Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 12, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1932
Page 5
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#w' 4' ,«i .SHOES And we follow fashion with many- 1 lovely ' models for sports, tailored, and formal wear. You'll want white shoes, of each type in your favorite fabric and leather— and 'you'll choose them here, because our prices are lower Priced at $4.00 $4.85 $5.85 IN ALL SIZES and WIDTHS Christensen Bros. Co. Shoe Department ' iOCALS Mrs Jennie M._C ewe l 1 9 still 8lc k with stomach trouble, but Is reported somewhat better. The grounds about the new high school building have been leveled and grass seed has been sowed. Mrs. Julia Brace spent Sunday and Monday with the W..E. Braces near Burt. \Vllllam l e her son. > The F. B. Shaffers, Mason City, spent Sunday with, Mrs. Shaffer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Pflxson. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. strett spent. Sunday with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Coonan, Em- weteburg. Mildred and Edward Capeslus attended an annual Cherokee Junior college "prom" Monday evening. Mildred Is a former student of the college. Editor and Mrs. Lee O. Wolfe, of Titonka, were Algona visitors Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Wolfe has for a month or more been suffering an attack of the flu. Mrs. C. A. Momyer and her son John got home last Thursday from Chicago, where they had spent ten FA* Kitenball League Schedule • , -„ ' • May State Highway-Elk ,.__ 2 Boren-Gamble , x _. „„ 4 Bakery-Postoffice --. ^ 6 Elk-Boren ....^.^ '.__»_; I..I 9 State Highway-Postoffice I—Ill Bakery-Gamble 13 Boren-Postoffice .-._ ^ 15 Elk-Gamble —uIIIIIl8 State Highway-Bakery 20 Elk-Postofflce 23 Boren-Bakery ^_. HIII.IIaB State Highway-Gamble 27 Elk-Bakery _ 31 _ . June Gamble-Postofflce 1 State Highway-Boren 3 June 6 S 10 33 15 1.7 20 22 24 27 29 July 1 . 5 July 11 is 15 18 20 22 25 27 29 Aug, 1 3 10 12 Augt 15 17 19 22 24 26 29 31 Sept. 2 C 7 9 12 14 16 to Des Molnes yesterday afternoon, and laet night Mr. Goeders attended a meeting of the fish and . game commission. Mrs. Stubbs, of Des Moines, who had been visiting her days with the former's" daughters', I tlau & hte r Helen, physical education u* ntor and Friday, May 12 & 18 THE SITE PARADE" feives two sides o£ dry dispute. All •cast representing both sides. tor dry, you'll like it.:If you're t take a dry with you and vice', .You'll have something to dls- i (or months. , •..;.' . •• latinee Thursday 2:30, 10-2'oc. Saturday, May .14. ' DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM SUMMERVILLEt LOUISE FAZENDA in "Racing Youth" medy, thrills, and what' ' have You'll like this .one—for the |ole family. —Then— Episode No.. 3 of | The Air Mail Mystery and now the aurpsle HOOT GIBSON in ' "Trigger Tricks" it's pictures'are always * clean, some, thrilling. . • Itaees, 1:30 & 3:30, prices 1Q-250 ping, 7:15 and 9:15, prices main "' 4Qc, balcony 30c, children lOc. Sunday innl Monday, 31 ay 15 nnd 10 This is The Sight —with— LILY DAMITA . ROLAND YOUNG CHARLIE RUGGLES GARY GRANT She was the best dressed woman in Paris. When her train got caught In the door of the taxi and she left it behind her, she was still the best dressed woman in Paris'. See! Laugh! Roar! comedy love affair that laughs all over Europe. Tuneful songs, grand plot; also Paramount News and selected short subjects. • , , . Matinees 1 p. m. ,to 5 p. m. entire house, 10-2oc, after 5 p. m., 10-40c. Tuesday-Wednesday, May 17 and 18 An Ernest Lutoltsch Special. Broken Lullaby (The man I killed.) LIONEL BARRYMORE NANCY CARROLL PHILIP HOLMES All that Is best, all that is finest In the cinema is contained in the deeply affecting drama which Ernst XiUfoitsch has brought so exquisitely to the screen. A truly convincing human drama. Matinee Tuesday 2:30 p. m., prices 10-250. . ••:.%, Here Are house frocks you'll be glad to lie seen ID. They a're youthfully styled, find have all the attractive details of silk fashions. Some have sleeves . , . some are sleeveless... and soine have"iiriish~guimpe"' ef- feets, $1 TO $1,95 Mrs. Colt and Maxlne. A. Hutchison and E. J. Hough left for San Antonio, Tex., a week ago to look after affairs In connection with the Geo. L. Galbralth estate. They are expected back this weekend. The Rev. Oliver Morgan and his wife, evangelists, are conducting revival meetings at the local Nazarene church. The 'campaign began yesterday and will close Sunday, May -29. Mrs. AVllIlam Philo, Iowa Falls, and her daughter Gertrude are visiting at Henry Guderian's. Mrs. •Philo, nee Walston, was formerly Mrs. W. J. Guderian, and Henry is her son. The Rev. C. V. Hulse spoke at a meeting of the Lakota-Buffalo Center commercial clubs at 'Buffalo Center last Thursday evening, taking for his subject The Way Out of the Depression. 