Pittsburgh Weekly Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 5, 1903 · Page 1
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Pittsburgh Weekly Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1903
Page 1
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,'., Jr., . , Vt "54 ;'- at 1 tt .i 4 it tj tor . VOL. 117. SKftSg SO. 281. riTTSIiUIJGIl, TUESDAY MOI5NING. MAY o. 1-01. l'O t'lH T.KN PAfH.S. one ci:nt a copy. -3 tery of J. O. Browi to 12511 s A. U. wJti v. Corpse Death BEE sum DOMESTIC. Senator Hanna said he believed' the Democrats nomir.at Grover Cleve land for prudent in iyo-1 Page-1. " Secretary Hoot paid tribute to National guard and regular soldier at con-ver.tiwc at Columbus. Page 5. The Hon. James P. :Marctrm assas, Inted at Jackson, Ky. Page 1- LOC. Thomas S: Bigelow is now wrestling Kith the Job. problem. Page 3. Edward A. Gudtelder recovers verdict of $11,419 CI In. suit against the PiUs. burph, Cincinnati, Chicago & .St. Louis Railroad Company for injuries resulting from Sht-radon disaster. Page 14. Annual report cf Pittsburgh Railway Company shows that enormous rrouts wer mAd rt'irtng the year. 1'aeo 11. Annual report of the Philadelphia Company Is a vc'umlnouj affair 'which show.., the past yesr to hare been a vtry ProToineut Pitts borgbers have asUed th soto of Maine for a charter for a j $JO.0OO,0 'lrara?uan railroad. Page a. j Tha IcdviEtnal National bank., wna j . Sl,tX'0ft car-itnl, has ben organized Body of the late City Eecnr'l"r ; J O. Broun wax exhumed from Ban! Creek cmeltry and a .post-mortem examination held to determine cause of fier-th.-r-Page 1. SOCIAL. Op'i-air pei foimauco. o "The Mid-nunimT Night's Dream by the pupils of Mh,s Gleim's school, late In May, and "As Vc-J Like It,-' by the seniorc: of the Pentifylvanla College for ffompn, in Ji;ne. are p'.easant annovmoeroents for the early summer season. Page 10. Th-? annual meeting and election of ofT'oers was held yesterday afternoon by the Columbian Council of Jewish Women; Mrs. .Hugo RoFenbcrg was elected president. Page 10. , SPORTINii. j A great catch by Hans Wagner ;ti the. ninth Inning saved the game for the Pirate. Page 9. Shadyfclde took the opening inter- I jiCholaatic game from the Ki.-kiminetas i:;!i.m. I'age 0. The interacholafitic field meet will bs field at- Sc henley ' park in Jun. Page 9. . .The. winnora at Jamaica: Hen Howard. Flagstaff. Illyria, Teliow Tail, Mor-della and Colonist. Page 9. . The Worth winners:' : Canyon. Corh,-w&U. Jolden Ilule. Dr. .fcj.tophens, J. -O'Nfil and In McKeona. Pag"! 0. . " FINANCIAL. Pittsburgh tihk exchanges yebter-dSy i..ioount!d to 53,372.1),' an Increase of .SU.33-i.000. Pace J2. ; WestiDghouse Electric the active leader of thts Joc-lI Ftook market and ad-XH.ty.t-A to 100. l'as;e'' 11'. ' . . The eabtcrn stock market was dull but, firm, closing at or near the top. rcge abseiling by pit traders caused .weakness .in wheat in Chicago. Pa go 13.