Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1932 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1932
Page 6
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FENTON WINS VS, MALLARD: 11 INNINGS For.ton, July •basob'Ul team 26 — The 'Fenton won Its fourth Long jBeach, Calif.* *r«« Sufnday gurats at the M. E;'R*lhiers htfne, left a week ago Monday for Rochester, Minn., where 'Mrs. Huskamp took 1 treatment for throat trouble. Mi's. .F. 3< Wetebrod ahd children, Maxlne and' Maurice, and Verona Weisbrod spent Friday afternoon at F. B, WeWbrod's in 'Emrnetsburs?, Mts. Chides Bussett and son Lyje, of.. Fairmont, "came last Week Wednesday to visit Mrs. BaSiaett's daughter, Mrs. Raymond Stoeber. * PhlUp Wander attended the republican state convention In .toes' Moines a week ago as a delegate from this precinct: Dohrer's, at Ayrshire.' The 'F. C. Bailey family, of Mason straight game by defeating Mallard 5-4 in on 1 .1-Inning battle. The Fenton team took a 40 lead but could not hokl 1*. In the first inning Fenton mntfp six hits, arid scored two runs. They scored two more In the* fifth on n double and a home run by Mlttng. Mallard scored two runs In the sixth on three hits and an. error, and then scored two more In Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Kluas and 1 the eighth on three hits to tie the. baby son, of Gait, spent Saturdayj score. Neither team scored in the j ,1 Sunday, at the parental F. C. | her sewing club last week-.Wedries- tenth. Ip the llth Fenton scored Kluss home. I day afternoon. '„-'.-'• I and Mrs. Oliver Stoeber, of j George Bley, of Qlenvllle, Minn.,' W '^^ ttttSlS* 1 *^'^ 1 ' '*«• M^tfefceWw* toMttrt * f 1932* Auditor'* dff.ee. July W^|i|^; ! i i: ^W*a^6i'irKnev c; su f' : 1 t«i«i^^£i*.^.; ; 'i Alvina Miller, of Minneapolis, Is City were guests at ft H. Wlddell'si, The "john Smiths went to Algona endin her vacation with her ar- i > • • - — "••""'r wt " 11 to «.iisona •spending her vacation with her par ents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller and 9th"r relatives. I winter, died at the Algona hospital suant to adjournment with all mem- Maynafd Sphn, dj last Thursday after n prolonged 111* 2? £*? *??'' ,»_.», ,. j * j ^* •"' ' n£lfiri Motion Dy MoDonaid and seconded Ht*ftvi&n ness ' by Morris that second quarterly re- .SJlIniJ port of Bertha B. Johnson, County lwlwttrcl Auditor, and Laura Paine, County hereby approved. Ayes: Albert dragging Other » lowed !.« ^ h ^bt«r^ w -. Roy Ollom ,i.'>iV.-iil^Vv, 'R^T-M this meeting °u n " blli,^ Kreb* ^.wmW^^W'^NtM- tEK> $ had '~ on an error, a walk, and a hit. Art Keucker nnd Dretyer did the heavy hitting, with three hits each. Batteries — Mallard, Schuffer, Frank, and Duffy; Krause. Fenton, Mi t tag nnd Armstrong, and baby son spent was a Fenton business visitor Sunday at the parental W. E. Stoe-' week Monday. last y vl8Un g n er RWndmoth 6 > .by «oMdn-by- „. ""° ner . s !?? dmo ™* r> iBalgeman thai cigarette permit bond ,K5S nB u,;, e , dr * B -," tf "" ~"" Mrs' Smtth her home. Verona Welsbrod Verna Jensvold, of Des Molnes, Is left Saturday ! visiting her parents near Depew. of drag- Bridge Club Honors Mrs. The afternoon bridge club was entertained last week Thursday night at Mrs. E. C. We-'sbrod's, In honor of Mrs. W. W. Boettcher, who will leave August first for her new home' in Burt. She was presented with an electric coffee percolator as a re-1 membrance gift. Mrs. F. H. Elgler joined the club in her place. The evening was spent at tour tables of bridge. Mrs...W. V. Yaeger won high prize. A delicious luncheon closed the evening. Honeymooiiers Arc Home Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Haase ar- evening for Algona, where she will Mrs, August Meyers has been ill visit her grandmother, ' Mrs. J. C. j for the past week or more. Juliuses, of Gruver, period ending May 31, 1932, Is" "here'by ' . . „ . . — ,former residents here, visited Mrs. approved and County Auditor In- 3o ™ A. Sleper, dragging - - ' TUMI.™ .«i=i .»„._._j »_ I...... ... published as John Blum, dragging Kresensky. W. P. Weisbrod has been suffer- Mrs. :\yilllain Dbnahue Jr. spent ing with carbuncles. • J. L. Roderick, 79, Near Lone Rock, Dies July 21 Julius's father, Dave .Pink, and her provided „, ,„„. .