Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1932 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1932
Page 8
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PAOE Bioirr M'FARLAND'S POWER TRUST STORY AIRED By Gco. W. Patterson. In a letter to various newspapers In the district my opponent declines to accept my challenge to debate any state problem at any time or j place. In advertisements in a nutn- | her ot newspapers lie spreads what; ho is pleased to call a "rumor that J I am too Crlendly to the power | trust." • . Th.it Is n'falsa nnd foolish charge. I have, on the contrary, on all occasions befriended the cities and towns in power questions. T suggest that the render examine published letters oC pm'Uwement from J. H. Allen, attorney for the munl- cip.ilitie*. «md I'Y.'Uik Pie-re, secre-i tary-treas.in'er of the T^iiiue of j Iowa Municipalities These men, have been a."d 'are in a position to j know the worth nnd work of legis- j Intors on this power question. They | have endorsed my record without reservation. K«<;ts Arc 'Olsclosotl. Since an effort has been made to throw a cloud of suspicion over my >^nlM^'/~ -Wv KttiBKttQjIp Pool Provides Relief on Hot Days This Summer attitude on this power problem I •will present the facts surrounding one important power and utility measure which clearly shows what my position and work have been. Late in February, 1929, there was introduced in the Senate by the public utility committee a measure known as Senate File 310. It was a simple appearing bill providing for the addition of the one word."maximum" at several points in Section 6143 of the • Iowa Code. Alg-onn Council Asks AM. My attention was first called to < < •',• - >" - --V ' " >'< • ^> v v y ^>T?;S®AU\*^^^ .. v •,,'-." ^ y^vvA^: f ^^ (£«VV? '/$'< -,'V"; ^.'"t" " ^:>' ^ t •'"'. ^ . * . " • 'I f ' '''' V i> ^ " 'Yi f j'"i't*< "* '" > u'*»* f^f s i%^^^^<iiit s «ti^j y ^i^^ : _yjfes > i i«> ••' w **^v*M?v>'V^^^#^ . , ii!BSi«£i4iiiii iffliiiiri iiffli'ii iriiiiiiiim liiiiiiiii llriftnTiiiT IB ^^2^^m^4^ii^Mffil^^Sii^^^^^B^i^MM^^fe^^MSsii]ii 11 ' AtTGTTQtl ...,'..3-_-^.Ll^L'-^..^'''_ ,.' .'_j.l>...".!..''r"_' '.'.".." '^^^?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^rv'^^t'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-'^S9S"*»»ai» i |^^Jj[ | ^ ' ,v - - L^ j , v ,/!E» f ^J/BaekU*,-P.< M 1( <post-,,;'?; i '^Xfi^.W.i^u|i!r.\tt«M^4fl'"^i and material neT" ffklJi 'mM'i»M'hi».i4 JL^t' ' ***' ren * —i—*.*.i.i2i.'\ il»i47 Mwftjf^^, t ^V^^^j^^ .'. fopjB stfufetlon of fourf Snry '" tl HIS OllllllllCl Nort&n Maohlhe Works,', rfANb :WcT£mbSPRATtJb At*, '"volvlng approxini ! (1se abl1 ™ ds f; «—1 ;,*V*J"r* plefc'rdr Ba!e."*A> fciittertteH'lrv- of concrete. Fuml Uj < "" nl " "" "nininnnnii inn i it I KossUth County Hatchery ihfrtftn ' Aiiig mft y be securnri „! '' tofoi . . at al, refund deposits ... 100.00 ISg^' .. ,. , , ... j, ,. . , 9U48 county 0 nS? h ° of( C •••••••••• kenneay & Pat-sons, mdse^ 1.8B BX»R RBNT-^DOOBLB ' GARAGE, August 3 join Bonn 'W ^^^^^^^^BS Kohlhaas Hdw. Co. 1 , mdse.. 14.04 also sleeping room.—Inquire feas- . BFmm. ^^^^^^^^^•(1 Haggard & Backus, print- ' kef Grocery. . ; . . ^ 10p48 47.45 ---"-I-IA 13. ., 0f /VLGO^AS-MUMOIRAL POOL his been an attraction fol- the entire county during the hot days this **• **• - summer. Crowds such as th.lt one are common following the extreme hot days of a week or so ago, and will -be repeated during the sultry days this month and "next The pool is especially appreciated by the children, many out of town' groups have included the pool in party entertainments St. Joe's Alley Rats Shut out Whittemore KENEFICK 'St. Joe, Aug. 9—With the aid of wonderful pitching and hard slugging, the St. Joe Alley Rats crushed the big factor in Whittemore's