Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 2, 1932 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1932
Page 6
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V" •-,"•• .-^CV'-.-'S''.'^.^^^ ••' . . .-'^.••ST;.^^:^^.'^,^feS^*^ Board April 21, 1932. Auditor's office, April 21, 1992. Board of Supervisors of Konsuth county met pursuant, to adjournment •with all members present, 10 o'clock a. m. This being the time hertetofore fixed 'for receiving bids for grading on var- , lous projects, on .-motion by ......... mark and seconded by McDonald that contract for grading on Projects 1 to 3ft Inclusive Is hereby awarded to A. A. Mettler, of Marion, South Dakota, as per terms of bid. he being the lowest responsible bidder. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m. Board 'of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members Motion by Balgeman and seconded by Morris that resolution be adopted e bl ii5 ln iii s ?r?^ y iW. 7*H£ I v%r a' w a 209, SO, 211, 212, 213, as reported by H. M. Smith, County Engineer. (See record for resolution). Ayes: All. Motion -by Funnemark and seconded by Bdlgeman that 19th day of May. 1932 at 10 o'clock a. m. Is hereby fixed as time for receiving bids for graveling Secondary Road Districts Noa IS? 184 185,"i3G.' 187, 188, 189, 190. 191, 192 193 194 195? 196, 197, 198, 199, 200, 201, "02,' 393. ' EOS, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212, 213, and maintenance projects. Ayes: All. . Motion by Balgeman and seconded by MoDonald that Heiken be appoint-, ed as a committee to have repairs mads on >Dr. Dlst. No. 82, Sub 10 of 60, and Dr. 166. Ayes: AH. On motion 'Board adjourned to nine o'clock a. County Auditor. Chas. 8ohmldt?and famlly ( _ Bead, I*. .Lillian Shell, Cresco township. Frank Galloway, Polk county. Mrs. Royal Qpellmeyer and <baby, Algona. August Sprank and family, Atgona, la. Lyman I. Way and family, Algona, Mrs. Ernest Wagner 'and child, Lu Isaac Tollefson and family, Atgona, Ifl, Mr. and Mrs. Wrti. Van ScOyoo, AN gona, la- Andrew Van Alstyne, Swea City. Paul Van Alstyne, Swea City. Cart Van Alstyne, Swea City. OerMtt Vander Mel, wife and children, Lincoln township. Ed and Margaret Waterbury, Swea City. la. Verne, la. She is further authorized and Instructed "to place In the hands of any peace officer in said county sajd notices to be served on the Individuals or families set fdrth aboVe.'-safd'peace officer or officers, as the case may be, being authorized and instructed to serve the same and make return on the back of said Notices to the Auditor of Kosauth county, Iowa. P J. HEIKEN, Chairman, HHRAiMK BALGEMAN, w. E. MCDONALD, OLAlF FUN'NEMAiKK, • ,.' May 3, 1932. Auditor's office, May 3. 1932. Board of Supervisors of Koasuth [ eounty jriet pursuant to adjournment with all members present. On motion (Board proceeded to audit and allow bills. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Funnemark that quarterly report of L E. Hovey, Sheriff, and Clark Orton, Clerk of the District Court for period ending March 31, 1932, is hereby approved. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.— Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment •with all < members- present. Motion by Morris and>. seconded by Balgeman that the following resolution be adopted:^ .WHEREAS, the provisions of Section 7405 ot the Code of 1924 requiring depository bonds for deposits of county funds in depository banks has been repealed, and, WHEBEA'S, the law as it now exists exonerates the depository banks from giving bonds, and provides for a sinking fund for the public deposits, protection of NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, that Harry N. Kruse, as Treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, is hereby directed to deposit funds in the depositor!' banks hereinafter mentioned, which are hereby designated and approved as depositories of the public funds of Kossuth county, Iowa, to-wlt: Humboldt Trust and Savings Bank. LJ-V-O. ulVlV^rVJCM.!?! 1. *, • ... ,,.. (Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County. Iowa, Adopted this 3rd day of May, 1932. ; On motion Board adourned- to v ,nine o'clock-a. m., May/,'4.. 1932. •*•*'..." May 4, 1932. Auditor's office, May i, 1933. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all .members present. Motion by MoDonald and seconded by Balgeman that resignation of W. C. Danson, as Justice of the Peace, is accepted, and 'P. A. Danson is hereby appointed Justice of the "Peace for Algona township to fill vacancy. Motion bv Morris and seconded by mnu iu me i^uo—-« r~jr;'"_ ta Balgeman that following weed com-. fun d and the County Auditor is mlasioners are hereby appointed on reo ted to correct his i™nl« accord account of failure of Township Trus-1 iy and to notify the County P6H -Wesley township for on account of having pftld same 4n il August funded We county poll 19», county pott 19M, Garfleld township/ on account of being a resident of "W«st Bend. , , ,, That Jdseph. 