Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 5, 1932 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1932
Page 7
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FORMER ALGOHUH MAY BE ON NAVY ELEVEN Thto atory concerning th« second son of Frank Clark, co-publtoher of the Advance for eight yeara follow^* «ng 1908, and the former Mayme Clark, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Chapin, Algona, appeared In last week's Garner Signal: Our people will get a thrill out of the fact that "BtlUe" Clark, haa made a creditable showing In foot- ball wtth > the.t»t»l,*«*4emy *>t Aft* napolla M to of *n^Atit»politt'<ihatJra*ftper,to «lv» him a-"«lbbort*h«ftdlTit"««!foe«-Oi« top of the front pfega of «• ipoft section, Matin*; type one-half Inch high to proclaim him. outstanding piebe aura of position with regu lars." . And "Blllle" gave Garner more eastern publicity, when the following article appeared in a recent Issue ol the New.York Sun carry' ing an Annapolla date line: "While Midshipman i* R. (Shirty) fiecht had been lookei upon as probable quarterback of the navy football team this fall, the ad mlrable spring practice Work o Midshipman Bill Clark, youngste sophomore prospect, haa listed th h«wc;omet to th* MttM ** taiS'pfoVJwitl be able signal chlrperl > ' ', .' "Ctark,«,B ft..,* In, back*weighing l«6-<pouiidg^halla from Ckrneiyltt. Head Coach "Rip'! Miller, of the navy team, may ahlft him to half back because of his many qualiflca- tolns. Ha is the heat passer and punter in the naval academy by a wide margin and to also considered * good bait toter and a hard tackier, tie M probably the outstanding player from last year'*) great plebe team. Coach-John W. Wilson, of the plebea, expects Clark to make good." M rtett hla p«r«U «Mrt1s*, MMMAiJI fca*« *A* «tit|lNN ' warn conduct M? Modern ..CartjC.H. lift . , (Held from last week.) : Within the next few weeka, "Bll- lle," with emy, wll Marcus Llndsey spent the first of last week at Lakota, where he sub- etltuted In .the barber shop for Oran O'Keefe. Mrs. Lindsey and son Rldgell accompanied him a« far as t/edyard, where they visited the Jesse O'Keefes. They returned last Wednesday night. era of the naval acad- irt on . an European conclusion of which he Adella Mlttag, who haa been beauty operator in the Carney barber shop at Emmetsburg, several Mrs. Gt and , . Mr. and'MW i. t, *0**tf and Mrs. "W. J. WelMirod /attended a county Sunday school convention at Wesley last week Thursday. The Rev. Mr. Snydei 1 and Mm. W«etorod had part in the program, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ruske, Mrs. Kate Newel, and Frank Bailey went to Swea City last week Wednesday to visit the latter'* grandson, Billy Whitlow, who underwent an operation for appendicitis recently. Mr. and' Mrs. Julius Peterson and son Russell, of Algona, spent Sunday with .the . former's daughter, Mrs. Kenneth Stephenson. Georgia and Lawrence Peterson and Cedrlck Thomas, -of Rlngsted, daughter ArieM, ft** '*•*•» of Katruwviilft, - — - •• at tha John Mra. O. H. Ot*l>aJi1 t .."hpen successful in lh Mrringhamisnow .there. M*^™ Hepburn wn to many Algonlans, at T HIS IS J. 'F._ FISHER, veteran I farm "Implement dealer at Tl- ibnka'who Is one of the candidates lor the republlcatlon nomination for sheriff. Mr. Fteher'a hobby 1» trapshooting, at which he la an acknowledged master, with a reputation • which -extends far beyond| Iowa's borders. bright Spot* In Business I , friends In Los* 1 Angeles. a brother at v !Lon& McChesriey's there. She fto a young doctor, and twins, a toy and a girl, girl. Call In Accident, , P Call was In a-'recent l l accident, In "which she " a Cken collar bone and She was In a Adams recently lost whom they brought to '%* after their arrlva became a widow, with a when the children Henry started the family and Kip olyn save me a surprise, a number of former Al- , help celebrate. They . refreshments and numerous land Mrs. 