Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 27, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1896
Page 6
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A Trained Nurse Gained Fifty-three Pounds by Using a Nerve Food. INE OF THE MOST REMARKABLE RESULTS m RECORD. Prom (Ac Omtttc, Yonkcrs, JV. Y. *t don't look muoli like a living nkeleton now, do I ? And yet two years ago 1 weighed Jjljet seventy-two pounds," eaitl Mrs. J. AV. O»Sey, of 55 'VViirburloit Avenue, Yonkers, H: Y., to a reporter. Aacl we lurreed with ber, for she eertuirdy looked (inyiliinp; but a 3tiug skeleton, bite rather bore the appearance of a plump and attractive lady m c.t- eellent-hoaltli and spirit. Continuing sbc laid: "J had lost my appefitc and was waiting away in flesh, losing sonic fifty pounds in n 2tVF months. Doctors said J wns threatened I fiirv«>ns»mplion. I wns under vrhtil wns regarded ns first-clnss medical treatment, I ftnt it had apparently little or no effect, for I7kcpt getting worse until I was so "real; that I could not attend to my household duties and could hardly walk. My husband and-everybody who saw mo thought surely that I would die, and there seemed no help fdrmc. "Tonicsand stimulunlfl And medicines all ' (!«emetl useless, nn.cl I grew worse and -.verse aaCH at lust I iv.Mjivcd to seek some new remedy — one entirely out of tlie usual line *£ nauflcous drugs and doses of stuff which itemed to take a\vay what little relish I aright perhaps otherwise have had for food., ,4i.friend 1 told me.- of some wonderful cures affected by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People and I bought a bo::. TLc effect Scorn their use wns noticeable from the first smT'Joon appeared almost miraculous, for it seemed pretty nearly like the raising of one from the deud. . "I soon commenced to eat, something I ibiff scarcely done before for weeks, nnd soon bcgaTi to-gain in flesh ami strength. I went ene-dr.yto the doctor's office and ho was surprised at the change in me for tlie better. I lad to confess that I had been taking the pills, and he was broad-minded enough to advise me to- continue what \res evidently doing me so much good. I took, in all, six Loses, and increased in weight from 72 to .125pounds,.which is my regular isnd normal "Are you sure the cnrc is permanent? " "".Tell, yes. My work is that of a trained •jmrse, which means, as you probably know, irregular- hours and at times great cxhftus- Jjoo. During tho two years sinco my re- oorery I have had- many engagements, and «hrough them all have continued lu good Maltli. I take pleasure in bearing testi- ai. . ooy to the remarkable power of this great jfttdical discovery. I know of other cures affected by it. A friend of mine euUered crwjatly at her monthly periods. One box •relieved and three boOT cured her. But I kBOW of no case equal to mine, for my situation was critical, desperate and almost css rs. Cofley has lived in Yonkcrs for siic- •itta years, and for twelve years has followed ilhfl business of attending the sick, excepting ooly the period of her illness. She has Inndreds of acquaintances and fncnds who lnow her to be capable and trustworthy. "Many of them know how very ill she was snsBhow remarkable wns her recovery, ilie pttft'daven large sole in Yonkers and \Vest- Swrter" Gonnty, which will be greatly in- «re83*d''<» their merits become butter known, faf.-tt'ey seem to be one of the medical mar- of f ho ngo. AN UNSOLICITED TESTIJIIOSIAI* from the Democrat, Atlanta, Texas. "Being constantly aokcd by many of my friends if Dr. Wllkius' Pink Pills for Palo People were doing mo any good, I offer thii unsolicited testimonial and answer. Never havim-so™ (i wvll day siiiice I Imd typhoid fever hivt su:Kii:i-r, I could return scarcely nny iuuJ, my litabs nnd joints ncliud and pained all the ti'i-.o. It was Jniei-ry to mo to risui:p in bed and niy ininti was clouded, in fuetwiisa physic;;! wreck and I felt liuit my lifo w:is drewi:^- to r. e'.o.se, and I must con- toss it was v.