Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 14, 1932 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1932
Page 10
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BUY RED TOP TWINE Not made by convicts. SAVE MONEY MORE TWINE AT LESS COST 600 ft. per pound SAVE GRIEF Every ball guaranteed to give satisfaction — smooth, even, and 15 pounds stronger. The recollection of quality remains long after the low price is forgotten. fc FARMERS' ELEVATOR CO. Phone 36P1 HOBAETON, IOWA R. L. REID, Mgr. ALGONA YOUTH SEES MANSION OF 122 BOOM8 Wanders in Midst of Luxury in Castle in Wisconsin. ' By Evan Finnell. Lake Geneva, Wls., July 7 — associating- with the caretaker and detective of one of the largest and -nost exclusive estates on the lake I had the opportunity of viewing the nterlor of a three-story castle, vhlch consists of 122 mammoth ooms. Including 22 "baths. The entire estate consists of 260 :cres, Including a large model farm, ocated at the rear of the tract away rom the lake. The main estate con- ists of ten acres of heavily wooded nnd on the Ashore-front of Lake Geneva. A mammoth, yet artistic, stone" ence. hides from view of the public ye this indescribable mansion. In- Ide of this fence, which borders on all sides but the lake shore, are i'ell kept beautiful lawns. Many rives wind around among the huge rees which make up the natural re- erve surrounding the main house. Gothic Arches.Are Hand Carved*. Surrounding the house on the ront and two sides is a high elevat- d terrace bordered by a fancy stone ailing. The porch, which runs on he three sides of the house, is made >f cement. Huge stone pillars sup j >ort the stone arches and dome idlings. These arches and ceilings ire constructed on the old gothic ype. Many carvings are a foot deep nto the rock and give the heavy structure a light lacy effect. Upon iewing these many figure heads and carvings I recalled my days in ,n ancient history class. I was again- convinced -I should have stud- ed. i am certain the many carv- .ngsQ>f figures told some story Outside of the porch railing and evel with the floor are lifesize figure heads of roaring lions. These acted, as drains. The water runs :hrough the open mouths to the terrace below.' On entering the house from the rear drive I first passed through a huge kitchen. It consisted of all modern conveniences. On one wal were shelves and cupboards ext^nd- ing to the 16-foot celling.^On either side adjoining the kitcTreh- are two smaller rooms filled with cupboards and large built-in refrigerators. One is a supply room or pantry for the chief cook. The other, which is between the kitchen and dining room is known'as the butler's room. The woodwork of all these rooms is fancy designed and carved quarter- sawed oak; . Dining 1 Room Rich In .Detail. Entering the dining room I was forced to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming.' In the center of an inlaid floor of nearly every kind of wood was a huge mahogany table. The large chairs and table were hand-carved. The walls, witft many full-length arched -windows, were lined with imported tapestry. All rooms were different and carried out on a different scale. The library is a replica, even to furnt- tuije of the historical room, which housed the event of the signing of the declaration. I was amazed at the likeness of pictures I had 1 seen. One who had the quality of day- Republican Resolutions Summarized f here ' fife 18 ' paragraphs In ro84)lt\<tott8 adopted by the republican county contention a wccK ngo Saturday, and It wonld take more than a coliintn to Set them out In full. Snch as »re most Interesting follotvi The record of President Hoover speaks lor Itself nnd,needs no word of this convention to add or detract. Wo wish to commend In highest terms the fearless, 'honest, and efficient administration of Governor Turner. We trust that, the people of Kossiith comity and of Iowa will afford him unanimous support, In his further efforts to consolidate the departments of the state government, effect economies of administration In the government of Iowa, further lower taxes nnd promote their levying In a fairer manner. Wo continue