Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1932 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1932
Page 6
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I D UltlF Til JNO. BAAS FAMILY DITCHED L Hi* NINE IU AS TRUCK RAMS THEIR C PLAY FOR THE STATE'S TITLE CAR Mr. and Mrs. John Baas and their daughter Selma wer4 victims of an . fautomobile-truck accident five miles | frorti Webster, City early Sunday i morning. They Were en route to Deg Molnes, Selma 'driving, when a I truck rammed the side of their car Ixme Rock July 19—Tltoitka'lost; nnd tipped It over Into the ditch. 4-0 to Lone Rock on the local dk\>j:Mrs. Baas suffered a severely mond -Sunday; Lone Rock goes-to ; wrenched back'arid'was taken to a 'Baas with .Des Molnes Sunday to play for the..;Webster City hospital. Mr. State championship. Those going!'-and the daughter escaped are Alfred Krueger, Gordon and-bruises. Donnlcl B'.anchard, Crnig and Art; : Delm; Lloyd''Htitchinson, Bill Mar- j low, 'Stanley Munch, Olen Sh.trp,. Llchliter, Moyera, •• Francis Fish..! Wander. Harold Kuocker, and Ous, Krause. . ' ! Showor fr-r Mrs. Friink Meyer—. j A large crowd attended the mis-j cellnnemis shower in honor ol .Mrs. | Frank Meyer, formerly iLen-ira | Hutchinson, at the-Albert Hutchin-• son homo last week Wednesd-jy., Hostesses were Mrs. Jack Qulnn,' . Mrs Arthur Sprank, Rosella Walsh, and 200 attend the annual 'Boone and Marie Hutchlnson. . t oo.unty picnic Sunday at the falr- .. grounds. Dinner was served cafe- Picnic Sunday nt AVailsworth's— i terln style In the Floral hall. After The M. B/Blanclmr<ls,.Alex Krue- dinner a program was given by a gers of Lone Rock, Mrs. Mary number of the picnickers: Two Bronson, of Chicago, and Mrs. Ida hymns; reading.. Francis Kuchynka, Tarbell of •Waterloo, were enter- Swea City; duets by the Baker ATTEND BOONE REUNION HERE frviiigton, July 19—Between 175 tained at n picnic at Ja«. worth's Sunday. Lucille Oonrlch 9; Party- Lucille Oenrich entertained young friends at a party on lier eighth birthday Saturday. LinMlu Wads- brothers of Livermore; reading, . Dorothy Gustaffion, BUrt; cornet solos by-the Livermore bandmaster; two readings, Olive Jennings, Brad- HOME EDITOI PAYSTRIBI TOW.E.K TE LEfi Mrs. W. E. Kyier, Cofvaltte, Ore., sends a copy of the Corvallls Dally Gazette 6t June 22 containing an editorial appreciation of her husband, whose sudden death was reported here recently. Before her marriage Mrs. Kyler was Nell Nlver, and her brother, Fay Nlver, still lives at Lu Verne. Her parents have, for many years lived In Florida. Judging from the Gazette's tribute, Mr. Kyler made the same favorable Impression on the people of Corvallis, that he did on Kossuth people when he lived here and was cashier of the Lu Verne State bank. It was his custom then to come frequently to Algona and circulate among his friends .discussing news and views of the day. Death Came Suddenly. The Gazette's tribute In full follows: "That life Is an uncertain thing was again demonstrated in this city Sunday, when the news went out At* up At .SpehCer.lteit i'yWeelt ' petition^ were th clr'duiatlon aaklhgf tfte, couh'- cil td call *. special election to vote on a pfoposal to take the management of the city's light and power plant ahd waterworks arid heating systems out of the hands of the mayor and council and place them under the independent management of three non-salaried trustee* With 6-year terms to be appointed by the mayor with the; approval of the council. The first set of trustees would serve two, four, and six years respectively. The object is to remove the management of the city's utilities from the Vagaries of local politics. . • r She wM teufclflt »v*f th* flftfne Shot UJ>, .; It^SugbArtd and. a . sold' feeAt 6tii the