Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1932
Page 5
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t< two WeekB vacation i a! Foxes spent the cottage, the ed for. supper at the Kov. Mr Braner's Friday. Dennis Wagner Jr., 7-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. I ftt the .', nrid Mrs. P. J. Braner Lutheran parsonage at ,st Thursday, j A. L. Poferson were Monday euosts of the W. "* ."i. mm Airs, ucnnls Meyer farmcr-j near frvlnglon, was brought to the Kossuth hospital Tucuciav """-'"~ Col> treatment, nfter a clo K ,ona ves eraav yest ™ D a c h- benefit to parch 8nCl t f*l -.-•-..%-. ti iiujji "itlch him on the upper halt of cotwrr AIPVAKCB. ALQQUA. IOWA right arm. The bite was serious. O. Gone tistwinkle, It, N., her Miter, M M . Closson, came hohie with them. Marlon .Dillon •Mason City, also accompanied the Clwwona to Algonn, and spent the flay with the Hertigs. U A. Wlnkel. his wife, the youngest son, and L. A.'s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wlnkel, left Tuesday by auto for Washington, I). C ., where ; 'V, " * tteml a national Knights of Columbus convention August 14- J as clologato from Iowa. The party will be away till August 25. Norma Grclner Is In charge of Mr. Winkel's law office during his absence. , , . LI " falo, N. Y., and Helen Ostwinklc. of not I Rmily Hosewall, of Town City 1 came last week Wednesday to visit till 1-rklny with her mother, Mrs But- Shorter, have return^ do ' thol r Mrs duties, after three weeks with their ,HW,,B. Parents here. Gone Is surgical su- :. - McMahon ! *£ V 'wl? .^..H?? 1 ! 1 ^. ? u " al °' returning home I" strom returne)j | and 1 1 Rt. Mary's hospital. to work The Rev. and Mrs. R M. South( the Goedfers store after Helen gate( BrRt former's sister, t tne «ucu c . 0 ~™~ -"-. rte ien Southgate, Michigan Citv ju at her home at Blmore. ImU anfl a M) . s ^ ^ "ty. H M. Olson, dentist, Is spend- , Friday with the T. T. Herbsts and ' wee k touring Minnesota and j that nl K ht the Brltt group and' the jln, He will be at his office Herbots had a picnic at the vVm-i "Presbyterian Sabbath school brose A. Call state park. ' '''• .,„ . ... - ^ , , - •• sister, Braner, Mrs. W. E. Kaln. Harriett, \vns „ ^-.- , riiorning graduated from the state univer- •1'tot.vIs^Yfektfves • till ally's college of commerce last of,thl/i week.vj'';,' •. ' " spring, and In the fall will-'begin 1 "&• D Howie and.(MrsVik/trry course In the law college. '' 'nejct -1)6 no preaching till fur- her daughter Harriett week-end with the former's Is sten- at Iowa Hosewall, $BpeVid a"'wee* With" Mr! Chns. ItoHcwall. Emily ographer In a law office C-lty. Mr. and Mrs. H. li Blue Karth, .Minn., and two sons were Sunday guests of Mrs. Rosewall. H. R. Is a son of Mrs. Rosewall and operates a clothing store. Mrs. Win. C. Steele, Algona. left for Aberdeen, S. D., Tuesday with .her brother C. H. Humphrey and a Mrs. Lloyd and the latter's niece, Mhel Mae Lloyd, all of Charles City At Aberdeen they will look after a farm owned by Mrs. Steele and Mr. Humphrey. The party stayed at the fetoele home Monday night. All are expected back .sometime next week. Mrs. Paul Blumer, Lu Verne, underwent a major eurgfcal operation last week Wednesday at the Kossuth hospital, and Mrs. 