Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1932
Page 5
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Painters have been giving the window casings at the Bryant school building a v new coat of paint., Slgrid Strom, clerk at the Goeders store, Is ependlng a two weeks Vacation with her parents at Elmore. 'Mrs. Annas Drone, who recently 1 underwent a ' the Kossuth Mr. and weeks ago. ' " '. ' < - • T, " ' >. i—" ert drove to Iowa City Sunday, afc'd Mr. ttflfrlhgton had th'e 'rstitaH?>« taken out from under an eye where' he had an operation for teariuct' obstruction the week before. <j. B, Murtagh and William F, Steele went with them, and Mr. Murtagh visited his brother E. J.,.who has .been a'! patient at the hospital for the last ' Prof. C. D. Fawcett, of the Moore I several weeks. All returned Sun- ! School of Electrical Engineering, tfnlverelty of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, his wife, and daughter Virginia are Vlalting the Dr, Walter Prasefs. The two families were neighbors when the Frasers lived at Philadelphia. Kate Skinner came home Sunday, after six weeks attending the first session of summer school at the Mr. and Mrs. Fr9d Skinner, of Springfield, 111., became parents of' their third child, a girl, last Thurs- Idny. They now have two daughters and a son. .Fred, who works in the state of Illinois Insurance depart-j ment.'ls a son of Mrs. E. J. Skinner i and a brother of Mrs. Frank Seeley, j Mrs. Anton Dldrlksen, Mrs. F. L. First Showing of New Fa serious operation at' state university. Her mother, who' Thorpe ' and Kate Skinner. Mrs. hospital, is improving.' had spent a week With Kate andi Sklnner now has seven grandchll-i; '" M. J. Young are ' the woman at Mt. Vernon with' dren- W c"KTY!? tfaPth « rnorthth « S " en ? inB S0me tlme «»•' Hte h li«i,whomtofell^tahe;CorneU^l"' Senator Dickinson, who got home ^;? C ^ 1t °° tt f ffe ; Suff . er ! a J lttle ? ounty ' N " D, looking after farm in- lese days, came wfth her ° I »*Bt week Tuesday, his sen Call, and damage, but the former I. G, Bewel cottage next north and less than 20 feet away was wrecked. The W. E. Laird cottage next north 15 feet was little damaged, but the Trlbon cottage IB or 20 feet farther north was wrecked, and the former Harrington cottage on the next lot north but one was unroofed. ( _ The Rlst cottage has not been rebuilt. The former I. G. Bewel cottage, now owned ,by two Mason City sisters, was completely rebuilt, and the Trlbon cottage, which was sold to a Webster City man, has been rebuilt. The former Harrington cottage, now owned by a Mason City man, has been repaired. This was the first destructive terests. „_ days, came with her. I last week Tuesday, his sen Call, and , Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Murtagh re- h f oon-ln-law, Rollin A. Hunter, <nrs. Lydla Coradlne, Monroe, t turned yesterday from the Al Falk- attemled 'he republican state Judl- ., has been visiting the Andrew enhalner cottage on Haywafd's bay.' clal convention ' at Cedar Rapids fetersons. She Is a cousin of Mre. the Okobojls, where they had as Tuesda y- and thence went to Bes * I gueste Mr.,and Mrs. G. W. Stillman. Molnes - where Call, who practices nd Mrs. Ernst Thlel accom- Josephine Murtagh, and Marlon law there> remal ned, the senator by their uncle, Charles Grow, La Grange, 111. The group and Mr- ' Hunter returning yester- went to Westgate Saturday went to the cottage Saturday ' day> Call ' s wl fe and baby went to visit relatives. | Mr8 . Cnas . Remaeni New ' Yor k home Tue sday. Mrs. Hunter—Ruth vs eptemer with her par- ! The BImer Kellvs are at ' Johl >" ' had ents, Judge and Mrs. W. B. Quar- Johnson's, ,Plum Creek township, yesterday , visit till September with her . . , ew or . County Attorney and Mr% O. D. City, 'arrived last Thursday for a D'ckin«on— ie still here. snumway came home yes from Sutherland, where they , . . . been since Sunday. ton. She is the former Helen Quar- 1 carlns for the farm while the John- Mrs. L. S. Wheeler; Philip, S. D , ton. Her husband, who Is a doctor. ' sons are away touring and vistiing and her children are visiting the will drive -to Algona In the fall and relatives in the east. !En route the former's parents, Mr. and ~~ '" ~ '" ' T "' ---- — ------ *~ ""'"" "" *' George Hohenberger. The W. E. Lairds went " to . , - . •"•.