Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 9, 1932 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1932
Page 7
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>nwmw^\?rftfflw- •/;;•; „;' ?<p~-f>j?ri*,>* KOSBUTtt ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA i 1 "<!'(*! r it' t air our Home or . '•• '.'''.JLi'-' > Farm i . •/ n i v ' • priced on Building Materials are low , "A Good Place to Buy" ., >\ ' , 1 S. Norton & Son "BUILDING MATERIALS" " v PlkONE 229 W. J. Payne, Editor. Cliarlen Klamp, Field Reported Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tjaden, .four I the Dr. F. W. Cairy farm was last and one-half, miles north of Wesley, week blasting stumps where an old are parents of an 8-lb. girl, born . , last week Wednesday, named Betty Ann. The farm on which the family lives Is owned by Claus DeBoer, Mrs. TJaden's father. farm was owend by Rice and fass, of Algona. It has good •ovements. When we called Friday , at Cotton's Chick Prices - i s f •' - ' bite Buff Leghorns -i—"-• ,—$4.00 per hundred lite Buff Rocks ^— $5.25 per hundred Mixed ' $3.80 per hundred —----- -$5.00 per hundred These prices in effect at once. itches off Tuesday and Friday all through June. ition Farm Bureau Members Have your poultry flock culled by an experienced Her. We are paid up members of Farm Bureau so fhygive your wotk to an outsider. All work guar- iWed, our pricfr is, one cent and a half per bird tether'you ar,e,a'member or not. Willis J. Cotton 30NE 12 LONE ROCK willow hedge had stood at the east edge of the property. He had 200 stumps to get out, and he was to WESLEY CHEMIST TESTS BOOZE FOR U, S. GOVERNMENT Wesley, June 1 —De Sperice Bentey, government chemist, son-in-law f Mr. and Mrs, A. E. Giddings, is uoted at length in an interview in he Houston (Texas) Press, together vith Deputy Prohibition Adminls- rator Kellogg: "He is here as a witness in liquor Formerly the Zer- |m- Bert utzstuck's, seven miles north and ne mile east of Wesley, we found im mowing sweet clover, of which e had a good stand. He said it. just ad to be cut then or it would be- ome too woody. The Putzstucks ave four girls and one boy, and hey are farming 160 acres. They ave lived on this farm 11 years. We were at the Christian P.eters arm, three and one-half miles north f Wesley, Saturday. Mrs. Peters, vho was cleaning a cream separa- or. remarked that she had too much vork for the condition she was in, 'or she had recently been at Rochester, where she took treatment for an abnormal growth, Mr, Peters said his work had been slowed up this spring because he had been with Mrs. Peters at .the hospital. At G. J. Schutjei-'s last Thursday ive found the men cultivating corn. When we called there early in the spring, Mrs. Schutjer had just hurt a foo.t badly and was going about on crutches. Since then she has recovered. The son George Jr. was about to cultivate corn, though perhaps should not work yet, for he had a hard fall last winter and burst his spleen. The doctors operated on him. and he Is now getting along well. 'We called Saturday at' iFred Seefeld's, three miles north of Wesley. Mr. arid Mrs. Keefeld have two daughters, one six. the other eight. The girls were staging a water battle. Each was in a tub of water, and with pails they were giving each other a water bath, clothes and all. i Mrs. Seefeld remarked that she had found many grasshopper eggs In her garden, and that on these warm days .they were hatching rapidly. 'Fred was finishing cultivating his corn for the frist time, and the use 100 Ibs. of dynamite. a charge to let us see He set off a stump blown into air. He has also been doing some new fencing, and the farm Is now well fenced. This year he plowed under 40 acres of sweet clover, on which was a nice stand for green manure. Twelve acres of alfalfa newly seeded was doing Well. Recently a new 36 by 40 barn was built and quipped with such mod- stanchions etc. This floors. Mr ern features as steel means of ventilation, Building has concrete Lane has cleaned up the premises and the farm makes a fine appearance. He^ says he has 'a landlorc who cooperates, so it Is a pleasure to farm. Doctor Cairy, who is a veter inarlan connected with a Sioux City serum company, is a former Algona ases in Federal court Mr. former's parents, Mr, and Mrs. J. M. Blanchard. ' ^ Lfllian Angus, Miss Bacon, of Algona, and two friends from Ririgsted went to Scrafiton Saturday to attend Bible school. The Rev; S.