defeat. Batteries were Dalhauser 'and Albert Thilges for the visitors, and for St. Alvln Klein and Ray Thilges the Alley Rats. George Thul, Joe. and a man from Whittemore umpired. A 5-4 victory for the Fuhrman threshing crew was the result of another game played between that nine and one picked from the John Kirsch crew. A home run by the Fuhrman pitcher in the last inning decided the game. The battery for the winners consisted of O. Wagner and V. Frideres, and Hanson and Kinseth made up the opposing battery. John B. Reding- umpired. this measure in a letter I received | the Whittemore nine here Sunday from Algona .signed by Mayor Ogren and Councllmen Kaln, Leffert, Chrisehilles, Andrews, and Richardson. I immediately gave the measure clo.se observation, and I discovered that it seemed destined to pass. It was a vicious bill. It would have made possible, in case it became law, for privately owned utility companies to carry on destructive rate wars against all city and town plants. It constituted a real threat against all municipal water, gas, and electric plants in Iowa. In my own district more than a-million dollars worth of publicly owned Utility properties would have been endangered tay this measure. On April 5 this measure was reported by the sifting committee. It ls| difficult to block passage of a bill reported by this committee, a committee named in the closing days of the session to take charge of all bills and expedite action. Pnttorson Takes Action. At that point I assumed the initiative in a battle to defeat this bill, which menaced all our city plants. I saw there had been no public hear. ing on this important measure. I appealed to the chairman of the utility committee and asked that interested parties be given opportunity to be heard in a public hearing on the bill. I called his attention to the fact that as chairman of,, another committee I never refused a hearing on any bill. The chairman was impressed with the reasonableness of my request. He granted it. The bill was re-referred to his committee, and a public hearing was arranged. Fig-tit Knocks Kill Out. I then urged Mr. Frank Pierce to get in touch by telegraph and telephone with representatives of " cities and town to which this measure was vital and urge them to '«end representatives to the hearing. Frank Pierce is a good general. He massed "shock troops" at the Btatehouse at the proper time. A number of men Mine down from each of the county seat towns in my district. The«e men made such a splendid showing that the sentiment of the senate was changed. After a careful check of the senate and after having discovered that the bill had lost tremendously in support, tho sponsors withdrew it. Utilities Seek The defeat of this vicious bill was broughr about by delay in action and arrangements for a hearing. What I say relative to it can DAREDEVILS FEATURE OF LAST DAY OF FAIR (Continued from page 1.) member of the Algona school board. Relatives in attendance at the j funeral included the 1 doctor's brother, T. H. Kenefick, Eagle ""Grove druggist, and the latter's children, have set Friday, 'August 19. This is one week earlier than usual but it will give us more time to have these papers graded and the schedules finished. . "If pupils entering the grades above the beginners will come at this time, we shall make out a classification and admission slip. This will enable pupils to go to the i-ight building: and find their rooms. with a 1D-0 shutout. The visitors threatened to score only once, in the first inning, .showing no signs of _.__ __, „.„„„.. ^ U1I lli=a „,. „„,.,.