Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 12, 1932 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1932
Page 11
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— F ^ *L J j^^^^ rv. * |^^ *• Isn't This The Limit ? From a printing shop in a Minnesota town of 2500 inhabitants we recently received the following letter— Dear Country Printer: . • Do yon realize that thousands of dollars are going 1 ont of country towns every year simply because printers In the towns cannot sell their products In standard printing lines at a price that will compete with the cut-rate printers whose salesmen solicit your customers? Of course you can't sell printing: such as letterheads at a price of $«.50 the thousand or less, and jet that Is the price that your out-of-town competitor Is selling 1 them for. There Is where we come In. You take the job that Is being offered at a low ]ir!ce that will land you the Job. AVe print the thousand letterheads for $2.25. That gives yoir a profit of ?1.25 which Is about 05 per cent profit on $3.50. Where can you find a fairer profit! If you are Interested In the proposition, just fill In the enclosed cord and we will send you further Information on the Idea and samples of our printing-. Why not set up an ad something 1 like tliot enclosed and run It In your paper the next Issue so that you will not miss a single chance to take an order that would otherwise go out of townt HURT JUNIORS Has it, then, come to this in the country job- printing business? Certainly conditions begin to look like it. This is not the only instance of such a proposition. Within the last year such proposals have become frequent. They are the outcropping of what has gone before—the gradual process of 20 years. Twenty years ago every country printing shop printed many local orders for letterheads, envelopes, statements, and other ready-ruled forms. Today this business for the country printer is all but gone. First came the salesman for »the city printing shop. At home the city printer charged regular prices. To get the country business away from the local shops he charged whatever he could get. The city salesman is still doing it. But now he has to meet the competition of mail-order shops too. In addition, the country shop is robbed of local business in another way. The local business man's jobbers and wholesalers send him free letterheads, statements, etc. This is the meanest, lowest, most unconscionable competition which the country printer" has to meet! The astonishing thing about it is that the country business man in towns like Algona falls for it. Every country printer nowadays is mortified monthly, not to say enraged, when local collectors present bills for local goods he has bought from local business men made out on stationery printed out of town. What are the results? One result is that the job-printing business of the country shop is rapidly being reduced to work that can't be specialized—club yearbooks, for example. Result No. 2 is that the country printer's meager profits are reduced to the point where he cannot improve his shop with new machinery and new type. This reacts directly on his town. It is part of the movement of the day in the direction of building up the city and reducing towns like Algona to suburban business feeders. Result No. 3 is a direct loss to local merchants of the trade they might otherwise get from more printers employed in local shops. If the Algona printing shops could get all the printing business of Algona they could each employ three or four more printers. These printers would receive $10,000 or more in wages to be spent in Algona. How foolish, then, to make this impossible in order to save a dollar now and then by patronizing some outside "scab" printer! How unwise to help build up some other town and help tear down your own! All for a few cents of unreal savings! What are you, Mr. Local Business Man of Algona, going to do about it? Are you in business only for your health? Or do you want to see Algona grow? Do you want