Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 2, 1932 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1932
Page 10
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3PAGI WESLEY COUPLE RETURN AFTER FLORIDA TRIP Wesley, May 31—Mr. and Mrs. JBen Felt got home from Rockledge, SFla., last week Wednesday evening. "They reached Convith last week Tuesday evening, and spent the night and the following day with their daughter, Airs. Wagner. They had been gone a little less than five months, having left Wesley December 1, 1931- They greatly enjoyed •ih.eir winter in Florida and the ".summer" weather which prevailed tip to March 1. After that date, the •weather became colder. On their Vay back, the Felts visited the Dr Thos. Carmodys at Denver. Doctoi Carmoily is now an eye, ear, nose ' and throat specialist. Mrs. Carmoclj -was formerly Delia Kunz, and it jj rs ^ e ttie lurgeKun j.i.v.»j. •well-known here. The doctor prac- , ^ urgeson was a tfle to attend church *!«« r i v,ovo onme vpni-s aeo. Mr. and I Qn j[ emor | a i Sunday. Mr and Mrs. David Johnson and their daughter Edith left last Thursday for Minneapolis, having visited five days with Mrs. Johnson's sister, Mrs. Carl Franzeh. Supt. and Mrs. E. R. Swanson, with their little son, Edward Reese, spent Decoration day with friends at Rowan, where they used to teach. Mr and Mrs. Amesbury, Carroll, and Mrs. Elizabeth Amesbury and her daughter Clara, spent Memorial haVlng'been hurt In •t mobile accident In which her sister, Mrs. Lloyd, had a knee seriously In- lured. The Methodist official board will meet this week Wednesday eventtig. The Bible Study class meets In the League room Tuesday evening, and the Aid holds a business meeting this week Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Theron Hansen left last week Monday for "Washington, la,, where the Elam Johnsons, her parents, reside. Mrs. Hansen. will see her brother Elam graduate from the Sigourney high school. Mr and Mrs. Philip Dahlin, Cedar Rapids, and their little daughter, Beverly Lou, came Friday to visit Philip's sister, Mrs. Raymond Hansen. Mr. Dahlin.is with a telephone company at Cedar Rapids. _ The Tom Xelsons drove to Des Moines Saturday, and thence were to go to Stuart to visit Mrs. Nelson's parents,, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Chambers, over Sunday. The Mesclames Hillery and Catherine Shipman, Corwith, visited Mrs. Nettie Turgeson Friday. Mrs. x^v. here some years ago. Mrs. Welt also visited her nephew, «. L,. Bennett, Harrington, 111., and •*pent one day with their daughter, Mrs. Peter Haverly. They were .neven days on the road, hut purposely made a leisurely trip. They -are in good health. Tounp Tcoplo Conduct Services- Members of the local Congregational church attended at the Britt Congregational church Sunday even- ____.. dng, a union meeting conducted by day at j o hn Amesbury s. ilve young persons from the Bible Institute, Minneapolis. Speaking was 'interspersed with vocal and instrumental music. Mr. and Mrs. Marion ^Paulson, Joseph Skow, Anna Flom, •and Alma Funnemark are attending a series of young people's meet- is at Huston. COUNTY Attorney ^wtfl^WTta i r+ „>!,&,'*•$ fjlAf:" aM' •ji j*tv V ti'!\ I Lotto Creek Ideal Republic Is Descrl»>e<l— At the 'Methodist church Sunday Edward Keucker accompanied Joe iFaber, Whlttemore, t6 Sioux Vote for Harley E. Bartlett REPUBLICAN Reliable Efficient I Experienced Competent &LJPNB ^ n, • VOTE FOR powEiy Candiflate on tti a REPITBL1CAX TICKET FOR SheriBl 4*1 . v; J '' "*!J KOSSL'TII for a few days, returning Thursday. Mrs. Hugo Faulstich, who City last has been a patient at an Iowa City hos- ••morning, Mrs. McXulty sang, The; p it a i, and her infant c'on were -^-v _^.J + Vt ft T>m* 1 .. »-l- 4- 1- nm ,, In of T 1 Vl 11 l'C/1 Cl If 1lV AT IV I^and of My Dreams, and the Rev. -yiT. McNuIty, after a tribute to the •soldiers who have helped make the brought home last Thursday by Mr. Faulstich and Otto Bell. Whittemore. The baby was christened Wm. •"country what it now is, spoke on j Hugo Sunday by the Rev. E. Fiene. the ideal republic, or rather, the j Sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. William ''.Meal state of society, in which, of j Reuber, Whlttemore, and Mr. Bell. peace will prevail and the Mr. and Mrs. Richard Potratz at- <^OU1 .