to maintain that taxation should be based upon "ability to pay"; nnd we urge the reduction of taxes on farm lands nnd homes by the greater use of sharply graduated Income and Inheritance taxes. We condemn a general sales tax because It directly violates the principle of ability to pay. We commend the' stand for economy and efficient administration of the national government taken by our congressman, Fred C. Gllchrlst, end we urge his retnrn to Washington by the largest possible popular vote. We urge the support of candidates on the state nnd county republican ticket, and especially those of Geo. W. Patterson and C. V. Clark; candidates respectively for senator and lieutenant governor. We urge.the enactment of sucli measures as will reduce the Interest rate- on farm mortgages. '"We urge upon congress the Immediate adoption of such measures ns will bring the average of commodity prices up to the level of 198Q. We are gratified with the appointment of Gardner Cowles as a member of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation board, and we hope he may be Influential in curing the financial Ills of Iowa. We recommend that laws pro- riding for mandatory road levies be made optional. We recommend diverting a reasonable,amount of the revenues available for road-building over nnd above what Is necessary to meet requirements of the present primary road program for use In the Improvement of secondary roads. VBtftlfY flrafter, P«»»«r—JJext Sunday.' Ger<man Service, 9 ft., th.; Sunday school, 10! English service, 10:30. The, S. S. T. meets tonight at the parsonage. The Aid will meet next week Thursday with tarsi E. Dreesman. ST. THOMAS, Ion Is Dennlnffhoff, M. Th., Hector—Eighth Sunday after Trinity: church school, 9 a. m.( Holy- Communion and sermonette, 10. ilESHYTEBIAN, ,T. L. Colemnn, Pastor—Sunday services now begin at 9:30 and run through the preaching hour, which begins at 10:16, closing at 11. in ia«t weeto Advance tion of the number of lot at Rivef View % cemetery fav« *tne Impression that-My ^ 6 ,-.Wfte burled In the cemetery. This was; erroneous, for the listings are <r family names,'or names of "lot i owners, and there may be several graves In a lot. ' The flliffl-' ber of graves is therefore several times 796. The cemetery's record of burials',was lost in "a~ fire some years'ago, and thero.is now no complete list of burlalsr' STROKE FATAL FOR MRS, DAVID 111 ;TAU Mrs. David Rtstau, who suffered an appolectlc stroke last week Tuesday, died .Saturday,", morning. She had.for three years been afflicted with 'high blood pressure. Pneumonia followed the stroke. 'Short funeral. services were conducted at the home, here by the Rev. P, J. 'Braner, who also officiated at public services at the -local Evangelical Lutheran church. The church was too small to hold all the people who attended; Burial was made in the Lotts Creek Lutheran cemetery. Six grandsons served as pall- bearers. Mrs. Ristau, who was In her 72nd year,' was born December 2, IS60, at Ka'rlhof, West .Prussia. Wlren she was 22 she came to America, and for a time she lived near Geneseo, 111. On January 7, 1883, she was married to (Ludwig Wetzel at Rocfc Island. In 1889 they came from Coal" Valley, 111., to Lu-Verne, tat after three years there they moved to Union township, where Mr. Wetzel died in 1910. The widow tlreir moved to Algona, .where she was married to Mr. Ristau on March 11,. 1914. '.'•' By her fist husband Mrs. 'Ristau' had 11 children. Three died in Infancy, and a daughter, Mrs. Emma Ristau, died at Lu Verne last February. Surviving children .are:: William Wetzel, Mrs. Lena Potatz, Lotts Creek; Mrs. Elsie Bast, Mrs. Bertha Thlel, Algona; • Mrs. Clara Bender, Mrs. Anna Heller. Westgate; Mrs. Martha Geilenfeld, Lu Verne. A 'stepson, Edward Wetzel, lives at St. Paul. There are 32 grandchildren. Mr. Ristau survives; also two brothers, Charles Hintz, Coal Valley, 111., and Louis Hintz, Algona. People who came for the funeral hailed from 14 towns. DENNIS MYERS NAMED COACH t AT U, OF_WEST VIR8INIA Dennis E. Myers, Algona bov ,^ho made good first on .the local football team, then as guard .for- Iowa, has been appointed