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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1932
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ALGONA, IOWA. MAY 12, 1932 '"--" - — -==^=^^^ , . , 3 12 Pag . Number 35 ***v H^S 4 l ''•ft * -- — - - _ -•' — L — — •— — •- - --" • _ ^ ... - •->-.._ _____ •• ' . »»«*«^**» w NE INJURED WHEN CARS CRASH ETHAN 100 IATES ON BAU.DTS tickets to Be for the Primaries. ,,,„„ 100 candidates have state and county nominate republican and demo- bs, The ballots this' year • larger'than ever before, and iwea that nominations for a f of offices sought in 'both may have to be settled In Band state conventions. The Mate lor state offices recently and the date for county filed Saturday at midnight. , folloW: REPUBLICANS vn _ Smith W. JSrookhart; Sf C<So#<Wrge Cosspn, L. E. fa, Jienry Field, Glenn C. r—Dan W.' r TurnerV Louis John „ W,. Klme,$.J,Otto lah&Jove'rnor—C." F? Clark, Turner Will Speak Here District Supt. W. H. Lease announces that Governor Ban W Turner had been engaged for speaker ftt an annual Algona district Methodist Brotherhood rally here Friday June 3.~ The usual banquet In the basement of the local church will precede the address, if the attendance Is too large for the banquet room or the .church auditorium adjournment may be taken to the new high school auditorium, provided due arrangements for its usfe can be made. In that event the attendance of bhe public may be Invited? Program features besides the Governor's address will be singing by a male chorus and a quartet directed by Earl Josten, director of music in the Esthervllle schools. This will be Governor Turner's second speaking appearance In this county, but on the other occasion, when he was running for governor, he spoke,before the Algona Rotary club. . • •• tary of State— G. C. Green- . Auditor — H. A. Darting, Iw, Fischer, C. E. Krlngel, J. "ley, J. W. Long. Treasurer— Ray E. Johnson, Illatem y-General— John Fletcher, r A. Newport. of Agriculture — Mrs. Johnson, Guy M. Lam- irk J. -Thornberg. • Commissioner — S}tarr E. i, C. T/V- Felton, N. C. Gray, |'E. Martin, B. M. Richardson. District Offices. n— Fred C. Gilchrlat, Clara. Evensori,. 'Fort Hi Hjalmer P. Sandberg, Fort i Senator— George W.'Patter- mtatlve— J. C. Mawdsley, p'Coiriff'Offlces:' E. Bartlett. "Chas. to, Earl T, Griffith, Geo. P. - \ mrer-H, N. Kruse, H, , Fred'k Sohultz. /, i Court Clerk — J. A.< 'Freeh, |0rton, Harry A. Wright.' ler— Helen Dickinson, Ida K-J, P. Fisher, Everett L: I Fred L. Powell, W, IP Stew- \ Attorney— H. W. MHler, jBtlllman. M. Merrltt. Baperrigor. , . No. l-Oresoo, Garfield, Irv- Lu Verne, Rlverdale, Sex- an, "RTilttemore — F, J. J. H. Fraser, Hugh . No. 2-Algona, Plum Creek, B. Albright, Edwin N. f, Henry' Wegener, No. 3 — Buffalo, German; .Prairie, Ramsey,, Wesley: — . Droeasler, Olof Funnemark, Ubbe Winter, " L, ' G. • No. 4-Burt, E. Lone Bock, ». Greenwood, Lone'- Rock, •Creek, Seneca, Swea— Charles •S Geo. 3. Winkel. DEMOCRATIC red P, Hagemann,, N. , Ohas. p. Lytle/* Louie '. Hantel P. steck. lyde L. Herring; E, Roddewlg. ant-Governor— (Francis , R. Oaborne. ' of State— Mrs. Alex fWary, w. M. Shaw, C.. j. R^egel, Leo -«*i'y \j. xu, wujfsrsi or Agriculture—Ray Mur- 11 W, Smith. ' " f srv - H. P. B. Cowify 0fHcM< • j. Hul1 - .aurice Duffy, • Court Clerk-B. J.' W, G, DANSON DIES; ILL THREE WEEKS WITHJRYSIPELAS Warren C. Danson, who had been sick three weeks with erysipelas, died last Thursday, and funeral services were conducted Saturday at the Methodist church by the Rev. C. V. Hulse, pastor. The county bar association, of which Mr. Danson was a -member, attended in a body and also attended the burial at Riverview. cemetery. It had been known for a week or more preceding his death : that Mr. Dansons condition was critical. He had figured so long in the activities of the town that there were many inquiries dally for news of his condition. He made no fight for life, seemingly being weary and ready to go. -Mr. Danson, who would have been 71 had he lived till October 27, .was ,borh'of English Immigrants at Pewaukee, Wis., in 1861, the youngest of ten children, -all now- .dead,:'-His; parents had been married in England; ..