Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 26, 1932 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1932
Page 4
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airtBBK . .. , . . -. .,... .,.^,.-'.-,.,^,.,'«>.,^^ A New World It really Is the same old world getting back on a sane basis. The days of high prices, of spending money like drunken sailors Is gone. Some Industries have not found it out yet. Some business men do not know the war Is over. Congress is breeding a scaib on its own nose. If they keep on spending money the way they have It will end in revolution. Taxpayers .can not and will not stand It. As far as farming la ,concerned we have taxation without representation. County and city taxes are Just as bad. Too many people on salaries, and salaries away too high. Everybody running for office, a term or two and they can retire for -lite. Freight rates are double what they should be. Coal Is too high. Farm machinery is out of reach. We need a right about face, readjustment to the •new order of things. Depression will not end until every business falls Into line and accepts the new order of things. The world has been on a drunken money-making spree and It is time to sober up. This l<s the morning after the night before. We have more millionaires now than we need. Groceries are cheap, meats are cheap, Neville's SlTOe Store is sure selling shoes and stockings cheap. The $2.98 shoes and oxfords are marked down to $1.98. The $4 00 oxfords are down to $2.79. Beautiful pump straps and ties in all the new colors and combination of colors at $1.98, $2.48, and $2.98. Children's oxfords and strap slippers at 89c, sizes 8 to 2. Ladies' 50c dress hose go now at 25c. The ones we used to sell at 25c are now 2 pairs for 25c. Children's hose at 5c to lOc a pair. Work shirts and dress shirts cheaper than before the war. Men's suspenders 25c. Real standard neckties at 25c. Men's work shoes $1.00, $1.49, and $1.98. "We have all prices down to rock bottom. The farmer's dollar should buy as much as the other fellow's dollar. Let us take the jazz out of business. Live for the other fellow, as well as ourselves. Get back to sane and decent living. Instead of trying this "get rich quick" stuff let us work for what we get. Earn an honest living, It will bring happiness and keep us out of devilment. There will not be so many cases on the court docket. A law-abiding people is much better than a law-breaking people. Neville 'The Shoe Man" Algona, la. Why RED TOPS Are Our Choice—Why They *. Should Devours §sa^ 1 We carry Red Top Studded Tee Steel Posts—because we are certain that their 8 great features make the Red Top the biggest fence post value our money can buy. 1. Steel. Only seasoned, long lived steel, the same kind used for rails is used in Red Tops. 2. Reinforcing Rib. The Red Top is made extra strong and sturdy by a reinforcing rib running the full length of the post. 3. Anchor Plate. The easy driving anchor plate on the Red Top Studded Tee is attached by a patented method. No holes are punched in the post to weaken it at this vital point where all strains centralize. 4. Studs. The studs on the Red Top Studded Tee Post are spaced and sized to accommodate all styles of fen.ce and make it impossible for the fence to be ridden down or rooted up. 5. Red Top Fastener. The Red Top handy fastener has a long leg or shank which is bent all the way around the back or stem of the post. One man attaches fencing with this fastener which holds the fence with a grip that never loosens. 