-. life after that. Poor support was ' devilsTas"a"feature" attraction "prl- ! and Naomi Keneflck. Mary Dono- I morning and get started at that The county fair has contracted for ' ?'"' Emmot Keneflck. St. Paul, Dr. j "Parents should plan to have International Congress of Dare-! Jonn Ken( 5 flo > Algona, and Ruth j their children enter school the first van, Eagle Grove, a cousin, also here. day, September 9. This thrill show will consist of a somersaulting automobile, auto polo, auto push ball, motorcycle races, a. \ head-on collision between two auto- j mobiles, Jack Early crashing ! through a double board wall on a motorcycle at 70 miles an hour, and | Senator and Mrs. L. J. Dickinson 'DICK'BRINGS MOTHER FOR VISIT AT HIS HOME HERE an ash-can derby. The contract was made with Na- went to Winnebago, Minn , S.unday, and spent the day with the former's Friendship Club Meets Aug. 3— • Last week AVednesday afternoon the Friendship club held its second j meeting at Mrs. Ray Fitch's, 20 women attending for a demonstration on' crayola work given by four 4-H girls. Tho same demonstration was given at a county 4-H Achievement day program at Bancroft last Thursday. Lunch was served by Mrs. J. M. Patterson and Mrs. Fitch. The next meeting will be at Mrs. Anton Becker's, Mrs. J. P. McNeil! assisting. • » tional Speedway, Incorporated, orig- j brother, R. C. Dickinson, and their inators of this type of show, which i mother, Mrs. L.' D. Dickinson. Mrs, is highly recommended and will play | L. D. Dickinson came . home • with a number of state fairs this year. j them and will be here till October 1, B. AVard Beam, who will manage < when she returns to Mason City to the show, i« recognized as a leading i spend the winter with her daughter, showman, and he and the fair man- i Mrs. J. A. A r an Ness. The R. C. agement guarantee that the show j Dickinsons, who used to live here, will be a real thriller. I are farming, was ! time. It. has a wholesome influence. The psychology of a perfect record in starting means a lot to children In their attendance and school work. "Pupils having used books - and wishing to sell them, bring them to the high school Friday morning, September 2, and some teacher will be there to take-the books; then Monday they will be ready for sale." Cm no Suffers Broken Chain— The Eno & Montgomery crane broke a big drive chain Friday morning while it was crossing the Fisher bridge. Traffic on both sides was held 30 minutes while! workmen repaired it. | Three Flsli All Niplif— Union Alef.hean Girls Meet— The Union Alethean 4-H girls' three-course dinner, was served at 7, after which bridge was played. Some .50 prizes were awarded during the club met a week ago Friday at evening. Guests were: Mrs. Messer Dorothy Reed's, and Trella Gardner I and her daughter Frances, Hum- and a Miss Clay were guests. Fran- boldt, Chas. DuhigS and his son ces AVinkel gave a state convention | report, and Fern Gisch spoke on finances. Other members told what Herman Becker, Henry Kohlhane, | they would exhibit on Achievement and Edw. AVelter drove to the west | branch of the Des Moines river, near Rutland, Saturday night to fish, returning early Sunday morning. . Sfster AVho AVas Sick Home — Sister Mary Francine returned last week AVednesday, after having been a patient at Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge, a few days. She is music teacher in the school here. A Other St. Joe. number from here drove to Bancroft last Thursday to attend a county 4-H Achievement day: Mrs. R. V. Fitch, Mrs. Peter Halsrude, Albertha Boldridge, Katherine Schoby, Mrs. J. M. Patterson, and the latter's daughter, Mrs. James Love. Matt Bormann, St. Benedict, accompanied by his brothers John and Miss G/isch was the club's highest scorer in health examina- j -tions that morning, her score being 98i9. 