Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 7, 1932 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1932
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W m k,pf* ; ,L -•- AV'-H * A, "i n , • i * "• i: AKRE'S The Dcpendon Grocery" is where you find a better, a nicer, or a fresher supply of Fruit and Vegetables than is tb be found elsewhere. If handy come in and take a look at obr wonderful assortment of eatables. "CHOP SUEY" complete, or "ChopSuey" ingredients such as -bead molasses, sauce, bamboo and bean sprouts, water chestnut and assorted vegetables—all for — Chop Suey — Among other imported seafoods, good for salads, for hot or cold lunches and regular meals use Alaska Red Sockey Salmon, Norway Sardines in Olive Oil, French boneles, Sardines in Olive Oil, California Sardines in Cotton Seed Oil, California, light meat, Tuna, Japanese Crab Meat, Swedish Anchovies, Rus-' sian Caviar, and others. Maine lobsters, also. Here You Can See a Big Variety of Cookies, Crackers and Cheese. Old New York Limburger, Roquefort and Gamme- lost are some of them. Richelieu and Baby Stuart Groceries are ALWAYS BEST, and we also have cheaper ones. Halligan's "Pure Quill" Coffee and "Pure Quill" Tea Beats 'Em All. Step in at AKRE'S 113 South Dodge or Phone 290-291. FOUR FREE DELIVERIES DAILY—8:30 and 10 a. m. and 2:00 and 4:00 p. m. PASTOR, WIFE 40 YEARS WED AT TITONKA i ,»«•,. ill: /.?W»^WW^VMS«m»»*pS»fS\ '<!* , by Wisconsin Autoist 99 *w, \ . t, . < i Tltonka, July 5—The Rev. and Mrs. Schoenlein, the former pastor of Good Hope Lutheran • church at Tltonka celebrated'their 40th wedding anniversary, and also the 40th anniversary of his ministry Sunday. The,, morning services were at 10:40 with the Rev. Mr. Boese, of Lakota, in the pulpit, and the Rev. C. Rlng- haus, of Brltt, at the altar. In connection with the celebration of the wedding anniversary the afternoon was spent at 2:30 with the Rev. Mr. Klllan, of Woden, in the pulpit, and the Rev. Mr. Lonholy, of Belmond, at the altar. A beautiful service was offered with the people of four congregations present, approximately 600. Lunch was served in the basement of the church by the women of the church. The", church had been tastily and beautiful decorated with appropriate colors and flowers by the young people. • The services, addresses, and music of the occasion were well given. The bride and groom of 40 years ago gratfully received many beautiful presents, among which was a mohair suite given by the' congregation. Mrs. T. H. McCracken 4nd O. G. Schoenlein, of Detroit, Mich., sister and brother of Pastor Schoenlein, and H. W. Schoenlein Jr., also of Detroit, were present. The L. C; Sheldahls, of Boone, and Mrs. Alma Huff, of Ames, daughter of the same, were also present. Rev. Schoenlein served as pastor In Valley City, N. D., three and one-half years, at Grimes, 30 years, and at Tltonka, seven years. Slnck Family leaves Tltonka— The E. O. Slacks are leaving Sunday for St. Louis and Omaha, en route to Illinois, where they will visit relatives. They expect to stay •in Illinois till Mr. Slack finds a position. He has been offered several Sexton, July 6—>A COW owned fey At I* Greenfield Was killed at the road crossing near the church Friday morning when It* Was hit by A car from Florence, Wto. The cows were being driven across th« ment from the W. C. Tayfor where they are In pasture. The car was .coming at a dragged the cow high speed, and 40 feet. EVerett Harris, deputy sheriff, AJgorta, was called, and a settlement was agreed upon. The car Was occupied by the j. H. Hansen family, and the radiator and front end was damaged. It was repaired at the garage here. The cow died a few hours after the accident. , A. 1. Greenfield Loses Mother— A. L. Greenfield received wor<i Friday morning that his mother Mrs. Rebecca Greenfield, of -Fresno Calif., died Thursday. She suffered a stroke three weeks ago.