> M. Gladstone went Tuesday to teach. Alice Angus, attending college in Parksville. Mo., came home Saturday to spend the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Angus. The Presbyterian Christian Endeavor will liold a public steak try tomorrow evening. Mrs. Swain has been Lillian Worthington's staying at while her Vestinghouse stand was as good as any we had :een. > ' The Bernard C» Rippentrops, formerly farming east of Lakota, are now on the Henry Bros, farm n Cresco township, where Mr. Rip- Jentrop is working for the firm •Icnry Bros, have been among the argent beef producers in the neigh- lorhoocl for some years, and men who work on their practical livestock farm must be good, hardworking farmers, such as Bernard Mr. and Mrs. Rippentrop were burn- Watch• million-dollar ^itAe ifcret of TWO automatic devices IIUILE PROTECTION - DOUIIE ECOMOMI Now! A principle that providei fuily automatic nfrucfctioa . . . completely dependable, completely trouble-free! Only Wettinghouw b«» it. Learn more about the inuring features of this moeVn refrigeratot ... and Cow it p«y» back •very penny it ooata. VUit our chow-room today! boy, the brother of Editor S. B Cairy, of the Whittemore Champion who was killed in an automobile ac cident last spring. Many people have been watchinj progress of work being done by Wil Ham Aman at the corner of Colb and east State streets. He bough the big 2'/4-story Jasperson home built by Mrs. Jasperson's father, th late O. W. McMurray, a leadin contractor here 30 years ago' w,h built the Call opera house, the Cen tral schoolhouse, 1 and many , of th finest residences 'at Algona, Includ ing the Ambrose A. Call home, now the Kossuth hospital. The home .he built for himself was soundly constructed, and was still in good condition when Mr. Aman bought it, Sut the trend in residence construction Is now towards smaller homes. Mr. Aman cut the 2% stories down to a one-story bungalow, with unfinished attic. He added built-in furniture, closets, cupboards, .a modern bath, a full basement, 42x24, and a large built-in garage. The house, moved to r the north end of the lot, now fronts on Colby, instead of State, and a modern filling station has been built on the State street corner for William Pestotnik by, Mr. Aman. The idea of cutting down Bentley's first sentence showed up omebody's bootlegger plenty. 'We verage testing 2500 samples of whiskey seized by prohibition agentu n Texas and Oklahoma each year,' he said, 'Last year we found one "ample that was really bottled in >ond.' • , " 'Pigs, chickens, cockroaches, and even skunks are found in the mash," Mr. Kellogg said. That accounts for some of the organic matter present ivhen tests are made, 'Over in the Louisiana swamps they, have a notion, that leather ages^the whiskey, so It's not uncommon to find old mule collars, shoes, and worn-out harness in the vats,' Mr. Kellogg said. "Prohibition agents are permitted to • testify that whiskey is whiskey. But beer Isn't beer—not illegally so anyway—until the chemists say so. That's a joke to Mr. Kellogg and Mr. Bentley, since home brew cannot be made with as little alcohol content as is permitted by law." "There were a lot of other unpleasant little details about your ison George Button is In Minnesota looking after farm interests. Marietta Christenson was called to Swea City Monday on an appendicitis case. Mrs, Madison entertained at dinner in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Osfeorn's tenth anniversary Sunday. Attending were the Osborns and daughter, and the Rev. and Mrs, S. M. Gladstone and family, and Alma and Milton Madison. The annual meeting of the stockholders of ' the telephone company was held Saturday. ,T. H. Jensen and Alex Radig were .elected directors. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Burl ( and daughter Dorothy, of Armstrong; Laird & McCullough FUNERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY AND NIGHT Algona, Iowa. "The Patron Fixes the Price" •bootlegger's product, enough for Mr. Bentley v to guarantee that a couple of months spent by his side in the laboratory, would cure almost anybody of the prohibition .drinking habit." • LU VERNE PASTOR'S DAUGHTER OFF FOR SUMMER IN EUROPE Lu Verne, June 7—Doris, daughter of the Rev. Wm. Baddeley, pastor of the local Methodist church, left last week Wednesday on the first stage, of a summer visit to her former home in England. The Bad- deleys took her to Webster City, where she boarded a'train for New York, where she sailed Saturday on the S. S. Brittanic for Liverpool, expecting to arrive June 11. She will spend two months at her old home at Stoke-on-Trent, and. will tour England, Scotland, and Wales. She is a 1(131 graduate of Morningside one of the big'houses of a past gen- college, and cluring^tlie year just visited at John Sprank's Saturday- Alfred Krueger, Frank Flaig, Oscar Earing, and Theodore Krueger went to Lost Island fishing Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Priebe and son Raymond, of Fenton, Ernest Priebe and Oscar Luedtke went to Anchor Inn, Minn., fishing last week Tuesday, returning Thursday. Rose Krause, who has been teaching in Humboldt, and Junior Reed, of Humboldt, and Helen and Billle Clayton, of Charles City, came last week for a visit at Wm. Krause's. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Whitehill, of Burt, spent Sunday at J. M.felanch- ard's, . Mrs. N. L. Cotton came home last Wednesday from a visit with relatives at Lawton, Okla. Mr. Cotton met her at Fort Dodge. Mrs. John Rath and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shaser visited at Harvey Rath's at Algona Sunday. Dorothy Jensen went to Musca- tlne Sunday to spend the summer with her aunt, Mrs. F. W. Engue- land. Mrs. S. M. Gladstone and daughter, Mrs. Alfred Krueger, Beulah and Margaret Gladstone, Mrs. Frank Flaig. Mrs. Wm. Flaig, Mr, and Mrs.. Charles Morris, and Mrs. Russell Sharp were Algona 'shoppers last week. A miscellaneous shower was given honoring Mrs. Albert Shaser at In Your Next Cake KC eration to make a compact modern home of the present day required courage on Mr. Aman's part, but the result : is a credit to his judgment. One day last week we called the McEnroe Bros, headquarters at the Milwaukee stockyards. .There was a newly moved building which was being rern'oflpled. for offices.for the firm's livestock business. It was formerly part of a house and has three rooms. In one is a desk, and ed out last winter; accordingly theyi w e learned that this was a bank and their family of three boys and three girls must start over. The eldest of the children Is a boy of 12. We called Friday at Carl Star- quist's, four miles north•> and two miles east of Wesley. He came from Chicago three yedrs ago, and at first worked for Pete Seaberg, three miles nor,th and a half mile east of Wesley. Carl, who is single, closed she taught English and dramatics at Pocahontas, where she was reelected. She will return from England August 22. • . '. ''. •' * Use K C Baking Powder and notice the frne texture and forge vo/ume. Because of its high leavening strength you use ' lets than of high priced brands and are assured of perfect results in using BAKING POWDER SAME PRICE FOR OVER 40 YEARS ' 25 ounctf for 25c It'i Double Acting .._____..........»»•..>.•••••• GET THIS COOK BOOK FREE I Mail Alt coupon wttk 4e hi stomp* forpoHay .«ndp«cliiHt ana YOM wlH receive KM KCCooPf, i look conUinlRf over 90 tcdee* rtclpe*. JAQUES MFG. CO., CHICAGO, ILL, Encloted find 4c to «te«ei,o)«4l <ft* CooftBoofcto NMM ' '''.