Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1932
Page 5
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W 1 1 '(. ,' K068ITTH COUfflElLAfiVANCB, ALQONA. TOWA here j., tor a visit HJKtmert, near Burt. evening for Gall Beard, Algona farmer, who .was ordered committed to the Cherokee state Hospital. :';, Mrs. Mary A. Smith. Genoa, O., Bends currency to renew her subscription, and says she enjoys the flu per, reads It carefully every week, and Is Rind to learn of the doings of her old friends here. ' . 'i.' Geo. .p. Free has been at Fort Dodge since last week Wednesday, employed in his uncle . !Walter. Thompson's drug store. He was graduated In pharmacy stntc university in June. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. La BarrVdYove to Rochester last ; week Monday,'iia.nd Mrs. La Barre went through" " the clinic. She was operated on ...last Thursday.' Mr. La Ba rre wftp/fli;. pccted horne yesterday. : ';':.": ; i Mr. and Mrs. Clemmer Nugentjgi Janice, returned Sunday from fuMIhgton, with Mr. Bartholomew, f,ho drove to . Burlington for his last Thursday, Mrs. Barthol- and Janice had visited two id'a half weeks with sisters of Mr. wKholotnew. rTho Harry .W-lnslows ieft for their nome. at Annapolis, Md,, Tuesday, •\tter several weeks with Mr> W'n- '""•'- father, Lee Wlnslo.v, and hursday, Mi's.' , several Saturday T. S, D. Quarton and' „,„.. Willlam> -'were , Sunday and B.< Elbert and K - F - ' Bel1 ' !the ' week ' end at tnB ,. Blnwr ^Neumann, Nor- ^.and.hls-famllr vtelted P. j. Braners laat Thurs- last rto"sunday^iw«tp^f,, (Me,, Inunne'-E. Deyrels- were .tios Angeles, returned from Lamont, where they a week with Mrs. Nugent's . They left yesterday In their car. for home, after a month In The General hospital following: an operation last' Wednesday;on Russell Kelley's leg for Infection following an and an appendectomy last on Wnyne. Pergande, Lu Verrie'V •* Marian.Todd, R. N., who had be« •visiting 'Phllomena Qulnn. • returns •Friday to \VashIngton, Iowa, ' she Is head nurse In a hospital;'Stf traveled with T. P. and Rob't. Har ring ton, who were en route tq '] City. .,•-•-; iaunt. ibnt},' • ice o d cake to^he pUWIc in the r, room of 'the church to, evening. daughter of Mr* and Leners, south of town/ re- fell and suffered Fln her left leg. r " Attorney G torn llga- D. Shunrway ilow's Vtrs. Wlnslow's and Mrs, parents, William County Shirley. fyrry | s an Instructor In the V. S. nival academy, , .Tos. Llcktelg, • Cresco, her laughter 'Fidelia, and son Joseph, V«h William Owen, attended the Vlrs. Otto Harlg funeral here Satur- lay, and Mrs. Llckteig, who Is a sls- t.dr, of Otto, remained to visit with •Datives, the rest of the party gong home Sunday. Mrs. B. .T. Van Ness, her Mrs. Harry Baker; and Lyle, ^0, Aon! of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Anderson, G, W. Stlltman and his little daughter Ann got,home last night from Maxwell, where Ann visited with her grandmother, Mrs. Minnie Holland while her father looked after Des Molnes" business affairs. Mrs. Holland and her spn Charles wont home with Mr. Stillman 'Monday, 'fitter a week wltfi the Sflllnians here. • ••••.- . Mr. arid Mrs. M. P. Weaver returned yesterday from Des Moines, where they had been since Saturday, guests of Mr. Weaver's sister, Mrs. A. D. Bruner. Mr. Weaver W^is a delegate to the republican state convention Tuesday. The Weavers stopped at Ames en route home to call on their daughter, Mrs. R/ E. Menzel. Dr. W. D. Andrews took a paMnnt to Rochester Saturday, and thence John, and Mrs. C. H. Long drove to j went to .Farlbault, Minn., to .M.