Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 6, 1925 · Page 44
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 44

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 6, 1925
Page 44
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r. EIGHTH SECTION PAGE TWO PITTSBURGH GAZETTE TIMES, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1923. s i r i" i f X HUDSON-ESSEX I SALES BOOMED BY t PRICE REDUCTION Jl distributor Sees 1926 Auto Battle on Basis of Values Offered. jl As a. result of greatly reduced . prices, the sales activity of Hudson and Essex cars has been greatly stimulated both locaIy and all over Ihe United States. The autumn season, according to the Pierpoint Motor Company, Hudson-Essex distributor, gives every indication of setting new : high records. With all lines of new cars having , "been announced, according- to Mr. Pierpoint, the public is in an excel-jj lent position to judge comparative -values, and to reward -with a great ,f Wluffle of business those manufacturers who present most value for he money. "Immediately after the Hudson-'Essex price reduction was an- Aounced," said Mr. Pierpoint. "we began to receive inquiries and orders for cars in great numbers. The late- Bummer-early-fall season is ordi-; narily rather below normal for motor ears as well as other busi-, n esses, but in the case of the Hud- eon-Essex price reduction we might . Ilave thought we were in the midst ; f a spring rush. It was the best .; business 1925 has given us. , "It was evident that the motoring ' public had made up its mind that ! Hudson-Essex were the values it had !i waited for. The men and women ' who called at our place of busienss . came in to buy rather than simply HUDSON-ESSEX SALES FORCE ENLARGED w i -Ik-' ) C. Hubert Cnpps. The Pierpoint ' Motor Company, Hudson and Essex distributor, has recently added a number of Pittsburgh's well-known automobile salesmen to its retail sales force. The new men include C. Herbert Cupps, formerly jn charge of the retail sales department of a Pittsburgh automobile concern; P. A. Baker and R. H. F. A. Bolter. Symington, all of whom have established enviable sales records in this territory. ! The Pierpoint Motor Company's method of remuneration assures a salesman of obtaining a direct benefit from the amount of business he develops, for, although an employe, he is practically in business for himself. These salesmen feel " that the R. H. Syruimftno. public has shown by its manner of buying that they prefer a closed automobile if given a quality product at a fair price. The Hudson and Essex coaches have long filled this demand and. 'the recent sweeping price reductions have made Hudson-Essex more than ever the world's greatest buys, which makes the future of any salesman for these cars very rosy. 10-YEAR DODGES IN ACTIVE SERVICE TODAY NUMEROUS Car No. 136 on Exhibition in Salesrooms of Dealer for This District. Dependability and long lif me to Frank P. Saupp, locjal are largely responsi We for tie Wrae Good Will" enjoyed accord-dealer, "World by Dodge Brothers, Inc. These char icteristics are but the natural results of selection of the highest grade materials, of precision in workmanship and of soundness of design. "The files at the factory," says Mr. Saupp, "contain hundreds of letters written voluntarily by enthusiastic owners of Dodge Brothers motor cars which were among the first shipped into different parts of the country and which are still in active service. A large percentage of these has traveled well upward of 300,000 miles. "As typical examples of these 'Old Times,' car No. 12, the first Dodge Brothers car delivered on the Pacific coast, is reported still in service after more than 170,000 miles on all kinds of mountain roads. Car No. 13, the first to inquire and shop around. "In our opinion the automobile battle of 1926 will be fought out on the basis of values. There is probably no standard motor car today but that is capable of pleasing a great number of owners. That being true, the question in the mind of the average man or woman who is buying a car is to invest his money so as to obtain the best general all-around value for it. 1 To. Spaad Track Hundreds o Stewart Fleets Have Grown Erom a Single Track lib To 2 To MeV ToTaek IN every industry Stewart Truck are constantly gaining ground on one quality alone Stewarts are noted for their steady, consistent service, their economy in gasoline, oil and -tires. Many 4, 6, 8, lO and even 12 year old Stewarts are still making good on the road. Ste waits are easy riding, easy to handle. In actual tests Stewarts wiH outlive and outwork other trucka of similar rated power they stky on the road and oat of the repair shop. Performance steady, dependable service- that is the reason so many Stewart fleets have grown from a single truck. Sold by STEWART MOTOR TRUCK CO., Inc. Factory Branch: 205-207 N. Highland Avenue, Pittsburgh. Open KvenincK. rhone Biland 3438 I I MOTOR TRUCKS 3 AUBURN IS MASTER OF MOTOR CAR MODELS WWk UJU I . M! II II ii - nfk:Y pja yi Lii ispr rt "The policy which