'Balk be* refunded ffe county poll W31, Bancroft Inc., oh ac^ count of being paid In Bancroft Ind., Greenwood township. That road poll tax for 14.09 of Roy B. Zunkel for 1930 Seneca township- U hereby refunded aa per recommenda* tton of Township Trustees on account of physical disability. That assessment on threshing machine be reduced from $800.00 to $190.00 for 1931, Fenton Ind., Fentoh, and County Auditor Instructed to correct tax lists and assessor book accordingly on personal property of 'Harry Haase, secretary, and taxes abated In sum of W4.07 consl., on account of erroneous assessment as recommended by township trustees. Ayes: AH. Motion by Morris and seconded by MoDonald that following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION WHEREAS, There Is now in the hands of the Treasurer the sum of •I •• none, credited to the poor fund, and, WHEJREA1S, There Is now In the hands of the Treasurer the sum of »22,00», credited to the Bovine Tubercular fund, and, ' • WHEREAS, It Is desired to transfer $15,000 from the Bovine Tubercular Fund to the Poor Fund, for the following reason: that there Is an overdraft, of |6,3«.94 on May 1st, 1932, and "our expenditures each -month? amount to about $5,000.09; .. . WHEREAS, proper arrangements have been made for the return, of this money, sanve to-be returned^ within.. . year' from date of transfer, and, WHEREAS, there Is sufficient money Jn the Bovine Tubercular fund to meet all demands thereon, until said money can be returned, and, WHBRiBAS, all laws relating to municipalities have been complied W NOW T.KEWBFORE, Bte It iResolv- ed by the IBoard of Supervisors of Kossuth County. Iowa, subject to the approval of the Director of the Bua- get, that said sum of $15,000 be, and the same is hereby ordered transferred from the Bovine Tubercular fund to the Kowuth County Poor Plum <Ji*«k Portland ,....,,.. ...... t.4-'<»<>D. Prairie Toww*U»'.. _. _, StetHta* 0. fl. Dlttmef W. B. GroVef "" JUDOB8 . , • •'John Aftidorfer Geo. Gink Meyer Ramsey Rlverdale •Anton Stork Eld Dtoe»*l«f J. 8. Freeark JUD»EB Johh Prlderes Henry Barman J. H. Praser by tees and Town Councils to make said appointment and certify same to County Auditor: Algona—Jesse Lashbrook. Bancroft—Carl Dahlhauser. 'Burt—'C. H. Blossom. La,kota-iH. W. Roba. Ledyard—Geo. Dunn. . Lone Rock—Jim Ackerman. ' Titonka-ffilasrnus Hanson, Whittemore—K. H. Finnell. Fenton Twp.—.Fred C. Wegener. Grant-Ray Hall. Greenwood—Chas. Kollasch. Plum Creek—Alfred Jergenson. Springfield—'Louis Anderson. Whittemore, H. -F. Schultz. Ayes: All. 'Motion by Balgeman and seconded by McDonald that official bond' of __ Adam Luchslnger, Constable, Wh-itte- anc e Agency and more township, for $500.00 is hereby • ' approved. Ayes: AH. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. . One o'clock p. m.—Board of Super- iaors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Morris and seconded by 'unnemark that following refunds be allowed: That Anton Goetz be refunded BOc IJ UL11U \,V ..w»--« fct_ •% transfer, accompanying the --- , tion with a copy of this resolution • the record_of _lts a n dop«on >unne _ /Chas. Morris. "fpresWIng"Officer): P. J. Heiken, ^.ITicaiwi.is, _ a»irw»mri&nrs. 'Chairman of Board of Supervisors (Secretariat Officer): Bertha j». Johnson,--County Auditor. Adopted this 4th-day of May, 1932. Motion - by Balgeman and seconded that H. O. Chambers is , ASA Mo S tlon A by .Funnemark and seconded .by McDonald that County Farm Insurance be awarded to Algona Insur I Seneca Township Sexton (Irvington Twp.) Sherman Springfield Swea Union Wesley Whittemore •••I. F. Bngesser Otto R. Jensen Tom O*DonneU JltJDXJBS ' •••A. J. Klrschbaum I,. C. Hutchlns Henry Etscheld JtTDOKS •••Henry Kohlhaas ••Simeon Leigh A. W; Bteussy J0DOE8 «"G. B.»«lsk Louis Anderson John Haas JUDGES "••O. A. Jensen Axel Krtckson J. .H.' McGregor JTODOB3 •."T. A. Reid A. M. Guatafson S. M. Jordan . JUDGES "••O. ,K.-.Flom '' L. A. (Bolenfeus A. L. Klelnpeter COIJNTINO BOARD J. C. Skow, Henry Sherman Ihno A. Gerdes •••H. iF. Schultz •'' Wm. Meyer Frank Ludwig ClarK »tr*Wt» *., ,i (I. B. Lwrfwf* Jtr. Mt. Stwttf tloes Nottft notices . N. T. 'tfrleps7 gravel.pit ,i < BIBert Oarage, itorWte ... Barton-Wartter Co.^suppllwt C««f*l'«»te« rowa Machinery « *Jtt> fowi M.chlnfry * Supply Co, John Hertmait •F, ft. •Teacher John Etorntaft, Wm. RuttoKey Chris NtetsWt 3. W. BofTIg J. (F. qilnrore- Chas. Amanv ' E. C. Onsen Jottm P. Bormamt FtecT Logemarr iFred Dutton f O 1 .. tj. 1 . Thorson tf. J". Kennedy W. : C. Nalson Mbbre Fred' A.. Olekman . A\ B:. G1o"drng» t Hazel Gerdpa Mrsj' Lester Cease- W.'F: Rlei'mers K. IE- Flhnell an surance is hereby awarded to - by'ToDonaid and seconded by Funnemark that ""^fb 0 ^ ° f p A Danson, Justice of the Peace, Algona township, for $500.00 is hereby seconded by s a nd serve MrfDonald that following Clerks are hereby appointed at Primary Election June 6, 1932. Humboldt. Burt Savings Bank of Burt, and that -public funds now In the possession of said County Treasurer, or hereafter fcoming into the possession of the said County Treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, shall be deposited in said banks hereinbefore designated, and the said County Treasurer is hereby authorized and required to use said banks as such depositories; thai the maximum amount of county funds authorized to be deposited in sai( banks, which are hereinbefore ap proved aa depositories for said county funds, shall be as follows: Humboldt Trust and Savings Bank, Mumboldt JjO.OOi Burt Savings Bank, Burt $85,000 and hereafter the said County Treas urer shall keep the public funds be longing to said county in said deposi tories not exceeding the .maximum amount hereinbefore aufhorized in any one bank so designated. Adopted this 3rd day of May, 1932. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Morris that construction bond ot A. A. Mettler, of Marion, South Dakota, for $12,147.00 Is hereby allowed. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Morris that County Auditor is hereby instructed to notify M. T. Huso to make repairs on Dr. 177 as per resolution now on file retaining $600.00 on final estimate instead of furnishing a Maintenance Bond. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by Funnemark that A. <E. Michel is hereby appointed engineer to make report of Dr. 105 as to Lateral 20-*. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Balgem'aji. that following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION WHERiEAS, there are located in Kosauth county, Iowa, certain individuals who are financially unable to properly take care of themselves and families, together with other individuals -whose capacity is limited ana. •who may need assistance from Kossuth county, Iowa, said Individuals and families beinff non-residents "* Kossuth county, Iowa, and, WHEREAS, it is the desire tha said indis-iduals do not gain a resi dence in 'Kosauth county, Iowa, It is hereby RESOLVED by thi Board of Supervisors of Kossut' county, Iowa, in regular session as sembled on this 3rd day of May, A D., 1932, that iBertha Johnson, Audi tor of 'Koesuth county, Iowa, be an she is hereby authorized and in structed to issue Notice to Depar the same to be served on the follow ing individuals: Mrs. Edward Anderson and child Algona. la. Mrs. Kate Barton, Lu Verne tow: ship. George TJoren and family, Algona la, IFloyd Wisher and family, Spring field township. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Buchanan an children, Bancroft, la. Este Cook, Wesley township. C. Wm. Carr and family, of Swe City, la. G. H. iDunford, Algona, la., Cresc township. Ben iDorr and family, St. Eenedic la. Geo. Douglas and family, Whitti more la. L. L. Douglas, WhiUcmore la. Bernard Finn, Gerled, la. Eleanor Falway, Aluona, la. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Farrell, Algona, la. Fred Fehr, Garfield township. Fred IPraiioi.s and wife, Bancroft, la. John Gillilaiid, Harrison township. Ray Guilder and family, Greenwood Pre^ol= ' JUDGES CDE3RKS Algona, 1st Ward B H. Beardsley Mrs. Geo. St. John Mrs. W. E. McDonald W W. White Mrs,. E. W. Lusby COUNTING BOARD . Mrs. Wm. K. Ferguson Geo. J. Elbert V. J. Sands A. V. Hertig Chas. Riley. Algona, 2nd Ward MrTw^ Payne J. A. McDonaid Harry Godden COUNTING IBOAHiD E J. Gilmore Elizabeth Holmes iFrank Geiget P. P- Zerfass Will Gllbride JUDGES Algona, 3rd Ward Tom Kain H. J. 'Bacon Robert R. Smith COUNTING BOARD . Matt Lamuth (Mrs. Ida S. Richardson Mrs. Alma Nelson Frank Kohlhaas R. F. Donovan Helmuth Huenhold Mrs. J. J. Dooley Algona 4th Ward S. J. DeGraw Mrs. D. D. Monlux John Haggard C. Herman Mrs. C. B. Murtagh COUNTING BOAIRD J. L. Bonar M. P. Weaver Roy Brownell C. B. Murtagh R. A. Palmer !resco Township JUDGES uffalo Township Fred Boyken Christ Brandt Andrew M. Hansen COUNTING BOARlD Will 'Schram Wm. Stott L. Oesterrelcher JUDGES 3urt Township W. D. Kerns E. R. Woltz John Martin COUNTING BOARD C. C- Smith John T. Cherland. Maud Hanna JUDGES •••G. W. Brown Harry Sabin Chester Robinson JUDGES "••John P. Peterson Lawrence Thorson Paul Cody JUDGES ••"Geo. Hanna '•• Lem Mar-low Wm. Stoutenberg JUDGES ••••Fred Weisbrod iGaylord Johnson Gus Krause COUNTING BOAIRlD .Tohn (Dempsey Fred Bohn John Newel JUDGES '"•Joe Schaller Herman Harms Peter Mertz JUDGiES Ubbe Winter C. J. B,lppentrop John Sleper E. P. Hanson Wm. Boyken Herman Rachut Leonard Callles Geo. P. -Hawcott Lloyd Elaton D. F. Slaughter Jess McDonald Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Morris that report of A. E. Michel, Engineer, on Dr. 106 is hereby 'approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by McDonald that Mrs. John iFrie- stedt, of Sherman township, is hereby allowed 125.00 per month poor allowance; that Christina Olson i» hereby allowed J16.00 per month for care of Olivia Hanson, ot Garfleld' township, as per recommendation of Township Trustees. Ayes: All. ' Motion by McDonald and' seconded by Morris that County Auditor be Instructed to refund J68.75 -Const, tax and J9.85 penalty to (H. R. Cowan on Lot .7 ex..N. 40 ft. of .E. 50 ft. and Lot 8 exc.-N.':40 ft.' Block 70<;OrlglnaI plat Algona, previously recommended by Town Council In 1929, and as per opinion, of County Attorney on- accrmnt of double taxation. Ayes: MX. Motion by Funnemark and' seconded by Balgeman that Heiken^ be appointed as a committee to make re-r pairs on following: Drains 2T-89-90-166 and Sub 4 of 60. Ayes: All'. Motion by McDonald and' seconded by Funnemark that Balgeman be appointed as a committee to .make repairs on Drains 9 and 95. Ayes: Alt. Motion by Balgeman arol seconded by Morris that MdDonald' be appointed as a committee to make- repairs on Drain 61 and 105. Ayes: ATI. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by McDonald that Morris be appointed as a committee to make repairs on P. A. K. Jt. -No. 1. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman- and seconded toy McDonald that school' fund loan of Sam Olson for $3009:W 'be approved subject to approving opinion of County Attorney. Ayes: Alt. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter- written: gCHEDU'LE OF CLAIMS COUNTY' ETUIN1D Bertha E. Johnson, adv. bty. 14.5( Quinten Dodds, bty. . l.ft Arnold Halnzlnger, bty 1.20 City of Algona, light service. 33.5! Howard Redemske, T>ty 1.20 Bert Hall, bty. ..: .1.40 George Stell Jr., btyv '. 2.20 IFrank Hagen, 'bty 11.30 Kdbus Tjaden trust fund — 43.83 Hugh Post, frt. and drayage. 1.30 Bertha E. John-son, adv. t>ty.. 14.25 Darrow Chemical Co., supplies ... 17.25 Henry Peffer. bty. 1.00 Frank (Hagen, bty -5.70 Kenneth Durant, bty 1.20' IBternard Lenertz, bty. 1.55 Alfred Nelson, bty 2.40 Evelyn Haynes .bty. 1.40 Claire .Hansen, bty I.** Al'bln C. Menfce, 'bty 1.20 Sam Haae, bty 1.10 Railway Express Agency, express 2.92 Gerald Huber, bounty .90 Bertha E. Johnson, adv. bty.. 13.85 Sid Backus,-P. M., supplies ... 13.80 Sid Backus P. M., supplies .. 22.88 •Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. service 62.85 Railway Express Agency, express , 104 Geo. E. Palmer, bounty 1.10 Donald -Kraug, bounty T.20 H. IM. Smith, salary 271.00 Claire Hansen, bounty 2.0C Wayne Hagen, bty > ... 1.90 F, J. Balgeman, com. and session 2S3.26 COUNTING BOARD Mrs. W. IF. iRielmers Thomas Carmo Jv Mrs. WIHHIgglns Charley Seymour Frank Elbert Ely Anderson, Trustee Mtg. .. W. A. 'Hall, Trustee Mtg ..... Roy B. Hall. Trustee Mtg; . . . John Haas, Trustee HtR. '.. .. W. W. Rlngsdorf , Tf ustee» W. B. 'drover, Trustee Mtg. . B. B. Dlttmer, Trustee Mir... B. O. Mann, Trustee WtKv W. C. Nelson, Trustee ft J. Baokusi. pMtac* <••» £••• Art. M. & St. lu K'y Co>,. ftt, City of Algoni*. ll*nt service-.. C. KT. Jonnsom lafcor .> - EdT P^riniej^' work * . • •«• arattr Farm' WUf. Auto In* iKortnwesWrn: Bttf '%& "eta, tel. serVlo» v ... • • > •Frank Lappe;. .llttttr".. C. 1C. Johnson, pasRnrenc » u Vern RUtledge,. labor. ... ... ( •• "man HUmUmess, lattor ... W. BUBch, labor aw 1.78" 5.33 IH.SO HMIM ... ........-'.... ... i. 30.V» „._..'» iR*tonw»toiyt' *uppU«s., Bo.oo FltMtOM Tire *' Rubber Co. mpnflei u ftoo ' 20:(W 10.W , <»•«• . Paul Zlelsket dlragglhsr; olrnif. ' ' ...." ....... • 31 - w> W.84'; allowed' IRilenurd Potratz, dVasgln« i J, E. McEnroe) dressing" .. Louis Scott, dragging ... ... •S,*A. Butqher; TdJrQitalikff, • • • John<'Rodnmker. dragging* • A ST. Gustafson'. dragging- E, R, intermtm tfragginK . ZT.fW 20,4* 14.75 30.30 m- A. J. Peterson, dragging . . , Simeon Leigh, Trustee Mtg. .. Aaron W. Steussy, Trustee Mtg. Henry J. iMtg. 'kohlhaasY ' Vrrustee> John P. Bormann; Trustee- j' E.'Kelly."Trustee Mty. .... Art'.Cruikshank, .Trustee, Mtg:. s.w 4.00 f.OO *,00 8.00 . 4.00 4.00 4'.00 8.00 8.00 SM SOT 8.00 *.00 Albert Wittkopf; dhWglhg; -. W-» Albert Kresslhii dragging .... »•« Laretn Byer*, dragging *•••» Carl ZUmaohj. dragging .. . John A. Sleper, dragging .. M. J. Koestler, dragging .. Jay D. Graham, dragging . Obbe Winter;, d'raggihg .. . Martin Brandt, dragging • • •SVyot Stott. dVagglns •"_..•• ._,.E. C. Behitkend'orf! .dtaCThV • lO.to tt.32 28.80 8010 16.20 Peter "Looft; Trustee-'Mtgr T. A. Reid, Trustee Mtg. . Paul Hertzke, Trustee- Mtg. C N Robinson, Trustee- Mtgr . X. <Wllheltal, dragging ||.\ A. W'11IH=H«»> ^** v Sam ,Harr, dragging Albert Looft, d'ragging IFrank Clapsaddle, dragging .. Mayrtard Sbhn, dTasging- Daniel Jacobs, dragging ... •;• Arthur R. Zteteke, dragging.. Fred Butterfleld, dragging ... O. A. Laabs, dragging Joseph Loeftiocn-, drsigL Cecil Thoreson, dYaggi'ng John i0H«m, dragging; clmcT. ttG.SS; allbwed ... ..- •".••••• L H. 'JunkermeiCT, dragging.. ,pred DarnelV,. dragging C. C. Anderson-, dragging .... Holcomb l& Wallentlne. dragging, • "' Joe' Mayne, dragging .... •«• Christ Berg;, dragging" ... - John Simmons, dragging 25.70 29.00 O«MMti*<,TdotNCo.i »UppJle» ,. H. CWitindn .Co., aupptiei .... Wayer Btunper-' Wo««, ' sup- pn'ati'ii/i ...... ...... '. ....... • • Central Battery A Bl«oi Co-.' . supptle* .1. .»• ..,.....< i.. 't Sargent Machine Co- 'no., sup- 3.4S 28.24 4.6ft T, A. Adams Co., supplies ,. . Standard Oil Co., supplies .... 829.45 Cnamplln Refining Co.. ' sup- ptTev Phillip plfew s City Ott Co., supplies ., ... .. Mld-Cont. Petro. , Corp, sup- Petroleum Co., »up- Cnampfln Refining Co., sup- , 242.41 68.80 504:23- Phillips Petroleum Co., sop»U, i' '•iTMIW-.A". ..... ,. ...;.!... . t.f. ': , t29.15 " Peerless OH Co., supplies J. A. -Roberts, bridge ... ... .. Alemtte Company of Iowa, supplies DRAINAGE FUND Dr. SC. Albln Peterson, labor ", 701.81 418C6D 7B,» 3.00 ... EBnvUtaC" ,Margaret Turner .V « Mr*.- Lulu. Adams..! " " A. BUrgnraia!, t mo ijii Br X. Pr«mnet-»v I mo. ... 2015 (MVs. H. Jotewtt, I o. m« nlaw TT.fKivt ri 1 *' . Edna 21.00 tJJO -».8T K.GO TO.CO 21.60 29.70 19.23 1S.OO 19.80 19.20 tj. IN. £«)1/UIOVU, JL*«CTV^^ .....c,.. .1^* G. .W. Brown, Trustee Mtg... ' *-J»i J J Anderson, Trustee- Mtg:.. * m P M. Christenson; Trustee- Mtg Alex Radls, Trustee Mtg. ...... Harry Sabin, Trustee-Mtg. .... Bert Edwards, Trustee- Mtgv... Jas. H. Warburton, Trustee- Fred E. Dutton, Trustee- Mtg:. Chai. A. 