-iihcr.: r«£rc! 0:1 iny part c.s my siitVeriiiSd were almosi imbi'ixruble. "Since I commenced to ttku D Pink Pills, lit tho solicitation of my wife, I hiive taken four boxes, ntsd! fuel like a new inr.ii. My iipijctitu is good and I now retain wluit I eat. my limbs and joints we free ol pain and 1 have gained ten pounds in weight. Jh-Iilb feels runcwsd and while not yet en. tir'iilv well, I feel so much better that I un- hcsitalindy assert that I believe Pink Pills for I'tile 1'eoplc ft fe'ooc. medicine ior what tbcv .".re recomir.cr.diKl. Knowing that no medicine will save lifts under all circumstances or in nil cases, vet I do honestly believe Hut they huve prolonged mine, or at Jt:i!.-t, where u!l wiis durk and gloomy and full ot'suifcring'lt has been changed to the better. ,. , , "The manufacturers of this medicine do not know of )uy viking it. Neither am I paid for ibis statement, out. give it freely in answer lo friends and the editor of this priHT " (SicuedO JOHS BAITGJSESS. Atlanta, Tolas. Sworn to nnd subscribed before me this 27th day of March, 1SOG. E, J[. liLAYDES, Notary Puolic. Kecni-ding t!ie above k'stimoniiu of Jolin Emigrcis, I beg to say that up man stands liiglior ii>r IIOIK-SIV and veracity in all tliifl seelio:i than Jo'.m Sr.ugrcss. Eilitor and proprietor of the Democrat Atlanta. Texas. , Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People nre prepared by the Dr. Williams' lied- icinc Co., of Sclienectncly, N. Y,, n firm whose ability nnd reiiubility arc unquestioned. Pint Pills ari: npt looked upon us a nalcr.t nicdicini', but as o prescription, having been uted rs sncli for years in general practice, ami their successful results in curing various :illlic'.ions made it imperative that tlu-y be prepared in quantities to meet the demand of the public, and place them in reach of nil. They nre an unfailing specific for such diseases fls loooniotor nttixia, partial paralysis, St. Vitus' dance, sciatica, neuralgia", rheumatism, nervous headache, tho after effects of la grippe, palpitation Of the heart, pule and sallow complexions, and die tired A-eling resulting from nervous prostration, nil discuses resulting frora vitiated humors in the blood, such as scrofula, chronic erysipelas, etc. They nre also a specific.for troubles peculiar to females, such as suppressions irregularities, and all forms of weakness They build up the blood, and restore 'the glow of health to pale and sallow checks. In men they effect a radical cure in-all cases arising irrnn mental worry, overwork, or ex. cesses of whatever nature. Dr. Williams'Pink Pills contain all the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They tire for sale by all druggists, or may be hud by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Schencctady, If. Y.. for 50 cents • box, or six boxes for $2.50. IN "THE WORLD . e pn ff th. Sy«tem In . Healthy WSES Constipation. Act. on th« l-Jvcr «nd Kidney- Wood. DlDpols Colds «nd Fevers. Boautltle. the CompJexJon Raf reshlng to th« Taste. SOLO BY AU. onuaa IH.«»t- eltrhtTW lta-U B,*7 Book Tea. Pike 35c. Tor Sale by B/F. KBBSL1NO. -.*o«tinc -11 men in Zanzibar. Zanzibar, Aug. 20.—Shortly-after Snid 3toli3... had: seized the iialace and pro- «Jiimed<!liiinsel£ sultan Tucwlny he was .'by the British consul, in the t of public order, to disarm tho f: 100 Arkaris whose assistance t.o obtain possession oi the e.'