Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 30, 1932 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1932
Page 4
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at Algona, towa, aftt of March 2, 1879.-' CLASS 1908, at the under THE SUPREME COURT OST THE SALARY GRAB , The supreme court, In a decision .last week which had been awaited great Interest, held the so- -«alled "salary grab" unconatttu : <tlohal." The case, as brought by <<Jeorge Gallarno, editor of Plain 'Talk, Bes Molnes, had to do only -with claims filed by members oif the •44th general assembly. Mr. Gallarho Bought an Injunction to prevent ,-ipayment of the claims, but the Des Molnos district court denied the ••writ, holding the law constitutional. This decision the supreme court reversed, and since the law was held -unconstitutional, the decision also ^applies to cases pending In the supreme court as regards claims by members of the 43rd general assembly, who passed the act and made It rapply to themselves. Governor Ham- anill approved'the bill, but Governor Turner, on taking office, denounced .it and demanded its repeal. Presumably the state will seek to re- have been Main duty to rev'earthe: »tcii»*r,,if ie 1ft a man ot courage, let hJni announce himself; M nedsitog cow* ardly the fact releases tMe •(*.-». from obligation lo prbtect Mm, even from the consequences of Its bwh indiscretion. ' On returning from Chicago the editor of the G.-G. will find await- Ing him a letter from Senator Patterson demanding the name of -the author of the charges in Question. In the meantime the senator Is necessarily limited to the -following statement; "The legislative 'expense act. did not originate In the Seriate but In the -House, -it was Introduced ;by Representative Hayes, of Dubuiiue. It was amended ih the Senate by Senator Tabor. I made no speech for it whatever. These facts are all available to both the editor of the Globe-Gazette and his anonymous adviser In the published proceedings of the .legislature. It remains only to pit my word against that of this hidden accuser by declaring that I did not either publicly or privately urge anyone in either house to support the measure." COWLES AS DIRECTOR OF THE H, F. C, •President Hoover's appointments have not,always been • happily 'received, but approval'of the selection of Gardner Cowles for membership '*! RVINGTONWED AT CAN ON, S,D, •Irvington, June Schlchtl and Irene 28 — Percy Ramus were married last week Monday afternoon at Canton, S. p., by the Rey^ Mr. Mlnkler, of the Canton Methodist church. They Were accompanied to Canton by Anna, and Bert .Ramus, sister and brother of the bride, and Mrs. Arthur Rlley- The bride Is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ramus, Lu Verne, and Percy the second son Of Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Schichtl. The couple will live on the V. J. Schlchtl farm. Friends charivarled them last week Monday evening at Bert Sankey's, Galbralth. tut •cover all sums which paid. .-While the supreme court appar- ••ently rendered an unanimous decis- :ton and the justice who wrote the opinion declared that the act was '"palpably" unconstitutional, the case ••was by no means as clear as that, •otherwise good lawyers would not !<have pronounced the act valid, and, •particularly, the district court would ^>ot have held It constitutional. The ^members of the supreme court are, as a rule, themselves only former ••^district court judges whose decisions •the body to which they now belong -more or less often overruled. The ^supreme court, under the law, has the last word, but that is. all: the -court is not infallible. Popular judgment , of the case should without regard to the decis- -ion take into account the situation .as it existed when the act was :passed. This was in the era of high Jiving costs when it took one-half or more of the legislative salary to .pay ordinary expenses, let alone a reasonable wage and an allowance for losses occasioned by absence from business. The compensation of legislators had not been changed since the low-price period of the SO's, and there can be no question among reasonable observers that •barring the constitutional question .larger compensation was amply jus- •tified. It is doubtless a waste of effort to try to make people see this dn the present low-price period and '.agitation for reduction of public ex vpenditures, but it is true neverthe Jess. But whatever is to be said In de iense of the act on the foregoing ^grounds, it must be conceded that -as the Advance has