- THE VEATKEBw 1 ; I ! The indications for today, as reported from the weather offioo at Washington, ' . in - are for fair weather.' wlch ' i iaiug temperature. r or the sky at that time being clear. The daily re- FhIt. port rurnisnea oy tne lo cal weather offioc follows: I . j ! i 1 Baro ! Tem. Hom.Wind.iWeather. ! I ! I i Tim S . tr . . . 8 p. m. . . , 1 ,"V.2V I 3o.2i; 4T, o K. iCloii'lv N.E. (Clear Comrarativa temperature and precipitation for May 4: i I d (1002 1901,1 i : ii 16021901 1 i - Maximum 'Untnuim 70 4'i 1 Mean : FTeciplta'ion 74 .03 Mas. tem.4:."Hj p nu .:,'Ex. since Jan. J... Mill. turn. 4 a. m. 4H.;Nor. precip. 31 yra. .11 Mean ' tem. Si' -Freeh1, for dav. . . . 0 Nor. tarn. 31 yrs.. Ssi'Mcy for dy'. 11 Defcy fsm. for day 7,;tlefey since May 1, .27 Petty Kinco May 1 ZljjFx. since Jan. 1...17S GoTenimeiit Weather Report. TVA8HINGTON". D. C. May 4. Forecast: Wetern Fenaylvanta Fair Tcosclay. rising tc-ptrtura; Wednesday, increasing cloudinees; liSht northwest e tnds, becoming southeast. Chli-j Fair and warmer Tuesjay; WVtJns'lsy-irtcrsasir.s clwJlneE, light to fresh i'jttieai.i to south wtn). Vet Virsrinia Fair and lrerrat ' Tutsia.y; Wedneslay fair. Ofrservaikns taken at weather bureau rta-Uinp .s p. m. Ftttiburjb !ofi"nar IParkersburg '56:Clear Oa.r.j . X Clar ;: Washington . 5SiClear CJKlahoma .'T'j PtCidy Iadiinapoiis 5? Clf.nr Kaosaa Cit:72'Cnisar r.Ti.ksin die 7 4 PtC'ldv Cincinnati . Ji, Clsar 1 .New Orleans. 7i Cloudy "lumbn Ci'-ar :i P'nilarieiphia .i'S.Ciou.lv Des Mom. ;e,i:rt Otdy i iKelena ;-x;Cl.u.iv f't. Lows ..'f..i.nfar i'Eismaiclc ,.,-ffi Cif ' Ijouisv'ile .! Clear Marti Ufctt .. o Cn-uiv Ui-mpbia . . ;fifi. ftCidy Norfolk -f-iC!ar " Vekabur .."O.Cttr PCheyean . . . i.'i-F't 'Ifiv Chicago ...fif.'PtCMy,iSait Lake . . . 'WTC'd v Vork .jr.S PtCMy; Denver W PtCi..y Mntfalo 1s1) Clear ;Om'na .: F'iCidv fUvt-iand . 48 Clear North Plane 'S Oe-Huron .....JCO' Cloudy -Rapid Citv. . no '-iear tt. Paul ... Si riCidv: r.oufc-e City..;7i';PtClrty TODAVS AMrSEvrENTS. At,VIX "A Chinese Honej raxin," S:l,i P m NCT GUANTJ Ftock company in "Tbij C!irib- r." 2 and 8 p. ta. - - - BIJOIJ "On the Suwsnee RiTer," 8 p. m. Ct'-QtTESNE Haverly'a Mastodon Jioatjei-, 2 end S p m. H!gh-cla3 refined Taudevl'U b'U tealM by Sandjw, ta cotiUnuaus perfct-r- 8nc from 1:30 to 10 .10 r. m ACADEMY Watson's Amertcan Burln,-.. 2 r.1 8 p. m. - - Mf'TP.EHas.r.rwk'B trained anintal.v 2 arid I p. n rXPOsniON PARK. AT.LSCTKENT-P.wre6 BHi wil i ve?t. 2 and 8 p. ta. rirrSBCKOH CARNEGIE urstc! nrt. Annual concert ky pupils of James Stephen Mrt:n. H I, m.