head line coach at the West Virginia state, university, according to a Des Molnes Register sports^lspatch from Iowa City. The Register says: "Myers won Hawk- •eye^grld letters in 1927; 'l,928, w - t and 1929. Following graduation , from the university in 1930, he played professional football. >•Theater Is Closed. ' ; The Grand Theater at Estherville was closed last .week Tuesday night. It was said .that the closing would be temporary, but no,date for reopening was announced, nor was the temporary closing explained. , f" Want AcU | dreaming that I picture the old have eould easily colonial figures gravely surrounding the huge table. I next passed to a room of -French design. All walls hact tapestry, and there were dome ceilings. All of the furnishings in this room were Imported from Prance. The chairs were queer, yet comfortable. All of For Service We Dry Clean your old clothes and save you money! M you want a New Suit we can furnish it made to measure* Call and see the new patterns. Modern Dry Cleaners PHONE 117 the furniture was metal, and finished in gold. A small ordinary chair was too heavy for one man to lift. The room was real light, and all the paintings were of light tints. Sees Mirror 10 by 20 Feet. I, next visited the ballroom. The walls were paneled five feet from the floor in white marble. A huge white marble fireplace covered nearly one end. One wall mirror was about 10x20 feet in size. The floor was part marble and part Inlaid wood. Beautiful tapestry covered t;he walls. The celling was a huge dome. Suspended from the arch was a chandelier carrying hundreds of lights, and constructed of many minute cutglass crystals. The fixture itself would be too large to be carried on an average truck. On the floor was a huge seamless rug that i matched the tapestry of the walls. [ It was imported, and cost more than $186,000, and is now valued at a million dollars. Large marble tables along the walls held huge punch bowls. Many white marble pedestals hold life-size carvings of nude women. Space will not permit a description of the massive hallway, the many other rooms and the bedroom suite, which contained as many as 20 pieces of massive furniture. , No Two Booms Alike. In the entire house no two rooms are alike. The other rooms on the first floor were billiard and smoker, music, and art rooms, and a huge reception hall. One who has not seen the place will doubt that such a place exists. The history of the estate is unknown, for nearly all the family have moved abroad. The title to the estate has not bee'n settled because of the many inheritances of late years. I was shocked at the wealth displayed in this mansion. One really does not enjoy such a trip when he recalls the many needy and the depression. The present rightful owner la abroad buying new furnishings, etc. My "two-bit" vocabulary was exhausted. The place seemed like a dream. It is a place' unknown by the public, for it is kept strictly private, and only by sheer luck was I able to see it. I will neyer forget Jt A, N, STAGY PASSES AT ST. PAU^NIAY 26 Some weeks ago, news of the death of A. N. Stacy, former Algon- ian, was published, but at the time no obituary facts could be obtained. A few facts have now been learned. Mr. Stacy died at the home of his son Orrln at Chicago, following a four-year sickness with heart trouble. He had spent his last few months at Orrin's, and his death, took place May 26, burial being made at St. Paul. Mr. Stacy was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thos. D. Stacy, both now deceased. He was born on a farm two miles east of Algona' which for many years was known as the Stacy homestead. He grew up here, and In his early teens was employed at the postofflce when the late Col. R. H. Spencer was postmaster. Later Mr. Stacy moved to Du- buaue, where he was an office em- ploye of the Richardson Shoe factory. Ait Dubuque he was married to Florence Richardsen. 'Still later Mr. Stacy was em- FOR RENT — LIGHT HOtfSE- keeplng rooms.—Call 798. ; ,7p44 WANTED—HOUSEWORK B? -day or hour, 25c per hr.—Call 188: , 10p44 FOR SALE—CHEVROLET SEDAN; 1925 model, cheap.—Call 461-Wv'< 9p44 FOR SALE OR TRADE—38 : FT. elevator.