. The usurping sullnn refused - accept: tbis advice, and the gxjns in •fits palace square are trained upon the Rjitisli'war ships Philomel, Thrush and w, which are lying in the hare. The war ships are awaiting or- ^ei»-wlicfii will determine their course of.action. ltn Centenarian)). A German, statistician makes thxs as- Xa*ion that there are in Bulgaria 3,883 •aatcnarian-s, or one to every 1,000 In- —The $20 gold piece -was authorized •of »ct of congress March 3, 1840, and it* was begun in 1850. 1 OP THE SKIN. THa intense itching nnd smarting iiici •icfit to cczuraa, tctler, salt-rheum, and other iifisoases of the skin is instantly allayed by applying Chamberlain's Eye and Skin tftniment. Jinny very bad cases have been ' ' '" " It is equally " voriterem- clu'i- cycs, Bv.tlruggii-'.-j at 20 cents jiv;r box. Ury-sii": Oady'tt tViiicJifion'Pmvrtcrs, they ax;jwi't '.vliat r. hr/rso nccHiiwIien in bad crmdi- •.•36.V. Tivicv UoorJ jiurilicrand vcnnifiicn CITY SOLDJERS ARE BEST. Modora Warfare I« Easiest Learned |>7 Thorn. Tho old saying oil tbe recruitiug sergeants that "the best Kokliers come from the plow-tail" is hardly correct when looked tit in the light ol modern military experience. It is quite true that in tho past regiments recnxited from tho country districts have- again and again made themselves-conspicuous ior gallantry and endurance, but tho changed conditions ol modern warfare appear to have enabled the town-bred 'soldier to rather more than catch up with his country-bred comrade. Statistics sjjoty Jrjat to is more, rapidly promoted, that-lie is more fertile.in resource, more adaptable to circuw stan-ecs a.nd quicker in learning the details of his business, while the improved conditions ot town life seem, to have 'placed him nearly on a par with regard to stamina. In France .there ore no two opinions on the subject—tho best soldiers come from Paris; and when it is remembered that after the practical destruction of the regular French army ot Metz and Sedan, the .victorious ve.tr erans of Germany were held at bay for five months by the raw levies mostly drawn from the. Frfaclx towns, there seems but little doubt that the French opinion is correct. ; , —••In God we trust" first appeared on tho copper two-cent issue of 1864, Dnfl is'tke first use of the word "God" in any government act. FOECED TO CLOSE. Failure of Big House Founded by A, T, Stewart, Pressing Obligations and Failure to Collect Outstanding Accounts Given as the Cause. New York, Aug. ?C.—Hilton,.Huehea & Co., the dry goods iirni, assigned Wcdni-wliiy. Xhu following notice posted on the doorsol the- big buiUling-, UroacUvav and Ninth and Tenth streets, occupied",by Hilton, Hughes & Co., attracted a biff crowd on their way to business crirly in the forenoon: "Hilton Hug-hea & Co. have discontinued business and made a Reneral assignment, without proCerences, to GeorKe M. \V right. "•\.1I cmployui arc notllled that their services nre no lontrer rt-qulred ami that they will De paid In full to-day and Includ- 1ns this day. "The store will remain clossod unt.l nsr- thcr notice. It the servlcivs of nny cm. ployos are needed by the usslffii'.-e m-sy will be notllled. "Dated AUKVist 20. Hilton, Hushes & Co. Goorse M WrlylH." Oi-oryi! M. \Vi-ijjht, thu iissigr.ei! o£ Hilton, llng'ljcs & Co., is u liiwyc-r. lie had no connection with the firm, but isa 1'ricr.d oi ON-OiulG'c. Ililton, Cuu^o ot t"io Vuiluru, It is said Hint till) ass-iy):!)H'iit Nvas due lo the- strin^'iicy "f il'L- inoni-y market and «ontracl!nii ol' tradi 1 . Business had fon:pk-ti:I.v l':ilit:i oil. nr.i! assignmciit in order to ;-.i.ol'.-"t nil erii!- ifors, EviM-y eredituv, it is stared, v. il be paid in full. When ilie 1.500-0'.