'Richard Soreneen suffered a painful cut in his right foot last Thursday while he was unloading at the city clump. He slipped and stepped on glass which cut a deep gash In the instep. Mrs. James Beggins, Port 'Dodge, and her granddaughter, Mary Catherine Cain, went home Friday, after a visit since last week Tuesday with the latter's father, M. B. Cain, Milwaukee railway postal clerk. .T. B. AVorden, who has been sick with pneumonia two months, is still at the Kossuth hospital, and not much change Is reported. Harry Keith, who has phlebitis, is at home and able to he 'up most of the day. Robert O. Danson, who attended 'his father's funeral here Saturday, lives at Oklahoma City, where he was In the employ of . a nursery which recently failed. He reports a great deal of unemployment in Oklahoma. . • • Mr. and Mrs. George Holtzbauer and the latter's daughter, Lorraine Tierney, spent Sunday at Mason City with the Bernard Tlerneys, Bernard being a son of Mrs. Holtzbauer. Lorraine is employed at the Iowa State bank. Mr> and Mrs. Clarence Brownell, •Sacramento, Calif., and their baby left for home Sunday, after a few weeks with the R. A. Brownells and with Clarence's father, J. A. Brownell. ,T. A. accompanied them for an extended visit. Donald Rhode was called to Perry Monday morning t>y ; news that his father, J, C. Rhode, was sick with acute indigestion. Donald returned Tuesday, his father .being better. Donald is assistant at the L. M. Merritt funeral home. Angeles, yesterday with his parents, Mr. and' Mrs. W. H. Horan, while he was en route to Chicago on business for a paint concern on the coaet for which he travels. He came by train. Hattie Wilson and Esther Qulmby spent the week-end at Titonka, guests of Mr, and Mrs. Andrew Hansen. Mrs. Hansen was formerly Agatha Caughlln. Wattle lives with Mrs. John Caughlln, and Hattie and Esther are local- teachers. , Mrs. R. J. Laird and Mrs. Karl •Northington, Des Molnes, went home Saturday, after a few days with the former's mother-in-law, Mrs. Ella Laird, and • local friends. Mrs. Northlngton's husband -Is manager of-the Hotel Fort Des Moines. Mrs. F. C. Scanlan entertained her ty'ldge club Friday night at four tables, Mrs. E. A. Scheme! and Mrs. R. J. Keen winning the high scoree. Guests of 'the club were Mesdames J. L. Bonar, F. E. Kent, H. M. Smith, Walter Lorepz, and ,W, D- Andrews, " '.Arthur Sorensen has moved Into the house on Grove street owned by Samuel Medln. ' It wa» formerly occupied by Howard .Platt. The Sov- ensens lived at, Buffalo Center till they were burned out in the fire last fa'U, Arthuy is working In the Sorensen grocery. "" ;Mr. and Mrs. D, H. Goeders went teacher in the local schools, went home with Mr. and Mrs. Goeders. W. J. Weis, 'who came here from Hawarden a, few months ago and till recently worked at the Stehle shop, has opened his own barber shop in the building next weet of the creamery which C, S.. Johnson used for, a time after his fire last fall. Marcus Lindsey, Fenton, now works Saturdays at the Stehle shop. Dr. C. D. Schaap received word last week Wednesday that his father, C. C. Schaap, Sheldon, .had suffered a stroke which paralyzed the left side. Mr. Schaap, who traveled for the W. A. Ehlerman Jewelry and novelty company, Sioux City; was al a point In Minnesota when 'the stroke befell Mm. .«e' Is now at home. Harvey Ingham and his son Harvey Jr., of 'San Diego, were here laet Thursday night and part of 'Friday. Harvey Jr. and his family, including Harvey III, , brought the elder Inghams home from the coae: in the Harvey Sr. car. Despite his more than 70 years, the- elder Mr. Ingham now looks healthier than before in years. Dr. Harry Jenklnson, his wife and two sons drove to Algona from-Iowa City one day laet week and the family remained to visit Harry's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Jenkinson, while he went on to Sioux City to attend a state medical meet- 'ing and read a paper on the diagnosis of cancer of the stomach. Harry returned to . Algona' 'Friday •and took his family home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. AV. C. Dewel left yesterday afternoon for their cottage at Clear Lake, and there were met by Mr. and Mrs. Hugh R. Smith, who are taking them to Wa- toasha, Minn., home of the Smiths, j today. After a week with the Smiths, the Dewels will be taken to Le Sueur, Minn.', to visit the J. E. Raymonds. Mrs. Smith and • Mrs. Raymond are 'sisters of Mrs. bewel. where they had spent a few weeks, conducting a closing-out sale for a etore. Roy Is now connected with a concern which conducts these sales. The Chrlstensens were to spend several'days here, and . then .at Spencer with Roy's parents. They are guests here of Ihe Joel Herbste. Mrs. Chrlstensen and. Mrs. Herbst are sisters. • Al