- OCT.XS DfTELMCl excr. Arrfved May 4. e.. "i ork Cymric aid Victorian from tjvwof.l, L' Aquttaine from Havre, Krooc. land from Antwerp, rbourit Barb royi f-onj xw Yo:k. Hdilr -f.afa.r W I'belm II from Ken T-trk. HamSmrf Auuat Victoria from New Tcrkl M. t-f-til tu;ia from ' York. MiM May 4 . ;-'r:srotnn -i'v.r,iw,:-T w".t 5,rk. Tt.rtt ' ' tose- f-.r Ne rtd-rrao-iciUu Fsiac fr.Ne Vork. ' -t 'l ff) tomorrow Increasing W cloudiness Is threatenod. Teeterday the sun rose at m I J "t j t.oi o ciock ana naa quiro ,Lj v a Rtnujsle dispollinK tr, j I clouds. It set at 7 o'clock. j EXHUMED BODY IHftNNA THINKS jr i! nr i n nnniaini i ipp pi run amnls ur d. u. mwm u oullbllhwu!! I ... . is Contents of Stomach Will Be Analyzed by an Expert INQUIRY BY BROTHER Stranoe Scene Was Enacted in Old Bull Creek Presbyterian .Church. WIDOW. WAS NOT INFORMED The ashes of Joseph Owen Brown, , . . , ' ; iue iti-urutr oi riv.i6.ourgnJ uq mil ( rest in reace. There bids fair to be Bimntif Q ',, n i -; " " lu"uv" over his remains as there was over j his acts during the last few days of his fitful and eventful life. Last Saturday the remains of Pitts-1 btirgh's dead recorder were disin- j terred from the lonely grave in the j Bull Creek cemetery in which they j lay and the contents of the t-tomach ! removed for t Xpert chemical analysis, j This action was had at the instance of j J. II. P. Brown a b-othypr of the deceased, ; who is not .satisfied as to the cause of i dcalh. He maintains that there Is a rays- tery somewhere and he proposes to ' fathom it and ascertain if his brother) died of poisoning. j The death . Recorder Brow a on Sua- ! i day, March Z9, was r-p'Ttd to he due to . ! V - . '(.:. l .. . . t , heart . failure pprtsi show that tho attending physicians ' certified to this, attributing their patient's 1 Senator Uanna ar1 John Mitrr.e!!. condition to nervous strain and worry. ; 'adr of the mine workers; Albert Yoimj When the brother arrived hero from his ' of the national teamster orgHr.lian n. home in Nebraska, about ' a month a so. lanle Iveefe cf the Int. rnatl-uil Lo-k-he instituted a searching investigatiou. j s.;or-inen association. Kalph M. t-a.i- y Ho visited the physicians, looked care- ! of 'ho National Ci?o Federation, juma fully iato the books of the bureau of'H- -ck1s. E. r. Hiplt-; . Franklin Machos 1th and scrutinized every paper relat- j Vtach and many othr are tkhig part ing t) bis brother's -sudden end. . j in th- conference. Still he was rot satisfied There was a j Rumor Imd it tht rat-.r l'-.r.n w mystery tfme-ft here, he thought, and h j to take a bt!-l in t-ttl'.n the strik- at det'errain-d to " havi urivavel -d. lie tb r-eering Har-ster Company s plant, would not return home with a s-hadow of j but h.