- ::-;.in; empi'iyeg reaehuci the store \\'i'[liH-sr!ay inori.;:>;,' they were stnrtlfd to (liseuvei- the b! nils drav-n and tiii'ee or four j-.olif. ir.en stiinilinjr on l-b" slivets froiiti-.K 1 the store, Duriim 1 vhe- hei^iit "i' ! '»- *e;i--.->;i Milton, Ilup-hes & f'u. liail f:v.iuc:.l!,v "in- heln, over .'I..'. 1 !'!' hai-.ii.s. !i'i-i.'i-:uly ilio help hail not I'.xcei'd-cl I.30U. ^O-.irin-r ti;e past foni- months Ilie slaiT !ias iieen constantly red need, tl'.e niif.ber "let out" since M-.iy -i i'xi:cedinir •! »The inimecliate cnuse of I lie failure is nseriberl !o the I'nct iliai il'.e firm carried on its books over $l.no(i.r,(iO v.-o:-Ui of what arc yet consirlen'rl hij;-h elass ac'coniitii. Tliesc di.'blors iire well-to- do up-town people who imil;i: it n ])fiint of suMlinjj their bills but nnce a year, Tiocont prossni'e nptui Hilton, TTii£Mi' > 3. & Co., and their inability to realize rrorn outstanding accounts, precipitated a crisis. Estlmutoil LlnbilltlP!. The liani'.ities are osliinatcrj all f-bo \\-'.\\- from $1.000.000 to $ 1.300,000. Til JlaVch iast the firm, afi-pr'linir to l?,rad- strcet'A cliiimed assets of S3,"iK,000 ami liabilities of Sl,2nO,r,00, leaving- net assets of $2.1P.".000. Unslncss ISstllUllsliocI l>5r A. T. Stoiviirt. The firm of Hlltor., ITuplics & Co. |q cirie of the lars^st and best Known In the 'retail dry goods trade. They d!d an enormous business, and when, some days a-o rumors became- current; that the firm was' In financial trouble, there was much surprise and doubt GS to their correctness froclv expressed. Tho business firm was (-stahlishea by the late Alexander T. S'e'wirt in 1S23. Some tlmo utter Mr. Stewart's dealt] In 1S70 the lirm name was chanced to that of E. J. Denning: & Co.. nnd so continued until about five years ago. Upon Mr. D*nnlnir's death at that tlmo It was ugaln changed, cx-JuO^c Hilton becoming senior partner and the business being continued under the present flnn name. The business for the last quarter of a century has been carried on In tho great establishment located IP the block bounded by Broadway, Fourth avenue and NlntQ and- Tenth streets. WHALE WAS A RACER. Drew the Boat Coder and tho Sten Uttd to Get Out ulid Swim. "Will Taylor, sor. of CapU Thomas S. Taylor, of the whnJing schooner Hisiagr Sun, of 1'rovincetawn, a reived the other day, having- left that craft on Hnlteras ground o. few da;, s ago with 230 barrels of sperm oil below hatches. Mr. Taylor went on this cruise.for the benefit of bis health, which had been-undermined by close application to his desk in aBoston office. He tells of one exciting incident o( the voyajf-:, by which a boat's crew narrowly escaped death. His story is us follows: "July 8 we raised a school of whales bound across our course and going fast towindward. The mate's-boatg-otaway THE MARKETS. Grain, Provisions, Efcc. Chicago, Aug. 2C FLOt'R— Quiet nnd unchanged. Quota- tlons ranped as follows: Winter— Patents, J3 40(33 CO- stralshts. $!.6I)S 1 3.20; clears, S2.50©2.CO: seconds, Jl. 0002.00: low grades, SlVi®" 00 Sprinpr — Patents, S3.afiiJS3.TCi; stralBhls 52.0003.20: bakers', J3-10lSi2,2. r ); low "radcs, $1.3001.75; Red Dog, ?1.20@1..|0: Rye. J2.00®2.20. WHEAT— Unsettled with fair trading. September, 05%<0 1 3C%c ; December, i, CORN— Weak early, now steadier: No, 2, 20-.