-.VO :he Okobojls yesterday morning and! as best man at Ralph Limulh'a brought back five boys who had wedding Monday morning. From „ . „ • Ween at Camp Foster ten days: Rod-j Farlbault he and John Hairi^i-d who n "'« IW -Re»ember the hours of scr- ney Van Ness, Bobby Dewel, Bobby ' "•"—• -'-"-• ' nnil Hftcel It- win, I'nSfor—Jeaus the Christ la the friend of ^sinners arid the devil, a great deceiver,'is the enemy of'ev- eryone. After traveling hundreds of tniles, attending camp. meetings, hearing a preacher of-yearn-of experience and great ability, and visiting old friends, both Christian and sinner, we return to our home duties more convinced than ever that it pays to live the Christian life, and do all we can to persuade others to do the same .• . . Next Sunday < /Bible school, 9:45; morning worship, 11; theme, Colaborers With Christ; evening theme, God is Able. Prayer meeting every Wednesday evening at 8. Services next Saturday evening on, the courthouse lawn. . PRESBYTERIAN, J. I,. Colcmnn, I A ' f— . ' . * father of Laura and Carol, edited the Dally Reminder * here 1adt summer, and he now edits a .paper at Lone Tree. The Richardsons wlil be gone a week. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wander, Danbury,,Conn,, are spending part of. the summer with the . latter's mother, Mrs, P. S. Norton, al' the Okobojls. Mrs. Wansser, who' 'was Eleanor Norton, Is dean of women In the Danbury schools, and . Mr. Wanner Is a : contractor and builder. Danbury Is a'town of 27,000 inhabitants, and the principal Industry-Is hat-making. The Wanzers drove to Iowa In their own car, accompanying Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Norton,; son Richard, and Mrs. S. A. Worster and her son Paul, who made a 4,000-mIle tour. Turtle Found; Date on Back A turtle found last week on the fairn occupied by Bolen and tteerdt four nilles horth of Swea City has caused comment. The name' "Ed 'Walker 1914" was carved on Its shofi. It was at first ^bought that the carving was cfoiie ' Vy Ed Walker, son of the R. H. . Walkers, who live south and west of town, but he died In 1913. I"' •':"• •'•••• a C. & N. W. fast-train conductor i between ;Bpone and Clinton, died a I few months ago. He was a Shrlner , , tST'Barre. Teddy-Bob Chrischllles, ,-, Junior Long. accompanied him, left for a week In northern Minnesota. John has an attraction at Virginia, In the Iron '•*T*he Oscar Andersons, who were • wining district, vacationing at Silver Lake, had to Mabel Roupe, Minneapolis, and come home Tuesday because of the Jossie Roupe, Mason City, came last sickness of their son Lyle, who fell: Thursday ; for a vacation till Mon- tll Friday. A doctor advised an op-; day with their parents, Mr. and oration. Immediately for, appendicitis.: Mrs. Charles Roupe. Yesterday, the and It performed at the Kossuth Roupes• nil 'went to Norfolk'. Neb., Dr. and Mrs. C. D. Schaaj^-.drov to'-'Sheldon Sunday to visit ;<fhe* : doc tor's father, and Mrs. Scha^p, wjtj Is--having two weeks vacatiiii'fron her. duties'as deputy dlstrici'ijcour clerk,^ remained for part 'of th week." •••••'•.• •:'•!' •."•" Mrs. Gladys South, of the Cliris- chllles & Herbst ready-to-wear department,' went to 'Norfolk," Neb., Sunday to spend a week with relatives. -Her'.son Is spending the hospital Tuesday night. : Mra. Leland Coonan, Des Moines, and her sister-in-law, Lorraine Coo- "nfiri, Emmetsburg, were guests of Mr. and Mrs, M. J, Streif last Thursday^and Friday. They went to Em- rn.etsburg Saturday morning. The .Leland Coonans left early this week i.for'ja month In the west. for a visit with relatives till Saturday. Mabel and Jessie are both in the employ of the Red .Ball Transportation company. Mrs. Paul Blumer, -Llvefmore, became a patient at