'Rohlin, Trustee Mtg; 4.00 J H. McGregor, Trustee Mtg:. O. A. Jensen, Trustee-Mtg. .... Axel Erickson. Trustee Mis..A. M. Gustafson, Trustee Mtgt 8.W O. L. Thorson, Trustee- Mtg.... Louis Anderson, Trustee Mtgt *nnAtvin ZinneV, dragging ''' 8.00 8.00 4.00 4.00 4'.00 8.00 S.OO 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 ijOUlS .tt.liuei auii, J.» «w*w-w a EH. Beardsley, Assessor .... 360.68 S A. Butcher, Assessor ... 1 " A " W ' J. Bourne, Assessor ... A ' L. Bosworth, Assessor .. L. A. Barslou, assessor ... O W. - Berggrem Assessor .. J.- P.-i Cunningham-, Assessor .. John Dempsey, Assessor 6..JW „ 133.45 .. 141.50 . 121.25 .. 114.25 86.T5 Chris ;Dahl, Assessor Clare M. Erlcksom. Asaessa* D C. Ellis, Assessor IFrank W. E'Upert, Assessor .. R E. Goddard, Assessor ... . Henry Fox, Assessor Ihno A. GerdVjSi Assessor ..., Ray E. Hansen-, Assessor . . H. N. Kruse.. assign. ... '....'. John N. LudjwtK, Assessor ... H L. GHmorei. Assessor .. . .. E. Ogren,. Assessor 'aul Selberg;. Assessor B. Smitft,. Assessor WtrbUr T. Zei'gl'er, .dragging .. Erich Wlllrett-, dragging Leander Vaske, dragging ..Joe Platt, dragging ... Melben Steussy, dragging .. .. Ralph Steward, dragging Aarorr W. Steussy; dntggmg;... Wm. Speiaher, dragging Frank RV Shlpter, eTraSt Geo. C. Schultz, draiggtn? N B. Schlltz, dragging Simon Sfeverson, dragging .... Herman Runksmeler, dragging Wm. Runchey. dragging .. .- Mlho, dragging 43.00 2.40 10.50 14.70 Leonard" Mino, dragging .. E. M"artirrsoit, dragging ... Thos. Lynch, dragging ... E. J. Laabs .dragging ... . R. a Puffer, dragging ... Geo-. Peterson, dragging .. Elmer C. Potter, dragging IPeter N. Hansen, dragging L. A. (Hackbarth, ' v *li.40 12.00 15.00 27.00 ''4.50 28.70 4.50 17.10 23.70 •I.SO 12.00 12.GO 3.00 lien -A. Sttarp, Assessor .. ... German TJlbben, Assessor — !"red C. Wesener, Assessor .-., Jeon J; Worden, Assessor ...'.' !. J. Van Ness, . percentage on flo» Bert Coder, mtg Vewa Printing Co., supplies .. 'erk-ins Bros. Co., supplies .. ligley Chemical Co., supptlea Norton Machine Works,, supplies •••• .Nelson Hardware, supplies — t. 'G. Richardson, supplies ... Messenger Printing Co., sup- Sperbeck"Printng Coj., supplies Advance Pub. Co., supplies ... Jert Grinnell's Etec. Shop,, !a,g-le Township East Lone Rock (Burt twp.) Fenton Garfield German M. N. Phillips Homer Llndhorst M. L. Johnson Jennie Berggren Earl Ewoldt Merle Richards W. E. Laage W. E. Stoeber J. A. Schwartz Frank Eigler Henry Henriokson Mike Wagner B'. H. Mover John Boelcelman Chas. Morris com. and session 185.61 W. E. McDonald, com. and session ....................... 203.15 Olaf Funnemark, com. and session ... ................... 208.97 P. J. Heiken, com. and session 230.01 Bancroft Rtegister, pub. proo., 89.00 26.00 etc. Homer Haxton, bty , Enma Stehle, labor ........... 30.00 Martha Harris, labor Lllia L. Bishop labor C. A. Samson, labor 27.5 17.5 78.00 . . , Mary K. 'Sands, labor ........ 78.W Advance Pub. CO., pub. proc... 77.7 L. E Hovey, sheriff ........ 85.00 Wm. Shirley, Expense ........ 114.2 Grant Ray B. Hall ^Richard Newton Greenwood Harrison township. 'Ernest Griffith and wife, la. Algona, Mrs. Cora Jones, Lotts CreeH township. Floyd Jonea, Lotts Creek township. Will Hutchiihsou and family, Algona, la. Mrs. Edna Hamlow and children, Lu Verne, la. Mrs. John iH-llbert. Whittemore, la. Ras. Hansen, Wesley la. Andrew 'Ludwlg, Prairie twp. Carl Knutson, Harrison township. Geo. Lau and family, Bancroft, la. Wm. McCamey and wife, Algona, la. John Martin -and family, Fenton township. Ray Olson, Sexton, la. Henry Olson and family. Algona, la. Joe PJatt and family, Cresco township. Mrs. Verna Piter and Robert, Wesley township. Mrs. Hwttle 'Perton and children, Harrison township. Paul Runtzel, Algonau la. Mr. and Mrs. Jeis Rodlend, Harri- K>n township. Mrs. Geo. Sbott and family, Fenton, la- ' ' Mrs. Rtfth Sbatto. Cresco township. Mif> ftercUbX 3bAtto» AlSOna. Cnrt Swltt and f anally, Itedyard M»4 - Hebron Irvington W. A. Hall Ell Anderson F. M. Jacobs JUDGES Geo. W. Nyman A. Fangman Jake Keller COUNTING BOARD Chas. Baker Paul Lonergan Mrs. Roy Hutton Mrs. Geo. Carmean Chas. Kollasch JUDGED "Peter Looft Mrs.Hattie Fults J. E. Kelly COUNTING BOAIRID C A. Rohlin Rena HaKlund Oen. E. Butterfield JiUtDGES 'H. O. Larson Lewis Ehrlck Thomas Berg JUDGES ••J. C. Mawdsley S. J. Devine Alvin L. Weber 1,. J. Kockler Mrs. Henry Guide J. J. Anderson Mrs. Clare^Erickson S. P. Eckholm Ida Larson Rj. G. Baum H. C. Lunning Hugh «aney M. L. Roney bty. of 'ke- Lakota (Ledyard Twp.) Mrs. W. M. Turley Mrs. Chas. Lewis Ledyard JUDGES •Wm. Baum Aug. Gutknecht Peter Hans COUNTING IBOARD H. D. Mussman Olga Wortman Mrs. Walter Rosenau John IB. 