- Mrs Greenfield was 78 last 'April. Angnat Klrschbanm to Hospital—, August Klrschbaum was taken to a hospital' in Chicago last week foi treatment. He has Ibeen bedfast fo: long tlmje. Mr, kh-Bchbaum Is the garage ttttth here 1 ! , 11 Other Sexton News.' there was a good-steed attendance at a community picnic at Orvllle Hedrlck's July 4. • rilenltS dinner wa* served cafeteria siyie, at noon. The Aid had a stand and sold Ice cream, pie, popcorn, candy, and pop. In the afternoon there was a tiall game. Pies were auctioned off by Mack Wise. The Sunday school went to Wesley Sunday morning" to hear a Bible school program. ,The school had an enrollment of »5 for two weeks. I uv UNEE Pearl Steven, Sdxton,, artd Irma Ward, Wesley, were Instructors. Mrs. Jdhn McMahon and her children Went to Waukon Saturday morning for tt month with the former's mother) Mrs. O'Brien, Mrs. Roy Ollom was brought home Saturday from the'Kossuth hospital, where she had been a patient two weeks. , • Arlene Brethorst went to the Oko- bojls Friday to "spend the Fourth with high school girl friends. The Eugene Ginks and Irene Clnk spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives at Storm 'Lake. FOR SERVICE Hats Cleaned and Reblocked Save on Suits by frequent dry cleaning Modern DRY CLEANERS PHONE 537 but is unable,to decide whether to accept them because of his Illness. Mumps Scnre Is Unfounded— Jane Laird, of Algona, niece of Mrs. Howard French, was a guest at the 'French home Sunday. Russell, only son of the Howard Frenches, was thought to have had the mumps so Jane was taken back to Algona. When Mrs. French arrived Russell had recovered. home county, ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FILING TOWIf AND CITY _; ',"; ESTIMATE NOTICE—The city council of City of Algon'a, of Kossuth Iowa, will meet July 28, 1932 at 8 p. m., at City Hall. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of ex- twnditures at that time. , . ADAH CARLSON, f'l'f; • , City Clerk. Proposed Bal. Estlmat. Est. In- Amt. Ncc.' Expend. Expend. •* Exp. on Hand Surplus come to be FUNDS Est. June 30 of Bal. Other than Raised 1932 on Hand Taxation by Tax Creamery Boiler Blows Up— The boiler in the Titonka creamery blew out Friday, but luckily enough no one was in the creamery. It was impossible to repair the old boiler, and a new one has been ordered. For the time being Brandt's steam engine is generating steam for the plant in place of the boiler. Hampton Girls Visit Homes— Edith Budlong, who has been i working in the Citizen's National [bank at Hampton, accompanied by Zella Buffington, who works In the beauty parlor there, drove home Saturday night for the Fourth with relatives. They returned Tuesday. League Gives a Social— The Methodist Epworth (League gave an ice cream social Saturday night on the Coliseum lawn. The League is trying to earn money to take delegates to the Okobojis to spend next week. Bancroft. \Vlng Ball Game— The Titonka Legion team lost 4-2 to the .Bancroft Legion team at Swea City last Thursday afternoon. ORCHESTRA ORGANIZED AT LU VERNE Lu Verne, July 5 —• 'A Methodist orchstra composed of 12 young people of the church .made Its Initial appearance at a program at the church Sunday evening! /It has been practicing for three or four weeks under the direction of Teacher .Wesley Schaub, of Webster City. Those who played Sunday night were John Voss, trombone; Hector Knary, saxophone; iRichard Niver and Wesley Baddeley, clarinets; Mrs. Wm. Baddeley, piano; Mr. Schaub, piccolo; Charlene Chrlstenson,, JUne Stoddard, Maxine Smith, and Andrew Marty, violins; Jack (Holdcroft, Phil Lichty, and Bobby Smith. The last five named are all 12 years or under. Next-Sunday night a group of 12 people of the Methodist church of Corwith will have charge of the evening