-"'' MILLIONS OF POUNDS U S E D B Y OU R COVE R N M E N T is a hard worker. Mr. arid John Pearson, who are livin ,Mrs. with Pratt Electric Co. i Pratt 118N. Thorington r e are giving $2.25 values for only ^vantage of see this bar- him, came from Muskegon, Mich., ai)d Mrs. Pearson is Carl's sister. They all said they enjoyed living. in this part of the country- They had lived. in Chicago 30 years, and Mr. Pearson worked in railroad shops all the time. They had never seen dirt that could get so muddy as it does in this section. They also remarked that Algona was , the prettiest town they had ', ever been in. The G. W. Sample home garden on south Minnesota street, Algona, is probably one of the farthest advanced in the city. Mr. Sample farms the north half, and his sweet corn is already tall and proud. Mrs. Sample, who has more of ; ,the fancies on her side, has built a pebbled concrete bird bath, including a new feature, which is just a limb of a white oak, with branches like a small tree, growing up from the basin, on which birds can sit while drying their feathers. She also has many flowers of, luxuriant growth, some of brilliant colors. The Samples formerly operated a farm at Irvington which is now rented. Some time ago they moved to Algona, built a modern bungalow, and are taking things a bit easier, as they have a well 'earned right to do. desk used by Wm, K. ^Ferguson, of the First National , bank, Algona, later by J. S. Auner at the K.' C. State bank. The McEnroes, who own and .operate 900 acres of land east of town, some years ago 'undertook to furnish a good livestock market at this;point, and they,have slowly built up the business till we hear favorable comment from farmers at surrounding points who say the McEnroes give Algona an excellent market. They have developed good outlets, and are now keeping three to four trucks busy, hauling stock. They ship 40 to 60 carloads a month in summer, and up to 100 cars a month in fall and. winter; Men employed are George McMahon, who has been with the firm for several years, John Johnson, Glen Bales, Andrew Johnson, Myron Ludwig, and Harry Deibler; Other help is employed at times. The Mc- Enroes, Frank, M. H,, and Leo are all hard workers, and we meet their big trucks on the road at. all hours of day and night. Meanwhile the farm work goes on, PRIZES GIVEN AT PICNIC FOR WHITTEMORE SCHOOL Whittemore, June 7—A Lutheran school picnic Sunday afternoon at Albert/Vaudt's grove was well attended. 'Prizes were given in a guessing contest: .1, 5 gal. oil donated by Peter Schumacher, of the Diamond oil station, won lay Robert Liesner; 2, 50 Ibs. sugar, won by A. D.- Brogah; 3, 6 gal. gas, won, by Alex: Radig, ; Kittenball . games against West Bend were won by local t>oys, 5-1, and the Whittemore Whites., girls, 8-5. The girls'; game was close all; the way, the score standing 1-1 .till the 4th or 5th inning. L. R. Roderick's last week Tuesday. Attending were Mrs. Albert 'Shaser, Buelah Gladstone, Dorothy Macumber, Ardith 'Knoll, Harriett Heiter, Ruthe Householder, and Lillian Angus. A rocking chair was presented to Mrs. Albert Shaser at a shower given for her at the Frank Flaig home last week Wednesday. Hostesses were Mrs. J. AI. Blanchard Mrs. Jim Ackerman, Mrs. Frank Flaig, Mrs. Otis Sanders and Airs. Krueger. About 25 attended.' Heavy HARM Set Lone Rock Chicks 2c FOR LEFTOVERS George Wildln took his parents, Mr. and Mrs.'Lewis Wildin, to Marion, S. D., last week Tuesday, and both took treatment there at the Tieszen clinic. They also atopped at Elmore, where Mr. Wildin took a blood treatment from Doctor Zelg- At Ollie Slagle's, two mites north and two miles east of Wesley, Mr. Slagle was cultivating corn Saturday, but he let the horses rest while he talked a moment about the soldier boys now at Washington, D. C., who are endeavoring to put over the bonus bill. He said he had himself spent some time overseas, and he wondered what the outcome' would be. The Slagles have five healthy- looking boys, and the older ones are i getting big enough to .help Bad, The family was expecting Mr, Slave's sister, Mrs. Ray Estle, of, Fayette, Mo., and her eon Allen for a two weeks visit. Mrs, G. W. 