Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 16, 1932 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1932
Page 7
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\V| fl AI I MM vi i:vnni! cbtNtt At>VAtfe& ALGOHA, IOWA HEAR LETTERS FROM MISSIONARIES Lakota, Jufle 14— Mrs. Harry Moe Was hostess to the Methodist W. F, S. at the church Friday, 20 women from Lakota and Ledyaril Mrs. Qlen Yahnke, Led attending. , yard, gave the lesson; Mrs. George Thompson, Ledyurd, read the stewardship's Tn-ogrnm; Mrs. Moe and F. O. Johnson each read a from missionaries, one from the Philippines, one from India, and MeBdames Johnson and Hatnquist sahg a. duet: The two societies will Mrs. leter ' W* J. Payne, Charing Klnmp, Field Reporter, IAL OFFIR ' 1 ;« I tor E wkh fach par- chiM ol • 7(e bottb of MtcV CSBY'S DRUtt STORE cans , , < -, tKl I *. V • or less obtained quickly on Fur' ., Automobiles and Live Stock additional Information call, vtlte',' or phone ! , ININGHAM & LACY hold meetings together during the summer, alternating the towns as meeting places. Acorn Club Hours 1'rogrnm— The Acorn club met lust Thursday with Mrs. Delia Smith, and a program was given. In A Trip to the band o£ the Midnight Sun, Mrs. Alice Murray gave a review of Sweden ; Mrs. Erma Woodworth told of .Finland; Mrs. Torine, of Norway fiano solos were played by Mrs. Elaine Johnson. Pinna were laid for a family picnic next Tuesday In the Doctor Murray lawn. Story.Telling Contest, Held— A Bible story-telling contest was held at There were .three classes, dramatic, devotional, and Bible stories written by the contstants. Beth Hamquist and Dorothy Clemans, of the. local Methodist church, took part, Dorothy giving the 119th 1'salm, and Beth giving Matthew, 3. Smiths to Family Reunion— Mrs. A. Q. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Emory Smith, Lorraine Smith and Bob Clemans went to Webster City .Sunday to attend the annual Smith family reunion at the Kendall Young park, 39 In attendance. A. Q. Smith, who was sick, could not go, and his daughter, Mrs. Otto Koppen, took care of him. We had a short visit recently with Robert Skllllng of Irving-ton. He said he was mall-clerking, but'of Des Molnes to Kansas City on tlie Great Western. Me hud came home Saturday night and was leaving Sunday night. It's a great life If you don't weaken, according to'Robert. We called Friday on Elmer"Dohle, auto-repair man at Irvlngton. He has worked at the business for a long time. AVhen we 'got there he had .lust finished repairing a motor into which he had put a new crank shaft. The motor zoomed off <like a new one. Elmer says that patrons keep, him busy most of the time. 'Spencer's main streets at present have the worst paving that we have ever ridden over and we say this with full appreciation that Algona's main streets' have 'been pretty bad at times Traffic through that city to the lakes sure will not bless the town if the ruts are not filled soon^But we heai that steps have already been taken for re-paving. A boy scout, doing his dally good turn on election day, handed us a Monday evening. card on which wag w 'rltten, "Algona •WE 696' ' AXfcONA Representing ' ' Finance Co« Deg Molnes boy scout leader. Lived In Algona 2!) years, present acting justice. College graduate." And we turned the card over, and it was about P. A. Danson, candidate for republican nomination for justice of the peace to succeed his father. At her home one-half mile east of Sdxton, Mrs. E. H. Francis remarked that she is very lonesome since .her husband died recently. She found him view of "the fact that they,;have up to now been buying feed for stock. . : At Sutherland a few days ago we were served a first-class dinner for only 25d and emboldened by this low price we added pie, foi- which we ivere soaked Ipc, dodgast It! Then, at Sibley, we got' d fine supper,'thick meat-loaf, che'ese, vegetables, idouble serving'of butter, big coffee, arid dessert, all tor 30c. A county manager with whom we happened