—'Roy Lowman, Algona: 10p44 FOR REJVT — MODERN HOUSE with: garage.—Phone 316-W. 8u42tf FOR RENT—MODERN. HOUSE witfis double garage.—Mrs. Agrtes Seel'y. • 10p44-45 WANTBIP TO RENT — TWO OR three 1 unfurnished rooms. —- Call 65T-J;. !Qu44 2 REGISTERED ST. •pups' for- sale.. — Ed VernBi. BERNARD Lenz, Lu 10p44 LOST—(BLACK TRUNKS, WHITE Belt of girEs bathing salt.— Notify Advance; • • ' ;-,.-. Itn44 j POR"BENT—ROOMS KITHER"FOR light housekeeping: or sleeping rooms.—GMI 7.71'.. ployed in a bank at Dresser Junction, Wis., but alter several years there he had to move to Texas in the "hope of bettering his health. Besides the son Orrin, there is one other child, Edith, St. Paul. There also survives a 'brother Ben at Seattle. ' , -*- NELSON REUNION IS HELD AT STATE PARK The Nelson family met at the Ambrose A. Call state park last Thursday for a reunion, and there were 63 persons in attendance. At a business meeting officers were elected: Mrs. W. C. Nelson, president; Mrs. A. L. iBenschoter, secretary-treasurer. Next year.'s reunion will be held July 6 at the same place. In attendance were: Mrs. Sena Nelsen, (Frank Nelsen, the C. E. Christiansens, and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Nelsen, all of Ringsted; the Sophus Petersons, Mrs. Gertie Thompson, and the Harvey Thompsons, Hurt; Mrs. Annie Nelsen, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Nelsen, Mr. and Mrs. A. 'L». B^nschoter, Mrs. Leslie Huf, Algona. Mrs. Earl Girton, Oskaloosa, three daughters; Mrs. Marcus Petersen, Los Angeles; Mrs. Elmer Nelsen, Fort Dodge, daughter Marguerite; Mrs. Ardith Hicks, Aberdeen, S. D., son Robert; Mrs. (Frances .Rederua, Iowa 'Falls, daughter Helen Mae; Mrs. Chas. Havens, Lake City. The William Butricks, Glldden; Mr. and Mrs. Chris Sorensen, daughters Edna and Mrs. Randall Fretty, son Keith, all of Center, N. D.; Mrs. Henry Elman, Lisbon, N. D., daugh- REAL ESTATE — RENTALS— small loans—insurance. — Algona Insurance Agency. • 9u36tf MODERN 1 APARTMENT FOR rent — Kbsauthi County State Bank Examiner in Charge. Ilu31tf Wash Crepe Suits! Floral and Figured Prints! Sporty White Drerces! •/ Striped Jacket Models! i Smart Printed Chiffons! Gorgeous High Shades! Scarf and Capelet Styles! R R H H m Department Stores AUTOMOBILE INS U R A N C E — low rates—full coverage.—Algona Insurance Agency. 9u36tf WANTED). JOB" RUNNING threshing maen-nTe> separator. :. 1932 wages.—J. H: Zanke, Algona. p«t3-44 UPSTAIRS atafnray.— FOR RENT—4-R00M apartment, outside 1 Mrs:. JX. W. Birtesv phone «M^W. SMALL LOANS MADE—$50 UP to $300—no waiting. Loan? made at once.—Algona Insurance Agency.. L - . ieusjetf 'FOR SALE OR RENT — ALGONA residence propertjr with oi?e acre L P. Keith Thursday and Friday, July 14 and IS | ¥ - "Shopworn"' 'f$'...J^ •• —with— ^BARBARA STANWYCK •Powerful drama about women—a FOR SALE—15-30 McCORMICK- 0ne. Deerlng tractor, also 12-24 Haj-t- -Paw traetor. First class condition; for every — Elber,t Garage, Farmer May Die. Lu Verne, July 12—Henry Ober- holman, northeast of Lu Verne, was taken to the Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge, a few days ago, and had an operation for tumor of the brain Saturday. He was in serious condition Tuesday, with little hope for recovery. ter Shirley Mae; the George Olsens, Sexton; the Ray Olsens, Lu Verner Mrs. G. L. Benschoter, Kanawha, son Leon. STEADY WORK, GOOD PAY—^E.- Ifable man wanted to call on farmers In ICpsstjth county. No experience needed. Write today. —; Mc- NBSS CO., ,Dept. B, Freeport, 111;; ' 27p44 Back From Europe. Dorothy Sherman, New York City, arrived Monday for two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Sherman. She is secretray to Dr. J. J. Klein, attorney and tax expert, and she recently returned from a business trip abroad with the doctor. phone 612. ' ' 18u4S-44 Comedy, Travelogue, Newt. ' Matinee Thursday, 2:30 p. m., 10 »nd 25c. Night, 7:16-9:15; 10-25-35c. THE TIRE INDUSTRY WAS again started by Gamble Store's '-announcement of a FREE Inner Tube with each G & J Big Six and Super Stalwart TJre—and, also selling at Sunday and Monday, Jib; II j ADOLFH MINNIE JOAK MARSH in "Bachelor's. .Screamingly funny! The.i smartest, spiciest, aaucWl of matrimonial error—it's a,'t Matine Sunday—Ccontlni -7-1 p, m. to 5 -p. m., house; after 5 p. m., y prices, 10-25-35c. pre-tax prices. 