service. Lutherans Have Homecoming— Sunday was a festive day at the Lutheran church when, the homecoming was held. The services were as reported last week, the German services conducted by the Reddel brothers, and the English by the regular pastor, Rev. Wittenburg. About 150 guests registered, and some of the towns represented were 'Britt, Garner, Corwith,- Goldfield, Humboldt, Algona, Mallard, Watkins, Adair, Bode, Iowa; Detroit and Moseley, Goldfield, spent several 300 13,000 6,000 1932 Ueneral $20,000 $9,843 $ $ 2,500 Improvement 15,000 4,803 2,000 •Grading 2,500 «ewer 5,000 7,112 2,000 "Water 20,000 9,045 4,000 X,igfct - 75,000 64,321 10,000 Vire Equip. ] 3,000 2,000 •T*ire Maint.'j 1 2,000 5,216 1,000 library ' 3,500 2,429 1,000 TJand 1,500 332 2,500 3,749 1,000 Dragging ___- 800 252 Swim. Pool — 6,000 1,712 500 2,000 7,000 2,500 1,500 2;500 3,500 2,000 900 >500 3,000 1,400 SOO 1,920 for Year 1931 $48,394 1,213 3,016 21,154 62,45$ 4,517 •3,500 1,325 1,000 1,533 • •7,584 for Year 1930 $20,858 3,022 1,957 , 3,514 16,847 116,829 3,380 3,490 1,365 442 '439 5,038 Totals 156,800 108,814 23,500 23,800 •Estimated taxes per $1,000.00 of assessed value, $10.32. Taxable valuation (1932), $666,239. Moneys and Credits (1932) $931,600. Agricultural Lands, $250. 27,620 155,694 177,181 BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FILING SCHOOL DISTRICT ESTIMATE Notice: The Board of Directors of Independent School District of Al- Kossuth county, Iowa, will meet July 25, 1932, at 8:00 p. m. at Administration office, high school building, Algona, Iowa. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of expenditures at that time. MARY E. MITCHELL, District Secretary. Proposed Bal. Estimat. Est. In- Amt. Nee. Expend. Expend. Exp. on Hand Surplus c<yne to be for for FUNDS Est. June 30 of Bal. Other than Raised Year Year 1933 1932 on Hand Taxation by Tax 1933 1931 '•General $70,000'$40,993 $12,000 $60,000 $93,878 $79,092 -School House 4,000 9,756 4,000 101,323 145,789 Transportation 1,000 1,000 Bpeciallbonii) 13,720 13,720 Totals $88,720 $50,749 $12,000 $78,720 i$195,201 $224,881 Estimated taxes per $1,000.00 of assessed value, $23,84. Estimated taxes in mills per dollar of taxable valuation, 95.38. Number of persons of school age in the district, 1226. Taxable valuation (1932), $825,266. Moneys and Credits (1832), $945,930. " No. of persons of school age in district, 1226, i; Mimeographing Advance Publishing Go, Other Tltonka News. tRuth Gardner, daughter of the Rev. L. G. Gartner, of Rowan, formerly of Tltonka, is spending the week with Mrs. Carrie Bonacker, here. She returns home late this week to prepare to go to Illinois, where she will care for her grandparents. Among women who attended the eighth district Auxiliary picnic at Garner last week Tuesday were Pearl Rlcklefs, Carrie Bonacker, Irene Peterson, Cleo Nelson, Mable Wilson, Esther Askins and Sadie Denton. Sophus Nelson, of Detroit, Mich., formerly of Titonka, visited Friday and Saturday with Beulah Schutjer en route to Oregon, where he expects to visit relatives. The Fred Adamsons drove to Des Molnes Sunday, and Monday visited relatives. They also brought Lela home to spend the summer here. .Doyle, Melvin, and Herdene Craven drove to Algona and Swea City last week Wednesday on business. The Gilbert Nelson house was recently sold to Dr. W. F. Hamstreet. The Nelsons' plans are indefinite. Mrs. L. C. Heifner and Mrs. George Hansen entertained the Aid last week Wednesday afternoon. June Boleneus, of Doan, is suffering from 'an infection on her face, which started from a bug ibite. hot weather. Mrs. Rasmus Hansen and Mrs. Rasmus Peterson celebrated their birthdays last week Monday. 