Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1932 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1932
Page 7
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,N O PLACE FOR GOOD A • ftf «r« delivered by roduca n hey offer. KOftftWtt (KHJNTY AftVANCB. Al ACTIVITYIN KOSSUTH 4-H GIRLSJJIUBS H. D. A. Tells Things Members Are Doing This Month. By Muriel Lenverton. Much activity among 4-H girls be learned. tains, coverlets, and bureau covert. Mary Glsoh, former outstanding Kossuth club girl, gave ah explaha- tory talk on club work and what it means to rural girls. PhAnOgraph music featuring the 1933 Farm Bureau chorus'.songs was played, The next meeting will be hold this week Friday In the basement Of the Bancroft Baptist church, and each girl attending Is to take scraps Of material for making a pillow. Mrs. Ray Miller assisted the leader, 'Mary'Meacher with the meeting a week ago Friday. Enthusiasm was shown in planning for." the next meeting. Club singing will be featured, and'the proper set-up and conduct of a business meeting will \\. J* Payne, Editor. KMmp, Field Reporter. The tollow inK elrls attended: Mu'r- t 1 A 1 * ' Devlne - clubs Is taking place this month. On Tuesday July 12 iHnronn ™., .*,„ ,„,« ;.„ ^«.K."SiJ»;^JS^s,t.. At ,the George AlJtA farm' acres 14 loads had been takeri ( and two miles east and'2% miles south fl t the first cutting 20 more loads of Lakota, Mr. Ailts said last had been harvested from the same Thursday that he had quit working field. The Sleper family Includes for Hoover. Thte farm Of 360 acres seven children. John said he and Is owned by the Bankers Lite, which the family would try to attend the had 18 men repairing buildings and fa| r again thla year, as they have putting new foundations under some, done each year for many years, of them. j Tltonka Is getting • ready for her We called Saturday at Geo. G. annual Indian day celebration, to be Grlmsehl's. one-half mile south and hel(J . "is usual, on August IB. Among VES/THEY PUT i ONLY THtl B'BST IN THESE CASES with 35 club girb and leaders ' Droewler, Marjorle an all the attractions will be the ----- „ ..„.„ „, ..„„ & Tribune autpgiro, which will land Dorothy | kind of "watch dog": a swarm of: ln Budlong's stubble field at the Evelyn Schtlta, Elizabeth Inand Ruth Braddock, Agnes w * afeta Droessler, Hazel all «OQi «Ni carefully (traded and packed In cane •!«! and .quality, are destined eventually to oo Into du:* «r th»Srookfleld label. Othere, perhanenoteS ^a«i«>rt«dtoattthe hl fl hettprlcefwthe| P rg?ade\ ALWAYS WANTED TO . TAKE A RIO& IN A FAST • COOL. CAR, I HEARD THEM WE, ARtTRAVE QOO MILES TO THE., BEST MARKET B i-o ok •=> e=T school for demonstration help. Fourteen clubs have chosen teams, and demonstrations and at work for a county annual 4-H county win tuVV '" August - oth er clubs Rosella Stouder. Sircar,, Sets"' ^ y0t | .0««W.e>«i»ni Mcc, «f V Many Interesting topics have been' The Gartlel<1 4 " H Gleaners met at chosen, and the following teams are the homc of Mps> Gust Berninghaus torn wna almoflt full. -• _, - • . • - i ik.«iiu vj. *Y*J.LV;JI Hug , it awttlHl UJ. I " ~««"••»«» « OVMUUAC *.it»u «,», Lilts -day county training ^ esC " T 5 r '. Ag " e ^ M Dro essler, Helen bees under the porch roof nowcvcr southwest edge of Tltonka or in the Fox " Evelvn R«h"»»- iwi-om.fi, T,,. they m not gtmg us The OHm _ a , fa]fa patch jU8t gouth of the W)U sehls were putting up hay, and the llam 'Swyter home, northeast of Tl- tonka. The Indian day committee has! dated the big Register '& Tribune ten' P'ane a couple of years ago, but It larger plane . merely flew was only for a week, ending July 18. ove r the .town and took pictures He and the family, except a son,' from tn e air. With the autoglro It drove through Minnesota and Wis- Is Possible to land almost anywhere, Our milk man, Sam Medln, on vacation, the first in Sankey, years since he started work for the was found' that the creamery. The vacation, however, cou 'd wot land, so It _ „ last week Tuesday afternoon, and consln, and the son took care of the eo the. reporters and photographers LIVERMORE WINS SUNDAY GAME IN ; TILUT ST, JOE St. Joe,,July 26-^-A snappy double play in the last half of the; ninth Inning checked the second rally of the Alley Rats, before k large crowd which saw the locale falter before the fast'Liverniore nine Sunday. An eighth inning rally had netted four runs, but another run In the ninth failed to bring victory, for the game ended 8-7 with a potential tleing score left on second base. Poor fielding in the first Inning was the cause of the locals' defeat. Alvin Klein pitched a wonderful game for St.' Joe, and on several occasions worked himself out of tough places. He fanned three men In the ninth. R. Thllges was St. Joe catcher, and the battery for Llvermore consisted of C. Baker and E. Opheim. George Thul and Charles Jones umpired. Hag Specialist Treat Eye*— Henry Zlemet Sr. was -taken to Fort Dodge one day last week, and is still there, receiving medical treatment for his eyes at Mercy hospital. Mrs. Ziemet and her son Henry Jr. drove to Fort Dodge Sun- ally sick hut week, was Improved Mondayi-< ,0th« St. Joe. k The Herbert "Betigfts, Bradgate, Mr«i Frank Johns&n, Algona, he* children, and Mrs. Verri Mangle, of .Lvertnore, and her children visited Sunday at.William Hammer's. ' Mary Jane '.Reding; Whtttemore, 1 spent last week with her maternal grandmother, .Mrs. John Wagner. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ttlck' Reding; Mrs. Gene Yackley, Chicago, and her children are at the Henry Kohl* haae home. Mrs. Yackley is a slater of Mr. Kohlhaas. ' . The Peter Thllges family, Algona, spent a few days last week with the daughter, Mrs. Louis Fuhrman. Mrs. J. K. Sheplee/ Clarion, spent a few days last week with hep daughter, Mrs. J. P. McNelll. 'Amelia and Adeline Erpelding spent last Wednesday afternoon with Bertha Thul. The Matt Bormanns, St. Benedict* were at M. J. Kellner's Sunday afternoon. Margaret Lentsch, Llvermore, spent last week with Margaret Erpelding. The Nick Eiscbens, .Cylinder, were Sunday dinner guests at John Kayser's. . day to visit him. planning to demonstate' i « > —•-, -- — . - * Wesley Willing Workers block Achl evement day plans were laid, | milk route, and did a good job of It,! will be able to come right down and printing for charm, Helen Franzen committces belng appointed. Waste'too. (cover the event In full. Doubtless, Fnmllv nrnnn „„. „. . . Fredrlca Girres. * ranzen ' baskets were exhibited, and pictures Threshing was going on at many p »°t Gatschet will do some of his *T? lljr G .*°" p Hai Plcnlc- «„ ~-,. _. Ifor posters for the county fair were German township farms last week, stunts with the giro, such as'mak- t , ' na Mrs> J ' p - McNe11 enter- TlarlPn i takon - The demonstration team,' Saturday we stopped at the Fred i"e " hover In mid-air, etc.; also he £ ined com P a "y S " nda y ; tn e J. K., uaaen. I M | Mred p uchsen and Edna Tho . DeVrles farm, northeast of Tltonka, I Probably will make a number of, V i? ^ i Sheplees, the mann, will demonstrate pictures for a ™l were told that oats were going ! flights at the celebration. William; ^" Carmlchae ' 8 ' and tn « Klwyn the home. The H. D. A. gave help «<> to 70'bushel. Threshing also was Boyken, of .the Tltonka Savings I Jl,'* 11 • clarl °"- Th ey had a in progress at M" fi . Everett Ub- bank . secretary of the celebration. I' Pcnlc dlnner near the river. sorles, Ledyard Loyal Laborers, „„. folios, Irene Zielske, Mary Lewis. Burt Lively League, curtains for „. ., - the club girl's room, Beada Kol- °" - d ^ mon8tra tion and suggested lasch. Margaret Laabs ' a plan of organization for Achieve- ben '» and other Tltonka farms. The fs responsible for bringing the giro We called last Thursday at Aggo f| n<> some building going on. We el ' nB °««it and crew Saturday to a Jannsen's, three miles south three miles east of Lakota. Portland Peppy Pals fonutoni» ment day> At the close of the meet- '• crops north of that town are excel-. to T1 tonka. Marian Bernhard Pearl' Woltz ins refreshments were served by En- lent- | As we drive around w« 'Fenton Forwards, r'efinlshing fur- ther and Paullne Berninghaus. niture, 'Leona Borchardt, Virginia Eight Wesley Girls Meet; Fl ?