more of the local business without which you cannot prosper? Think About This Think about it every time a city printing salesman solicits your order. Think about it whenever you receive free stationery from your jobber or wholesaler—who gets the cost back in increased prices for the goods you buy from him. Think about it when you get mail-order offers from "scab" printers. Think how you would feel if your local printer followed your example. You cannot build up your town by buying things elsewhere that you can get at home! You cannot build up your town by reducing the demand for local labor! You cannot build up your town by depriving the local printer of the profits he needs to equip himself to do better printing at lower prices! Think on these things. False economy is false economy! For every dollar's worth of printing you buy out of town at "scab" prices you lose two dollars you might have if you gave all your business to your own printer, who could then hire more printers to spend more money right here in Algona. Show the "scab" salesman the door! Tell him, "Here's your hat; come again when you can't stay so long!" Throw the "scab" mail-order offers into the nearest wastebasket! Give your orders to your own printer at living prices. Let your local printer make enough to equip himself better and hire more help. Let's build up Algona, not some other town. This is where we live. It's where we rear our families. We all want to make Algona a good town. Will you help? Advance Publishing Co* WE BUY IN AfcGfONA, DO YOU? AR S •HOSTS TO ENIOR CLASS Burt, -May 10—The annual junior banquet for the seniors Was held at the schoolhouse Friday evening. The assembly room was decorated to represent an old-fashioned garden. Miniature wells, with old oaken buckets, were used as Centerpieces for the tables. Lattices covered with climbing vines were used around the walls, and the effect was beautiful. The garden idea was carried out in the toast program also. Hugh Ale- Donald, toastmaster, gave a talk on Roots. Other talks were: The Stalk, Wlllard Stow; Small Branches, Luclle Sewlck; Leaves, Vera'Chlpman; the Blossom, Gardner Patterson. A vocal trio was given by, Ruby and Viola Riddle and Darlene .Stott, Rachel Clapsaddle and Paul Kriethe Jr. sang a duet. A one-act play, And the Lamp Went Out, was presented by Lucile Sewick, Hazel Godden, Melbourne Mansmith, Eilene Nelson, and Kenneth Graham. The •banquet was served by the mothers of the juniors. Unique. Display of Quilts— At a quilt tea sponsored by the Woman's club Saturday 29 quilts were exhibited, also three quilts more than 75 years old, and three coverlets, one of which was over 100 years old. A prize was given for the ter. prettiest quilt, which went to Mrs. Fred Ringsdorf, who showed a quilt of postage-stamp pattern. A quilt by Mrs. L. Richmann and one by Mrs. Josephine Sharp won second and third places respectively on vote. Only one prize was given. Seventy-five visitors called to view the display. Doctor ffetewj and 0. P. McDonald returned Friday from Sloufc. 'City; where the doctor attended 6T'tneet-i ing of thi state.medical socie'ty and Mr. MeD"ohfttd visited his son-(3. & Mrs. H. tv. Mantis and Mrs. Lillian SlgleY accompanied Mr. atid Mrs. Chas. Morris, Lone Rock, to Ames Sunday to visit their daughter Vei-a, a student there. Mrs. N. I, Morness and her son Einer returned, last Week -Tuesday •from Duluth. where the former had been, called by news- of the fatal illness of a sister. Mr. and Mrs: L. H. Schehck and their baby took Mr. Schenck's mother, Mrs. Sadie Schenck, back- to' Minneapolis Saturday, returning Sunday night. Russell Chlpman, with Ewart Potter and Jean Bathers, Ames, spent the week-end with Russell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.'B. Chlpman. Mrs. J. H. Graham - and Mattie Warner went to Des Moines Friday, returning Sunday. They visited Mrs. Graham's son Harold. Mr. and Mrs. E. G. :Silbernagel, of Wausau, Wis., visited Monday' and Tuesday at D. L. Goddeh's. She is a niece of