<!*. \.\j ».»»^,««. j —- .. «, ^.^.vii&viu. M. ii*\,i,f i,ui it ici UUI/RI~ ;,. ' . • - " '" — mf ---- . cottage on Algona Beach, 1 - Cl.jar keeper and cashier at the Goeders ' three ' weeks - Russell, son of the Mrs. Mrs. Remsen will go home with ' ' lonnsons were to vlelt Mr - jhim. . .••'•• , son's sister, Mrs. Clara Thlssen, their i Mrs. Howard Platt, former book- ! JanesvIIle> wls - They will be gone * , , Cl.jar keeper and cashier at the Goeders ' three ' we eks. Russell, son of the i StrUCk A teona I Lake, Sunday, and spent the fore store, has been eubstitutlng for the! Elme r Kellys, recently underwent an t " • ' ' • -.-••- - B •> • ' n««-~n« — » »v. ^, ----- . , ---- ,._, ,_.. i *u , since the Beach was founded P nt "t of the week there. nearly 20 years ago; but now another Is reported : as of Monday night f.n the following Clear Lake dispatch to the Mason City Globe-Gazette: "A storm that was mildly remin- the southeast shore of the lake year ago, blew boats up the ehore, tore up trees and damaged cottages here at 8:30 o'clock last night. ."The main .force of the storm present bookkeeper-cashier, Irma _— . . l i--"""-«v . wWI%»VWI»^A — VMDiii^t ) AIIllcL Mrs. C. J. Scanlan, cashier and Grelner, during the past two weeks, bookkeeper at the Chrlschilles & while Irma is visiting relatives at Herbst store, returned to work Mon- points In Illinois and Wisconsin. Ir- day. after a week' at home. ma will return to work next Mon- struck the same general region that I'° Dows Monday and spent' the day! got the 'brunt of the tornado last there. , ar , , ,; , , , ! year. The wind was most severe j The Rev. W. R. Kabblitz -Feiitoii along Outlet 'park, Algona Beach, | ca »ed at the Rev. P. J. Braneti's and Touristville. , last week Wednesday. The 'Rev. H. "The portable "cottage of Chief R- ^Wrede, Garner, visited Frank Sanford, of the Mason City Braner last Thursday. Last week's Brltt .News-Tribune day. said that the Rev. B. M. Southgate' City Librarian Lura Sanders and would fill the Congregational pulpit at Riceville Sunday., July 25. Mayor and Mrs. C. F. Specht, their daughter Elsie, Mrs. 'Arthur Sorensen, and her son Rodgcindrove During Mrs, Sanders' absence Kath- Iast w - eeh Tuesday for appendicitis, .nylne Jtain is substituting at '»«*•--•-—..-•.-—.--.— Mr. police; department, In Outlet park, was blown back 25 feet. No one oc- H. Wray and C. J. Hookstra spent Tuesday at Monticello, and operation at the General hospital for infection in his right leg* Mrs. Joseph Kramer, Fort Dodge, Was the subject of a major operation at the Kossuth hospital' Saturday] Marjory, 8-year-old daughter of Mr; and Mrs. W. A. Riley, Irvington, Ella Thompson left Monday for" a iwas °Perated on for appendicitis several weeks vacation. They go to M onday ' and Andrew, 7-year-old'son Yellowstone Park, and on return of Carl Larson, Buffalo Center, wae from the west will visit relatives of the 8Ub J*? ct of . a tonslllectomy Sat- Miss Thompson at Ladysmlth, Wis. urday. Lyle Anderson, operated on library, ,, . the left tne hos Pital yesterday. I The J. S. Auner household goods Nordstrom and hie chll-' wm ' be truck ed to Bes Moines to- jdren, and Agnes Nordstrom, regls- jtered,,. nurse at the Adventlst sanl- day ' and the fam "y will also leave for the new h °.me. They have rent,. - . tarlum, Nevada, 'came, .Saturday to ed a nome at 5fi39 Waterbury road. visit the home, folks'. 'The children ! Mr- Au " er has for some time been remained with •their grandparents, em P loy ed in the Investments depart- cupied it at the time. The chief's during their absence Harold sh-eit Mr. and Mrs. John Nordstrom, for a ment of the '.Bankers' Life. Before only^comment is that he wanted the looked after their oil station at the further visit, the others going back that he had been on tne road * or th e cottage further from shore, any-1corner of Jones and North streets. Monday. "« ' (company in northwest Iowa, south- how - ' | Br. and Mrs. Frank T. Hersch, of | G. B. Malone'has returned to Colo-1 weet Minnesota, and southeast 'Several houses were blown from Cedar Rapids, and-their son BonaU rado Springe after