Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1932 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1932
Page 8
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;^^' : " - pAftEBiairiv ,, ' ; • >' • '';,'"."*'* ™,, Vf .^^^SRPPHB _^—i .— •-* s^^-^-^-^^^^^^^... . ;. ..._i.^..i.—^ —,.*..L ..j.. . ..,... . u ....,_..jj, .. ..tAL^. + .'•jasaaait sf ite- /> ', fssf v ? ALGONIAN HEARS HUEYLONCTALK Sdtoiifcoti Army Horn- M. O. Norton gave a Review before the Kiwanis club last Thursday , of a recent tour In the east taken by himself, Airs. Norton, his sister, Mrs. S. A. Worater, and the Norton and \Vorator boys. The party first j_ went' to Keokuk, where a stop Was i made at A. C. Ferguson's, . and thence drove to Washington, D. C. There they called on VVm. K. 'Ferg-u- j son, who secured rooms for them In i a private home. ' I 'Mr. Ferguson also gave them a' personally conducted tour of the Congressional library, which is one of the most artistically buildings in the world. The of obtaining books by patrons is a serves the entire tatate. The Salvation Army 'owns and operates 117 •model of efficiency. Any book among such homes and SS per cent of all girls cared for make good after an the hundreds of thousands in the average stay of five months. This, however, is only one of many acttvl- Hbrary can be found in a moment. | tles of tne Army, which receives Its support from the general funds By courtesy of W. F. Walker, raised by solicitation and subscription. , ;,,R|8NT—\ i. .Tne MWHoaMtvYT^-Mfirtt.! .•-f-'y thli afternoon' rtt th* church Inste ol al'Mni. CfSdfge Sjs8ftp*»rs.' »0th IJlrthdny Is Celebrated— brose A. Call state park Monday Relatives of Airs. M. E. Shirk, of evening. After supper a business j Port Bentbn, Mont., gathered at Mn meeting was cettduoted and a ' Mew Mrs, C.' N. • RoWnfeoJT :* and Mrs.' J. V. Cook's, Algona, Svin-' member, Walter ^Moyer, was added home a \veeU ago' Sunday mora dft to ' ' ' day to help her celibate her 00th to the A.'A, L. The yoUng people "birthday anniversary. Fifteen fam* of the A. A. L. presented a 'comedy- after spending three Weeks Kossuth hospital following t a illes were represented, and each drama, "After the Crash," written j stotiea"opera5on' "she is ab'Fe to be family brought a basket of food for and directed by 'J31da and Esther i about, but Is still very weak. * dinner, -which was served In cafe* Lavrehts. Parts were taken by Doris > »»*»•* office. .A. designed A T THIS RESCUED HOME at Des Molnes, during the last year, ' 142 e method •* * Iowa girls 13 to'"'!? years have been cared for. • The Institution ' doorkeeper in the Senate gallery, the party vvns nblp to sit in the gallery and watch the Senate in action. Mr. Norton said that the scene was not especially conducive to % resp r .'ct for the law-making body of the country. Hupy Long, picturesque senator from Louisiana, made a long speech which consisted mostly of an explanation of a three-months leave of absence he had spent in his home state and an attack on Sena, tor Re&cl, of Pennsylvania. Mr. Norton was not able to com- BOWYER (Continued from Page 1.) COMMITTEE IS NAMEO CH { WASHINGTON CELEBRATION ! Mayor Specht has named P. : P. Eerfass, C. <B. Murtagh. and . A. •!