Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 12, 1932 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1932
Page 9
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, Election, ivory , * "Kenneth iwniB, Mr. Whispering , Kenneth i™ Calling Thee, Mou!ton ( .Lii- Winnlfred 'Friday, Ai benediction, Mr, Hired— rfefct yeai- Laurltjsen Is nt-V,' A/Barrett, pi-ln- ) • Granner, Cehtef,, __ and Marjorie Strana- Bngllsh; Mre.; V. A. ,Y"Yth< (trade! 'Mildred Gran- $£&*»* ^igrs™ **-ar«J£: 'i£ Keek Saturday, evening at raduating e*ercto« will be ft 'the high school auditorium ,'f B Bennett, president of ,Up- lojra university, ,will be apeak- «"»° rs are Walter Ml Her Gable, Alice Moulton, Elgar Melbourn Jones*, Alice . Wilbur Haseebrock, Elmer mler, Elmer, Zlelske, Bertha "ptari WIrtjes,, Jerry Barnes pAnila Gelhaus. . 1 Pity «t I/Ifermore— '. ' „.( Thursday evening Mr., fcV 'A. Barrett, .Miss Jones, and rRandall drove to tyvermore to 'a senior r play, .Just i ^^^ 287O „ PAPERS «W«9 9 V Printed Last Week *1r.nl,tlon by t «r In K OS »nth. CTADC WHKIf TOC OtUtl It O I Ul U Th ** " °* e Alf«*i Nlttf not keep comlnf liter you ordet It Save yonrselt tntate cmMttMtMtMt »f flie paper yon can fttof *tiet r«* WMt ft ALGONAi IOWA, MAY 12, 1932 UP 33 IN ALGONA VISIT .Number 35 the Doctor Ordered. Mr«. Bar- "iVother, Herbert Raney, Is [hate there this year. AVomen -Meet— " [Bureau women met with .'Blanche .Tenks Friday. Plan | laid for Achievement .day at th< yterlan church, Burt, June 6 H club girls will .furnish par program, and, 14''township^ I'haye booths. ' H ( lilner Here Visits VHtafre— , W. A. Wright, Eagle Grove last week Wednesday ' an lay here, renewing old ac fclntances. Her husband. ,-ran ural store' and the/ ppstof f Ice' sniany years ago. ' , [Closes Xext Week— 10! closes next week Friday. : weather permits the pupils | present a pageant showing the of Ledyard from the time {"Indians roamed here up to the int. " ' ) Bill Teams Beaten- Thursday the junior f high lall team played at_Eltnore and ^beaten, 5-4, in"a~9-nTn1«g game. i week Monday the high' school i played Burt and was/defeated, tyls, Teachers In Frolic- juniors, seniors, and the hilly had a picnic Saturday at jerlaken. There is a large junior 20 members. The evening ! ppent at roller-skating. \ttn lose Stillborn Senam! Mrs. D. B. Mayer, last : Tuesday morning, lost a still- i son. Mrs. Ostermann, Wlnne- »,'Is caring for Mr^, Mayer, who Covering, tors (ilve Class Play— Tie seniors presented their play, i Wouldn't Be Crazy? before a Milled house Friday evening. Ich credit is due the director, Miss > I. 8. T. C. M. A P. Banquet Mrs. Ed Junket-meter went to Ce- I Falls Friday to attend a moth- I and daughters banquet with her Ightei' i rene| attending^.? school ' Carpenter • D. A, Carpent^ stroke earty last ;»£& Mon- 1 morning. 12 NEWSBOYS WIN TRIP AS PAPER PRIZE The''Register & Tribune 1 autoglro paid Its scheduled visit to Algona last Thursday and delighted hun- drede of spectators with Its ability to take off and land within a few feet of ground space. Pilot Chas. Gatschet was In charge, and Oval Quist, Register-Tribune representative, -looked after the ground-work. Mr. Gatschet, Mr. Quist, and Mr. Johnson, also of the Register- Tribune, took advantage of the opportunity to hear Senator Brookhart apeak before the Kiwanls club at noon. They had anticipated return to the airport before 1 o'clock, but they were hemmed In by spectators at the Kiwanls mooting and they were, unable \o get away till "after that-hour. This disappointed school children who had 'gone to the airport at noon to see the machine fly. Persons who rode in the autoglro on Invitation of the Register & Tribune were Mayor C. F. Specht, County Supt. William' Shirley, Supt. Overmyer, D. E. Dewel, Postmaster S. J. Backus, Alice >Payne, Register