Mrs. Godden. J. R. Wear, who operated' the Seneca .store, sold out-last week, and has moved into the R. A. Bleich house here. • . * Mr. and Airs. Swan Anderson, Wilmar, Minn., were week-end guests of their da'ughter, Mrs. D. L. McDonald. , The Lewis Wlddels, Readlyn, spent Sunday at the Rev. L. Richmann'e. Mrs. Widdel Is Mr. Richmann's sis- 1'nstor's Birthday Is Observed— •A good-sized crowd attended a social evening at the Methodist church last week Tuesday evening, in honor of the Rev. J. E. Clifton's birthday. The Rev. W. H. Lease, district superintendent, gave an address, 'S. J. Fardal played a cornet solo, and Mrs. L. H. Steven sang. The program was followed with games and refreshments. On the preceding evening the Junior League, of which the Rev. Mr. Clifton Is superintendent, gave a surm-ise party for him. Former Portland Woman Here— Mrs. A. A. Graham, Holly Hill, Fla., and Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Hofius, St. Petersburg, Fla., arrived Saturday to visit Burt relatives. Mrs. Graham Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Del Fitch, and the Hofiuses are visiting the C. E. Dearsches. The Grahams formerly lived near Burt, but moved to Florida years ago. three or four Mr. a'nd Mrs. A, ,11. Meinzer visited Mr. Melnzer's: mother and other relatives.;at'.FortiD6dge Sunday. The ings and the William Bpettcjhers, ofTenton, spent Sunday at J. N,;Holding's. Several Burt'vOdd.Fellows went to .Swea City MoJiday- -evening to help put on initiatory \jv-o.rk. C. W. PatterS6n',ana his son Gardner took a carload $t sheep to Chicago Saturday fnigtit. Mrs. John Murray." is spending a couple of weeks, with her daughter at Ea6tpn,, ; >UnnV,i%'. Mrs. ~\V. ':.'H."{Vdgel.{entertained the -Sewing."Cjrcle :iast,%i'hursday af her, eon Delbert's-.V •;".",; Airs. Julia" Brace, Algona spent Sunday and Monday at her eon.W. E. Brace's. The .Harold Kuchenreuthers, Algona, visited Sunday, at John Rip- pentrop'e. The Roy Ringsdorfs were Sunday dinner guests .at William iRIngs- dorf's. '. . WHITTEMOR PIONEER, D i ES Lotto Creek Thirteen children, were confirmed Sunday morning Ijy the Rev. E. Last P. T. A. Meet, Tonight— The last P. T. A. meeting of the school year will be held at the schoolhouse this week Thursday vening. A display of the work of the school will be on exhibition, and short program will be given, including a piano solo by Beada Kollasch and a vocal solo by Mrs. L. H. Steven, officers. There will be election of Fiene: Harold Kohlwes, ' Ortain Luedtke, Kressin, Ewold Orville Attend H. B. Hallock Funeral- Mr, and Mrs. E. E. Paine, daughter Sarah, and Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Stow went to Clarion Friday to attend the funeral of H. B. Hallock, bother-in-law of Mr. Paine and Mrs. Stow. Mr. Hallock, who was treasurer of Wright county, was once editor of the Burt paper, and before that lived at Bancroft. Attend Wedding- at Bancroft— Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Holding, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Holding, and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford went to Bancroft Monday morning to attend the wedding of Merwyn Holding and Flor- mce McGilligan, who were married at the Bancroft Catholic church. Bnrt College Girl Honored— Helen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Thompson and student at Coe, has been elected to membership in Zeta Phi Eta, honorary professional speech arts fraternity, and will be initiated this week Wednesday. Mite Society Sells Shrubbery— The Presbyterian Mite society held a. plant and shrubbery sale at the Smith store Saturday, and cleared a good-sized sum, which will be used for landscaping the Presbyter- Ian church grounds. Club Holds Lost Meeting— The Woman's club held its last meeting of the year at the Ambrose A. Call state park Monday evening, a picnic eupper being the main .feature of the affair. Kressin, Melvin Pompe, -Lawrence Runke, Edwin Wichtendahl," Raymond Vigdahl, Lawrence Pljahn, Alvin Runke, Ruth Leininger, Leona Hnase, Verona