«„., A11 . —„-..„ brother, John Pink, Friday after- Motion by iFtfnnemark and seconded Frank 'Rlebhoff, dragging All. : A. J. Peterson, dragging noon. They also attended the cream social- at Helko . * <by McDonald that county Treasurer LorenByers, dranglng rived here Sunday after a weeks honeymoon trip to El three Hen 3 Okla.. Yellowstone Park, the Black Hills, and the Okobojis. A reception was held for them Sunday evening at the Harry Haase home. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Chris Widdell and the Walter Wld- dells, Harry \Viddells, L. J. Weis- bods, Theodore Welsbrods Herman Gades. all of Fenton. and the Carrie Haase family, of Fairmont. Seo Path of itocrnt Mr. nnd Mrs. W. V. Taper left •Saturday to visit the former 1 * slater 'Mrs. C. O. Bailey, at Rock Rapids! Clarence has -been visiting ther» for the Inst several weeks and remained for another week. While there the Yaegrers visited the path of the recent cyclone, and said some places were swept clean, home Monday. They returned Mrs. Donald Weislirod rjiuler Knlfp Mrs. Donald Weisbrod submitted to an appendicitis operation Sunday morning at W. J. Weisbrod's. Dr Peters, Burt, assisted by Dr. James and Dr. Bourne, of Algona. performed the operation. Alma Madison of Lone Rock, .is caring for her. S. S. Class .IMcnicks at Alg-ona— The Methodist young marriod folks' Sunday school .class held a pcinic dinner and supper Sunday at ithe Ambrose A. Call state park at Algona, in honor of Mrs. A. H. Meyers, who celebrated her birthday anniversary. Play in Stato Rasebull Tilt— Carrol Wander and Stanley Munch went to Des Moines Sunday to play on the L.one -Rock baseball team in the semi-pro baseball tournament. They played with the Grand Junction Cardinals and lost C-3. C. H. Humphrey Critically Sick— C. H. : Humiphrey has been very ill for several weeks at the home of his son, C. G. Humphrey. A Mrs Felkey, of Hnlfa. is caring for him. His son. Fred Humphrey, of Cedar Rapids, visited him last week. Intrstlniil Flu Patient Better— Mrs. Miry Olson. Peoria, III., came last \vpuij Tuesday to en re for her daughter. Mrs. O. W. Newel, who has br-n -seriously 111 with intestinal flu. Mrs. 'Newel is improving rapidly. Mrs. Rmnvi Curry, accompanied by he>' «-->n P>. M. Curry and his family, of !,->nvir. Colo., visited Friday at thr. horn? of Mr. Curry's sister, Mr.e E. ",. Baiter, at Armstrong, and ''Sur'lny with his brother, M. W. 'Curry, nf.tr rtingsted. His daughter, Mo'-arfi-v^, remnined to spend the week ;i -.:! hV-j niece, Sylvia Curry, accnmp" .r.Pd them there for a week's v'slt. The '-.!;n r-Tohlwes family, Mr. and 'Mrs. I : !'—r>;>n lleintz and family. Mr. Mn ur i ce Wallace and the Frerl lEoMfchers, of Lotts Creek, Mr. an.l Mrs. Joseph Auner,- of Algona, M-H. Herman Leudtke and Kvesain were entertained at Berth'' the M- Mary Mittag home Sunday. Editor and Mrs. J. A. Schwartz and children. Karl, James, and Betty Jean, and Edith Bobby, Liiage, Fenton, Mary and Marjorie Wilberg, of Ringeted und Nell Quinn, of Owatonna. Minn., enjoyed an outing at the Okobojis from Friday till Sunday evening. . Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Kyle and daughter Ruth Mae .spent a week ago Monday with Mrs. Kyle's brother, Peter Munson, near Haifa. The Munsons were partially hailed out by the recent storm which passed through that section. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Bowmnn, of Swea City visited with the la tier's •brother, Dr. John Sanftner, last Thursday. Dr. Sanftner went to Swea City occasionally last week to see his uncle, Martin Sanftner, who Lone Rock, July 26—John Lewis Roderick, 79, died at his home near I,one Rock last Thursday. He was born September 30, 1853, at Cashoc-; ton, O., and was married to Mary Ross November S, 1882, at Wapello, To\v;i. Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at Wlnfield, conducted by the Rev. Mr. Bentzinger. Mr. Roderick was survived by a widow and four children: Mrs. Emma Collver. Oskiilocea; Mrs. Cora T , „„ „ Naylor. Omaha; Bernice Roderick,! ^. a *°, ta ' ,™_ y _ A 6 " 11 ''?' ,. C .' arenCe Mason City; L. R. Roderick, Lone LAKOTAFARM WIFE PASSES AT ONLY 43 11.10 'Farmers- Elevator, 19.20, fuel 'B. Belgch ,, * • rcery, pro. ... '..