Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 18, 1932 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, August 18, 1932
Page 7
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JHJ ii , if ' •"'''. J. V-UAii-k -*mh, ''A'.'AH Efr t, •ltf<«tefti*..lM8. W*.^!L.is3iiSL^^-!,^ ttl ^ J ., TIEJYAID Garry from Injury « n f ^fnesd'ay near Elmore. we ? k , t om>ed her car on an In, « farmhouse and went ar? front to put sortie water In Itor Her son Thomas re- r "brake and'the rjar started Mrs. Garry down, who was In the r just as one of the about to pass 1 over Mrs. , nac k. She was pinned be- hySthe car till a farmer came i di her out. She escaped trulses and scratches. The pJa-large^BulcK. Thompson, rural mail car- 1 an a his family went to Lu last week Tuesday. The fol- 16 day Mr. and Mrs. .Thompson vtLr W. B. Mason, and two wt'for a two weeks: trip to W vnrk', where they will visit rel- • I0™.- .. ., - *«™n,, ^olinlnn mai. M land i attend a family reunion ' nce Pingle Is carrying ng their absence^ . Women nt tafcotn— _ .Lcayard-LaKota, Methodist IF M. S. met at the .Lakota .Friday .afternoon..' Mrs , led the devotional, Mrs .he stewardship, and Mrs. A Llth the lesson. Those attend " here were Mesdames Nels , Mayer and Barrett, and KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGO^A. IOWA ^^SrH~----«-- boys an ' ' ' • Good Hope Newly weds on Honeymoon in N. Y. •Four Corners, Aug. 16—A pretty wedding of interest took .place at the Good Hope parsonage last week Wednesday when Loretta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arch Walker, was married to -Louis, son of Mr. and Present were the John 'Sabin. Wm. Drayton, and Jack Light families, and Mr. and Mrs. John Rich, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Thompson and son, Mrs. Will Thompson and daughter, Neva, Mrs. Ed Donovan Thursday— for the annual Sacrec church bazaar- has been set Inext week Thursday; .August 25. Lck«n supper will be served and Lraents will follow. At 2:45 , will be a baeeb'all game be- L n Swea City and Bancroft. m '7 to 8 p. m. there will be a. a concert. B,'Mayer Spraing Arm— I B. Mayer had the misfortune badly sprain his right arm last Wednesday morning while liking his Ford preparatory to ,g threshing. Leon Worden took i to Bancroft and Or. J. A, De- e took care of the sprain. j. HcTCtt to Receive Degree— Irs, V. A. Barrett left Tuesday Chester, whence . she will take Barrett's parents to Fayette to Mrs. Everett Broesder, of Good Ralph, Algona, and Mrs Hope. A single ring ceremony was performed by the Rev. A. H. AVood, Good Hope pastor. The couple were attended by Robert and Irene Walker, brother and sister of the bride. The newlyweds left the same afternoon for Albany, N. Y., to visit a brother of Louis. They also planned to visit Niagara Falls. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Everett Broesder. Sliowcr Honors Loretfa Walker— A miscellaneous shower was given a week ago Saturday at Mrs. L. R. and son Clarence Schendel and children, Buffalo Center. The Crows returned home Friday. Schoollionsc Gets I'nJnt— The schoolhouse at District No. 7, known as the Cruikshank school, is .being painted on the inside walls. 'School will open August 29, with Mrs. Ed Genrich, Algona, teacher-. This is her third year as teacher. Other Four Corners. Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Bjustrom and AVIllard and Willis Mitchell left LIONS DEFEAT D,M, BALL CLUB AT BANCROFT Bancroft, Aug. 1C—The Bancroft Lions club ball team won from the Heck Ross team, Deis Moines, Sunday on the local diamond, 3-2, in a 12-lnnlng game. This was a scrappy closq tilt. The score was tied (it 2-2 from the seventh inning on till Vaske, Bancroft, hit a 'home. run. Bancroft will play Britt next Sunday. The Bancroft Legion team lost to a Humboldt Legion team on the !ocnl diamond Sunday afternoon, 11-8. Baseball Is attracting the interest of n good many Bancrofters this season. Trap Shooter "VlsHs Here- Mr, and Mrs. Ben Mescher and Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Fox, Emery S D., visited from Saturday till Monday at the Mrs 1 . Anna B. Meecher A, A. Droessler, and N. J. -Schllt? homes. Mr. Mescher is a brother'of the late F. X. Mescher, and an uncle of Mrs. Droessler. Air. Fox and Mrs Schiltz are brother and sister. They stopped here en