30-44 A MAN WITH OAR WANTED TO supply our famous household products to steady' customers on regular route. Routes pay -$27.50 weekly up. Pay begins immediately. Write Albert Mills, Route Mgr, Monmouth, Clnclnnattl.. O, 26p4*4 Saturday, July U. "The Final Edition** —with— ' PAT O'BRIEN MAE CLARKE Remember the splendid acting'of Mae Clark in ''Front Page" and "Waterloo Bridge"? , s A thrilling newspaper story- Matinee, 1:30-3:30 p. m., 10-250.' Night, 7:16-9:16 p, m., 10-25-35c. Two Licenses Issued. No applications for marriage licenses were filed at the district court clerk's office 'last week. Licenses were issued on previous applications to George Ricke, Wesley, Fldelis Stufllck, St. .Benedict, and John Lunstrum, Maxlne Samp, both of Algona. Ledyard Priest Robbed. Ledyard, July 12 — 'Last week Tuesday night someone entered the Rev. Father Sturm's parish house and ransacked his desk and other furniture. Nothing has been missed except somes money from a purse which lay on the table. Held for Fighting. Clyde Gross and Urnald Lund were taken before Justice 'Danson Monday, following a fight in 'front of the Welder jewelry store. A charge of affray was filed against them, but the case was continued till September. They paid costs to date. REUAflUPWHTWC WANT AD Youth Breaks Arm. Whlttemore, July 12—Jimmie Williams, West Bend, who celebrated the Fourth here, suffered a fractured arm wh.en he tried to crank a. car. The bone.was set at the McCreery hospital. * FOR SALE—1926 RUCKBTI'LL axle gear shtfit for Model T Ford, complete rear end, wheels and alU ready to put under your forA and go. Two radiators in good ,'condK tlon, also numerous other jparta for a Model T.—Otis Rock, la. Sandert, Lone 42p44 Tueaday, Wednesday Three- big days of 1 JOE E. BEOWNI «Tne Tenderfoot^ •Laugh, town, laugh! A : j buster who went busted eg way! He fell for Broa* branded calves! A rlp-n eSy with a rip-snortinS I • Matinees Tuesday 3;?0 p. m., 10-25c. 'Ni»ht 7:16-9:15, new lo»J 10.25-SSc. I City and County The -First Lutheran Dorcas society will give an ice cream social on the church lawn next Tuesday night. The St. Thomas Episcopal Guild wi)l meet next Thursday afternoon with Mrs. George Benschoter. BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OV~VIUNQ SCHOOL DIBTBICT ESTIMATE Notice: The Board of Directors of Lone Rock Independent School District, Koasuth county, Jowa, will meet August 1, 1932, at 8 p, m at ' , , the Lone 'Rock Bank. Taxpayers vfll be heard tor pr against the tol lowing estimate of expenditures at that tune. B.. M| JENSEN, ' District Secretary. _ __ on Hand Surplus "com'e to be" FUND® E«t June 80 of Brother'than ~ 1933 193? on Hand Taxation General 112,000 »8,094 |2,000 I "MOO School House 3,000 • $19 2,'OOQ Transportation 500- 500 tor Year 1931 '•fll,888 ' 1,978 848 ATTENTION Mr. and Mrs, Farmer Stretch your little wee produce; check by buying what you need of this week's cash specials at Green's Store. First Door West of Swiff*. ? CASH AND CARRY SPECIALS. I No. 2 corn, 3 cans Sliced peaches, No. 2% can"' 17c Quart dill pickles, like mothe'rVITe No, 2 tomatoes, 2 for i»« Red beans - '"" Chill powder Hamburger . Spinach —-«t _ Tear 1939 112,887 1,922 Totals ,. $14,500 tWt| >2,00» 11,400 »10<800, HMU |15.051 Estimated taxes per 11,000-00 of assessed vahje, f 12,65. Estimated taxes in »!% fier.,dollar ol te««l)Jf v»Jlu*Uon, 50,8., Number of person* of #&«& if«'» tl >« district, |«0. Tawble valu*tlon (!».»«) Moneys an4 Credit* (!!«), 1 Ib. can salmon, 2 for" T " Tau milk, s cans..:..::::.. ™ Toilet tissue, 5 ro ii s _•_ .. S! Snowhoy >washlng powder, 40 "o"z~. " Wast color prints iiu. Rayon Woom er « .. aai Turkish towels ---*-«« Overalls %K%^£*^** cleaner on the market Bring your baskets ML* ,nay "4 «""" set mor« u »* C or K AVhilePric( S STORE If you j^ve some repairing to do, do it w« prlfci'qit'lP*" F. S, Norton & LCMBEE, AW* «SS&3 f + * * t s j, ^jr *•* .,£>•'

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