•-:.In 1885 Mr. Danson came .to Algona, and he lived here 47 years. On July 25, 1890, he was married to Cora Maude Walker, who died . in 1916. He never remarried. There are six children, all of whom were here for the funeral: Florence (Mrs. Wm. K. Scholten), Spirit Lake; May (Mrs.- L. W. Fox), Algona; Robert O,, Oklahoma City,; Nell (Mrs. R.*H. Greenwood), Sidney; Dorothy (Mrs. L. D, Lehan), Sioux City; and Paul A., ; Algona. There are eight grandchildren, two of whom bear their grandfather's name. After he .came here Mr. Danson Studied law under his brother, the late R. J. Danson, and in due time was admitted to th'e-bar on examination. Some years later R, J. moved to Spokane, Wash., and W. C. Continued the practice of law here. j*pr many years,- under the firm name of Danson & Butler, Mr. Danson was also associated in the real estate business with E. B. Butl>?r, who. moved to Atascadero, Calif., a few years ago. " . . * Mr. Danson continued to practice law after the Danson & Butler partnership was dissolved, and • on the death-of the late S. W. Crowell he was apppinted justice pf the peace which office he still held at death. His early education was obtained in the Fewaukee high school and at a normal training school in *he same town. During his entire residence here :>fr. Panson was a leading member of the Methodist'church, and for a time he served as Sunday school superintendent. He was a man of the/most upright character in whom everybody 'he knew had confidence. His passing is part of the change in personnel,.as.t)ie third .genera.ti.on since" Algona-was founded'prepares to yield place to the fourth. . AL60NA GRAYS BASEBALL ' TEAM WILL BE REVIVED The Algona Grays ball team is to be revived, and the first game will fee Played next Sunday at the diamond S,OUth of the swimming pool against an aggregation of local kit- teoball experts. The team will consist of "Lefty" Caypu, Uvst years planer; 'Edwin Hill, Aubrey Bon, and Eddie Butler, aim of last team; Stanley .McDonald Bruns, Junlpr Kelly, ''Beans" (Pearson, Emmet Heggarty anTfttfaere. Jt is sponsored by Hajjg Poftt, and the Leg.ion xjommit- .SV«w^*/2S£ Mo?Udden ia manag- MeMahon, treasurer. ALGONA WINS TRACK MEET BYJ_POINTS Noses Out Webster City in Last Event. Algona won the North Central Six conference track meet at Athletic park Saturday with a total of 48 points, nosing out Webster City in the last event. Webster City was second with 46 points; Eagle Grove, third, 33 points; 'Humboldt, J 23; Hampton, 15; Clarion, 0. The Clarion group got stuck In mud on the way to Algona, and consequently was too .late to qualify in the morning tryouts. Algona won six firsts in the mile run, 100-yd. dash, half mile run, 220-yd. dash, and the half and mile relays respectively. Webster City took five firsts, in the .following events: 120-yd. high and low hurdles, discus throw, shotput and broad jump. Eagle Grove won firsts In the 440 dash, the high jump, and the javelin throw. Hampton won tlrst in the pole vault.' Because of heavy rains last Thursday and Friday the meet could not be held at the fairgrounds, the half-mile track there being' too muddy. .