Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 2, 1932 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1932
Page 11
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KOBSUTH CQTWTT AftVANCB. ALGONA. IOWA ity - Auditor i am a candidate for the re-, Hiblicafi nomination for the office of County Auditor of Kossuth county, subject to the 'vill of the voters at the June primaries, , 1 am a lifetime resident of this county and have had several years' experience in office work, the past four years as deputy County Treasurer, and consider my- Self well qualified for Lhe office 1 seek. TfOTJll VOTE WILL llf; APPBECIATE1) I . Earl F. GRIFFITH C. F. CLARK \ REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE * Lieutenant Governor A Vote for CLARK is a Vote for Governor Turner's Tax Revision Program. 14 ward J. Itttlcr - LotteCmfe • < t ididate for lounty editor i Democratic TIek«t VOTE FOR VOTE FOR Be Appreciated )R AUDITOR O. STEWARD For Sheriff of Kossuth County Nine years experience in law enforcement as marshal of the town of Burt, last two years also holding position of constable. I believe in law enforcement and if elected sheriff will fulfill the duties of the office to the best of my ability. 1 believe in treating every- one.alike. . Born arid raised in Iowa. Thirty- seven years old, 29 years spent in Kossuth county. Attended the Capital City Commercial College In Des Moines, veteran of World war.- If the people of Kossuth county feel like supporting me on June 6th will do everything In my power to merit your confidence. ' ['From Burt Monitor.] BURT CITIZENS ENDORSE STEWARD'S CANDIDACY The following endorsement of Mr. Steward's candidacy was made by Burt citizens: "We, the undersigned, residents of Burt and vicinity, do hereby heartily endorse the candidacy of our .fellow townsman, W. H. 'Steward, for the republican nomination for county sheriff, and recommend him to the voters of the county on his record as a law enforcement officer." HELEN B. DICKINSON FOR County Recorder ON THE REPUBLICAN TICKET Experienced as Deputy. First candidacy for public office. VOTE'FOR 6. W. STILLMAN For County Attorney Practiced law in Kossuth county six years, Graduate State University of lown. Married, one child, property owner. A capable attorney . . . will serve the people of Kossuth county in a highly satisfactory manner.—Bancroft Register. He is a,progressive young man, a good lawyer, and a hard .worker.—Lu Verne News, Well qualified to fill the office.—Wesley News-World. LAKOTA HEARS DANIEL STECK TALK MONDAY CLakota, May 31. — Memorial day services were held at the school auditorium Monday morning: music, young folks' band; inv»cation, the Rev. F. O. Johnson; America the (Beautiful, girfe' G-lee club; trio, Tenting Tonight, Mesdames Ley, Turley, and Johnson; address, Dan Steck; vocal solo, the Rev. Mr. Johnson; music, band; benediction the Rev. Mr. Frerklng. The loca' 'Legion post attended in a body, and after the services went to the Maple Hill cemetery, where girls, directed by Mrs. R. E. Hamqulst, put flowers on soldiers' graves. The groups then went to the Lutheran cemetery, where they also decorated soldiers' graves. Doctor Scott, 'Fort .Dodge. not get much improved. P. Hawcott -Candidate <or-i • »— publican Nomination for '^COUNTY AUDITOR [iworld War Veteran The foregoing endorsement in the Burt Monitor was signed by all Burt pastors, the present and former mayors, and by 64 business and professional men, all without Mr. Steward's knowledge. J.J.DOOLEY Candidate for the Democratic Nomination for County Recorder Kossuth County VOTE FOR J. A. FRECH REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE W.J. O'BRIEN DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE —for— SHERIFF OF KOSSUTH COUNTY A World War Veteran.. FOR RECORDER J, F, FISHER - TITONKA Your support will be appreciated at the-June 6 primaries. [Political Advertisement.] P.BENNETT OF MAPI/ETON MONONA «Je34th District Crawford, Haton, and Wlnona cduntfe», H e for Republican, nomina- • tiqn for' ' LIEUTENANT Farmer Service Man f real Tax Reduction in Iowa. i nominated Lieutenant Goyer«I Senator Bennett will go r lnto ofr free of entangling;/ alliances or "onai, influence. There .will be, •Mash interests to»t«H Wm wluU r& His past record is his strong* poof of this fact, This IB nn<*t Plant to the taxpayer* of the P, because of the vita.1 ta* reV'a- 1 egislation which will toe up for Deration next winter, He ha« i a farmer all his life, and «n- farmer's needs from Ida L. Peterson is a candidate for the republican nomination for county recorder. She has long been recognized as one of Algona'a best business women; has also had teaching experience in the