route to Dayton Ohio, to attend the annual Grand American trap shoot, which starts August 22. Mr. Mescher is cham pion trap-shooter in South Dakota Hoy Suffers Broken Hones— Donald, second son of Mr. an Mrs. W. A. Murray, broke his righ arm last Thursday, when he fel from a hayrack in the country. Botl bones were broken at the wrist, ani Dr. R. M. Wallace, Algona, helpe Dr. J. A. Devine with the setting A year ago last October Donald', los an eye, when a pheasant flew through the -windshield of his father's Buick on a return trip from a football game at Emmetsburg. Mr. Murray owns the Murray elevator. Walker's in honor of Loretta Walk- last week Tuesday noon for Boone er. Games were played and a mock wedding was presented, with Evelyn Nickerson as bride, Grace Walker, bridegroom, Leona Walker, bridesmaid, and Pearl Walker, best man. Ringbearer and flower girls were Bernice and Marie Walker. Evelyn Crtfikshank was pianist and Ruth Robinson soloist. Each guest was handed a slip of paper and asked to to epend the night with relatives. They were to leave Boone the next day for stops at Des Moines, Fairfield, and Stockport, and Macomb, 111. They also planned to stop at Fort Madison to go through the penitentiary. They are to return this week Tuesday or Wednesday. The J. P. Nickersons spent a week ago Sunday with the Fern W. J. Payne, Editor. diaries Klnmp, Field Keporter. Kossutli's 4-H Boys. One hundred and fifty-five farm last spring in which n tractor belt caught and nearly killed him. Peter oys are enrolled this year In varV Albert was to thresh'Arnold's grain us projejcts of livestock and crops lubs. Their motto, Make the Best Mr. Elbert had alwayfi tended separator In other years, but at the start etter, has evidently been well fol- i tllls year some of his fln sers were owed, for their livestock and grains i cut ln the biiml cutter ' fio !le ha(1 to lave in the past placed first in state competition at Des Moines. eef, dairy, pig, lamb, colt, and corn clubs are represented. 'Kossuth dairy calf clubs, with more than GO members enrolled, feeding 93 calves, this year lead every other county in the state In number except Blackhawk, where the annual Waterloo Dairy Cattle! congress is held and there are 72 enrollments. The local boys this year own more piirebreds than usual and have several entries in a state production contest for .members with 3-year- olds. Each boy keeps a complete record of milk and cream production and feed costs for his heifer one year. A county prize in this contest was won by Floyd Bode, Algona, last year, with a cow which produced 405 pounds of butterfat. The dairy calf clubs will each be represented by a demonstration make way for his son-in-law, Leo Wolters. Mr. Klamp stopped at S. G. Keagle's and hte son Grover's, two miles south and a mile east of Titonka, two weeks ago. This Is the N. C. Rice 720-acre farm. The Kea- gles are raising their 16th crop on that farm this year. They were threshing with a' combine which cuts and threshes 30 acres a day and will either leave the straw in windrows or spread it. The Keagles had been windrowlng some of it and were loading it with a hay loader. The straw was being mowed away in the barn. Another son now at home has been attending an electrical school In Chicago. Mrs. Carl Wright, a daughter, !e also at home Mr. Klamp recently called on Walter Coady and his son James four miles north and two miles easi of Wesley. They farm 400 acres and have ISO acres in corn. The daughter Julia said it would not be long write a favorite recipe and two Hulings, at Britt. Mrs. Nickerson end graduating ' exercises. Mr. •rett, music .instructor in the ool here, will receive his bachelor marii arts degree, helpful hints. Gifts were then unwrapped and lunch was served by the hostesses, Edna and Leona I Walker, Pearl Walker, Verla Low- Ruth Rich. I CnickH Bone In Fall— lenry Selberg's oldest daughter, Jet. fell while climbing In the ncrlb Friday evening and crack- a bone in her right arm. They k her to Dr. Williams and she is rylng her arm in a sling. llnson Is F. B. Speaker— I number from town went to the rm Bureau meeting at J. H. Hol- nb's Friday evening' and heard iator L. J. Dickinson give a endld address. Reunion Held for Chlcngoans— Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Crow, and a friend from