^ Jns Knudsen ... ...... 4.00 « . ... two suitcases of clothes stolen from Secondary Road No. 196 .".. the. carrier on their car, the day thev Maintenance Project 'No. 2 ... began the trin hnmo ; y y Maintenance Project iNos. 12 ?r AT, , -m T ' and 13 ..; . ..... I ....... i .... Airs. Minnie Tulp, and. son Bert, and final estimates of John of Minneapolis, visited friends here m^oher be allowed as follows: Saturday and Sunday. Mr, Tulp .P-ject North of Se, 11, Eag.e ana daughter Amelia are 'operating (Project (North of Sec. 7 Eagle a cafe in Minneapolis. The Tulps tw P- •••.......... . ........... formerly lived on tho farm nmv „,. Ayes: All. . . • ' ' Will Leeper, T>atrol «iy uvea on tn e farm now oc- Motion . by (Funne'nark and seconded Alton Pettit, patrol 15.00 n /Hi • . - 7 -.""" njenerai -vouniy K'una. Transfer tne rmmvaa T \JH ^.u., OU^HUCB .. .. \nt,w **"'•? * r ' «*w weeks ago., sum of «3,40«,24 from Secondary Road Phillips 'Petroileum Co., sup- B. *onesi.. .... Mrs. E. A. Clemans. and children, Assessment Fund to Road Construe- P' les _ !•;. •••••• ••• - ••• B*-* 3 M?« if* » v..i who have spent the past three tlo j? f und ; A £ e ? : A1K ', • *«»•„"£?«• Petroleum Corp ' .^^ ston . 82R weeks visiting and sightseeing , In ^MoDon'Sd W?oMowlM S** S.T. P Butcher" dVag.' ..'I' ..V":: "StS M°e * sWrenVMrsV J/Selfm Colorado., came home Saturday tlmates of Paul & Donnelly, W. B. '*"• X. Wllhelmi. dragging .... U0.80 oreen s__Grocery, prov. night They report a very enjoyable ' W »L'» ms ,. a ; d ,,L-l oh . n •Schumacher be Albert jntttopf. *r«if!ng .... 19.80 trip but _ _ ^ ^^a*. „.„„„..,„ , 33305 S J^1ntermuC''draBgtng .'.'.'.' 17.70 Wall ..." •'....."." .7.' "V 12.00 36536 B. Q. Bufflngton, drag 19,80 J. U Bonar, rent, James 'Pat- ' Enno Eden, dragging «.40 terson , 19161 Clifford Holmes, patrol .. ... 71.40 Mrs Anna Carney, rent, Jim Schu- iF-.D. IPrulsman, patrol; clmd. ' -, M< '? ee _ $60.00, allowed 60.50 M - 'G- BcjoUrne, ,Chester Alme, patrol ... ... ,. -W.SMu?''' w ™ "'" Goodman Hunds'ness, patrol... 78.00 B711 Ous iR'.lchter, patrol 78.00 - sr.ro pimfprf hv Ri^ho^"D'I '™'~"™"r Motion. by (Funne'nark and seconded Alton J^ettit, patrol S4.00 cupled by Richard Price. Mr. Tulp by Morris that Heiken be appointed Hans W. Nielsen, patrol 88.55 lives near Forest City. . as a committee to have repairs made J' P. Quinn, patrol 95.90 The Art Schissels attended the ?," D . r ' A4 ' 82 ' and .^ as. per requests. Oscar Earing, patrol TI5.W 1?.00 KTu %&'%£«<*. ™\ 7.00 Johnson, Count? Auditi"^- *"- hereby authorized «nA* :ute and rtoiii,..'?™.*!! execute and Ayes: All." prav!l1 ^ -,,. 8tco1 a -« f d 3 67 ' 28 ' 82 "h^&V. 0 " 1 '^ _? ta P<mnlil B. Beard ".".". '.'.'.'. a'.TI "' ' M. Frandsen 1.56 F. filbert , 3.19 J. Knudsen 45 C. Mason - -3.90 . ' J. Helmers 1.56 Eugene Meyers ,. 3.49 by Wilbur A. Fisher, patrol Rock. A sister Mrs. Fred Berkshire taken seriously ill the first of last wedding" of Art's brother, John, and Motion toy iBalgeman and seconded John S. Nelson, patrol hereby instructctl to cemetery tax on nil personal property | n Harrison and to be coi ond half of 19.11 taxes being omitted from tax I tor when levied | n imi 1 UTittlnn I*.. TT«... '•'Ul. I!! Attend Itasuliull Tourney— i. . - - — .. — D -.. arK that Morris be ap- J0 "m .nanseiman, patrol .. ... H3.30 „, , u '- olu " •• •• < ••• 5B.TO 14th HBV nf f, iV. VnoT, l e performed Thursday and she died''" Minneapolis, reports she has been Pointed as a committee to have re- Wm - F - Gronbach, patrol .... 78.00 Elsie Cady, care Ed Erlrtcson. 25.00 St4Dervlsors ntr the Friday afternoon at the age of 43 "1 with stomach trouble, but is im- 5?,' rs made on p - A - R Jt ' No ' »• A »' es: Si m wSS^Kl« pa l l S_-, " ^'Jf ™« ^S e ^L=f m 5Sf " ck > met In.sesslon forlh^n™ — . . , , Attending .the Lone Rock-Grand year % Sadle Bal1 Erlckson, daugh- 1 Proved and expects to go to Bara-: Motion -by' McDonald and seconded 6 7snn «M Kossuth aid Ernest hocae ' Junction state championship ter.of Ira and Malinda Erickson, j boo, Wis., this week where she will b y Funnemar'k~that~A, '"E." Mlche'rls Tom Weir, "patrol'""""'..".'..'." goiio T L - c - MoGee ...'....'.."