county, having taught in the public schools of Bancroft and Wesley, which with her business experience qualifies her to assume the duties of this office, and being one of the self-supporting group she is well de- A AVE1L QUALIFIED CANDIDATE (Reprint from Bancroft Register). Ramsey township has a candidate for the office of supervisor of the third district of Kossuth county who is deserving of the serious consideration of.the voters of that"district The candidate in question is Mr. Edward Droessler and his. qualifications have been proven in numerous instances, not 'only in the management of his own business, but also in other lines of endeavor. At present he is president of the school board of the Bancroft public schools and he hae suggested and helped put in practice many measures of economy that are reflected In tax receipts of property owners in this district. He is president of the creamery board of the Bancroft Cooperative creamery, a position he has held for some years with credit to himself and satisfaction to his brother members and the stockholders AS a member of the directorate of the Kossuth County Mutual Fire Insurance company, he has proven himself a most valued member and his co-workers have learned to value highly his suggestions and advice. We'believe in'this case the old saying would hold good: "If . you want a good job done, entrust it to « _ «...»» win VI " '; "fc^T. For Republican Nomination for SHERIFF serving of the geeks. on)y one }n^ere_3t to interest of the office which she the care of a busy man Mr, FOR' JwHce of the Droessler is a busy man, he own* 240 acres of land and operates a 320-acre farm in Rameey township with the assistance of his sons. He served and Is now serving }n many capacities, and we have yet to hear of a single instance where Edward Droessler did not find the time and have the Inclination to give 'to hU job the very best that was in him. The office of supervisor of Kos- suth'is an important one and care should be used by the voter in £ lecting the man beet qualifiedi for the job and we can most *«*rtily recommend to the voters of *• third district Edward Droeesler, Of Ramsey township, a land owner, 4 farmer, a taxpayer, and * f 0 ^^; iness man. who was urged by W» friends and neighbors to enter th« race, Henry Scheppihann IRVINGTON TOWNSHIP FOR THH Democratic Nomination FOB Supervisor FIKST DISTRICT , If I am nominated and elected I promise t'o dp my ' ievel best to see that taxation on property in this county is cut to the bone, Your Support Will be . Appreciated. FOB NEWPORT KlOtt VOTE FQB JOHN P. MERSCH Candidate for' the SUPERVISOR VOTE ~-FOJjhr- Jesse H. fiM^ 4^ jR^ f ' i W 1 ^- ,lP^^^(f sgstOl^f ' ' ' "* -, J1S-, —for— Clerk of District Court I am running on my record- no excuses or propaganda. VOTB FOR GHAS.E, CHUBB REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE For Auditor OF KOSSUTH COUNTY four vote and support will tie appreciated. Brookhart's Record A few reasons why the machine-controlled reactionary group of old guard republicans are fighting Senator Brookhart: HE'fought Newberrylsm and corruption. HE was against the ship subsidy. HE is in favor of -repealing the Esch-Cummins railroad law. _ BE fought corruption in all governmental . departments. HE helped amend the old Mellon tax- bill in the interest of the common people. .;.'., HE favored the soldiers' bonus "bill and voted to pass it over the president's veto. Sfcl *•! * *1 ""I***! «*•« HE opposed giving Muscle Shoals to Henry Ford. HE was instrumental in driving from office Harry M. Daugherty, labor's most bitter foe of the Shopmen's Injunction case. HE courageously worked and voted against confirmation of promotion of Judge Parker of "yellow dog" 9 ontract . , repute v ."•.-. HE worked arid .voted to abolish the "lame duck" sessions of congress that ;enabled defeated congressmen to continue in office months after being retired by the people. HE worked and voted for the anti-injunction bill and the outlawing of the infamous "yellow dog" contract, thus, freeing organized labor of ltd bonds of servitude. HE investigated and exposed the Insidious practice of selling postmasterships ' in-southern states. . ^ 'HE worked and voted for an equalization fee or export debenture . plan of farm relief that would have assured the farmer of a home market for. his product, the same as enjoyed by the industries of the country.-.''••-. .HE voted against the exorbitant rates of the Smoot-Hawley tariff law that gouges the American consumer. HE opposed the president's reconstruction finance corporation proposal until it was amended in conference to provide $200,-';!'. 