'Nels Peter- jSpn, Algona, was the subject of an .operation lost Thursday. Tonsllec- Mn 0 R,™ f - ••,••'• twnlea have been Performed on in- T T n ' ston °P™',her Helen Corey, and Edward, 10 and lor J. ,L. Bonar, accompanied .her, Richard, 8, sons of Mr Here's Fair Crowd of Year Ago -work were satisfactory, the board of nupcvteors rejected all of them, having decided, after further consideration, not to spend the- money In such a depression year as this. Ex-Ledjarder Honored, .Brltt. Aug. 9—Mrs.. J. C. Underkofler, wife of a druggist here who formerly lived at Ledyard and still owns a drugstore there, has been reelected chairman of the Hancock county Legion Auxiliary. Rain at Irvington. Tom Chllton, Irvington farmer, reports a heavy shower last Thursday night in his neighborhood. It did not rain a drop in Algona, where, when this mention was written, the gound everywhere was cracked with drought and many lawns were yellow. SUCH AS THIS will be re-enacted at the Kossuth fair grounds September 5 to S. when' this ^ year's fair holds forth. This Is an oldtlme picture of a fair crowd, taken near the race track curve on the east side of the grounds. An idea of its age can be gained through observation of the clothes the old hitching rack with its rows o£ teams, and the hats worn by the women in the foreground Cook. 1 Bestenlehtier and her • — ~. ~».i>u.u t LU 9 . Ollbrlde,,^ got • home| The ' :Dells ln Wisconsin last Thurs• from three weeks at Lake *W- The y also visited friends 'at •-• - Dubuque, where Stella Mae once' attended the Visitation academy.. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Samp", n, spent a few week 'ln,<northernnMIHnWM>ta.), .. McMahon _ spent last and Friday with Ames Stfe'has" attended the state | j during- the last 1 two years | John Reding, Chicago, and. , are visiting relatives and g fhere. They are guests of R. H. Miller, former Algona druggist now at San Marino, Calif., writes: "Everybody here seems optimistic now. In view of the great .crowds at the Olympic games, one . ,;Jast.| hardly thinks of hard times unless ink' Capealuses of Invington i,. ,, _ - '• '•' ~ : • " - -" «•• utiiu iiiuua UJHtJHJ* with the formers mother Mrs. one owns farms in Iowa, where oats "" £l r !l. S ?": T Pom . her6 ^ dy T!L l : e 10 °" Let M >'- Miller take heart. Kossuth eleva- ll%c Monday * Caughlin, e.np.oyed to Estherville to vteit"-Mlis.4,The price is rising. Leslie, who is a ] (|or« were paying registered pharmacist. niajVagretr a! morning. drug store at Newton till recently.'.';' at at Mr. Suckow left '-• ,t;he local .new Coryell gasoline station church, which he eerved four -years. corner of Nebraska and His first wife died after h(* left here! Isaturday. ,,.. .week Wednesday night for Wash- A. D. Adams, and son Bobby i ng ton, B. C., where he isia George •to Osage Friday to'visit rela-j-Washington university junior. On Dr.'Adams drove to Oeage the way he stopped till Sunday with family returned hls brolher, Dr. B. F. Dewel, Who is j the same job, and it is due to and the (Monday. l>Taylor, of Dawson, Minn., I home Monday after spending a ,: Mr. and Mrs. 'Frank Sterling and daughter Joyce, and the former's sister, Mrs. .Frank Hossman, Eagle Grove,-and son Francis, returned last week Tuesday from a week at Earlvllle, 111., where they visited a brother and a sister of Frank and Mrs. Hossman. Frank is employed at the 'Foster Furniture store, and returned to work last week Wednesday morning. . iN. L. Cotton, the Lone Rock bank- £r, made one of his hasty business Visits to Algona Friday, For more than 30 years Mr. Cotton has held per at Manilla, and James is lino- typist. Both are sons of Tom J. White, for many years Whittemore Champion editor, now operating ,a job printing shop at Jefferson. Mr. and Mrs. Will Walker, accompanied by Mrs. Paul Danson and her son, left for northern Min- 3URT JUNIORS TEAM WINS FROM CALHOUN CHAMPIONS Burt, Aug. 9—-A large delegation PIIIST LUTHERAN, M. A. SJos- f rom .Burt attended the Legion con- Irand, Pus (or—Sunday school teach- ( vention at Fort Dodge last week ers will meet Tuesday evening 7:30 : Tuesday. The Junior League team nesota Friday. The Walkers were-] at the Sellstrom home . . . The Dor-I expected to play 'Fort Dodge, but to be joined by their daughter, Mrs. j ca s society will meet Friday after-i because of wet condition