the Kossuth hospital Saturday. Mrs. C. D. Fellows with pleurisy Meredith Ann has been a patient since last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde D. Martin, ofj daughter of Asst. Postmaster am; vice: study lesson, 9:30; worship period, 10:15. Let parents join with the children • In this one hour and thirty minutes of worship and study. Evening service at the Baptist church, with the Rev. C. V. Hulse ns speaker. TRINITY LUTHERAN, P. ,. , , . •Mabel Cratty, Minneapolis, who and often serV(e(1 O rt Shrlner excur- had visited her sister, Mrs. C. B.' s | on trains. Mrs. Pike has of late Murtagh, for weeks, and Mrs. Mur- j been attending. Ames and Iowa City tngh went to Iowa Olty Wednesday for a few. Mrs. Murtagh's daughter, Mrs. TheoJ Clinton Hutchison. Thence they 'were to go last week summer schools preparatory days with ! opening,a kindergarten, school from Bradley they were to go to Evanston, 111., to visit a sister. Mrs. Murtagh will return by train In a week or two. Betty and Jean Murtagh are meanwhile visiting Mrs. Julius Baas, near .West Bend;. Mrs. Baas was employed at'the Murtagh j home several years before her mar- nrnncr, Pastor—Next Sunday: Ger-; pia B e man service, 9 a. m.; Sunday school! E. F. Rnhm Succeeds L. A. Winand Bible class, 10; English service, I kel as local K. C. Grand Knight ^if « The C0 1^ rd ,!r a A ~ meets , and Mr. Winkel, who had served|* n ext week. ".He is7n"the" electrical this afternoon with Mrs. ,E. Drees- four years has in turn succeeded man. Confirmation instructions each Mr. Rahm as advocate. Other offi- Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Naudain are anticipating visits from two sons Prof, and Mrs. Glen G. Naudain left Rockhill, S. C., by car for Algona early in the week, expecting to arrive late this week for several weeks here. 'Professor Naudain is head of the chemistry department of a. college at'Rockhill, and lie will return to Ms work in September. Earl Naudain was to leave Glendale, Calif., this week /by train, and is expected here either' late this week or early Wednesday forenoon at 8:30. cers are: Doctor Thlssen, deputy G. „ K -I Adolph 'Fuhrman, chancellor; MT. THOMAS, loulg Dennlnirlioff,.' Jos. .Bestenlehner, recorder; E. J. Hoff- business in California. His daughter of Mr. and Mrs. wife, a Vesper, former Algonians, ' F. Is H. not , ,. . ., recorer; M. Th., Rector — Ninth Sunday after McEvoy, treasurer; Charles coming. Mrs. Vesper is 'in poor health, and she remained there to help care for her mother. N. A..Smith.an*k Algona, mourn the death ot mother, Mrs. Jas. Smith, nee Emellne Sever, whose obituary be found at the head of this Swea City column. In the 90'g the Smiths lived here nine ( years. .Mrs, Smith and her late husband HVed together 66'years. Atf death ' Mf^ Smith was past 76 years old. It IS said in the Swea City story, that Mrs. Smith 'left two sisters, 1tmt a letter from another source speaks of two brothers and a,sister. There, \% a difference also in the number of great-grandchildren, one giving 'It as nine, the other as "<even. All of the children except Airs. Falk attended the funeral. Mrs; Smith Joined the Methodist church in 1900 ( when she lived in 'Seneca township, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. MoDade, Deal Moines, their daughter and son were here over Sunday,, guests of the D. D. Parsons. Mr. McDade formerly managed the business now conduct* ed by Cunningham & Lacy. His wife !s the former Mary Benjamin, who was a popular city employe, under the late clerk S. W. Crowell. .The McDades left here 11 years ago,.and some five years ago Mr. McDade opened an "office at Des Moinea for the Western Securities company, which deals"in loans on,,city, property. He is 'the Des -Moines branch manager for the company, which,has other 'agencies ait pmaha, Denver, and Sidney, Neb. The Sidney branch makes farm loans. The MoDade daughter will be a high school sophomore this fall, and the boy 11', is. still in the grades. The McDades were en route to Templars Park, Spirit -Lake for a vacation. Oaklyn, N. J., arrived Sunday even- Mrs. Glen Raney, was operated on i.ing.