- denied this. doiibt upon his mind. l"nder the mount S . ficuator Ilaiuia. siok-.to the rtudnt? of of earth in-th'- littie- eowtUry churchyard Armour institute tolay. H exp'ned Where witherer1 Tower"? and a few tansled I 1" th -m -what the C'ivi . Federal. on -ind wreaths shielded the fresh clay, the crini s"-ret lav and there ho decided to ! turn his effort?. An order was obtained from Coroner Jese M. aicfleary ordering , the disln termer, t of the body, and on Saturday afternoon the party, including Mr. Brown, j Coroner McOJeary, Dr.- Arthur Gilliford of Alieghcny. Dr. Walter C. iloC Continued on Second Pape, Jlr-t Colusr.n. USED A KNIFE ON HIS BROTHER AT CLAYSVILLE William Northwang. Superintendent of Iron Works, Terribly Slashed During Quarrel. John Arrested After Hot Pursuit. ISprCIAL Tn.EGBA.5f Washington, Pa., May 4. Claysvilla Is excited tonight as a result of a cut- tisg affray which, occurred there this afternoon. " The principals in the -.,,. , , affray are orothers. Wiiharn and John Northwang, formerly of Pittsburgh, supertn tend ents of the South Titts- burgh Iron Company, which is erect - irg a large plant at ClaysviHe. Wil - Ham Northwang was almost cut to pieces by his brother, it is aileged, who was angered by reproaches. EIGHT PERSONS HURT IN A TROLLEY WRECK IN BEAVER VALLEY Car Plunged Down Step Hill 1 m, . n, , , c With a Theater Party from Rochester. ispr, -tit. Tr.,ov to Tbb GTII ! Rochester, Pa., May 4. A streetcar accident occurred near here tocijrnt on the Beaver valiey iraction com- nany's line. A car loaded with people , , . ,, . who belonged to a theater party , uouuu tor okiu:i frtiis piuxiu umv u hiil at a terrific pace, while the motor- man was powerless to stop the car. i Fit-ht ncrsoTiS were in hired, as fol- jiows: . CONVCCTOR CHARLES MJIXEK, Beaver ' Falls, right arm broken and bead baaiy i cuf; unconscious: recovers doubtful; ' ,3n Beaver county hoapttat. MdrIK.H4 i;ttrt u Ktiir ti t lu. Drius'i ' about body and bead. Ml1 XAXSEY .IA.HKS. Bivr. bruised. ; SUELKV KAsO. K-r. eUSt briSea AR1HIK 5IITM.H. beavi-r. artery cut ia WILLIAM LAXOIS. Beaver, cut hy trken piass. MISS MARY" BVTLEK. B?lvr broken t!a!s MIS.S JE"NNIE M'CLOKY, r--a broken pia-s. Arthur. Jlitsch and Willfsm L-i- cut cut b s war recpwca trom tu wrt.Kas. i.'iiyFl-.ans from Rochester we:e nurried to tne soarrii-. I S':perlnlnd-nt ot tr. t orupar.y, F.ayii.'d I j.-.t;rston. say no rciLB-jo -.an Do fivea fr i ti;eooid..Fit uiil-s it rp,- v.ot rils, ca -ied by. a. fcrckca waur laaia. Believes Democrats Will Nominate Ex-President l;;.- ) f f ROOSEVELT CERTAIN i Mmmi - I senator ays univ .nennon f: .- ;?r&rrs--L &'StSs U'vf' IL- Xi(--Z7 !?rt -lit, TicTf,niM Tut ilAirtrr I . . - --yj.. ' ' .. " S.?; ' je'Ai. -!' -V . X x . 