three weeks with South Dak °ta since the Kossuth their foundations. The front porch spent last. Thursday, Friday, and i his daughter^ Mrs. *G. B Turner County State bank closed. of the Cora Dormpdy [former I. G. Saturday at Harry Wilson's. Doctor The Merrill MAlones accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Claude Stanley,, of Dewel] cottage was blown down, Hersch is a cousin of Mrs. Wilson, him'to Colorado for a stay of Indefl- Cornln E, are expected Sunday and a large tree fell beween two Mrs. C. E. Lottman went to Lu "He length. The Merrill Malones ylslt wlth Mr - and Mrs - K - D automobiles parked ' " " • ^ "" " " " • **~ C!t ~-'— '- - * ---• yard. "Shutters were blown In the back Verne Sunday for a few days with.; had been occupying rooms at Mrs. ,her daughter, Mrs. Henry Pergahde.! Elsie Cady's, and'Merrill worked at . . off, ,tele-. Mrs. Lottman is the mother of Mrs. phone and electric wires were down v - L. Stebbins, of the General hos- in places, and other minor damage pltal. done. WALLACES HOME FROM LONG TOUR IN WEST State's Cafe. Dr. and Mrs. C. J. Scanlan and the latter's sister,. .Mrs; P. J. Kohl- from her home town, left " Burt, got ~hom'e Tuesday' evening from a three weeks ya.catioh tfip to the Yellowstone, Zion, ..Grand Can- uay Ior a weeK , yon; and Bryce Canypn national ] serisky She ie parks. They left Algona July 5 and traveled 4,500 miles. While they were in the Yellowstone park Doctor Wallace tried his luck at fishing, and he'-.caught a number of rainbow.: and cutthroat trout. No fishing licence; is required in national parks,'but 'fhere .is a limit on the number of fish, one can «atch.- -•' . '.'-•.•'.' ''. : : * ! The trip led ^ the: party'south from the park to the other.canyons and through the, Klabab,;: national forest jfi northern Arizona,;--where ; within 20 miles, they counted!.'-'iSg-'- mule- deer.-. '. ;, '..,'••'- ••'.-' '.-.'. ••"•. ' ' The Zion and Bryce parks, are new,-and the'scenery wonderful. A new road enabled' the party to reach the north side of the Grand Canyon. They drove through 20 miles of snow in Yellowstone park, and they had hall and, snow near'the Grand Canyon. Otherwise the weather was cool and comfortable, TELLS ROTARY CLUB OF TROUBLES IN CHINA •E. H. Warren, She'rburn, I Minn., who was Introduced by M. J. Pool, spoke before the. Rotary club-at,the Country club clubhouse 'Monday noon on experiences when he served In the United States marine corps on duty In China. Mr. Warren was. part of an^Amer- Ican Legation guard at Peking, a city of more than a million people within walls only four miles square. He told of a number of customs, methods of dealing with criminals and of installing a new president, the Chinese religion, etc, 'Mr, Warren, who was at Peking three years, left the marine corps in 1926. Senator 'L. J. Dickinson, honorary member of the' club, was In attend- $nce,, accompanied by hie son Call and son-in-law, ,Rol»n A. Hunter, Mr. Hunter is the senator's tary. » " a ' Edith Welter, stenographer at the I haas, took Mrs. Jos. Lickteig, of Farm Bureau office, with a party ] Cresco, as far, as Nora-Springs Sunday on the way home, and she was met there by her husband. Mrs. Lickteig ie a sister of Mrs. Scanlan and Mrs. Kohlhaas, and she spent two weeks 'here. * Mrs. George Good, Spirit ' Lake, and her six-weeks son Jerry come today to -visit till Sunday with Mrs. Good's parents,-:Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Benson. Mr. Good will drive down I Saturday night, and" they will go' home with him Sunday. George, who is railway express agent at Spirit Lake, is the son of. Walter Good, the local agent. Tomorrow evening Kossuth Legionnaires will meet.at the local Legion hall to lay plans for attending last Thursday for a ten-day trip to Yellowstone. Park and other western points. Dale 'Davidson, truck driver - for the local American Railway Express TV. ov/i TW. T> •*, TTT „ agency, is spending ten days at Dr. and Mis R. M. Wallace and points in Kansas, and Walter Good, " , , — ^""N ° £ agent ' ta dl ' ivlns the truck during his absence. Mary Plummer, Ames, came Friday for a week with Mrs. A. E. Xi-ea former Algona teacher, and will go to Moline, 111., in the fall to teach. She also taught there last year. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sorensen, Walnut, became parents of an 8-lb. boy July 8. Mrs, Sorensen, who was Alma Schroeder, worked for the Elk Cleaners some time ago. She. in a sister of Mrs. William Dau. M. an£ Mrs. H. M. Hauberg and Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Steele, of Sioux City, were week-end guests of the P. J, Chrlstenaens at Spirit 'Lake. The Steeles moved to Sioux City •from Algona last spring, • The Eev. A.'S. Huesers, who have Mr. Stanley is a lawyer, and the two families' were friends . when the James family lived at Cornhisj. Mr. Stanley will attend a' Legion convention in iFort Podge next ' Monday, Tuesday and WednusJay, Mrs. Corning remaining.here.till Wednesday, when she will go to Fort Dodge and thence go home with her hus- ba nd. Mr. Stanley was a lieutenant- colonel in the World war. Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Henderson former Algonians, left their home at Pomona, Calif., in their car Sunday and are expected here this week-enc for two weeks with relatives and old i friends. (Frank's mother, Mrs. Margaret 'Hendeson, makes her home with her daughter, Mrs. M. M. Cady, The Hendersons went west nine years ago, Mr. Henderson, who now operates his own grocery store- at Pomona,-- was for a year a partner of the Long Bros, store here. From Algona the Hendersons will go to a state Legion convention at Fort ] Minne apolis for another visit, and Bodge next Tuesday. It Is hoped [ thence they win go home vla Ye '- tlmt many representatives from Kossuth will attend, and plans for tansportatlon will be laid. Th'o Kossuth Legion band will attend, also a recently organized drum corps. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Becker and Dr. H. G. Becker, Bes Molnes, were week-end guests of the R, J. Hutch- isons, and Ruth Hutchison went to been gone a month, are expected | De " s Molnes with th'em for a week CHRIS KORSLUND, FORMER LIVERMORE BANKER, DEAD years ago one of the be.st home today. They visited Mrs. Hueser's parents at Aguilar, Colo. Services at the Baptist church will be at the usual hours next Sunday. Boctor Stringer, of the University hospital, Iowa City, ie caring for Br. C. H. Cretzmeyer's practice while Bootor Cretzmeyer and his son Charles are spending three weeks at the Olympic, games at Los Angeles. Br, and Mrs. L. G. Baker are , at Rochester, where the doctor underwent a double-hernia operation two weeks ago yesterday. They are .-expected home sometime next wtek. The son Burwood is at Kanawha with relatives. The General Hospital reports that Mrs. Percy Walley, Corwlth, was taken home Tuesday, .-following, 'a major abdominal operaton. Baphne Bought on, Goodell, was' brought to the hospital Tuesday for diagnosis and treatment, Mr, and Mrs. John Anderson,.now of Fowler, Col., who are visiting their daughter, -iMrs. Julius Kunz, Wesley,-spent the weekend, with the Martin Bldriksens here. They formerly , ( farmed near'Wesley, moving to, Colorado 17 years ago. William, Booley is expected home today from 'Milwaukee, where ' he has completed Jijs junior year In Marquette university, t?e Is the #on of; Mr. and Mrs. William Pooley, and is taking engineering.' Marquette is a well knpwn Catholic school. <_, Three babies' have been born, at known the Kossuth hospital during the week: Mr,'and. '.Mrs. George Beeper, St, JOB, a boy, J^ly $§; Mr. Mrs. Leo Bleich, Wejsley, a glrj, „ .... 2?; and,, Mr. and'Mrs. Pmer in north centre! low* l^hr, Swea C#y t a boy. July 27. Chris JCorslund, wh.o bujked at Livernjore in much th e same'' way :hat Geo. W. Hanna did at Lu Verne and George Boyle at Whittemore, He was the founder ot the Liver* more State bank, which he opened as a private ban$ 48 years ago, $&•< .een years ago the JCorslunds left livej-more for Bozem^n, "—* now word of fete de%th' last week Wedn,e«c|ay has been received, for some, yeara been In 'a «p}nc4d.e»ee ^t With Mrs. Pierce Witmer, formerly Helen Lusby, She "will also* visit friends at Van Meter, where she taught before she went to Rockwell City. Ruth will return to Rockwell City In the fall. Mrs. Ira Iverson,' Clinton, returned last Thursday from visits at Boone and Cedar Rapids. At Boone she -visited