'Fred Hagen is the new manager of the Farmers elevator. E. O. Slack was formerly manager. The Antone Pannkuks spent last Thursday and Friday at their cottage at Clear Lake. Charles Cunningham, of Woden, was here last week Wednesday visiting Will (Denton. Mrs. Lee O. Wolfe entertained the Woman's Summer club last Thursday afternoon. DAUGHTERS OF*2 FORMER FENTOmSTORS BRIDES Fenton, July 5 — Announcements were received here last week of the marriage of Elizatoth Frederick, near Humboldt, -to-Orvllle M. Smith, of Spencer, Sunday, June 19. The bride is the daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. E. M. Frederick, former Fenton pastor of St. John's Lutheran church. The bride attended an£ was graduated from the local high school. She taught in a rural district near Ringsted last year. The groom is proprietor of a grocery store in Spencer where they will make their home. Announcements have been received by Fenton friends of the marriage of Laila Gerkin, Sioux City, to Verner Sallquist, also Sioux City, June 18 at Lincoln, Neb. She is the only daughter of SFenton's former Methodist pastor, the Rev. B. T. Gerkin, now of Seattle. Flint, Mich.; Sherburn and Windom Minn. A basket lunch was served at noon, and -fhe afternoon Was spent playing games and visiting. Young People Conduct Services— The young people of the Presby' terian churcfc conducted the morn ing services Sunday in the absence of. their pastor. Leona Ramus hai" charge and • the . program include^ vocal and instrumental music, > talk by Gwenetha Jones, and praye and scripture reading. Charles Goetsch Son Hurt— One of Chas. Goetsch's younger sons, Arthur, was painfully hurt a week ago Sunday. After the rainstorm the Goetsches were leaving the Howard McCrady's. They were days last week at the Irvin Chapman home. Carmen Wermerson is home after a month's visit at her sister's, Mrs. Wayne' Dornberger, Minneapolis. Mrs. Elizabeth Babler, of Monroe, WIs., Is a guest at the Fred Legler and Phil Lichty homes. Ruth Kraft, of Renwlck, visited her cousins, Shirley and Barbara Blumer, last week. The George Hamiltons, Ottumwa, spent, the week-end at the parental B. Jones home. Charlene Christenson entertained a 'friend 1 from Cleveland, -Iowa,' last week. SWEA CITYANS ATTEND FOREST CITY MEETING 'Swea City, July 5—The Bethelene Lutheran church was represented at .he North Iowa Luther League convention at Forest City last week-end by, the Rev. R. O. Hjelmeland, Winston Erlcksbn, and Marjorie Simmons. The theme of the convention was, The Open. Door. A reception and banquet Saturday • evening was one of the pleasurable events of the convention. The Rev. Joshua Oden, of Chicago, spoke Sunday morning, and speakers were heard from Chicago, Des Moines, Decorah, and Sioux City. 100 Attend Odd Fellows Council- Last week Monday evening the I. Oi-.p.yF. held its -monthly council meeting in the Legion hall here. Representatives from Tltonka, Wesley, Burt, Algona, and Swea City at- 'tended, with 100 present. Three boys and three girls from the home in Mason City gave a good program of readings and music. The Reutzel orchestra furnished music for dancing. Lunch was served by the local lodge. Swea Wins Pitching Contest- Bandrdft, July 6—Another Wet wedding took place at st: ,*fth* Catholic church Mien '!«<MMM* Hutehlnson became the 'bride of Frank Wteyer last Week Weati^sday morning at 8 o'clock. The ft. Rev. Msgr. J. D. tflsch officiated at^the ceremony, and the couple ,wa* w ten'ded by Marie and Ernest Hutch* inson, Bister artd brother of the bride. .Vhe bride wad gowned in a silk embroidered white Organdy ankle-length dress an« a long silk veil. She carried a shower bouquet <>f white roses and sweet peau. Her maid's gown was blue georgette and she wore a white hat, gloves and slippers. She carried a bouquet of snapdragons. Following the ceremony a three-course dinner wa» served at'the home of the brlde'd parents to 35 guests. The bride Is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hutchlnson. She. was