... ~~".T 30.00 "••'s born May 26, 1889, at Chicago. { visit her son, Will Noble. • hereby appointed as Engineer to make Joe M - Esser, patrol 91.00 L._ M. Merritt. funeral charge Oian O Keefe and son Max Ayes: All. ' ' IMatt Laux.'labor ann State's Cafe, meals, transients . ard, Raymond Bierstedt Airs Alfred nenr Corne11 ' "I., and was baptized spent last week in a cottage at On motion Board proceeded to audit Otto Neuman, assign. "'' """" ""- '" - "" T " u - "- 1 - '- 1 —' was Dresent a ,,nn, PrT Te?ea'ne r" n7 rt.uu VJ *.".'- C ° '-'*"-«=, .incitia, iransients 20.00 Botsford Lumber Co., fuel .... in. U| -i-v^j. v iiiuini Jjlci a UctlL, i»lIH JVllrGQ i *-. — »-^~ci *- «-*-»• -, V. '«*•• «• f» ui_ttntvi LU tiiiutL "~ ...»*.., HU U M O » ,. ,, *.u,v-j - - - .— _-.. ^, — , f ^»<u> t • > . Kruecer Jack Ouinn r M Rlnnoh and J° ined th e Lutheran church at'Gatewood on the Okobojfs. Oran ^V* 3 , al l ow bll)s as Per "Schedule of J° h n Bahr, labor 13.87 M- 'C.^Frandsen 2.19 ard"MM Glen Sha"p L^h Se" I Rowe ' In - She late '' * lned th « I™' Spent pal>t of the M™ there. --- CIalmS hereinafter written: J. M. Weaver, labor 33.88 _****._****_ MS Melvln 'Hawks, Mayor Fred'k' m l™!] ^ U * era " . church at ? rt " Oa ?5.?° ln !_ S ^* ly : Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Earing, and Mrs. Ben Seegebarth. Boy Hurt In Accident— Several boys in a Ford pushed another car of which Ralph Reidel was sitting on the running board. His foot was caught under the wheel and the ankle was injured. cnucll '« n . S. Clarence A. Edwards, of Rowe, 111., j frame Saturday from two Feb. 27, 1912. They moved to a with their uncle and aunt r t farm near Mt. Vernon. S. D., In i Waugres, of Algona. 1912. .In 1927 they moved to a form)' Fred Jager was seriously ill 'last ' near Swea Th Claims" hereinafter written!" iney j SCHEDULE OF CLAIIMS COUNTY FUND Jamea (Butler, bounty >.. ... $ weeks .i" 1 **-- -* •* '- .... v J. P. Studer, labor Oliver Young, labor Kennedy Bros. Co., assign. T.- j.. Bros Co assign. . .. J ' Backus, P. M., postage.. survlved ° ta> and later to a farm week- wih pneumonia, but is some- «SnTo£3™: bounty 5 ' .I" .::" ^ .Herman.Ser'Tabor j '"VTra T7!/^nfo^/^« ID wfra't" fmrvmv«/T Nt>rthwt*st-en'n in^ii T^I *-,„ Dttn T.*-annA i n h' n « Bdwrs ls h er husband and three Frances Bane, of KnoxviHe-, spent last Week ' vlsltin ^ ** Rev. V' O. He was unable to walk on it for several days. • Attend S. S. County Council— and Vera Mae ' 5; a sister - Mrs. I Johnson's. 'Bell "Tel. V Co., 7.80 SUBEIRIVUSOIR DIST. NO. . 12.90 Art Biettin, prov. J". Brfggs 50.02 Hoods. Cash-'J~6080 Doss ...... f 7.20 Daniel Lichllter, prov. Mrs. 27.20 EdYia Johnson 20.00 Merrill Bros,, prov, 12.00: Ames Burgman './ 12.00 3.60 ' Nick Nenimers 9,90 , 10 051 Mrs. Peter Giles ' 9.65 Otto Kenne, labor 22.00' 'Mrs. 'H. Johnson 20.00 62.10 Eugene Meyer, labor 6.CO, Mrs ' Augusta Kinney, care 14.65 E. J. Palmer, labor .... 35.00'-LBarrel <3elst, o Thereafter said cstlmatu I considered by the Board I being fully advised 'finds that J of hearing on said 3'50 Theo. Dorenbush, labor \'& , Frank T. Johnson, of Pontiac, 111.; I MTK. Martfn -Bobo was si'ck last jand two brothers, Abel Eriekson, of 'week, but is somewhat improved. Armstrong, and Bennie Eriekson, of a. m. of snld day as the date oil 7 in ~ ' sakl llei "'I"'-' to he had f ./•™ Court House In Algona county, fowa. That County I was directed to publish the, and Notice of Hearlns- as rni law In the JCossuth Counlv ,, Upper Des Moinea Ttcpubll, Bancroft Registr"-, nffic'nl ni published _ln said county. tr> ^ j op ^ days The Will Weisbrods, the Frank' Pontiao ' IU> Funeral services were Dackens, and the Rev. Mr Glad- ' held at the Lakota Methodist church stone attended a meeting of the Monda y afternoon with the Rev. Mr. executive board of 'Kossuth Sunday i Johnson in charge, and interment school association, held at J. C. i was made at Swea clty Skew's at Wesley .Friday. Former Teacher Visits Here— Paralytic Stroke Is Fatal— Last week Monday evening Her- Mrs. Fred Pike, of Clinton, and a | ma " Gollnow suffered a. paralytic son came last Thursday to visit the ! stroke and died -it 7 o'clock at his N. L. Cottons. Mrs. Pike was for- ' borne in Lakota. He had never been merly Bertha Spooner, schools su- i slck unt " a vear ago, since which porintendent here 11 years ago. Girl's Tonsils Are Jtemovcd- Maxine, daughter of the 'Frank time he had suffered fainting spells but soon recovered. 