Chicago, arrived a week ago Saturday to visit the Wm. Rich •family . Mrs. Rich is a sister of XV. Crow. A reunion and picnic dinner was held In honor of the Chicagoans last week Wednesday. Iliodlst Board to Meet— the Methodist Aid meets ursday with Mrij., Ralph Olson. ere will be an' 1 official . board eting at the church the same ening. Lone Rock remained for a few days visit, returning AVednesday. The Aeijelt Myers family, Ringsted, spent last week Wednesday shopping at Algona and visiting Mrs. Myer's parents, the J. P. Nick- ersons. The C. N. Robinsons, Roy Lowmans, and Bill Colby spent last week AVednesday fishing at Iowa Lake. Evelyn Nickerson went to Lurhl •Fessler's last week Wednesday, and will help cook for threshers. • French Teacher In Visit— ' Mr. and Mrs. George A.nderson, of Mason City, went home Sunday, after visits at George Wohnke's and Mrs. E. M. Gardner's, Mrs. Anderson had spent the week here, and Mr. Anderson came Saturday. Lawrence Gardner, Louisville, Ky., is visiting his mother, Mrs. Gardner. He teaches French in a boys' school. Neighbors Surprise Mrs. Scliemmel— Mrs. iFrank Schemmel reached her 73rd birthday last week Tuesday, and neighbors helped her celebrate by giving her a surprise party. Chicago, where she 'will spend some Omaha, where she is employed in an nsurance office, to visit her parents, Mr. and . Mrs. Peter Berens, two weeks. team at' the Kossuth fair. The dem- U1 slle would 1je -teaching the home onstration this year is on how to I ^° o} ', The Coad> : s had com P a "y select a dairy cow, and the winning j Wal j er s ' brother-in-law. And £™ team will represent the county in a ?° y e ' an f, w " e ' of M!lwaukee - The statewide contest at Waterloo in ! Dvoyles sa . kl that about ° ne -t h ' ra ° f •tober ' ' e People of Milwaukee were re- Judging team tryouts will also be I ° eulvin f oit y. c ° Unt y. ° r fta-te help. ollowing account of the accident: Concussion of the' brain, abdom- nal lacerations from the bull's horns, lacerations • of the left leg, •evere bruises on the face and all over the body, and internal injuries ombined to cause death. "As the men of the family were away all day threshing, the time and circumstances cannot be determined, ihe was found just outside the pas- .ure fence by Mrs. A. L. Carlson, neighbor who went to a field on the Carlson place to pump water for inimals. "It was apparent that Mrs. Norris crawled out of the pasture, as her lat and portions o£ torn clothing vere found at a point in the pasture 00 feet from the fence. "Mrs. Norris was still alive, and Dr. H. A. Haftfiel, Northwood, was called, but -her Injuries were so terrible that she never rallied or recovered consciousness, though she ingered for more than nine hours before d^ath. "The bull was a two-year-old, and, according to members of the family, had never shown signs of ill temper. "It is thought that Mrs. Norris went to the pasture to give attention to ducks in a pond. A kettle she used in feeding poultry waB found in the ditch beside the road near the fence." Besides her husband, Mrs. Norris left five children. $500O~25c We sell "Travelers" .vacation 1 per* sbnal accident tickets— 26c per day — any limit covers personal injuries anywhere. LOANS MADE, $40 to' 300. Cash loans made for any pur- jose, no waiting or delay. Automobiles refinanced, payments reduced, etc. MONEY ADVANCED TO PUR- HASE MILCH COWS. We now lave an outlet for large or small loans used to purchase milch cows. These loans can be repaid through, small monthly payments from your cream check. WE WRITE FULL COVERAGE AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE at very low rates. If It is anything In. the line of Insurance, we will appreciate the opportunity to talk the matter over with you and quote you rates. Absolutely no obligation on, your part to buy. Stop in our office or write us for any further information you may; desire. v " ! , . - • fff ...... The ______ ,-..,,,, ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance Loans B«al Estate Rentals 1st door North Iowa State Bank Algona Phone 65 Iowa C. R. LA IIARRE held at the county fair, where the six best judges will be seiected to compete for places on a county dairy cattle judging team of three members which will also compete in a statewide contest at AVaterloo. There is keen competition