<,®21%c; No. 2 Yellow, 21J6<gi21-TAc : September, 21'/i®2:->lc: December, 2iT4<5'-! > '8C ; May, 25Jic and 2C@28'4c. OATS— Fnlr trading 1 and steadier, N'o. 2 cash, 3CVt@17c; September, ira«iilf.V4c: May, ]S%(py[!)iic. Samples steady. No Grade, Sty ISC' No 3, 12©JSc: No. 3 White. ]C(^13c: No. 2, 17@17Uci No. 2 White,. lO'/aWOvic. RYE— Market steady and firm with u fair demand. No. 2 cash, SlW'c. Rejected, 2SQ1 29c; September delivery, 32c, and December, 30c. BARLEY— Sold moderately. Old malt- Ing Barley steady. Low grade Barley and nil new was easy. Old Barley, 20(fj>23c for thin, to 25035C for malting light weight to choice. New Barley easy, I'lJf-Me for poor damaged to fair good3. MESS PORK— Market fairly active and prices easier. Quotation? ranged at $5.40@ 5.50 for cash; J5.35@5.50 for September; $5.40 (2)5.60 tor October, and- $C.73@O.S2 I /i for January. LARD— Trading moderate and prices easier. Quotations ranged at $3.82^03.35 for cash; $3.30®3.35 for September; $3.37M;!8> 3.40 for October, and J3.70@3.75 for January. BUTTER— Market firm at ll@16V»c for creameries and IKQll-lc for dairies. New York, Aug. 20. FLOUR— State and western steady. Moderate demand, unchanged. WHEAT— No. 2 red opened firm and unchanged to VsC up on foreign buying; declined %@%c on liquidation, rallied %c; moderately active, steady. September, 63 1 ,4®G<J%c; October, W%@C5c. CORN— No, 2 less active, easier. September, 2G%(5>27 1 /Jc: October, 27^0; December, 235ic; May, 31W@31%c; No. 2, 27^@28Hc. OATS— No. 2 dull, weak. Western, 153 BOo; September, 20%c. PORK— Quiet. New Mess, $7.7398.25. BUTTER— Firm, fairly nctlvc. Western Dairy, 0@l2c; Western Creamery, rH4@ ICVic; do. Factory, T'^llc; Kleins, 16Kc; Imitation Creamery, 10@12'/4o. CHEESE— Quiet, easy. Part Sklma, 2JPGC. |13CS— Quiet, steady. Western, 12Vd!3> Live Stock. Chicago, Aug. 20. CATTLE— Market strong to lOc higher for natives, others steady. Fair to Best Eeovcs, J3.25J/;4,00; Stockers an'd Feeders, J.2.W03.73; Mixed Cows and Bulls, S1.20Q) 8.40; Texas, $2.CO©3.35. HOGS— Light hogs strong, others een-. orally uc lower. Light, $3.!sg:3.(!0: Hough packing, $2.50@2.75; Mixed nnd Bu tellers', $C.OO«M..iO; H-iavy Paclilng ant! Slilpp'iftff. t2.S003.no; Pigs, }2.2S©3.CO. CLINGING TO THE BOAT. speedily in chase, and with oars and sail iitteinptctl to overtake the herd. The cp.ptuin's boat followed, :i.nd we. hoping to cut in ahencl of the herd and believing- thnt a sail would .it-Mist, started to gel the mast in its step. Before this could be accomplished \vv met n big 1 cow whale aqnarely hend on, and an i-on was socked in on the instant. The whnlo proved a lively one r.r.d full of lijfht, and K'Oiiif! 1 in an oiiposiin direction to our course tore iho whale iino from the bow chock ami sw.ept it aft. "Cut fortunately the line caught and held muler a dent on the bow, or it wor.ld have cleared that side of the boat of everything 1 above the rail. The boat was whirled around, but the bow line, boing- out of plncc. made the boat tow at an angle. Slip, bcg-an to move furiously through the water, witJi two men hurriedly striving to prb.e the line into place. They were unable, to r>.c- coir.plish this, and the boat began to careen and show symptoms of swamping. One man lost his head and jumped overboard, but wns immediately seized by my father and hauled in. "''The first tv.b of line, ran ont over '• he bow at lightning- speed while all this was, going on, and with equal rapidly 1-he line fro.ni.thc other tub began to follow suit. Cut suddenly i!. snarled in the tub. and nearly the. whole bunch came out at one? and buz/.ed forward. The whirlinj,' m:;.ss o£ line narro\vly escaped catching our men as it pasrrd across tho thwarls. Jnd did catah a paddlf, which it whirled forward aruid the rue!; as if to complicate matters. "While the captain was rescuing the roan overboard the turns came off the loggerhead.ai.