graduated from St. John's high school here in 1924 and has been teaching school since. The groom ie a son of the A, J. Meyers, and is a graduate of the Fenton high school. The couple will live on a farm southwest of Lone Rock. They left Wednesday afternoon for the Black Hills, where they will spend two weeks. ai: puxftr at that time —-• -•- Atnt. Nee. •fSsyri.'iNi""^ to be Oi of B«tl, Other than RaiRed .ttrttta.n^Tasatloh by-Tax ' ^ i,f>*to $24,000 t24,000 foi Year 1930 2,000 Estimated ^tftf^jM, |/ i,- f «,«uu w.000 MB , I ta*es^tu||i»00.6o <*ha«e«sed value, $13 O n • •-' wlttS Mr doHai? of taxable valuation R. ot school age In.the district, 299 8 ' taxes in ift'Wtaatitfh (19i6)i J K088tlth,' 189,140; Hancock And Credits (1982), Kossuth, »820. ' ji. 1 , '.! f Services Held for Kn. Robinson- Funeral services for Mrs. Emma .Robinson were held at the Baptls' church here Tuesday afternoon ai 2:30, and Rev. C. B. Siemens./Swea City, officiated. Pallbearers were John Farrow, W. A. Murray, N. J Merrill, Jos. Sandschulte, W. J Hood and Jos. Johnson. Mrs. Robinson died at her home Saturday evening. She had been 111 for several months, and suffered five strokes. Mrs. Robinson was born May 14, 1859, in Pennsylvania, and came to Iowa when a j'oung lady. In "1878 she was married to James A. Robinson, and moved to Bancroft in 1901. Fourteen children Were born, three of them having preceded her in death. Her husband died in 1917. Surviving children are Ernest, Emmetsburg; James, Cecil, George, and Sylvester, Bancroft; Byron, Lakota; Edward, Clear Lake; Allen, Prairie flu Chlen; Mrs. Lizzie Christiansen, Ft. Dodge; Mrs. "Maud McCord, Gurnee, -111.; and Mrs. Edna Kramer, 'Preston, Minn. She is also survived by 33 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. s©00 BASKET GROCERY u fc ASHLANU PMOPPIETOR ALGONA IOWA PHONE 103 July 5th to 9th Inclusive it' '''• ' '' Monarch Royal Anne Cherries, No- 2 1-2 tin J— Monarch Apricots, ^ No. 2 1-2 ,tlns i..i—1. Monarch Garden, Asparagus, natural green, No. 1 tin Monarch Prepared Spaghetti, No. 1 tin .. Imported Walnut Meats, 1-2 Ib. package Monarch Garden Asparagus, natural green, No. 2 tins Broken Slice Pineapple, 2 No. 2 1-2 tins i—^ Corn Meal, , , . 5 Ibs. —_ ^ Apricots, 2 Ibs. __1___^ I__ T '. — Ginger Snaps, Fig Bars,,. 3 Ibs. for . _ White Laundry Soap, 10 bars _ T _ Macaroni, per pkg. i ._ Rice Krispies, ' ''- , 3 boxes —..__—'—-—I Bancroft, Wins Legion Title- All Bancroft baseball fans were at Swea City Thursday afternoon and watched Bancroft defeat Tltonka 4-3 arid.win the American Legion championship of Kossuth county. The game was tied at the .end of, the seventh inning and two more innings were played. Titonka defeated Burt at Lone Rock last week Wednesday 5-2. Titonka, Burt, and Bancroft were tied at the end of the league season, each team having won five games out of six. Bancroft's record follows: ...... Buffalo Center 2, Bancroft 4. Swea City 3, Bancroft 5. Titonka 0, Bancroft' 6. Buffalo Center 0, Bancroft 22. • Burt 6, Bancroft 4. Algona 0, Bancroft 9. •Buffalo Center 3, Bancroft 5. Algona 2, Bancroft 7. Tltonka 3, Bancroft 4. Other Bancroft News. Florette Welp, R. N,, came from on a mud road and Art and another brother got out to push. Art slipped and fell. He kept from going under the wheel but had his back, one leg, and arm quite badly skinned. Methodists In July 4 Picnic— The Methodist church sponsored a picnic and Fourth of July celebration Monday at the O. A, "Alexander farm and the program of the day was to include ball game, races, tug of war, horseshoe pitching, etc. The official board had a refreshment, stand and of course the main feature was the big picnic dinner. I>octor Williams Buys House— Dr. T. L. Williams purchased the property now occupied by the Too- liey family from the • receiver of the Bank of Lu Verne. Up to the late afternoon of the date of sale Earl Neal had the high bid buf Dr.