Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 25, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1932
Page 5
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IRVING ' —id— •. Commandiiients" , he world you live in— look at and a feature and Hardy Comedy HUJfKS" 50 minutes of great fun — I t(>h for the camera man on the , He will get 'you and you can ' the screen at the and, Friday. W^^~~^ , Saturday. August 27. Line at 1:30 and continuous ™ all afternoon and night to FBA.TUBB SHOW TDTMcCOY (Western) Two-Fisted Law _ —and— IDOIORES COSTELLO ||n "Expensive Women" jlast of Mohicans Serial • and Monday, Anpnst 28-20 [j n d 3 o'clock matinees, 10-25c. HELEN HAYES |(of Sin,of Madelon-Claudette) and Ronald, Colmah In Sinclair •"Lewis' "Arrowsinith" CHANGE IN PROGRAM ttf- Wednesday, Aug. 30 and 8 ' special arrangement we have jiired Mr. and Mrs.- Martin John I's animal picture . " " •He only authentic picture of it taken entirely in Africa. N< nee in prices. Matinee Tuesday |2;30, ores} C&H PURE CANE 10 Ibs; 48c 25 Iks. $1,20 100 Ibs. $4.59 Beet Sugar 10 Ibs. 47c 251bj. $1.17 100 lb», $4.49 . 29c IHREDDED l 8PAQHETTI [Noodles, . I""*. I9c KNCORE [Spaghetti. ,2jAR*i9c JCAN81»e GORTON'S . CAKE'SC LOAf . . . . UB. 23C KQ8SUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQOfrU. 10WA Mr.-ami Mrs. Eugene Murtagh lent Monday at Des Moines. Louis Winter, Alclen, brother o£ Irs. P. ,T. Brnner, was here .Monny. The A. A. Sterlings got home Sun- ay from a week with elatlves. downstate Mr. and Mrs. M. .T. Pool went to nromi, Wls., last Thursday to visit elatlves. The Kev. P. Braner went to lampton Monday night for a tliruo- ay pastoral conference. Mr. and Mrs. August Harlg ons Raymond and Adrian, of ienedict, spent Sunday at L. (tartin's. and St. B. The .Rev. and Mrs. P. J. Braner nd their son Envin visited friends 'unday at l_,u Verne, where the Sraners formerly lived. Mrs. Elmer Holtcamp entered the Aitheran hospital, Fort Dodge, for ledical examination and treatment ast week Tuesday. Assistant Postmaster and 31en Raney attended a state entlon of postal supervisors 'ort Dodge Tuesday. Ella Turner and her niece, Doro- Mrs.. at business house at Titonka more than 30 years ago, but the Topic says that when he was there for Indian day last week Monday he wailk- ed up the street three blocks before he met anyone whom he knew. The Union Alethcan 4-H club will entertain at a public community program and Ice cream social at the Good Hope church tonight. The program follows: short ,skit, The Fixer; novelty dance; one-act play, Too Many Marys; skit, the Dude ballet dance. Mrs. Hazel Olson, Chicago, arrived Monday and is spending the week here with friends. She is the former Hazel Staley. She had also visited her two daughters, who are visiting their grandmother, Mrs. Olson, at Forest City. Mrs. Olson manages an apartment hotel. Mr. and Mrs. George Eibert spent Sunday at Ames, where Mrs. Eibert attended a reunion of a group, of girls who attended the state university together. Lewis Ferguson accompanied the.Elberts to look for work while he attends college. This will be his third year. R. B. Coleman, able, genial, and popular editor and publisher of the bojis early -in the week, three are spending the week bay, Chester Is in tl Insurance dompany. his sister. er Ehlers, Swea City, and Mrs. Sorenson Mrs. Sorensen was A who worked for the before she was married. i!s mother, Mrs. Anna hy Halcn, Sioux'City, were guests j Lu Verne News, was an Algona vis- rom Friday _till Monday of the for-I'itor Friday. Mr. Coleman's princi- •ner's aunt, Mrs. S. B. French. Gco. \V. Godfrey spoke before the Vlason City iRotary club Monday. In his absence Joel Herbst presided at he meeting of the local club. H. B. Coleman, Lu Verne News editor, was an Algona visitor Saturday. Mr. Coleman, who Is a bache- or, has been at years. Lu Verne i .. ., four Mrs. Hugh Herman returned,from Perry last week Tuesday, aftar;sev- eral