(lout ahp.lf-do/.en coils remained in the tub. "The captain seined the. Hue to take new turns, but at that instant the boat wc.ntdown head first. The captain was washed ever (ho stern, nnd as he went sr.atch.ed at Ihe long steering oar,but it passed through his hands and out of sight under water. "I clung to tho bor.t until I found she was going well down, then let, go, but. I wcnt'so deep-thai-1 swallowed lots oi wafer before I. shot ir.iward to t'iic surface. "\Vhcn I carce to the top of the water I found all the crew swimming around with only on« oar to support the entire lumber.' My lather can'iswhn a stroke, but he had on a jacltct which can be in- Hated with nir, and he did very well by its aid. "We kept up for awhile, when all at or.ce the boat cninc to the surface. The •line had parted and the whale had gone clear. "We clung to the boat until the mate s boat came to oiir assistance and picked us up. We had been :n the water about IS minutes and had had sufficient whaling for that day. Nothing-was seen of that whale afterward." •too M.»ny Flpen for the Tobacco. When Judge Charles B. Andrews, of the Connecticut supreme court, was a freshman at Amherst it was the custom to "smoke out" freshmen. A party of a dozen or more of the fellows would enter the room of an unsuspecting boy, light their pipes axid smoke until the victim gave in and offered a treat When they came into Andrew's room they were without Uieir pipes aad had no tobacco a,bout them, but with a stern voice one fellow handed Charles a dollar and ordered him to get out ana procure pipes and tobacco for the crowd., Charles went out and soon returned, with 90 pipes and one cent's worth of .tobacco. They did not smoke him out that night. I!e»r« u Churmoil Life. There is a boy in Pennsylvania who can. lay claim to having a charmed life, if any such thing exists. Two yearsago a church was blown down upon him, but he came out not muck the worse, lor wear. Three weeks ago a horse f el^ . upon, .him, but the accident did him no; material injury. On Saturday a large, pole fell upon him, and it was supposed that he was killed. When the doctors got through with «M boy it was found that he had a broken jaw and was covered with bruises, but he is around now ubout as lively as ever. Tho name of this, lucky youngster is Elias Dunkie and he lives at Bellcfontc.^ Curiosity of tho Antipodes. The only fur-covered, four-footed 'member of the animal kingdom which lays eggs like a fowl is the nati yc beaver of Australia. HOOSIEK HAPPENINGS. News by Telegraph from Various Towns in Indiana,' JDoublo Llfo of Joltu N. Cltirk. " Shclbyville, Ind., Aug. 20. —John N. Chirk died suddenly last Friday. lit had been o resident of this city 36 \ears, was n reputable citizen :uiri the head of a family. A local paper states th.it CJarlv lias been leading ,-, double life, and that his name was not Chn-k, .but IVter Brooks. Mo7uliiy morning; Bartholomew D. Brooks, who asserts ihnt lie is a son of deceased, arrived Iron] Indianapolis and disclosed the fact that In 1 wns Ciark's son, and that, his father had separated from his mother in Mat. toon, 111., 20 years a^o without having secured n divorce, He stages that his father went from Mattoo'n to Pana, 111.. nnd was then married again. Mr. Brooks, who is a wen-to-do 1 business fiiah in Indianapolis, says he is Clark's only son, nnd will demand a share ot the large estate left by the dead man. DrajTKed from Aoil nnU Whipped. Imliaixipolis, Ind., Aug. 20.