000,000 for closed banks, arid a provision'for agricultural in' termediate credit associations. ' . HE worked and voted for the La Follette-Costlgan bill for federal aid to the unemployed which was finally defeated. Brooknart was right and always fought against great odds In the interest of the common people. He is a republican—but he Is of the progressive'type. He pledged himself to fight corruption in public office and has been doing it every day. He Is fair to labor, the farmer,-and to legitimate business. His honesty, integrity and ability has been demonstrated. The Iowa primary election law requires that the candidate receiving the party's nomination must'receive at least 35 per cent of the total vote cast at the primary election. Otherwise ( the nomination goes'to the state convention, where the "machine" is in control and the voters have no choice of selection. Vote for.Brookhart at the Prim* rles, Monday, June 6th Kossuth County Brookhart Club Tri-Tivp. F. «. Meet Held— A tri-townshlp meeting for the Eagle, Swea, and Harrison township woman's project was held at the Swea community hall last Thursday afternoon, and . women from all three townships attended. Mrs. J. H. Warburton gave a lesson on the county contact meeting, thus reaching township chairmen who were not able to attend a meeting with the district chairman. This work has now been given to all 19 Kossuth 'townships' doing project work. 'Mrs. Glen Burt is chairman in Eagle; Mrs. Harold Roba, in Harrison; and Mrs. 'Emil Larson, in Swea. Muriel Body, H. D. A., pave a talk on project work, organization work, and Achievement day plans. Other LftkotA News. The B. R. Worleys Went to Mason City last week Tuesday, and Mr*. Worley visited .her parents there, while Mr. Worley; went an to Atii- sop, where he had been called a* witness to a will. The Samuel Warburtons, Swett City, the WllHam Warburtona, Of Omaha, the Gus Torines, and Mrs. N. E. Noble,' Lakota, were guests at J. H. Warburton's Sunday, The Earl Grabaus have gone .to Lime Springs, where they" will spend part of the summer with .relatives. Mr. Grabau is superintendent of the local schools. '' ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schissel spent 'Saturday and Sunday at their cottage at Spirit Lake. Mrs. F. O. Johnson's paronts, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Pringle, Knoxville, came Saturday for a visit. The John Pinks, hear Center, were guests of the Smiths Sunday/ i Florence Koppen came froi Moines Friday for a, short visit her parents. Mrs. Williams, of Ocheyedan, visiting her sister, Mrs. B. Woodworth. * •—; Hebron F. B. Women Meet- Paul l^averton, Muriel Body, H. D. A., and Mrs]. J. H. Warburton attended a woman's project, meet-: Ing at' the George Wicks home in •Hebron township last week Wednis- day evening. Mrs. Warburton presented the work of the contact meeting, and Miss Body helped-with posters, etc., for an Achievement day exhibit. Mr. Leaverton planned, a membership drive in Hebron township next week. Mrs. 'Hicks served lunch. The Farm Bureau folks Jn Hebron plan a picnic dinner at Tom Berg's next Sunday. Mrs. MEMORIAL DAY IS OBSERVED BYTITONKIANS The 'Memorial day program given at the Coliseum Monday follows: America; invocation, the -Rev. Cart Hammer; musicale, -under direction of Karl Bohlen, band; reading, Mr*. S. .T. de Vries; Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, Eleanor Intermill; pantomime, German Golden Glee 4-<H club; musicale, James I. Dolliver; band; group address, singing. Frandel is chairman of Farm .Bureau women. Hebron's Calf CInl) Elects Officers— The Lakota 4-H calf club met at Gus Torine's Friday evening, with ten boys and girls and their parents present. Paul Leaverton helped with business and the election of officers: Lewis Price, president; Billie Smith, vice president;. Ronald Heetland, secretary-treasurer;, lla Price, reporter. Muriel Body, H.. D. A., helped the woman's demonstration team prepare for Achievement day. Mrs. Lou Nitz and Mrs. ,Terry Heetland will demonstrate "the re- caning of chairs. Club Hears Travel Program— Emma Gutknecht was hostess to 20 members of the Acorn club last Thursday afternoon. The. program consisted of community singing, fol- low.gd by«a travel study of England. Ireland, arid 'Scotland. The 'club program .for the year follows a line of study outlined as;a "trip, around the world." The next meeting j will be with Mrs. Delia Smith, and plans for a club picnic will be laid. Johnson i, Gives Memorial. Sermon— The Revi F. O. Johnson used the subject, God's Way Among the Nations, for his Memorial Sunday sermon, and his text was, "Let the way of the Lord be known on ear.th, and his saying help among all nations." Mr., Johnson sang Kipling's recessional, "Lest we forfeet," and' the choir sang a special number. Buffalo Busy Bee 4-H club; musicale, band; Star Spangled 'Banner; ^benediction, the Rev. 