Luedtke. Friends gathered at the Herman Hintz home last week P1 Tuesday evening to help celebrate the 'birthday of Delia Mittag, sister of Mrs. Hintz. Pupils who took eighth grade examinations at Algona last Thursday and Friday were Melvin Pompe, Alvin Ruhnke, Lawrence Ruhnke, Edwin Wich.tendahl, and Verona Luedtke, of the parochial school, and Luella Leisner, of the public school n Dist. No. 1. The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Mittag was baptized last Thursday evening by the Rev. E. Fiene, and was named Robert Eugene. Sponsors were H. F. Mittag and Alvina Manning. Hugo Fauistich, who accompanied iis wife to Iowa City last week Sunday, returned last week Tuesday, Mrs. Fauistich remaining. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Peril, with the former's parents, of Whittemore, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs .August Pijahn. Mrs. Albert .Kressin attended a Mothers' day p'rogram at Algona Saturday afternoon given by the telephone girls. Her daughter Lillian is a telephone employe. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Will drove to Truman, Minn., last week Tuesday to visit the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walker. » • Mrs. Harold Whittemore, May ip-^urieral services Were held * Sat'urday at St. Michael's church for 'Frank CJappa, who died at his honie last Week Wednesday night. The Rev. Father Hyland conducted the 'services. Mr. Gappa was 'boriv in West Prussia September 4, 1856, and was 77 at death. He was married September 25, 18^1, and the couple celebrated their golden 'wedding..: last September. The 'marriage took place at Algona, andv the'pair lived in 'Fail-field township, Palo Alto county, 40 years. Seven,years ago they moved to Whittemore. , Eleven children were born, all living except one, Ignatius, who died last August. Surviving are Mrs. Harvey Higley, Mrs. Fred' Dotnek, Theodore and-Tony, all of Cylinder; Mrs. F.,C. Bailey and Mrs/ A. H. Krause, -Fenton; A. J., Graettinger; Mrs. Thos. '.Ford, Frank, and Maryi Whittemore. ; ' .. Mrs. Gappa died In March. There are 36 grandchildren and , .three great-grandchildren. Mr. -, Gappa left a brother a't El Reno, CJkla. Pall-bearers were -: H. W. Geelan, Supt. -F. J. Rockford, William Hig- glns, Simon Roth,/Joseph 'Kllege, and J. S, .Cullen. Out-of-town relatives attending the funeral were: Mrs.'George par- row, Dubuque, ..son -Frank; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Toole, MK'and Mrs. Peercy Godden, Mrs. George Stell, Mr. and Mrs. John Gappa, Mr. and Mrs. Matt .Gappa, Mr. and Mrs.' 'Nick Martini, Eileen Fitzpatrick, ' Mrs. James Kelm and Mrs.'John Nolan, all of Emmetsburg; Ignatius Ka- jewskl, WesTb, Point, Neb.; Frank Ford and Mrs. Ignatius Gappa, Varina; Edward Gappa, Mallard; Mrs James Quinn, Bancroft, son CharleJS; Mrs, Peter Waldrdon, -Ayrshire, and a'- son,, Ayrshire; Mrs. Don Gunn, Mrs., Frank Goddard; Mr.' and'i Mrs, George Freeman, Airs. iFre'd Olson, all of Cylinder;. Mr., alnd Mrs. A, Garrelts arid Mr. arid ,Mrs. John Kliegle,' Graiettinger; Mr. and Mrs. John Cole, Ringsted; Mr. and Mrs Oliver Blighton, Hollandale, Minn. Elsie Farrell Is Married— Elsie Farrell was married to Albert Rechs, of Los Arigeles, Saturday morning at 9 o'clock at St Michael's Catholic church, the Rev Father Veit performing "the ceremony. The bride wore a tan Spanish lace dress wj,th a picture hat to match, and carried a bouquet of lilies and snap-dragons. Zita McDonnell, bridesmaid, wore a green dress and carried a -bouquet of carnations and snap-dragons. Joseph Rechs of Chicago, brother of Albert Rechs was his attendant. Miss Farrel was born in this community, and is a graduate 9f Presentation academy She took a'business course at Chi cago, and taught school here threi years. The laet few years she has been working -for Swift & Co. in Chi cago. Mr. Rechs was raised in Chi cago, Is an assistant patent attorney arid was transferred to California Mil ita'ani I* ,--. > Whlttemore will have & oa his season. wsmiHeeiri for it at