Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 7, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1932
Page 5
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KQSBtlTH CCWtfhr ABVANCfS, Af-dONA, IOWA* * Mary Streit, of the Goeders store, ie having d two weeks vacation. Tliere was no Rotary club meeting Monday, the day being the Fourth. Union services will be held next . . > 'the flye* a Algona ottftiA 24 fthd Lm'a'fine'flUtWet.ittto the theeastand^ntdrmof which tested thKftlgh- 460 mile 'trip;.! step* ,'t «n(o the nlatforin of the 6tatlonat«|0-next!norrt- Sunday night at church. the Presbyterian with the veterinary extension service department at Ames. Mrs. Casey LOBS returned last at my destination, the fltate, more than 406 acres, s (formerly ''owned Mrs. John Caughlin spent Tuesday at Tltonka with her daughter, Mrs. Andrew Hanson. Mrs. ILura Sanders, city librarian, spent Sunday and the Fourth with relatives at Clarion. Merle Bailey, Minneapolis, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Bailey. ' The A. E.' Krosenskys spent Sunday and the Fourth at Eldora with Mrs. Kresensky's brother. "Cap" Smith, south of town, is steadily improving, after a several weeks slego with plebttis. Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Lindsey spent Sunday and the Fourth at Spencer .with a. sister of Mrs. Lindsey. McMurray Bros., contractors, have the framework up and the turn to Algona and'they'will leave for home ( Mr. and Mm Bert Deal took the one of the biggest- bankers '^financial wizards In the . WM t, * After his - death the barns, and stock" were ,by J. L. • Maytag, the • machine magnate -who hae or at Newton, Iowa, a ln residence. Is located on ghore of one of/ the most bays on the lake. The fwlilch was Imported, knocked msny "years ago from *Cey- lna,,'was bought by " Mr. after Its exhibit at the -falt in the «0's at Chicago. [been remodeled and redecor- L ny times, but as a whole It hull to radiate the mysterious ichantlng wonders of ~the The entire 'estate* still goes i name Ceylon .Court." • r , Swimming Fool. | estate also has many green- i, open the year around. These i and skilled gardeners keep fwns 'beautiful .with flowers, 'sm-ubs. The whole es- ita many ^wonders, Is i indescribable. > [the lawn east of the house, has built a wonderful out- wlmralng pool. The trees, the i work, and .the, shrubs pro- beautiful landscape. _ The tnly a block from the lake, was |to add beauty to the lawn as i to let guesta bathe without ; to the lake, w;hich is cold ar around, because of the us springs.' . e are many buildings to house land many barns for- purebred 1 There are llter^Hy-thousands bred chickens. One section fc estate is devoted to sheep and roof laid for the new H. W; Post house. Alberta Grosenbach, Sexton, got home Saturday from a month with friends at points between here and Chicago. Mrs. Matt Lamuth, who has for a •long time been in poor health with heart trouble, is still confined to her bed. T.he Klwanls club will meet at the Country club clubhouse every Thursday during the . rest of the summer. Simon Allan went to Des Moines Saturday for two weeks with daughters. He makes his home with his son James. The Rev. and Mrs. P. J. Braner and their son Erwln attended a Lutheran mission festival at Garner Sunday afternoon. • A, E. Michel'took his wife and two sons to Atlantic a week ago last Thursday to visit Mrs. Michel's people till after the Fourth. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Trauger, of Ames, and the latter's mother, Mrs. Fechner, Lu Verne, spent the Fourth at 'Mrs. John Caughlln's. E. H. Dewel, who had been here two weeks, looking after the Dewel estate properties, left Tuesday for •his home at Muskogee, Okla. The Rev. W. H. Becker, superintendent .of the Lutheran orphans' home at Fort Dodge, visited, the Rev. P. J. Braners Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Shirley went to Thursday from Cedar Rapids, where she had spent a week with Mrs. Howard Benninghoff, who had Vis* ited Mrs. Loss a week. Mrs. Loss was formerly Ethel English. Mrs. Carrie Carlson, Mission, Tex., and her daughter Nedra arrived Saturday for six weeks with the B. P. Bensons and other friends. Mrs. Carlson keeps house for a family at Mission, formerly lived here. Mr. and Mrs. C. Otis Parker and Mr. and Mrs. M. McMIchael, of Des Moines, came Saturday for a visit till after the Fourth with Mr. and and Mrs. H. E. Sorstedt. Mrs. Parker Is a sister of Mrs. Sorstedt. Harold Van Allan, who is spending the summer at his cousin James Butler's, near Whlttemore, spent the week-end with his mother^ Mrs. 'Nellie Van Allan. He will be a sophomore at St. Cecelia's next fall. Mrs. E. C. Dickinson, deputy county recorder, began a two weeks vacation Monday. She is spending it at home, and has as guests her daughter, Mrs. .Whitney, Fond du Lac, Wis., and the latter's two children. • Mrs. Esther Palmer, San Mnteo, Calif., arrived last week Wednesday for a few weeks with her mother, Mrs. E. J. Campbell, whose husband died recently. Mrs. Palmer's maiden surname was Becker. She Is now a widow. ' Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Walters, McGregor, and their daughters Joan and Mary, have been at the D. .H. Goeders home since Saturday. Mr. Walters is a co-member of Mr. Goeders on the fish and game com- latter's sister, Gladys Morlan, to Osceola one day last week, and thence she left via train for Chicago and Terre Haute, Ind., the latter city being her home. Miss Morlan, • who had been here a month, taught In Montana last year and will go back in the fall. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Brady^ Detroit, who are visiting Mr. Brady's parents at Fort Dodge, spent. Friday with the W. W. Sullivans. Mr. Brady and Wade attended Notre Dame university together, and Mr. Brady is now employed with the Chevrolet company, In the used car sales promotion department. .The Dewey Snyders closed the Kossuth Hatchery, In the Duttoh & Leffert building, Saturday night and reutrned Sunday to their home at Spencer. This Is one of five branches of the Spencer Chick Hatchery, and the Snyders, who spend five months here each season, have operated It four years. Lucia Wallace has returned jfrom Mason City, where she had been since June 1 with a sister. She goes to Mattoon, Wls., tomorrow for the rest of the summer with another sister. Her house will be occupied by Mr. and Mrs. E. C, McMahon, who are expected home this weekend from a wedding trip. . County Engineer and Mrs. ! H. M Smith 'were Sunday and Fourth guests of Mr. and Mrs, W. A. Lorenz at the F. J. Mann cottage at the then leave, for a month's vacation tour m the west. They 'ejtpect.'to spend some time In a mountain cab- In near Denver. / Visitors at the County Treasurer H. N. Kruse's within the last week have been Mr. and Mrs. A. BY King, daughter Phyllis and Mary, and Mrs. KrUse's rhother, Mrs. L. • C. Payne, all of New Haven, Conn.; Mr. and Mrs. R. -E. King, daughters Roberta and Ruth, Pullman, Wash,; ,Mr, and Mrs. J. F. Lyman, Tacoma, Wash.; Mr. and Mrs. Hubert G. Kruse, daughter Patricia, O'Neill, Neb.; and Mrs.. F. J.. Lawrence, Fairmont. Hubert Is a son of the H. N. Kruses, and Mrs. Lawrence a sister of Mrs. Payne. Hubert re- .urned to O'Neill Tuesday, and some of the others left yesterday. Mrs. C. .Payne will probably make her home with the-Kruses here. Linkswiler, Winnebago, mission. Olive Neb., arrived Sunday for two weeks with Frances Zender, with " whom | she attended St. Mary's, Cherokee. Record Holsteln Hera. j largest barn is for,cattle, and i the third-best herd of Holl in the United States. The es- \ its own creamery, and the ] help has to keep* a record of [cow's production. The cows ke test of balanced .rations -and Bilked four times daily:"'6 in the noon, six in the evening, light. i is also a large coach barn , in time of Mr.