correspondent, P. P. Zerfaes, fair secretary, Ida H. Larson, Swea City, M. H. Falkenhainer, chairman of the airport committee, A. L. Cunningham, Hagg post commander, •Leigh.ton Mlsbach and William Titus, owners of a local plane, .Tune Corey, Editors Thaves, of'.the : Burt Monitor, J. A. Schwartz, of the Fe"n- ton Reporter, and Clemans, of the Lakota Record, Florence Godfrey, Lii Verne News employe, Editor W. W. Sturdivant, Wesley News-World, and H. L. Huskamp, Fenton.' Newsboys who had earned rides in the autoglro were on hand: Donold Akre, John J. Dutton, Junior Beardsley, Kenneth Harris, Robert La -Barre, Emmet Beard; Darwin Baker, Orval Haynes, and .Howard Medln, all of Algona; Everpul Loe- Wg, Wesley;. Veryl Thaves, Burt; and Nate Walsh, Titonka/ W. J. Payne, -Register-Tribune . district sales manager and Advance farm editor, also had a ride. Highwaymen Take Money and Clothes from West Bend Man The West Bend Journal tells following interesting story: the sota license plate on it, and Bob, not having pencil, remembered the Bob Kinkade had /in experience " umber s till he could get to a farm-. with twn imi,i „„ ™ ^.r , TT ! nouse ' where he wrote them down, with two hold-up men Monday. He He had the farmer take him to the left early that morning, with Des Molnes ns destination, to look for work, and he wae using the hitchhiking method of transportation. Waiting at an oil station at Algona, Bob got into conversation with a couple of young men who Said they were going to Dee Molnes and that if he didn't mind being crowded he could ride with them. Bob decided this was as good a way as any. They stopped at Ames for lunch. Three miles from Des Moines, the young men said they wanted to see a party, and eo turned off on a side- road. Suddenly they stopped, and one got out. The other pressed something against Bob's side, told 'him to get out, and then ordered him to take off his. overcoat, coat, vest, trousers, and a wrist watch he was wearing. Bob did as he was told, and the pair proceeded to leave. This was about 3 o'clock, and it wae raining. Bob asked them not to leave him in that condition, so they threw him a pair of overalls and his overcoat, and 'beat it. The car had a Mlnne- •*• H, B HALLOCK, 66; FORMER EDITOR AT BURTJS DEAD Hi B. Hallock, whom elderly Bancroft and Burt citizens' of the late 90's recall, Is dead. His first wife deceased, was a daughter o'f the late Mi 1 , and Mrs. Dennison Paine, who farmed in Portland township for a time and then lived successively at Burt and Algona. She was a sister of the late Geo. W. and C. E. Paine and of the surviving E. E; Paine, Burt; Mrs. Geo. S. Tyndale, Carroll'; Prof. F. D. Paine, head of the Ames electrical department; and police station at Des Molnes, where he reported the affair. Bob had had In mind calling, on some of his wife's relatives there, but their address wae in his billfold, which was taken, but by the use of a telephone directory he located them. He afso called on Assistant Attorney General Wisdom, former superintendent of schools here. After-spending the night at Des Moines, Bob thought the best thing would be to .return to West Bend. He telephoned his wife, and she and his father met him at St. Joe Tuesday evening. In the bill fold which the hold-up men took, was a $50 <postoffice money order and about $11 in currency, besides an Identification cai-d telling the finder to .notify F. H. Kinkade, West Bend, Bob's father. Wednesday morning Mr. Kinkade received a letter from Des Molnes telling him that the writer had found the billfold'. No further word has been, received, but no doubt Bob will ' get the money order back, though will still be out his suit and the wrist watch. Harry Paine, who lives nia. in Callfor- . Is helping *cafe v for her. Day «h and grades, gave -Mothers' day program Friday I *f lr mothers, and then preaent- '•"'•> the pupils had raa<Je. ,- . Thursday the Lutheran -Aid, i had a picnic at the Mrs. L. Vj. , " i--»-.»