of the field Arthur Messenger, Cedar Rapids,! noon with Mrs. D. D. Monlux, Mrs.! no morning, game was played- and and the latter's husband and daugh- j Frank Ostrum, assisting hostess .. J they were placed in a game against ter, and the party te spending a! Sunday school at 10 a. rn. Vesper Pomeroy, champions of Calhoun few weeks In a cottage at a north- \ services Sunday evening .at 8 o'clock. \ county. Burt won 6-5. Among those ern Minnesota lake, except 'Mrs. j A cordial Invitation is extended to : present were the Tom. Trenarys, E. Danson and her son, who stopped at; n " to attend our services. ' White Bear 'Lake, where they are i fl ' r . e always welcome, spending several weeks with Mrs. Monday. Banson's parents. Mr. Danson goes to the Fort Snelllng reserve officers', training camp next week Thursday.' Mrs. LeRoy Anderson, Waterloo, a ! •] iw son, and Mrs. Guy B. Anderson,, of i loTsO; a lO contirmVtion Visitors E. Kearns, C. >E. Sigsbees, G. -P, I Hawcotts, L. H. Schencks, Delbert | i*r<-ois-, F. A Ringsdorfs, R. S. Mci Whorters, M. M. Chipmana. A. W. _ o " '. Radekes, Chae. Scotts, Wyott Stotts, ' V e mi' JnSt Chrlsten s en s> M. Beckworths, ; W,m. Vogel, Roy Clark, W. H VnrtrJcOons ; ^™'*-2*?2»™'*™v Ew <™> on nrcon, , , Ackley, with two daughters, came Friday forenoon beginning at 8 39 Fnmk Re ynolds. and John Sewick. o "' ' - ' - — one day last week to Saturday, after a day at Wesley, At Legion Meeting. Delegates from the local Legion post to a state convention last week Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday at Fort TUPTT8T, Arthur S. Hiir so r, Pas- j Dodge were A. L. Cunningham, post , . , " " —-* i .,.-. »,.j., jviint!i ,j. nut-But. JTJIM- JJOuKe were A LJ CiinTiintrnnm nntat hs old home., where he. attended a tor-The message for Sunday.morn- commander, G D. BrunSe W H ±" fl°? *"™ b f" q "!!: , T .^'! "f "t" o'clock wi,, be, A SucceBB-I.Oodden. and Frank "^ ^ H ' went home Sunday. Le Roy Is dls- ! ful Mother-In-Law his practicing orthodontla at Evanston, I careful management'that the Lone 111. •Bernice Harrington is spending *lth the C, C. Wrights. Rich-: the week at Nevada with a Grinnell college friend. Mr. and Mrs.'T. P. Iwtio Is 15, is a nephew of Mr. litre. Wright. • - _,. mces Messer and her mother, lumboldt, were guests of the J., Harrington, her parents, will drive to Grinnell Saturday and bring her home Sunday. Bernice accompanied ,yers last Thursday and. her brother Bob to Des Moines, Miss Messer is a teacher in i where the latter is attending.a C. M. i. t_u _-.t> ~«i . rp *~» ' *"• ''''" -' -' al high school. ', and Mrs. J. F. Overmyer and \ Adele, and Mrs. J. W. Sullivan T. C. Dr. and Mrs. Fred Bunker,-Paton, . . . - trlct superintendent of the Equitable . ing union service will be held at this part in Life Assurance company at Water- j church at S p. m.. and the Rev 'Mr loo, and he and -his' brother, Dr. '•. Hulse will bring the message' ' Guy B., are sons of Fred .Anderson. | .Sunday school at 10 a. m.; B Y P . Bonder. On The _ even - Tuesday the local Legion band took a parade. Many other Al- Swea City Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph McKlnney and daughter, Mary Cecilia, Minneapolis, visited at the S. Warburton home last week. Mrs. McKinney Is a niece of Mrs. Warburton. 