on this team for 1932. In the past Kossuth teams have usually placed well up in state contests, and at several dairy picnics this summer the local 4-H club boys have outscored men n contests for a state dairymen's udging contest. In addition to' older clube two. new ones have been organized this summer, one In Grant township, the other in the Greenwood-Ramsey neighborhood. Other Ledyard News. Phe Howard Maynes left early turday morning if or AJden and ra Falls to visit Mrs. Mayhe's relives. Her son James, who has en there the past four weeks, re- rned with them Sunday. Herb elske ran the Standard Oil stain while they were gone. ' Sir. and Mrs, Edward Knoner left nday morning for a .week in rthern Minnesota, .Mildred and len Bargar, sisters of Mrs, Knon\vent with them. Ted Green is king Edward's place in the Farm- s'elevator during his absence. L. W. AVeimer took his sister, re. Giiy Anderson and two daughr rs to Mason City last Thursday, am where they returned to their me at Ackley after a week here. Mrs. A. D, Broadie, of Mason City, came for a week's visit at Harry this Rahn's. Margaret and Imogene Roderick and Thomas Engessor went to Mason City Sunday. Berneyce Roderick, who has been visiting there and at Cedar Falls, came home with them. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Henderson, of Pomona, Calif., and Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Morgan, of Algona, spent last week AA'ednesdny at AV. J. Cotton's. Saturday the Laird Duncans, of AVestfield, N. J., were visitors. Kenneth Marlow visited Monday in Lone Rock. ' The Emll Krafts left Monday to visit relatives in AVisconsin. They expect to be gone two weeks. Mrs. Arthur Davis, who has been working In Algona, came home for a several days visit. She returned to Algona Friday. The Rev. S. M. Gladstone, Beulah ,and Robert Gladstone, Donald •Blanchard, Mrs. Alex Krueger, and went to Spicer, Minn., last week Thursday to visit the Henry Raths. George Long went to Humboldt Sunday to visit his uncle, Will Blanchard. Lona Mantor, who spent some weeks here with relatives, returned to her home at Cedar Falls Sunday. The Bernice Roderick family, of Mason City, spent the week-end with relatives here. Mrs. Robert Benzon, of Joliet, 111., and the August Lampes, Jessie Stebritz, of Bancroft, and daughter, and Mrs. E. N, Hawks spent Sunday at the Grotto at West Bend. J. F. Whitney spent, the week at H. E. -Micka's, returning to his home at Eagle Grove Friday. J& M. and son, J. R. Whitney, of Eagle Grove, speijt last week Wednesday with the Mickas. . The Ralph Thompsons and Mrs. Ira Newbrough went to Rochester, Minn., Friday to visit Ira Newbrough, who is taking treatments there. . ' . The Otis Sanders were 'Sunday callers at Renwick, Gretchen Helmke returned with them. Mrs. C. R. Wybush, of. Omaha, Gladys Stebritz went to Cedar 'Falls j visiting her mother, Mrs. Lillie Friday. Donald, Beulah, and j AVorthington, and Hulda Worthing- jMra. John Looft, 'and Mr. and : Gladys went to get rooms, as they i ton made a business trip to Algona Douglas McKenzie, of Toronto, will attend college this fall. While Saturday. [tli relatives from • Wesley, who and two sons spent Friday there they visited Mrs. Oda Tarbell, a former resident of Lone Rock, at |ve a cottage at the Okobojis. | Waterloo. Milo Tarbell returned 'r. and Mrs, L. W. AVeimer took home with them for a -short visit •',L«roy Anderson and^ son to Al- here. i Saturday evening,'' Her hus- | Mrs. Fred Genrich, children Bern- met her there Sunday, ( went back to Waterloo. ' and ard and Lucille, and Muriel went to Cedar Falls last Long week Looft 'left •:' last , Thursday . AVednesday. Muriel will stay for a to return to her nurs-I week in AVaterloo with Mre. Ida duties at Des Moines after a Tarbell. Edna and Marjorie Mani Weeks vacation here with rel- tor, who have been visiting here, at Cedar returned to their home * V, A. Barrett :yteJted Mr. and Falls with them. B., H. .Locke at Grant last! A picnic and business meeting was f Tuesday. The Lpckep are set-j held at Harry Rahn's Friday for 'n the new Grant school cot- , those on the threshing run. They I finished work last week Wednes- Methodlflt Aid met In the day. A large crowd attended. ' basement last Thursday af- . The Fred'k Schultz, G. A. Sharp, in with Mrs. Joe Mayne host- A doyghnut