said before now -there is nothing whatever to b •ttrged in behalf of the politics in solved or the provision which mad the law applicable to members o 'the legislature which passed i Even in the best of times the peopl Jook with suspicion on congres sional and legislative salary boosts The legislature which adopted thi unfortunate act should have see *his and should have halted proced •ore till a campaign of education ha prepared the people for it. As fo 4he provision which made the applicable to sitting legislators, was principally that which arouse the storm of public protest and le to the legal attacks which have resulted in the present adverse result. "Without that perfectly asinine clause (in-a political sense) it seems probable that the act would, not Tiave aroused much popular opposition and would never have been subjected to test in the courts. on the Reconstruction Finance Corporation board seems universal. This ppears not only in newspaper and rlvate comment ; but In prompt ac- eptance 'by the Senate's banking ommlttee and the Senate itself. •Jot even Senator Brookhart, mem- er of the committee, objected. The appointment is peculiarly ratifying to this section of the ountry because it makes sure that very safe means to relieve the ag- icultural situation will have a wise nd able proponent and defender on he board itself. No major institu- ion in Iowa is more dependent on r closer to the farming population han the Cowles newspapers. Mr. Cowles will be fair, he will be impartial, he will be sound, but to the imit of his ability and influence he vill be sure to see to it that what he R. F. C. can do for real agrlcul- ural relief is done. 'Kossuth county and Algona may be pardoned especial' pride in this ecognition of a worthy adopted son vho despite great success in another field has never permitted interest n the old home to die. Program at Missionary The Missionary society met Friday afternoon at the church, and the semi-annual tea. was given. After a business meeting' roll-call was answered with scripture verses. No lesson topic was taken up, but there was • a . musicalV program:. -.Welcome,. Betty Miller; duet, Does Jesus Care? Mrs. Wickwlre, Mrs. Schlchtl; solo, In the Garden, Mabeline Miller; duet, I Am Praying, for You; Mrs; Boldridge and Albertha; solo, Mrs. Austin Summers; piano solo, Mrs. Earl Miller; solo, Beautiful Flowers, Shirley Roney; duet, List to His Voice, Mrs. A. McLean, Mrs. K. P. Roney. Lunch was served to 18 in the Annex. Timely Topics Bines lose S. S. Contest— A "Great .Lakes" contest was brought to a close Sunday In the local S. S., with the reds two towns ahead. A Sunday school picnic for which the losing Blues must.furnish the ice cream will be given at the Ambrose A. Call state park July 4. Dorothy Schulz and Ruby Koepke taught primary Sunday In the absence of the regular teachers, Mrs. Casey Loss and Mrs. Earl Miller. Mrs. Loss was at Cedar Rapids, where she spent several days with a friend. Mrs. 0. L. MHle.r Surprised— A number of relatives from Algona gathered at O. L. Miller's Saturday evening to give Mrs. Miller a surprise in honor of her birthday. A. McLean also celebrated a birthday H UDDLE IS 6*fH Of the most realistic, of all the so-called "college" pictures, first, because all the scenes were actually taken on the Yale campus, second, because the characters behave like collegians, and, third, because, Yale does not win the big climatic game, it merely ties Harvard. These, you will admit, are features which distinguish it from the ordinary col- 'lege football story, dished out to suffering movie patrons ,for lo these many years. But, speaking,of suf ferftig patrons, has anything ever shown on the screen even approach*ed the agony of seeing a hero with an appendix all ready to burst playing the rough and ready'.game of football? - Granted that our noble hero is in excruciating pain, it is also an' "experience'? for every single customer. 