-Mitchell' hous- j [any fancy coach I: arid riding j all imported from-England. I was a lover of good horses, fince Mr. Maytag bought the s many of the horses have been i cannot' but. marvel ;t 'at"' the [•wealth invested.'in< barns "and There. The horse*'used to'be I in vug-lined stalls, '.and they [kept spotlessly •>cleaW, < When (were to be driven "they were " and hltched' r to highly pol- | hacks on velvet''., rugs. Much old English splendor' "which [prevailed has vanished, Today Mom sees a splendid horse a shining hack," the^eoach- uniform, stovepipe hat, < Stoves, etc. TJie automobile all that,' and anyhow prefers landscaping and to fine horses. M»»y Other ive visited oth^r bejuitiful "call') the neighborhood,-The lake beautiful, made.'espeolally so ^ •-- havsT planted for " : wonderful Millions are - invested single structures 'here; v staying wlth-t'my 1 upcle, 'Finnell, an old'Algona boy, anages part of' "-"" i »nd through Lincoln, Neb., last week Wednesday for two weeks with the former's brother, Dr. Hale Shirley, and his wife. Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Cretzmeyer and their son Charles spent Sunday •and Monday at the Okobojis with the Doctor's brother, of Emmetsburg. Epworth Leaguers planning to attend the E. L. institute at the Okobojis July 11-17 are to meet at the Methodist parsonage tomorrow night'. ' v; ~" 'Mrs. F. M. Stacy was: a patient at the Kossuth hospital last- -week Wednesday and Thursday, due to an abscess of the ear, which had to be lanced. : Mrs. Andrew Hatch, St. Paul, and her daughter Ann came Sunday for the . ™bauers. ires who gone in admission tp many; private 1 country here 4s ' , such a ]ake and,' such WORDIH^S, BURIED HERE Mrs. Hatch and Mrs. Holtzbauer are sisters. N Mr. and Mrs. A, H. Tieperman and Mr. and Mrs. August _ Wedemeyer and their son Paul, all of Adair, visited the George HOhen'bergers Monday. Barnle Bossen, Los Angeles, left for home last week Wednesday, after an extended visit with his cousin,. Mrs. Clara Sorensen, "and a sister at Denison. Jo Kohns, Sioux City girl, left Tuesday morning, after a'few days with Mildred Aman,, school chum. Both are graduates of Mt. St. Mary's, Cherokee. ""/' Mr. and' Mrs. August Harlg, near "St, Benedict, were guests Monday at Otto Harig's, Hollandale, Minn. Mrs. Otto Harig is reported low with cancer of the lungs. Mr .and Mrs. Louis Hintz, Mr, and Mrs. Gottlieb Gronbach, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Will attended a home-' coming celebration at the Lutheran church at Lu Verne Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gillingham, of Austin, Minn,, spent the week-rend with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Wheelock. Mr, Gillingham works in a Firestone station. . Tl)e Presbyterian Sunday school will hereafter convene at 9:80, closing at 11, This includes the church preaching service, which will open at }Q:15 and close at the same time. Mr. and Mrs. Jos, Bloom spent the Fourth at Mason City with the former's mother, Mrs. Samuel Bloom, and Mr«. Blpom remained for a week, Mr. Bloom returning Monday night, The W. H. and H. J. Lacys spent the week-end and the Fourth