bl**« befol-e she Iwtd suffered Injury. [LEGAL NOTICES| *iii'i<K<M n»< PHnnATK OF Will BUTTERMAKER AT WESLEY IS BENEDICK Wesley, July 19—The Vlggo Kills- holms returned Saturday" from a visit at Ludington, Mich], and Mr. Klllsholm brought, with '.him a bride. On July 12 he was married at the Danish Lutheran church, Ludington, that W. B. Kyler had succumbed to t o Anna Bjerre, recently of Dena sudden heart attack. He was. mark. Mr. Klllsholm's brother-in- around "town Saturday, In-the best 1 ] aw _ Eric Back, pastor of the' ft OTIC! J* OF ritOBATB OF •'•'-' No 3842. State of Iowa, kossuth county, ss. in District Court, March Terni, 1932, To All Whom It May Concern: -You are hereby notified, that an Instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of W. J. Thackeray, deceased, dated April 24, 1920, having been this day filed, opened and read) the 16th day of August, 1932, Is fixed for hearing proof of Same at the Court Mouse In Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said .County or the Clerk of said Court; and at 10 o'clock a. m. of the day above mentioned; all per sons interested are hereby notified and required to appear and show cause, If any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, loWa, July 14 V*u««nftfl<ii*tliit BUSINESS •Ins* tk« d*llv*rt. II'* mil** f»r t«llon- no« th« <•** f*' 9«llon,Hi«»«oun»§, And, l« «!• «»*rag* tar. «v»ry •«• • ••nil n •• • i 1932. , CLARK ORTON. Clerk of District '• Court. By CLARA SCHAAP. Deputy. I' Tt' : ,,™™\v,T"£*«l J bv'''"K «' »«•"" Ml»«»l». «« '" ><•<«> ohm-oh. oKicl»t.4. A reception by- or Ins program %\as ioiio-«ea ay int ',„,,„ „„ <n«,v,««i n,( D ,,-,-it.,.. ni,n,,t . ' _ _., x,.- •_. - • business meeting. James Kuchynka, ' Schmidt also gave a party in honor Swea City, was elected president to of her twelfth birthday Sunday. . succeed -Charles Hoffman, -Rutland. Earl Miller, Irvlngton, was re-elect- eil T. .P. Harrington, Attorney. 45-47 it • penny i«v.«JI writer about members of the local Congregational' NOTICE ,OF PROBATE OF- Will politics, and he was In a more jovial church was given for the couple at No. 8648. mood that usual. I Mrs.,Peter Skow's Saturday evening.'State of Iowa, Koseuth county, ss. "Business had been bad for sev- Mri Klilsholm lost his first wife two In District Court March term, Daughter for Olen T/eepcrs— , The Glen Leepers are parents of a me'nt committee consisted of Steve three years was beginning to see daylight ahead.' y| 8 ,, j,, Illinois Planned— daughte, horn Saturday. Edna Bu- Baker, Livermore. Ed Genricl, Al- „;Vad had'a%o a tTon"aV deput yas-V^H^^oSSTSttl. C«.K, Chan of Folrmont. a sister of Mr., sona. and George Jennings, Brad- ' , *S* *_ U ,11°"" S ?"' "",'%„lv .1 cnan 01 j-'oirmont. a sisier 01 .ur?. ««••-.. -i-m v^u. bc u c ......, b =, -i — aes sor this spring, and he was sec Leeper. came last week Monday for. sate. Mrs Grant Jennings, of Lu a short time. Hugh AValsh I,(ISPS Father— Hugh Walsh left last j Verne, and Mrs. James Kuchynka, t Swea City, were elected a committee ' | for the program next summer. A week ball game was enjoyed ' after the Wednesday to attend 'the funeral of meeting. These picnics have 'been his fath = r. Mike Walsh, at Chicago, held at the Algona fair grounds and He returned Saturday. retary of the Benton county dairymen's organization. He had recently been nominated in a strongly re- .publlcan town for the position of municipal judge. Altogether, his financial skies were clearing, and he 1932. To All'Whom It May Concern: You ,are hereby notified, that an . . Instrument of writing purporting to Mich." Mr. Johnson and their daugh-] bf> the last Will and Testament of ter, Mrs. Allison Williams, with her Augusta Ristau, deceased, dated husband and daughter, 'Norma Jean, .will leave this week Tuesday' even- Ing for Nachusa, 111., to visit relatives. Mrs. Johnson is a daughter of the I. W. Leases, and the family i Boone county People who are still | ——— ™' — — „— I'ftofHonfo nr T?nr,n/> niin virMnitv n t'O . nre enjoyed by people here and in i near-by towns who formerly lived in Lone Rock. Mrs. K.