to tie eating at Sibley was rather gopd-lpok-, Ing and the restaurant girls had a spirited controversy over which should serve our table. . Last week Wednesday, three miles north of Sexton, at Ted. Hoover's, while they were shelling corn with a large sheller powered with a tractor, the Hoover boy, Vaughn, 4, got his right hand caught in one of : the sprocket wheels on the sheller. It was badly, hurt. Teddy Bob, brother, 5, grabbed him and pulled him away or he might have lost his arm. After it was all over Vaughn'h mother asked him why he had put his hand into the machine, and the little fellow said he just'wanted to stop the sheller. The Hoovers haye four boys. The writer has'vlsited some grasshopper fields west of here where the pests flew up in clouds from the grass along the fence rows as we, passed. They were half an inch to' an inch long last week, and one man said, 'You folks over, to the east may get your taste .of grasshoper damage yet, if they fly as I have seen them erush gravel Ifhey do' It with a large crane and & criisher and loader, and were turning otit 1200' yards every ten hours. Jos', kramer and E. C. Higins, Fort ttedge, operated the crane, which is a real job. These workmen have a camp, With Mrs. E.. C. Higglns as cook. There a'Ve four women, four small girls, and one little boy in the camp. Members of the crew were remarking about George Lichter, fyho also hauls gravel, but has a smaller truck than the others. They call his truck a. cracker box, but George doesn't care, for he Is doing his share. -Some of the trucks haul more than five yards of gravel to a load. County Treasurer H. N. Ki-use has one of the fine gardens of Algona, and he has developed It on a ^lllslde back yard below his home on Nebraska street, where hard work and intelligent planning were required. •Mir. Kruse-gets up at 4 or 5 o'clock many mornings to work in this garden. He has terraced the ground In'to three levels and has planted shrubs vines, and bulbs, as well ns most of the regular kinds of flowers. He has a nice vegetable garden as well There are 73 kinds of gladiolus, beautiful roses, daisies arid 'Iris. A bird-bath of pebble and concrete construction he made himself, and there Is tt generous basin of water for the birds. Flag .paths throughout the garden were also laid by Mr: Kruse in spare time, which will furnish relaxation frorri work in the office. making fesdy for tourlste or othei" sunimer visitors ol- filled with the jleasUre 'Tiunters themselves. In the ast few years this lakes country las developed In tharveloiis fashion, and the people of the resorts do not expect much let-down in patronage this summer. In' fact there :Is some tendency for families out of work, or who have closed down on business ;luring the depression, to take longer vacations than usual, pending the eturn of better times. There is much resort business from people who rent cabins and live at the lakes to keep expenses down instead of living in a. higher-priced and more pretentious rented house back home. The North Kossuth cow-test association held Its anual tour and picnic last week Tuesday. A picnic j dinner was served by the women in the Droessler grove, east of Bancroft. I In the morning the group Visited the Mescher farm and held a judging contest. Henry Lamps, Bancroft, was high, score 143, and others followed in order: Bennle Nelson, Paul Leaverton;, Mr4 iTm Dddp.v), Bernhard, C. M. Gross. Mr. Lampe •will represent the association in a state cow-test association judging contest at the Dairy Cattle Congress, Vital Link *" * > i t v ' In any mention of fine gardening in Algona the Kruse garden must be included. .There was-great activity in the Okobojl lake region last week-end. Beginning at Lake Park, then at Montgomery, Trlboji, 'Spirit Lake, and south through Okobojl, Arnold's Park, and Mtlford, there were steady streams of Cars and trucks, either Waterloo, next October. Floyd Arnold, of the Iowa State college ex- ;enslon service, helped with the