'Ramon Navarro is the son of a hard-working Italian steel worker. His muscles have become hard cat stoking a giant furnace in the mills. When he wins'a-scholarship, he goes to, Yale, but the mellowing influences of this institution of higher learning fail to penetrate this man of iron. He is cordially disliked by everyone except his roommate and Rosalie (Madge Evans). Just why Rosalie is so shocked at his proposal to spend the night In a secluded inn but conies back in the final scenes to our hero's dormitory room as blithely as though she were entertaining in her own parlor is not satisfactorily explained. In the big finale, the. crucial' football game, with the old rival,. Harvard,' both Yale and Tony come through with flying.colors, and a tie game brings the final touch of authenticity to the picture. Throughout Huddle the atmosphere of the .campus has been truthfully and realistically brought to the screen: you have the Illusion, so difficult to ; portray,,,that these men are actually sons of old Eli, that these experiences are real, not faked. Actual. football games, the boat race, fraternity rushing, scenes in the class rooms and In the dormitories, are expertly handled by. a competent cast of convincing actors'. •Huddle is one of those "surprises" which make the job of a talking'pic- a'If anybody" Want* -to irgUe about It, Just callus on tne f phone- i we can always hang,up, you know. H EA^ of yj| SEXTON ON 1 EAVEN 6*J EARTH !« ft story the Mississippi done In the melodramatic style of the early nineties; it deplete life among the poor white trash In Shantytown and mvoes In true southern tempo. Shots along the river are InteTestlrig and picturesque, -but 'the acting of young ewls Ayres is colorless. The sujS- JrUtig cast gives this talkie whatever claim to fame It may have, introduction of the religious note Is* rather unnecessary except as It gives a background for the picture. The heroine, blOn'd Anita Loulde, Is as^much a washout as the flood, which terminates Heaven on Earth In a florid, dramatic manner. If we may be pardoned for putting thte production on a percentage basis, we should say: atmosphere and background, 85%; acting, 10%; photography, 5%. Look over the figures .(as the banker might say, or the producer of "a musical com- •edy) and if you like these dividends,,, in v the order named, then this is a 100% picture. Aa the good wife says, "It's all In the point of view." RANEY FAMILY IN REUNION AT BRITT The annual Raney family reunion was held Sunday at the Eagle Lake state park,.near, Brltt with 86 persons in attendance,-as follows: Mr. and Mrsv Charles 'Raney, Herbert and Beth, ,Guy, his wife, and baby, all of Livermore; Ernest and his wife, Rutland; and Mrs. V. A. •Barrett, Ledyard; Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Clark, sons Ronald and Leo, Leo's wife, Leo Jr., and Lois Fay, -Mr. and, Mrs. B. F. Hartzell, Charlotte; . Robert, 'Teddy, Kenneth, Grace, and Dale, Mr. and 'Mrs. James Ross, Greta and Billy, all of SENATOR PATTERSON AND THE G.-G. AGAIN ' Two weeks ago the Mason City Globe-Gazette attacked Senator Pat- and last week the Advance , The G,*Q,'8 rebuttal as o£ ^Saturday k now reprinted on thlfj 3>age. It calls for no sur-rebuttal except as regards the alleged letter from a fellow senator. The G.-G.'s first editorial bore the -earmarks of a "filler" written in : has to as the editor was departing lor the republican national convention. The present editorial was evidently even more hastily written, as 'the writer was departing for the ••emocratic convention. If it had *een written at leisure the editor, •who prides himself on fairness, •would never have stooped to that most unfair of all tricks in editorial •criticism, quotation from an'anony- •Tnous accuser. No one knows better than the editor of the G.-G. that anonymity in •accusation is the first crime in the •newspaper calendar. The editor of *he G.-<3. himself has often said so, last time within a few weeks in Eye Observing column. The "*4fea~son that such anonymity is unt- "versally considered unfair, not to say cowardly, is that both the Indi"Vidual attacked and the public are without means to investigate record and assess the motives of It is said that in 1930 the insurance companies had to meet demands for $1,300,000,000 in policy loans, and that since the depression began they have had to lend $3,000,000,000 altogether against policies. "Which may, at least in a 'measure, explain why they are now so tight as regards new real estate loans or renewals. The Estherville V. & R. and the Humboldt papers argue against the income tax on the ground that it taxes thrift, in other words the ability to make profits. Apparently they held to the rather naive notion that the way to get taxes is to take them from the thriftless, that is, from people who do not know how to make money.' Such economics! The Mason City G.