-l Piinpsin and son Billie, residents of Boone and vicinity are ant! Mrs. Mary Bronson, o£ Chicago, often guests. came to --lair, at M. E. Blanchard'B.' Mrs. -Sir.--.s'.n one! son returned Sun- Distant Relatives in Visit— day. hut Mrs. Uronson will stay Mrs. 'Poole, Muscatine, accompan- had a right to feel encouraged. has ,, een v i s mng the several Lease Then, suddenly, he was ' stricken! f arn H ie s here. The group will travel with a heart attack, and in a few at nfght and GSC ape the daytime here for pr> extended visit. '. ied by her grandchildren, Lucile An- Albort Kruoger and Ernest Beh-' drews, Stpales, Minn., and Danny, of i'ens. of Fn-rmont. spent last week Pennsylvania, spent part of Friday Thurs^ny v.-'.th thn former's mother. • with the Schilht's. Mrs. Poole is en Who is M.-.ying at Chas. Morris's : route to Staples but will stop a few Mrs. Krup-rer hns been ill for the days to visit her daughter, Mrs. Ray past year. j Cayler, Bancroft. Lucile has been Mrs. Me'lvin Hawks and two chll-'living with her grandmother and dren sppp.t Inst week Tuesday and attending school in Muscatine. Herman Dnu's at Al- Danny, son of Richard Poole, comes Wecln?."i which were already being solved, are now completely over. Grieved at Daughter's Ijoxs. "Mr. Kyler suffered seriously seven years ago when his daughter Dorothy was killed in an automobile accident. She was an honor! heat, on the baby's account. .Following a short visit at Nachusa, they will go home. t Mrs. Jorgen Skow Honored — A surprise party was given at Olaf Funnemark's last week Wednesday afternoon for Mrs. Jorgen 'Skow. student in high school, the onlyj This was an expression of apprecia- child. an unusually fine girl in ev-j ti'on for Mrs. Skow's faithful services ery way. -Both parents were right-i in the Congregational Aid, known] fully proud of her. Then, out of alas the Priscilla Phoebe society. For clear sky, came the word that a car 20 years Mrs. Sfcow has been Bible in which she was riding had been struck by a train. It was a tough gona. She brousrht Lois White back ; each summer to Chicago, where he • break for both Mr. and Mrs. Kyler. with her for a visit. | i a m et by Mrs. Poole, with whom he The Jar.!; Quinns and two -sons.! sponds his vacation. went m PIpestone, Minn., Saturday j to visit Mrs. Quinn's father. F. M. MnU Carriers Have Meeting— • Kerr. Mrs. Quinn and sons willi Fourteen rural mailcarriers of stay £or two weeks. i Kossuth .county and their wives Mrs. Harley Shellito and daughter were guests at Ben Terhune'a last Korma, of Ames, came last Thurs- : .\veek Tuesday evening. The monthly day to visit several flays with parents, the N. L. Cotton. her business meeting was held and the 'Lone Rock carrier was elected dele- We iiad a long talk with Mr. Kyler a-bout it shortly after the accident. If there was ever a philosopher con- j cerning the inevitable, it was he. It I was easy to see that he was broken- ] hearted, though he was trying teacher. The society follows a. regular course and" a lesson Is given at every meeting. Thirty women attended 1 . Lay Delegate' Is CFiosen— Following morning services at the February ,28, 1932, fiavins been day filed, opened and read, the 15th day of August, 1932, is fixed.' for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County or th? Clerk of said Court, and at 11 o'clock ii. m. of the day above mentioned, Hll person's Interested are hereby notified and required 10 appear and show cause. If any they have, why said Instrument should not be probated and allowed as a»d for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, July 14', 1932. CLARK ORTON, Cler'c of District Court By CLARA SCHAAP, Deputy. Sullivan. McMahon & Linnan, Attorneys. 