«w Mb "*V *»»*«• ^*« m home, and a large crowd 1 ' at- 0ther Black, Mr, 'and 'Mrs. , , . Hendrlckson, anflf the lat' 0? Des M °in*». spent t week Monday to-?hur»- Friday- Mrs, «• • » Mr. Hallock was married a second time, but his second wife died a few years ago. In December, 1899, he sold his paper, the Burt Monitor, to W. C. Dewel, then of Goldfield, and left the county. Further facts of in- "terest Appear in the following clipping from last week's Eagle Grove Eagle: H. B, Hallock, 66, county treasurer and republican candidate "for renomlnatlon, died at his home" in Clarion at 9 o'clock, Tuesday even- jn£.' He suffered a paralytic stroke eflirly Tuesday marning. Dr. Tomp- klns was called and found that con- tj'ol • of his entire left side was gone. He died without regaining con- sciousnees. Mr. Hallook's daughter, Mrs. L,ynn Cowan, Ree Heights. S. D., reached his bedside half an hour before his death. His other daughter, Mrs. Edyv. Pratt, Chicago, arrived after her father had passed away. Eugene Hallock, Washington, D. C., Is In a hospital, seriously ill, too -111 in fact to be informed of his father's death. Funeral services •svill be held Friday afternoon at 2:30 at the Congregational church, Clarion. • Burial Will be in Rose Hl)l cemetery, The Maeonic funeral service will be given at the grave here. v. Mr. Hallock was born in Clayton county September 15, 1865. When he grew to manhood he learned the printing trade in Algona .Printing pfflces, and later purchased the Bancroft Register, which lie pub- Jtehed for one year. He then bought the Burt Monitor, and soon established, the Fenton Reporter, In 1900 «T^' •* • •• it « «Aiir0no.nara * and MOTHER OF EDITOR OF WINDOW SEAT DIES; ILL A WEEK Advance readers who used to follow the Window Seat column, written by W. B. Jamison, bachelor, former Iowa (Shenandoah) democratic congressman who. practices law at Washington, P. C., and as a hobby writes weekly political letters for a large string of newspapers, will remember his frequent references and his evident devotion to his aged mother. During the last few weeks, Mrs. Jamison, who was in 'her 80's, had been mortaly sick, and a week ago she died. In Mr. Jamison's Window Seat release for this week's papers, he wrote: : Mother left us last evening at 7:30 in a sweet and -peaceful sleep; no struggle,' no suffering, only quiet, prayers, and stillness as the •evening shadows fell. This is written Thursday morning early, May 5. I am trying.to rejoice in her, in her life, the wonderful memories, her goodness, her devotion, in her present happy state, and not to be saddened too much by her going. To ask to have her back'would be only selfish. . . • I am thankful, to the one who instituted the word "mother." Someway I can't think of any other word that comprehends so much and so well; above ajl,other human words it reveals the depths and the heights of eternal goodness. ( She' went with complete assurance. She had no regrets. Nor did I. I am so glad that she had said, over and over again, that she never, knew what a cross word was from me. Her faith in her Saviour, her love of the Father, her life of activity, always and only In the one direction—good—will be a sermon, and will last, In its effects, until the end of eternity/! As I looked at her fading away, I nought of the two sets of com- nandmehts, the ten given to Moses n the Old'Testament and the two given by Christ Himself In the New Testament. For 58% yeas we had been pale, especially because I was an only child; and never during all he Intimate contacts of this long jeriod of time had I seen her swerve Open Mind Needed This little editorial was written by a North End woman who permits