'She will now Represent the James, 'Emmetsburg, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Miller, Mrs; Wm. K. Ferguson, and M. J. Coate. Howard Lease Is Married— Howard, son of Rev .and Mrs. W. married to Theone Sunday, at the home FUNERAL HELD TUESDAY FOR MRS MARY LEONARD Services for Mrs. Mary Leonard, who died Sunday morning of heart trouble at the home of her daughter', Mrs. Joseph AVeydert, of Cresco. township, were held at the Catholic church Tuesday morning .at 9;-30,. with the Rev. Father Ernst, Bancroft, in charge. Burial was made In the Catholic cemetery. Mrs. Leonard was born fn County Ireland, May IS, .1864, and was 6S years old at death. She came to the United States about 40 years ago, and was married soon after to Patrick Leonard. Nine children were born, all . of whom survive, also her husband and IS grandchildren. The children are: Mrs. Fred Haeberleir^ and Thomas, Scranton; Lawrence, Rolfe; Edward. Detroit; John and Leo, Emmetsburg; Walter, Titonka; and Mrs. William Lane and Mrs. Jos. Weydert, Algona. of .the bride's parents. The ceremony I was performed by the bridegroom's > club in a county contest. „ Other fatne ; the Rev. V^n7 Ltfase.' high-scoring girls were V i! •"=<>»<=. Lichter, Frances McEnroe, ALGONIAN BOUND TO GRAND JURY ON LEWONESS CHARGES Margaret we ddihg breakfast was served to 40'' Fred Ba-umgartner was bound , Lucille ciiftsf,, fniinwlne- the pornm^r,-,, rpu-'-over to the September srrand .iutv following the ceremony. The _ -iiri i -t -i T-.. I o «*-«*•« J.w*iV* «» "«tj H.IC <-Cl dlUJliy . J. 1IC _ * « ..,--„ Dearchs, Miss ^ inkel, and Eleanor | couple are now touring 'the Black last Thursday by Mayor' Specht on Payne. The program committee oiit- j HnlSi but a£ter September 1 will be a charge of lewdnessr. He waived lined a program for August IS. Pic- at nome at schleswlg, where How- I Preliminary hearing,, and! bonct was tures were taken for books and i ard ia a teacher. I S6t at $ 300 . with costs of .$4.79, posters, and lunch was served by j — '- —_ Baumgartner, who furnished the hostess. The next meeting will' be held August 17 at Maxine Mil- tag's. be checked by any reader who will | Laurence, St. Joe, left Sunday for take the trouble to consult able j Omaha on a business mission. Matt and vigilant city attorney J. L. ( i,-o ve a new Ford V-S, purchased a few weeks ago at Des Moines. Bonar and Supt. W. Kelly, Algona, Frank Pierce, Marshalltown, or J. H. Allen, Des Moinew. 'But the utility interests have neither forgiven nor forgotten my •work relative to that measure which they were so anxious to have passed, and no\v the rinnor via grapevine that the hind Senate reaches me powers be- 310 are much interested in my opponent's campaign. All I know enough. they have motive is Uxpcnsive. iBut my opponent says he will not debate my record on this and other questions though he continues, in large and expensive advertisements blotters, fancy and expensive campaign cards, and posters, to charge me with derelictions. To campaign thus in this large district, covering over 2800 square miles and containing 30 newspapers, one needs connection with a big reservoir of campaign funds, nnd I do not have it, nor can I afford it from my meager farm income at present prices. But I suppose '.hat any legislator Who would venture to put the skids under such Just as through unseen must expect tlcal trouble, and lots of it. Matt Ha us, employed at Henry Ziemet Sr.'s for the last few months, Couple Married at Good Hope— Loretta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arch Walker, Whittemore, and Lewis, eon of .Mr. and Mrs. Everett Broescler, Union township, were married yesterday at the Good Hope parsonage, the Rev. A. H. Wood performing a single-ring ceremony^ were attended toy Irene and Walker, sister and Cominunlty Picnic for Hendersons — Mr. and Mrs. Frank Henderson, Pomona, Calif., were honored Monday night