at the Okobojis, guests of Mr, and Mrs. WO, Bwelli Burt, who are spending a week in a cottage on Des Molnes Frances, who met her at Fort Dodge, will go home with her for two weeks. Mrs. Thos. Akre, her son Donald, •Elsie Helmke, and Bridget Gaffney left on the Fourth in the Akre: car for California for a month with relatives. Mrs. Akre and Donald will visit Mrs. Hazel Nicoulin, and Elsie has a sister there. Mrs. Charles Freeman, Chicago, her mother, Mrs. James Dunigan, and Mrs. M. L. Brown and Mrs. M. Ausland, Emmetsburg, spent 1 'Friday with Mrs. Frank McMahon, who lived many years at Emmetsburg before.coming to Algona. Dr. Burl NF. Dewel, Evanston, 111., orthodontist, drove to Iowa last Thursday for the week-end and the Fourth with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Dewel. Orthodontia, a dental specialty, relates to 1 straight- ending children's teeth. Tyrrell Ingersoll, Cedar Rapids attorney, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Ingersoll, and when he went ' Back Sunday Anna Ingiersoll, his aunt, accompanied him as far as Waverly to visit, relatives a week. G. B.-Malone, now of Colorado Springs, Colo., arrived Saturday for two weeks with his daughter, Mrs. G. B. Turner. Mr. and Mrs. Malone have.been at Colorado Springs since early in the year, looking after the estate of a deceased aurit: . Farm Editor W. J. Payne took his eldest daughter Alice to Mason City last Thursday, and thence she went on by bus or train to Harpers Ferry, on the Mississippi, for ten days with her material grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Barbaras. Mr. and Mrs, .V. L. Stebbins and their son James spent, several days at Peoria and Mollne, 111., last week, visiting relatives. Mrs. Minnie Lott-, man, mother of Mrs. Stebbins, and Mrs. Henry Pergande, Lu Verne, came here with them for a few T '^ weeks. Dr. and Mrs. .H. .(L. McCorkle and their son Harry returned Tuesday ^ from a visit with Mrs. McCorkle's sister, Mrs. Victor Young, Rockwell ^ City. Mrs. McCorkle and, her son had spent a week with the Youngs,' and the doctor went after them Saturday. Dr. and Mrs. !L. O. Doyle, Minneapolis, and their two children stopper overnight last Thursday- with the.Mrs. Frank McMahons, en route home from Emmetsburg, where the doctor had served as best man at the! McMahon-Duhlgg wedding that morning. Elmer Hunt, Oshkosh, Wis., was here yesterday, looking for- his cousin, Mrs, E. A. Bowles, now of Persia, near Coundij Bluffs. He has never met her, and He did not Know that the family had left Algona. Mr. Hunt has been operating a bee Okobojis. The two couples and th~ E. C. McMahons, newlyweds, hat Sunday dinner at The Inn, following which the McMahons joined the others at the Mann cottage. " Mr. and Mrs. D, J. Scanlan, Rock Valley, were week-end guests of the Dr. F. C. Scanlans.. F. C. is a son of Mr. and Mrs. D. J., who also visited with, their other son, Dr. C. J. Scan- Ian. Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Scanlan, newlyweds, visited both local Scanlan families last Thursday, en route to the lakes from a wedding trip in Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. C.'Q. Drummbnd, of Morgan Park, 111., and the children, Mary and Christopher, came Saturday to spend, most of the-rest of the summer, with Mrs. Drum'iViond's' parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. 'Hutchison. Mr. Drummond teaches at 1 Morgan Park, a suburb of : Chicago. The Drummonds will also visit Mr. Drummond's father at Spirit Lake. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Bollum, South Bend, Ind., and their son Robert went home Monday, after a week at Mrs. J. W. Mangan's, Mrs. 