensive, but also not very good. Both ideas for the cave’s use date there had been a never-end- West salem. about 15 feet wide. A landslide in the third layer was found “You might say that teacher might materialize if sufficient ing interest in the cave gut thc book shows, there was occured. which must have closed -'more elaborately wrought pot- was lousy,” Holland sard. And support is found for the project, The Horman-conducted tour earjy damage by “a few boys” to the cave opening, the history said. tery." the Rev, Mr Brown’s ac- what with the typewriters and providing it is preserved now and showed that while there are hun- the cave’s drawings occurring the ii it ii count said, the newest found in the lessons, I was too tired then re-excavated. dreds of modern-day inscriptions prevjous fau> when the discovery On the slide itself and above the mounds, with numerous fragments to fight my way out of the sub- The cave, “doubtless made by on the sides of the 30-foot-long was made The elder Samuel, original mouth to the cave. Dr. and whole sides of. Mississippi way at my stop. So I kept ending the Sioux,” contains pictures and cave, there are at least four in- wben approached by the minister, Rice continued, a two-foot decayed River bivalve shells and a bodkin up in Brooklyn and have to take hieroglyphic characters rn a d e scriptions by the Sioux. There t0ok immediate steps to preserve stump was found. The roots of;(bone dagger) of bone seven a subway hack and get home at prior to 1879 and possibly as far may be more Indian pictures bur- the cave. enlarging the opening the stump had to be cut away to inches long ' 8 30 or 9 back as the year 1079, according ied under the tons of sand washed and clearing some of the floor gain entrance to the cave. Dr. Rice noted that the pottery' Then, one afternoon, Holland to material published in the 1879 ?n since the cave was first exca- sand. The tree, a poplar, was found was ornamented on the outer sur- could stand it no more. The sub- edition of “Report and Collections vated under the direction of his- The excavation and research after “ring-counting'’ to be about face. wa-V pulled in to his station and on the State (Wisconsin? Histori- torical society personnel in 1879.1 that followed, starting on June 125 years old. Samuel observed at O it he began to holler. 'Getting off. ii ii 27. 1879, the Rev. Mr. Brown the time that the tree was dead But what came was a laryngitic showed that the pictures 25 years prior to 1879, ^hirh 0llP of the drawin£ sftows 8 sound surprisingly like a train PURE. LEAN. FRESHLY GROUND BEEF Foods cal Society.” A copy of the publication has Hunt said: “There could I ZI, be wrote, which 0116 of the drawin.S shows 8! sound surprisingly been loaned to the La Crosse might be a bless- and characters” were historical,(helped account for the last use ^l^ft^L^^eaUiers This cou'ld rn* *h'S'ir' ... /-.U ____ I ____ _r /- _________ , , ____than emTrnuwl for more fko, r-ave hv in thr> oar V P*UulCS OI KdUltfS. HUS 1 County Chamber of Commerce mg m dlsgulSe” that the sand has rather than engraved for mere the cave by Indians in the early * by E. F. McDowell, De Soto, long washed back into the cave. amusement. A footnote by Ly- 1700s. „ interested in regional history. Recognizable today are what is man C. Draper, historical society Seventeen men were at the J?1 JljLf jj* Everett H. Woehrmann, manag- perhaps a portion of a hippopota- secretary at the time, noted that Swamp Road cave site on June * , tliA Cinnv Vio/4 coni 1 1 vyt »f aa! fol/stnf 1070 U rl vvi-l Kl- Hk- Own or*/-! er of the Chamber, said directors mu* ne'ar the’bottom of the pres- the Sioux had very limited talent 27. 1879, headed by Dr. Rice and cave have expressed interest in the ent cave wall, possibly a bison crim specimen writing. a Chicago man, Rockwell Saver. P^_ PJ . P., . fonnd “indicate train w^lstle in the privacy of hi project, It could be turned over buffalo, a fish jumping from the fThe La brosse area then as Shovels and wheelbarrows were * ‘ and distinct ocnma own apartI.nent- anfi hnauy got it to the City-County Publicity Com- water-although this might be a now was Winnebago territory, al- pressed into service to excavate I to sound like the trains he re iU/MitrU ♦ V** r\ Cinttu nnH rttL/vx + a I V. J tilt I VIV I\ OHI * v ntflnihfll t I I l/trYl I ‘ K/iX: rWA/NTl in “You should have seen them get out of my way," he said. “It was like the Red Sea parting ’ So that night he worked on the LB. 29 LOOK FOR THE MYSTERY SPECIAL IN OUR STORES EACH WEEK “Swamp Road.” conducted a tour forepart of the creature. to the cave this past week fol- According to the Rev. Edward cupations Valley farm home. Along on (be spread early interest in the cave,was linked to a tree as well as to hon in the back part o< the cave. mittee for development or be tied present-day creation - and a’though the Sioux and other tribes the cave. ^ ™membered from his boyhood in in with the La Crosse County His-wounded animal with an arrow had lived here.) "Several intelligent ladies also - ‘ r must have ooh- ti ,, torical Society, he said. imbedded in it. * * * attended," the Rev. Mr. Brown,^ ^ ,rled J “* °" "* i> ii ii Here it appears a souvenir- Samuel gave one clue at the wrote in his account of a week subway and it worked like mag- Horman, who farms 225 acres hunter chipped out the Potsdam, time that showed the cave was oc- later, “and prepared a dinner' ! •. ..........................ic. In fact, it worked for several on R. I, West Salem along sandstone in order to obtain the cupied by Indians as late as about Three other ministers, the Revsif toward the work 7” ...., I ! 