•• to a Lions convention here this Cunningham as committee for local month. observance of the bl-centen George came out to see me, and bratlon of the birth of George we sang some of the songs we used Washington. The committee was to sing together, accompanied by. named "at ithe request of a national my cabinet organ. He also taught committee. It Is intended that .the plete his talk In the time available, me the Iowa corn song, of which he county fair will observe the event in and he is to speak again at today's was the author. Some other man some fashion this fall. The Fourth meeting at the Country club house. - * BUTTERMAKERS, WIVES MEET AT .WHOTEKOREi club- has been given credit for it, .but of July .fireworks display honored i George said he wrote the words 'Washington. when he was coming to a Shrine V "^ - : convention here some years ago, Kitchen Is Bliriied. and the song was first sung here at 'Lone Rock, July 26— The summer that convention. He set the words kitchen at the Victor Rogers home to an old tune called "Traveling." , was burned last week Thursday. The cause of the fire is unknown. Algona Girl to London. - I 'My granddaughter, Muriel Norrle, More than 100 butter-makers and took George and me o'ut to .see his their wives attended a convention at ol d neighbors, the Nicoulins, Ollie Wblttemore last Thursday. A ban- Walker, and the Charles Palmers. quet was served at the Academy ~"'e then drove on to Westwood and hall, following afternoon events, and called on Mrs, A. D. Clarke and Mr. City and County iprizes were awarded. Palmer Frettem, Graettinger won |anrt Mrs. H. C. Adams. daughter Genevieve, her hus- Clarence Nordstrom under- double major operation at the Seventh Day Adventist sanitarium at Nevada last Thursday. . terla style. 'Birthday cakes were Will, Alice Gellenfeldt, and Elda, i furnished by, Mrs, C. B. Sefalk, Ep- Amelda, and Esther Lavrenz. 03e- 60 people attended, Including Mrs. .Shirk is the mother of ten chlldren, five of whom are living, the Rev. and Mrs. P. J. Braner, Four—Mrs. Hattia Stuart, Dubuque, their son Erwln, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Arthur Crulkshank Went to ^Chicago a week ago Saturday, acaom* panying a carload of cattle, rettfrn- Wlldln, who also shipped cattle "accompanied him. N 2° e Mrs. Hazel Myers, of Rlngsted, re- ,, jirndfl 'loans—insurance, — Algona Mrs. Cook, Mrs. W. R. Howder, Will, Mrs. Ira IVerson, her daughter, 1 turned to her home a week ago Frl- ~ ~ — - '- -.....-. ^y a ft er two weeks with her JJar- ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Nlckersoh., She was accompanied by her neW; son, born July 3 at his grandpar- Draper, S. D,. and Mrs. D. A. WIN Betty, and George Dutton. lard, Fort Bentbn—were -here * for . the reunion, Garfifcld, a son at Tlicatcr-Brldge Party Given- Warm Springs, Mont., could not at- I Mrs. J. L.-Bonar and Mrs. N. C. tend. j Rice entertained at a theater-bridge' ents> home - and Evelyn Nlckerson, Mrs. Shirk has 60 grandchildren, par tyv last Thursday night In honor who wln hel P awhile with Vthe 30 great-grandchildren, and one of Mrs J. S. Auner, who leaves Al- ' housework. They have named the great-great-.grandchild.- . — - and Helen' Dingley, Chicago, and'Guests, Irene WItham; a musical Mrs. R. H. Crawford!. Indianapolis, • duet by Evelyn aftd Mary Crulk- , and Donna Jean Dutton. great-great - grandchild, The only Paul; was also In attendance. Delores first in a men's butter-Judging con- band, Captain Field, and their little ""££ s Yokels plaster™ of la test, with R. Joreenson. Grafton, •boy sailed from Shanghai for Lon- kota ^ led £ the Kosluth hosnUai D or.n*,i „„,! n T T.', ,. « rtnn Tiiiv T9 Thov he..