sale was planned. Mary I at n was enter- \Vm. Ftehers, J. M. Blanchards, N. L, Cottons, Henry Schraders, the Rev. Mr. Gladstone, Geo. Pef-lts, dinner at Wrn and Harry Hobsons were among evening Jn b.onor of those from here attending the fun• A «lle Arpke, of Appletpn, Wis. I eral of Mrs. Stephen Sharp at Burt "° J Murray. of Bancroft.! Sunday, G. A. Sharp is a son of the lAllce *« his arm Friday when he fell a horse while visiting at his Mrs. j ack McDonald's, «oy Links left Sunday morn- >r Sioux city. Mrs. Cecil Pet' " ace °mpanied, them to Sanborn. returned Monday. lion V nd Dor ' s Dunham, of Wat[ J0 °;_>>rought their filler, Mrs. D. Margery home last LR ph °lsons,went to Brad[, i, W to ^ 18 H Mr. Olson's sls- ~ Parents, of- Ellsworth, vis- Fen- Satur- The late Mrs. Sharp. Brsel Blanchard and Chester Aime went to Cherokee Saturday to visit the John Sones. Beverly Jean Sones returned here with them on Sunday. Dorothy Bierstedt gave a birthday party at her home Sunday evening The V V, Fryes returned Monday from a trip to the Ozarto ln_ Arkansas. The children have been staying with their grandparents in Cylinder. Mrs. Alfred Krueger, Mrs. P. M. Gladstone, and Beulah and Margaret Gladstone went to Fort Bods* tart week Wednesday to take Josephine Bwnastack. She had been visiting Mrs. Krueger. The Glen Lupins moved to Bancroft last week. Brnest Wolfee and Zella, of Iowa Falls Edwin Allen, of Albert two and J.ea, P ' Frank .JP^ Vera Morris spent Friday and Saturday at A. F. Krueger's at Fairmont. 'The H. J. Rices visited relatives at Hampton last week Tuesday. Mrs. Lillie Worthington spent the week with , the ,.Er,vin Heidemvlfhs. They were dinner guests at Fred Wegener's Sunday. Mrs. W. J, Cotton. Mrs. Ethel Benjamin. Mrs. Ernest Jensen, and Mrs. 'Elizabeth Jeneen attended the Tuesday club meeting at Roy Jensen's last week. The Fr.ank Flaigs and the Henry Weiners attended'the funeral of Mrs. Adam Heerdt.at Burt last ppk Wednesday. The N. -L, Cottons, August Lampee, and Emil Krafts attended the funeral ~of August Boettcher at Lotts Creek last week Friday, Doctor Takes Short Vacation— Dr. J. A. Devine went to Sigourney (Friday to visit his mother. Mrs. Devine and the children were already there, and all are expected home this week Wednesday. Little Girl Is 12; Party- Mary La Vonne Dyer entertained 12 school friends at a birthday party Monday afternoon. She is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Dyer. Other Bancroft News. Mrs. A. J. Berens left Saturday for Chicago, whree she will spend some time. Mr. Berens also went to Chicago last week. Inez and .Francis Menke and Jean Claire Drilling accompanied Mrs. Berens as far as Britt, where the Menke children are visiting at the Drilling home. Evans Carmean returned Saturday fromf Rockford, 111., where . he had visited his sister, Mrs. Earl Elliot, a week. Monica Baker and Mildred Deitering, who had vlelted an aunt of Monica at Dwight, 111., came home with him. Evelyn Behrman returned Saturday from Minneapolis and. Lltch- field, Minn. At Litchfield she visited her sisters, Mrs. Leo Hulteretrum and Mrs. Lloyd Anderson. Miss Behrman teaches in the Lone 'Rock schools, which will open August 29 The Jos. Kings, Collis, Minn.,' vte- ited at the Joe Fox home from Friday till Monday, and Mrs. George Budding, who had visited the Kings seven . weeks, came home with them. Mrs. King is a niece of Mrs. Dudding. : Mrs. L. F. Kennedy, two sons, E. J. Kennedy, and Corrlne Nemmens returned last Thursday from •"Minneapolis, where they bought stock for the Kennedy store. Eleanor Saunders, Benson, Minn., is visiting, at the M. A. Saunders and Charles Baker homes. She Is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs, . Linus Saundere. Mr. and Mrs. Charles .Bernhard returned to their home at Joli?t, 111., Saturday, after a visit at the former's brother John Bernhard's. . Isabel Saunders spent several days last week at Fort Dodge with her sister, Mrs, W. J. Welp, returnr ing Sunday. Mary Merrill, R. N., and Marjorie Foth .returned Saturday from Carroll, where they visited friends, The .Baptist Aid gave an Ipe cream social in the basement of the church Friday e,vening. FARM NEWS AND COMMENT. M. O. Simpson, a mile north of Whlttemore, has a good-looking drove of hogs, but he has not kept count and does not know how