no designation except "Mrs. J. H. H." . What do we want most in life these difficult days? The biggest even by so much as a hair's breadth i-om both the letter and the spirit Of every one of these command- iients. Higher .compliment could not be paid. . On Saturday afternoon; after services at the dear church she loved so much—it, her pastor, her Bible, ler Christ, and her friends were the ^ things In her life—her mortal wrt will be laid away in the beaur iful Fort Lincoln cemetery here In ashington, at the top of a rugged hill, with tall and etately trees In a mlf circle, sentinels to guard her •estlng place, with the eastern and •he western sun having full sweep, while her real and eternal self .will be unspeakably happy In the glorious new day just opening for her. -sold these newspapers a half Interest in the Eagle 'r. Mock sold h^ ,„ terest in the Eagle and bought tt Eagle Qrove Times-Gazette, which ^'continued to publish W! 'he s$ It in" December. 1920. Two yem later he was elected treasurer, and he fead served the people <* WrfgW Bounty,.faithfully »nd weU in thjtf up to the time of bis death. : June, 1892, Mr. Hallock ir"-- rled" Minnie Paine, Burt. Four < ^T« ™rA born, but one is dead. Victor and Woodmen orders. P. wish is to get away from it all. We are tired of talk of the depression tired of' talk about taxes, tired of losses and bad news. But actually physically, we can't get away. We are tied down by a thousand obligations: obligations to self, obligations to community, obligations to the nation. In our country and abroad we shall have major problems as long as this generation lives. It may be doubted that we shall ever get back to the calm and quiet, of the days before the war. We are going through ..immense social changes effecting home, com munity, and nation. We must recognize this fact and regard it with an open mind; in such times as these we need open-mindedness, un derstanding, and tolerance. We have had a great splritua awakening relating to our duty t relieve human suffering. The de velopment of real character among men and women goes on in bac times as in good. And after all 'the formation of -good character is th most important thing in life. ' It eeems that the best. recipe f o financial security is to live withi: our means. This was the practlc of. our .forefathers, and we. hav found nothing better. Work on th old standards is what Is needed. W owe a duty to the world to earn ou living and help others to do likewise We must keep faith as "Job" di so many centuries ago. Jehova said unto him, "Thine own righ •hand can save thee," God Is sayln the same thing to us today. Job' faith made him a man of character Such character is needed right no' in the men and women of America and in this sprit America cannot b downed. & Daughters club, meet this week Thursday with Mrs. Violet Walker, and the opening song will toe Onward, Qhrjstjan Soldiers, roll call to be answered with names of Iowa counties. Papers are to be read by Mesdaraes Edna Mitchell and Nettie Rich. Mesdamee Clara Drayton and Alta Bowman met last week Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Jessie Mitchell to plan yearbooks for the Mothers £ Daughters club. The new club year will start'July 1. "A large crowd attended the air autogiro show at the airport last Thursday, The Union No. 7 school yas disrobed at noon so pupils could attend. The NorvU Mitchells, infield, drove to Etn* Mitchell'? Saturday for a visit till Sunday, when they home. Norvil is a eojj oj M^ Mr* Etna Mltcbejfc JtF- GEORGE B, HALL, OLDTIME BANKER AT WESLEY, SIP Wesley, May 10—George B. Ha was taken to the Koesuth hospita last Thursday, and was low Fr day, though somewhat Saturday, . He has been improve in , poo health for eome months. His daugh ter Leota, New/Richland, Stlnn teacher, came 'Friday; V De Etta principal at Forest City; came las Thursday; -Oebrge.Jr, and his wif Chenoa, 111., came Saturday; an Walter 'and arrived Monday. wife, -Daytpn, O M.