45-47 NOTICE OF IXCOBPORATION To Whom It May Concern: Notice Is hereby given that the Algona Co-operative Creamery Corn- Methodist 'church Sunday, an elec-jpany has renewed and. extended Its tion was held', and, Mrs. Charles; articles of Incorporation for another have. Alice Skow, of Graettinger, \vho is ga te to attend the mailcarriers' con- spending the summer at E. M. Jen- • vention to be held at Shenandoah in several the early fall. The business meeting was followed by a social hour, The Rev. Mr. Gladstone and the ..after which luncheon was served bj r boys who have been camping at .the hostess. ' Meetings of this nature Tuttle Lake for the past week, re-: are held each month. turned Friday. sen's, went Sunday for a days visit at Dolliver. Jessie Stebritz, of Bancroft, ca-rie ; ,>f rs . Hlvtlie Goes to Chicago- Thursday for several days visit with her mother, Mrs. E. M. Hawks. ll\T(l'l V.CU, LllVUfell llv: V* «.=» v-lJFUlga VV i ,. T _ _ . . make his head tell his heart to b£ Kraus was- chosen lay delegate to the annual conference at Sioux City September 27. Theron Hansen was chosen alternate. The Bible Study class will meet at the church this week Ttresday e'Vening and begin the study of Revelations. Suffered In land Crash. i "Mr. Kyler had a wide acquaintance in served as cashier county, of the having' Benton County State bank seven years. He was a conservative banker, but, like Wesley Boy State* Employe so many others, when it looked as Edward Kunz_ Madison, WIs., is though land was booming and was, here for a 10-day visit with relatives. :From here he will go to Des the best investment, he acquired more of it than he could handle when the break came. He was a state fair board during August of Moines, where he works for the Roy Blythe, Lombard, a suburb of j pnHosol p her about that, too. We : each year. His uncle, Arthur Corey, Chicago, arrived at the John Frankl j talke(J to hlm many times, and while is state- fair- secretary. The Beryl Wirths, of Cedar Falls, .home Saturday morning. Sunday i ]ne fe , t keen i y the financial loss | jent last week with the L. R. Rod- j Roy an d his mother, Mrs. David which the a ,. op Sn lanQ values had j 1« .. , „.,.__,. T^.-_«.«IJ^ ! Blythe, who has been with her . . i . ' spent "cricks and Robert Dransfeldts. The Reinhold Kleimliens and daughter Mrs. Frankl, and Mrs. J. ' daughter, of Des Moines, spent the g Robison, were guests at V. J. " week-end at Wm. Fisher's. | Schichtl's. Roy, accompanied by his \ Local Merchant to Convention twenty years from and beginning April 15th, A. D. 1932. The 'name of the said corporation is "Algona Co-operative Creamery • Company," and Its principal place of ' business is Algona, Iowa. The general nature of the business to be transacted by said corporation is: To collect and manufacture into butter and cheese the milk belonging to the subscribers to its capital stock, to purchase and manufacture milk, cream, and other dairy products, eggs and poultry, and sell the same; and buy, own, sell, rent, lease, convey, and mortgage real estate and land and may put In and run for profit and bene- W &th&IHl6s fa ewtof Thousands of thrifty car owners have changed to DIAMOND gasoline in these days, when economizing is .so necessary, because tests and experience show that it actually delivers more miles per gallon—more miles per dollar. And, in addition to greater mileage, DIAMOND gives better all-around performance. It is powerful, peppy, quick-starting, high in anti-knock rating. DIAMOND is