'Forrest Hanlfan and sons drove to Iowa City Saturday in. answer to a call that Mrs. Hanifan, who Is there for treatment, was not so well. Forrest returned Sunday. The Ormand Ottersons, Laura Kneeland, and Mike Mall, of Winnebago, Minn., spent several days laet week with - Mrs. Otterson's parents, the E. C. Petersons. The George K; Nelsons and Merle Jacobs visited > Sunday in Forest City, the Nelsons at -the parental hpm'e, and Merle' Jacobs at her sleter's home.' , '. •;. • Mrs. Frank Nangel -and daughter, of Chicago, and Mr*. ., eon, of Minnesota, are visiting ttaljf parents, the'W. O. Nelsoris. Franceg Dahl and Naomi H0W«tt entertained 16 young women at th» Hewitt home last week Tuesday. Bridge was played. Esther Anderson, who has been taking poet graduate work at Minnesota state' university, returned home last week. Gale Kesler, who has been In training camp near Chicago for six weeks, returned last week. The Wm. Thompsons spent Sun* day with Mr. Thompson's parents at Rolfe. Gars Crash at Bart. Lone Rock, Aug. 2—The Tadd Buchans while returning to their home at Fairmont collided with Harlan Fish, of Whittemore,. a mile north of Lone Rock Sunday night. Both cars were wrecked, but no one was seriously Injured. Those slightly hurt were taken to Dr. Peters' office at Burt. COTTAGE Beauty Shop Special Permanent _„ ------- , — $4.60 Genuine Eugene j. ______ — Wet Wave ---- ---- __ -------- . — 860 Finger Wave ------------------ .600 Marcel --------------- _ ____ ____ 600 EDNA GII-MOJIE Phone 128 119 So. Xlnnesoto BEAD THE WAJfT-ADS I L. Roney, Irvington, was in 1 P. town Tuesday morning, and to so- , Wednesdays at 8 p. m. Ticitious inquirers he explained that; m.; prayer meetings gonians attended. Rock bank has weathered three financial crises—1907, 1920-21, and now—without strain. The Lone Rock ^community owes much to Mr. Cotton's prudence. Mrs. Mae Grapotte, San Antonio, oumstance tout , the fact , 8 that he — ~-..o ^™..,.. „, ^ un .r ^p-,---.daughter. Mrs. Robert has neyer had a bp ,, flt R spot Qn h , g ids because of the death of a grand- \ death A. M. Tiede Dead. Funeral services will be held at Lu Verne today for August Max a swollen eye and a bandage on the : Postmaster and Mrs. 'S. J.. Backue, j T ' ecle - 25 farmer west of Lu. Verne, foreliead were not the result of a here and the y°unger Mrs. Backus's who fliecl 'Tuesday at the' home of rolling pin argument but of a boil- !l areIn , ts ancl other relatives at Cedar , h in 7paren , ts ' ™* was born July n of all places— on the forehead. .Mr. ! RapW J"-. Tne y were nere recently/""' at Lu Verne, and had lived I Thursday, Aug. llth tfRHHHIIlg Department Stores August BLANKET SALE Roney eaid it was a peculiar cir- ' and f-i ,•, , -_ __ L iititi jit v t» t«ct-V4 u. uuu iii. n. OJJUL \jii ilia , t - - -~ ^, — Featherstone Council Bluffs, vis-. bod whlch entlrely suited him and mother. Hi e wife has been a'teach- .*»,T , !„„» rr,, .,— .,,, „.._„_.. ' ^ ' er. but will not teach this year. Howard returned. Friday, his tbeVe all hie life. Burial will be j being detained at Cedar Rap-, made at Lu Verne. The cause of not known here. ited from last Thursday till Sunday at the 'former's sister, Mrs. S. E. McMahon's. Mr. Featherstone came and their son Richard spent Sunday ('Saturday and took his wife and week touring 1 withi Mrs. Bunker's parents, Mr, and i mother-in-law to Council Bluffs The party had! Mrs. O. S. Lindsay. The Bunkers I Sunday. Mrs. Grapotte' win return 'to San Antonlp this week-end; after "two weeks in Iowa. '' '"' ' v Mr. and Mrs. Gordon 'French, of Philadelphia, and the cbflflren, "Buddy" anH Geraldlne, with Mrs. R. W. Bailey, also Philadelphia, arrived Saturday for two weeks -with local relatives. The Frenches are [Sunday for a i Minnesota. irtiCHlar,destination.. „.,.'<~- - (went ^R.Clear Lake^.Monda^morTi- J.Chrlstensen,, accompanied by|l"S to'.spend Monday "and ^Tuesday •brother L. M,;'i of A-,JJsthervllle, I to Chicago Sunday'night for a k They will buy goods for their, days It here and at Estherville. . . f. and Mrs. Bernard Tierney, of attending a dental convention. Doctor Bunker conducted clinics both i City, and two children spent with the former's mother, I'Oeorge Holtzbauer. -Bernard is at the Decker , plaint'. .'-.'. 