* n,-r, on +r,/i t« liul -i, oieu at tne is.ossutli hospital second, and O. J. Kloock, former ^on July 12. They had expected to Whittemore buttermaker, now at' leave February G, but were kept Garner, third. In a woman's judg-' t-here because of :the Jap-Chinese gton' Ing contest Mrs. H. C. Stendel, of troubles. Captain Field had been Northwood, took first; Mrs. Edw. i taking the colonel's place since De- Larson, Ayrshire, second; Mrs. Ver- comber, the colonel having- been Bit Johnson, Kstherville, third; Mrs. i away because o£ sickness. 'Frettem, fourth; Mrs. Elmer Gustafson, Emmetsburg, fifth. Irt butter exhibits John Schroeder, Westgate, ranked first; B. F, Soles, Stout, second; .Paul Schroeder, of i biood nota to E van" flO m ffie MerrM aiujji uiv i>i ei ri L L South Cresco Home last Thursday. He was 58 years old. The Burt Monitor reports that Dr. Herbert 'Bleich, who was recently graduated from the dental college of the state university, has bought the equipment and goodwill of a deceased dentist at Mapleton, a town Sumner, third. Mr. and 'Mrs. F. L. Miller were of 1SOO inhabitants' 40 miles south- guests this week Tuesday evening; east of Sioux City. Dexter Family In'Reunion—• "'..." A Dexter family reunion was: held lunday in the Ranney Putz grove, east of'Burt. At noon a picnic dinner was served. After dinner a grab, bag was passed to which each person in attendance had donated a package, and everyone drew out a package. This feature caused much merriment. There were races and games, with prizes for winners. Late in the afternoon a picnic supper was served, after which the group went Burt, were creamery supplies in a baseball Pro f. Harry R. Brown, Denver, with '• Rose Poohl, a young woman, cnarg- game, 7-4. A theater matinee was a little daughter, are vacationing ' ed that in an altercation at a farm j sonth of Hutchfror a youth named Des ! Louis Schlueger slapped her: given in the afternoon for the worn- j here. e ?»' ^V? th ° evenins a. dance was; The A. B. Claytons were at *«» —- .^... ucscl - B , ai ,, JB u attended by more^than 200 persons. | Molnes last week Tuesday, and Mr. j Schlueger pleaded guilty and was * j Clayton attended the republican ' fined $o andcosts. j state convention as a Kossuth dele- i R- H. Miller, Iowa State Dank 1 gate. president, reports two more orders I Mrs. Charles Wlnandy, Chicago,' for samples of the oldtime $5 green- and her little son arrived Sunday to j backs" held by the K. C. State bank visit the former's parents, Mr. and'When it closed. The purchasers' .ALGONA DISTRICT IS E. L TROPHY WINNER The Algona distrct of the North'*west Iowa Methodist conference won a Morningside trophy cup at 'the annual Epworth League confer- Mrs. John Simon. •Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sunding came home last week" Monday from a week with relatives in and near Ames. names have not been released for publication. Harvey Ingham's order for six bills was filled a week ago. •ence at the Methodist camp grounds The German Kothenbeutels, Iowa I &ast week. The cup was donated by ' F a"s. 