'Bollum being a sister of Mrs. 'Mangan. Mrs. Mangan accompanied them for a two weeks visit. Mr. Bollum is an abstractor. During Mrs. Mangan's absence her daughter Dorothy has as guest Frances Munshower, Rock- ELKS, BOREN'S, AND STATE HIWAY LEAD K'BALL TEAMS Algona's kittenball league is now nearing the middle of its schedule, and three teams are fighting a close battle for leading position. The Elks Cleaners, the Boren Ice Creamers, and the State highway team were tied for first early in the week, wher> the Cleaners stepped }nto the lead. Tomorrow evening the Boren and State highway teams will compete with the Elks for leading position. The postofflce, Bakery, and Gamble teams hold bottom-positions in the league. • Metropolitan Sup. Co. „ :__ Holden Pat. Book • Co. ___ C. S. Thomas Otis Barr _ Bearner Tire & Elec. Co. ______ The A. , H. Andrews Co, •_____ 4,015.91 F. A. Newville 23.47 H, B. Mason 2.00 W. E. Naudaln - 3,770.29 Ky. Express Agcy 7.91 J..E. .Mason 2,045.58 R. O. Bjustrom ' __ 274.'40 W. W. Gillespie... 49.12 Western Union __ 1.50 Nelson Hdw. ..._ 69.84 Upper D. M. Rep. 84.77 .Tanney-Semple Hill Co. 258.89 Port Huron Mch. Go. — 20.00 I. I. Holcomb Co. 241.86 Marshall Office Sup. Co. 16.16 Plank & Neal Slate Co 256:86 iO.fjl 553.28 •51.75 4,545.19 Annual Financial) Statement Langan Paper Co. Baker Paper Co... Beckley-Cardy Co. School District of Algona, Iowa, (Independent) township of Algona, county of : Kossuth, for the year ending June 30, 1932. We hereby certify that the following report. comprising pages 1 to 5 inclusive is correct as required by Section 4242 and Section 4242-bl, Code'of 1'927; ;i "' ' . ..'•• A. E. MfOHEL, President. . MA'RY E. MITCHELL, Secretary. Filed July i, 1932. , i . RECEIPTS—General Fund. Amount On hand last report __ $59/597.08 Normal training aid . 750.00 General fund tax levy ... 68,750.00 Semi - annual apportionments ; 2,326.25 Tuitipn _______ 13,183.82 333.00 6.75 191.15 147.15 W. ,W. Klmball Co. - - 2,595.28 Tom Drflley 108.90" L. W. McMurray- 189.20 A. V. Hertig ,18.25 Hillyard Chem Co. 464.16 Bolton & Hay ... 79.50 S. J. Backus, 'P. M. Hiimboldt Inv. Co. ._ 1,700.00 la. Medical Sup. Co. KoHlhaas 'Garage Goeders Co. Congregational Church L. H. Kurtz Co.. 10.00 18.97. 15.00 6.07 4.00 8.97 Loring-Farmer Typ. Co. 218.00 Boyd Typewriter Co - 248.43 W. M. Welch Co. 34.60 United Chem. Co. 10.08 Webster Pub. Co. 10.00 Messenger Pt. Col 10.43 Twin City Scehic Co. .__ _ 948.75 Midland Chem. Co. 789.18 E. -J. Gilmore, Other sources ford. The R. G. Isenbergers, Decorah, went home Monday, after a 'few days with Mrs. Isenberger's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Sigsbee, and Mr. Isenberger's people at Burt. Rae, who is manager of a Standard Oil station at Decorah, employs five men and runs the same number of 263.97 Total general fund —...$144,871.12 RECAPITULATION GENERAL FUND 4 - Amount On hand last report ______$59,597.08 Total receipts current year 85,274.04 Total general fund — 144,871.12 Disbursements current year son __ Mrcle Spec, Co.- P. Harrington, exp. ohnson.^ Service Co. — unningham & Lacy . Greenburg,. Demco Library Supplies. Higley Chem. Co._ horpe Wood & Iron Works ___ Geo. Wesley V. H. Horan Elec. Co /ong Bros. ohn Murtha —._ tfelvin Miner 3dw. Norton Clapp's Master •Service Des Moines Steel Co. Ernest Godfredspn Klrsch's Laundry A.. Hutchison H. D. Hutching 'axson & OPaxson 2. A. Moinyer W. C. Danson J. A. McDonald... John Schmidt ___ Edw. Jergenson _ Lev! Hendren Union Indem. Co. O. H.^'Engstrom... Lathrop & Weaver Central Scientific Co. •_ 152.72 Farmers Gen. Store — Wright Bros. ' Churchill Mfg. Co. The Hotchkiss Sales Co. E.' W. Hanson ___ School Service Co. Peter Cooper Corp. 