-'to spend a vacation with the for tonsilltls last Thursday. parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.' nette Goeders was a subject : io P*s Moines with Judge mer with .his grandparents ( 'a't: i 'Nor-v to attend the / republican folk, .nventlon Tuesday. j Mrs. C. A/ Samson, acconv toganaon, who teaches^ by her mother, Mrs. J. ' W. [•f»»«w I In an Indian boarding >8chool'an<H the former's daughter Ddrtjithy, okee, N. C: f 'ls. ; speW»ftl Its with her parents.' Anna Drone underwent [on tor obstruction of the bow- week. I,the Kossuth hospital Satur|Her condition Is serious. rence Longhenry, R. N. at the drove to Fort "Dodge Friday^:''and brought back Mrs. Mary Bates;;-' of Omaha, who is visiting them this 'Martin. Clyde is in the employ of the Radio Corporation of Ameriba:;and the Victor recording ma- Jeanto a major operation yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johannsen, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Tuttle, their chine company at Camden, N. J. I daughter Marilyn, -Mr. Turtle's sls- The J. J. Holtzbauers and J. J.'s I ter \ Marjorle, Mr. and Mrs. Russell niece. Rutli Holtzbauer, spent Sun- Maxwell, their son Bobby, Mr. and day at Des Moines with the C. B. Mrs. P. A. Danson, -and -their Moore Smiths, and J. J.'s youngest Bobby spent the week-end at the daughter Rosanne came home with Danson cottage at the Okobojls. •them Sunday night, after two weeks Paul, who takes after his late father w.l\h the Smiths, y Mrs. Smith te a sister of the late Mrs. Holtzbauer. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Murtagh returned Monday from Iowa City and Moines. At Iowa City they visited E. J. Murtaprh, whom they report gaining. They were accom- Frank Kohlhaas took his fajfter, painied home by Marion Graw, of La Casper Kohlhaas, Riverdale" town-! Grange, HI., for a two weeks visit. ship, to Des Moines yesterday for The Murtaghs had been gone since , Holy Communion and 10 a-m. Trinity: church school, 9 a. m.; j man, warden; inside guard, (Leslie sermonette, ! McEnroe; outside guard, Victor <Fri- I deres, who succeeded John Glsch; trustees, N. J. Weydert (new, sue-, of last Thursday from Marysville, 1 ceedlng Thos. Kain), Jos. Holtzbauer Wash., that she and Mr. Stock and Peter Bormann. E. C. McMa- would leave Wednesday, presumably hon, appointive, is financial for home, though she didn't say so. They have been visiting their son Leon, who has a newspaper there. tary. All were re-elected except as indicated. Last week's Emmetsburg Demo- Leon had been printing store sale'crat said: "Senator Geo. Patterson, ___ bills.and was keeping dad, .mothe^;! of Burt, accompanied by his hearty ; ^^^ v and his wife busy .folding them. The, haby boy of three and his charming ^^ elder Stocks will come home with; little daughter of ten, wre in Em°™ Walter Schumpp, Clarion, son, M, Mrs. hospital, spent the week-end medical, treatment by a specialist... Friday. ien-.wltn! a classmate,^ 'Gev- Frank's nephew, Vernon Kohlh'aasi:],V/ Aijce, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. llcago Avlth. b E. Hepburn Miami, Fla. accompanied them, also Frank's sis- i' Henry Wegener, accompan- ter Dena. ft;^ :.-.