^Williams raised the bid and the property became his. Last .week Tuesday Swea City won the first horseshoe pitching contest of the season, a match with Fairmont. Swea pitchers gathered 646 points to Fairmont's 637. The courts at the Champlln oil station were 'used. Those representing Swea City were Capt. Hanson, Jensqn, Donald .Peterson, Alfred Anderson, Bud Hanson, Bud Olson, Omaha Sunday, and will spend two weeks with her mother, Mrs. J.; H, Welp Sr. Dr. and Mrs. L. W. Welp, of Waterloo, spent Sunday ant Monday here with Mrs. Welp. Mrs E. H. Brink and two children, of Waterloo, who visited at the Welp Palmer home for ten days, returned to her home with the Dr. Welps. Mrs Brink will be remembered as Pris- Mllk Station Is Opened— F. H. Hintz has opened a milk and cream station at the Johnson Meat Market. This will be greatly appreciated by housewives during the Albert Eckburg, and Bill Anderson. W. C. T. U. Picnic Is Held— The annual W. C. T. U, picnic was held in the town park last week Tuesday afternoon. A program consisting of a vocal trio by Mrs. Mae Pearson, Dorothy Christiansen and Lucille Thomson; reading, Gall Weaver; and a good talk by 'Senator Geo. W. Patterson. 'Plans were laid for the county convention in September at Algona. About 60 present. . Hossmans In New York State— 'Supt. and Mrs. R. L. Rossman, of the Seneca school, are again in New York, state to spend the summer. Mr. Rossman will continue his studies In Cornell university, and Mrs. Rossman will visit in Martindale, N, Y. This is the third.summer Mr. Rossman has attended school there. cilia Welp. John' Wesselman broke the forefinger on his right arm last Sunday morning when he was working on gas engine. The Lutheran Aid met with Mrs Anna 'Soderberg Friday afternoon an'd the Luther 'League met tha evening. . Zoe Burge, of Cedar Rapids, 1 spending several weeks with he friend, Antoinette Hart. Ruth Adolphson Is home from Easton, where she taught Bibl school last month. Other lu Verne News. The Rev. Mr. Wittenburg enjoyed a holiday visit from relatives at Watkins. They were his father, Ferdinand Wittenburg, his sisters, Miss Martha Wittenburg, and Mrs. Arthur Possehl. and her husband and a niece, Miss Beatrice 1 Wittenburg. The group with the Wlttenburgs spent the Fourth at Clear Lake. W. B. Mason and Lottie, Kenneth Thompson, l>edyard, and Mrs. James Zweifel, Corwith, drove to Grundy Center Friday to visit relatives there and others from New York and Ohio who were returning from a western trip. THOUSAiNDS OF PEOPLE ARE doing away with ice boxes and in stalling sparkling new electric re frigerators. They simply pay 5% per meal. Ten days free trial in you home.—Gamble Stores. 30-4 STATEMENT OF CONDITION OF Iowa State Bank organized under the laws of Iowa, located at Algona, in th« Clultjl of Kessuth, at the close of business on the 30th day of June, X.B,| 1932. RESOURCES Loans and Discounts, ' , _ United States, State and Municipal Bonds 675,835.«| Overdrafts Stock of Federal'•Reserve^Bank- 2,700itl Banking House ' ,15,000.00 Furniture and Fixtures ^^OO.SO 21,5M.» Due from banks and bankers, cub'and cash items 297,181 H^MMM $ 1,375,«MI 50,000.00 50,000.00 48,407.21 744,230.40 31,866.10 Total Resources ' LIABILITIES Capital Stock Surplus fund 1 ,.:_—t 50,000.00 100,WWt| Undivided profits (after deducting expenses) ' :„-,.— Deposits due to banks and banker* on demand .:.