'he A. E. Claytons, and Oliver j the late Rev. D. A. McBurney, and 'Kothenbeutel were at W. H. Bran- St. Benedict It goes annually to the district having the largest number of delegates and the largest percentage of members present and registered. •Mary Joyce Hartman, -lanesville, dow's Sunday, and that evening; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Seller drove i to Dolliver last Thursday for a few days with their daughter, Mrs. Martin Bleich. Emmetsburg, Sunday, and Mr. Olson Mrs. Al Rosenmeyer, Helen Ras- were at Clayton's. The S. L. Olsons were .visiting their daughter, Mrs. Jack Seeley, "Wls., former Algona girl who Is vis- ! fel1 slck tnere ' He was brought j kopf, Mrs.. Anna Huschka, and the -iting here, attended the conference j home ' Monda y night, and underwent latter's daughter Louise epent Fri------- an operation for gallstones at the , day at Algona, celebrating Viv'an Kcasuth "hospital Tuesday. •with the Algona group, and she won first in a 50-yd. free-for-all swimming race, first in a swan dive «uid i , , , third In an underwater swim. Rob- i week wlth '"teatln* flu. Stophenson's birthday at the Doctor G. W. Brown has been sick a j Fox home, where she IS employed. Jerome Eisenbarth came home ert McCullough, Algona, won first! Mrs ' Archle McDaniels went to from the hospital Friday, after an 'In fancy diving. Iowa city Sunday for medical treat-! operation for appendicitis. 'Man' Joyce is the daughter of Dr.' ment - The children are being cared 1 Amelia and Lenore Arndor,fer •and Mrs. E. C. Hartman, former! for ''Y he !L mother at Sioux Rapids. I drove to Ackley last Thursday ' to . Algonians, and Robert is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. McCullough, Mr. McCullough being owner of the for- Arthur Powell went to his brother I visit relatives. Earl's at Mason City Friday, Earl and his family brought and The Ludwig boys, Dan Froehlich, him! and Charles Stuflick fished at SI1- mer Laird & •Business. Reimer undertaking-' back Sund ay. Ar-thur is employed ; ver Lake Sunday. here. Hazel is visiting relatives; Mr. and Mrs. Julius Seller here and at Irvington. | Sunday afternoon at the Mrs. Will Batt Jr., Titonka, and Downs home, Wesley. spent Charles ALGONA GIRL HURTS BACK JN DIVE AT CLEAR LAKE her children visited Sunday at the j William Batt Sr. home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stiles, Line- i Jos. Rahm. to Mrs. M. A.- Dexter's, at where ice cream and cake served. In attendance were: the Russel O. Dexters, Kenbro, Kans.; Elva Jean CHnesmlth, Buffalo, Kans.; the Clayton Johnsons, Cor- wlth; the A. B. C. Dexters, Storm Lake; the Herbert E. Volentines, Fairmont; the Aage Andersons, n Mrs. M. A. Dexter. Afternoon Partj- Held Tuesday— A regular afternoon bridge party was held at the Country club clubhouse Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. M. P; Haggard, Mrs. C. B. Murtagh, Mrs. P. V. .Janse, and Mrs. M. P. hostesses. Bridge was eight tables, Ruth M<?Mahon and Mrs. F. D. Mathes winning the high scores. Tire next clubhouse party "win be held Tuesday nfgftt, with the .following- committee In charge: Mr. and 3Trs. R. H. Miller, Mr. and Mrs AT, T. -Dattgftan, Mr. and; Mrs. E. C. Haneher, Beth Backus, Jofon Haggard, C. W. Nfeonlfn. The next afternoon party is scheduled 1 for August ff, • with the following .women in charge. Mesdames T. P. Harrington, Mrs. G, M, Butts, Mrs. R. O. BJustrom, Mrs. A. F. Granrow, Mrs. H. J.-Braley, Wesley. Lutheran AM Has Plenfe— The Aid 1 Association for Luther ans ftai! a pfcnic supper at the Am- Ind. Dnujrhtcr of Pastor Married— Announcements of ' tfie- man'iiagB 1 ot. Stella,-daughter of tfre Rev. and Mrs. E., Flene, Lotts Creek, have been received here.. She was married. July 9 to Thos. C. Miller, Lexington, Ky.. They will be at home- shank. .Lunch was served. The next meeting will 'be wfth Lena Schultz. Edward Rich was surprised -one ered that during the night, his ^remaining oats had been. put In s&acftar.. It was later learned that John and