with a community picnic at the Ambrose A. Call state park. There were 65 friends in 'attendance. The entertainment cons'sted of visiting and singing old fashioned songs. A covered-dish dinner was | served at G o'clock. waa arrested at an early bond, morittng hour- last week Wednesday by Idar- shal Green,, wfto found Mm, allegedly drunk and stark naked quarters over the former in his Slgsbee hardware- store on east State street. Minneapolis Visitors Honored— Marie Wehler entertained "»>°»eon at "rldee Saturday noon left last week AVednesYlay for H'amp- j ton for a few weeks with his parents. Henry Ziemet Sr. was at Fort Dodge last week Wednesday, and Sisters Mary 'Hortense and Mary i Francine came home with him. j Mrs. William Hammer and her son j Darwin spent last week Wednesday and Thuraday at the parental Herbert Benge's, near Bradgate. Mrs. Alphons Berte and the children left last week Tuesday for Dell Rapids, -S. D., to visit relatives. The Julius Capesius family spent Sunday of the bride. The immediate families of the bride and bridegroom were present. After the ceremony a wedding dinner was served at the home of the bride's parents to the bridal couple and the immediate families, following which the couple left for a wedding trip to Albany, N. Y., where they will visit a brother of the bridegroom. After their return they will be at home, at the Mrs. Edith Rich farm, where the bridegroom is employed. Evening' 1'urty Next Tuesday- Mrs. R. O. Bjustrom and Mrs. A. F. Granzow were hostesses at an afternoon party at the Country nday evening with the Edw. Ca- c]ul) clubhO us; Tuesday anernoon. ilus family at Livermore. Twentv-eitrht wnmnn ^.v^ l,,.^™ In honor of Thelma Horigan and Ruth Stokes, both of Minneapolis, who are spending a few weeks vacation with their parents. ^Luncheon was served at one-and high bridge score was won by Mrs. H. T. Miller. Thelma and Ruth received gifts. Other Society. Mrs. G. 'B. Turner entertained eight friends at a social evening Monday night. The guests were Mrs. Council Minutes Algona, Iowa, July 28, 1932— City council met in regular session on this day at the city hall, and among other things allowed the following bills: ELECTRIC FUN 7 D Salaries $ 1020.00 Andy Bowman et al, labor. 46.10 Earl Bowman, labor 90.00 Tom Carney et al,- labor 22.50 Security Petroleum CoT, gas and oil 119.90 White Eagle Oil Corp., lub. oil E I.E. Dewel, Mrs. B, A. Thorpe, | K OO h Terry Durin Co., mdse. 0 Tw ' MrS ' M «*»i Flaunt Paint Griggs, Mrs. R. A. Burrows, Dallas Center, Mrs. R. E. Whitney, Fond du Lac, Wis.. Mrs. Quincy Drum- Supply Co., 89.82 17.34 116.95 21.45 Leo darks, Britt, spent peslus The. Sunday at Ray Fitch's. Mr. Clark is a brother of Mrs. Fitch. A group of St. Joe people drove to Algona Monday .to attend the funeral of Doctor Kenefick. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wagner, Algona, spent Sunday with the ental Henry Zeimets Sr. A large number from here mond, Chicago. The Methodist Bible Searchers S. I Twenty-eight women played and Mrs. D. H. Goeders and Mrs. C. H. Williams won the high scores. After bridge refreshments were served. The next evening party will be held next Tuesday night, with the following committee -in charge: next Tuesday at Martin's on College par- jj essrs- an( j Mesdames M. J. Pool, I 12. R. Morrison, N. C. Rice, and C. H. Williams, Dr. and Mrs. R. H. ch a bill as'semte'File" 310 ^ ni , led , a Lpsi " n convention at Fort j Thomp'son',"Burt,' Mabel Olson, Cath"it was ready to slide [ IJu ' if:e last ", ' -,- -r, ,„ erine Doran, and Maurice McMahon. ' ' poll- PINK FAMILY OF SEXTON ENJOYSJEUKION AT LAKEi Sexton, AUK. 9—A reunion of the Pink family was hel(l Sunday at the state park at Clear I^ake, and the honor guest was Uncle David Pink, Mr, and