3 Chicaoo ; A. Hanna, who reached Chicaco u!ay i thinks that there is the Democrats will nominate Crnver : V Cleveland for a term "I see much significance in the talk of our Democratic friends about Cieve- land," said Senator Ha&na. "Prhap they will turn to him again a3 a h a.Jr trusting that his lurk haa not deserter! him. At anj- rate, there H evitlen.iy somethiftjf vry much like an Lit- nt'on to nominate Mr. Cleveland onre more. As for tho P.cpublican, tt. will W n-v-e- ve!t. There Is no do't about It. My I name has bt-en mentioA-1. yes; b;u only by a foolish friend." . Capitalists, labor leaders and stud.-nts I .; of t-ortal cndttiOM held a ro. t!r. for the purpvae of forming a Chifato i--jm-:i of the National Civic Federation. nh.i.-U c-.u S Trr.rlr tr.r r- in l.t. .1 ,.4 iahor. snld It won to uch our.g r.ie:i a hi. ( harers that th" federation must lock for support. Amon Xr"lV: - In my ex.rienoc 40 ytars, 1 have never in on- sinN"! in- 1 slari J found that, whfm 1 have a ! proH'hed or rtcelved those in my emplov I in the pro-er -pirit nnd !u tho proper J way th-v have failed to be ready to m-t j C'ont tnuerl 00 ecnd Third (oljiim. TO THE GiZETTI.I John Northwang was arrested aftr an sxcitm cha.se by officers and is b m ' heK1 ln the Clays.iiie lo-kup. but wlil , ba"y hro' t0 ,h! c0,,!lt'v ilV at i this place, tomorrow, j The vlitlm ls ,vIns ,R an un.:or,-,ou, 1 collli;tion at his boarding houso at s- vlile, with but littlo hop for his ree- t . Th two Northwards hae charge of the ' erection of thi Soi;ih Mttshurgh iron - works, which wa. started at C!ayavi-. several weeks So. They w.-nt to tht piictf ironi f :n.?-.oi t-I'. John North wans, nho was overseeinsr the construction of a certain portion of the building, did not have- the w.-ric dons i ! properly, according to l is br-.vh-r. who ' r-nroacned ruin, and the brothers nr sl 1 i to have iaa m words. Almost without i warning, it Is said. John drew a knife j from his pocket and started on a run at ' . V brother. There wer r.o workmen ; i hi the immeditf victrity at tho time, and ' j b'fore ;whtE,f ' art,vd, wni,,, hA i be-n cut n-peatei'.-y. ll mde no -ff"i't I p defend himseif, b-!t the ir.furuit.-d man I a a?;,!" cut fci I l-'a- j workmen finally rush-.! to ih ploc-. - """ ir'j ' and."n' l'rot (T' wh. taiin to me gro.inn. was : . , , . ,. , house r.oa.rby Drs. t.racraf drr)'-d to m srd Kn"t were ,llrap-,0,ICfi an1 KaY c,Cd:rrJl aid. It . W33 founU tviat Nm-thwans hd been cut 1 on th arms, faoe. h-ad. back nd ;!. : He tlmt b to de-th bf for tl:e gr- t rival of th physicians. j Nrs of the. cutting spread very q-ih klv th-roush the hltlo towi and crowns of . . , . ; "P'C gathered. In the exc temevt i "..-- hb -v.... ,-u.i:.non, li-ii, go:rg 1 down the Baltimore & Ohio tracks toward j Wheeling. Tho fugitive's wife Mrs Trii ; v-s-.p- rr.l, a ifr.rn,.t, ...... . . . . " 1 1 , V. a , . i , r . ! offlors of the borousrh started i; suit of the fie'-ing mn. He was folb.wf t r ! H r. -o " r f 1 -, trs.