- More rain fell Saturday morning during the tryouts, and threats of -still more were seen in dark clouds that afternoon. The track was consequently slow. Four Records Are Broken. . Four conference records were •broken. The mile relay was won 'by Algona in three minutes 49.5 seconds, with Cowan, Nordstrom, Guderian, and Greene running. The former record, 3:51.5, was established In 1929 -by Webster City.' Webster City came in second; Humboldt, 'third; Eagle Grove,..fourth. , A new high jump record of 5 feet 4' Inches was set by 'Sanford,' of 3agle Grove, who raised the record wo inches over ;that held by Humboldt' since 1925; ' De Schmidt, Hum- oldt, was second; Blackman, Eagle rrove, third; and Stonebracker, of City, and Nordstrom, Algona, tied for fourth-. Towle, Hampton, cleared the bar at 11 feet in the pole vault, raising he record three Inches- over that held by Hampton since 1925. v De Schmidt, Humboldt, was second; Tarming, Webster City, and ^ D. Jowan, Algona, tied -for third. 'The record In the broad jump, 20 !eet four -inches, was'tied by-/McMurray, Webster City, with Wiliams, Algona, second; 6rr, Eagle Grove, third; Cretzmeyer, Algona, 'ourth. '..-... , r Algona Wing Mile Run. The mile run was won by Greene, Algpna, in four minutes 51,8 seconds, with S. Nprdstrom and Benson, both of Humboldt, second and third -. respectively, and Bender, Hampton, fourth. The 120-yd. high lurdles was won by McMurray, Webster City, in 17,3 seconds,, with Fisher, Eagle'Grove, . second, and Fleming, Webster City, third, Cretzmeyer, Algona, ran the 100-yd. dash' :n 10.8 secpnds, with Opr.' Eagje Grpve, second, and Holt, Humboldt, third. ...'.-" The 440-yd. 'dash was WPn by Barnes, Eagle Grpve, in 56.6, with, D. Cpwan as secpnd, and 'Wilson and Schreder, both, of Webster' City, third and fourth respectively. McMurray, Webster City, wort-the low hurdles in 14.4 seconds, with JBeck Hamptpn, second, and Orr, ,'Eagle Grpve, third. Half Mile Won by Algona. Guderlan, Algpna, won'the -;half mile run in two minutes 14.6 seconds, with Nordstrom, Humboldlj, second, and Brewer, Webster City," third. Cretzmeyer and Will Jams,«Algona, took first and second respectively in Wants Coate Retained Tim following: iinsollclteil letter lins been received'from Allen A. Itrunson, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. A. lininson, now prattlclng law nt Mason Cltyi Tlirotigh the 'Advance and from other sources, I have learned that there Is some doubt In Jlie old home town as to whether Misg Coate will be returned next fall to commence another your ng 'teacher. In and principal of the Algona high school. If I may, I should like to contribute my support to her cause. • • Enough has already been said of. Miss Coate's wonderful character and the other fine qualities which especially fit her for tli'e position she has held so long In the Algona schools. I readily adopt such sentiments as my own. • It is my opinion that such a trne friend, capable teacher, and excellent executive should not be sacrificed by the school board. year* _ Hill, Riverdale, was ^^^"3^ ', Jarceny of a coat, octo * »•' ** He waived . TWO PLAYS TO BE GIVEN SUNDAY BY ACADEMY PUPILS ' 'Next Sunday evening at 8 an operetta by.the 7th and 8th grades and a one-act comedy by the 5th and 6th grades will be presented at St. Cecelia's academy. The cast-for the operetta, "Sunny of Sunnyslde," follows: Billie,; tomboy - orphan, Mary C. Hum; Leila, prettiest -and vainest orphan, Agnes Knecht; Reddy, tough guy, Walter Beardsley; Amos, Leila's brother, Loren Courtney; Phil, fat 'boy on a diet, Robert Selzer; Pauline, very much the fine lady, Evelyn Capeslus.; Betty, pet of Sunnyside orphans, Elizabeth Kohlhaas; Rosa, fiery little daughter of Italy, ;Wilma Kapp; Theodore Quinn, twin, .Thelma Aman. , Leonora Quinn, .twin, Marguerite Ostwinkle;. Nan, helper at Sunnyside, Margaret Bliley; Sunny, favorite at Sunnyside, Dorothy McEnroe; Paul, new boy, Joseph. Kfegarty; Horace, bookworm, Jerome Goeders;.,Harriet, lively orphan, /Hazel Walker; Jimmy, • crippled orphan, John Daughn; Eileen," niece of the rich Mrs.