'Smith Mrs. Jennie IGutknecht JUDGES ••Geo. Moulton - John ; Wess_Plman Lincoln * Ed Looft Oliver Marquis OOUNTa'NlG BOABJD D. A. Carpenter Albert Brandt Alfred Schultz JU-DGKS Paul Hertzke B F. Edwards J. H. Warburtoa JUDGES Lone Rock CFenton Twp.) ........... P. M. Christeusen L O Us Creek Lu . Alex iRadlg Aus Lampe JTJDOES Noah Relaner Deb. Wlnkel Albert Potratz JTJiDGES ••G. <3. Chambers Frank Devftt IF. J. Chapman COUNTrNKJ BOARD F. K. Geo. Haase Leon Worden Win. Flynn Bert Coder ffe n JX. Bicker ' ' ' </ L. B. Holllster H. F. Mlttajf John Peter H. C, Allen, Harry Llchty Arthur Hot Ilo Ross -Bufflngton, bty. Hans Beenken, bty Richard Cosgrove, bty . William Foertach bty. . Dwight Graham, bty Harvey Graham, bty Fran-k Hagen, bty Kenneth 'Hanig, bty Gaylord Lander, bty Glenn Larsen, bty. .... . Martin Monson, bty.. Verle A. Nelson, bty Henry Olthoff bty Kathrine Poppe, bty. Norman Rlppentrop, Alex Reflfer, bty ......... Duane Sherman, bty ...... Rollie Steele Jr., bty ..... Peter Sandt, bty ....... A. L. Kleinneter, (Board 'Review meeting ........ Carl Johnson Board of view meeting ............... Emil Wester, Board of Review meeting ................... Frank. Flaig, Board of Review meeting ........... •^ ......... I,. <R. Roderick, Board of P-e-~ view meeting ............... J. A. Devine, Board of Equalization ...................... A. W. Kennedy, Board of Equalization ...... ......... A. A. Droesaler, Board of Equalization ................ A. H. Fuchs, Board of Equalization ...................... G. W. Carmean, Board of Equalization ................ Leo M. Saund'ers Board of Equalization ............. G. A. Sharp, Board of -Review ............... . ........ Dr. Pierre Sartor, -Board of Review ................... J. M. Blanchard, Board of Review ......................... H. W. Geelan, Board of Review ......................... Wm. Higgins, Board of Review ... . ..................... Oscar Polrot, Board of Review ........................ Wm. Roeber, Board , of * Review ..... ' .................... Frank Bestenlehner, IBoard of iReview ..................... Rlaymond 'Bon.ack.er Board of .Review ...................... P. J. Heiken, Board of Review ........................ A. J. Christensen, Board of Review ............... ,. ..... Fred Seylar, Board of Review 'Fred Peterson, Board of Rer view ........ , ........ ... .•... (L. C. Knutsen, Board of Review ............ ,'.' ........... Harry J. Braley, Btoard of •Review ............ . ........ A. M. Lease, IBoard of Review, M. N. Phillips, Trustee Jttff. . 0. R. Jensen, Trustee Mtar. ... L. C. Gaort, Trustee M*J." . •• 1. F. Bnyeaser, Trustee Trusfa* l.M l.M 1.40 .7 ,SC .50 11.4C 3.0 150.03 „. ... . 130.001 Jacob Hofbauer, dragging- .. 66.00 \ff. E. HunJertmark, araggTn? 76.0* 102.00 9.23 . 84,00* Chas. Hin?., Jri'.«i»il 150.75 ' 66.00 156.00 119.25 . 84.00 Wim. Klein, drassi'ig Wayne Keith, drasginff ... ... Henry F: Hofbauer, dragging. Chas. Hln?., Jri'.«i»il ...-••• •• Henry Heldecksr, dragging .. Andrew GOHner, drassing .... Elmer Gerdes, dragging Elmer Gronbach, dragging ... Herman Gfes, dragging 13.20 4.20 54.00 18.60 28.20 30.00 6.60 13.80 8.40 9.60 23.40 12.60 12.00 41.00 87.001 Enno Eden, 'dragging 7.5»;K. G. EWol'dt, dragging 2.1 32.00 154.75 134.00 -44.00' 21.93 4.00 86.00 8.10 6.30 12.80 .80 24.20 436.50 Melvin - . — _W. iF. WoFarland, dragging 32.40 14.71 A. X Hfeine*n,~draKgTng"'.. .... 12.00 Wllbert W. Richmond; drag- 20.40 21.75 Frank Bliebhoff, dragging .... .R, C. Baum, dragging ........ Charles Ulfers, clmd,- J1S.20; allowed ... -.. •'. Julian J. Arndorfer, dragging. Alvtn Anderson, dragging .... Gehard T. Berg, dragging 27.60 16.50 14.4C Frank Bauer, dragging .... ... 21.6 Harm Boeckholt, dragging George <Baas, dragging Peter N. Thtlges, dragging Jay Godden, dragging ........ 18.6 69.0 37.8 24.6 925! Ward & .Goetz, 'dragging 8.25 Ted Hoover, dragging ... Leo G. Studer, dragging S.83 F. - - - Wright Bros., supplies 1-25 Boone 'Blank Boflk Co., sup- piles Burroughs Adijlng Machlna Co., -supplies Whittemore Champion, supplies •• •• /News Printing Co., supplies... Klipto Loose Leaf Co., supplies Crescent Printing Co., supplies •••• Laird i& McCullough, rent for chairs Kossuth R'adlo & Elec. 10.00 211.80 200.00 12.75 12.00 3.65 39.60 52.8 14.7' Prutsma'n, patrol 87.5 105.65 72.0 Clyde" Sanders", patrol 81.00 Alton Pettlt. patrol 106.0? Hans W. Nielsen, patrol .. .. 91.0C Wilbur A. Fisher, patrol .. ,. 91.00 Pearly C. H^ynes, patrol .. .. 78.C John Hanselman, patrol 107.25 E. G. Stenstrom, 'labor and supplies , 4'.w Dr. «— Virgil Wolf, labor 4.00 C. Albln Peterson, labor .... 1*40 B. G. Stenstrom, ; »ab6r 25.20 Dr. 5— A.! .T. Lawler, labor 3.60 Dr. 85- - M A, .T. Lawler, repair Work .. 3.20 Dr. 55— 'A. J. Lawler, repair work .. 17.50 Dr. 90— ' C. Atbln Peterson, labor .... 3.90 B. G. Stenstrom, labor .. ..''25.20 Dr. 72— Henry (Fischer, labor 12.60 IR-udolph Fischer, labor .. .. 1260 Dr. 77- i John Lelnlnger, labor 12.00 Dr. 80- . „ A. E. Michel, engineer 72.00 Dr. 82— iR:vPameroy, labor , -.. Theo Dorenbush, labor - 20.30 Dr. 83- ^ S. M. Jordan, labor 23.40 Dr. 86- A. J. Lawler, labor Dr. 90- „. Ed Meyer, labor i .. 13.30 Dr. 91— _ Matt. Laux, labor 10.45 '.Geo. Onken, labor '... 19.20 . J. Bergman, labor 8.70 '.Paul Tlenan, labor . ...• 14.50 Dr. 95- • A. E. Michel, engineer .. ... 15.25 Dr. 98— 'Henry 'Fischer, labor 2.60 Rudolph (Fischer, labor .... 2.60 Dr. 105- „ A. E. Michel, engineer .. .. .87.05 Dr. 114— J. E. McEnroe, supplies 10.5* Dr. 132- Matt Laux, repairs ... ' • 5.20 Dr. 133- Henry Fischer, labor 5.00 Rudolph Fischer, labor ..... 5.00 Dr. 138- E. J. Palmer, labor ... ..... 7.00 Dr. 156— Abe Carter, repairing tUe .. 12.00 Dr. 158— A. J. LaWler, repair work.. 39.00 C. Albin Peterson, labor ..;. 