6. Finish. Every Red Top is double finished after sand blasting, first painted with a tough priming coat and then a coat of aluminum ... a metallic finish which is baked on and resists rust and adds years of life. 7. The Red Top One-Man Driver makes fencing an easier, quicker, one-man odd time job. 8. The Red Top One-Man Puller jacks the Red Tops from their firm seat in the soil for re-use. WHITTEMORE PAST! 6IV II70; IS [N PARTY Whlttemore, May 24— Last Weel Wednesday evening the St. Paul's (Lutheran congregation gave pleasant surprise for their pastor the Rev. Wm. (Faulstich in honor Of his 70th birthday. The cohgrega tlon "met in the 'school hall, • which was packed to (capacity. The Rev. Mr! Faulstich is a graduate of Concordia .college and Sem inary and was ordained August 16 1886. He was", installed, by the Rev Mr. Maahs In the Whlttemore con gregation, and in the fall of 188' organized a parochial school am taught some time 1899. He is stil active, and the congregation is in hopes that they will help celebrate many more birthdays. The Rev. Mr Faulstich was »taken to the schoo' hall by Chris Meyer, one of the elders, at 8 o'clock, where he was mel by a full house. H. W. Behnke and P. L. Jessen, parochial teachers, arranged the following program: Hymn, congregation; address, the Rev. D. Stahmer, -Fairville; Herr Gehe Mit, choir; Zum Geburtstag des Grossvaters, Victor Faulstich; The Lord's My Shepherd, Mildred and Lorna Faulsttch; Zum Geburt- stag, Selma Meyer; Jesus, Son of ladness, 1st and 8th grade pupils; address, the Rev. Mr. Wrede, Garner; Presentation of gift, Christ Meyer; hymn, congregation; Out flshin," men's choir; Sometlngs of Mine Life in America, Linda Dau ; violin and piano duet, Adella Bell and Ruth Schultz; At the Grocery, dialog, T. P. S.; piano solo, Esther Siems; Der Jud, Klein Hasleln, Herman Behnke and Herbert Zumach; oldfish at the Musicale, Herman Behnke; Springtime, woman's iholr. ' .1 Lunch was served cafeteria style. The Rev. Mr. Faulstich . was pre- ented with a big easy chair and a awn mower. Out-of-town guests •ere Hugo Faulstich and children, totts Creek, Walter Faulstiches, Burt, the Otto Kloock family, Garler, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer and James, Garner, 'Mr. and Mrs. »Vrede, Garner, ners, Fairville. Rev. H. D. Stah- There is a type and length to meet every farm need in our stock of Red Tops—the greatest fence post value your money can buy. F. S. Norton & Son Lumber and Coal • Phone 229 livln Six Games Scheduled— The schedule for games to foe layed in the Twin Six league folows: May 29—Whlttemore at Rod' man. Titonka at Mallard, Lone Rock .t Fenton; June 5—'Whittemore at .lallard, Rodman at Lone Rock, fenton at Titonka; June 12 — ,Ti- onka at Whittemore, Mallard at Rodman, Fenton at Lone Rock; une 19—Fenton at Mallard, Lone lock at Whlttemore, Titonka at Rodman; June 26—(Rodman at Malard, Whittemore at Fenton, Lone Rock at Titonka; July 3—Fenton at Rodman, Mallard at Titonka, Whitemore at Lone Rock; July lO^Lone Rock at Mallard, Whittemore at Ti- .onka, Rodman at Fenton; July 17 —Mallard at Fenton, Rodman at Whittemore, Titonka at Lone Rock. H. S. Holds Commencement— Commencement exercises were ield last Thursday at academy hall at 8 o'clock. The program follows: 'nvocation, the Rev. Allen Wood; song, Boosting the Old High School, hlgn school pupils; salutatory, William Heller; piano solo, Hungarian, by E. McDowell, Verena Sentges; valedictory, Esther Behne; mixed chorus, Waltz of 'Flowers, high school pupils; presentation of diplomas, Supt. F. J. Rockford; address, W. R. Hamilton. Butterfat Price Is 21c— The Whittemore Farmers creamery paid only six cents less for butterfat in April than a year ago, as much as any creamery In the state. In April 40,317 pounds of butterfat were received at an average of 21.32 cents per pound. A year ago 37,096 pounds of butterfat was received at 27.37 cents per pound. TJoxer In Call Here- Joe Goeders, better known as "Jolting Joe" Goeders to boxing fans, was here last week' Tuesday advertising a bout with Clarence (Jack) Phillips »at Spencer this week Wednesday. Takes Tests for Postmaster— Oscar Schattschneider, working at Easton, Minn., for his sister, Mrs. Ferd Heise, was home over the week-end, He came home to take postmaster exams at Algona. .Mr. f and Mi*. Paul HaMen ... sons Marvin,. liCroy,' and Gordon, o Holsteln,, spent last week .