'ratt Elec. Co Kossuth County _ Geo. 3-i. and D. E. Miller ________ 3V B.. Carter" Sid Spear -.'. . Wm. Kuhn M. Knudsen __ Chris C., Knudsen E£, J. Keen Treas. ________ 174.00 13,830.00 Senneff, B. W. & , S. : :,__ 1,745.85 Bert Deal 216.85 la. T. B. Ass'n— Bureau of Dental Hyg. „_ R. L. King Music House American B'k Co. Chas. Hansen : Pink Sup. Co.' Paul- A. Schmidt Co. (See pages 1 to 5) 93,878.03 trucks. (He is a preacher and fills ionally. lay Methodist pulpits occas- Chrischllles & Herbst opened an "annex" in the building next north of the Rice Book & Gift shop Saturday. Mrs. Leoria J3artholomew is in charge, and Ethel McFadden assists afternoons. 'On Saturdays other help is employed, :and. Janet Zerfass and Dorothy Mangan helped last Saturday. A successful opening day is announced. The "annex" will be open during the rest of the month. •Last week's Spencer News-Herald said: "Mrs. E.J. Neville, Algona, motored to .Spencer Sunday and visited'her "parents,.. Mayor and Mrs. W. H; Lewis; With-her mother, Mrs./Neville; attended the wedding-of Doris'Eddy, Slbley, and Dale <3, Jones, Spencer,, at Slbley, Mon- : day. ; They •returned to Spencer that evening, and,'the following day Bolance on hand this report 40,993.09 'Schoolhouse Fund—RECEIPTS. / Amount On hand last report ——$28,182.27 Schoolhouse fund tax lev/- 19,450.00 Sale of bonds 53,318.75 Other sources ——_______ 10,128.84 A. H: Borchardt- Lyon & Healy -___ • Geo; Holtzbauer _ Standard Oil Co._ Empl. Mutual Cas. Co. Sullivan, McM. & -Llnnan Bailey - Reynolds Chan. Co. ... 2,482.96 5.15' 2.21 11.16 1.96 11.64 11.00 46.40 34.26 1.85 1.75 8.00 768.15 Lola, breesman _ Jeanne Coon ---_ Laura Hoetecher Carrie Durant _— Laurine Peterson- Ruth Jackson —> Dora Carson Walters Margaret Huller- hian —, 1,125.00 Lillian Gi'anzow - 1,125.00 Capitola Brmdley Esteile Arnold — Marie H. Beard Eileen Portman Lucia Wallace — Dwane Collins J. F. Overmyet- — Mrs. D. H. Goeders Beth Schemel Mrs. W, K. Ferguson Dorothy 'Dewel — 1,596.00 U25.06 1,080.00 1,080.00 1,03100 1,895.00 1,080.00 1,035.00 1,035.00 1,035.00 1,080.00 1,125.00 1,199.97 3,099.96 26,60 131.58 1.50 3.75 5.25 3.49 76.00 65.40 83.40 111.40 49.20 63.20 2.10 22.50 67,5t) Flies! 7.69 46.70 3.25. David C. King _._ 2.75 37.13 3.75 38.63 45.00 45.00 67.50 67.50 67.50' Total receipts sch'oolhouse fund ——: ——$111,079.86 RECAPITULATION SCHOOLHOUSE FUND % Amount On hand last report $28,182.27 Total receipts current year 82,897.59 Total Schoolhouse fund —111,079.86 Disbursements current year (See pages 1 to 4) —;—101,323,23, Balance on hand this re- , port 9,756.63 DISBURSEMENTS Name of person, firm or Corporation to S'house whom paid' Gen. Fund Fund Frederick Post Co. Algona Steam _ (Laundry , Norton Mach. Co. B. J. Palmer Alex Nielsen H. R. Cowan & Son Mrs. L.C. Hutchins Elk Cleaners Algona Ice Cream & Candy Fact._ Penrod - Jurdan Clark. Co. — Heaton & Ander- 95.94 48.33 57.75 3.00 .34.25 44.20 — 45.00 6.70 .70 65.00 Hutchins —_ Bur. of Educ. Res. & Serv. _ ;__ ; Kossuth .Hospital Funk & Wagnalls Co. —— Alg. Fir. & Feed Co. „ Alg. Greenhouses Wiley Hines .: L. G. Poole C. (R. McVeigh _ J. P. Byson ___. E. W. Lusby _— A. E. Michel, exp. M. J. Coate —— 1,935.00 Frances Messer _ 1,485.00 Frances Duhigg _ 1,440.00' Alvena Miller __. Esther Quimiby — Leona Krampe — Ruth Messenger -' Hattie Wilson Floy Horn 1,350.00 Nancy Ruth Renaud _— — 1,305.00 Ruth Krieken- 44.65 24.00 6.10 29.75 14:70 45.00 45.00 45.00 45.00 . 