'He suffered a spell Sunday afternoon but again recovered and was able to be about Flaigs, underwent a tonsil operation ; 8 s usual till-Monday evening when Clapsaddle last week ' n e was stricken. He was born March 12, 1S53, at .Prenzlau, Germany. In 1SS1 he was married to Fredrika Zehme, and six children were born, three of whom died In Germany. In by Doctor Tuesday. Other Lone Rock. Mns. W. J. Cotton, Mrs. Roy Jensen, and Mrs. Ernest Jensen, of the | 1S ?* t , hey came to Am . erlc ? and Tuesday club spent Friday at Tuttle Lake. They stopped for Mrs. Ethel 'Benjamin, another member, settled on a farm near Titonka and here a son died. In 1916 they moved to Lakota, where they- have since who is staying with a sister at Dol- ! llved ' Mr> G° lln °w was past 79 liver, and she dpent the day with years o£ - a se. He is survived by his them. I wife and °ne daughter, Mrs. Will Edytho Worthing.ton, studying! Mal)us ' One daughter, Mrs. A. F. nursing at Joliet, 111., recently came christ ' aie d In 1924. He had three home for a short vlait with her' aisters living, in Germany and four mother, and another daughter Mrs j grandchildren. Funeral services were C. L. Wiehusk, Omaha, formerly I held ln tne Lutheran church last Sylvia Worthington, has also been ! Wednesday> the Rev - A - F - Boese nere . j officiating, and burial made In the The W. J. Cottons and Mrs. H. J.' onurch cemetery. Pallbearers were Rice went to Fort Dodge last waek L - Chrlst ' R - Zlelske, E. Trasamar, Tuesday to meet and bring home , "' Boe «cher, Fred Swartz, and Er- Mrs. N. L. Cotton, who had taken ' ncat chrlst ' h?r grandchildren home. I . .. , „ The Mite society met at Watson Attt ' lld Ueulllou "t Montgomery— Shick's last Thursday. Muriel Long | Mr ' a nd Mrs. A. Q. Smith, Lor- read two poems, Ma and the Auto, raine and Marie, and Bob Clemans and, Be a Friend. There was also a an d Gladys Glelter, the Emory word contest. | Smiths and the Otto Koppens went Lois Packard, of 'Burt, spent the to Montgomery Sunday to spend week-end with Doris Sanders. The 'he day with the Roy Farringtons. Otis Sanders took Lois back Sunday, ; They were met there by the Gus nnd Doris will stay with them for a | GleHers, of AVhite, S. D., the'wil- week. !*ur Shaws, Guthrie Center, and Mr. Mrs. M. E. Blanchard, Mrs. Fred antl Mrs. Clarence Olds, of Brady, Genrich, and Mrs.' Mary Bronson \ Texas. A picnic dinner and visit- went to New IHm, Minn., last week ; ins was enjoyed. Mesdames Far- Tuesday to meet Elnora Sanders, of I rlngton, Koppen, and Glelter are Benson, who will visit here. I daughters of the Smiths. Gladys Mr. Whitney, retired train des-' Glelter, who has been visiting here, patcher from Eagle Grove, spent accompanied her parents to White, several days last week with local s - D - jiu.nvuo irwu. uo., puo. proc.. att!.46 Ir Majy 1C Sands, labor 7800 T Trail A 'C* c* A i. ...i _ j. j. i *. *:;'.:.: ** • Lone Rock J Mrs. Ed' -BTanchard went to Gilford Sunday to spend a few days at Albent Thompson'e. Rose Krame spent last week -wife j Enwood .,„._„, „„„„„, the Forrest Rouse's at Ayrshire. | iPeter'Sandt bounty •Berneyce Roderick will spend the ^hur Grlese, bounty ... ..'.'j l'<x» M. Blanchard, fuel, 'W. P. . F. J. Balgeman, com. and ses- John Vera E. Schwietert, labor Erma. Steble, labor ... . Adolph iFriest Jr.. bounty Jo.hn J. Licktelc. bounty . . Charneck, tomages ' 26.10 Henrv Seller 31-25 "i 10 on; Sml *h ', Dept. Store, mdse. lu.uui .gqulre Hudson J077 .____, Mortuaryi - burlal D. .Butterfield 45.00 Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and ( •(Balgeman that Helkenr- lioo, SUPERVISOR »IST. NO. •> 00 ' , */IN> - i > T* i . „, ° Urte ' retlt ' Edward o« n nn pairs made on i K. Jt. No. 68-138. Ayes: AlLfl ^j, J * week with- relatives In Mason- City. ;: Mir:, and' Mrs. Chris Haase are' par- j „, o^.^ cu =c ents of a 9-lb. boy born Sunday. 'Gajriord D. 'shumwaT, expense •Mrs. A. D. Newbrough andl Aff £ et ?> rso -5 , studl °. Pictures T!r, 6& n C °" Cla ,P p ' s ' 14.59! 