-D, CLUB IN UNION GIVES MOTHER'S TEA Union Twp., May 10—Mrs. Angle Stoutenberg and her' daughter, Mrs. Lillian Jones, were hostesses at an annual Mothers day tea last Thursday sponsored by the Mothers & Daughters club. Members took .mothers as guests. Program: club song; piano, Mrs. Paul Krlethe; Tributes to Mothers and Origin of Mothers' 'Day, Mrs. H. K. Smith; two vocal solos, Mrs. Gerald Brace, rlfces were given to the youngest other, the oldest mother, the mother weighing the most, the one weighing the least, and the mother the largest family, among those ttendlng. The committee in charge onsisted of Mesdames Lulu Elston, uella Schenck, and Ethel Smith, 'he hostesses served a tray lunch, n May 19 Mesdames Mame Steinman and Ida Winkle-Sr. will be ostesses. Program: roll call, chll- ren's sayings; 'Things Babies Wish heir Parents Wouldn't Do, Mrs. Irma Harvey; reading, The Chil- ren's Hour, Mrs. Amelia Engstrom. 'hree In Spelling Contest- Kenneth Sarchett, Dorothy Ward, ,nd Alden Reid were among 48 ontestants who spelled at. the court- ouse a week Ago Saturday to • se- ect a county champion to compete n a state contest. The word "poll- ics" downed-Kenneth,'while "tine- ure" and "iodine" were misspelled iy Dorothy and Alden respectively. Jorothy and' Alden were among the ast half of the contestants to be downed, and both went in the same •ound. Most of the teachers of the own, a number of other pupils, and several parents attended. Club Will Honor Mothers— The Busy Bee club met a week ago Friday at Mrs. .Georgia Hold- ng's, with most of the members present. The program was current events, with a social hour and lunch. The next meeting will be a Mothers' lay tea, Esther Bahling, hostess, and members may take a guest. The n-ograni committee is Mesdames Katherine Leason, Elsie Duggan, and Vera Ringsdorf; the menu committee, Mesdames Dora Dremmel, Georgia Holding, and Ida Winkle. W. H.-WaTd Dies Suddenly— •Frank. Rlebhoff recently received word of the. sudden death from 'a heart attack of his brother-in-law, W. H. Ward, Nickerson, Kan. Mrs. Ward, who was Susan Riebhoff, died in February. The Wards epent a month ^yith Kossufch relatives last summer. work missed Was later made up. Other Union. Alice Mahoney, who attended the Dist. No. 4 school several years prior to March 1, when her parents moved to a farm near Burt, spelled In the county contest at Algona a week ago Saturday. Lena Bennett, a Union girl, teaches the school Alice now attends. . The Dist. No. 4 school had a 3- day vacation week before last. The teacher, Miss Sage, spent a 'day visiting the Diets. 1, 5, and 7 schools,} taught by Mary Fraser, Mary Gisch,' and Mrs. Genevieve Genrich'respec- tively, and also spent a day at Fort Dodge. . •F. 'S. Thompson and his man, Clifford Pelleymounter, in the absence of a tractor, have .been providing power for a. disc by using an old Ford car. The disc . was - attached behind the car, which was driven back and forth across the field. Mre. Kate Doege has returned to her Algona home, after two weeks with her daughters, Mesdames Clarence Riebhoff and Aaron Taylor, following three weeks at the Kossuth- hospital, where an operation wae performed.' Mrs. F. 