Leo Sabfn and Earl Rich were responsible-.. . ' .. •" Bridge Club is Entertained— at Kirksville, Ky. The bride had. been employed in Kentucky since! Mr - and Mra. N, Mftcfiell and last summer. Other facts have not! daughter Bessie arrived last Thurs-. been learned. ' i day to spend' a few days- with Mr. MitcHeirs-parents; tire Etna"Mftcft- ells;. ... Mrs. T. H. Chrlschilles entertained A number of ywuns folks spent a her bridge club Monday afternoon at week ago- Sunday,at,LaIte' Okobojfr; four tables, and Mrs.. M. H. Falken- Robert, Lore'tta,- R'usseir, Carmffla,: hainer won the high spore. Guests j Ralph," • Pearl',- and' Grace- Walker,.' of the club were Mrs. William Nu-iand Margaret Habeger, Louis-Broes-' g^nt and Helen Dingley, Chicago, j der, Gayle Jergensen-, CTrftord 1 Mrs. C. H. Cretzmeyer, Mrs. J. L. Bonar, Mrs. Charles Remsen, New York City, and Mary Plummnr, of Ames. - ' Local Woman 90 Tears Old- Mrs. V. L. Stebbins, of the- Gen- Crawford, and' Cecil' A thresher meeting was-held, at| Edward Rich's last week Thursday! evening. .'It was- decided' to starts threshing the following- Monday. Harry and Lawrence Lauritson'/ Want Ads HATS, 50c EACH AT THE ELITE) Shop. 7u4'6' 8c A YARDJ- Eleanor Rahm, Algona. spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. evening ' A number of young folks here attended a ball game at Corwith Sun- wheel eldest son, George^ accompanied I-them, returning last week Tuesday. she is still bothered with stiffness. All returned to Algona next morn- STOP for a week or two at Clear Xake. REONIONJNJTATE PARK Livermore, July 20—The John Segers, Livermore, attended a family reunion and picnic at Ambrose A. Call state park Sunday. Others in attendance Included Mr. and Mrs. Fred Parks, Algona; the John Lynch family, Sioux Ciy; Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Hart. Mr. and Mrs. John Williams, and Mrs. Mary Seger of Bancroft; -the J. Oretens and Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Fortney, Mallard; and Lillian Greten, guest of honor. home from nurses' training at Carroll for a short vacation with her parents at Mallard.' Ames Friday to take down Mr. and I Mrs. C. D. Martin, who, after calling I college campus left for their home at Camden, N. J. Mrs. John 'Simon will be hostess this week Thursday to the Mothers & Daughters club. ; -at- Loans tSOO or less obtained quickly on Fur- iilture, Automobiles and Live Stock For additional Information cull, write, or phono CUNNINGHAM & LACY PHONE 598 ALGONA Representing Federal Finance Co., Des Molnes BUDGET ESTIMATE A^'D RECORD OF FILING SCHOOL DJ8TBICT ESTIMATE Notice: The Board of Directors of Consolidated Independent School District of Ottosen, Garfield and Wacousta townships, Kossuth and UumboWt counties, Iowa, will meet August 11, 1932, at 8 p. m., at the school house. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of expenditures at that time. N. STRUTHERS, District Secretary. Est. Fn- Amt. Nee. Expend. Expend. for for Year -, Year •M.I.VD3 d Bal. Kslimnt. fi- on Hand .Surplus come to be .'. J»'"' ; W of Bal. Other than Raised *. 