-G., in its recent ed.itorial against Patterson, remarked that under present' conditions the proposed state income tax might not yield more than enough to run the school for the blind. Editor Ira A. Nichols, of the Iowa Falls Citizen dryly called that one rather neatly by retorting that this would be good news to people who would have to pay the tax. And he might have added, "Why, then, all the yelling?" Governor Turner was everlastingly, right at Chicago, but that didn't get him anything in a wet delegation, says the democratic (yet dry) Knoxville Express. True: 16 members out of 25 thought booze, not the economic situation, was the great Issue of the day. Saturday, and he heard via Yankton, S. D., a dedication in his honor Sunday. Bits-worths In Family Reunion— The annual Ditsworth reunion was held Sunday at the Ambrose A. Call state park. More than 100 persons attended a picnic dinner, some from Minnesota, Illinois, Waterloo, Bancroft, and Swea City. ture critic at least bearable. |I'RECTOR FRANK BORZAGtE has a penchant for the simple, .of In heart-throbbing, human tales struggle so rare on the screen. Brltt. Roy ,*•;, •Sextonr JtiJW 48- J there wilt M? * community picnic at .Orvllle H«d| c rick's, a mile east o* S<«ton,'. v i«S*t M6nday, July 4, and everybody wflj be welcome.' There will be J Dan games, running races for 1 'the children, 'a ple*eatlng contest, and many other amusement*. "This, Aid Will haVe a atahd where Ice cream, candy, and cold drinks will be served., Ail ( -who"attend are'<ttf take' lunch, dlsh'es, and silverware, ' v - fl None Hnrt hi CM Up«*— < . • - The Harry* Seeleya, i the Loyal Youngs, and- the Van JBansens were Sunday guests t at ,Ted Hoover's. That afternoon Mrs. Seeley, the women, and the children left for the Seeley home near-Irvington to look after the Seeley chickens. A storm came up, and Mrs.'Seeley, Winded by/rain, ran off the grade near the FerstI home, on the Ridge road .There Were nine persons-In the car, which tipped over, but no one 1 was hurt seriously. The car suffered considerable damage.; > Needle Pierces Hand— Mrs. Oscar Hammond, .formerly Pearl Smith, 1 daughter of Mrs. Amy Smith, ran a needle into one hand while she was doing her dusting .the other, day. Doctor • Adams, Wesley, sent her to Doctor Cretzmeyer, wHoi located it with his x-ray machine.' The doctor had to cut the hand open to remove the needle. It .was a .painful affair while it-lasted. « Other Sexton News. . The Aid met with. Mrs.' • Harvey •Steven 'last Thursday. Bible, study was conducted by Mrs. Skow, 'and the 'Rev. Mr. McNulty gave a short .talk,. The next meeting place has not "been decided upon. Mrs. Harvey Steven was called to •the bedside of her. mother, :Mrs. John Wermersen, Algona,'Saturday night, and remained over Sunday. Mrs. .Wermersen is now somewhat •better. Mrs. G. B. Wise, daughter Mrs. SPECIAL Beginning Saturday, July 2, admission prices' will be th'e same on Sundays and. Holidays as on i^eek days! , / -f !' < K t / Allniatinees lp-25c,^ , Entire Hou'se. ; T, T Children always 160/4 J Night prices: Balcony 25c; main floor, 35c. • \ Always the best and newest pictures! , / I ^•' »»»«ay, July 3i "The Mftn p rom v es(f — with— Clark, Decorah, son Tom; Thnnflay and Friday, Jine M-t nljf 1 "The Misleading Lady* —with—• CLAUDETTE COLBERT , EDMUND LOWE STUART ERWIN Clever, fast-moving comedy drama —beautiful gowns, beautiful settings —plenty of laughs. Matinee Thursday 2:80 p. m.—10-30c Boy Has Stomach Trouble- Medical attention was necessary for Louie, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Gronbach, Sunday evening. He is subject to severe spells with his stomach, usually accompanied by high fever. Picnic Honors Two ; Blrtli»lays— A picnic birthday dinner in honor of Louise Sorensen, 2, and her grandfather, Albert Butterfield, took place at the Ambrose A. Call state park Sunday, 22 attending. Seventh Heaven, Street Angel, and Bad Girl he scored mild trlumps: in After Tomorrow, with considerable less material to work with, he does a considerably poorer job. There are too many threads of plot, too many avenues for scattering sympathy and interest, too much ,Charles Farrell, in short, too much of a good thing. Our hero is pretty much "washed up," if we may resort to slang. ' His boyish simplicity and stupidity are appalling. . Marian Nixon, favorite of ours, almost shows Kei* reaction to his state of Other Irvington News. Mr. and 'Mrs. P. D. Solomon, son Merrill, and Mrs. Bessie Warren, all of Spencer, and Mrs. Stella Sabin, Algona, were Sunday .dinner guests at Harry Sabin's home. The Spencer party was en route home after several days with the (Lloyd Solomons, at Lime Springs. The Solomons and Mrs. Warren were also guests for a short time of Mrs. Stella Sabin, on the way to Xilme Springs. Merrill is an employe of the Spencer postoffice, and he visited the new postoffice at Oelwein a few days ago. The Rev. A. English preached Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Clark, Webster City, son Gene; Howard Clark and Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson, Le-r roy, Marjorie, and Vera, all of Burt; Mr. and Mrs. Victor Applegate, Cor- wlth; Mr. and Mrs. 