-l.- fi .t- .rs.-t , . t i v i h- saw his pur-"irs he took to the hi' is . and mate a de.vpcrtto attempt to e.-ijp-. ! He was ha'ttd by the officers, who threst- j ened to shoot him if he did not atop sn4 . turrcr..'...r. Hi wu held f.-r roi.rr. To : day was tho pi l irthday of John rd h. t Orj-.-I. iKpn-r in iclobrnt'oa o t.io i-ve.tt. -. JHIc- vi.-ijru is j j iuI. s years of -so and s . May 4.-Pena:or IarMS X ' V''' ' .r . Xi'' " A f VVK v x. . t . - third presidert-dl . 'T VOa S .'-? v ! n . - r.,-, , .- r t y (y :.-v ttCg&zc-W:: t V. ' .-.n,v::f. :, ; . - W.'- ' lv; AY l a likelihood that - 7--'. 1 . .v.. v V- V V-- N s ' , f . : . . I T :-cr-"N x Y ". - .. - v - C f IINI E 0 ! El GETS TONS OF APPEALS Begging Letters by the ; Van Load Awaited Steel I Kiive; in London. i HE SEES NO CALLERS! . E CURTIS BROWrJ. i?r:. :i Cixt t- rut r.i.rTti.' London, May 4. A'.'drew C'arnCK e as rnt a.to-e-.h-T in a happy t run of tr.i".d ivh.r.ji uri!vd a ti Lar.- bam hot". I.T.don. act !-.,'a:iie"! l.y Mr. Cam- toda ing visit , t!-p h tel ha.l cvii.rtlv been btrahi-'!. fcr n !p;crus he??ar. hi-1 proc.ie.1 th American philanthropi.-t to the piaro. i:.ry: or: icji cc cam aamlitatite vrc a'rfa'.'y id t:,c ho':se wi."n Mr. Can.ot:! arrive!, 1 hilrt n.a.-.y c:!.. r. ri rr-w :,i'.r a'l 1 h j cf pub!?, rr'.-.ate avd r-ml eti.t r" :-.' wer? rrovlVst t t!,e -:..' w!:h I t.he forlorn V p--.:'.k tr:ervvv In which a ai-j -nt f.-r i-l n.Uht t 1 mad". Tbt s tTT--e4 c ricirn.-d Mr. Orr.'s'" but i;tt. for he -imj ly -VcbnJ t anyone. H it the pr-m-- of hi d!sc.,mfit'jr was ti. r:iorriK-ss r. ip-r of b-'Ckins: W.rs th 1! ind alfi-ly ben art 1 o th ho"l '. ire.-j to th ilr.-uS'-d An.ri'ir. Mr. faiii-i. wan ?.rr.i" rr'.,.'-'i . ci.ornii'y of th mail ,t- . ?: '. ". . The LotvJon pooi. had -mpl ; a fecial va", vlith, for tuo .js pir i.i Mr. C i -; . -!e'. rrrive ,i t t! ' l. tnc-h:.m. !;."-. hviy !.nt.'i:ii m.'ii! !- tv. ; bote', a'l of -Ah:-;-. r- "!,lrt . -1 r. e 1.'. la o t In - i . Tt Is e'!mnid t. it m " il.ii n on i t1:--- i-'t',,' cf ff n--i! lor chaiity have. con.-, t the I-ar.K ham w ltb::i th ).-;. th-r d.-.j . anl ot.e large room v .t rts t i to tl'e r--'-p:,o-i of th-i rr.s.l Mr. c,ir""ii. fi'lT1!"-! fr-m '. trip. o.e :i-".d l tak ai n-vi tt th l'trs and o-dertd j". tt. 11 s-nt ij Stkil-o C't'. 'l'-"c ai ex'ra f-rc of .-Lilr wid be tnk- 1 to r-f-'i tb i-tfrs. an tho j.TBfr.i f'r at tk'l-o : i- .-id- -jt,- to the t.i-k. Mrs. rnr f .". '. .-rd of 'he p;bi!(. !Ty f-tvn t'.vir art!.-l ! re. I t r.'ru-.1 hr bulbil d t o-n- h'ms:f :- n'i colters. ThfV ( v.---iS to k : Skibo .! n t ts-i-v. j NQ CARNEGIE LIBRARY: DIFFERED ABOUT SITE MONTli!' A ?.. Mav 4 --.- ci'y rou;i-'1 this aft-rroou ros-dt -1-1 re:--luti-n. Hdor-ied in Arrll. 