10.50 E. G. Stenstrom, labor »nd supplies • • 15.6( Dr. 177— A. B. Michel, engineer ... .. 20.76 H4IC No. 3-46- IFarmers Coop. Soc., supplies 1.81 Trl No. 84- Wllllam O. Dreyer, labor ... 2.4( Henry Fischer, labor . 1,8 (Rudolph Fischer, -labor 1.20 POOR FUND J. W. Hewitt, rent for Nick Kline, clmd. $10.00'.. not allowed E. Ross, rent for J. Helmers, clmd. 312.00 ... not allowed Hood's Cash Store, prov. for C. Busch, clmd. S2.00 ...not allowed A. E. Pasley, rent for Joe Fraser; clmd. H2.00 not allowed Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. service social worker .. Clara M. Amesbury, labor .... Bess Hopkins, labor ... ... .. H. B. Coleman, supplies A. • A.. OroessTer, Johnson, t mo. S. D. McDonald, patrol Ctem Goodman, patrol 87.8 5.01 20.S5 SUPERVISOR DIST. NO, 1 Sanford & Llndebak, fuel for Mrs. Wm. Hedrlck ... ... ... 8.16 West Bend Elev. Co., fuel for 'Fred Schneider, West Bend. 28.05 F. H. Hlntz, prov. Mrs. Wm. Wr T^_ « prov - Mrt OT. Dos». 1 ma. DJuileT LfcMi'ter, prov. MM Edarr Jbftnsorr, I mn • Wm. IT. Vogel, prov.' jam,;: Walker/I mo-. mes W. T.. Trainer, prov. Mrs "E Johnson S mos '. O. P. BTdDonatd & Co tiioi Mrs. E. Johnson '' W. ; A. Murray, fuel .. O. Laiu .' j'™ A.-Bergman 9'% E. Johnson ' O'IA Mrs. Kattler ] j'S Mrs. J. Kramer SJR Jl H. Sheridan, Agt., rent N J. Nemmers. 1 mo ' J. H. Sheridan, Agt., rent for Geo. Lau 1 mo A./Devme, med .aid ' MTrw-.E'. Caj-Ier yj (Nhsk Nemmers 2J(D Mrs. E. West 2,00 Dr.?J.-*G.;CIapsaddle, med. aid Mrs. J. W. Walker ....'25.00 Mrs. Bert Godden (») C./.K. Johnson 185.W lMr». TIetz 9.00 G. W.,' Carmean, supplies ... Mrs. E. Cayler 6.12 Mrs. A. Berggman .. .. 6.15 Augusta Klnney, care Darrel IGelst ... J". A. Deylne, med. aid Mrs. R. Hunt .SUPERVISOR DISTRICT NO.I J. A. Devine, med. aid Howard Picht Thaves Sisters, prov. F. W. ' Th»res 1 mo C. J. Applequist, prov. M. Baker 3 weeks ., H. M. Dyer, prov. G. V. Shaver/1 mo , E. L. Hansen, prov. Ed'. Anderson 1 mo Cut Rate Grocery, pro. Joe' | Stefanski 1 week C. >W.'Lundquist, med. aid (or Baker girl Mrs. Mary Webster, care ot •Noah Entwisle Drs;- Kenefick & -Keneficlt, med. care J. Newell , Mrs. G. F. -Wohnke, nurse Florence and Cecil Picht ... C, G. Dourte, rent Ed Ante- son Graham Co., supplies County •Farm . . : COUNTY FARM John Hegarty, labor ... John Hennlng, labor Wm. Muckey, labor Thos. Akre, prov BotBford Lumber Co., fuel and supplies-. Matt "Murtha, supplies W. J. 'Barr, cow-testing association dues Hallmark•Store, supplies-.. . F. H..,Shackelford, supplies . Zerider ' & Caldwell's Store supplies Kohlhaas Hdw., supplies , W*lnut Grove Products Co. supplies 'Drs. Keneflok aid & Kenefick,; 1.86 92.7 92,05 J. E. MdEnroe,' labor 25.00 1.71 Matt P Pa S rrott ' &' ''Co',' supplies. 46.16 K. G. 'Ewoldt, call for slok °° W '" L'iHR!AlRiY"FUND"" Book Supply .Co., 'books .. .... 73.98. Scott Foresman & Co., books 15.23 iClarkson Publishing Co., books 5.28 J, E.' McEnroe, labor Matt Laux, labor A. J. Law-ler, labor C. Al'bln -Peterson, labor E. G, Stenstrom, labor Spear Jt McVey, labor Ben Leeck, labor Frank Johnson, labor. Vincent Cruise, labor George Welg, labor John Welg, labor ... . Reidel, labor Woodworth's ''books Book Store, .7 2.00 1.50 1.50 .90 1.50 .50 .SO 3.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 1.00 3.00 1.00 3.W $.00 3.00 3.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 3.W 4.W 4.00 4.QO 1.0 l.fl A. C. MoClurg & Co., books,. St. Paul Book & Stationery Co., books • •• la. Pupils Reading Circle, books '•••• Thos. E. Johnson, apportlon- Rand MdNally & Co., books ,, follett Book Co., books .. ... A. Flanagan Co., books Supt. Wm. Shirley, expense ... Garden City • Educational Co., books .., ••••• Doubleday, Doran. & Co., books ••• Lyns & Carnahan, books .... larper & Bros., books jaldlaw Bros., books ... ..... Macmlllan Co., books ... ..... Thos. S. Rockwell Co., books. 'harles Scrlbner Sons, books. _dttle .Brown & Co., books .... Glnn & Co., books .,••• Houghton Mlfflin Co., books.. John C. Winston Co., books ,. Professional & . Technical 16.50 4.26 B.47 55.32 '4.35 5.95 13.22 9.17 5.92 3.00 1,80 6.36 1.76 3.07 2^18 17!98 2.32 2.51 7.06 12.50 3.55 11.23 7.50 10.00 46.00 24.00 7.25 23.45 17.10 16.80 13.80 25.50 4.80 30.00 Dwight Graham, labor 24.00 iHedrlck, 1 mo. Tlede & Schneider, prov. Mrs. Geo, Scrlbner 1 mo 20.00 Tlede & Schneider, prov. Peter Ruberg 1 week Fred Tlede. rent Mrs. George Scrlbner 1 month .... fm. Schultz, rent Wm, Hed- rlck 2 mo , enedlct's - Store, prov. ( F. Schmidt 1 mo , enedict's Store, prov. IW. Hedrick 1 mo .-. enedlet's Store, prov. John MoVay 1 wk. ... tto Neuman, prov. Joe Fraser 1 mo. Roy Larson, labor Charles OKerrlns, labor Clifford Johnson, labor Henry Dyer, labor 9,00 Ernest O. IBurch, labor 12.00 H. N, Kruse, assign 12.72 Maurice Hansen, labor 11.28 Wim; Krause, labor ....... ... 16.80 W. A. White Groc., assign. , . 6.00 Will Leeper, patrol .......... 84.35 |G. W.- keeper, patrol-... ... ., 42.00 B. C. Wilklns, labor ...• ...... . 43.50 F, A. Slemer, labor ....... ,. 19.80 B. H. Seegebarth, labor ..... 33.00 J. IF. Qulrin, patrol ...... ..,. 93.45 Bernard Pettlt, labor ... ..... 14.01 Lewis L. Merk'le, ; labor ...... 