today's big gasoline valueV One tankful will prove ill MID-CONTINENT P E T R O L E U M CORPORATION 2C-13 Office over iow a sute Phone 206. e , ' "' •"'»«! BUfl AMornejr.At.lw Office over Town state' Phones: Office, 4G0.j, ; DOCTORS over Rexnll n Office phone 300 J, 'Keneflck, M. X Kenetlck. JI. • • ... , ,ni i n.irr.icR - Physician and Surseon Office in John Gnlhraft Phones: Office, 310; rw. xlirona ' P. V. JAXSB, M. R brought to him, yet, he would al-1 The r. <5'. A. store was closed m of its gt ockholders, a feed grinder- ways wind up with, 'Well, it's just. Monday afternoon while Mr. and| and feed mlu anfl ,a undry wlth ma _ one of those things; lots of fellows Mrs, Frank Konba Jr. 'attended an chinery necessary to run the same, (Mrs. Ida Tarbell, of Waterloo, mother, left for Chicago again Mbn- ''came Friday to visit friends. She is a ay evening. Mrs. Blythe will visit now at Jos. Wadsworth's. 38en Murray, of Detroit, Mich., , fcarhe last week Tuesday for a short Visit with relatives. indefinitely with the Roy Blythes. Gets Uox of >VIntergrreen Berries- Mrs. J. 'B. Robison recently receiv- 'Dorothy Jensen came home Sun-; e( j a letter and a box of winter.green flay after a week with relatives at Berries from her niece, Mrs. Fred Graettinger. j Andrews, Staples, Minn. Mrs. Robi- Wm. and Robert Davlson, of Ma-j son, who was born and raised in son City, spent 'Friday at L. R. New York state, is very fond of Roderick's. | these berries which grow in profus- The Bernlce Rodericks of Mason i on m that state. Mrs. Andrews eld- J - L -|rst daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. J. '•Schichtl, writes that the family Is City, spent Sunday at the Roderick's. Marilda .«chtltz, of Bancroft, vis- - we n. arid busy. Heel last week with Kathryn Ste- britz. Mr.s. Watatm Snick will entertain the Mite society this Thursday. H.ittie Worda of Burt. spent the •weeK-enf! with Esther Goilclen. The 4-1-1 club met at Alex Krueger's last, week Wednesday. Evelyn Smith, of Schaller, spent the week nt Wm. Krause's. The Auxiliary met at Ralph Thompson's Kint Thursday. Mrs. Glen 'Sharp spent soveral days last week at Fenton. Lotts Creek The Lutheran Aid met last Thurs- Kiitt'l'sh Frenches on Jonuli— Tho Rev. A. English preached Sunday on the topic, Jonah's Obedience and Disobedience. He read the first chapter of Jonah, and a part of the third chapter. The special num- ;ot bit worse than I did,' "Mr. Kyler's greatest grief over It was" 1 the hardship it brought to Mrs. Kyler, and time after time in intimate conversation concerning his difficulties he expressed his deep admiration for her in every emergency and gave her credit for making it possible for him to make as hard a fight as he was making to overcome his financial misfortunes. Married Thirty Years. I. G. A. district convention at Mason City- A 'banquet was to be given at Clear Lake In the evening. Mrs. Wolf Serfonglj- Sick— Little hope is held for the recov- and to do whatsoever In the judgment of the Directors may be neces* sary to make the 'aforesaid business successful. The authorized capital stock an- J~Jlli.JC i»w/*\s 10 nv-tu .L\JI LUC iv;wv/» , , . . ... ery of Mrs. 'Frank Wolf, who has \ J*oftaed J>y. this ^ corporator been critically sfck three or four weeks. She has been sick in. bed a year. Mrs. Al Wesley farmer. School Siipt. Takes Oiiflng— "Mr. Kyler probably acquired hls| Supt. anil Mrs. B. R. Swanson and philosophical turn of mind from the iploneer lowans among whom he was reared. These sturdy-? farmers and business men were often the victims of unfortunate financial cir- their little son, Edward Reese, left Monday for a week at the Okobojis. Other Wesley Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Studer re- cumstances. He was born near turned 