—A gang of white caps visited the home of William Jtay, near Modesto, Monday night, broke into the house whiio he wa-j '<i.s!eep and took him forcibly from the bet!. Tic was hurried to a forest, ni*.u the village, and, after being- tied to * tree, was given nn unmerciful whipping with a stirrup leather. After the bent- ing he was covered with a coat of tar from heat} to fopt and a l.xig o_f fpalh- ers was then emptied over his head. The whipping of Hay is alleged to hava been caused by his neglect of his family' for a wonfan who was whipped in the same neighborhood « month or more ago. Kay has a wife and three children. He was terribly bruised by the strap, and the tar placed upon the fresh cuts caused him intense pain. Mlchlgiin-Krin snip Cannl. "Ligonier, Ind.. Aug. 20,—Intowst in the nrojeet to construct n ship canal from M.iehiS';m City via La Porte, Souih JJond, Elkhart and Fort Wayne to To• ledo, 0., has been revived. W. U. Williams, of Xew York, said to represent a Uirge syndicate, has returned from a trip along the line of-the proposed waterway. " lie suys eastern capitalist!) will build the cnnnl if its eonstrufilion is feasible. Mr. Williams traveled over the route surveyed by Dr. Harris, ot Peiiance, 0., one of the early promoters of the project, and on his return cast engineers will make their final report. (F:IH JJxiiiortion In a Mine. Princeton, Jnd., Aug. 20.—A gas ex- pjosiou occurred at the Maul coal mine at six o'clock Tuesday morning just as the men were changing tricks. All had reached the top but two when the explosion took place. It was nine o'clock before, the bottom o£ the shaft could be reached by the rescuers. Frank Curbie, of Belleville, 111., was finally reached and brought to the top. He is badly burned nnd otherwise injured. .Charles Gnsimer has not yet been found, and it is almost certain that' he is dead. Sho Defended Her Mother. Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 20.—James McGraw was brought into police court bespattered with blood. He had been laid out. senseless by his daughter, :\ girl of 1C. McGraw was engaged in beating his wife. The mother's screams •attracted the attention of her daughter, who was playing croquet, and she came in and stopped the trouble with a blow with her croquet mallet that felled hei father to the floor in an unconscious condition. Haj-tl May Pay a CInliu. Lebanon, Ind., Aug. 2fi.—Judge Cason, ex-congressman from this district, has received news from Washington that his old claim of $500,000 against the government of llayti is being pushed for. payment, and that he will likoly get the full allowance soon. This obligation is .in the form of a judgment litigated by Attorney Cason ami assigned fo him by •his client. . ' Dry GoodK Houso Closed. Wabash,' Intl., Aug. 20.—The dry goods house of-]J. H. Murray in this city was closed Tuesday. Xostatementof Uiecon- •lition of the'.business was obtainable, but it is untlerstood'thnt the liabilities, ; which nre mostly for goods bought of wholesale houses in Xcw York and Chi- cogo. are $1R,000, with assets of $20,000. Uny.-* a Resort. : Bedford, Ind,, Aug. 20.—Miss Ada L. Bnmdnge, of Chicago, through her agents, has- closed a deal for Indian Springs health and pleasure resort. The consideration was $00,000, most, of which is in Chicago property nnd Florida lands. The resort will be open h'ere- nftcr the year round, Found In a IfoapH.nl. Huntington, Ind,, Aug. SO.— William Mitchell, purporting to be from New Mexico, was.taken sick on an Erie train a week ago and taken to the infirmary, 'where he is still sick. Monday Sheriff ' Levei-ton was notified by the sheriff ot Carrollton, Mo., to arrest him. He is wanted for forgery. Annetfl Arc Sl.OOO.OOO. Anderson, lud., Aug.' 2G— Receiver Akeri places the assets in the Union steel works failure at an even $1,000,000 including the plant at Alexandria, which is placed at $800,000. He cannot give exact figures on liabilities, butthcy will run about $400,000 or $500,000. 1 Would-Bo Rescuer Die*. Hartford City. Ind., Aug. 20.—Foul pas in a well caused two deaths Tuesday. Oliver Letto was overcome when Jie removed the platform nnd fsll to the bottom. Owen Duffoy, who went to the rescue, wns likewise overcome. Heavy Failure In Denver. Denver, Col., Aug. 26.