27.50 r , Press, books ... ,••• •• «•*»• School Necessities, books .... r R Baggs, apportionment .. dna M. Oliver, apportionment COU1RT FUND Matthew C. Grier, reporter -., Matthew C. Grler, reporter . R. A. Palmer, bailiff L. A. Wlnkel, J. P. fees ... L, B. Hovey, sheriff fees .. '. W. Green, marshal fees . _i. T.' Griffin, constable .fees Jos. M. Dye, mayor ... .., .... • Ole T. Molan, asst. constable Wm. B-lomster, .constable fees Dr. C. W. Lundquist, med. aid ••• T. B. ERADICATION FUND 61.56 6.45 18.00 65.50 68.00 33.00 26.50 78.03 5.52 24.85 3.50 1.75 , 7-10 3.00 . Lyell W. Mlllpr, patrol ....... 85.39 Emll Kraft, patrol 57.30 Harry Helmke, labor 25.6! Henry Fischer, labor 18.81 Joe Heiderscheldt, patrol ,, .. 78.01 Wm. F. Gronbach, patrol .... 72.0 Jos. Bestenlehner, patrol .. .. 31,21 Won. O. Ludwlg, patrol 91.0J Joe M. Baser, patrol ... ... .. 91.01 Ed Fuohsen, patrol 91.0C Tom Weir, patrol 91.0 J. H. Montgomery, patrol .... 95.3 Elmer Ewlng, patrol ... .,,.,. 106.2* John S, Nelson, patrol 99.8 Jack Lynch, dragging 90.3 Peter Movlck, dragging' 87.5 •Leonard Arndorfer, dragging.. 3.0 Oscar Baring, dragging 115.0 Chester Alme, dragging 87.5 Arnold Delperdang, dragging 1 .. 73.0 Kennedy Bros. Co., assign. .. 73 W Carl Syverson, labor ... 65 M. Bacon, repairs '..... 13.7 D. A. Shulz, repairs i n Dr. R. C. Ball, vet. serv. 307.21 iFrank DonUe, cattle tndenj..... 18.58 35.00 13,90 7.40 INSAN-E L. E. Hovey, transp. DOMESTIC ANIMAL FUND E. H. Beardsley, listing dogs. A. L. Bosworth, listing dogs O. W. Berggren, listing dogs.. 5.8Q J. P. Cuimlsgb,«so, Ustltig £Ogg ,,, ,,, ... ..... 2.10 D. C. EllU, listing dogs .: ... 1.30 caare M. Erickaon, llstlns dogs ... ....'..'....• 2,50 R. B. Goddayd, llstlnf floss . 2.49 iRay B. Hansen, listing dOg«.. 7.40 Glen A. Sharp, listing doss .. .58 Joe Greenberg, repairs 168 Kohlhaas Bros. Garage, supplies ... 3.86 Matt Murtha, supplies 1153 Norton Machine Works, supplies ;.. „ (Neils Christensen, supplies .... 68 Arthur Fehrson, supplies .... 4{ F. A. Griffith, supplies 586 Tire Service Co., supplies Kent Motor Co., supplies 22 . .... 601 Frank 'Flaig, supplies ........ 20 i C..C. Kuhn, supplies ... ... ... o6'< Alfred Jergenson, labor ....... 1,5 T. Bf, Plckarcl, labor .......... 151 Russell Thompson, labor Henry Coiler, labor "Herman Ubbep, listing,dogs.., U.75 Fred C. Wegener. listing dogs l.lv 'ROAiD COW8T'RUK3TJOI» BTOTN1D Bauck Const. Co., i proect No, 4 Const. pro_ ^ ' Const. No, V Const. No- « • 6.GI 4 I B. J."Palmer^ labor ... '..'. '.'.'.'. se'l Rudolph Fisher, labor 101 Joha Clark, .labor SfefflS?'-:^ 0 * 1 . 1 ?*". l a b °r t , tabpr ... 8 6,1 22. I 1 trailS tl j v *5?*^ J '' *»"',''«• 114,' Clifford Hojroes, labor 57; "" D «——-n & Co.. assign, - swelsn. Block, labor Aug. F. Studer, labor ... IHudoJph Hurl*, labor 5.00 12.00 24.00 14.89 14.531 5.001 . .. IMoe '& Sjogren, assign. (Van Scoyoc) ................ -• •• Frank L. Miller, light serv. .. RBSOLVED: That the County J Itor Is hereby ordered and dlrMi Issue warrants'for all bills ailoj this meeting as shown by the " ule of Claims" hereinbefore wrll per vote on each Individual Air 68* All On 'motion 'Board adjourned to| o'clock a. m., May 19th, 1» BBRTIHA E. JOB 1 County t 30,38 4.80 8.00 3.4» 16.00 12.00 2.00 5.35 " 26.19 16.36 8.50 Mrs. W. H. Ellis,' prov. Geo. 'Scrlbner 1 mo :, A. Clark, prov. Otto Cal- Ues 3 weeks ,,. .. .. W, Jurgens, prov. iFred Schneider 1 mo .. ohn Spllles, rent E. Saager 2 mos. ... , , .. Drs. Kenefick & Kenefick, med. aid J. E. McConnell .. W. F. Johnson, med, sup. Nick Klein W, A. White, prov. A. Olsen 1 week '.... (BotBford Lumber Co., fuel 'H. Koch .. ; ... - SUlPBRVTSO-R DIST. NO. S" Moe & SJogren, prov Alb. Davis, 1 wk. .'.'....| 6.00 Mrs. J. Selfert, 1 mo... 10,62. F, N. Elbert. 1 mo, ...,10.67 Mrs. H. M. Steussy, transp. for H. M.. Steussy ... Mrs. Morten Pedersen, trans., "!. S, Johnson, prov. .,,.,, .., Harley Adams, 1 wk, ... 3.50 Roy Mason, 1 wk. ... .. 4.00 Fred Kline, 1 wk 3.99 •Lewis Olson, 3 wks. ,,, 10.50 H. R, Sorensen & Co., ppov. .. 68.26 Matt Franzen, 1 mo. ... 11.00 Dave Hasz, 1 wk 8.00 Mrs. E. F. Jones, 1 mo.. 16.50 Mrs. Art/ Neitzel, 1 mo. 80.50 G. E, Van Dorston, 1 mo. 825 W. A. White, prov. .... 21.60 J. Helmers, 1 mo 12.60 Mrs. J. UTHberhauer, 1 mo ... 9.00 Algona Creamery Co., prov. .. 36j.87 H. Cook, 1 mo. ... ...... 2.70 'Emma Beard, 1 mo. .... 3.78 C. Gunder, 1 mo. ..' 1.47 M. Frandsen, 1 mo 2.03 (F. Elbert, 1 mo. ... ..... 3,08 'Jens Kmidsen, 1 cno. .... 1.82j C. R. Mason, 1 mo, ..... 3,50 J. Helmers, 1 mo. ., .,, 1.40 Fred Klein, 1 mo ... 1.60 Herbert Adams, 1 mo. .. 8.94 Aug. Meyers, 1 rao. ..... 1.76' Mrs E Jones, 1 mo 2.03 Alb. Blanchard, 1 mo. .. .08 Mrs. A. Neitzel, 1 mo. ., 3.6t Rite Way Grocery, prpv. " Alg. Blanchard, 3 wks, . 8.30 J. <B. Knu'dsen, 1 wk.; ... 6.0» R. A. CHark, prov. IN BUYING . C. G under, 2 wka 36.86 5L. Haubac-k, , H. Cook. 1 mo. 1,26 ... ... 86.7* tBotaford Lumber Co., fuel ... F. Etoert 3.M Alb. BOanchard 8.3B M. c. Frandsea-., 2.60 M. Bianohard ..' ZM JL. W. Haubeok g,9Q P^B- .Norton & Son,' fuel •— "E. Mason ,„ ,.,.; |,75 Mrs. A. Nelt?sel ... ..... &i Mrs. B. Jones ,.. Victor Johnson, rent'-" Ji 18.75 t^.-,,. y ou save in i KCUwLESSt prictd f Pft/< in MULION S OF POONOi PERSON $300 OR LESS '' Of 4el*)t

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