'Sunday from Excelsior, Waterloo in 1872, and his natural Minn., where they had^ visited a few conservatism was demonstrated by lior was a piano Becker. Another solo by surprise Rachel will bo ready next Sunday. Aid Quits (or Summer— Aid met last Thursday afternoon at the church with nine - members and 10 guests present. There will be no more Aid meetings till September. Mesdames M. L. and K. P. Roney were hostesses last Thursday. llert Feck Visltlns Here- Mr, and Mrs. Bert Peck, Long day afternoon with Mrs. 03. Fiene, Beachi calif., recently arrived in hostess, in the Immanuel 'Lutheran; Port Do dge for a visit. Mr. Peck school. All members were present came on to this vicinity to visit the and two new members, Mrs. Albert Q eorge Stewarts and to attend to Kressin and Mrs. Otto Wlchtendahl, i j, ua i ness interests in Algona. joined. Visitors were Mrs. John Schallin and Mrs. Wm. Relsner, the | I'le Social Wets $18.75— latter of Watertown. Wis. After thei The ice cream and pie social at business minutes a delightful lunch | the church annex Friday evening vra.s served by the hostess. The next was well attended, and $17.85 was meeting will 'be with Mrs. Wm. Furstenau and Mrs. Kmil Laabs as hostesses. Ruth Stewart, of Algona, visited last week with Ruth and Esther Bchmi'el. She is now living with her sister in Algona. and attending high the fact that he waited till he was 30 to marry Nellie Irene Niver. They were married June 18, 1902, and were observing their 30th anniversary when he was stricken. "Mr. Kyler's early life was spent days with .their son Ed, the road contractor., Ed came after them, and they went first to Kenyon, Twenty-Five Thousand DoWars ($25,000.00), divided into 250 shares of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) each; with 96 shares actually paid up In cash; additional shares tony be Issued and sold upon resolution, and In the discretion of the Board of Directors. The time of commencement of business under these renewed articles of incorporation Js April 15th, 1932, and It shall terminate twenty years from that date. The affairs of said corporation shall be managed by a Board of five directors, who shall serve until their successors are elected and qualified; Minn., where he Is working. The 'Fred Diekmanns drove the term of office for each director to, shall be three years; 'If a vacancy Klemme Sunday morning, and at- occurs In the Board of Directors the tended services' at the -Methodist on an Iowa farm, and he had 1m-1 church, of which' the Rev. H. -E. mense sympathy, therefore, s with Whyte, formerly Wesley, Is pastor, the farmer's difficulties; but al- The family carried dinner and pic- ways, even when his own financial nicked at Clear Lake. same shall be filled by the remaining directors, and a director so electefl shall hold his office until the next annual election. Any three members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum.. difficulties pressed him, he refused Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Sage, near to believe that anyone in particular Mason City, came Sunday to visit] The officers of the corporation was to blame and he had the ut- the latter's mother, Mrs. Nettle Tur- J — "' '"* most contempt for the fallacious geson. _ They^ were accompanied Jay theories of Senator Brookhart. '""" *"~ ' J ~~ " ' Loyal to Friends. two sons, besides a daughter,' Mrs. Calif., school there. .She formerly .lived in Arkansas. The Lutheran HotnefindinK society celebrated its annual festival at fort Dodge Sunday, and services held there 'Sunday morning were conducted for the benefit of the orphans. nllf-Mon being taken. The iLouis Hackbarth family visited Sund-iy at the Clarence Schendel home in Buffalo Center. Dave Wft«pl. of Chicago, visited last wo- 1 -' .