days with the Dr. Gep.'P." El-' vidges, Mrs. Elvidge being her laughter. ' ; The B. P. Bensons spent/ Sunday at Spirit Lake with the ..George roods, Mrs. Good being a daughter. Mrs, Good's sister Verona' "remained 1 'or a longer visit. Mrs. G. F. Towne returned Monday from Sioux City, where she had spent a week attending a Nazarene church convention. E. N. Taylor spent Friday there. "\ The Rev. M. A. Sjostrahd. new pastor of the First Lutheran church, tfent to Albert City Tuesday to attend a Sunday school institute, returning the same day. Otto Harig, Hollandale, Minn., and Ills son Leo came Monday with a truckload of cabbage and spent the night with the former's brother August at St. Benedict. Bernice Stock went to Newton yesterday to visit friends. She goes to Eagle Grove from Newton to teach physical education agali). This will be her third year there, Mrs. Rudolph Ste^ritz, Algona, underwent a minor operation at the General hospital last week Wednesday, as did also Ernest Frieden, of AVest Bend, this week Monday. '•': iPriscilla Southgate, Britt, -spent yesterday i with her sister, Mrs; Theo. Herbst. She returns to Eve^ leth, Minn., Friday for her thlij4 year as physical education teachea^ F. W. AVehler has been a patient at the Kossuth hospital since Sat-! urday. He has not- felt'' well all summer. It Is his heart which at lay. The Harry Wfnslows k, and the S week with lo are at the n Hayward's employ of an tre. ' Pletch is children i2ve- lef Mrs. Pet- and' Lydla iy from Wal- spent a week ns, Mrs. Dau eing sisters. na Schroeder, Elk Gleaners d. Mr. Dau, i Dau , and Walnut Sun- vs left last s, Md., where the U. S. na- - .-. , . - ."Ttr"?" r^~'' ' ~" r ~" '. — — ates a filling station Between the twin cl'ties, and the daughter, Madeline, is attending college at fit. Paul. Mrsi Kennedy is the daughtef-of Mr. and Mrs. John Gbeders, and Mr. Kennedy, the son of the late Mrs. <fohn Kennedy, is a brother of Mrs, J. Jr- Dboley.' Mrs. , Maude Blake left yesterday for points In Indiana and Illinois, after several days with her niece, Mrs. Clark. Orton, and her sister, Mrs. D. L. Driver. She travels 'for the Wooltz Studios. Des Moines, and .takes- orders for photographs taken by photographers who precede her In a house to house canvass. Her sales so far this year are enual Mr. son, w Rev. 5 vln M. Arthui Mr. and M Sioux lives, , TT»I,J O Jcjiea loo las tives t fVrlil' oeildl to last year's and she says that , ""?"' people in Indiana and Illinois think scn ° 01 the times- ai*e getting better. Mrs. went t Blake calls on an average of 20 OI ™ tf families a day. The fi'nm 1 Lotto Creek Mr. and Mrs. Ohrte Haase's infant was baptized Sunday by the ~ -Fiene", and was named Mel- cnard. Sponsors were Mrs. Arthur Kressin and Walter Krause, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Lleb and Mr. Mrs. Arnold Meine drove to i Donabelle and Betty Merron, Es- Sioux Falls Saturday to visit relatives, returning Sunday. Eleanora Pompe Went to Waterloo last week Tuesday to visit relatives till Friday, when she drove to Gedar Falls to pick up Gladys Saun- who had attended summer there, and thence the girls went to Maquoketa to visit relatives ' Miss Saunders. The Albert Potratz family spent last week Monday till the 'fol- , •„.. , , , . , - academy, they had spent most . th ervI11e, came last Thursday for a lowing Wednesday at a cottage at h ' , e s sa or the J? ulnmer with Harry's father, | vlslt tm Septcmbci . \ wlth Mr . nntl : the Okohojls. They ' ' Lee Winslow. and- Mrs, Winslow's were joined mrents, County Supt. and Mrs. | Mra . R . H _ M1 ,, eri tne Mg . bel . Wednesday by the Richard Potratzes nlpces of Mrs ; M1]ler Mr aml Mrs ] an d the William Wetzels, *1 re- bhirley. The elder Mr. Winslow has ( yernon Smith, Winter, S. D., visited turning that evening. EC T ^Minneapolis to , llve jthe Millers from a week ago Satur- I 'Mrs. Herman Lauck, Fenton.' and a daughter, and the Winslow , day till last Thursday. Mr. Smith. 