will best protect- the interest of owners of a manufacturer's product is the policy which will best maintain the reputation of the product itself, 13 the statement made by E. W. Mohler of the Mohler Motor Company, 581S-20 Tenn avenue, Pittsburgh distributor for Auburn motor cars. "With this ideal in mind the Auburn Corporation has used all the vast resources at its command. The new Auburn models are products of the ripened experience of the best automobile engineers. Continual advancement and betterment, regardless of price, and the constant maintenance of highest standards and Ideals are reflected through Auburn cars in their originawty of design, mechanical excellence and sturdy construction. The latest models possess in greater measure than ever before marked characteristics of quality, value, beauty and exclusive-ness. "From the lustrous finish on the body to the bronze bushings in the mechanism, utmost skill, engineering progress and careful construction are evident in these exceptional Six and Straight Eight-cylinder cars. The prospective purchaser of a motor car is, therefore, sure of obtaining the fullest equivalent of the money he proposes to invest if he will invest in a car which is the result of a determined and conscientious effort on the part of the Auburn organization to build the finest motor car in its class." HEW LOCOMOBILE OFFICER by rt. j am a . n r HI Why are motorist everymtkerm turning from Fmr and other Sixes to the Kev Oakland! Why arc they placing orders for it in a volume mrhich is taxing Oakland' capacity to gttpplyt On iieSSOn is Oakland value New prices, '70 to 350 lower, have ' established these new motor cars as un equaled investments. Another Reason is Oakland quality New bodies by Fisher, Air Cleaner, Oil Filter, Four-Wheel Brake refinements and a host of others have been added. Overshadowing All of course, is Oakland performance. Unmatched freedom from vibration due to the Harmonic Balancer, an exclusive feature, gives new emphasis to the car's speed, acceleration and flexibility. Far ahead in every respect! That's the secret of the turn towards Oakland. That's why this car will win your favor over any other in the field! Touring Car Coach ... Landau Coupe Sedan ... Landau Sedan lOZ5 (Old Price 1095) 1095 (Old Price . . '. '. 1215) 1125 (Old Price-. .' . . . 1295) 1195 (Old Price . . . . . 1545) 1295 (Old Price 1645) AH price mt factory 9 General Motors Time Pawnl Roles, herefnfore the lou-rxt in the indttstry. been made mttil lower. W c can mow wvr yom as much oj $-fO to SttO m ymer ttme payment costs. Englert-McKean Automobile Co. Pittsburgh, Pa. BAUM BLVD. AT CRAIG ST. I'hoae Scbralcy 471)5 WINNING AND HOLDING GOOD WILL, OAKLAND S IX SX PRODUCT OF GENERAL TioTORs" ti slf . aa "-.' . 1 ftLriU-W! AVilliRiii K. KmIcj. Mr. Kealey, well known in Pittsburgh automobile circles, h.u be.n appointl smsifrtant sal 3 mannper for the C. A. McClintrx-k Company, local ilictributor for the locfmbil. Mr. Keak-y has km in Pittsburgh more than 12 years and prior to coming; to this city was a factory representative for the Imm-moljiie t.'ompany, which makes him particularly well fitteii for his new position, lie is an excellent salesman and has a host of frinds in this territory. received in Denver, CoL, arriving there December 10, 1314, vao first used as a demonstrator. It is still giving satisfactory service to its original purchaser. "Tbe first Dodg-e Brothers car sold in the State of Arizona was recently-traced by the dealer at Phoenix and located in the service of a farmer in the Yuma Valley. It now occupies a conjjpicuous place in that dealer's display room. 'Touring Car No. 152, the first sold in Portland, Me., is far from the scrap pile. The original owner, Mr. Jordan, after using it for a number of years as a passenger car, converted it into a ton truck to convey garden produce to the Portland markets. The satisfactory service rendered by this 10-ycar-old car led Mr. Jordan, when later in need of an additional truck of greater capacity, to buy a Graham Brothers truck, which is powered by Dodire Brothers' engine. Car No. 1S6, the veteran of Pittsburgh, was traced by the dealer through several changes of ownership to a farm where it was in daily scrv-kre over rough country rotL. In spite of the hiKh valuation placed by the. owner, "Old 136 now occupies a .space in the I'ittsburg-h salesroom. "Prom the dealer at CJlenns Falls, X. Y., comes the report that he has just purchased for dismay and demonstrating purposes one of the Prst Dodge Brothers cars delivered in his territory. It has given 150,000 miles of satisfactory service. 