'S. Thompson, president of the Dist. No. 4 P. T. A., announced a meeting- for Friday evening, but it was postponed because of rain and resulting muddy roads. It will now be held this week Friday at the schoolhouse. j Kenneth Sarchet, Dorothy Gus- j tafson, Milton Riedel, Bernlce Dodds, Walter Rich, Alden Reid, Marbeth Will, and Leon Gardner wrote egihth' grade county examinations last Thursday and : Friday. All farmers have been busy of late, preparing the ground for planting corn. They are undaunted 'by a 25c a bushel price. FARMER FINDS $13,000 IN CASH HIDDEN IN HOUSE A farmer living north of Minnesota Lake, Mike McArdle, was helping his wife paper their house, says the -Elmore Eye. At one place there was a hole in the plaster, and, reaching, in, the man touched wads of JDaper, which proved to toe money —oodles of itr A little further on he found a can of $20 gold .pieces. Altogether there was $13,000. It is thought that the money had been hidden by Mr. McArdle's parents, who died several years ago under circumstances that,would have prevented .their disclosing the hiding place. •-..'"' »' 6 TRUCK LOADS OF SILVER dollars eaved this territory during Gamble's 2 for 1 tire sale—or, 231,- 000 silver dollars. This is left In! the community for taxes, schools,' etc. 29*86 What has happened^ TO THE MILLIONS iTare they drinking now- all those who drank the old-time beer? They have tried home brews —but certainly something BO crude and- impure cannot hope to satisfy. To find the answer for yourself, as Kt'llions of others have done, •we recommend this new-day brew. Atlas Special Brew is so pure, BO healthful that doctors endorse it and a Cainous laboratory certifies every.bottle. ..The zest is there, the sparkle and foam, the flavor and aroma. •The digestive helps are in it, and the aids to sleep. The. tonic quali- ©A.B.Co,1932 EVERY BOTTLE ties, the soothing factors, the lights, are there. The same;masters make it .in the same:old -way. The same selected malt, and the same db- .meetic and imported •Bohemian hops. In. the brewing we develop the old alcoholic content. Aftei the brew is aged for months to ripen, we-'extract the alcohol to meet the. law. All else is there, i , .Let us prove to you how much! > this Atlas Special Brew can. meant to you and, yours. It costs only; 15 cents a bottle at : your neigh--' borhood drug, grocery or delico-j teasen store. Look-for the greet* Atla» Special label on eachbottle. AtCMWUC C«MfCNT UM fMN •»«••*!»:•'•» I I Humboldt Brewing Co. 414 Sumner Avenue- Phone 36 Humboldt, Iowa, School Pupils See Autoglro— Most of the Dist. No. 4 pupils were at the airport last Thursday during part of the time the Des Molnes Register & Tribune autogiro was there. The pupils were excused 'between 10:30 a. m. and 2 p, m. The WHEN I DRIVE I GO PLACES <a -, in buyinq... you save in usinq •fjf* BAKING HV POWDER SAME Mia f^TOROVIR * 40 YEAR* 15 ounces for 25t O N i Of POuNUi UttD B> For Service It's Odorless, Stainless, Colorless, ana Non-Explosive BERLOU Clothing, Hugs, Draperies, Upholstered , Furniture, Pianos, Furs, etc. Mothproof For Life HOW VOF'CAN BENEFIT BY BEBfcOU'PERMANENT MOTHPROOF Your furs, woolens, blankets, feathers, rugs, draperies, overstuffed furniture, all can an<i should be motbproofe^ for life by this quick, simple, economical method. 4ipw^^WPtfb^^ ^ipi^^wi ^ppft^TpF^jp ^grf^^l^l w^l^pl^w^p; 1 • „ .. , , ^ T Prompt service — Right prices w^ !??$« Owen Lodge, dental technician ofButte, Montana, tell* Robert Catey about motor. ing problem* in the Rockiet ...He drive* a Chevrolet. An Interview by ROBERT J. CAS BY "TN the Rockies," wud Oweu « When I got thi. w, I 61kd lUdge of p««e,«tlie differ. itnpwithfco,Vto W dI*v f been encebetween«cara id.moun, U.o goal i» that yo* doa't h«v« to lubricate the go»t,» even * wbon knock, «uid |' ve Mr. Lodge i« « deuUU te,h. «ver ha* <o grind V «lvf* driven « 1930 Chevrolet over connection with rny work »wt *»«, J^Ffe (ft 3^01 wife* of canyon road* when I do drive I want to go product) wiU and nigh p«»«eft, ptoef, I wept fflpw 8«tte 19 " "Out here you can't afford «^«**^lllS?*«yfc!l»r!^ to experiment with engine bQWW^WW*** tWQ «WWtaiu oiL n lie uid u he took a Biffin . *^**T"* BBJJf-j^plUJUi W^ ^B»T g "-^."l » -¥ffajS^'B£

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