'Hug,h N 'Raney, Norma, Buena, ./Lyle, and Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fitch, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Skilllng and Dewey, Mr. and Mrs. Forbes Shiltz,, all of Irvington. ' ' . Mrs. Cora Raney and Harriett Raney, Mr., and Mrs. Glen Raney and Meredith, Mrs. Jesse Smith and Durwood, J. A. Raney, Mr.. and Mrs. B. H. Potter, Audrey, Joyce, Dwight, and. Richard, Mrs. Robert Moore, Pauline and Robert, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Potter, Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Moore, Keith and Shellah, a'll of Algona. Visitors were Mrs. Emma Clark, Llvermbre; Edith Batt arid Jos. (Laing, Algona; Ruth Ann and Kathleen Potter, Schaller. Charles Stratbn, the latter's children, and the Mack Wise family were dinner guests Sunday at Loyd Steven's, near Burt. Margaret^ Esther, and Howard Hedrick, Mason City, are visiting their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Oryille Hedrick. Mrs. Henry Hawley returned to Mason City Sunday, after a few days with her sister, Mrs. B. E. Sanders. The Clem Cunninghams spent Sunday at Lu Verne with Mrs. Cunningham's mother, Mrs. Warmbler. Mrs. M. E. Hoover, Britt, came Sunday to spend-the week with her daughter, Mrs. Melvin Olaen. Mrs. 'Roy Ollom, who has been seriously sick at the Kossuth hospital, is recovering. Saturday, July 9 , Big double feature program! First day of our new low prices. < Your favorite western star BUCK JONES . In "One Man Law" Clean, refreshing, thrilling! . Also a snappy up-to-the-minute feature, with - * SALLY EILEBS SPENCER TRACY: Matinee l:30-il:30 p. m.—10-25c. Night 7:15-0:15j). m.—10-25-35c. ' CLAUDETTE A parellel to «EnochArden,"a J6y of love-poigna taV. ^Uh Andy ft Afjef 5 p. ni.-lQ.35c entlM ] Moriilay and Tuemlav ini.. i "The Bed Headed ^ —with— JEAN HARLOW CHESTER J The original platinum b •red-hot, la,ugh riot, it's in dynamite! Celebrate the Glorious Algona! Matinee 11 a, m, contir formance. NEW PRICES PREVAIL 11 a. m.-o p. m., 10 aha 25.,' house. ' After 5 p, m. 10-25.35. Release date June 25 - ' newer! ^•^••MlH Wednesday-Thursday, July (, The Trial of Vivienne —with— JOAN BENNETT DONALD COOK ZAZU PITTS The radio drama that ele the air! , t 'Beautiful Joan in the most i .role of her career! Mystery, beauty, thrills, : Matinee Thursday 2:30 p, m", j(! accuser. 'Suppose that in the present instance, the "respected colleague" being known, it could be shown, first tthat he has never been the income •tax supporter which the G.-G makes him out to be, and, second "that hei had a motive in misrepre- •entation, in that Patterson publicly ^opposed his political ambitions in the recent pre-primary campaign IfVouldn't such a showing count im- -jaensely in the public estimate 01 >the attack on Patterson? But the G.-G.'s unprofessiona method of presentation of the charg< «stops Patterson from thus advising (the public of the facts. He canno toe sure of his accuser, and for fear of pillorying the innocent he is com Celled to be silent. As well forci one into a duel, rob him of weapons «nd leave him to the mercy of an .armed, masked, and unknown, op ponent. If this letter was private, then the <}.-G. had no business quoting it; i *jiie letter was not private, then thi JR.-G. pursued skulking tactics in Withholding the author's name. Th Advance has sufficient confidenc to the G.-O. editor's sense of .fair to believe that be will see this 9oqn/as it Is pointed out. Having, & vlojation of well eatab newspaper ethics, made us •"'-• •'- " upqp Itself th< Another G.