'her daughter Zedonna visited 'last louse, has -been rented to Mr. and j, who Wfts ln a bank. at -Winter till H , week Wednesday at Edw. Kuecker's Mrs. Fred Pooch, who.moved into it ast week-end; • Reginald, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Kennedy, St. Paul, is reported critically -sick with' Hodgkin's disease,'which he 'has had two years. Ho is 25 years old and one of three children. The son John, 26, oper- closed, is now the republican candi- ! °nd Noah Relsner's. date for county treasurer there. Mrs. .L. G. Thompson, Estherville, The Fred Wills were Sunday dinner Quests of Mr. and Mrs. Julius mother. present is giving him most trouble. Mrs. Nellie Moore, sister of Mrs. Thomas Akre, visited here Tuesday. She came from her home in Seattle recently for a few weeks with her mother, Mrs. C. B. Andrews, Armstrong. . , ... ':''. E. H. Kennedy, Hutchison,'Karis., and his daughter Ruth, arrived last week Wednesday .for a. few.; weeks with Mr. and Mrsi Harold..Spre,nsen: Mrs. Sorensen is a daughter'of Mr. Kennedy. ••;• "'• j 'The Burt Monitor report-i-that W. S. Shackelford, who has : for"the last •year or two operated a harness and shoe repair shop at doldfleld, is closing out there and will return to Algona. Mrs. Carl Hoffman, Bancroft: net daughter Jo Ann, Mrs. .B ,J, JCohl- haas, and the letter's .sb'n,;vVernon spent Friday at the August Harig's St. Benedict. Carl is the women's jrother. . Mr. and Mrs. T.. P. Harrington and their daughter Bernice took Maxine Frazier, of Nevada, to Fort Dodge 5Vidny,'and tlience she took a train home. She had visited the HarringT tons a week. .-.' - ; Charles Akre, who is studying; law at George AVashington university Washington. D. C., came; home Tuesday for a vacation of two weeks. He works in the Congres- |ial, if not only troubles, arise from the necessity of constant dieting to keep in check a- tendency towards a superfluity of avoirdupois. Tonsillotomy and adenoid operations at the General hospital last week follow: Elizabeth Anna Oxley, Corwith; Helen Franzen, Wesley; Kent .Ryerson, Burt; Eunice Johnson. Cylinder; William Quilhot, Chicago; AV. J. Collins, Belmond; and Mrs. Neil Smith, Algona. Mr. and. Mrs. Forrest Mathes, of Kirksville, Mo., and their sons Dick and -Bob visited from Saturday till Monday with Forrest's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. N.. Mathes, and other local relatives. Forrest is employed at a produce house, and the family has now lived in Missouri five years. Elva Van Deest returned to her home at Kenning, Minn., Saturday after five weeks here, during which she substituted ^at the Hawcott & Ogg store while the clerks took vacations. The Van Deests lived, here till, a year ago last November, when they moved to their, farm at Kenning. Mr. and Mrs. 'David C. AVard and their three months daughter, Jane Marilyn, arrived from Red Oak Saturday, and are with the Andrew Hansons, Titonka, till they find an apartment here: Mr. AVard teaches in the high school. They had a Rice apartment last year and the year before. Thomas Hines, Marshalltown, has been helping at the AVm. C. Steele store since Monday. Lewis Moore "filled in" Saturday. Mr. Hines is taking the place of G. B. Turner while the latter is confined to his home. Mr. Turner was taken seriously sick last week Monday, but is now improving. George Bischoff, Iowa editor of the Davenport Times, and his mother are visiting the MacArthurs at Burt, Mrs. MacArthur toeing Mr. Bischoff's aunt. 'With .Doctor Clapsaddle, Mr. Bischoff called' at the Advance shop yesterday. Mr. Bischoff broadcasts a news summary from WOC every morning. AVilliam Nugent, Chicago, is expected next Monday for a week with his family at the homes of Mrs. Nugent's parents, Mr. and Mrs., F. AV. Dingley, his mother, Mrs. W.' D.. Nugent, and other relatives. Mrs.' Nugent and the two sons will return to Chicago with him. William is in charge of a veterans' bureau. Mrs. F. J. Behlmer, her sister, Mrs. Arthur Knoll, Kanawha, and Mr. Knoll, went to AVIlmington, IH.i last week Monday to visit Mrs. Behlmer's daughter, Mrs. 