many. One reason they make a good showing is that he always uses a purebred boar. The J. .P. Bisenlus family, two miles north and a mile west of Whlttemore, have an excellent home. In the orchard' are many well-loaded apple trees. When Mr. Klamp called a week ago Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Bisenius were enter- ininK a eister of the latter from Emmetsburg. • •Last week Tuesday Mr. Klamp called at Mrs. Mary Anderson's, five miles south of Lakota. She and her son Clarence, 17, have one of the farms owned by her father, "Herm" Wirtjes. This is a quarter section. They have a swarm of bees in the roof of the house, and the bees are stingers. Nearly every day someone Is «tung. There are 120 Chester White spring pigs on the farm, also seven milk cows. Mrs. Anderson has four daughter younger than the son. Mr. Klamp called two weeks ago at Arnold Cade's, two miles north and a mile east of Whittemore, and found the family getting ready for threshers. Arnold's brother William still feels the effects of an accident They have a chance to know, for thej* have a son who is a welfare worker and looks after 14 famlli.es. Mr. Doyle, who has been a fireman 32 years, was having a two weeks vacation. 'Simon Weber Sr., two miles south and a mile east-of Whittemore, still has pictures of himself taken when he was in the German army many years ago. It was a great life, he said. He was in uniform when the pictures were taken, and they show hat he was a fine-looking man. Mr, Weber has lived on the same 'arm 46 years. 'He seems to be content with these hard times, for he remembers woree — among 1 other things how he used to have to dodge water ponds to get to the old Algona water mill for flour. He remarked that people nowadays have many good things which the elder generation did not have, and yet are dissatisfied. FORMER RINGSTED WOMAN DIES AFTER BULL ATTACKS HER Mrs. J. S. Norris, 55, who with her husband and family lived in the Ringsted - Armstrong neighborhood till six years ago or thereabouts died last week Wednesday at her home in Barton township, Worth county, north of Mason City, th day after she had been crushed and gored by a bull. , Mre. Norris was the sister-in-law of Frank Norris, who has been living with his daughter, Mrs. John Long Jr., six miles north of Algona. His son Guy works for Floyd Bacon on a farm near that occupied by the Longs. Mr, Norris, -the Longs, .and Guy attended the funeral at the Northwood Methodist church Friday, and Frank remained with hie brother. -Burial was made in cemetery at Kensett.' . '•-' The Northwood Anchor gives -the To the Patrons of the Algona Feed Mill We are back on the line grinding and mixing feed again E. R. RISING The Saving Farmer is the Successful Farmer! Increase your profit margin by cutting operating cost Portable Silos Will help you do it. We have sold a lot of these in the past years and they have given good satisfaction. Come in and see us about one. ; JIM POOL, Manager. Phone 256 ?:•*% **/-, fl d«22 YOUR PRINTED MESSAGE *'J '»<•!> |ll!lillllilllllllllllllllH I Mail a Want to Fill a Want Because ol the Advance's countywlde circulation, want advertising In tblt paper U exeepUouUly yniBCttr*. At the Mm* Um It It Inexpensive. Beplle* often cost the advertiser less than a cent apiece. Note—Except loaf "reftfen," MJ kind •! advertbtef Mt In the game tyjte an the newt It a "want ad." You "want" to sell as well as buy, yom "wa«t" tt> tnda, yra "want" tt n>t • ktu* or (arm, yon >ant* to take cows to.pasture, etc. All such advertising Is called "want? advertising iy Bewspapers. Only 2c a Word Each Week No Insertion Lew Than 20c a Week -- , — We Do Not Charge Want Ads — Stamps, Cash, or Check MUST Accompany Order ,* CUP THIS FORM AND FILL IT IN Your Name--— Address , ,_. How many neck* is advertisement to run? Amount enclosed $_.:„,._„ Note—Write plainly, one word In each space below, including none, address, and phcsw. If JOB i* M*, WBB! yccr M*e U appiw, do not write name I* form below but count four extra word* to cover cost of keeping track of replies Md f«rwat4lBf, AdverMMiiMpt'• rotiit reach Advance by )• o'clock; Tuesday morning to Insure Insertion to regular want >ulits»( U nc«lvfti Utec tt may appear ffts* where. Jltl, V.-l«>1 ' *S- r* jljSsg •Sic

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