-it Richard Potratz's. Mr. "Wetzel is r>n uncle of Mrs. Potratz. and en mo to nttenrt the funeral of Mrs. Ri^fii. Algona. Nick f-ontrlcr. acompanied by Carl Pijahn. iii-ov* to Chicago last week trnokinir ^H'clcpns. Mrs. Ht'im-in and Mrs. Wilson the lattf- "f <""<Kiar Rapids were en- tertainefl dinner at Richard Po- traU's l"»t week Tuesday evening. John of Fenton, beepin working at the Wm. Furstenau farm last week Wednesday. Holy CommMnton will be observed in the (*•- " laneuase in the Lutheran church Sunday. realized. "Mr. Kyler had a keen sense of, Mrs Mary r> ah ii n mother-of Mrs. loyalty to friends. He had been at the hospital three times in the week when he was stricken to see friends who were ill. He had just agreed to serve as a teacher in the Methodist Sunday school, though expressing modest reluctanca to follow so well nformed a teacher as Professor Other Irvinsrton News. Zelba Winkel, Fort Dodge, drove to Algona Friday to spend Saturday and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Winkle. She also visited the Harry Sabins and Rome Robisons. Zelba has been employed for several years in a doctor's office in 'Port Dodge. She recently purchased a car. The D. P. Smiths and D. T. Smith, Algona, and S. Smith, Spokane, Wash., were callers Sunday at M. L. Honey's. Miss Smith is a daughter of Sidney Smith, and recently returned with the D. P. Smiths for a short visit here., The Embroidery club will meet next week Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Morris Parsons. Mrs. Sumner Parsons will have charge of the program. Oats are nearly all cut here and many plan to start threshing late this week or early next week. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Johnson, Algona, were visitors a few days last week at Ben Terhune's. Mr. and Mrs. George Stewart anc daughter Leona were visitors at Hampton last week. The 'Missionary society was again postponed till Friday afternoon ft' the church. Kelley. But that was this spirit, one of helpfulness. "Mr. Kyler kept in constant touch with many of the members of Dorothy's class and with her sorority sis- shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, and such other officers as to the Board of Directors shall seem necessary, all to be elected and appointed by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer Raymond Hansen, Mrs. Dahlin's son shall not be a member of the Board Clarence, and the daughter, Mrs. of Directors. Herbert Swanson, with the latter's' The private property of the stock- George Cornwall, Monterey, and her husband. two daughters, left for Burlington Saturday morning, following two weeks here. The Robt. Klrschbaums, Garner, visited the John Ormsbys Sunday. Mrs. KJrschbaum is Mr. Ormsby's sister. Eileen Ormsby came home, following a visit with her mother's sister, Mrs. John O'Hern, near Mason City. ters, getting what solace he could in j A mee ting of the Methodist Aid her death through contact with her Dest friends. Served ou School Board. "Mr. Kyler was a loyal citizen of Corvallis. He had served on the school board several terms, and during the World war he was an active drives. worker . In Hte broad the numerous experience as high school principal, banker, farmer, real estate operative, and Insurance man gave him an understanding of many human problems and a sympathetic appreciation of the other fellow's difficulties. But, he never lost his perspective. As a student and reader of history Mr. Kyler was not led astray by any of the political panaceas offered to make a Utopia out of the world by legislation. "Mr. Kyler was a 32nd degree Ma- took place at Mrs. Charles Kraus's last week Wednesday, Mrs. Seefeld assisting, and was well attended. The society voted to serve a banquet to the high school alumni in