a meeting ibtie M8ht s laat were Leo Swansom Ray hew Champion editor, and Martini. Martini,waA elected, With Edw. Sutler as assistant. There will be practice every Tuesday fthd Thursday evening at the afcadeftiy iar'k. 1tr«, Splltes Bridge Hostess— Mrs. Spllles entertained at five tables of bridge last week Tuesday, evening. Mrs. J.. S. Cullen won the Reimerei the ct>t ijgh score; Mrs. Ralph second; Nettie Sammin, prize; Mrs. Cullen, a travel A two-course luncheon was serv Mrs. E. Welsbrod,, Fentoft, was an out-of-town gU'est. Surprise tot Teacher's Mrs. Paul Jeesen was taken by surprise last week Monday evening, when relatives and friends came to lelp her celebrate a birthday. From out of town came the Rev. Mr. Kltzmann, of West Bend, and the Rev. H. D. Stahmer, Falrville, and their families. Mrs. Jensen Is the wife qf a local Lutheran teacher. Commencement Next Week— Whittemore seniors will take final _xams next week Tuesday and Wednesday. Commencement exercises will be .held May '.19. Whitte- mpre high has only a small class of five. -High school closes May 20r Movie House Hcre^ Talked— . Mr. and Mrs. Paul Manor,' Burt,' were here part of last week, looking over the local field for a vltaphbne movie theater. Mr. Manor represents a firm which already has theaters at Swea City and iBurt. Loses Eleven Inning Game— * ^'^ " ' A- - ' ,; *& v ,.,»;• "'>,,. ; '< '-U 't» *' , . ,V >• " -. *<\< i ' ,, TODAY The local baseball team lost first game Sunday at Rodman its In an 11-innlng battle won by Rodman, 3-2. Batteries were Bell and Bargman for Rodman; Farrell and Swanson for AVhittemore. .. Railroad Gang- Is Moved— ( ' A gang working on the-Milwaukee road-beg finished work on the local track and moved to Algona Saturday. 'From Algona they go to Britt. Both Local Teams Win— , The Burt Lutherari'boys' team w^s defeated 17-5 by the locals Sunday on the local diamond. The girls-defeated a team from Cylinder, 6-4. While building materials are cheaper than th I have been'fbr years. ' 9 ! F. S. Norton & Son '•• Lumber and Coal Phone 229 Bnlpli Crelg'hton to Hospital—, , Ralph Crelgh'ton left last we'eW Monday for Dwight, ,111., to enter a veterans' hospital. . 1,,-v Other Whlttemore News. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schultz and daughters Ruth and Edna, accompanied" toy Lois Jante, of Garner, drove to Garner Sunday to visit at Ferd. Schultz's. The latter had been visiting at the Henry Schultz's since last week Tuesday. The Schultzes returned Sunday. Adolph Naas, high school janitor, is busy with the large school lawn. The hedge has been clipped and cleaned out, and Mr. Naas is busy with his eight flower beds, four,'oh each side of the sidewalk. He has a tulip bed on each side, in full bloom After a shprt wedding trip in south- ' now, Sings In Touring Choir— Maybelle Gray, Morningslde college, spent last week with the College Vesper choir on a tour to Iowa and Nebraska towns where the choir gave concerts. Mite Society Cleans Church — The Presbyterian Mite society cleaned the church last week Wednesday afternoon, and at the close there was a picnic dinner. Florida Woman Gives Talk — The Portland -Farm Bureau met Monday evening at L. V, McWhorter's. Mrs. A. A. Graham gave •£ talk on Florida. Other Burt News, J. G. Sewlck, daughter (Lucile, and Mrs. Arthur Leason went to Fort Dodge Sunday morning to meet Mrs Amelia Wagner, Freeport, 111., who came to spend several weeks with her sister, Mrs. H. G. A .Sewick. The J. T. and Robert Grahams, Algona and the J. G. and Harvey Grahams and the F. O. (Stows were Sunday dinner guests at J. G. Bewick's. The Burton Isenbergers, Valley Junction, visited from 'Friday evening till Sunday at the M. L. Vinaas home. They were called here by the accident in which Mr. Isenberger's parents and sisters were seriously Injured. Will German, Wesley, came Sunday and took home his wife and son, .who had spent a week with Mrs. Carman's father, W. D. Kearns Mr. Kearns went with them for few days visit. The Rev, J. E. Cliftpn and Mr and Mrs. li. H. Steven went to. Sexton laet Tbur&aay evening, $ud the tne» attended- a- Father and -Son- ban- Thursday and Smith Friday spent last at (Robert Leisner's, Algona, and attended a Mothers' day program given at the Algona high school, which daughter Delores attends. Benedict A Washington's program given by pupils of the parochial school a week ago Sunday afternoon was well attended. Mrs. Martin Bleich, Dolliver, and her daughter Mary Jane spent a few days week before last with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Seller. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gorman, Blue Earth, her son Harold George, and the Dennis Carrolls, Algona, spent last week Sunday with the E. F. Arndorfers. The Feast of the Ascension was observed at the local Catholic church last Thursday, with low mass at 7 a. m. and high mass at 10 a. m. * Eleven St. Benedict eighth graders wrote county "exams" last Thursday at Algona. Nine children received their first holy ccynmunion at the local Cathor lie church Sunday. ern Iowa they will go to Los Ange- es, where they will make their lome. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rechs, Airs. John Rechs, and Lillian Ur- ocker, all of Chicago, attended the wedding. 'A.wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. James McDonald. Frank SchmltU Dies Monday— • 'Funeral servlces^will be held this iveek Thursday morninfe at St. Michael's Catholic ' church at 9 o'clock, the Rev. Father Veit officiating, for Frank Schmidt, who died Monday afternoon. Mr. Schmidt was jorn December 25, 1886, on' the ;iome place just west of town. He is a member of the Legion, and,,ls a son of Mr. and Mrs. -Anthony Schmidt Sr. He has been making his home with Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Brogan, who live on the home place. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Schmidt Sr. live in their new home in town. Frank grew up in this community and was a hard worker. He' is survived by Mike Schmidt, of California, Joseph, of Whlttemore, Tony, AVhitte- more, Mrs. Kate Weir, of Clear Lake, and Mrs. A. D. Brogan, of Whittemore. Newsboys to Have Convention- Lawrence Kenn'e, local /carrier for the' Des Molnes Register and Tribune, and his parents have -been invited by Garner Cowlee, publisher, to attend a third annual carrier- salesmen's convention and. frolic at Des Molnes June 13. The convention will open at 9:20 a. m. with a theater party and ,a short business session. Eighteen boys In the smaller towns, winners in a three Ledyard Mrs. Aielt Troff entertained the German Reformed Aid at her home last Thursday afternoon. Delores Mayne was critically sick with tonsilitis Friday. She Is under the care of Doctor Devine. Mrs. Laura Nelster spent last week Wednesday with Mrs. Frank Kelly, who Is sick. Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson and their son Duane spent Sunday at Lu Verne. Lola Wylam, Swea City, visited at D. B. Mayer's last week Wednesday evening. Laurence 'Flynn was sick last week and under the care of a doctor. Barber Wylam spent .the..weekend with Floy Jones, Lone Rock..* * Harold Grander spent the weekend at Penwick. • *•• " * Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bell and children came Saturday from larth. Mr. Bell returned Saturday* he others remaining for a longer isit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. X Cordes. Mrs. Bell was formerly Frieda Cordes. r and Mrs. Theodore Baas, '-"of Storden,. Minn.," accompanied by Mrs. William Schmeling, Emmetsburg, spent the week-end at months salesmanship contest, will be presented to the audience. The star salesman and his" parents will be taken to Des Moines in a Regie- ter-Tribune plane. After; the 'theater, -party the salesmen will march through the business' district, accompanied by bands and., floats. John Erne Passes Sunday- Funeral services were hekV this week \Wednesday morning "•': &.t 9 o'clock at St. Michael's ; Cat;hq]lo church for John Erue, who died •Sunday, evening, jfp. Eru'e was sick, two