'Gordon Jorg^nsen,- whoae I recently coiiimitted suicide, laccepted 'employment , as houBe- er for George Clark, farmer i'mlles northeast of. Corwith. i Steil and her niece. Rosanne returned ...Tuesday,, .from ttoMt, where 'they •visited 'Bev- Idays with the E. P. 'Ellewortha. [Ellsworth and Vera are sisters. '/and Mrs. A. D. Adams and Dr. (Mrs. L, c. .Nugent •attended a convention at Clear .. Lake ' and Tuesday. Doctor Adams | on the committee on arrange- Bloasom, his son Clair and hter Margaret, went to Cedar i Sunday to visit relatives: Mrs. accompanied them home first of the week 'after spending l*e«k with her sisters. Burtls, Ames, Is ?k with. Barbara spending Haggard. «parents, who had been viait- •WVes and friends at Lu >. r brought her here. The Bur| we'termed Algonlana, 'Ween Holtzbauer is,again at 1 at the Christensen Bros, store • •' ,">.-"•' r Mrs. Lee 'Reinhardt?an<if-''ner sister-in-law, Louise Relnhardt, of Sharon Springs, Kans., arrived last week Tuesday for a few weeks with (visiting the Mrs. .S. B. Frenches and Mrs, Reinliardt's parente, Mr. and j• tn e Dr. W. ; T. 'Peters family at Burt. Mrs. F. J. Behlmer. Mrs. Reinhardt Mr ' French, is in, the employ of a is the former Margaret Behlmer, Llumber concern. Mrs. .Bailey is vis- Biting her father, Ly W. Keith, and and her husband operates an oil station. ' ' Thelma Horlgan and Ruth Stokes got home last week' Monday from Minneapolis for a 'month with their respective parents, Mr. svn.d;;Mrs. R. W. Horigan and.. Mr. Stpkes: Thelma is Blake private school for Ruth is employed in the ' office of five doctors. Mr. and Mrs.. C. T. spending several weeks at the Miller's Bay Hotel at the Okobojis, ope. erated' by Mrs. Chubb's sister, Mfs£ Freeman Patch, of Hartley. ' ,.Thej} ; "went to the Okobojis a week: ''j ago 1 .Friday. The T. T. Herbstfe ' spent 'Sunday there. Mrs. Patch';is.Theg.-' dore'e aunt. ;• - : -* • The General hospital-':-:. 1 iiep'orts:. Donald (NeHsen, •Belmond,'' x "Gertude Jagesfleld, Cylinder, Wayne " bell, Corwith, Harold Smithi Rock, tonsillectomies; Sev'er'v"GhrfsX tensen. Injui-ed shoulder; Mrs/ .'^*; thur Volght, Fenton, medical ":fre>tsj: ment: Donald Preston, minor operation. Mrs. E. A. Paschke, other: local relatives. 'Mr. and Mrs, H. M. Hauberg and Mrs. 'Emily Spencer went to Chicago Sunday in the • Hauberg car. The Haubergs are buying goods'for the Cbrischilles & Herbst ; store, 'and will also visit relatives at Davenport before ! coming home Sunday. Mrs. Spencer; who Is visiting Chicago friends, will come home In a week Or two with William .Nugent, w;ho will spend two weeks 'here with his family at F. W. Dlngley's. v-'Merle Norton, who has been vacationing with he> parents, Mr. 'and Mrs. B. B. Norton, two weeks, goes tp' 'Rockford, 111., August 2G to be instructor of student nurses In a Hospital. She is a registered nurse, a graduate' of the state university hospital. She was instructor of nurses at tha Kossuth hospital, but resigned January 1, 1932, and went to Iowa City, where she has since V i . - ,;7 Mrs. E. A. Paschke, 'iScnP7- touring • tl prthern-Mln4 (laugrhter of Mr . ' and Mrs. 'OF au - ut " LB1 --. .. .• 4 and Canada' lEtthervllle/ " With friends Is the . I 1 "" 1 of J. j, Holtzbauer. 3 18 p °". and Mrs, R. ' Center, came Sunday 40 September 1 with 'th,e lat- snts, Mr. a(nd Mrs. C, C. JWt. The Rev.