•-«•:/> a sister and a nephew, left j Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Harig left Sun- licago last Thursday to visit] day'for a week's vacation In .n i till'this wee] Moore, of tlv Tuesday ern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Tlnlr local' cream- daughter Betty Is meanwhile:: with p& his family spent last week ( her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. S.,E., |C.S Johnson summer cottage utura 'Heights, Clear Lake. fand Mrs, Herbert" Bucking- independence, their-son Jack, tret Jones, and Herbert Carson [Sunday at Mrs. John Caugh- Harry Baker underwent fin licltls operation at the Kos|hospital Friday. She Is em- I at her father C. S. Johnson's inty Auditor Bertha E. John- McMahon. "Joe" is a popular salesman at Kohlhaas Bros. 'Deputy Sheriff and Mrs.' 'E'"'17.' Harris, their little 'daughter.,., and Mrs. Harris's mother, Mrs. August' Engstrom, spent the week-end at' Oscar Engstrom's, Ottumwa: Oscar is a son of Mrs. August Engstrom. They returned Sunday.' Last week's iBode Bugle said: u "Mr. and Mrs. Hans Hoganson, their son -Keith, and a (North .Carolina daughter, Orpha, who is visit r W. J. Payne, Tuesday from returned ten days last week with her maternal grandparents at . Harper's Ferry. She was accompanied home by her grandmother, Mrs. Nick Barbaras, who Is spending several weeks with the Paynes and Mrs. John Bleser. Christine Wernert, of the ready- to-wear department- of the Goeders store, began a tw.o weeks vacation Monday by accompanying Mrs. Nora '•Kain, Aurora, 'HI.,.and the latter's daughter Elizabeth home for a visit. Mrs. Kain and Elizabeth had spent two weeks here with relatives, and old friends. '• '..'•' ., Algonians, is visiting at C. A. Samson's. The Schumpps drove to.Al- gona Sunday to bring Walter, and (Fred and Margaret Schumpp, who had visited the Samsons and the H. L. Gllmores, went home with them. Mr. Schumpp, who used to be employed at the local light and power plant, is now superintendent of the Clarion plant. T. P. Harrington'arid his son Robert drove to Iowa City Friday, aTid Mr. Harrington had a minor operation performed-for the removal or a lump which had for a long time been growing at the inside corner of his right eye. The surgeons found that It had been caused by obstruction of a tear duct. Only a local anaesthetic was used, and Mr.. Harrington was able • to come home within a day or two and'resume Tils office work Tuesday. .'Matt iLamuth and his children, j "Eleanor, Edward, "William, ana Esthervllle Sunday -to. attend an A. & P. picnic at the new "Fort Defiance state park. Representatives run a! metsburg -Friday. A niece of Mr. 'arid job-printing; : .Patterson, a'small girl, was also in ".V..".: ! tne Party. Mr. Patterson has been ; too busy with his farm labors to do any' campaigning. He was disappointed when Senator Brookhart was not nominated. He thinks the senior senator's heart Is all right and that he has been faithful to the interests of Iowa farmers. Mr. Patterson called on Doctor Kulp and a ^l< j^^ i', Algona Its Cool Always at the Call from 18 other stores, were in attendance: (From-Algona; were: Luella Kapp, with Leo Immerfall, Ma-. son Cltyi Melvln' Shllts, ' Harold ' few other political friends while he IBlmkmaTi, Mary Miller, Arnold El-' bert, Mr. and Mrs. B. "Lane and a daughter, and Mr. Benesh's friends, Milred Havey., Chicago, and Marion Lane, Manchester. George, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Harris, letft last Thursday for; Sa-n Diego, Calif., to rejoin his ship! the Tia;vy plane carrier Lex-ington, •sister ship to the more famous Sara- teoa. Mr. Harris is rated a fireman, but as the ship is motor-driven 'is Aid her mother, Mrs/ Magnus | ing them, were visiting local rela- will go to Cedar Rapids'lives Tuesday. Miss Hoganson ' • for several days ,wlth an-; employed In a home for Indians, (•daughter. i Mr - and Mrs - George Hohn», " ', B. J, Skinner went to Iowa! ristown, Minn., and a iturday for, a weelc^with, her home last-Thursday, son went after ten days Kate, who 'is 'attending j with George's sister l^r school there. Both -v^ill come operates an oil station. |-next week-end. .