«t Car Hanseh'*. Carl 1* a «0n Of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hariaen. Harriet Fish, daughter of Mr. am Mrs. W. T. ;FI«h, teacher at l/on< Rock, waa home for a few days last week, from here she goes to Dakota. v Gladys Welsbrod, beauty operatbr at the Rusch barber ehop, attendee funeral services of 'a friend a Fenton last week Monday. The Rev. Father M. Nicholas, o: Nevada, was a Whlttemore visitor Tueeday.-Father (Nicholas has many friends in this vicinity. . Mr. and Mrs; Jim Weir and Mrs HUbert, Norbert and Carmella Hilbert drove 'to Anairiosa Thursday on a : short trip, D. Butler, Who has been in Whittemore for eeveral months, left for Aberdeen, S. D., Tuesday to visit his brother, ILeo. • : • Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Guenthe and daughter, of Hubbert, visited last week at their niece, Mrs, Carl Hansen's. . ..•',:The George Meyer .family • and Mrs. Louis Nisseh visited Sunday at the Nick Looft's, at Armstrong. Mrs. Anna Donveiler returned to Mankato, Minn., last week Monday afternoon after a week here. Verena M. Hentges, Michigan, N. D., teacher here last year, left Sunday morning .for her home. The 'Roy Bjustrom and J. B. Walker families were Sunday uests at Harold Kuecker's. Gene Littleton broke his nose last week while playing. It was set for healing at Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. E. Schoonhoven left for Elgin, 111., last week to visit relatives at that place. Kern Aldrich spent the weekend at Ames. Gladys Weisbrod spent the week-end at Des Molnes. Editor Ray Burdine was at Spirit Lake over the week-end fishing. FARMERS GET CREAM CHECKS ATTITONKA Titonka, May 24—The high cream ihecks for last month follow. Nick Heesch, $202.27; Edward Zweifel, 118.44; Bruno Stecker, $101.22; A. Ichram, $88.83; J. A. Harms, $80.01; Bartlett &'Sons, $75/81; John Koester, $75.39; Herman Dreesman, 67.83; William Spear, $64.68; Chris Brandt, $64.05; John Schram, 62.58; George 'Peterson, $62.16; Jraham Bros., $61.SOr Harry Rick- efs, $60.06; Wert Asche, $68.59; Varner Smldt, $57.33; F. E. Willis, 56.70; Phelps & Sons, $54.60; Ted fan Hove, $54.60; C. E. Brown, 52.29; George Rippentrop, $52.08; Fred Stecker, $51.03; Peter Ubben, 50.61; E. J. Buss, $50.40; Spier & Larson, $49.33; Fred De Vries, 548.30; Bruno Schutter, $47.67; John Radamaker, $47.46; M. E. Larsen, $47.25; Henry Gray, $46.83; Ray Welp, $46.83; Walter Osterman, 45.78; Jennie' Hansen, $45.18; Orval Buffington, $45.36. SPECIAL! We are having some very nice specials that every housewife will want to take advantage of. Come and See Them in our window and watch our window for future specials. They will please you. Botsford Lumber Co. JIM POOL, Manager PHONE 256 Algona, Iowa ;h>SAFE FEED FOR VOUR BABY CHICKS Tlutn&na AXO0HA WANT-ADS Elk Cleaners and Tallorf PILES! PILES! PILES! WILLIAMS' PILE Q1NTKENT Foe BW, Results In Ball Game— -Results of games here are: Fenton baseball .team defeated local team 19-5; Whittemore Y. P. S. boys defeated Fairville 17-9; the girls defeated Letts Creek 27-5. Plan to Hear Radio Program— Legion Auxiliary members and friends will meet at Mre. Cleo Nelson's, north of town, to listen to a radio broadcast over WOI, Ames, tomorrow, Mrs. C. L. Dixon, department radio chairman, announcing. Features will be In 'Flanders 'Field, sung by a New Hampton quartet, and a poppy talk by Mrs. M. Morton Shelly, department secretary and poppy