Mrs. Philip Fourage left Friday for Comfroy, Minn., to visit j En ( er , ams at . Two p url l es _ lelatives. Mm c H Cretzmeyer entertained Oharles Casey attended a picnic class will Mrs. W. L. street; Mesdames F. L. Miller, Es- t'Mla Sajjln. Margaret Schoby, and Mary Runchey, assisting hostesses. The Methodist W. F. M. S. will meet today with Mrs. Paul Wille, wife of the Ambrose A. Call state park custodian. The annual Mite- Box opening will take, place. The Baptist Loyal S. S. class meets today with Mrs. Emily Rawson; Mrs. Irene Coleman, and Mrs. Grace Gripp, assisting hostesses. enst of Britt, at Eagle Lake, Sunday. The Phil Roothlers, Algona, spent Sunday at the John Frideres home. R. V. Fitch, C. R. Schoby, and Mrs. Bob Casey have been sick. The Jack Devines left Sunday to visit southern Iowa relatives. Buffalo Center. 83 years old but still | ,[ack Devine and Samuel Miller In good health. The usual picnic dinner was followed by visiting. In attendance were: the David Pinks, Jr., (he Frank Grimes, the John Pinks, Hampton, Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Hawtey. Mason City, the John Pinks $jo4 the Karl Stotts. Titonka, the L. A- Bolenetwj family, Wesley, and Mr. «ad Mrs. 8. B. Sanders, S«*ton. shelled corn Friday. Appropriation Probable. The Spencer Reporter says that the question of eliminating a tax levy In aid of the Clay county fair has been discussed, but adds that ''the aesoelation will undoubtedly tie allowed its regular sum." 12 women at bridge last week Monday night. High bridge scores were won b>\ Mrs. Remsen, of New York City, the former Helen Quarton Brushingham, and Mrs. Ralph Miller. After bridge refreshments were served. Last Thursday Mrs. Cretzmeyer presided as hostess at a luncheon. There were 24 present- Luncheon was served at one, after which bridge was played. High scores were won by Mrs. Mel»ar. Falkenhainer and Mrs. R. J. Keen. JTewlj weds Are Honored—? •Mr. and Mrs. B. C. McMahon were honor guests at a party Friday night given by Mr. $nd J#n-. J. F. Qvermyer at the Overmyer home. A, SCHOOL ANNOUKCKMENT To the pupils who are planning to attend high school this year and have not enrolled with us, we should be glad to have you do so next Saturday, August 13, or as soon thereafter as possible. "We have made out our program, and aa-e making out each pupil's schedule card. If you will, it will help you and help us. It will give more time to dlscu.es what you would like, and for us to advise you as to the work; th'eo if you do. this on time we will have your progranis ready, and there will be np confus? ion' on Monday morning, September 5, when school opens. "A$ to the tlffit ot takjng emwJs- on ejects being made wp, J mdse. Westinghouse Electric Supply, mdse. j . 283.3 Electric Supply Co., mdse.. 287.36 General Electric Co., mdse. IS.27 General Electric Supply Corp., mdse. 17,04 Kennedy & Parsons Co., mdse. —_ .___ 16 , S3 WestingHouse Electric & Mfg. Co., mdse. '17,02 Fulton Iron Works Co., • „ mdse. ; Meyer & Wenthe, mdse. ... Matt Parrott & Sons Co., mdse. * B. M. Wacholtz, mdse. , Laing & Mupkey, mdse. and • labor . _;. ; Kent Motor Co., md.se, -I- Advance Publishing Co." printing * Kohlhaas Bros. Garage] 6.23 - 1.67 4.53 15.00 24.58 109.16 , mdse. and .labor „„, 11.30 A. H. Borchardt, mdse" Botsford- Lumber Co., indse. Cresco Union Electric Co., sign -_ Western Union, service Northwestern Bell Tal., eer- ••',- vice i J> T 9rthwestern Bell Tel., service Backll(S, rent —i-j- Noft&n - -. ., mdse. ......—-,—*—.. " ' 9.4ft KossUlh County Hatchefry at al, refund deposits — 100.00 Kennedy & Pat-sons, mdseis 1-86 Kohlhaas Hdw. Co. 1 ,'mdse.. 14.04 Haggard & Backus, print- Ing -^. - .- 66-86 WAtfER FUND Salaries 41 $.00 WIgman Co., mdse. ...i— . 