'R. A. AVinkel. The Winkels are farming, and Mr. AVinkel is the son of Mr. and Mrs, Jacob Winkel. Mrs. Behlmer was expected home yesterday, Charles 'Pavik, Humboldt, was op- S. S. Class Officers Named— The Methodist Bible Searchers S. S. class met last week Tuesday at Mrs. W. L. Martin's; Mesdames Frost, iF. .L. Miller, Bstella Sabin, and Mary Runchey, assisting hostesses. Devotions were led by Mrs. Miller. All officers were re-elected: Mrs. Martin, 'president; Mrs. J. F. Cook/first vice president; Mrs. E. N. Taylor, second vice president; who was another guest of the Mil- ( "Will, lers last week, went home Sunday.' Mathilda Kressin, who had at- Mrra. Smith is a sister of Mr. Miller, \ tended summer school at the state and Mrs. Thompson is Mrs. Miller's ' teachers' college, came home Friday. Mrs. Chris Haase Was able to attend church Sunday. Th'is was the first time since an auto accident last fall. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schallin, Algona, were Sunday dinner guests at Herman Reisner's. The Julius Wills spent Friday 'with Mrs. Will's parents at Truman, Minn. . . Lillian Kressin, employed at the Algona telephone office, is spending „ „ t cnn, i >. i •,-,, •, j this week with her parents, Mr.'and' one of, 500 last week AVednesday , Mrs . Albert Kressln ' evening in honor of their daughter; Arthm. Tv,t,.o+., TO * » Eleanor and son.Scott and his wife, ,a s 1 week ^ all of Philadelphia. D. E, Dewel bert won the bridge prize for the men; Mrs. H. E. Woodward, Whittemore, for.the women. Following luncheon the guests danced to radio music,. Observes 7Jt1i Itlrtliday— Mrs. Frances Benschoter observed Specials Navy Beahs, 10 Ibs. _: L-lj. „_! . - . - * Noodles* Macaroni, Spaghetti, 5 pkgs. *. 25c Big.4.Laundry Soap, 10 bars ____2_25c , Gold Dust Scouring Powder, per can ___„____.; 5c Matches, Ohio Blue Tip, per carton _-____^_^_ 25c Fancy Carrots, No, 2 cans _____-__•_____'__ lOc Fancy Corn, 2 No. 2 cans •__ 23c Fancy Apples, No. 10 size _______25tf Fancy Tomatoes, per bushel ___-__! 75c Complete line of Vegetables and Fruits. Fancy crate Peaches for canning. Fancy home killed Veal and Lamb. H. R. SORENSEN & CO. r Phones 188 and 139 We Deliver Mrs. Blanchard, secretary; Mrs. her 77t h birthday, anniversary -Fri- Margaret Schoby., . treasurer. Guests j c ' ay • when a small _g£pujj of relatives were Margaret Chitty, Correction-1 came in .the morning and brought vl-lle; Mrs. Bertha Duckmanton, dinner which was served a't noon. Ellsworth. The program was: piano solos, Mrs. Sabin and Miss Clitty; song, The Answered Prayer, hostess; duet, The Heavenly Country, Mesdames W. H. Hodges and Martin; question box and arti-/ cle on Beginnings, author Clarence E. Flynn, Mrs. F. A. Witham. The September meeting will be held at Mrs. M. E. Worster's. BIrtlKlay Surprise Party . Glrcn — Everett Nash was surprised Sun- gathered at his home east of Whit- :emore, the occasion being his birthday anniversary. Dinner was serv- sional library. The Melzar Falkenhainers left yesterday for Hayward, WJs.."where they will spend ten days at their cottage on Lake Court d'Oreilles. Melzar goes there annuall.y "tor the lay fever season. • A joint meeting of the ..Aid and the missionary society will be held next week Thursday afternoon at the Congregational church with the officers as hostesses. The coming year's work will be- planned. ... J. A. Brownell, who has,,been at ils son Clarence's .at Sacramento, lalif., since .early May, is expected home next month. CIajence 4 .fe civil engineer in the employ" of the Jalifornia highway commission. Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Leffert and their daughter Ha Mae are expected home sometime this week; alter 'ten days at points in Wisconsin . and Illinois. Mr. Leffer-t (s'a Member .p the Algona Flour * Feed. firm. _ Mrs C. B. Malone, ,oC ,,Cplprado Springs, Colo., arrived last Thursday ur- afternoon feature. Mr. (Nash was presented with a purse. Attending were Mrs. James Vinaas, her sons, Vlrs. A. Lovlg, daughter, the John and- Mike Coyles, and Raymond Wehrspann, Ottosen, Mr. and Mrs. Chas, Daniels, a son," and Mr, and Mrs. Bert Law, Bradgate. : •••••. era ted on Friday for appendicitis at the Kcssuth hospital. George Besch AVest Bend entered the hospital for medical treatment yesterday, craret, daughter of Mr. and came home Des Moines, Mar- Mrs, Scott Fraser, Philadeiphiaj under- w.ent a tonsillotomy Friday, her grandfather, Dr. Walter Fraser, operating. Robert Harrington Sunday from Fort" where he had attended a C. M. T. C. two weeks. His military training at the university gave, him a second lieutenancy at camp. John Shirley, who also attended, went to Dubuque to join his wife at her parental home. The Shirleye were 1 expected here .yestejday ' Mr. and Mrs. William Quilhot and their niece, Helen Lottman,. all of Chicago, have been visiting 'the, V. L. Stebbins family at the General hospital since Monday. Russell Quilhot, a son, who has been,,visiting the Henry Pergandes, Lu Verne, return to Chicago with them week-end. Mrs. Pergande, Mrs. Stebbins, and Mrs. .Quilhot are sisters. Mrs. F. B. Shaffer, Mason City/, and her children, Paxson and Kayrl, went home Monday, after a visit since laet Thursday with Mrs., Shaffer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. . O. Paxson. Mr. Shaffer is a captain,In the national guard and Is spending two weeks at Camp Dodge, Des Moines. He looks after rentals for :he Indianhead company at Mason lay, when relatives and friends ed from baskets brought by guests. A kittenball game was the the The afternoon was spent at visiting. Mrs. Benschoter, -who has lived in the county since she was 14, is the daughter of the late Mr. and, Mrs. Peter Ferguson. Other Society News. A group of former Luhosho campfire girls had a' picnic supper at the Ambrose A. Call state park Tuesday night. Alice Kain, Alice Rist, Doris Long, Dorothy Mangan, Margaret Blossom, Drueilla Caughlin, Donna Coon, Kathryn McCall, and Mrs. George Free, The Methodist Aid will meet next week Thursday after tlte church. There business, after, which Mrs. Yeoman's division will, serve a 15c Junch. The Methodist W. .H. M. S. will meet this afternoon at 2:30 with Mrs. C. V. Hulse instead of. with j Mrs. Sigsbee, • , The Loyal temperance legion will meet with Mrs'. Ellis McWhorter: tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. WHEN YOU AVANT A. GOOD CIGAR, contains everything- pos- niost particular Vlstt«r Is Honored— , Bernice Harrington entertained in honor of her guest, Maxine Frazier, Nevada, last Thursday night. Bridge was played at four tables, with Sarah Oofan winning the , high score. MissT Frazier received' a guest prize. • Other guests were Josephine ••- Murtagh, Madonna Qifinn, 'Erma Dee Roupe, Maurine McCullough, Leona Lichter, Janet Jlelen- Loretta Zerf ass, Irene Daughan, Helen Dalziel, Becker, Howie, Doris Long", Dorothy Sell- stro'm, Eleanor Backus, and Gertrude Keneflck. nf+ornnnn at 9 • 1C\ of ™»>o»j i,n«j IIIUBI, J s, r ts.s -««^» "•«"< »*. G&B SPECIAL .Made of choice full-leaf : tobacco, partlciilaly mild and the hest'-to be had In a 6c cigar— and made by men who know how. Bazaar, Supper Today. •Ledyard, Aug. 23 — The annual Sacred Heart v bazaar and chicken supper will take place this Week Thursday at the church. School S C H O O L ANNOUNCEMENT— Thursday -morning, Sept. 1, : at 9 o'clock, -I am asking all. seventh^ graders coming from the -Bryant j building to report at the high school' building. At this time you will be given directions as to, your home room and rooms where you will re- ___________________________ cite; also you will be assigned lock- j ALWAYS FRESH IN HUMITCBE8 irlll be' G 1TE THE "SPECIAL" A FAIR TljUAt AND YOU Witt KNOW WHt MOKE OF THESE CIGARS ARE SMOKED IN ALGONA THAN ANY OTHER— At All Algona Dealers. ARE HERE Boys prefer to buy their clothes fronoi" a man's store because, the styles are smarter and the fabrics give longer wear. Outfit your boy at Zender & Caldwell's store. Gqtxl clothes for school. , ; You will find just the clothes you are looking for, for your boy at prices that will please you. New Fall Suits $7.50 to $12.50 \ New* Caps .