-.Rallgh, patroness,':Patricia Hughes; Slim: Paul's older brother, a ne'er-do-well, Stanley Patterson. Reddy's gang:; John McEvoy, Samuel Haag, Anita Rose Kohlhaas, Darwin -Baker, Mary .Penton, '". Doloria ; Elbert, •': John Streit, Leo Frank!, Charles Beardsley, Anthony Lichter, Edward'Thlssen, 1 'William Barry, Janet Hertig, Anna Stebritz,' Lucille Meyer, Francis "iStebritz. A chorus' of "orphans" 'rwill-; con? sist of membera of the sixth, seventh,-and eighth grades. The cast for' the play,' "Mary Grace Stirs the Apple Butter," follows: .- . ' '- .'.'' .' :'• .-" , '• . Mary Grace,.Eileen • Aman; explanation of :<)lay, Robert Bode;, explainer of the 'explanation, Patrick McEnroe;' circus .clown; Albert Lichter; policeman, John Lee ,Holtz T •bauer; Small Ideasj (Betty Kohlhaas;' strong man oif, circus, - William 'Bes- tenlehner.-" ' • ''*-.' " ; ' i Circus rope, dancer,,-Mary Elizabeth - Godden; . Middle-Aged : /Idea, IRuby MUrtha; 'circus ''fat , lady/' Mary,' Bliley; i two small poltcemenT John Penton, James Watts; Bright Idea, Mary June Stebrdtz; BaJby Doll .of trie. Circus; 'Mary Geraldine Mc-r Evby; Dazzling-Idea. Margarei; Ann Beardsley.:, ; . ' .-'-', .-..' the 220-yd. dash in as.wjth. Qrr, Eagle Grove, third. The half inile relay was won by Algona in on? minute 41.3 seconds, with Humboldt second, and Hampton third. Wil Hams, Sands, Nortqn, and Cretz: meyer were Algona's team. ,The discus throw, 106 feet, was won by Nickles, Webster City, with Van Winkle, also Webster' second, and Martin, Hampton, G. and K. Van Winkle, Webster City, won first and second respect lively in the shotput, 40.1 feet; tin, Hampton, was third. TJie lin was thrown 146 feet eight Inches by Nerby, EagJe Grove, with Froming, Webeter City, second,, and -D. and K. Cowan, Algpna, third . an,d fourth respectively. ( Hlf h School Band Par»dw The high school band paraded cm State street Just before the meet: The Algona trackmen wilj t$ke paft jn a district meet at Wa?on Ctty Saturday, and winners of firsts or seconds there will take part to state meet at Ames May 21. Medals were given -to Jhe three. •high men in each event here. 4 traveling cup offered by, the Community 'club was awarded to Alt Bona. Th'Js must be won three before it become? permanent-property o« 4 half mfle reley <?u? ' '• - BURGLARS FAIL IN ATTEMPT ON WESLEY BANK Efforts Are Foiled by Time Lock on % Vault. An attempt to force entrance into the vault of the Exchange State bank, Wesley, Monday night or early Tuesday morning failed, when the steel door resisted efforts to open it after the combination dial had been knocked off. The same night the Farmers Cooperative elevator was broken into, and change totaling 80 cents was taken. Two elevators at Tltonka were entered last week Wednesday night, but nothing of value was taken. ^ Entrance" to the bank was gained through a rear window, and a chisel and sledge were used to 'knock off the dial. But the time lock was on, so the burglars were foiled. Attempt Made After Midnight. It, is believed that the attempted -burglary occurred after midnight. A pool hall 'across the street was open till that hour, and no signs of activities at the bank were noted up to that time. Entrance to the Wesley elevator was gained through a west window. The cash drawer was pried open. Currency had been removed from the till by