_ n ' t - | The Wesley Willing Workers 4-H union Alethean, pillows for com- club met at Victoria Foster's last fort, Luclle Dearchs, Frances Win- Thursday, and Achievement day ke ^ . Plans were laid. Help was given to Buffalo Busy Bees, closet acces- tne demonstration team, Fredrlca I „_-.._,.-„ i mn w moved his grav- ^ _„..„... 0 QWB..^, wii. VT e »,.. _-_ -nr * Saturday at the Chas. Dennis - J 1 * "J f r ^ _. . The |farm two mlles north and 6* miles j • half ^ wjjt.^.t*.* nve " lllM a " d He the Bankers Life. A ne\ tion was ready for a corn crib, 46x26. A new hog barn and a chicken house are also, who have planned, lived on Under refrigeration and In carload lots Swift & Company ships the Its more than 4O> branch houses, each the distributing center for Lt population. Every retailer customer of every branch house is a Iblecustomer for any eggs that arrive at a produce plant. series, 'Leota Oesterrelcher, mae Buaiong. printing. Riverdale Lone Eagles, applied taken. .Roll call wao answered with design with crayons, Anneta Karels, Suggestions for pillows. A health,,. q a ^, rrtliv „ •„- f - -„,„„ Virginia Halsrud. | contest was planned/and, later, folk ' Saturda y we met William Swea Plans Flower., Arrangement. Edith- Girres and Helen Kent/ on ' block ' i uuiiuaciia, vviiu nu.w 11V6U uir rl e I S , 1!^! * a «-m 19 years, have more than hogs. new house. This Is the Jos. Franks! farm. Mr. Franks, who lives near Renwlck, believes in putting up good buildings. The new house is The this, .„ 100 of Drlok a nd tile, with full basement, two stories high. Harry and Wll- Hard- Kohlhaag, Better— was critic- The William Redlnge had business at West. Bend test ..Thursday. Evelyn Reding, West 'Bend, has been visiting relatives here. BEAD THE WANT-ADS Notice I am buying cattle at Algona. If you have any cattle for sale please call 220-W. B. F. BUfiTIS 216 N. Thorfngton. was taking a load |T LOOKS |TS A SHORT LIFE.) MUD A MERRY ONC.J ANYHOW we. MAOt Trte esf OP ^OURSELVES n ar - rica Girres/Phynto-St U deTr" > E S 'th;r pa "\ eleVat0rat f t ? an ^ SWlt ^- ??• (B erff . Grace ,Neuroth, Helen Kent, Victoria Fos- ^• h ^ p ^ Bettl " B Mc a busheL Harrison Healthy Hustlers, waste-! ^' E ??* , Ma , e Li ^ t ? i ^' ^ uth """ baskets, .Bernice Smith, Dorothy f^W ^ f ' '' CKristensen. . ' ' A- Lu Verne Loyal Workers, the col-! I ' 11 ^"'e Girls Meet 'Frldny. llnthese branch housesthe best eggs are packed in cartons with the fekfield label. \ housands of salesmen daily make their rounds, sell- Itggs, poultry and butter as they sell meat. That means economy hies cost. Deliveries are so frequent the eggs reach the consumer in -tcondition just at they werewhenSwift&Company selected them. IWith Swift & Company as a guide, every egg has the chance to make [most of itself. Demand is dug up by the sales force and fostered by Vuet advertising. Costs of service are as low as long experience and kt volume can make them. Profits are low—over a period of years I profits from all sources have averaged only a fraction of a cent [pound. SWIFT & COMPANY 1 Purveyors of fine foods m Swift's Premium Quality Brookfield Eggs, ium Milkfed Chickens and Golden West fowl prepared by Algona people. On sale by, local dealers. B AN OPEN LETTER t+the Public Officials of Iowa letter b Ml public official* • rifhtfid foe have tor aomle theory «•• Justify the ex- peadttare of millioni in public tax money ouUide the ftate fpr coal, which In many instance* cotti twice the price of Iowa Coal. Secondly' Iowa'* coal indiutry it MM of the large*! tax-pnyin| in- daatrie* of the (late, lu total «x- penditom in the state mount into the million* annually. It there any logical reason why our public officials should not support one of their leading sources of revenue? A greater consumption at luwa Coal by tax-supported iri»titution» offer* •Very definite and tangible •avings in tax dollar*. Further ,., |l will provide needed employment for Iowa labor that might otherwise have to depend upon public fond* for existence. ,**Iow« Coal for every Iowa fax- •npported InstituUon" . . . should he Uw policy of every public offi- c|aj ,.. and the demand of every taxpayer. WACOAL SRT' ^jfatVUUe- ' Y< .' '.i >* Over ! 