30.03 W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse. 1.00 Joseph T. Ryerson & Son, ' mdse. — __.-_•' 64.63 Iowa Machinery '& Supply Co., mdse: .— 60.75 Pittsburgh Equitable Meter Co.,-» mdse. 1.08 R'y Express Agency, express . .1.23. Lalhg-ft Muckey, mdse. and labor 3.HS H. W. Post, frt. nnd dray.- 1.65 Kohlha-as Hdw., mdse.' 5.00 GENERAL FUND . Frank Green, snlnry 117.00 H. A. Vnn Alstyne."salary-•' 117.00 Frank Schallln, police 3.BO Chas. Reilly. police — 3.30 Wm. Specht. ,police 12.00 F. W. Green, burying dogs ' ^S,tt' Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., d;' : service ' — 3i?B. Northwestern Bell. Tel. Co., -'••~service — '. 3.65 Ray and Roy's Service Gar- . age, repairs . 55,05 Standard Oil Co., gas and : oil „ ' 4.97 •Mason City Oil ' & Grease, • gas and oil . 12.45 League of Iowa Municipalities, dues — ' . 20.00 Jesse Umbenhower, dump. 12.50 Street labor _ 766.45 Pestotnlk Oil Co., gas and oil _.- : -— ' .50 Mid-Continent. Petroleum Corp., gas and oil 2.19 Tire Service Co., mdse. — 4.80 Iowa Culvert & Pipe Co.. mdse. -— ; ---- 36.48 Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse. I... 16.74 GENERA-L FUND Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse. 1.70 lear Lake Sand & Gravel Co., sand ;..'. 33.70 Standard- OH Co., mclse. — 68.12 Matt Murtha, mdse. 1.55 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. '7.15 Norton Machine Works, mdse. — — 10.86 Kent Motor Co., mdse. 3.90 J. 'A. McDonald, Agt., prem. on Ins. — 44.65 SWIMMING POOL FUND Walter Frasfer, salary and time 112.00 lima Ostrum et al, salary 146.00 Meyer & Wenthe. mdse. ,- 2.60 •Cennedy & Parsons, mdse.- 37.17 Electric Fund, service 154.86 State Laboratories, tests— 4.00 Northwestern Bell Tel., sei-- ; vice 3.25 Northwestern Bell .Tel., service 5.55 V. H. Boi-chardt, mdse. 1.90 A. V.-Herti'g, labor 3.50 A. Dunson r labor 10.50 vTrscli's Laundry, service 2S.33 Cohlhaas Hdw., mdse. 10.45 SEWER FUND W. Kelly, salary 30.00 "W. Bowman, labor . 1.60 E. Michel: engineering— 50.91 " iFIRB 'FUND C. Wright, salary 45.00 Kohlhaas Hdw M mdse. .60 Algona Fire Co., 6 fires 1SO.OO •C. F. SPECHT, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, ' City Clerk. WA'Nf ED—'PLOWING, $1 per acre. " —Harry - Seeley, phorie 27F13, Al* gonn, s 10p47-4cS MODERN Garage. • 316-W. MOUSE FOR - Mrs. Gabriel, RENT, phone' MODERN APARTMENT FOR rent. —Koomth County,State Bank Ex- amlrier'in Charge. lluSltf A'SK, YOUR NEIGHBOR—>SHE'LL • say. the Corpnadb -Refrigerator saves more than she pays per month ttiiil—no down payment—only per meal.—Gamble Stores. 26-48 In tho District and for Kossuth State of Iowa, p vs. Ono Certain Chp vr -motjl'.e, 192!) if,,. - 100006. Motor",\,, ' No. 65-6460, Dof,. To Mrs. James I'lo .You are hnreliy the 7th c!ny O f j,',], above styled nutn,' Into custody by I of Kossuth reason that th '""ft ( f'lMMHy. aintlff, vroipt K, A. D, STEADY WORK, GOOD PAY—Re. liable ,riian wanted to call on' farmers in Kossuth county. -No expert- j , f °i' theMllogai : erice or capital needed. Write today. | toxicatlnp liquor h, K, —McNess Co,. Dept, B, Freeport, i State of Towa. IS!! forl 111, 27p4S DELIVERY 'ROUTE MAN W<ITH farrious-'Jiiie house- gpods to steady customers. Must be satisfied -.with $27;50 week , t .*,car to stipply ai. start.— Albert- Mills, Route Mgr., 4330 Monmouth, Cincinnati, O~ 25p48 Jj[Y;r ALL-MODERN HOME" IN~A desirable residence section of west Algona, only two blocks from - the courthouse/for sale.. Street in front paved.— Call Mrs. E. C. Dickinson; •* ....... ,27u48 LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE TO CONTRACTOBS Sealed bids will be received at the 'office' of the County Auditor a.t Algona, Iowa', until 10:00 a. m. August 18, 1932, for furnishing, 'labor You are formation has been filed j,, ( Court • as provided 2009 of the 1931 c further notified •>. r ikl cc in alipvc Set '"ff'that said with according co, v to low at September, A, D. in; P. m. of said tiny ,'nt which «m"'l Place you may appear aT' 1 cause, if any you hflve and f'onveyance should f nd condemned as why n °t b c for,. .