Edw. Hildman, manager, when he closed for the night. This was the second time that the Wesley bank had been the'object of 'burglars. A year ago In October a lone bandit entered the toank one morning when it was opened for business and forced the employee to the floor.. He then grabbed... $700 and fled with a companion who ; remained outside in a car. The culprit 'is believed to be now serving time in a penitentiary for another bank robbery. . C. J. Sherman, first farm east on the . paying leading north out of Wesley,' is; president - of the bank, Guy ;M. Butts is cashier, and, John .Hutchison Is assistant cashier. Ahrohlan's Office Entered. ; 'Sunday -night the J. L. Bonar law office here was-entered, and an attempt made to'open Ithe safe, but no tools were used, arid the attempt failed. : -The ' combination was attempted unsuccessfully. Mr. Bonar keeps no money in the safe, using it merely for the protection of pa- Wa-Tan-Ye Convention Program Algona, Iowa, May 15-16-17 P. M. • SUNDAY Delegates to register as they arrive on Sunday. Credential Committee at Hotel. 7:30 Sunday night Get-Together in charge of.Algona club. ' MONDAY A. M. . . ' - • • , 8:00-9:00 Registration—Algona Hotel. 8:30 Meeting of Board of Directors—Algona Hotel. 9:00 Meeting of delegates and visitors, Public Library Club Room. Meeting in charge of Betty Woodward, Osage. Roll Call—Two minute, report of year's work. Lecture—Mrs. Fred Barlow, Spirit Lake. Lecture—Miss Olive Hand, Charles City! P. .M. . . 1:00 Opening Session—Public Library Club Room,' Song, America the Beautiful. * Convention Called to Order-Mildred Butts, Assoc'n Pres Invocation _/_ Rev . c . v Hu]se Address of Welcome.. c .. R. La Barre Greetings,. Algona Mary g. Mitchell Response gtopm Lake hoio ._ Mrs. Frank Barker Memorial Service. Business Session—In charge of Association Officers Roll Call. Reading of Minutes. Report of Committees. Report of Officers. Delegates and visitors guests of Algona KIwanis Club;'trip to "Grotto of the'Redemption," Weet Bend 7:00 Banquet—M. E. Church. :.?.' '.'" Invocation . . .'• .R 6 v F J Clark Toast Mistress..... ——I——Il.Minnie J. Coate Welcome ... _'_.._.._ Mary E . Mitchell Response -—._.._.____._.—_„__„ Mildred Butts , Solo ;•_; ... .....Mrs. W. W. - Sullivan , Tap-dancing .„—— ...High Schppl Girls Helen Stubbs, Director.' Address .... ...... _.,;.__ _.._ _, Roy L gmlth Pep Music. .-..__.____ Orchestra , Song Leader — ..—..—Mrs. Lottie Kain 3:45 A. M. 8:30 12:00 TUESDAY Convention Picture—Public Library. Business Meeting—Public Library Club -Room. Luncheon—Masonic Temple. (Delegates and visitors guests of Algona Club.) ." Program—In charge of Mrs. Lura Sanders. Club Songs—Mrs. Lottie Kain, Director. Solo ...1 ... Frances Duhigg Violin Solo -————_ -—....Mrs. Agnes Vohs -: i---—Mrs. F. J. Clark MASON CITYAN TELLS OF ROBOT TYPEWRITER I C.,F. Weaver, Mason City telephone manager,' epoke befpre the Rotary club Monday on fhe'us,es of ^jhe teletype. • T*>s wpnilerful' ma- llneftena]aleB- one: torKfrtte ^. 'on a pewrlter \n pne, city ..while a sint' typewriter in other cities rec- the meaaag^ &B fast as'it Is typed.'. The machine has been used for-some years by newspaper press associations to dispatch news; All 'daily newspapers are subscribers' to one or more of such services. Tlie department of commerce also 'uses It to send out weather reports. .Brokers use them to get the latest reports on • market changes. Telephone companies are now urgr ing use of |he. teletype in, private business- Thus branch Office com-; munications can be sent out to. dig- taj»t'">.Plnts wtybin. a Jew inlnutes. Te}etype exchanges are being established to enable us'era to call a numbs-In fpme gity, an4 receive written mgesages In reply. A p%U, j» < put through aa, (9$ as,'^: long fltetanoe telephone cajrand in like manner. Pastor Becoyers, •The Rey. and, Mrs. J. L. Coleman were brought t^^lgona ^o^day- by p^..,and Mrs.'3, Q. ^rove,'Bopne- Pastor. Coleman, who suffered an autpnjpj»pe.