2 oz. to the quayt, 9 t0 • and or wheel and how to use It, : Cora' Virgie Hardcopf was hostess to Mae Masterson, Cordelia Ristau. jthe-Lu Verne . Loyal Workers 4-H Irvington Wideawakes, accessor- clu b Friday afternoon. Roll call was remembers when he hauled corn to Algona for his father, Henry Klamp and got only 6c. That was in 1896, a year of real "depression, which most of the present generation cannot remember.. For the first time Saturday we met Herman Tjarks Jr. who now les. Mary Black, Norma Raney. (answered with the na'mes of deeir- [ farms the late Herman TJarks Sr. Plum Creek, sacks for laundry able home magazines. A business Paetz, second member meeting was conducted by the presi- bags, Helen not chosen. jdent, Benona Neal. At the July 12 meeting with Miss! The demonstration team, Cora Forbes were: • I Mae Masterson and Cordelia ' Ris- tion to 120 acres farmed by Her- Harrison—Mrs. T. F.' Johnson, | tau, gave a demonstration on the' man, Mrs. Tjarks owns land which farm for his mother, north of Titonka. Herman was making ready for threshing, which, he said, would start in his ring Monday. In addi- This was followed with criticism from club leader, Dorothy Chrlstensen, Ber- color wheel, nice Smith, Harriet Poole; Ledyard constructive —Emma Gutknecht, leader, Irene members. Zielske, Mary E. 'Lewis; . German—j Benona Neal gave a talk on win- Grace 'Sleper, leader, Anna Abbas, \ <Jow curtains, and illustrations Sena Tjaden; Wesley—Mabel Kent,'drawn by Benona added much to the leader, Fredrlca Girres, Helen Fran- value of the talk. Cordelia Ristau zen; Swea—Grace Berg, Hazel Me- gave an illustrated talk on 'bureau Gregor, Lucille Berg; Plum Creek— covers, and materials were used in Ham Baker, of Algona, were flnish- , Ing the painting. The. new home pleases the Dennises, for they have' been living In a hen house since last \ spring., when the first house burned. There are five boys' and four girls. One of the girls is not at home, a daughter, Vada, 16, being in a hospital at Iowa City, where she has been for some time. She Is now gaining, though slowly. Mr. Dennis said that he also was a hospital patient for some time, as he has heart trouble. When he went to the hospital he weighed 310 pounds, but he was put on a diet and at present he weighs 240 pounds. The loss In weight has made him feel considerably better. His twin boys, Loren and Oren, 17, have been doing most Frieda and Helen Paetz. Union — Mary Glach, i illustrations. Lucille Cora Mae Masterson explained is efficiently operated by Jacob Gigler, a little way south, and land. : V We were at Fred Schoby's, five of the farm work. The family was other slad ' to see us, for the paper had just stopped the day ibefore. Mr. Dennis remarked, "I had been look- miles north of Lu Verne, Saturday, and we found him getting ready for threshing. He wanted .to know whether we wanted to see a freak calf, 'adding that Doctor; Fox • had •been there .to.'