__ ..;,_ Individual deposits subject to check ... Savings deposits J 1 . . '."j Time certificates of deposit 63,052.63 Demand certificates, certified checks, cashier's checks 19,435.03 ' Postal Savings deposits _,- 351,960.95 1,258, Total Liabilities ,1 STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY,' SS. „, We, R. H. Miller, President; «. K. ,Cowan and N. A. Sow Vice Presidents; H, L. Gllmore, Cashier; and F. L. Mcif " Asst. Cashier of the bank above named, do solemnly swear 1 the foregoing statement Is full, true and correct, to the bett our knowledge and belief. (•Bank Seal). R, H. MILLER, President. H. R. COWAN and N, A. SMITH, Vice Presidents H, L. GILMORE, Cashier F, TU McMAHON, Asst. Cashier, Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence l>y Rjj MUleri H. R. Cowan, N, A. Smith, H. I* Gllmore, and F. iU.f Mahoh, this 2nd day of July, 1982. AW :i (Notarial Seal,) , -„ LOUISE MAPNuawr Notary Public in and for KWtb i Attested by John Frank], M, pj HaKKftrd. L. E. Linnan, J^» Overmyer, J. C. Mawdn|ey, Directors. Other Swea City, Swea City's Boy Scouts will go into their annual encampment July 6. They will go to West Okoboji, having rented the cottage owned by the Rev. B. L. Weaver which they will use for headquarters. Each boy is required to earn the money to pay his expenses for the summer outing. Last week Monday 1,000 people gathered at East Chain and Silver Lake for the Martin county Diamond Jubilee, A, noon picnic,!a program of speeches, and a review of the history of early days'was given in the afternoon, with a picnic supper and a big dance ait night. The Methodist Brotherhood held its regular monthly meeting last week Tuesday evening, IJarry Berg- pUIIIIMIIIllllllllllllllllllllillllilMIIIIM* Mrs. Aaron Steussy has been having as guests her sister, Mrs. Clyde Brooks and three children, of Tampa, Fla. They expect to spend the summer visiting .relatives in northern Iowa. Archie Sanfords drove to Iowa City last week Tuesday to bring back their infant daughter, who had had an eye operation. The child is recovering nicely. Mrs. George Lothringer, ~ Davenport, and Walter f le.de, Detroit, arrived last week for.a visit ^at the parental (Fred Mrs. Carl Tiede home. Rasmussen, Three - Day - Sped; Thursday, Friday and Saturday «f this week Clean-up Days for Neville's Toggery. Let pocket-book be the judge. three has been an instructor in the Morning' side college for the past several years. They will reside at "Sioux daughters, and Mrs. Hans Torrlng. Audubon, arrived Sunday for a few days at Ell Bager's, The Archie^ iSanfords left Sunday evening for Iowa City, where their infant daughter QeraWlne was to receive treatment. The Albert Schneiders got hom$ last week Wednesday |roj» a mpntlj •with, Mrs. • Schneider's gren, Elmer Smith, and Cushjng furnished the lunch.. The evening was spent playjng games. Mrs, Earnest Wilson anft.son Robert, 10, are visiting at #. T. Winter's. Mrs. Wilson is lytr. Winter's sister. Her' home is in Orlando, Fja., and the trip here was made by car." ' . ' , • ' : Mre. Amelia Turner and daughter Irene came from Portland, Ore., and will make their home with Mrs. Turner's sister-in-law, Mrs. J. A. Brown. Mr. Turner recently died. Ole Molan, town ice man, appeared last Thursday wtth his Ice truck painted yellow and, lettered advertising his ice. Ole sells manufactured ice procured from. EBtherville, The Citizen's Service Co. has hired Bay Lord to drive #ie 1#nk wagpn. Mrs. Lord and family will move here soon from Iowa falls, The Ellsworths i^M a MEN'S BIBLESS OVERAl^S, 3 »AY£ We are putting all of our silk dresses in one jack-pot and for these 3 days you can have choice of any silk dress jn the store for. $1.99 garcon- Heye s a buy* for you women folks, We .will sell all of our best wash frocks for these 3 days only, ilift J at, choice of the store •*-,.....- P«f G Rayon Undies Special—over 600 ments to choose from. This lot tains^ everything. , Choice for these 3 days only__ i Men's and boys' shirts and shorts, three days^mly „,. Women's lisle hose, 3 days only, 3 pair for ,,»,»_. Hereford, Tea;. Neville Boys' knicker BOX, 3 days only, 2: pair % real 24x48 a »ew Our oy ' 1! tt K ^

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