__.__.:. , __. S^c New Shirts , 11 . 50c Sweaters : ^__50c to $1.95 Bdys' Blazers ; ________$1.00 to $2.85 KnicKers ..^...eSc to $1^5 Boys' Longies ;__$1.95 to $8.50. Boys' Ties 1__ __10c to 50c Boys' School Shirts ____________35c to fij^c Boys' All Wool Knicker Suits _$3.»5 to $9.50 Boys' Overalls 50c to 95c Boys' Underwear ___1 ! ^____^____j._l 50c Shirts and Shorts, each. _u__________25c Boys' Belts •_'__________: r _25c to 50c ZENDER &CAIDWELL GOOD CLOTHES FOR BOYS Dinner-Bridge Party Given— Mrs. Eugene Kenefick entertained eight women at dinner last week Wednesday night at the Algona hotel. After dinner contract bridge was played at Mrs. Kenefick's, and Helen Dingley won the high score. Other guests were:- Mrs. Wm. Nugent, Chicago; Mrs. Robert Bailey, and Mrs. Gordon French, Philadelphia; Mrs. Charles Remsen, New York City; Mrs. Howard French, Titonka; Mrs. Cidney 'Laird, and•;' Mrs. L.' C. Nugent. Evening Party Next Tuesday- Mrs. P. J. Kohlha&s won first prize, Mrs. D. H. Goeders, second, at an afternoon party at the Country club clubhouse Tuesday. There were seven tables, and Mrs, W,' P. French and Mrs. 'F, D. Mathes Avere hostesses. Next Tuesday there will be an evening party, ,the .following ( committee In charge: Mr. and.Mrs. G. W, Stillman, chairmen; Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Andrews, Mr. and Mrs.' E. C, McMahon,' L. F. Rice, and Dr. H. M. Olson. " " Bnrt Woman, 90, Honored— given —J. F; Overmyer,: Supt. plllilllll!lll!llllltll!ll!llllllllll!l!lllillllllllllllllllll(IH ter Furniture Co. • ' ' i - ' » Bigger and Better Than Ever ^*^ ^^ '.-•'' ' - ' «- .•'•'" <s,\ A birthday party at the Mr. Tur' week jtp visit theG, B, Turners, tier, who was taken sick ago is still confined to bed Turner Is a daughter of Mrs; -Malon@* •* * f Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Juhl^orest City, spent (Friday here with relatives and old friends. Mr. Juhl used to be In the employ qf tfje Algon* i?imW & Feed firm. ThKgHWs are, Sw fanning. Mrs. Juhl to a niece of .W, A. Dutton. ':,.*.' —,,•.„ Mre. B. A. Thorpe, her niece, Marr to ^joy *Fa lumb* WSg* . •^ l^fiBb*^ ^IPlPsfe i City. i Mrs. B, F. W. B. will I McDonald home Tuesday evening' this honored. Mrs. Aurilla Coffin, iBurt, .who was 90 that ,day. Mrs. Coffin's daughterSj Mrs. McDonald and Mrs.' f£ B. McMurray, 'Algona, and her son, Clark Coffin, Burt, with their families, and her grandson. Sh.err. wood, with his ; family, were in tendance. Mrs, Coffin has been a resident of Iowa -since 1865, and she has lived at Burt more years, ' ; ' : '- '. ' 'hUInK Children Honored Dr. and Mrs, Walter Fraser entertained at three tables of torldge and, Sullivan, Muscatlne, and her daughter Anita came last Thursday for a visit at Mrs. J. W. Sullivan's, The visiting Mrs. 'Sullivan was a sister-in-law-of s the late j, W. Sullivan, and her daughter is a Muscatine teacher. A son, John, came Sunday frpm Chicago, where he is a- practicing Attorney.; and made his headquarters at W.«';W. Sullivan's. All went home Tuesday. Mrs. Ann Fechner returned 'Monday from a week at Chicago, and Janesvllle, LABOR DAY XCUR3ION Ottawa She her brother, Leonard .Qsterbauer, and another brother, Edward, of Rocklord, .topic her thence to Janesvllle. where ~^ visited the Bdw. Blleys. Mr»." " the former CeceUa PJatbe, p}oyed at Mra. Fe*h,ner'? before two boys v Cheater P^lkeplMiltter, New City, arrived Su»4*¥ f9r tw«. Furnitur 70 PSP CENT About 1 Cent a MUe l« Coaclies THE MILWAUKK ROAD

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