45.65 Thaves 15.00 lary J. Webster, care Noah Entwlstle .. ...... Jensen were sfck last weefc. The tarkin club met at Watson STttofc*s Frfday. SOTICE OF'PnOBATE OF WILX No S642.. State of Iowa, Kossuth cotrntly,. ss. In District Court, Marcto 1032. Term, To All Whom It May Concern: . You are hereby notified, that an Instrument of writing purporting to be ttee last Will and Testament of W. X. Thackeray, deceased;, dated April 24, 1920, having been this day filed, opened and read, the 16th day of August, 1932, Is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House In Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County or the Clerk of said Court; and at 10 o'clock a. m. of he day above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified ind reouired to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said nstrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will inO Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, July 14, 1932. CLARK ORTON. Clerk of District Court By CLARA SCHAAP. R. R. Yates, sup Town 'Stut fDwelltng Ins Co , i-ns- Lathrop & Weaver, abstract.. Kossutb. Co. Farm Burttu ap- Machine Works, ^'CT Boteford (Lumber Co.,"suppiles 3.50 <:•»< Moore i& Moore Inc., supplies 116.24 ,-., Kossuth Co. Implement Co., ••"J supplies 19.95 4.40 Central States Elec. Co., light '• service -200 August 1st, 1932. Ayes: Allfll On.motion Board adjournedd 'o'clock a. m. Aueust 2, 1932. ; 'j BERTHA R JOff Semi-Annual Report propriatlon ! 1250.00 L. B. HolHster, twp. clerk ... 4.00 P M. Christenson. twp. trus- l a ,-Machlnery~& Suppfy' Co™-' 5. "V: ' *wl Rimnllcn ... G. B. Johnson, twp. trustee A. V. Gildart, repairs Sperbcck Printing 'Co., blanks North Koasuth Record, blanks Matt Parrott i& -Sons Co., supplies ... G. F. Towne, labor , .... Metropolitan Supply Co. supplies "... ; ICrescent 'Printing Co., sup- was 111. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. agent Micha. The Joe Berkshires, of Thornton, F. ». Social Attracts 200— v'sited at J. L. Roderick's last week.) The Lincoln township F. B. ice and children, Marilyn and Billy, Mr. and Mils. !•}. C. Weisbrod, and Arlo Munch, spent Saturday and Sunday »t the Okobojis. Arlo remained for a, week's visit with his uncle. George Munch. ' Mr. and Mra. R. M. Curry, of Lamac, Colo., and daughters Avil, Margaret, and Mildred arrived here last week Tuesday to visit the former's mother, Mrs. Emma Curry, and sister, Mrs. F. J. Weisbrod. afrs. H. E. Jteimera and son Wilfred, Signa Henderson, of Dea Moines, and Mrs. Henry Wegener returned last Wednesday from a few days visit with relatives in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. George Boevers and son Donald, of Mason City, spent last week Wednesday with the former's sister. Mrs. Philip Weisbrod, and brother. Henry Boevers. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Haase. of Bonnellson, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Haase and daughter Shirley were Mr. Berkshire Is a nephew of the late Mr. Roderick. The Bob Padgetts, of Algona, and the Orvllle Rosendahls. of Superior, the week-end at Wm. City,. Krause's. Boettcher I Roberta Davison, of Mason rame Monday for a short stay at L. R. Roderick's. cream social at Helko Adams's Friday evening was attended by more than 200. This is an annual affair and the money is used to send a delegate to Farm and Home week at Ames. County Agent Morrison gave a talk, also Mrs, Leaverton, H. D. A. About $15 was cleared after paying for the ice cream. The women The Emll Krafts attended a fam- I brought pies and cake, and Mrs. ily reunion at the Herman Relsner's, at Lotts Creek, Sunday. A large number of Lone Rockers attended a Legion celebration at Burt Friday. Dr. D. G. Hoxie and J. D. Rehmet, of Barney, N. D., spent last Thursday at the H. J. Rice's. The F. L. Haucks. Livermore, spent last week Tuesday and Wednesday at Fred Genrlch's. Adams furnished coffee. Party Honors Gonevlovo Koppeu— . Young folks in the Gust Koppen neighborhood had a party last week Friday evening at the Koppens' In honor of Genevleve, w.lio has since left for an extended visit with her grandmother in Wisconsin. Thirty attended and>spent a social evening Lois