judging work. Races and a kitten ball game were included in the program. This is one of three active associations , in Kossuth whose members keep records on more than'' 3500 cows,- culling boarder cows; Improve herds with better sires, and from test records as a guide in feeding! AT LAST—YOU CAN HAVE electric refrigerator without paying a cent down. 10 days free trial Then pay only 5%c a meal, bles. Snpt. Parsons Becomes •Supt. Parsons was admitted to the state bar last week, one of 45 out of 67 who took examinations at Des Moines. Mr. >Pavsons had studied under Judge D. F. Coyle, Humboldt, afternoons and evenings four years. He plans to continue his school work for the present. How To Care For IARICOSE VEINS [Apply a generous amount ^of Em- I Oil to the swollen veins and Let it penetrate. Feel the 5lo relief! Now bind your leg . a bandage three r Jnchess wide (long enough to give the neces- 1 support, winding It upward i the ankle to the knee, ,,the way i blood flows in the veins. Stops |e pain. Begins at once to heal i ulcers and broken veins. Just the simple directions and i are sure to be helped. — E. W. won't keep your money un- ou are. , ,"? , , Iiedyard Farm Iliireau Meefg— The Ledyard township Farm Bureau met at George Hagge's Friday night. The -Ledyard band furnished music, Mary Elaine Smith gave a reading, and Myron Johnson, Eagle township, spoke. The 4-H girls sold candy. Mrs. /ollskf Loses Father- Mrs. Bertha Nitz, the. Lou -Nltz family, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zeilske went to Hubbard last week Wednesday to attend the funeral of a Mr. Ruhnke, father of Mrs. Zeilske, who died suddenly of heart disease. To Complete Paving Soon — The paving, on No. D^between Buf- sitting against a tree, dead. This was on April 28. Her son Morse Is at home now, helping her, but he finds it rather different to work on the farm, for he had been attending college at Iowa City, majoring in mathematics. At Sutherland we were told last week Wednesday and eggs were 12c, but next day, at Stbley and Ocheydan We were told that the price was six cents. That Is too much difference. There seemed to be a lack of understanding among the farmers concerning the difference in pride between grades of eggs. Most counties are behind Kosuth in progress towards egg-grading. We called Saturday at the Bert Sanders home at Sexton. The family came late in May from Osceola to care, for the place, whcih Mr..Sanders owns. They are planning two weeks at Clear Lake. The cherry crop,'they said, is Very good, down Osceola way. That is also a great country for watermelons. Mrs. H. I Hawley, of .Mason City, sister of Mrs Sanders, is visiting them while they are at Sexton. We also had a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Wiliam Hartley at Sexton Saturday, and they showed us an 80-ft grape arbor just .east of their ,house The lumber and the steel posts they milk DAlRYjfLY SPR&Y; "- i|Can be used in the'barns, iom. or in the home and rove to be a real'honest to good- |t!s spray, > j; v Am just getting v jn my second •'-nent consisting ot ^>ver 600 gal- I have sold,nearly J.OOO gal- i of this spray tnls year, conse- tly I have a real money-saving i for you. ' ^' i > [if you are not a .Watkins Dairy " Spray user, just try a, gallon :t time you are feeding spray. It [sold under a satisfaction guaran- H. J. VANDB 8TEEG ' Yonr Betfer. LEFTOVER FrnMtis inn become •yW'BB * J9£j7*BrB*5*r*n \$M falo Center and Lakota Is progress- Ing rapidly, and trie machine is now on the last mile. The-pavers expct to finish that and a half mile south through Lakota in two weeks. 8. 8. Class Hug Picnic— The Methodist Berean Sunday school class had planned a picnic supper at Interlaken last week Tuesday, but because of rain 15 young folks took supper up to Gus Torlne's and spent the evening there. 