-O, Slam at Patterson [Mason City Globe-Gazette.] There is presented in the "Other Editors" department a, vigorous edi- orlal defense of Senator Patterson. While there is much that is debat- :ble in Mr. Dewel's article, no part af It seems to call for an answer ex- ept his charge that the Globe-Gazette is seeking to defeat the Burt statesman. This criticism was written follow- ng the primary election. Any belief ve may have held that we 'could influence votes" against Mr. Pat- :erson or anybody else had vanished, most assuredly. And fi-om the fact that he was without opposition n the primaries, we deduced that le was unbeatable In the election. Fleally the defeat of Mr. Patterson was farthest from our thoughts. We went into the debate purely for love of the game. Since this editorial was printed, a letter has been received from one of the senator's respected colleagues, who has advocated the income tax almost as long as the senator himself. It contains a paragraph which ought to be a political asset to him, and we reproduce it: "Patterson was the leading exponent of the salary grab in the 43rd general assembly. As a matter of fact, he is probably more responsible for it than any other member of the Iowa senate." This is by way of correcting any Insinuation unwittingly advanced in these columns that Senator Patterson's record is barren . 'By his eloquence and his shining example, he undoubtedly persuaded more than one timid soul that the Iowa statute which bars legislators from raising their own income within their own term of office is both eilly and ambiguous. If salary-grabbing is to flourish in the future as it has in the past, it follows, obviously, that there must not only be a state income tax but that it be left for. the legislature's disbursement. To return the new revenue, or any part of it, to the local governmental units would be a decided cramp on the senator's style. 'By joining these issues — income tax and salary-grabbing '— Senator Patterson ought to fce able to perpetuate himself in office a long tiine. It would be presumptuous for any newspaper to tbink it cpuld u»- pl£ and' so vocal"for the wnderdpjr". Sunday on, Is Thei-e Marriage in Heaven? This completed a series of three sermons, having to do with the second coming of Christ. The other two topics were, I Am Coming Again, and When I Come Ag'ain. A special number Sunday, was a duet, Long Ago, by Mrs. Schlchtl and Mrs. Wickwlre, The text was taken from Luke 20-80:36. The (Russell Mcllhattins, Lanark, 111., spent last Thursday and Friday at Sam Reaper's.and Frank Ditsworth's, then went to Bancroft and Swea City to visit other relatives •before going home this week Wednesday. They will be accompanied home by 3. D., Mellhattin, also of Lanark, who has been with his sister, Mrs. Reaper, for several weeks. The 'Lorls Crawfords and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wilkins were Sunday evening guests at O. L. Miller's, and guests last week Wednesday were Ruth Ann and Kathleen, daughters of Dr. and.Mrs. Ray Potter. The Roy Hecklins, Woden, were Sunday dinner guests at the Douglass Riley home. John Riley, who had been with the Hecklins for a, few weeks, came home with them. The E. H. McCormlcks, of Eagle Grove, were Sunday guests at' th'e Austin Summers home. Mrs. McCormick and Mrs. Summers are sisters. continued enthusiasm by ill-concealed disgust. : The story follows: the young couple wish to marry, but are prevented by the selfishness of his mother and the unfaithfulness of her's. When the girl's mother runs away with a boarder, the husband (Marian's father) has a stroke, but events finally turn into a Chappy ending of the little fairy tale. There are moments of coliossal dullness in the middle of this picture, seeming hours of conversation of the most trite and trivial variety,- One of these "moments" we remember to our discomfort, • a talk between the girl's father and the boy's mother, which gets so .bad/that even the father leaves the room in utter disgust, and we, poor, suffering critic, go out to smoke a clgaret. Yes, it's that bad! A sentimental ditty of the sob- kind is introduced to give Mr. Farrell an opportunity to air his voice. It's something about the sun shining, "after tomorrow," and it Is go touching that even Marian breaks down and has a good cry. After Tomorrow is Mr. Borzage's weakest attempt, and we suggest a lay-off for Charley, who seems to be suffering from some'peculiar condition, which, for lack of a better term, we might call lackadaisical. J UST OUTSIDE OF THE coveted circle of the stars stands the vast army of character actors and actresses; the lesser lights, in plainer language the supporting cast. But they are as important to 'a picture, •perhaps, as the leading players, though their names are.never flashed across». the theater-front In brilliant lights, and mention in the cast of characters is as much as they get. from a publicity standpoint. They are, in a word, the unsung heroes and heroines of the screen. All of us have our favorites among these players. The current 'New Yorker pays tribute to Zazu Pitts; we add our bit In appreciation of one Una