Trainer, of Burt, the Frank | jj cnry Flaig-s. and Mra. C. Ackerman visited relatives at Kanawha Sunday. Mrs. Ida Tarbell, who visited with ' friends here last week, returned to! her home at Waterloo Friday. Dorothy Hobson. who was caught in a gasoline engine last week, la now recovering. The Roy Goddens, of Fairmont, Pioneer Here— Henry Beenken, who died at Ti- ton 13 ' w f 8 a P Jweer moving to a farm six «Btertained at H. H. Wlddell'e Men- er's. were Sunday guests at Wm. Leep- day. Erneat Kryeger. of Burt, wag a miles south of town in 1S84, where he lived till March 1, 1920, when the •family moved to Titonka. Besides h;is wMe he leaves 13 children. Mr. ana Mrs. WUJiam Reims**, of Sunday guest at the Cha*. Morris. WbJttemore, *o4 Jfw, Bert Peck, «f hom.e. BrotUer-ln-Law Dlcg— •M. B. Prlngle was called to Minneapolis last week by the fudden death of his brother-ln-tew, Charles Wilson. ha« often y^tft* b.(?re Lincoln School Sup. Co., supplies ...... , ............... Koch Brothers, supplies .. ... L. E. Hovey, del. extra ballots ..... ' .......... . .......... J. J. Anderson, expense ..... Thos. Berg, judge of election. iH. O. Larson, judge of election L. W. Ehrlch, judge of election ........................ R. C. Baurn, clerk of election H. .C. Lunnlng, clerk of election and return ballots .. ., Chas. Haas, assessor ........ Bancroft 'Register, pub. proc.. iNorton Machine Works, sip- plies ... .................. .. Nelson Hardware, supplies 101.39 supplies...".......'..;.",'."...",".! 1035S l'2f Austin-Western Road Mach.« °- w c °;i,.1 u , pp U es 17 - 13 Northfleld Iron Co., supplies . 2.82 Sargent Machine Co., supplies 95,80 Leighton Supply Co., supplies 9 90 Elbert Garage, supplies and storage .,,,, 53.95 DRAINAGE FUND Dr. 4- E. G-. Stenstrom, repairing , tile and supplies 2880 45.11 C. Albin Peterson, repairing 16.50 6.89 .Dr.' 6— George Onken, repair work . 600 1.60 Dr. 7— 1.43 I. J. Bergman, repair work. 90 6.00 George Onken, repair work.. ^OfS) | Bay A. Marquia, labor ... ,. 14.00 3.10 23.94 20.80 Yahnke ' Iabor T. P. Harrington, Attorney. Deputy 45-47 NOTICE OF SHEHIFF'9 8A1E STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of a General Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a ludgment rendered in said Court on the 3rd day of October, 1928. in favor of Kcssuth County State Bank, as plaintiff, and against Henry C. Nel, son and Klamp Auto Company, as defendants, for the sum of Three Hundred (Fifty-eight "and 69/100 ($358.69) and the records of said Court show a balance still due of $333.69 Dollars and costs, taxed at Thirty-Six and 78/100 ($36.78) Dollars and accruing costs, I haVe levied upon the following described Real property as the property of the said Henry C. 'Nelson to satisfy said execution, to-wit: An* undivided one-half (%) Interest of Henry C. Nelson In and to the East Half (B%) of the Southwest Quarter (SWV4) of Section Eighteen (IS) in Township Ninety-six (96) North, pf Range Twenty-seven (27.) West of the Fifth P. M.. Kossuth county, Iowa; and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary 4o satisfy said exfcu- tion with costs and accruing cost* at public auction, to the hlghefl bidder, for cash, In hand, on the llth day of August, 1932 at the east doof of the Court House in Algona, In Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. ra,, of said day, when and where due attendance wlH fee given by the undersigned. Dated this '12th day of July, 19.&2. it. B. HOVE?, Sheriff of Kosauth County, • By Everett L. B. J. van New, , Klipto Loose Leaf plies ...... Fidlar & Chambers Co., plies COURT sup- sup- 52.41 3.87 45.50 11.50 4.00 - - — 5 75 E. Hovey,'sheriff" .", .'.'..",'.'. 7o!sO T. Edwards, assisting mar- ie m! £ J- Bergman, repair work, 925 D? 6 ei- "' repal1 ' work ••• 142.02 Botsford Lumber I piles 13,60 Henry Braiin," labor' 4.a5 Dr. 60— E. G, Co., sup- Stenstrom, repairing Matthew C. Grier, reporter Matthew C. Grier, reporter Jos. M. /Dye, mayor ... ... Ole T. Molan, marshal shal L. A. Wlnkel, J. P, fees . Cark Orton. clerk F. W. Green, constable .. P. A. Danson, J. P. fees T. iB. (FHJND Dr. L, W. Fox, vet. service 1.60 C. Albln .Peterson, repairing tile ... Dr, 61- • ""• j^MaU Laux, repairing tile ... A, ^ Michel, engineer A. E. Michel, engineer .. ., <?