^5cjdenjt' at T«ana, early laf t w.eek, IB npw ab)e t» ,be abput and <wp condu,cj senrlcet a* . tb,e There .are three sets of numbers for the Bonar combination, but Mr. Boriar. custjpmarily uses pnly ' the last figure, setting dt to one aide at the close pf the day and : returning It tp the correct position when he opens it in the morning. Mr. Bonar had not worked the whole combination fpr, some time, and he experienced'difficulty in getting his safe open next morning after the burglars "failed tp get intp it. The same night a law office at Emmetsburg was 'entered, but npthlng was taken. .-.'•' bol ° ..... ------ -: ------ -ASSOCIATION OFFICERS 'Mildred J. Butts, President— ____ 1. ____ " . Iowa ...^ rp Eloise Cooley, Secretary --^-ll'.^.-r.^;'.' ..... -"-~- ..... Mitchell S D Fannie Scofleld, Treasurer ----- ---------- „_!„_ I2~ Clinton' Iowa V Olive Hand,Historian --.-.-.......-.......chaTiesC^ low! ..Mrs. Fred Barlow, Organizer ._ ---- —-—.— .Spirit, Lake, Iowa THREE GARS IN COLLISION AT INTERSECTION Omaha Car Fails to Heed Stop Sign at Crossroads. Nine people were injured in a*. three-day auto crash at -the inters section of iNos. 18 and 169, north ofc Algona, early Friday afternoon. The crash occurred when a heavjfo Buick sedan, driven by K. N. Fran-~ chon, Omaha, ran past the stop eigtti on the east side of No. 169 and, crashed into.a car driven by Jacob'' Isenberger, Burt oldtimer. The Franchon car careened off thw Isenberger car after tossing it intox" the ditch and rammed into a caa driven by Peter Jorgenson, of Ken> sett, who. had .stopped on the west side of No. 169 in obedience to th«,' stop elgn. "The nine persons injured In accident are: Injured. FOUR FILE FOR J, P,; EIGHT FMNSTABLE The rush for political offices is not confined to the 'higher positions.. THot races are on even for justice of the '.peace and constable. ' • .; ' In Ajlgona , .the^e are four candidates for justice, oh 'the republican ticket, L. A.-Winkel is a candidate to succeed himself. 'P. A, Danson is seeking the nomination to re- pjace -his father, whose death ds rec- or4ed in this week's Advance. Hiram. B, White,. son of Mr, and Mrs. W. A. White, a local practicing lawyer of 'recent date also seeks nomination; and J' B. Johnston, real estate dea.ler, has filed, -•For constable . there are sfoc.can' dldates on the republican ballot, and two on the democratic* -balplt. The republican candidates include C. C. Wright; and (L. T. Griffin, present holders of the offices, and Jesse H. Riddle, Floyd Newville, former chief of police, Ernst G, Thlel, and J. B, Anderson. The latter was third high two, years ago. On the democratic ticket are- G. C, Barton, light .plant employe, and Herbert Adams, 6QLF TOURNEY DRAWS 35 DESPITE COLD AND WIND Winners of a golf \touvnawent Sunday at the Country 'qjujb Jinks were<Jfc P: Weaver, P.- J. Qjristen- sen/and low score,, O. S. Buchanan,. The first prize wa»' ttvwe gQlt balls, the second prise two balls, and the low score prize , waa a box ot golf tees. From 30 to 40 played and a. large number ate breakfast served by the/Sjtate's Cafe e't the cjub house before playing. • The day was, wl^dy and cold. -'* Bwney Krueger Dies, St.. Joe, 'May KMBarn,ey Krueger Thursday at ; ^(» htom ? fit. 