•• ' • ; and Mrs. J. E. Jones have 'George; Dr. W, E. H, Morse was for some years located at Morrlstown after he left Al- kit the Atlas Cafe at Estherville gona. lave changed the name to one Examiner ny years favorably known in la— State's Cate. Harry V. Hull, of.;,the Kossuth County State bank, ^vho -^. ca v.» w . also has charge of the closed iFar'm- ine Crosby, ClarkavW, came ers Savings at Swea City and has spend a week with been going to that town every Bother was in town." Dr. and Mrs. -R. H. Crawford, Indianapolis, Ind., who are spending a three weeks vacation with relatives android friends at Des Moines, Fort Dodge, and Algona, came up from 'Fort -Dodge Saturday and visited -here till Monday, guests of Dr. and Mrs. L. C. -Nugent. Doctor and Mrs. Crawford and their daughters, Ann a.nd Mary, were expected to -return 'yesterday for a further visit. The Thursday, July 21 LAST DAY OF JOE BBOWN in "The Tenderfoot" Matinee 2:30. Prices, 10-25c. the rating 'means little, though he I doctor, a former Rotarian, attended ' day, has changed his schedule and now Spends only two days a week to i Caughlin. She and Drusilla the I. S, T. C f , Ced^v. Falls, a 1 two years ago. ' . . . ,.Heck and his daughter. Mra.i E, J. Murtagh, who is still a hos- Eoheland, Flint, Mich., visited pital patient at Iowa City, continues to gain, and is expected home in an- there. Gronbach and Mrs, Henry lor several days 'last week, for home Friday; John Kenefick , returned • from Des •Moines with Doc- ieneflck, who drove ; down -, for Konday. She had visaed Des' i relatives since Friday. 1 and Mrs. James M. "Love and [son, James Sheridan, spent a week-end with Ib, Mr. and Mrs. other week or two. with him, After His wife is still Mr. Murtagh's fther relatives at Garner, strength has been built up ,he will return to loWa City for a second operation. ', Mrs. H. F. Housh, Des Moines, and her daughters Joan and Barbara went home with Mr. Housh , ,last „„ „„.... _ Thursday, following two weeks with Mr Love's' Mrs. Housh's parents, Mr. and Mp. L M. Owen. Mr. Housh, who came, early last Week, travels for a coffee M. T. 'Love, alcoholic insanity, hearing was company. M the courthouses-Saturday Mrs. IFred Bartholomew and . her courthous.^ ,T.Mr. and. Mrs. Otimpbell Humphrey, Chicago, arrived Saturday for three weeks with the latter's parents, Mr; arid Mrs. C. H. Taylor. Mrs. Humphrey was Grace Taylor, and her hus- jand is in the insurance touslness'in the. city. Mrs. Huriiphrey has been Playground supervisor four years at the' Earl school, Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Kain and Mrs. A..C. Willey left . yesterday morning for DeKalb, 111, The Kains will visit relatives and bring home their dau'ghter Alice, who has been attending an Illinois state normal school. Mrs. Willey went on to Chicago 'to visit relatives who in a few weeks will bring her home. : Appendicitis operations at the Kossuth' hospital during the laat week have been performed on: Marvin, '8, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Cal- houri, near Algona; Jerome Elsen- barth, St. Benedict; Walter Johnson, mechanic at 'Helberg's garage; Mary, left Sunday f or , al two weeks vacation at -Spring "Lake. Minn., where they have a rented summer cottage. During their absence Mrs: Jeannette Goozey. Brltt, Is with ner daughter,: Mrs. Tjanvuth, who Is "kept at home by heart trouble. Mrs. Lamuth also has a maid. Russell Hodges and Walter Dale are teamed up as substitutes at the Swift plant for Matt during his absence. ' Algonians who attended an Epworth League Institute, at the Methodist camp grounds at the Okobojls last week were: Mary Elizabeth •Foster, her guest, Mary Joyce Hartman, Janesvllle, ' Wls., Valeria •Plck- ett, Gertrude Long, " Ruth McKee, Ha Leffert, Ruth Hulse, Ida Halpm, Ruth Malueg, .Bob and Dick Post, Drennan. Mathes, Robert McCril- lough, Robert Richardson, and .Max Miller. The Rev, and Mra. C. V. Hulse were chaperons.' '. , Mrs. A. H. Stock wrote under date works in the engine rooms. The tooat <caTT>les 1800 men. Kenneth Harris, operator of the 'Standard station at the corner of. Joijes and State Streets, is George's brother, and IDeputy Sheriff E., L. Harris is a cous'hi. • .' : . '. Mrs. IB. P. 'Richardson, 'her' daughter Meredith,- and son Max will accompany. the former's sister, Mrs. J. T*. Kirby, and the latt'er's son Max ,to their home at Cedar Rapids today. Mrs. Kirby and her son ; had .visited the Richardsons ten days. 'Besides a visit, at" .Cedar ' Rapids, Meredith will; visit Laura and Carol Green, ''Lone Tree. ,E, C. Green, the local club's meeting Monday. The Crawfords .moved from here to Indianapolis a year, or - so : ago, and Doctor Crawford is engaged in lab- oratpry. reserach work there for a large corporation. Mrs. 'Fred Pike, Clinton, and her son Richard same Tuesday for a visit till Sunday with the Anton Dldriksens. Mrs. Pike is the former Ruth Spooner, who served as principal of the Lone : Rock -high school a few years ago. She taught for some years at Burt before going -to Lone Rock, and. Mrs.. Didrlksen was a teacher there at the same time. Mrs. Pike's husband, who was BASKET GROCERY L E ASHLANU PHOPRItTOR , ALCONA.IOWA PHONE IO3 TW MEAT ATLANTIC • PACIFIC TEA COMPAN MIDDLE WESTERN DIVISION Special Values for this week FINEST CREAMERY BUTTER . . 22c EVAPORATED Quality at a Price SPECIALS FOR ?U^Y 21 TO 28 INCLUSIVE C»pe Sugar, 9^1^ cloth bag \ Cane Sugar. JO lb. cloth bag Brown Sugar, 4 lb«, i-,. ^"fc Powdered ^«gar, 8 Ibs. _— , ""^ t'We are selling over a .carload of Hour a "'°" th - «?eks. When |he anallty of our flour is considered the price : wmrt be bettered ««r ij^f M> , Gold Medal «Kit«hen -ffsted w flow, 49 U>s, H^|& [>«t w " lh " " IK- m—.-**fT-*"""***™ —T"*"**"*""^ t . fat SP ««n*« 3RW-3 1 1? T 9 *••" 1" i^ v« *&&!$ MILK . . 3 «* FLOUR wfl.15 QUAKER MAID • . . . 3 16-OZ. CANS MAYFAIR BUCKtil 3ft GREEN TEA. 14-LB. TIN. 2t« CAMPBEl.1,'8 TOMATO BLUE HI WON { ' • « DELICIOUS PRUNES t t : «• t wwt; 29* . SPAGHETTI . . SUSANS Better Grade DRESSES! Friday & Saturday July 22 and 23 Big 3 Way Attraction! Call Theatre, Aigona Matinees 1:30-3:30. Vaudeville on the Stage I >l , youthful «heer»! Gorgeous chalky crepes! Marvelous high shade jacket models! Distinctive floral prints! Reduced for closeout! BrUliattt jacket Print*4*,- sheersj $O.45 3 mw^mv^^^f^.^yr ^ S*Fh*4a\iM&f*&4 ^s^A f *i'iK..'" i Oklahoma Cowboys! ABT BURDETTE, daddy of Cowboy Bands sets the pace THE TWO HARMONY GIBLS Radio Entertainers * • TEX, tfce Cowboy, comedian ;. —Also— - "'' f <** First Episode New Serial HARRY CAREY in , "TJIE LAST Of THE MOHICANS" JUNIOR COUGIILIN »n4 HOB ART BOS WORT ij^ An authentic reproduction of , ; J, Pennimore Cooper's <?' feature pjctwe BOUGEAS FAIRBANKS JR^ ! * < jrf, ,»*? Suuda, aud -'V>>! '«^S" ^'f W^i, *j / Hrf

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