weeks. He.was born at 'Key West, Fla., February 15, 1958, and lived in southern Florida, until 1882 In 1883 he was married tp Mary O'Brien, and they lived on a farm south of Whlttemore'till 1925 when they built a nice little home in town where they haye lived ever since Besides his wife, one child .survives Mrs. Walter Dullard, of West Union. Accident Ylcttoi Becoverlngr—. . Meta Gad,e, Algona hospital' nurs es' superintendent, was at home week-end before laet, caring for-her brother Wijllam, seriously (njuret two weeks ago, when he was struck on the heaa,j>y a belt wWch jeft'the pulley while he^ .was eawing "wood 'For a time he/ was-jn (serious copdi tlon, but he faa^ greatly Improved Meta returned to the* ii,Qsplta.l week Tuesday. : ; -1 Children Observe Mojtters* Sunday visions at the Meyer's were Mr. anfl Mrs. sen, Webster City, Mr, and Mrs Nick looft. »*y-!5 George Nlggen,- v^lt .f. .t M*yeJ?, Mrs, an^ Mr . Tljiey 'and, netsburg and had Em- Whlttemqre. Mrs. been visiting in ichmellng dinnesata. Mrs. Walter Dullard, West Union, las been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John.Eru; ana; Mr. and rtrs. Arthur Palmer, Dolliver, spent Friday with- the latter's parents, Mr. nd Mrs. John Meine. Lillian Urlacher, Chicago, has ieen visiting- Elsie Farrell. Henry ~Mester, Sleepy Eye, Minn., has been . visiting "'.relatives and ' old 'riends here. 'Patricia Weir, student nurse at Sioux City, was honie' over the ,veek-end tp visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Weir. The 'Lutheran Y. p. S. met Friday at the scheol. Dorothy Heidenwlth joined the society. 'There are more han 50 members. Mrs: Joseph Meurer Sr. left last week Wednesday for Meneminee, Mich., tp visit her daughter, Mrs. William Frantz, Mr. and Mr.s Raymond Esser, Mr. and Mrs. Otto .Esser, and Mr. and Mrs. Pete Volk were Sunday gueste at John Volk's. The A. Derners, Cleveland, Minn., visited laet week at Frank Derner's. They are former residents who left 12 years ago. 'Henry Schultz, Herman Voight, and Arthur Heidenwlth drove to Minn., last Thursday on business. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schallin, of Algona, visited Sunday with Mrs. SchaHtn's parents, the Fred Wagners. . . H. R. Zumach 'and Nick Gengler drove to Des Molnes Monday to attend-a wholesale grocer convention. A number of.; Whittempre fishermen haye made trips tp the lakes and fpund fishing gppd this year. Mrs. Jess Marshall, pf -Wyding visited last week at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Weir's A dance at Higgins' hall Friday drew a fair crowd. The Algona high school orchestra furnished music .-Mr. and Mrs. C. Wolfe. Klemme. spent Sunday with Mrs. Wolfe's parents, the Charles Laurltzen's. Eighth grade Lutheran and puby lie schopl pupils took their last 8tli grade exams last Thursday ' Mary D. Schilz, ,hi gh schopl teacher, spent the week-end with her parents at Fert Dodge. Mrs. Nick Laubenthal, Emmetsburg, visited a few days laet week at Joseph Meurer'e. " A number pf yo un g fol ' ks ^ ered Sunday evening at F. J. man's for a party. • Mre. Bert Shellmyer was at West Bend last week, caring for W er, who was aick, Mr. and M,rs. Vess Mr. and Mrs. George Heddlneer rt of town^have a nVw' X Gllberson, O f Bancroft t '-As ft-Ct *"* v W{ ' *"' 4,* »••••»••••»»»•< SEE THE NEW * l ' t Chevrolet CARS NEW BODY LDfES FREE WHEELING AND PRICES REDUCED , 5 gal. PolarJne Oil Folarine Oil, per gallon : /Mobiloil, per gallon Quaker State Oil, per gallon li PARTS, BATTERIES V ACGESSORIES ,.'• ,,Now is the time to have your brakes serviced an lights adjusted. First— Play safe before tie lail checks on you. USED CARS 1930 Chevrolet .coach 1930 Chevrolet coupe Ford truck Ford Model A coach 1931 Chevrolet coupe 1928 Dodge sedan KOHLHAAS BROS, PHONE 200 Out Minute now ofhn a tim.ly M economic raaion for t|«t purchai* < • ntw waihtr. tiamine *"«*•."?';] modtlt and you'll b* aitoni«l«ad M wathtn of thi* quality can b< boHM I •I such low prkf ItveU. 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