Mr, Jverson, Northwestern passenger •trainman on the main line, Mrs. Iverson and her daughter Elizabeth have been visiting Mrs. Iverson'e parents, Mr. "and Mrs, August Huenhold, during the last month, and will spend a few more weeks here. Florence Longhenr'y, R.'N., of the General hospital, and Annabelle White, R. N,, Ames, took James Stebbins to Iowa City Tuesday, and he is now receiving ..treatment there for diabetes, H e has had the disease during the last fe'w years. Miss Longhenry is head-nurse at the General hospital, James Is the son of Mr, and\Mrs. V, .L. Stebbins, and his mother operates'the hospital, Marriage license applications have •been filed at the district clerk's office-during the las'^ .week, by: Walter Rent?, Martha. Peltz, both' of Burl? Tom Hern^ndy, Ledyard, EJlolse Vamora, Blue Earth. Licenses have been issued to Helko Andrew 'Bosma. Buffalo Center, Elsie Aldorethy Jensen,' Lukota, and Alfred'G. Wplter, Algona, snd. Frel* da Alma Leinlnger, whlttemore. <• T. P. Harrington' %n4 his lowstone park and San Francisco. 'Three 'Sigma Nu fraternity mates of Bonald P. Dewel at George Washington university, Washington, B. C., dropped in on him Tuesday and were entertained at dinner at hie home that evening. The four young men, with two other local Sigma Nus, William F. Steele and Perry White, spent the night' at the Bewel cottage at Clear Lake. The visiting boys had Just returned to Iowa»by car, and after a visit at the home of one of them at Oskaloosa they were en route to the home of another at Waseca. Minn. On the way from Washington; driving at night, the boy at the'Wheel went to sleep momentarily, with the result that their ear ran into a culvert, and for a few days they were laid up for tooth physical and car repairs. SALVATION ARMY TO HOLD ANNUAL DRIVE NEXT WEEK Envoy W. L, Lowe, representing the Iowa state headquarters of the •Salvation Army at Bes Molnes, will conduct his ann.ua! canvase here for funds next Monday and Tuesday. • Because of the depression, the Army has been called upon for unusual service during the last year, and funds are now much needed.' The money will Be used to help the army in ite work in the Iowa division. The sum of 1169.60 was raised here last year, c ' Mr, Lowe an4 his daughter Viola have represented the Army in Kfos; suth during the last four years. Miss Lowe will not be t here this year, however. Some time ago she suffered 9, serious flu attack which developed into tuberculosis, anO she Is now w)th, 3 brother in. Colorado, Zender & CaldweWs New models—> New colors— New Fabric Values— New Prices. See them before you buy. 13.50 16.50 18.50 2'2.50 and 25.00 Work Clothing for Men and Boys Men's Work Shirts Priced at Priced at __50c Our best Shirts ____75c Men's Overalls _69c Men's, Overalls 89c Oshkosh Overalls ...1.10 Boys' Overalls _____50c Work Socks 10c Work Gloves 10c Better Shoes for Less Money. A good work Shoe, 1.48 , Other Work Shoes' Priced at Priced at 2.45 Priced, at —'___^__i8^6 Priced at (.95 DRESS SHOES Oxfords at 1.96 Oxfords at 2.»5 Oxfords at -i.;__|.6d Oxfords at., _4.00 Oxfords at __1 5,00 You Will Find .. Good Yalaes at This Store ' Zender & Caldwell CLOTHING AND SHOES SPECIALS and Friday Saturday Genuine San-Nap-Pak 3x9 in. Sanitary Napkins, soft cellulose with round corners, 12 .pads in box. , Per box ~ 15c Big Bath Towels „ 15c Wagh Cloths 8e J. ft P. Coats TJhraad Se ladles' Cotton Vests Ife Baby Blaukete Me GJris' fast color Dram _.9to Women's Sflfc H«M .Me, Me Hem's Ste DMM 8*x 1C* Woraert wwh Frwtb Boys' DiMM^CBfcken ..„.*§« WonMft Bifw MM* .,tflK« Sa»ltarjr BMta . Me REAL SNAPS We M» canrlvf • f i of Nttlou Mi ToOet a»i are MUtey thm at vriet» that win UTe 70* ia'eMJr, ||«r' mvrnkt* v for Cotto* niiikn •U tkb fan.' We bernvkt Mt Blanket* from oae •« wffl tell tke« fer IMS they were ever' MM fer livl "* ^ -' •'•;'*>> Just got a big 'buy;', In women's silk undies •—•' values up to $1,19. ; Iff the biggest bargain we,', ever offered. All' kindti and all colors. Neville 1 s "Who* You Buy For In D«d»» For Clean Cotton Rags Mrs. A- B- • Michel and her sans apd Roger 'returned; Jftst Thursday, fypnj , had spent a month wjth'-Mrs, M.ic,h-i s?ir

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