1729 or 1719. The first of four cc- A. Clark. P. Hitchcock and J. C. °\plct“res' f01?* or Crth1 learned * pul up w,th 8001 ’ U'Cn’ being done in the third or fourth agers and unemployed actors, lowing a coffee presided over by Brown, who wrote a signed ac- the history said. buri^T™^thc^santf and' fallen HoUand s 113,11 s0°.n iost Mrs. Horman in their Bostwick count in the book and who helped; The clue provided by Samuel Dr. Rice first made a cross-sec- ^ ^ ^ ^ contalned m. stayed scriptions, Dr. Rice wrote. He up ajj mght working on a dog added bark—a Spitz, I believe.” “If these conclusions are cor- reel. the greatest antiquity allow- as m|| as (he ^ able would be from perhaps SIK) whl3tl( And ,t cou,d wear to 800 years 0fft he had worked out six other breeds of dog. Then a cat. Then The roof of the cave, as it is a dog.and-cat fight, today, is an irregular arch. There ..It-S not ^ easy,” Holland is approximately 50 feet of earth said ..j{ you wanL ^ do lt right. I hill on top of the cave with tall And r couldn’t stay up all night.! I evergreens growing over the ^ { used to practice on buses area, situated in a glen off Swamp and whjie i was walking around, Road. making my calls on prospective! Prior to the landslide of tho typewriter buyers. early 1700s. Rev Brown observed, ‘ j had to g)ve up my singing the cave had a 15-foot-wide open- iessonS) 0f course.” ling or mouth and seven feet width But oddiy! his typewriter sales! 'at the rear of the 30 foot long shel- i;)egan l0 increase. By now he had ter. The greatest width inside was workeci out a barrel organ, a cab­ io feet, the height 13 feet. with ope a folic guitar, a Hawaiian I live feet of excavating revealing gU,tar. jungle birds and like that, this height. ^ ^ Today the cave is seven feet „rd walk into a of- high at the extreme point. The flce and Rlvp them a guitar ar. rear of the cave tapers to a tun.;rangement of .Moon 0ver Ml. rel which is about 20 feet long and ami< wJth the troplca] birds twit. could well be part of the original tenng m the background. They cave. Horman said, however, the couidn't resist.” late Henry Diekroeger of West things began to hap* Salem claimed there once was a pen A policeman tried to arrest second room to the rear, jor pjavjng a barrel organ I Horman who has farmed the ^ str€Ct wlthout a license, place for 25 years, also said that L crowd o{ peoptef caUing ^ the previous owner. William Strat-1hclpfu| hints> blocked Madison man, put a door on the front of Ave whjle hc was working out the cave and kept onions and po- Uie sound__and gestures-of a golf tatoes inside hall being whacked by a wood. JUICY, SWEET HEALTHFUL A New Contest Every Week for 6 Weeks Get Your Entry Blank Each Week at IGA! GRAPEFRUIT 20 @9 ^ b T c WW PURE VEGETABLE SNOWDRIFT SHORTENING 3 53 I KERTES 13th and So. Ave. SUPERFAIR South La Crosse LEAN, MEATY CAMPBELL!!! SUPERMARKET 1912 Campbell Road —Center of Town VILLAGE 1609 Losey Blvd. So.- SUPERMARKET Village Shopping Center n .THEY'RE 'A.... WORTH MORE! Beef Short Ribs LB. IGA TABLERITE PURE. LEAN The Finest In The Tri-State Area GROUND BEEF 2us 89° CRISP, CALIFORNIA HEAD LETTUCE Large Head 19 Modern - day carving show's dates in 1901 and 1905. The cave, apparently, has been listed in some directory or map, in view of travelers that continue to drop in. One came at milking time from Washington. DC, and took pictures at night in the cave .. .I waiting until Horman was finished with the chores. Travelers have offered Horman a cigar and money after seeing; the natural creation. Woehrmann said he doesn’t know where the contents of the cave wound up but assumed they went to the society in Madison. Phillip H. Wiegand, Wauwatosa, president of the Wisconsin Archaeological Society was contacted by Woehrmann after this i week’s visit and said the society | “would like to come up” and see the cave. Wiegand urged immediate sealing off of the cavern. The archaeological group, which inspects Indian mounds as well as caves, said there is little evidence in Wisconsin of the cave- writings by Indians. SALTINES BROOKS TOMATO SOUP IO’ 2 -OZ. Can IO HILLS BROS COFFEE 39 Washington Statue Weathered, Ignored BALTIMORE (AP)—It looks like a big piece of hard £andy left on a shelf to gather dirt. The nose is almost gone. The eyes are so weathered they are ;dark stains in the folds of the j clothing. J This is a statue of George Washington in Baltimore, the town which likes to call itself the Monumental City. Standing in Druid Hill Park, it is probably the most (ignored statue of Washington in ithe city. 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