'Joe.. „$$ ajd ^ eis ? ' YOUTH'S SKULL IS CRUSHED BY POWER SHOVEL George B«llihg, 21, employed : by Morris & Daugherty, Milwaukee, right-of-way contractors, was instantly killed Friday afternoon at It 50, when his skull waa crushed by a two- ton bucket on a gasoline- operated power crane. A coroner'e jury which co'nslsted of Hugh Post, •C. A. Joynt, local Milwaukee 'agent, and George St. John, .driver of one of Mr. Post's trucks, brought in a verdict of accidental .death arid attached no blame to the shovel operator. The crew was working near the McCork*le farm, east of town, and tlie crane w_ae loading dirt and- clay into flat care on track.. The cars, when loaded,' are dumped at points where the track bed is being widened. ; Belling was one of the crew operating the crane. When work was started in the afternoon, after riding out from Algona, he loosened a chain which had held the bucket of the crane to a flat car ''during" the noon .hour, and he was standing beside the car when , the, bucket was started. Moisture from rains had made the operating handles slippery, and just ad the, bucket started the operator's hands slipped, and it swung . back towards the car. Belling was caught, the bucket' hitting him in the chest and brushing; him against the Bide of the car. He dropped, but before he hit the ground the bucket had swung again and crushed, his skull. The crane operator was _A. W. Jacobson, Minneapolis, uncle of Belling, who had obtained the job (or ihim. Jacoheon waa badly shaken by the accident, and, the crew was laid off for the rest of the day. Testimony before the jury empanelled by 'Coroner Merritt was given by Mr. Jacobeon, Edward Walter, fireman on the work engine, Oscar T- Anderson, brakeman, George S.- Smith, conductor pi the train^ and C. A. ' Shelgren, foreman of the construction company. The body \Vas taken' to Selling's home at Flhlayson, . Minn. - ' ' . U... J.U+.U., , ,, , • larceny Alleged, •Floy4 Gerber was bound over to the juvenile court by Justice L. 'A. Winkel Friday on the charge, of larceny of ft bicycle belonging to I* w. €twa«son, wyttenwre, A. ' eearcn warrant enabled Sheriff Hovey to years. F u l»8« a l f arer^ KOSSUTH RESIDENT FOR 48 YEARS DIES •Mrs. Ellzaibeth Bowen, resident of Kossuth since 1884, died Sunday 'at the General ^hospital, where she has been a patient for a year suffering with gall bladder trouble. Funeral services were held Tuesday ' afternoon at the Congregational church, with the Rev. F." J. Clark in charge, and burial was made- in Riverview cemetery. , •Mrs; Bowen was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Bamsey, and -was born February 9, 1>854, at West Hebron, N, Y. When Mrs. Bowen was a year old the family moved to Illinois, and later to Iowa, In 1884' 'Banisey brought his children to Kossuth county. When she was 19 years old she taught in Union county schools, and'continued in Kossuth . schools tdll her marriage. She was married to A. L. 1 Bowen, farmer near Algona, In 1899. Mr. Bowen died a number of years after they retired to Algona, and Mrs •Bowen has made |jer home here since. Mrs. OBowen had no children, b two foster daughters, 'living in igouth - -Dakota; and Pennsylvania, respectively, survive, Dr. H. R, Gibson, Algona, is a nephew, and Frank Bamsey, who attended the cervices, is a brother, and makes his home in Minnesota. find it at t$» Qsrber nom,e, It was returned to the Swansons. Floyd was put to ohp-ge <rf ftis feth- give tfee commeacepient ' " ber WINDS AND RAINS FORCE MERCURYJIEIOW NORMAL Temperatures during , the . last week have been below normal, with strong winds. Yesterday was warmer, and weather fprecasts predicted a warm spell -this week. One and a quarter inches of rain nave fallen so far this month. The record follows: High Low May 1 r —, T _, 60 87 May 2 (.16 In. rainfall)—67 42 May 3 72 60 May 4 - „„ 72- M.ay 6 (.16 in. rainfall)—78 ' 66 May 6 (.84 in. rainfall) .,,7,1' 6? 