'Slagle, of Floyd, Ollie's mother, had been with him for dinner last week Wednes* day, and a picnic Dinner was being planned af the Ambrose A. Cal} state park, which, Mr. Slasle remarked, is a fine place for such, events. A. B. Scehnck. north, of Algona on ler. Lyle Runchey came Saturday night for 'Sunday with his parents, 'Mr, and Mrs. William Runchey, and was accompanied by Edward Heap- hert and .Harriet Smith, the latter the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Smith. All are students' at Morningside, OUiElla Potter spent two days last week with Mr,' and Mrs, Victor Applegate, near Qbrwith, She will teach next year at Ashtpn, t •The Aid met last' week" Wednes- flay with Mrs. E, C. Potter, .20 ' at-, tending. Next week Wednesday the society will .meet with Mrs, A, E. blaytop. , The Mothers * paughfers club meets this week Thursday w}th Mrs. Boren, Algona J program ifl charge of Mrs. F, I* Zelgler, ' Mrs, R. E. Morgan. Mr, and, Mrs. H,'P, Morgan, and Mre. Jane <31ark got 'home last week, Tuesday night -Lone Rock defeated Rodman 8-7 on the 'local diamond Sunday afternoon, 14 hits to Rodman's 9, Batteries lor Lone Rock, \vere Hutchinson, Alme, Earing, and Kruegej; for Rodman, Borgenn and Bell. The next' game' will be played ,here with Penton next Sunday. •Delbert and (Russell Sharp and Melvin Hawks ,went .to Des Moines on business Sunday, Mrs. Claud Hawks, of Brockton, Mont., who has been at the Rochester : clinic, spent several days last week at the E. M. Hawks home. She, the "Charles Hawks family, of •Seneca, and, Mrs. Jessie 'Stebritz, of (Bancroft, were Sunday guestsi of Mrs,; E. M. Hawks. Enos Wort&ington an^ son, of Mallard, visited the former's mother, Mrs, Lillie Worthington, last Wednesday. Mrs. Ollie Tyler, of Council Bluffs, who:; has been visiting her parents, Mr, and Mrs, G. A- Sharp, spent Friday with her grandmother at Burt, Mrs. John Sones and daughter Beverly and Marilyn, of Quinby, came last 'week Mondty to visit the A large Kansas manufacturer is gofcgxout of business. We bought this harness for much les|i, than it cost to build. Their loss is, your gain if you act promptly. • , ^ ' j. HEAVIES, LEGHORNS, 4l£ and 5c MINORCAS, 5c A bag of chick starter free with every order of 500. . Still time to try our strong livable chicks and become one of the hundreds of our satisfied, customers. Poultry is still returning more money than any other farm business. Hamilton Hatchery Wo M BOTT-MADE Bancroft, low* Don't waste time and money trying to get by with that old, worn out harness. . | Let ua show you without obligation*what we can MY* you the next time you are hi town. | ' Responsible parties can take advantage of this opportunity by paying at little as one-third down "the balance later. Alto Special Prices on Fly Nets, Covers and Nose Guards F. H. Shackelford Old Reliable Algona*! RE AD THE ADVANCE WANT APS i the old Myron Schejiefc homestead, is a young farmer whp Js apparently guilding his operations along, sound lines, He is considerable of a stu- d.ent and he has tried put enough of the new practices t<> h »V8 the.exper- ience with which to chqofje the program of farming most Ukely'tp *»* of 65 gram or farming ceed. This year fee is acres of soy beans, and When we called early last week be had Just sold to a neig.hhor * JWP9H , °* cleaned seed at" the *°w prjcp," o* UCO a bushel. Mr. Sc)jen,ck r a}ses alfalfa, an4 his '4ah;y bayn js' red9* lent with th* oflor $ ' < clean, modem hay- T ^ floors fca,ve toe springy, alfalfa, which spmehpw f fessionftl atmpsjj>fafir.e to of the t on this from E1H River, Minn., where they attended the wedding of'Mrs. s H. B. Morgan'* nephew, Anthony, > Jr. i " ' "i|r,. and Mrs. '.Bud" flUwson, tthj haye a 6-lb. daughter, , Monjflay nighj at th* <3«»W} v pjtaj, Th-te is their first-JbprJU, mother Is Besste, 1 -""-* "--••*' Mr. ,'and Mrs. R. t Tlje. W> H- guests over ^hjiples, Brai _ jtor.8. left Mongfty tSe§ra,dviation'Qf •from th.6 6,h,attw ,'Minn. fk'Md real estate Watkin's PAtRY FLY SPRAY Can be used In tlje barns, milk room, or (n the home and W'JLJL prove to t>e a real hpnest to goodness spray, Am. just feHJns ^ W .secqnB shipment consisting ot over 600 gallons," I Ijave sold'nearly 1,000 pi ' if " ylinders ' ' l means SUPER FQW1BR to refrigeration always-on hottest Ions, of this spray,;this year,, quently j have a real price for-you, , " . • • F n, '|f % .you ape not <¥ Watkins pairy ~!y>'s,pray user, Just try a gallon IStvtJme you are needing spr<jy. It ,60)4 Wder a s^t}8f%c|ion

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