40.35 ,32.47 1,440.00 1,350.00 1,440.00 1,350.00 1,530.00 baum David C. Ward _. Aubrey 'Bpnham _ Adraln Burmeister John G. McDowell Arthur Lukensmeyer Helen Stubbs Grace M. Miller _ Antoinette Bonnstetter Bertha Godfrey - 1,440.00 1,530.00 1,800.00 1,575.00 1,350.00 1,350.00 1,215.00 1,305.00 The Unwelcome Visitors. Keep Them Out With Our Screens. What is more annoying than a house full of flies? What is more exasperating than trying to sleep when; the flies get husy at dawn?i Fortify your home against the swarms of flies and bugai that are always on the alert. Screen prices are the lowest, in years. Investigate! Screens that stand guard day * ' and night ,It doesn't make any differ*, ence whether it's a screen' door or merely a window screen that you need. We lave your size, > and" we'll send sbme one to put them on for you, if you wish.. ( .1 Botsford Lumber Co. Be Voe Faints, Varnlshei .; and Enamels j. it, Bonar and L, C. Hanson returned yesterday from several days in northern Minnesota. They looked after farms near Wheaton and >Fergus Falls and tried their luck at fishing, • . .M.r. and Mrs. James Allan are ents of a JO-lb. boy. born 8m third child, the others boys. Mrs. - • re being """" 1 apiary till recently Mrs. Capesius and her baby girl, Phyills Joan," the latter born - June 24, left the Koesuth hospital Monday, Barbara Cleve, Ottogen, who was operated on for appendicitis June 25, left Monday. Mrs, Roy Q\- lom, Sexton, who had a baby girl June 26, left Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. M. J, Streit and the former's nephew and niece, Harold and Catherine Streit, week-end at Oelweln the ««the M; M. v Molnes, wer». week- Rapids. Mr. and Mrs. Streit visited Mrs. Streit's brother at Cedar Bap ids, and Harold and Catherine Yte Ited their aunt t Mrs. Maurice Cullen, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Vaux, Still mtttf Valley, 111-,' and their son' Wai lace, came last Wednesday to visit Mrs. Vauap's parents, Mr, and Mre. C, W. Pearson. Mr, Vaux to a teacher, and Mrs. Vaux was Eunice Pearson. Mr. Vaux's parents Jive at Swea City, where they were also to V Mr. and Mrs. Peter H£nseji t pen- mark, WJa, and their daughters Elizabeth and'Marie went after a visit sjnce, the Jf, M, Jfarrjse,. Hansens, who now Uy« retired, wsed to "form north of Wesley,, now own the '—" Swtft y ' >*.v JEM FOOL, Mgr $13,837.16 5,725.00 42,724.24 Condensed Statement o« {he Condition of the Lewis remained for a week's visit," Mr, and Mrs. "H. M, Harris are en- 2,788.85 40.00 90.00 452.00 3.4059.09 loying a; 20-day visit from their s,on Iowa State eorge; jvho has been in the navy At present his boat, the U, S. Lexngton, is at San This is his first visit home City Clerk ——_ 1,281.32 he Panama canal and the Hawaiian slands, and has sailed up the west coast, N The ship was In dry dock at Mrs. Leland Coonan, Des Moines, and her sons Richard, Donald, Jerry, visited briefly 'yesterday with ;he M. J. Streits, en route to Emmetsburg to visit Mr, Coonan's par- Algona ents, Mr, and Mrs, Martin ' Coonan. Lorraine Coonan, Emmetsburg, who had visited thei Coonans Moines, went, home, with them. Mr on Call of the Superintendent of Banking June 30th, 1932 oonan will join his family at Emmetsburg in a week, and they will BE80UBCE8 t ' * • ^ * CASH OR ITS EQUIVAU3NT— , United States Government Ponds „ ----------- $638,135,00 Municipal »nd State Bonds, _-, ----- ^-^-,, 37,700,00, Cash and due from Banks ---- - — — - ---- ,- 397,186,09 -$ Igt. MOBTGAGB |X)ANS QN IMPROVEP REAl^ ESTATE LOANS TO CUSTOMERS . STOCK IN FEDERAL RESERVE 973,0,21.09 l 82,^5,00" 295,99602 HOUSE, FURNITURE AND FIXTURES BBIC VOJT SIBOHEIM GBETAGAHBO Another gr<sat week,'of the new ' LIABILITIES ^ ' ' great djreetor, t^e, feesijty/ glory of h.ep Tfce Trial of ViyieBoei gpejjt . the and Cedar

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