-. ' (Signed) GAYLORD D. SHUJUVAl County Attorney of KOI ' County, Want Ads FOR RENT — MODKRN houses-Call Advance. MODERN HOUSETFOR~ltENT. — Andrew- Peterson. 6p48 5-ROOM «p48 SECOND HAND TRUCK FOR sale.—'Inquire Advance. 47-51 WANTOID^TORBNT'FUHNISHED! apartment or ftouse.—Inquire Ad- RENT—-ROOMS EITHER for ' tight housekeeping or sleeping rooms.—Call 771. 12u48 FOR RENT—SMAILL, HOUSE IN town, partly modern.—Call 2F31. 8p48 FOR RENT—MODERN APA'RT- ment.—S10 S. Dodge or Call 218. 9p48 FOR SAUE—CABBAGE AND TCV matoes.—L. G. Poole, phone 18F4. Op48 sip-is FOR SAiLiE—LEE WINSLOW prop- •erty.—Inquire at house, 1004 East McGregor street FOR SALE — ONE THREE-BOON torn 14-inch plow, A-l shape. — Herman Becker, Bode. I3 p4 ' 8 To the Customers and Friends of This Store— It should be of interest to every woman in this trade territory, that three experienced and seasoned buyers have been, nnd are at this writing, in the Chicago market purchasing neiv Fall goods for Chrisehilles & Herbs*. In times of stress, when prices arc variable and quality is subject to the fickle demands of an uncertain consuming' public, it should be a sign of stability that a retail store keeps in close contact with market conditions. The entire energy and intelligence of our buying organization is being directed, this Fall, to the purchase of authentic and reliable merchandise to sell our customers. Never before, in the history of this 62-year- old institution, has- such stress been placed on the buying of new stock. We want our many customers and friends to feel that we have their interests, as well as our own, at heart. We want them to feel that we are fu'fv aware of our responsibilities—that they will find when Fall lines are complete, the most comprehensive, most style-ful, and most beautiful showing of new Fall goods at this store, that they have ever had the pleasure of seeing in the city of Algona. We are justly proud of our accomplish' mehts. Our job is more than the mere selling of merchandise—we are here to serve the community, to sell dry goods and apparel which raises the standard of living, which brings individual satisfaction to the consumer. With this thought in mind, we ask your patronage on the platform of "Value received, service given." It will he several weeks before the new goods come to our store but when they do, and you are advised of their arrival thrugh our advertisements, you may rest assured that they have been selected with that care and effort which has made Chrisehilles & Herlist merchandise the standard In Kossuth County for well over half a century. Brnst Tbiel/ meter .reading W. H. Horan Electrical Co.' t 2.9Q 10.15 i SAO B.68 23.23 12.30 Foster's. Furniture SJtore, -*%.. W- PKwt, frt, an(| dray... R'y Express Co., express -*; 16 . 86 37,44 1.52 Last Call For Summer Dresses "Where Service '?"f B J°??. neWB . for you-final r< and Me*t" ~* 0 ~^ U1 summer dresses this sto™ tef s ifej^-sS p'L^^i^r^llF uau-^-p.omfi prepared to ' AU $1.00 cottoa dresses (new , 88<J 4W «8.95 eoftou dresses (new styles) ^f* All $5.95 cottou dresses (new styles) '" LAST CAUU on summer silk dresses-all sizes from 14 to 44—light and dart patterns in short and no sleeved style* Take your unrestricted choice of nva 60 choice garments—final i reductions of tie season —v—-- O .j One small ipt oMj^tter silk sunwft er | dresses—valueg to $19.75 r _ WM _ T?r .. Qft «* Important $5.00 mfints listed garments ly tb tew <j*^y

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