7 (.09 in. rainfall)— 1Z 67 May 8 $2 May 9 , r T 6§ - 47 May 10 —, ^_., T _,70i '.44 , - • ^ - NORHAURAININB fXAMS TO IE JIVirNEXT Will County Superjnienflent Shirley nou.nces.ghat a, county oorma) training examination wllj be , held next week' Wednesday, Thursday, an* Friday at the high school building here. Etgtvte&a perspna. are expected to write. More than 100 •Mr. Isenbergier,.'73, gashes on fpre~. head and across bridge pf npse, a*-'' vere blow pnjjKead; two broken rtbst Mrs. Isenberger,' 56, compount fracture and dislocation 'of left an.-, <le, two broken ribSi •Mrs. Nels Godfredson, daughter ojt. Mr. Isenberger, fractured left col- arbone, Edward Godfredson, 5, fractured* right foot. Gail Isenberger, fractured left col-- arbone, ruptured right kidney. Stella Isenberg^ fractured pelviat, Mr. Franchon, twisted knee and; hands cut. •Peter Jorgenson, bruises and cuts,* Mrs. Peter; Jorgenson, bruises andt, shock. All of the victims were picked up.,] and brought to the. Kossuth horn*\ pital, where they are still patients, ' except the three last named.. JTha^ Jorgensons went 'on to their homa the same,night, but Mrs, Jorgenson,,', it;fc reported, has-been in bed ev«P- slnce, suffering from nervousnea* and shock. - Mr. Franchon left th»" next day, after reporting details ofiv the .accident to Sheriff Hovey. 1 Did Not See Stop Sign. Buick was coming from tb.eK east: Mr.: Franchon told the sheriff ' he did not see either the stop sign • or'the Isenberger' car. He did not', rtnow at what epeed' he was drtv- i Ing, but he admitted that he wa*^ 'coming right along," The Isenbergers' were coming t»j Algona from the north, and th»-' Franchon car .hit the Isenberger- Model T Ford sedlan boadslde. Th«. Jorgenson 'Ford ; :model T , pick-up- , truck was Standing; still, ifacing east towards the Franohon car, west oft. the intersection. . i $ The Jorgensona saw the Franohoal'"" car hit the Isenberger_car, and thsyi- sald .that car, cushions, and oecu-; pants were tossed as high, as 20 feet- in air. The Franchon ca?, out o&< control, still had enough impetus t8.\ carry it across the intersection anft-J into the Jorgenson • car, damasin*-, the latter, •-..,,,• • ] The. Isenberger car was badly _ wrecked.. It -looked as it It ha4-<' been struck by a ^railroad trato^ with frame bent, top crushed, and r sides caved in. Thp Franchon qar"_ radiator was smashed down pnto tha '' engine, and the whple frpnt end wa»-^ badly smashed put of shape. Thar" Jorgenson car was not "badly damaged, and Mr. Jorgenson caroe baclc for it early this week. ' ' > , i No charges -for reckless driving or . negligence haye as yet been filed against Mr. Franchon, but he posted,' bond to insure return to Algona for'' civil suits tyr damages, It its under- ., stood that he is protected by liabtt-, ity insurance. He is assistant chWt" engineer for the Great Lakes Pipe-line Co., and was en route to The Isenberges'are long-time', idents of Burt, wh'ere Mr, Isenbenj-" er ran a dray line many years. Ofig.< Isenberger, who is from Clarion,,: had been visiting at Burt. The. GoA- fredsons live at Burt, ; FORMER KOSSUTH LAWYER -^ RUHSJOniATE OFFICT Edw. L, 0'Cqimor, I9wa qily.lajf^;; yer, recently Announced .c^ndld^cif^ for th,e deinoerat^s ticket for- -"~- '* ney-genera'l. '.-Mr. O'Connor perlntendent of the IBurt After le*ylnjf studied law, and then practice at Iowa City. 'Lj^ter, served as 'cpunty attorney, and was he who " " one Leeper, wrote IJhe Bryant Jte^t aadi many mo*» 1130*9 ft yarl- ,0 , ^ -^ %•?!* ;^J }n tjie-- Algona ^rajt the datej for ynj$j>d, Thursday atop

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