chairman, whose subject will be Lest We Forget. There will be additional musical selections. School Picnic Given Friday— A community picnic for the teachers, school,children, and the P.T. A. was held on the schooThouse grounds Friday. A forenoon program 'was given by the grades and the high school, and 500 people were served at dinner. In the afternoon the local H. S. ball nine played Bancroft and was defeated 7-6. Gartner Bees Are Still Here— The Rev. L. G. Gartners, of Rowan, formerly here, called on local friends a few days ago. The son Harold will spend the summer here to take care of the Gartner honey bees, left when the family moved away. ' Party Honors B. A. Bartlett— A surprise party was given for R. A..Bartlett Friday evening. Mre. Swanson won high in cards, Roy fofr the republican ndtnlnatiott, for* coiinty treasurer, toas " here la*t %ajKn4» 'titfii'iiJtAk^tftif ** * ' *he George Liters, Woden, were visitors in their Old neighborhood west of town one day last week. The Rev. Carl Hammers. accom-> panted by Mrs. Raymond Bonackef, were at Weat Bend Saturday, ANNOUNCEMENTS I HEREBY ANNOUNCE MY CAN- didacy for r County Auditor of Kosguth county, subject to the will of the republican voters at the June primary.';- Your vote•, and '::-su|}port will he appreciated.—Harley E. Bartlett. . •••, 32PAtf I AM A CANDIDATE IN THE June . primaries for the republican nomination for supervisor in the First district, consisting of Whittemore, Garfield, Cresco, RIVerdale, 'Irvlngt- ton, Sherman, and Lu Verne townships. — Hugh Raney,. Irvlngton township. 83(2)20tf I HEREBY ANNOUNCE MY CAN- dldacy for county attorney of" Kos suth county on' : the republican ticket,' subject to the will of the voters.—H. W. Miller. 24 (2)23-38 I HEREBY ANNOUNCE MY CAN- dldacy for the republican nomination for county attorney, subject to the will of the voters at the June primary.—G. W. Stillman. '25u23tf I HEREBY ANNOUNCE MY CAN- didacy for the republican nomination for county auditor subject.. to the will of the voters at the primary election June 6, 1932.—Earl F. Griffith. . 29(2)26tf ANNOUNCEMENT — I HEREBY announce mjf candidacy for the republican nomination for supervisor in the First, district, Kossuth county subject'to the will of the voters in the June primary.—J.« H. Fraser, of Riverdale. 33p28-3J HEREBY ANNOUNCE MY candidacy Cor sheriff of Kossuth county on the republican ticket, subject to the will- of the voters.— Fred L. Powell. 23p32-37 I HEREBY ANNOUNCE My CAN- diotacy for representative of Kossuth county, on the republican ticket, subject to the' will of the voters.—J. C. Mawdsley. 23p33-37 I HEREBY ANNOUNCE MY CAN- didacy for the. democratic nomination for supervisor in, the' First district. Your vote will be appreciated.—Henry Scheppniann, Irvington. ' 23p33-38 E. L. HARRIS, CANDIDATE FOR Republican nomination for sheriff at primaries June 6. 1932. Four years experience as deputy sheriff, 18p33-38 HEREBY ANNOUNCE THAT I am a candidate for supervisor in District No. 3, on the democratic ticket. Your support -will be appreciated.—W. S. Cosgrove. 25p35-38 I ANNOUNCE MY CANDIDACY for the republican nomination for justice of the peace, Algona township. —Hiram B. White. 18u34-a3 I HEREBY ANNOUNCE MYSELF as a candidate for constable, Algona township, on the republican ticket.—C % C. Wright_ 18p35-38 AM A CANDIDATE FOR RE- publlcan nomination for sheriff of Kossuth county subject to the will of the voters in the June primary. World war veteran and member of American Legion.—W. H. Steward. 33p36-38 AM A CANDIATE TO SUCCEED myself as Justice of the Peace, Algona township. Your support will be appreciated.—L. A. Wlnkel, 21p36-38 I ANNOUNCE MYSELF AS A candidate for the republican nomination for Supervisor, Dist. 2.—E. N. Taylor. 