Merkel, droll southern belle, supporting player in Man Wanted. While Miss Merkel's work Lightning Kills Horse. St. Joe, June 2>8—'Freillnger Bros, lost one of their best horses last week Friday, when the animal was struck by lightning and killed during the storm. I HAVE FOR TRADE the following properties. Improved 80 acres close to Algona to trade equity for house*in Algona; 120 acres in southern Minnesota to trade for house in good town; also a good modern house close in to trade for a house on the edge of Algona which .has some acreage or several lots with it. List your property for sale or trade with C. W. Nlcoulin, Algona's Real Estate''(Dealer. Get Ready for i i *^ Harvest - Haying] ' •* • ' ' Y » Farmers, we are well-stocked with everything you will need. Three tine hay forks at ____'__ 95cj , Rubber Belting, all sizes up to 6 inch Belt Dressing'at 35 cents Steel and leather belt lacing Kohlhaas Hardware At CHRISTENSEN'S You can drew up for the Fourth with a new outfit at a very little coat by taking ad-' vantage of these July4th Specials : $1.00 Stylish white leather hand Bags __4 : Bath towels for thai Fourth of-July 4 C & swim. Large fluffy towels at^,, I w Mrs. Rome Robison entertained a number of guests in honor of Mrs. Vernon 'Robison at the latter's last Thursday. The Aid will meet this week Thursday at the Annex; Mesdames O. L. Miller and Earl Miller, hostesses. Mrs. V. J. Schlchtl went to Bancroft Monday for a short stay with her daughter, Mrs. Jos. Wilhelml. The Earl Millers and Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cox were Sunday guests at the C. M. Cox home at David/ Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bedell, of St. Paul, arrived Sunday. They plan to go home this week Tuesday, "Cap" Smith, who has heart trouble, is reported somewhat improved. The James Breens, Titonka, were .'Friday visitors at Tony' Sorensen's. KOSSUTH HAS 13 DELEGATES TO JUDICIAL CONVENTION A republican judicial convention to nominate a successor to Judge Davidson will be held at the Emmet«burg courthouse Thursday, July It. Kossuth will have IS delegates; Buena Vista, 12; Dickinson, 7; Em,met, ; Humboldt, 7; Palo >, sack Is a bit below par (her role in Huddle was far more noteworthy), she is a consistently convincing little actress, deserving all the praise the movie fans are able to bestow. With the coming of torrid weather, we are compelled to reduce the size of this column, shrink it, so to speak. Man Wanted, with the dark eyed, iovely Kay Francis as leading lady and the rather simple David Manners as leading man,- is good hot weather entertainment. It is the store of an efficient 100% business woman who goes wrong — pardon us, falls in love! Moral, if you want to be successful commercially, don't fall in love; which-any fool jmows. Yet it's an entertaining little picture withal, though nobody does any particularly effective work, and nobody seems to care a dam, least of all tb,te critic with a wilted collar. So we'll just let Man Wanted slip past as neither a poor show nor a -good, one. FuU-faghioned silk chiffon hose in the new summer shades for ^. Mesh anklets for the miss and children in white and colors, all sizes —^___., Colorfast print pajamas in attractive styles and patterns for „___ __:._., AU wool ladies'bathing suits in the £4 wanted spring needle weave for .^____^ | p Rayon undergarments in several attractive styles that are full ciit at r Genuine "Keyer" full-fashioned men! hose in the newest colors for; pair,— Cool looking stylish hftti» f<jr hot weather wear at ,-'.U...,. • AND UP Stylish white footwear In styles at ___ post NOTICE OF LETTING Sealed bids will be received at t&e office of the County Auditor, AJ.- lowa, until 10 a. m'. July 1J, :, for approximately 42000 lbs_. of structural steel. Bidding blanks ani| additional information may be set' cured from th$ office of the CQual? engineer, Algoija, Iowa. SUk pongee pajamas that are new and different looking $1.95 Color fast stylish. voile • «p*« fr, C1 an endless variety to ' Q)HWW:lRM»^9 • t^ij -• "•< AND Attractive niesh undergarments in stepins, dance seta, and combinations, A 4 AA white and colors, at ___ ______________ ^M W (}D Children's colorfast, dresses and creepers for hpt weather wear at _________________ The popular sleeveteus white sweaters at..., " Children's color fait sheer materials in attractive styles, at . £<l * I « and . • June ?$«». 198.8. Bathing caps in the new shapes, and in every wa»t§d colojri at AND

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