8. O. Station Manager Changed— Ray Meyer has bought the Standr ar4 Oil station run by Will Keinitz. Mr. Meyer, who recently took over •the local movie, had worked at the Woodworth drug store two or three years. Party for S. S. Children- Mrs. E, A. Clemans, Methodist S. S. -beginners' teacher, gave a party 1 •for the tots at the Johnson farm, north of town last Thursday!' 16 children and four visitors attendnlg, Two Games Won, One Lost— Swea City's Cardinals played Claiy Ion at Clarion Sunday, winning, 6-1. The local "second team, the Bear Cats, won at" Ledyard, 6-2, and the Juniors lost to Burt at Burt, 6-3. Sunday Schools In Picnics— , The Baptist Sunday school held, its. annual picnic at Interlaken last Thursday and the Methodist Sunday school picnicked at the Ambrose A, Call state, park Friday,, , Popcorn Stand Permit Granted— 'The council has granted to Harold Evans arid Melvln Krumm a permit to operate a popcorn stand on a vacant lot south of the Peterson bakery. • ^_^_. Cttr Wat«tr Pronounced Pure— A sample of the town water was s.ent to Iowa City for test lest week, and It was pronounced O, K, Other irtot* News, i&trs, Jane Martin who returned Sunday to her home at Auburn, had vtalted her daughter, Mrs. James I$ldfir, for some time. Hep son, W. C. Margin, drove here for her and spent the weekend here.- * irpjie Henry Patterspns attended a Dorentmsh family reunion Sunday at Wood's I#ke, north of 'Elmore. was also the 26th wedding an- of the marriage ° f Mr- <W A Mrs.' W. H- Smith, The ptto Bauman's, Elmore, vla- itediftfS' Baunjan'* 'parents, Mir - ftnd . Mrs, AlWn Peterson, Sunday, ana Melvjn Peterson went homo wJtn them for a vtelt, T Q. Smith, who fell from a lad- ,r two weeks ago and has -since used •' cost $ 40., They' also -have - som high cotton woods. One In the cor ner, next to the road, measures 1 feet in circumference, and it c has t spread of .at least 60 feet. The Hart leys said they would not take les than $1000 for these trees. The drouth and grasshopper are in western Iowa, Sioux ciey to Roc Rapids and Sibley, furnished the bes R. & T. business in the whole dls triot last week. Things are also look ing up In the drouth areas nea Charles City and Mason City, fo the farmers are getting good pastur .there, also the promise of bumpe crops, which means something 1 fly/' He told how great clouds of happers would pass through the air, bscurlng the sun, while farmers be- 'W watched anxiously through moked glasses to see whether they irere coming down to destroy the rops. ' ' • • •. : •' ••'.''• When the R. & T. giro toured the :ate . in the spring, ••_ commercial lanes found it profitable to follow t to sell rides to the crowd that ame to, see "the .windmill." At Jock Rapids, (Lyon county, In the routh !and grasshopper country, ome 250 people paid real money to ly in commercial planes. Then, last veek, when the writer visited Rock Rapids, there was -a crowd in the treet in front of a moving picture heater waiting for the house ,to emp- y. With so much hard times talk, and then this contradictory evidence, one hardly knows what to think of the period we are going through. The Grant 4-H club girls met at iola Christie's Friday, 13 attending, .esson No. 3 on the principles of in- :erior decoration was given and the background of a' room studied with emphasis on wall paper. ; A special project which is .being worked on by :he clutoi is dressing tables made from orange 'boxes. Roll call was answered with favorite colors and why, and rally day and state,,conventlon plans were laid. Because of muddy roads many of. the, 'girls rode horseback to the meeting: Members present were Irene .Read, Do|ris Briggs, Lucile Mlno, Marjorle Mirio, Muriel Payne, Doris McDonald,- Edna Farrow, Mary Ellen "McDonald, .Dorothy Colwell, Helen Briggs, Marjorie Bargee Grace Farow, Zola Christie. Others present were Wylma Payne, leader; Mrs. W.' O. Briggs, Mrs. Ira Christie, and Muriel Body, H. D. A. We.made a shortcall at the gravel pit a mile west of Irvlngton last week-end, Dick. Paul, Fort Dodge, has a contract for regravellng roads in and around Irvingtonl It is Inter- ^estlng to see the workmen load and Heavy HARN Per Set A large' Kansas manufacturer is going out of business. We bought this harness for much less than it cost to build. Their loss is your gain if you act promptly. We •!