16p36-8S I HEREBY ANNOUNCE my candidacy for the Republican nomination for constable, Algona township. —Flpyd Newvllle. 14u37-38 Crawford, cut, and Leo low. Lunch was served. Swanson, Attend Funeral at Burt— Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Ostwald, Mrs. Carl Ostwald and Esther, and Herman Brass attended the funeral of John Dettman, of Burt, last week Monday afternoon. Mechanical Course Completed— Arno, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hahn, returned Tuesday morning. He has been attending Dunwoodie Institute, and has completed the mechanical course. Surprise for Irene McDoimell— A surprise party was held at Mrs. Mae McDonnell's last week Tuesday evening 'by academy high school students in honor of Irene's birthday. Lutheran Girls Beat Cylinder— The Lutheran girls kittenball last team defeated Cylinder there week. Tuesday, 13-12. New' Theater to Open-r- The new theater 'In Whittemore will open Saturday. ; Other Whittemore News. Olivia Faulstich, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Win. Faulstlch, and who Is a registered nurse, came this from St. Louis to spend, spine Titonka Has Mumps Epidemic — Many here have been having the mumps, and Donald Wood, Forrest Hansen, Phydelis Peterson, Muriel Lamoreux, Leota Oesterreicher Harris Smith, Doyle and Darlene Higglns, and Barbara Ban are now sick. Memorial Day Plans laid — The Buffalo 'Busy Bees met at Estelle Bonacker's Saturday to lay plans for Memorial day. There will be a program at the Shepard coliseum, also a street parade. Memorial Sermon Next Sunday- Memorial services will be held at the Methodist church here next Sunday evening, the Rev. Carl' Hammer, pastor, speaking. Boy Suffers Broken Bone- Robert, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Wood, suffered a broken ankle while he was playing ball Sunday at the school diamond. Plan Memorial Day Observance— •The Buffalo Busy Bees met Saturday at Estella Bonacker's, and plans Were laid for the observance of Memorial day. Burned Boy Getting Well— The Fred Stecker 4-year-old son, who suffered severe burns one day last week, is recovering rapidly. Bodman Townleg Defeat locals — A Rodman town team played the local town ball nine Sunday, and won. Other Titonka News, Mrs. J. F. Fisher, who had been at Minneapolis a few weeks, visiting relatives, returned Saturdsif? Mrs. Virgil Pendergast, who went t the city with Mrs. Fisher, returned a few days earlier. •'•:•' 1 Mrs. Thepdore Dunim're entertain* ed at bridge last week Tuesday. tjme visiting her 'Mr, aixd 14rs, field, came Thursday to meacemwit exercleew, la wfclcfc Mrs. Virgil Pendergast and Raymond Krantz scores. The Earl Hanaens, Sunday. won the Mr* hlglj, O. P. BENNETT OF MAPILETON MONONA COUNTY Senate 34th District Crawford, Harrison, and Winona counties. Candidate for Republican nomination for LIEUTENANT GOVEBNOE Lawyer Farmer Service Man. 'For real Tax Reduction in Iowa. If nominated Lieutenant Governor, Senator Bennett will go Into office free of entangling alliances or factional influence. There will "be no selfish interests to tell him what to do. His past record Is his strongest proof of this fact. This is mo&t important to the taxpayers of the state, because of the vital tax revision. legislation which will be up for consideration next winter. He has been a farmer all his life, and, understands the farmer's needs from EJXFEJRIBNOB. He will have only one interest to serve — the Interest of the Citizens and Taxpayers. ma'in - ' , ^T^^^'^ NOROI ROLLATOR RIPRIOIRATION SALIS THI FIRST THRU MONTHS OF 1M2 'WIRI 241% OF THI FIRST QUARTIR OP 1931 ' Norge Rollatoc Refrigeration gained almost 2 to 1 in 1931 sales increase over all other makes of electric refrigerators. combined. ,> ' And now Norge is beating its own spectacular record. Norge sales in