August. Mr. and Mrs. Felt took their daughter, Mrs. Peter Haverly, home to Oelwein Saturday, followhig. a visit here. Her son and daughter were with her. The Felts were expected -back Monday. The Olaf 'Funnemarks spent Saturday and Sunday at Spirit Lake guests of cousins of Mrs, 'Funnemark from Jackspn, Minn., who have a cottage there. George Aldrlch, rural mall carrier is having a week's vacation, anc Mrs. Aldrich is substituting for him He will take another week later. The Congregational Aid meets gay, can't 9fl* of those things, son, a Shriner. and a 'hewer of wood | with Mrs. Peter 'Skow this weeH and drawer of water' on numerous | Wednesday, committees for the betterment of the community. His sudden going away to, as he would philosophically Burns Narrowly Escaped, Burt, July 12—Mrs. J. G, cjapaadj ' die 'narrowly escapee} burns f ij She had been using au oj) stove, lolders Is, and shall be, exempt from orporate debts. ALGONA CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY, By A. J. KEEN, President. \ttest: M. P. Christiansen. Secretary. 42-45 Shut Your Eyes and Take Your Medicine! I used to do that for mama when I was a kid; bat now that I am a man I am compelled to do it for Hoover. Never before has the wholesaler and the grocer taken such a slump in NO. 10 FRUITS Out They Must Go, Regardless of Cost. Prunes, Apricots, Apples, Peaches, and Black- Ott^ berries, choice WwC Black, White, or Red Cherries, Red or Black Raspberries, Apricots, Peaches, Pears, Apples, Pineapple, Blackberries, or Loganberries. 4 A^ Choice _ 4BC Prices good all next week. White's Grocery «.., nnt Office on South Dortse in "hones: Office. GGG; resUemi Algorra, Towa WALTE11 KIU8B11. Jt. , Physician nnd Sureeon.l Office In Qulnhy Bldg., Phone No. 12 MELYIN G. llOTIRffil rliyslcliin imd Nnnwn-1 Office In Postofflce Block! '•hones: Office, 11)7; reoldei W. B. ANIV. „,„. Osteopnthlc Physician and ; Located over Hub Billard 1 Phones-: Office 187, Rw. ( B. A. EVANS, JT. D, Over Borchardt Drug ! Phones: Residence 312, office j Algona, Iowa, • DENTISTS »R. II. M. OLSON I Dentist. Gas and novocalne used tot| Faction. ; Located over Chrlatensen I Phones: Business 166, reside^ Algona, Iowa if VETERINARIAN! •L. W. FOX J. IJ. M'INKEl Veterinarians '' West State Street,'Algoiij Phones: Office, 475-W.; re8.;j| COHTBAC ~~~ COWAN 4 SOlT General Contractors Estimates Fun 'hones: Business. 63D-J;_ MACHINISTS XOBTON MACHINE WOW Machinists and Weiaw.;| Service Stock on Piston Rings, Pins, and »Vest of Courthouse BROWNELL SHOE CO. INSURANCE K088CTH COUNT? MB'l INSURANCE ASSOCUT tver »15,000,000 worth of W n force. A home company.1J «cure. J- 0. •Ity Property Loans fnr» Insurance. Real J CUNNINGHAM * IOT Vf. State St. MAN LOST 26 POUNDS LOOKS 100°[> BETTER FUELSSTBONGEB THAN EVEB Just to prove to any doubtful man or woman that Kruschen Salts Is the SAFE way to reduce — let ua take the letter of Mr. F. J. Fritz of Cincinnati, Ohio, recently received. He writes; "I've trie* extreme •, 'setting up exercises tvkh very little results—but the results from Krusclieu are almost Incredible. In 8 months I reduced from 809 to, 179 pounds and feel stronger than ever-^-uo more tvUeezlug or gasping for breath—Meuds saj look 100% better." Be« in mind, you fat man, that there to clanger In too much fat—try tlje safe way to reduce — one-half tea#pQonfvU «t Kruachsn Salte in a glass of hot water every morning-rout do^n on tatty meats and sweets —one bottle that lasts 4 weeka costs but a trifle—get it at S. W. Luaby'a Brownell's JULY CLEARANCE SALE Is Now On! JOE {few and used Tires ana Hides, M9««f*«« |(l ' • -i a H. W. POlj Dray and STORA6EOFAUI U)ng Distance Every load against loss and to do all llilf Bro wnell

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