193L' on Hand Tixation hv Tax General $13,&50 $8,2»2 $4.534 $1,000 $9,100 School House 3,200 4,069 3.022 300 3,225 $17,800 3,400 Totals $17.050 $12,271 $7,656 $1.000 $9,400 $19,843 $21,200 Intimated taxes per $1.000.00 of assessed value, $7.55. Estimated taxes in mills per dollar of taxable valuation, $30.20. Number of persona of school age In the district, 205. TajcaWe Valuation <W2) Kwwvtb f53,865. and Credits (1932) HiunboJdt. $251,040; Koeeutb, none. LONG'S Food Shop FRIDAY and SATURDAY SEW CABBAGE, lb Peaches, No. 10 tins 48c Strawberries, No. 10 tins 55c Apricots, No. 10 tins 45c Red Raspberries, No. 10 _48c Red Cherries, No. 10 tins 48c Apples, No. 10 tins 48c Prunes, No. 10 tins __ ___85c PEACHES, No. 2 1-2 can 20c Oxydol, large _19e Laundry Soap, 10 bars __29c Matches, 6 boxes ._25c MR. FARMER: We want to sell you your meat for threshing. FOR SALE — Five-burney Perfection Oil Range. FOR RENT—Living or office rooms. 10WS FOOD SHOP Choice of entire stock of 2-Piece Summer and Fall and choice of Lfeht Colors in 3-piece, coat, vest, and pant, values to $22.50, sizes 35, 3f, J37, 38, and 40, some H. S. REUABlEPRINTIHOl m no orclei t<l«> ^lilti & M. Dress Straw Hats, nearly all new, at Half Pi-foe MISBACB Clothing Co. eral hospital, served refreshments' JImmie Elmtfrer and' Wilfbrtf Stt Tuesday afternoon between 2 and 4 John welnt to Iowa Lake last o'clock to those who called to con .'j Thursday,-returning .Saturday, gratulate Mise Jennie Urch in honor! The :Larkln clilb> metr last " Tnurs-^ of . her 90th , birthday anniversary, i day with Mrs> Mart Blmore -. j Miss Urch has for several years i : : : — —made her home with .the Stebbins' family. . ' • . Visiting' Chlcag-ouns Entertain— Mrs. Wlljiam Nugent and Helen Dingley, who are visiting, their parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Dingley, entertained at five tables of bridge Saturday night, and the high scores were won toy Mrs. W. W. Sullivan, Marie Wehler, and Mrs. Eugene Schemel. Other~Society. The Presbyterian Helping Hand society meeting for Monday, August 4, has been postponed till August 25, when the meeting will he held at Mrs. Tom Dailey's. Mrs. A. W. Behrends, Mrs. Mary Smith, and Mrs. Everett Lee will be hostesses. The 'Baptist Aid will meet HEMST.ITCHING, The Elite. ___ FOR SALE— BABY CA'B7 —Call Advance. __ CHEAp". TuvlBi NEW WASH DRESSES JUST . IN at The Elite. - 8u46 W'A<NTED~TO BUY — 4-WHEEL, trailer.—H. B.. Kanouff. 8u46 __sta.ve silo.—-Box 1, Burt. 9p46 FOR RENT—STRICTLY" 7-room house.—'Phone 137. assisting i MODERN JlOUSE FOR • Garage. — Mrs. Gabriel, next! 316-W. . U4«tf RENT, phone 9p46 From Alaska's Icy Waters! Coldstream PINK SALMON This delicious Alcukq pink Salmon will aid your menyt for lummer mead. P y t at \»att 3 cant on your pantry shelf today I SHRIMP CRAB MEAT EDELWEISS. TALL CANS ^^••^ .-P O BQT8, 29C JPIu»Bottl«D« no .l» BJfc-OZ. CAtf ^T ATLANTIC MAC, f ,C TEA COMPANY auth County State Bank Ex? ln Charge. ' < - «\> i - lluSltf AUTOMOBILE IMS T R A N C B .'-.low, rates— full coy insurance Agencyi ^ . "9u86tf ( .TO' . EsfABpisH AN- i-cona hatchery flock,*— See Hamll- .ton ttatcfiery, Bancroft. 10U46' gona for : a new home at Des Moines j babv Edward Aeljelt. There was a.5-generatlon group at this Week-end. After the show at i The Four Corners M. •& D. club the reunion: Mrs. Shirk, Mrs. Hat-[the Call; bridge, was played at the;'met July 14 wfth Rena Cfulkahank tie Stuart/her son Vernl/Dubuque, I Rice .apartment, Mrs. A. K. Cliff,; with 29 present. The program was:» Mrs. Gus Paul, Chicago, and .'her'Ames, 'and Mrs. T. H. Chrlschilles song, Iowa r vocal duet by Ruth daughter Delores. ' , winning the high scores. Mrs. Auner Robinson and Margaret Dltaworth, Grandchildren in attendance In-1 received a 'guest prize. Out-of-town accompanied by Mrs. Dltsworth; eluded Messrs, and Mesdamea Mel-1 guests were Mra. William Nugent recitation, The Schoolmaster's vln Dutton and Henry Joharinsen " "" ' Jr., Algona; .Russell Cook; Austin, Minn.; L. C. Schichtl,.. Irvington; Bar! Stuart, Durango; C. B. Sefzik, 1 Epworth; Mr.' Lloyd Howder, Dra- oer, S. D.; Vernl Stuart and Bess Stuart, Dubuque. Great grandchildren present were Mrs. Gus Paul, and Hazel, Evelyn. T TO HEJNT,COM!FOiRT<A!Bl 1 E ouse including J, garden and gar-e.