iFalkenhainer, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hauberg, Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Mathee, and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Godfrey are attending the annual conference of llth district Rotarians, which opened at Davenport yesterday and will close today. An Illinois district is holding a conference at the same time across the river at Rock Island, and parte of the program are common to both conferences. Among entertainment features offered was an evening 'boat ride on the Mississippi. Mr. Godfrey, who was to speak at the Davenport conference, ds the new president of the local Rotary club, but will not take office till July 1. Arnold Roupe and Carl Walker, former Algonians who had conducted a grocery store at Alexander year, moved to Goldfield a week ago and took possession of .the former Goldfield Grocery store, which they recently bought after eeliing out at Alexander. Arnold is the son of Mr and Mrs. C. E; .Roupe, Algona, and Carl the son of Mf. and Urt. JameA Walker, Whittemore. Arnold's att- ter, Irma Dee Roupe, Is at Qoldfleld, helping the Arnold Roupes get settled in the new home. Editor H. B. Colemaii, of the Lu Verne News, was among spectators at .the Srookhart address and the autogiro demonstration at the Legion airport last Thursday. He had an invitatoln to ride in the autogiro, but. Instead sent up his shop assistant, Miss Godfrey. Mr. Coleman le one of the unfortunates who are addicted with too much adipose tissue. A year or so ago, when he weighed 338 pounds, his sight began to fail, and the doctors'attributed it to his weight. Under their direction he reduced to 225 pounds, tout he 'has of late gained eight pounds. Strangely enough, he does not disdain spinach In his reducing diet, but he finds head lettuce a real trial. Mrs. A. A. Graham, who Is visiting Kossuth relatives and old friends, was at Algona Tuesday. Her husband still owns the Portland lived years. J. D. Graiham, who A Dish Fit For a King Our delicious Home Made Ice Cream Made from Cream, Milk, Eggs, and Sugar j Flavored—Fruit or nut. For banquets, picnics, or parties. A delightful dessert for all occasions, ', ™£ Algonquin Confectionery ; 101 East State Street Algona, Iowa ; returned from Minnesota a year or so ago, is tenant. Two or three years ago the A. A. Grahams went down to Daytona, Fla., expecting to return after a visit, but Mr. Graham found so much relief there from asthma, and they liked the climate and country so well, that they have remained there ever since. They live on a. dairy farm, and Mr. Graham works for the proprietor. Neighboring the farm le a small village two or three miles from Daytona Beach. Mrs. Graham says that even at that distance they can hear the thunder of the great waves of the Atlantic. She brought home Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Hoflus, driving their car, and expects to go 'back by bus. SPECIAL SALE LADIES' HATS, Saturday only, $1.00 each. — The "Elite. . 10u35 Friday, May 18th GEOHGE E. LEE AND HIS Brunswick Recording ORCHESTRA •Fourteen colored musicians, artists, and performers. Many of you remember 'him well. He opened the Coliseum, Titonka, for ue June 26th, 1931, and we've had hundreds of Inquiries as to when George E. Lee would appear again at the dancing- Coliseum, Titonka. 1,000 ladies FBEE. iseum, Titonka. 7'5c per couple. Pannkuk's Col- GOOD NEWS AT LAST! 69 % Egg Shortage Storage holdings eggs year ago _____1,893,000 cases April 1st, 1932 _____ _— 689.000 cases Shortage April ,1, 1932 1,204,000 cases Increased consumption of eggs April 1, 1932 _ ; 104,000 cases Astonishing actual egg shortage April 1, 1932 is 69 per cent or 1,308,000 cases GET THE POINT? Get a lot of Leghorn baby chicks of Wellendorf's f in May and June and reap the harvest that's I coming sure. . ^ Wellendort Leghorn Farm ALGONA, IOWA |IIII»!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!IIIIIIIII||||!IU | Goeders' 46th Anniversary | Clemmer Horan, Los visited from Sunday till FREE! 72 page radio log and tube testing, i Hurry, only a few radio logs left. HOLECEK RADIO SHOP Phone 37i. Algona, Iowa Wanted FOR FULL TIME WORK A good farmer, keeps hlg horses busy when there In work to be done. No part time lob Is theirs. : '•-'•.-• Why let your money work < only part time I. • • • Hake It earn more,(or you by Inventing In , , GOOD IOWA, BONDS Details on Request 1 M'DONALD&CO. 1 BONDS i la, State Bk. Bid*. Alrom \ Don't let these sale prices confuse you with garments which regularly sell at our, price! The values are unusual, and we warrant that you can't duplicate them. An Important Sale of Spring Coats and Dresses Specials ;J, w ^ „-_,:.,-.: lOc" _ —" T In the NEW V-8 The new V*8 is a revolutionary automobile, It is an entirely new car. jt has all the advantages ottfte wiost e£p.ejj§ive mobiles. Because of Us low first cost a»d its low operftftg expense. 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