• Albln 'Peterson, repairing Stcnstrom ' KOAD CONISTCUJCTKXN' FIITND tile E. G, 2 50' tile . 7.74 Dr. 82— 11.60 Ray A. Marquis, labor .. 7.24 Dr's™ 52 ' Yahnk6 ' labor " ::: 9.00 S.1* tflO 3.CO 7.30 7.00 40.00 13.50 19.60 4.00 3.00 ..... Treasurer of Komtth county, Iowa, for the perlodl 1932, to May 31«t, J9B2, Inclugive. STATEMENT.'.OP.-ACOOUINTS IBY FUNDS •CTTTXTTvi, FUJvDS- Balance Jal)i j_ .33 --,_• 1.417,47 T- CSJ231.2S Soldiers." Bonus General Couaty Court Expense Poor ~~ State Insane __' ~ ~ 3 070 93 Secondairy Road ConstructfoiT ri7',679'iI2 c« a «n^ <1 .* a ' nteD " nce I:::::: n *W- ___ _ County Cash Road ___ 117361 County School ---------------- ' Sbiaiera' -Relief _ County Bond __ ^™ ............... Buldee . ---------- 7,679.38 40,420.52 34.C5 33,S19.19 7 465.95 42,754.18 78,335.14 Disburse-'I ments ! S B7,266.01 , 1,106.66 42.138.87, 1.S50.33 22,363,a 8.19S.19 13,153.00 7,621.40 1,097.0) 38.26 7,843.71 17,959.30 .6.?:fi.l4 }S,7J3.C3 .. Principal of School .g Cemetery -_,.. ...... ; ......... ----- 38345 484.67 88.S12.0J 3,00000 Teachers" Institute" P'nvtuo T. B. ~ ——*i— 5,14S.f7 26,376.3 3,000.00 RJ.SO 1.79-M8 7SCO , —. —»...», ^. jj. __ £tf.tfH W* RIB. 1 ' i Domestic Animal * 180165 2,W.7> County Fair Grounds'" • 23012 1.C82.49 CIt>- Special Assessments ^ ' 441.84 5,8S5.9ti Corporation Funds ' 1501179 30,034.91 .-,- . School District Funds r"*~- *""- m'm 4« £40,7(56.88 185,03«.« Township Funds '"" $5 7, Drainage (Credits , 123,109'48 26,721.87 29,79?.8» ) Overdrafts ' «2,818,47 PrI. Road Bond Redemption""" "~ 698.74 57,437.a> Special Assessment Refunds * 109.87 Secondary Road '— - - ' 153 J Totals r ___ Overdrafts shown by * 32.45 4Gti.C2 Agt. C. M, & St. -P. Wy Co., frt ... ..... Agt. M. & St. L, R'y Co., frt. Paul •& Donnelly, W. B. Williams & John Schumacher, Sec. Rd. iDlst. No. 213 John Schumacher, graveling . John Schumacher, graveling... 284.90 Don T. Nugent, asst. cngr. __ 160.03 Milton MdFadden, rodman ... 67.50 Paul & Donnelly, W. B, WIN Hams & John Schumacher, graveling ... ... ... 1980.00 John Anderson, gravel ... .... 60.00 & Moore Inc., sup. ... RECEIPTS- DIS»U«SEMENTS On hand January 1, 1932 ' '- ' _____ Prom p.llrranr Wavae. lfto 7'""*Ti-'"»'»"V-*t •»--• ^-* — '--- I From •North Kossuth notices Record, • pub. 106- Theo. Dorenbush, repairs on Hubert Severiens,' repairs on 338.35;Dr. 91- repair tile .. ... engineer .. .... Ray A. Marquis, labor . Dr m~ E ' Yahnke - labor •'••" Jackson & Jenson, prov. .... 10.85 29.60 15.40 17.00 ,, .. . J, A. Roberts, 'building culvert 834.00 Dr. 157 — D Severlens, labor Joe Grabianowski, grave! 928.40, Wilson Concrete pp., supplies. 181.84 •S. R. Bowen. supplies ...'..... 187.91 ROAD MArNTAINJN'G FWNiD City of Algona. light sery. ... 4.93 'Paul & Donnelly, W, B, Wllir llama, & John Schumacher, A maint. proj. Nos^ 12 and 13. 1724.60 •*>$(• \*, & 'N* *V, G, Stenstrom, labor . w. ALbln -Peterson, labor 3r. 2 of 25— Orville Ash, labor Marlon Ash, labor Guy Ash, labor .,..'.'.'.'.'. . M40 ^tt^x. labor '..'": %% ri^K. No. 3-46— Chas, orthwestern Bell Tel- tel, service ... ... ...... ..... Philip Fouarge, labor ... ...*.. Herman 'Bruns, labor Charles Ulfers, dragging •Ferdinand Blerstedt, dragging Walter 'Bleratedtr dragging ... F. G. Darnell, dragging C. C, Anderson, dragging John Simmons, dragging Cecil Thorson,,' Cbrls Berg, d y R'y Co,; frt. 10. - 86 .S ha . s ' T A. Anderson, labor .. 4,94 . Wy Co., frt. 2.78 uc » r l Johnson, labor i.. ... 4^ lell%'eo;, ' ,«^.!?o,^7- _ •«•» 6.95! Herman "iBruns, labor .. lliffi H-K No. 1— 21.80 ,, J ohn Fox, laibor tS5 Hum..Kossutl, Jt. No. al <*}» Ken ne, repairing tile . .... 'Leo HeUooann, dragging .. .., iHolcomb & WallenUne, <Jras- * 3.75 From delinquent Taxes 1930 amf'prior Penalty, Interest and <5osts Drainage Taxes "*"""—""""—*—""•• .. Highway Receipts' """'—-'— •*"f— »-!-•"••' OasplJne Tax . '" T ,~.,*,,,.,— *- r -.——r Diverted Interest T —*- "* T " -,-Motor Carrier _,^_"I""'""^ """""""'""I""".- Principal 6 of e Schooi"Fund ""•'"'""'•""""i;:;:""""-" interest of_School IFund,, '"""**""-""" '"'"'"' amf r lmirtut'e''ipeei^ S fl*S»«SSS™iftI»«»»Tii

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