—-Inquire aBlll's-riarber SHbp. • ... V^.'V v. _' .'•"'> Wp: 13p>6 sSiALt, LOANS'MADET-»6o,.up to j^300-r-no waiting." Loan? made at once. 2 —Algona •, Insurance Agency. -.' ' ' i 16«36tf WILL THJJJ ' whose car my mall It collect Pleasant at %;" '<»».«• Meth Lawver. ° nbr t. / »smail brown with seven doll Fah-mont then.t paying- for ice win electric refrigerate,. ° meal. NO down.'p n ' V ir contract-no inataCL Gamble Stores. n on New low prices machinery wagons, and boxes. spreaders. See HARKY KEI 4 «5 »• S Phone 839-W,: Good bye-good bye-Last days of ANNEX big little bargain center—foldj up Saturday July 3Qth For the last few days' aMhc Annex, ne offer snoh las Trfw« lh.1 we expect t» ^1 6«t to the b aro ,vnll, 1 «if* week f«r the flnal nr » m . Hoad the Items in tills i *UIjr-tti* most dr-rtlc re<oetlon } ever attempted by a h store on quality merebaiMU**. "fan , Bay H at the A«aex—bay it thl» ww-k us u, a i »oD«l«r little FwrgalR ,tore win iwsItlVely doso Snh? as tfssss.—- •«• - sn, Ladies! knit suits— last price i Ladies' wash, dresses, /• AA size» 14- toi 5ft . __^-.4?MJ Etadfcok'a, white £Qx» dresses,. 8 to 14, VOC Ladtea! silk, dc^ss- OA AC es, $15 values 92«vW Better silk diesses, all sizes. Unal - - Ladiea' high grade coats In two big; "tots— §3.95 $5.95 ffA*»- DUC tgA^' tfU V MO** 48C ' BUse- colored cottage Curtains, Jl.35 values. Eiteiep and bath- coom sash curtains — •31n«te panels In hfeft '?rade net curtains — awidren's rompers, rfzes 1 and 2 A.U remnants .HALF PBICE Pine wool sklcts Af AQ (or sport outfits _ 9A«VO Ladles' and children's 'GO** Z-ptece pajamas _____ VOV ^thing - fi ^ OT ' suits ------ , _____ flOC ' - Coates crochet if cotton 'M A 1UC Children's half sox Every ladles' hat In the, Annex before we feed 'em MA^to the cows _________ 49C Children's wash aresses, sizes !«£'.. _______ ::;..98c- 48-inch <f-o'' ,fenoy oil cloth _____ . lOC Children's fine wool AJ»j» , s|ip-over sweaters ___ VtfV .Ladies' all pure silk hose Jn^ .broken lots, small sizes _____ __• Children's check sum- ( .mer union suits _____ t Ladles' silk crepe de chine blouses ________ ladles 1 ' cotton blouses- 39c and 88c Ladies' cotton slips _______ 'Ladies' rayon slips _______ Ladies' silk slips --------------- Infants' crepe de chine e sizes | 1 and 2 _____________ ( Infants' silk ( .and wool vests ______ i .Detailed Description of ments at Ridiculous '2— rbeige (tan) fox and scarfs, . ( each' ------------- tJFUli 1— black and white checln ,'SUlt, ( , size 14 --------- ,. 1 •1— pin stripe back poiret t»j .'suit, { size 16 ------ ---- - ' r- " 1— tan 'covert cloth cpat, t short,' size 16 ----------1 — grey mixture lined, short, coat, ?— size" 13 rain coats ( bl«e) , each, ---------------5— ladles silk dresaw, ',i4 tQ",42) ----------- -, Be on band lor these barfai«»—the rfeateit talue show produced In Al»ona. join the en>Wd»4^on't »'" ^ * "' ' ' * Remember - the l»t d»y of the ANNEX] SATURDAY JULY 30th AT THE MAIN STORE Chrischilles & Herbst Tb'p most 4ra?t»e §n$ ujR^«i the seasop pp 5Q hjgh priq^, !S« ^ A ' 1 w^8 * TO I25.0Q ^^ .' 9W

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