—Late Tuesday nf ternobn Otto Mears took charge of tha stock of the Appel Clothing company, one' of the oldest and heaviest concerns in the city, ns agentfor the mortgagees, whpse claims aggregate Snc.OOO. The assets of the coin puny are estimated at $400 000 and liabilities at$2no.OOO. The Labor of getting jl 095 Meals confronts some one in every home each year. Whoever Ihe work devolves upon should ' know about NONE SUCH MINCE MEAT ll cako that Will be Die dc- n household. Si oi everywhere tl iceflofmoltinsyonrc nof The COAST LINE to MACKINAC W MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers ThcOrentert Perfection vet attained In Boat Construction--Luxurious Equipment, Artistic Fnrnlshln?, D«oration ond E'.liclcnt Service, insuring the highest degree of COHFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. 1-ouR TRIPS PUB \VCCK BcrwttK Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac PETOShr.v, : 'THE soo," MARQUETTE, AND DULUTH. LOW RATES to Picturesque Mackinac «nd Return, 'including neni» end Berths. From Cleveland, $18; from Toledo, $is;from Detroit, $13.50* EVERY EVENING Between Detroit aad Cleveland Connecting ftt Cleveland with Earliest Trains for all points East, South and Southwest and at Detroit for c U points Nortli and Korthwest. Sunday Trlpt. June, Julr, August and September Onfy, EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Pui-in-Bay J Toledo Send for Illustrated Pamphlet. Address A. A. 8CHANTZ. a. f. A.. D»T»OIT, MICH. Ttie Detroit aad CleveJanfl steam ft?. Go. ONE-HALF SIZE OF BOX. . POZZONFS jeOMPLEXION POWDER! f hx* been tho standnrfi Tor forty yewa and* ( la moi-o popular to-aay th:i» over before. POZZOM-S J Is ibo Ideal oomplciloa povrdcr—bc«nHry!, froplilnR, cleanly, kealthful nnd harmless. , dellcu:*!, Invlf Iblo proiccUcu to the lace. | Vritli cr<TT*><>3:ofl>OZZOM'S nmnfri ninccnt ScovllTn GOLI> P BOX IJ fciten free of cliari 1 AT DRUGGISTS AND.FANCY 6TOEES. ' mtiapo — J - a well Han of HINDOO REMEDY rtODCCES IHI ABOVE ___ RESULTS In W ftVm. Care. Norvom lilsonws- *Mlln» Memo Paro»l5,SI<;cplc«snc-"5, MKhtly tn.. 0 - —_— »lon», etc.,caused by pn»t nbupos, Btvcurtepr «nd alu to Flirnnkon orpann, nnd quickly^ br.t surely restores l**t U4»»liood J n old oryouh£. X&aUycnrrledtnTest porltrt. l>rlco#1.00ajiackQKO. Slltorfi.OOwlllilj !Si!<m*""'5", but tStSU on hivftie INKAFO, K B atirdriiirBiipthiinnotgot It.T-o win send itproptJd. rlcnlal McdUal Co-lToom., CUdctt I1L. «r»r vuU. *OU?l>rS ".f. KeeslmgT LOGANSPORT, JND, •»nd Icadint; dvaccists elsowhof*" CHICAGO MOSICSI COLLEGE CentrJl'MiiticiHill, Chlwigo. Of. F. Ziejleld, PlM. ai«t.Ycnr1>crlnaSept.T. J8Oe. the Fmmott IruUtuttnn oi Amtrica. JaclllUos tot a tborouirb course lu MUSIC and DRAMATIC ART. Cmplcti C.UIof ...U1.1.J Mo.lal tarn* * ronai ml Ir» ApplicaUons for iho froo ? nd parUalscholarihlpi will be reccivoil 10 August 10th. .«fi Did «3 IP S D n.raoJy for c;uc, .. tfon, irritation or nlccra* ,' 1 ! tion ot inucou» mtm- op flont in pJnin'M-.raEipcr^ by oxprsB*. prepaid, for il.oo, or 3 bonk*, 12.".'.. Circular KDt on nxjucsl Scarlet Fever. Taken in time Braiilian Balm preventi tvphoid or sc&riet fever. Also makei these diseases very, light »nd alwayi prevents deafness and throat troubles, which scarlet fever and measles BO ofte. leave behind. Always keep oa hanfl. Families in the Cottnby Should always keep Brazilian Balm oa hand. It ie the doctor in the house, always xeadv nnd reliable. For coldis coughs, croup, catarrh, aslhms, pleurisy, rheumntipm, constipation, female troubles and all kinds ot fc-vers it acts like migic and saves many a doctor's bill and many o. long sickness

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