^C, |.i^rt-iv.c-. .. ... i'. - . . •services of warriors will no longer tended church at Lu Verne Sunday •t>e needed The congregation sang j morning, and the latter served as patriotic hymns. sponsor for the Arthur Geilenfeld baby daughter, who was named L,a Vonne Emma. Mrs. Potvatz and DAN W. TURNER -Wesley's Aunt, Ajrnhi Stricken— "Mrs! Wallace Benton reports that Eliza. Bolsinper. stroke about three , is now practically -. Mrs. Bolsinger had recovered from a previous stroke sufficiently to visit here. Many years •her aunt. Mrs. again suffered % ••weeks ago, and ago she was the proprietor ot the | xtetz. ^Sherman house, Wesley hotel. 3olm riilMihnkp TCnnk Sold— John Uhlenhnke and his family, recently of Stockholm. Wis., are 'here for an extended visit with relatives. They have sold their interest in a bank at Stockholm in which .John was also cashier, and he has taken a position as credit man for Mrs. Geilenfeld are sisters. Mrs. Herman Reisner received word Monday of the death of a sister who lived at Milwaukee. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Voight are parents of a boy, born last Thursday. Mrs. Voight was Euphemia the" "international Harvester company. • Dinner Honors Student. >'nrse— Mr. and Mrs. Matt Laux entertained Sunday for Dorothy Haverly, student nurse at St. Joseph hospital, Fort Dodge, who will complete a three weeks vacation this week. ••Guests were the other members of -the Henry Haverly family. t Wesley >*urse Is Promoted— Esther "Burke, Wesley girl who •tUl recently was laboratory technician in the Mayo clinic : and hospitals, has taken a position as chief laboratory technician In the city .hospital, Indianapolis, Ind., and will her duties June 1. The local kittenball team played Lu Verne Sunday and lost. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schueller entertained a large number o£ friends on Sunday evening. Eleanora Pompe and Gladys Saunclers, of Correctionvllle, came Sunday to Albert Kressin's, and thl. week Tuesday were accompanied bj Mathilda and Olivia Kressln to Ce- Falls. Gladys and Mathilda remained there to attend the state teachers college summer school, and Olivia and Eleanora are to return this week Thursday. The Richard and Albert Potratz families visited the Albert Behnkes Sunday at Whittemore, where Mr. and Mrs. Fred Behnke, Excelsior Springs, were guests. 'Fred is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Behnke. This was his wife's first visit here. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Reisner attended a Burt mission festival Sunday. For Treasurer VOTE FOR FRED'K SGHULTZ of Lone Rock A First Term REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE for ' COUNTY TREASURER 20 years Successful Business experience. Mayor of Lone Rock 5 years. Reelected in 1932. ' I haVe been a resident ofKo'ssuth county for tjjd ^nast 23 years. r l have had experience as chief of p 0 ;| lice and feel that I am well Qualified to fill the ' of Sheriff. Your support ,will be appreciated. Be Sure to Vote For G OVERNOR TURNER has "made good" on his promises in (lie campaign two years ago to reduce taxation. As the ^result of his initiative ten million dollars has Iteen cut from the expenditures of the state. He now proposes not only further reductions hut such a reallocation of the tax burden that a large part of the county and local levies borne by property shall lie transferred to large incomes and "intangibles" which at present escape their due share. If you believe in less taxation, in drastic economy in government, and in redistribution of the tax burden which now oppresses property, you have in Governor Turner the most dependable -choice for the accomplishment of these objects. For Sheriff VOTE FOR- Carl Dahlhauser FOR SHERIFF of Kossuth County on the Democratic Ticket. ', Thirty years a resident, i Law enforcing officer for six'' years. I will appreciate your support. Ray L. McCorkli VOTE FOR G. J. WINKEL —for— SUPERVISOR FOURTH DISTRICT FOR MRS, F. L TRIBON ALGONA CANDIDATE FOR County Recorder on the "DEMOCRATIC TICKET TREASURE! ;Engaged in farming for 39 yej Attended ^Highland Park .President Kossuth Holsteln 3 years, secretary Pikeslde Electric Co. 8 years. ' First'County Candidacy, : THANK YOU Other Wesley News. Vee Mullin, mail carrier on Rt. 2, ••with Mrs. Mullin and their four -children, started Saturday morning ifor Omaha, to visit Mr. and Mrs. I-erkins, Mrs. Mullln's parents. They ••.will return this week Thursday •evening. Theron Hansen substituted this week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Mrs. Lester Lease drove to Han- Jontown Saturday to visit her sister, Mrs. Melvln Rye. 