.vaccina,te the pigs.and had said that such a freak might •Dearchs, Frances Winkel; iFenton — how to make homemade rugs, and. happen In one out of 10,000 cases. Mrs. Will Welsbroa leader, Alice Bertha Bowman gave a talk on (But Fred, was charging 50c to see Dreyer, Leona Borchardt, Virginia home furnishings.' Pictures for' Frank; Buffalo—Estelle Bonacker, county fair posters were taken. He- leader, Myrtle Ama, Phydells Peter- freshments were served by the host- son; Riverdale—Mrs. J. M. Patter-, ess and her mother, Mrs. A. Hardson, county committeewoman. An-, copf. Members present were: neta Karels; Burt—Myrtle .Hanna, I Bertha Bowman, Ethel Bowman, leader, Beada Kollasch, Margaret ! Marvel Davidson, Elsie Hunt,' Betty Laabs; Portland—>Iva Trunkhill, j Masterson, Cordelia Ristau, Ruth leader. The H. D. A. was also pres-1 Neal, Roberta Masterson, (Benona ent. Neal, Cora Mae Masterson, Eileen Neal, Vergie Hardcopf, VelmaBow- man. Guests were Mrs. H. D. Ris- Illverdalo Meets July 13. an T ar,-drme a et,ni"w,t S h r Mrs m 1.I *••*-. ^ Neal, and the H. Patterson, county 4-H committee. ' ' member, Wednesday, July 13, A cov-! Fa . rm Bure » u Social Glvea. ered-dlsh luncheon was eaten at! More than 200 people attended a noon.' ' I Lincoln township annual Farm Bu- In the morning textile decoration reau Ice cream : soeial_ held 'Friday with the crayola was studied, and j evening at the H. A., Adams home. samples we?-e made by each girl, Notes for home furnishing notebooks were given In, the afternoon on the general principles of interior decoration. Summer 4-H club plans Jce cream, pie, cake, and coffee were eerved. There:were movies, and talks were given by the county agent and the H. D. A. Some 75 persons attended a were outlined by the H. D. A. The | monthly Swea township Farm Bu- new 4-H Friendship song was prac- ' reau meeting last week Tuesday ticed, and pictures of the club and evening. The 4-H clubs In Harrison of the demonstration team, Annetta Karels and Virgie Halsrud, were taken. Lois Barr, a new member, was received. At the close of the meeting the group took a bouquet of flowers to Elizabeth Leners. former club president, injured recently in a fall. Members at the meeting were Kathryn and Virginia. Schoby, Ivy and Ilda Patterson, Rosetta Barker, Lucille Haljjfud, Lois Barr, Delsha Halsrud, Annetta Karels, and Virgie Halsrud. Mrs. Vern Barker, leader, was also in attendance, Surprise for the W. D. A, Helen BrJggs, 4,->H club president, was hostess to the Grant girls Thursday-, July 14, Thirtyrone club girts and mothers attended, , This was a surprise program for the H, D. A., Muriel Leaverton, recent bride, and a mock wedding featured a program on the lawn. A picture was given to Mrs. Leayertop. Folk games, including the Virginia reel, Captain Jinks, and Soldier's Joy, were played by the glrjs, Tb» following persons were In attendance; Dorothy Briggs,, Dorothy and Evelyn Colwell, Doris McDonald, Marian Mino, Gladys, NaomJ, and Wilma Speicher, Florence TPatter- son, Mary Ellen McDonald, Marjorle and Marian (Barger, • Irene 'Read, Marjorle and liucille Mino, Evelyn Read, Maj-jorie Brandt, Rose Marje and Patricia McDonald, 3ol» Chriss tie, Leona Patterson, Mesdameg W, O, Brlggs, Roy Mino, L. MpDonald, iSpeloher, Read, J. J. Pattern, Floyd Colwell, and Mr?. W- H. Bar* ger, and Wylma Payne, club leader, Canning literature was distributed, and, 4-H club' plans were Ifjd for Achievement day. T$W After two ballots by 2§ new Cfreenwood-iRamBey club the najae ^BaBcroft was chosen for &f, - - ^ Ranj^y, the nanji as prfee. ~" jrlrfe H9t |jt and 'Swea townships gave .the program, and the :Greenwpod-Ramsey orchestra played. Other numbers on the program were: Country Girl's Creed, Mavis Larson; music, Helen Poole;' demonstration, ' Portfolio, Swea club; music, Darlene Kesler; talk, H. D, A. Whittemore Lillian Hejdenwith entertained at dinner last week Weclnesday, Bernice Balgeman, of .Whittemore, a^d Esther tiavrenz, of Algona, Robert Finnell Jr. Is working at the creamery, -taking C. Poyle's place on the milk route. Mr, Doyle is taking a vacation, ' Oscar Sphattschnelder , visited friends Sunday and Monday, works for, hip sleter, Mrs, Helse, Boston, Minn.' Gertrude TFarrell, student nurse at Rpchester, returfled 1 to her dutle,a Sunday after having foeeri' at hoine He since the Fourth, Boy Sunday at Algona, spent JCueok- er'e. Mrs. Kuepker ana Mrs. ' ' trom , Mr, and Mrs.'T, A,, ^wanaon teft day , Ipy their honie'in. ajter a month's visit a* !