1;"C .n .pt,- an -f!A-cf Jl"') from At: Irew rrnv;( for a library buir'.'.-k;. council ,-;i',d not de.-'d- i r-'i-i . -At!-f-tet.-ry s'c. aid ii." rlu.i! --irtt. o .!! u pt "'t a prav difficulty. I TTTT T TfiWATDP HFI.Ti FOR HEAVY RANSOM Kl. r .-' T FX., M-iv 4 r. 1. ;j ,,-r.n Krirso-.. a multi-rr ''lo.fl t.Lr-. Ivi.s bc,-n . n r,w1 Y-.-: cf k.d:-3d by .,,rj, -f i wh. "col! t.im i.r Mil i som t f S.v"' .. which he ref-jya. ts p". il'tsry bA. Vi ord --e-. o-:t. IViya Ireot-b PJsy. r. i1 IS. r!.y 4. ci',l tr.' i 7'.;--tard '. r-'.-it: I is h s h.:rh' ih n..,t. r,-H. . t.'.v l.v xt . . ,u t . , !...! , i:,.t, m. .;- Pooteor 'i i.d:-.t ." ..I '.-t. i.s row t-n1- tv: - Tf-I .-: at t' iri.l. '.r. 1 -x-! :..iv l t 'av t r! trie" I ' .1.1 t. j 1 r hori ii iti a; Al4.fl One of Those DrnimfRliI Scrnnt v DRIVEN OUT OF MINISTRY AND PULPIT The Rev. Alfred Nicholson ! Resigns from East End Presbyterian Church. BLAMES HIS PEOPLE; ' ! j iT.tf, out rf th cV ;n !. a.-l '.-f ; rrir.stry by the Ka-i !:nl P:-bi- rip i-sro-atkw th Hcv. ".t?i J N!choikvr. U't .ar'' h rcfiinl fr mat rasforale yrrter.lay. It: h; ;;!-rri"'!! U th -.ri. sal l . r l h rM 1 iPA fiict;. n whi- h 1." s; 1 ha-J i.'-l J hric-n l.'.p an! 1 ll-nk fr.r r.iMt- than a vr-ar a4.d .-n- '.u icj tv iai I inc that he ha' Ufi1.-,1 to th j u-:r.l.-!TT ;orr. Ills n .-itna: tcL-.i , e-, i . .... ..1 ..1:1 i ... j. it'i t.- th- ntoi 'ri; p.-b;fry n 1:.4. t--:y in -t t.:. Tr- .rti .t.- w ;:J rrofcibly h t 1 m-ViC Dm, h'cv to au on r:-'t: i'i'i .1 1. 1 I4 t. d- -.rd that It i.l t-' -; o-,,.,i Mr. Ni-ho! on n!! .-.fr I " i re-.r-''-l i t r.1c'l: i'ASToK ,;CilO!4:W f ST A rt.MrNi. "Thert- !. l-i c -f iTib..- f- :n tr "n f -r "i.;r tim-. It l-l.1 l.nit a v r s " -,;inus ti f-r't tut'i: f fct:t.d i: :h- nir- ! '.- aid .it. i. t -v. A'if 'f l K-.d cb-.rch. bit fro.n thr turn'Mr;.- fr.-'r- wt,.,u.!,ury 'u.;:- ant for ir. .! tirnn 'id I did r"t r-r-- to rot.ltnuo ut d-r s i o conditio.-.!., j. I ..-t t - .-lr-l i.pn. I lu'.e t-c-i. i--1- se'"rl i .r ti the l-ii;ifi :'.. M" d--r:.s'cr t- i--., '.tc r-.irctry !t re.-ri cf ive tr,,:mert 1 r'e'ved the hndd -.f the Kj it' d It"! J i'-li-l hur-h or. ir-;. .on " "1 he rf? ! i! i f the chor-h rf " rr-x V: any t H -r.;.-:-.t f.rlbr tha 1. to ta.-tl.s t" r-'ifctition bd h.'i r-"".-i ur l ci.:'1 b- act--; te.l Th 1'H'I Ki ctv. r!: f-f r. ; t s a n-U'i'-i of to W!Vijr ! rv-. t.rf-o b'ir1 S-:--rl .-e.-r !it. u Mn'.t-.? .'.s a -':irr!i ;;h h J. I. .' n t !' r. 1ro-.h! er-i-.i .'i -i V r. .- lft 'ih 7 .r i f 1 i ,-ir- i.r.rn ri'M :-'. , u: F' ;r t,in fo ;- ;.h-.:, c. r- i Tit pjif r pi CI:' n. S. J.. 't m; ft f'-! !"rd - h r '.-.- -r tv. i l.'ir 'i r'ri'e! 1 b-r-:..p lo over 4 . At.-i.i a y r i r-t n -,r s''.tr.! 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