'Mr. Schoen- lien. Soldiers and flower girls decorated all the soldiers' graves at the cemeteries in this part of the counf ty. Services, including band music, were held at the Buffalo township cemetery at 11:30. The parade was composed of the following units: band, color guard, firing squad, Civil and • Spanish-American veterans, flower girls, Legion and ex-service men; Auxiliary; Boy Scouts; '4-H girls; cradle roll; and school children. , Busy Bceg Meet Saturday— The.Buffalo Busy Bees met at Estella Bonacker's Saturday, and roll call-was answered.with rock-garden. hints or lily pool suggestions. The girls practiced for Memorial day; Attending were Loraine F. Petersoni Evelyn Schultz, Alice Sartor, Myrtle Ama, Kathryn Schram, Barbara. Ball, Betty Budlong, Loraine Lamoreux, 'Hazel Miller, Fern and Mildred Krantz, and Florence Bacon. The next meeting will be held June 9, Gertrude Meyer and Lois Boy ken entertaining, and roll call will be on A Tree I Know and Why. Rlebsainens in Family Reunion— A" "family 'reunion was held at Charles Riebsamen's last week-end. Attending, were Roland Shaw, son. .Robert, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Keagle, Raymond Keagle, . daughter Shirley, Logan Keagle, son Robert, all of Minneapolis; Henry Bpbben- house • and - children, (Bernlce, }l ' low, arid Reginald, De& M Glen RIebsamen' and his ch: Marshalltowri; and Mr. and Andrew Peterson, Titonka. > •51 To safe guard youth To provide jobs for 1,250,000 unemployed To reduce taxes To open a market for 13S f OOQ 9 OQO bus. of grain! VOTE FOR ofDubuque for '^pP w ^jfPw ^' > ^ir^r^^P l ^^>^P^^,^P Ie is against prohibition .„<„„ ^ "11,,^ f"' ' ' ,•.»..•.-. i Mrs. Telcamp'8 Mother Home— The J. E. Telkamps went to Algona last; week Wednesday and brought'home Mrs. Telcamp's mother, Mrs. Bloom, who had been at the Kossuth hospital two ; months with a broken hip. She is now able to be up in a wheel chair, and though she is 76 she exliects to walk again in. due time. 4-H Ameg Delegate Named— Idah Telcamp has been elected delegate from the Ledyard Loyal Laborers 4-H girls' club to attend the annual state convention at Ames Pune 26-29. The club meeting was held with Fern Lewis Saturday. Ernma Gutknecht is club -leader, with Irene- Zlelske as assistant, Aged Xakotan Hurt In Fall— A. Q. Smith vr^s seriously, injured last week Wednesday, when he fell ten feet, landing on his > back. He was repairing an eaves trough on his house, and the ladder fell. Mr, Smith Is 78 but is most active for a man of his age. He 1s now confined to his bed. Whole Family Hw~Vunip»— Mrs. Bert Edwards, east of town, was confined to bed most of last week with' a severe case of the mumps. The children had all re* cently ,had the disease, and pert, who has never bad the mumps, Is next, in line. . Barber Owin O'Keefc Barber Qran O'Keefe, who has not toeen well for some months, baa recently been taking treatment for kidney and bladder trouble from Woman's Club Meets Today— . The'Woman's: club will meet ihia week Thursday with Mrs. Mary Reiterman; leader, Inez Wolf; lesson, book review; roll call, national park or monument. This will be the last meeting" of the winter season, and a., light program will be lo\lowed during the summer. Teachers ; Attend Summer School- Theodore Dunmire, coach and principal here this year, with his wife and little girl went to Cedar iFalls Tuesday to attend summer school. Mrs. Mayme ~ Oesterrelchsr and Miss Crowe, who also taught here, are also "attending summer, school. Fire Kills Thousand Chicks— Stephen Tjaden, Titonka farmer, found a large brooder house and 1,000 baby chicks destroyed by firm when he awoke one morning' lk«t week. TOR Justice of the Peace OF AIX51ONA T0WNSP0P . : ! i &&•&" XVfai, the Xfofcet Other Titonka News. ' Hazel Budlong, who' finished teaching school in Hampton Friday, : drove home Friday evening to'yl|it her /-mother, Mrs. 'Frances Budlong, till Tuesday, May 31, when she went to Cedar (Falls to attend' summer school. ' v The Dr, R. C. Balls, Mrs. Jajf < Budlong, find the latter's daughter Edithmae drove to* "Winnebago, Minn., Sunday to Visit Mrs. Sidney Austin, an old friend of the Ball family. ' " J Irene Callies, accompanied by A»>: lene Lewis, Lakota, will drive' to Sioux City this week Thursday, and\ will work their way through, a n4gbj. ' school of beauty culture. , ' ^'* L Carl, oldest spn of Mr. and, Mri, Edward Callies, took Mrs. " Meyers to- Iowa Ci|y -one di week, She was to remaj several days. v A number of Titonkti men f *£ • r- v<,

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