*• Yoigjhl vl^lteft s QYer Sun- Rpy,t>}ts?V9rth'8, .Algona. Mrs,"plt«W9fth was formerly are at twins, Ralph 1 o* Mr, and, Mrs, R, A. the calf, which let a poor newspaper man out. Thursday, when we called at J. E. TIennig's, 1% miles southeast of Lakota, we found him and his boys repairing. a fence alongside ,the road and burning weeds. The weeds are kept down oh this farm, and the fences are kept up. The buildings also are kept 'in tip-top shape. J. E. always has a lot of stock; at present he has 93 cattle and 115 hoge. He was so unfortunate as to lose his wife 11 years ago, but he went on alone, rearing six girls and four hoys, .nine of whom are still at home, We had'a visit last Thursday at Gus Koppen'e, a mile .east of Lakota'. Gu's farms 280 acres, and he and his wife have two girls and two boys. The daughters were away on vacation, Genevieve at her grandmother Mrs. M. Shannon's, West Prairie, Wis., and Marcella at the George Higgins home, east of Tl- tonka. Mr, Koppen was getting his thresher ready. He has been a thresher nine years. There are 12 jobs In his run. Some farmers.near Lakota have been stacking grain this season, At the German Valley store recently we met 15 months Loyd Krause, son of Carl, who, in turn, is the son of Mrs. K. E. Krause, who has been storekeeper at German Valley so many years. Carl, who has been active in the store 'for some years with his mother, grew up in the business, just as Lloyd is likely to do. The baby's mother was Jeanette Welhousen before inarriag*. a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Welhousen, and granddaughter of Mrs. Herman Tjarks, who, with her husband, wae, if we rwnember rightly, founder of the store, Accordingly the baby has plenty of storekeeper ancestors. He Is a bright and active fellow who already walks and runs ubou/t the store. Last Thursday we were at Reln- der Johnson's, two miles south and three miles 'east of Lakota, where recently lightning sWuck, the barn, Which was burned down, as well as a pew pump house, a chicken house, a hog'house,* 25 tons, of hay, Vwo sacks of cenwiU- •Ing for Mr. Payne," but he was just as well satisfied to do business with Mr. Klamp. Lu Verne Mr. and Jfrs. A. E. Harlow, Kanawha, were Sunday guests at I. H Benedict's. Clarence Engel, Cedar Rapids, visited his sister, Laura Engel, over the week-end. The 'Elwln Hubers are parents of A daughter, born Saturday. BASKET GROCERY, i-.E.ASHLAND. PROPRIETOR bjW ALCONA..IOWA PHONE IO3 ^ Specials from July 27 to 30 Be 19 c Corn Meal, 5 Ib. sack —..,_— Laundry Soap, 10 bars for Crackers, .White or Graham, 2 Ib: caddy ..'... Pork-arid Beans, No. 10 can 19c Pink Salmon, tall tins, each — Malt Syrup, A -j ft ft 3 full 3 Ib. tins — V J- »l/l/ Gold .Medal Cake Flour, per box.—. 20c 42c Solid Pack, No. 10 can Fruits Apricots _1 — 53c Black Raspberries :__—53c Red Raspberries —58c Strawberries __—_ -63c Crushed Pineapple ...——.53c Prunes '.I——-—.; Blueberries _._——; 68c Peaches ' __—— '—48c Loganoerries _____ 48c Blackberries _—:— '. __4_C Beef Roast, per Ib. Red Pitted Cherries ...... ____ 39c Meat Department •* ji _ Pork Shoulders, * f) JT _____ 14C per Ib. __________ ...12C Fresh 'Hams, per Ib." Cash Paid for Eggs calves, and 300 Thts farm is owned by the Bankers Wfe, Pea. Mpines, w.hlch had Just finished repairing the foundation ^ndef'the barn ( The foundation has been laid for a 46x26 do^We own pr>b. and granary, There are $2Q acres Ul tWs farm, and Uf- .Johnson farms tt with bis own help,, for he, ,has, 'three boys and. five fW* q*e two older boys. h»d fln}shecl -cutting x>ats, using a factor- They sal4,tt was pjtftty fept r44ingV tractor in ' such, weaker as' we have, been TRADE - IN - TIRE Increase Your Savings Never before have you had the opportunity to buy these tires at such low prices. High Speed and High Speed Heavy Duly These tires are • •Tax Free * i " \* * And on top of that we are making a . Allowance eff the • YOUR ^1"^^^ ™ ^H^ ^^^ ^^ *^ff^ ^f ^S^riS during month of '•&"'

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