'The dealer in Buffalo, X. Y.. J. A. Cramer, recently, as evidence of dependability, compiled a list of names of 70 Buffalo citizens who purchased Podge Brothers cars 10 years ago and giving are still tine w-hose cars service. "In Binghamton, X. Y., the dealer recently ran an advertisement in the local newspajer inviting the owners of the Dodge Brothers cars sold in ninghaniton during 1!U4 and 3915 to register their cars, if Btill in service, at his salesroom. Of 09 cars sold during those years, 52 were registered. Most of the other owners had moved from the city. "Of great interest is the fact that cut of these 52 cars -13 had their original baked enamel finish, a large percentage showing almost the original lustre. The leather upholstering was invariably pood. "World Wide Good Will for Podge IJrotliers, Inc., is the natural reward of universal respect and satisfaction 'mong the users of their product." g;mri:;nT!:n:i;;:!:i:i:i:inii;ira:i.u s V I X X I X J A X I) II OM) X (J (iOOI) WILL M OARLAN D DRIYTIRLESS CHANDLER OPERATED BY RADIO ' f Tz sHM inn? L rT'VJ 1 SIX Oakland has added more than 100 improve menfi to cars that were already unmatched in performance, appearance and value then subtracted $70 to $350 from Oakland prices, bringing; these brilliant and beautiful new O&klands down to the price-level of Fours! W. W. Bennett Motor Car Co. Kat Liberty Cfi 1 Q PFNN AVF Telrpfc.a, g In the press of heavy traffic on busy Broadway, New York, there was recently staged a wireless demonstration that bids fair to go down in history as the most remarkable that New Yorkers have yet seen. A new 1926 stock Chandler touring car with no one. at the wheel was piloted safely, solely by radio-control through the maze of traffic on that most crowded of all city streets Broadway. This radio-controlled, driverless Chandler was made to turn corners, shift gears, blow the horn, start and stop, by a system of wireless relays. It obeyed perfectly the will of the driver as expressed in another Chandler which followed some 15 feet behind. The car was driven down Broadway to Fifty-seventh street, across to Park avenue, north to Eightieth street and back again to the starting point, a distance that covered every possible traffic emergency hazard. The inventor of the radio-control apparatus, Francis P. Houdina, rode on the running board of the driverless Chandler solely as a precaution, but did not touch the steering wheel, gear shifting lever or the brakes, at any time during the entire demonstration. The radio-controlled Chandler was propelled at between five and 30 miles an hour this low rate of speed being used because of the extremely heavy traffic through which it was piloted. The controlling Chandler contained a small continuous-wave transmitting set which employed four five-watt tubes as oscillators. The wave lengths used in the demonstration were 109 and 120 meters. By a system of dots, the operator in the controlling Chandler oould make any desired relay act in the Chandler driven by radio control. When caused to act by radio, the relays started motors which brought about the various actions necessary to control the automobile. . "While considerable credit for this remarkable exhibition is due. Mr. Houdina's marvelously intricate apparatus. says H Nelson Dunbar of Pittsburgh Motors Corporation, Chandler dealers, "Chandler's ideal ease of steering and its marvelous facility in gear-shifting had much to do with the success of the entire demonstration, "Francis P. Houdina, the inventor of the radio-control system, is elated over the results, and feels certain he can drive the Chandler entirely, by radio control across . the American continent, just as easily and surely as he could drive it across, personally." New I526 Ley --t? "I've owned 8 cars but this is easily the finest!" A wonderful way to judge and appreciate the new 1926 Chandler is by contrast. Compare it with all the cars you have ever owned in the way it performs and note the contrast I Compare it on any basis with any present-day car and note the contrast! Observe the beautiful body lines of the 1926 Chandler, its richness of finish, its style. Try out its marvelous Pikes Peak Motor on the longest, steepest hills you can find. Try it out in traffic Throttle it away down. Step on it. Shift gears. Apply the brakes . . You!! discover, as others discover, that you have never known a car to be so thoroughly and completely delightful. P, S. Small payments on long'time terms. THE CHANDLER MOTOR CAR COMPANY PITTSBURGH MOTOR CORPORATION 5918 PENN AVE. Allegheny County Dealers CLEVELAND Canmlr Wah !; Motor C4h, Wfixhingrton Ave. nomeotrad bandler A f1eve land Sales A Srrvtce. 1W k. Kijcata A-. Mt. Lebanon M. I. Shank Motor Co., .116 antic Shannon Itond. MrKrraoorf C. W. Wrrekr, 422 Sheridan Ave. Mt. Oliver MeRnrlln-Kleln Co 113 Arllnsrton Ave. MrKee Rarka R. a. Srhmid, 327 Cnartlers Ave. few Kenalnaon YV. J. Shaw. 4H Stanton Ave. onh side Rntleds;e-I.avt ill, KOI Federal St. "orth Side Perry Ranre Co. M41 Perrmvllle Ave. I'ltrairn M. I. Salyard. 53 llrotidwa jr, IMttMbarxh Sable - TUehards Motor Cis 1011 Center Ave. . Distributors Phone Hlland 7356 Sbarpsbnrg; . K. Stepp & Son, Mala St. Svrinsvale Swlanvale M.tor Co. MNM) Hraddoeh: Ave. Tarrntnm Taller Motor Co- S13 K. Sixth Ave. VVeat View H. It. Klns. 398 lerryville Ave. Wllklnxhara; Gross A Mefcr- lie-h, Fenn Ave. Wllmerdins; H. w. Potter, 413 VVeatinishonme Ave. W .Ik. 1 SiHfflMHBAinia.rim

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