«• •Ifor Genuine GnarantMd BOTT-MADB harness at extremely tow temporary prices. Tem ean buy the beet In the w«rM at almeet the nrtee ef the cheapest. KEEP UP YOUR GAR! Lubrication Special Complete Alemiteing (Not just an ordinary greasing) Change Oil, 6 quarts All For $1.89 "MAC" CALL 856 •VIC If TIRE SERVICE CO. >MMMM»^fM,ffrfiff ••,•<{»•••••••«>• Don't waste time and money trying to get by with that old, worn out harness. Let us show you without obligation'what we can save you the next time you are in town, • Responsible parties can take advantage of thh opportunity by paying OB tittle as one-third down —the balance later. ' Also Special Prices on FlyiNets, Covers ; and Nose Guards F. H. Shackelford . Old Reliable Algona Harness Dealer S WIFT b COMPANY daily purchases many tons of poultry, eggs and dairy products from farmers^ Its interest does not end by shipping this produce to a few big city warehouses, there to await the development of demand. Demand seldom stands on the rooftop and yells for Supply to come into the house. That's why, every morning thousands of Swift & Company Branch House and Car Route salesmen start out to sell poultry, butter, eggs and meat. : > Perhaps these salesmen do not create demand, but they hunt for it with fine tooth combs; they stir it; they dig it up. When they find Demand, they turn it over to farm producers who sell to Swift & Company. . It is to the salesmen's interest to discover new outlets, to expand the old ones, to let the organization know which markets are bestl Their incomes, their advancement, depend on how well they sell. 1 Salesmen are vital links in a human chain that reaches back to the produce plant manager and his helpers. Every man strives to letter himself by selling more and by cutting the cost of handling. 1 The Swift & Company national market was made by digging up demand wherever it exists in the United States, by advertising brand* ^ of high quality, Swift's Meats, Swift's Premium Milk Fed Chicken, Golden West Fowl, Swift's Brookfield Butter, Eggs, Cheese and many oth«r products. Local gluts and shortages are known, and Swift's product* are then distributed to the best advantage. By having the same railroad cars equipped to transport produce or meat; by having the same salesmen sell produce and meat on the same order, important economies have been achieved. Costs are spread more thinly for livestock men and produce men alike: ' . Unflagging interest that begins with a purchase from a farmer and continues until his produce is in a retail store—and in demand by a consumer—that is Swift & Company service. The charges for it are low. Profits over a period of years, have averaged lets than a half cent a pound of all products sold. , :• ' ' * *• Swift & Company " "** ; \\' v m pan ol fin* /oocto •m ' Swift's Premium Quality Brookfield Eggs, Premium Milkfed Chickens and, .Golden West Fowl prepared by Algona people. , , ' • On sale by local dealers. • Mail a Want to Fill a Want *nta«ttT*> Became of the Aivaace'f eoMtywIto elreaUtlon, wait MmtitlBr 1» Uito MM* to to InexpeBilre. B«pUes oftra cost th« irfreitlser ton Uum • <*»* affeoa. Vote—Bxe«ft lo*f totfcc same type M the aewi It a «w»t a«V Tom "want" to ten as well M »«Ti 7«» "wutf to <w fam,7oi~ «wa»t* to take eowi to rattan, etc. All inch MTeitbter to eallei «Wft»V aJhrarttofeff »f MWi»M*ts. At *fc» Ujr kM tt iipiffi|||lit ,ffl >•» •%•»!• to iwt • now mother, who is 78. oele- i^qsojfe, vial «Mk<ffvn4W tog come «oow Specials tor the % ^ " *' * > HOUSEHOLD Only 2c a Word Each Week No Insertion Leu Than 20c a Week ,— We Do Not Charge Want Ads — Stamp*, CMR, or Check MUST Accompany Order , ^•^•F^BIS^^pa^^ S^B) ^9 flMV^jSW ^P i "^B^"S^ ( lpa»ff ^SF W ^••ff W'^'^j 'YewNtpt.,^,. , How many *e«lu ft ndvertfc«n*nt

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