\ Mr, Burrows, la [Presbyterian minister at I - -._-_. ^. „ f' f ^ r ^—TTT"T~ • 1 Mrs. Carl Krug and sons, Mrs. Hermap "WUrett arid Miss Elsie WJllrett,, Mr, ^*Vea Jacob, atfenijed the ~ wjon festival §tt Fen$o,n D. Brunaage, Mrs. 1,, M, • Mrs. T. L. Largon. and Mrs, wrfnoiomew went to ~ Cedar | feunOay to attend the Auxi)i ar y convention. President o| the ** */ Sonerholm went to i»a- Mrs. man, will go to Minneapollg;Mon'day ; and from th6re to Seattle, W.ash.Y^P attend the national W. C. T, U. cOtf-' vention as a delegate frpm-.,,<Beho. She expects to be gone twov She will visit with'relatives "a kane before returning home. ; Matt Bestenlehner and brother Andrew, of Ottumwa, went home Saturday after spending a week with the Frank Beatenlehners at Whittemore, and the Joseph Bestenlehners. here. This is 'their first visit here •in five years. Matt is manager of the Bike club at Ottumwa, and 'Andrew is a drug store employe. . Mrs. William Nugent, nee Dingley, spent the week-end at Clear (Lake, gueet of Justice a«d ?.M|p. Grjmm, Cedar Rapids, summer^ at the Outing club. Justice,Grimm, now a membe'rof the 8tete*SHpr.en?* court, was formerly head. °- dar Rapids law firm wit Dopalil (Hutchison is at _ »_i_J ' - - * • " ' ^"WSr 1 "! was foriherty Verft at the f *hool. . Mr. and We- M. P. Weaver; grandson, Mart Schemel, and Betty Miirtagh spent f Ames. Where the Weavers Jr. were guests of the R. B. Mon- zels, While Betty and Jean spent the day with their grandparents, Mi. and Mrs, Gratty. Mre. Men.el i« the younger daughter of Mr. ana Mrs. Weaver. •week's Garner „ son of Mr. and arrived Jaet week from Ann- UndwUM-emaln.a_monttt-^ BilUe is iPr-SMfiSSt Jjeen a student in the liberal arts 'coilege. '•- A. E. Michel displayed five large bouquets of gladioli at the Rotary, cliib noon luncheon at the Country cjub clubhouse Monday and gave in 1 tefesting facts about them. The bulbs originally • grew wild Ifl Africa, be said, and present variations have been developed in the Iqst .100 years. Mr, Michel's exhibits were all grown in his own garden. Guests «f- the Rotary club Monday were Howard Backus, Cusick, Wash., and Frank Henderson, Pomona, Calif, Mr: and Mrs. Fred Bartlett, Dallas Tex., and the latter's sister, Mrs. Lulu Clark McCoy, Vancouver. Wash., were here from last Thursday till'Saturday. Mrs, Bartlett and Mrs. McCoy are former Algonians, .daughters of the late Mr. and Mrs. •<5ep E. Clarke, The Bartlette had visited a daughter at Butte, Mont., and were en route .home. Mrs. McCoy'• joined them at Butte and is accompanying them to Texas for a visit. Mr. Bartlett, an attorney, is also a former Algonlan. Mrs. Mc- Cpy, when she was last here; was In the "employ of a law «rm. li'M*: arid-Mrs. W, w, &U<Jwin went A Spencer Sunday to spend the day wtth Mre. Baldwin's brother, James .Levy telephone manager there, •w%oni Mrs. Baldwin had not seen before in years. Mr. Baldwin hi* horse, and wagon are a familiar sight on Algona streets. He was made a great-grandfather for the tttti time recently. He Is the grandfather of ten. and the father of six, and he opines that the Bald' win tribe Is In no danger of dying out'in the immediate future. The Beldwlne and the Leyys had a pJO' nJc <tn a Spencer city park., Jos. White, her children, .M and Joan, and her brother-, r, Jaroes White, all of Manilla. uv last week Wednesday to -•-"• suooay with yn. whi^s ana afts. " " "he has noticed that other people never fail to report a like strange experience. As a fellow sufferer at present he cited Gordon Kuhn, who is nursing a like affliction on .the back of the.neck. Mrs. Adam liuchslnger; Whittemore, came Saturday for a few days with the D. L. Drivers. The This is their first visit here in two, years. Howard, who has developed end. utl.» R *y in* n»c J-'. -i-i. J-*! »Ti-tfci. AIIV frr T_T T t ' ' Luchsingers are well known at Lu ' , w - H - Lee In the following clip- .Verne, as well as Whittemore. Both . P lns £rom! the Garner Signal hae I for some time been employed at the local Christensen Bros, store: "Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lee and their two daughters, , Phyllis : Ann, 8, and Janet, 3, were in Garner the first of the. week. In fact, they are about ready to move their personal effects were brought up there, Mrs. Luchsinger being tlte former .Laura Wolf. Mr. Luchsinger had a store at Lu Verne many y^ars. then one at Whittemore,; but;he is now retired, The couple have two sons, one married and living at Graettinger, "the oth'er at home,, just ; . through high school. Mr.'Driver,'now employed 'at the local Swift,plant, used to be the Whittemore buttermaker, and it was then : that the two families became close friends. • •Mr. and Mrs. 