'She took .Miss 'Beck, Wesley primary teacher, to idason City, whence the latter took •a train for her home at Bellevue. Beck had been visiting friends Ringsted. Persons from Wesley who attended Memorial services at Algona Monday, enjoyed an eloquent address by the Rev. J. J. Share, .Methodist pastor at Humboldt. Lincoln's Gettysburg address was impressively delivered by Charles 'Cretzmeyer. Mrs. Oscar Erickson and her ••daughter Evelyn were at Mason City TViday. They will start for their fcome at Elmhurst this week •Wednesday. Evelyn will spend the (summer at home. She makes her iome with Miss MipPherson during .-the school year. The Fred Diekmanns drove to Des Moines Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kunz, Ivyl Marie, and Mrs. Mc• Cutchin drove Saturday to Minneapolis to visit Mr. and Mrs. Clare Kunz. They were to return Monday Minnie Scheppman is visiting with her sister, Mrs. Ben Schmidt. AIGONIAN TO GRADUATE FROM YANKTOH.COLLEGE Yankton College, Yankton, S. D., May 26—Lee Reed Jr. will be graduated here at the 1932 commencement, with an A; B. degree. This college was founded in '1882, and Lee Is a member of the 50th anniversary senior class. 'For the last two years he ihas been on the varsity tennis team. During his stay here he has lived with his aunt, the former Ruth Reed, of Algona, whose husband is a professor In the college. He is the grandson of the late B. F. Reed, Kossuth county historian, long superintendent of Kossuth county schools, and first editor of the Algona Advance. Lee's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Reed Sr., and Mrs. B. F. Reed live together at Algona, and the elder Mr. Reed travels out of Algona for n^on signs. The Lee Reeds Sr. moved to Algona last fall from North Carolina, and Lee Jr. is the only child. * YOUR VOTE AVILL BE APPRECIATED Iowa Demands a New State Treasurer Vote for O. K. MABEN of Garner, for Republican Nomination for Bight. Leona Seimer is helping Mrs. ••George Hauptman with houseclean- :3ng. Mrs. Hauptman is still lame, SEVEN HORSES DEAFENED BY BOLT OF LIGHTNING Wesley, May 31—In the electrical storm of last week Monday evening, the corncrib on the farm occupied by Carl Franzen was struck by lightning, but no serious damage was done. On its way to the ground the charge bent a galvanized iron ridge-pole, knocked off a few shingles, and split a clapboard. Mr. Franzen's barn was struck three weeks ago and his seven horses rendered deaf. VOTE FOR VOTE Treasure! of State Maben * stands f or— —a new regime of REAL Economy and Efficiency (Mr. Maben's opponent has nearly doubled expenses in the 8 years he has occupied this office). —greater care in safeguarding state funds, —more strict accounting to public. TU» md ffU Iff far E. L. HARRIS ... - f Candidate for the office of Sheriff of Kossuth county on the Republican ticket. He has lived in this county 20 years, having farmed at Wesley previous to his appointment as deputy sheriff, in which capacity he 'has served for the past four years. Harris is ,30 years old, married, and has. one child. If nominated and elected will perform the duties of the office to the best of his ability. MARK G. THORNBURG <»,. ••• • • • • 'Republican Candidate Secretary of Agriculture FARM TAXPAYER SERVICE MAN Economical—Efficient, Under -Thornburg's administration the Iowa Department of Agriculture has become* self-supporting. ?Jot one cent of property tax. —FOR— ERNST G. THIEL Candidate for the Republican Nomination —for— CONSTABLE AJX30NA TOWNSHIP I nave T»een a resident here for 36 yefuB and am a World war LA. WINKEL ATTOKNET — for — Justice of the Peace, Keep Fletcher On the Job Owns half-section bought in 1917. Secretary and Treasurer ot towjishlp nine years. Township Trustee 6 years. DEMOCRATS'. VOTE FOR Archie O. HAINES FOR SHERIFF World War Veteran. Married—Two children. Lifelong resident. First candidacy. TOUR SUPPORT WILL RE APPRECIATED CLERK OF on the JUipubUcw As Attorney General Keep • Lawyer of Proves Ability OB the Job John Fletcher b*« wrocd th« cunBdenc* «f the ptoplf by bi« — Ceastlew ww on crlnt, btw dltry, ind UwlewucM. — F*iracu, faoneity ud efficiency in t&ninUtr»ti«i> ot bU effise. —Record in Supreme Count* of Ivwt and the uuittd gutct aa Constitution*! ind live L»v question*. -Courageeu* performance of dudep of Attorney without iew PI J»vor. FOR CLERK FOR SUPER VI! DISTRICT ECONOMY FAIRNESS and John Fletcher I*r Attorney HARRY A, WRIGHT tor tint BKPUBlICAJf of J&g •• I LARK OKTON on the Republican Ticket VOTE FOR— F.W.Feto Republican Candii —for— H.N.KRUSE far County Trewurer W FOR SUPERVISOR Fourth Dutridt I arn a candidate fo.r Jfcie office of Supervisor, 4tft Pis» trlct, on the Depioor3$lo tick* et, subject to the -yvU) of the voters in the, June jprjij»^ry, " ' W. E. LUGE ¥o«r Toie 'WR.

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