the first three months of 1932 were 241% of the same period last year. There is a reason! Every day more and more people realize that they wan| a refrigerator for just two things. One—to keep food cold. Two — to freeze ice. And these are the two things Norge docs the best! Norge has that famous mechanism, the extra powered Roll- ator, simple, sturdy and compact. It is important that you ! see the record-breaking Norge before you buy. Norge Corporation is a division of Borg- Wdrner Corporation, one of the worlds largest makers of precision parts, including automotive fret wheeling. • IMORGE SKo^QaJ^r /uibjuz£s-& THI ROUATOR A roller tolls »nd there's ice. ...that's •11 there is to the smooth and easy operation of the RolUtoi mechanism NEW GREATER VALUES AT LOWER PRICES Richardson Furniture Co. ALGONA, IOWA ' WIGDAHL BBOTHEBS BICHAHDS TURN. CO. Ruthven, la. Spencer, la. M. 0. MONSON & SON FLEMMING HBW. CO. Bode, la. Whlttemore,.la. * H. G. HUNTER ,N.P.CUPtIN Kolfe, la. West Bend, la. WIXTMAN RADIO SHOP Humboldt, la. • ' v nh Cjraoiudlon Depend upon that young graduate of yours to know real value—and style. He'll find both in the Gruen Guild Watches we're showing. Timepieces of true distinction and unquestioned accuracy! He, and hia friends, know there is no "sham 1 * about a GRUEN, that it is as' fine inside as it is beautiful outside. New low prices tool Oilier Gnwiu /torn t ts. . WJO H I ( a way.' A. H. Borchardt, Algona, Iowa IEN £ATCHI» DIRI ISM." ^AWYEBS* HA»BINGTON A T. P. Harrington For -Service Memorial Day • • . • • ' ' '• "* Have your Wearing apparel pressed and cleaned HATS CLEANED AND REBLOCKED BERLOU Mothproof For Uf e , WU t, Modern Dry Cleaner* «»*».«.. 88Gw _,„ Lawyers Office over Iowa stat« Phone 213-W. e O. D. Shumway «« l Atnorney-at.law Office in Quinby Bulldlt Phono iso HIAAM B. WHITE "Attorney-at-Law Office over Iowa State Phone 206. DOCTORS' KENEFICK- VhyfMans and Snt«e,»il Office over Rexall Drug i Office phone 300 ' X. J. Keneflck, M. J. N. KenefIck^M. C. H. CRETZMEYEB Physician and Surgeon Office in John Galbralth Bl Phones: Office, 310; res Algona P. T. JAIfSE, M. D. Physician and Surgeon v Office on South Dodge Sin Phones: Office, 666; residence Algona, Iowa ' WALTER FIUSEB, M. » Physician and Surgeon i .Office,in Quinby Bldg., R 00 m Phone No. 12 MELVIN G. BOURSE Physician and Surgeon i Office in PostofCice Block! Phones: Office, 197; residence! W. B. ANDREWS, B. O.T] Osteopatlilc Physician ami Sni , Located over Huh Billard Parj Phones: Office 187, Res. I . ; B. A. EVANS, M. B. " Obstretlcs and Electroth. _ viz: Diathermy and Ultra Violet! Over Borchardt Drug Store Phones:-Residence 312, office! • .•*•.. Algona, Iowa. DENTISTS DB. H. M. OLSON •Dentist. Gas and novocaine used for) traction. Located over Christensen Stc Phones: "Business 166, residence) 1 -Algona, Iowa 'TETEBDT AM , 1. W. FOX ^Veterinarian , Weat State Street, Algona I Phones: Office, 475-W.; res., T BUILDING CONTBAC COWAN & SOJT ' General "Contractors Estimates Furnish Phonea: Business, 639-J; re&j MACHINISTS NORTON MACHINE WOBI •'Machinists and Welders Service Stock on Piston 'Rings, Pins, and Bei West of. Courthouse Phony PRODUCE SWIFT * COMPAKI Cash Buyers Poultry. Eg?s, and Hldel Matt Lamuth, Mgr. -" - Phone 264. INSURANCE KOSSUTH COUNTY «"•;««! INSURANCE ASSOCUTl!»| Over IXg.OOO.QOO worth of Ins" In force, A, home company. tacure. . J, O. Paxson, Se THE ALGONA INSUBAHCIJ AQENCY . <J. B. L« Barre • Reliable Insurance ServiM , fcoam Real Estate, -Bent* 55 City Property Loan* '•, Insurance. Real CUNNINGHAM * UCI 107 W, State St. Algona,! JOB an4 used Auto Tlrea and Acc 6 Ht4ea, Fur and Alton*, Iow» H,W. POST Pf fir »»d Transfer Pif taee , againa* logs and age of hi kinds , «oj - 1

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