'Ralph Loss and their little daughter Marjorie left yesterday in their car for Seattle, Wash., to visit relatives and friends. They will be away six weeks. The Losses ,had been living on west Nebraska, but they stored their household goods with the B, E. Nortons, with whom they will make their home upon their return, Mrs. Loss being a daughter of . the Nortons. Ralph has not been in go^od health since ne suffered a sunstroke some years ago. The Losses lived in' Seattle till a year or two ago, Ralph found the Washington and climate beneficial. He had of late been employed at the Neville shoe shop. Howard Backus, Cualck, Wash., where he is superintendent of schools, and his wife have been visiting the former's parents, Edltor- Stop at Long's Food Shop FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Cherries, No. 10 tins, hot many left Palm Olive Beads— _ Ivory Snow, per pkg. — Milk, 7 cans ----- 9c 9c 25c Sol Soda, }arge paqkage _,..,,White Laundry Soap, 10 bars -T '— Pancalce Flour, per bag ,.-—,Salt, 3 boxes for 15c 25c Long's sliced Bacon, Ibs, fpr- — „.—_„-- Infant Passes. Funeral services were held yester- ay afternoon at the Merritt 'Fun- into a handsome specimen of man- j eral Home for a girl born Tuesday hood and Is making good in his pro-i to Mr - and Mrs. Milo Rentz. The feseion, has been at Cusick three | services were In charge of the Rev, years. The visitors came by car i c - v : 'Hulse, and burial was. made in arid will leave for home this week- j Riverview. The baby died the same day it was born. Mrs. Rente's maiden name was Mable Hodges. Candidate Visits Burt Edw. O'Conner, Iowa City, democratic nominee for attorney general, was a guest of Dr, W. T. Peters, Burt, last week Wednesday, the Monitor reports. Mr. O'Connor was Burt's school superintendent in to our city and establish a perma-11914-15. iPo'r some years he has nent home. Mr. Lee has rented the I praqtlced law at I.owa City, and he I. O. O. P. building on south Main I 8erved as Johnson county attorney street, and, after remodeling is com- j two terms, pleted, will install a line of women's! -*ready-to-wear. No • definite date has been set when his 'place of business' will be ppen; the only positive announcement at this time ie that the sfore will be opened in due time. The Lee family comes to Garner from Algona." . . HAVE US ADDRESSOGHAPH your mailing list and save you the expense and drudgery of typing. Our addrpssoH cannot be told from type- wrl tl nsr.—A <1 vanr-e. 25tf Bids 0. K.; Rejected. Forest City, Aug. '9—Though bids at a recent advertised letting for certain Winnebago county road COMING TO AIX30NA — G-UY L. Zimmerman, Sac City, Iowa, and C. E. Jackson, Kellerton, Iowa, the well known champion horseshoe pitchers' will give an exhibition at the horseshoe grounds in Algona, August 20 at 2:30 p. m: Come and see these . Iowa champions. P48-49 T AKE a 50c holiday at the State Fair this summer. Do more, see more, enjoy it more than any outing in years. New thrills and amuse-' men|s from every corner of th? world, every hour of the day, lor eight days and nights. Five, million dollars in entertainment and exhibits laid/at your feet here in Iowa's gigantic 300- acre pteasureiand. Camp out more cheaply than you can live at home. 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Soft BW „ pf heavy cotton and wppj; construction.

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