'French brought a to cake, artistically decorated. wasn't room lor a candle for war, but 'she knew -I -must -be AB used that number.,Though had sui-prised me. twice a In the same way I have al- I'teen genuinely fooled; 1 Cooke came with hie mov- ilc'ture camera and took our Attending were. Mesdames Ijflcoulln, Ollie W» llc . er ' C° hen I Quintan, Howard Wallace, TJn- le Harry Stephenson, French I Stull, T. F. Cooke, Park, ' anc the last two Hollywood Five others were unable to (because of. sickness. lien-Day Trip Described ranges of .mountains, with San Jacinto- and San Gorgonlo (Grayback) towering over all, still covered with snow. It Is a picture for a poet or I an artist. The place has a preten-| tlous name, "Palm Villa." This locality was one o£ the pro-( motions for which California Is noted. Most of the valley was divided I Into'lots and sold. With the expect atlon of building a city like Rlver- Ide or Redlands, many went there o live, but money and water gave out and the people left 15 years ago. liater a good supply o£ water was secured and the valley again began to 'be settled, this time by ranchers, and there are now many fine homes! almost hidden among trees. It Is always a surprise to me to I find such homes and such cultured people in such out of the way plac- There are two women there who studied,at the Chicago musical college. Not the least of the attractions Is hot springs and baths. The| water bubbles right out 'of ground at just the right temperature for a bath. Though this old Bowyer home Is completely furnished, It is unoccupied except for four or five months in the year, and some years not at all; but only once has anything been stolen. tly United Press I'lwris Tire and Kubber Company vcalls 750 workers and places plant on 24 hour schedule to fill inc J irders. Washington, Feb. 13.—(J •otrolt & ~ ' SUP The newt item above refers to Gamble Store*' order for e lolid trainlotd of tires, receipt of which ii announced'In thii advertisement. The newi item, re- I leaicd by the United Press, appeared In hundrcdi of nswipapen. The plant worked in three shifts, eight hour* per day, icven dayi a week. Titonka (Held from last week.) Rasmus Hansen. Homer Downs, William Fritz, . Boye Pannkuk, W. J. Denton, Henry Franzen, and Dr. R. C. Ball are Improving the appearance of their home yards with shrubbery and hedges. The Kossuth Auxiliary units have won first and second respectively in an Americanism acrapbook contest at an 8th district convention at Fort Dodge, Titonka, being first, Swea City, second. Rasmus Hansen Is getting the cemetery ready for memorial day. New shrubbery Is being planted. Mr. Hansen takes a keen pride in the iavejust returned from *-*en- appearance of the cemetery. I trip with my cousin, Marian 1 formerly Humboldi, to the Mrs. William Boyken, who has sick many weeks, 'following an the flu, Is now up and , mile away. They C on-ia*> out the ' house a few houra each lot a store and garage. One has I buildings of a water company, 'Arrangements are being made by la'coramunlty house; the other, the Aid to have the Interior of the Jttion, a small lumberyard. Methodist church re-papered and re- fe attended church in the' Com- varnished. 'House, On the aouth, over John Swanson, of Thompson, for• range of mountains, are the me i y Titonka,. recently purchased i of Hernet and (Perr}» pro- the First National bank building. iced Paris). The latter was a , William Batt received notice of the t town, One of i its former death of an uncle at Des CMoines i Is a good cafe, and it > still Saturday. | the old bar and -large mirror, -Minnie Kennedy, who had spen decorated of course. The a wee k w uh her sister, Mrs. Betty I was not being used for the pur- sturdevant, Fort Dodge, came horn ]t,tor which it was made. last- week-end and is now at-' Doro ' Is eight miles away, ' We thy IntermiU'e, north of town, i there $o buy a toothbrush. The Tom' Forbergers, Wesley llbought a'Lofl Angeles'.Times, called on relatives and friends her J only copy I had while there.. Friday, evening and attended llr. Bowler's Mother's 'Home." dance at the Shepard coliseum. The house. fl ituated on, *i*h - «™^<~ olng ln terior decorating on the Sonnenber only ..i fin ««,„»* I property. The buildings will also built 35 fruit ranches, and sections of I tanning nearer the mountain*, IB long stretches of wild flowers I varying hue, all surrounded by at Gilmore City. The Otto Falks are moving Into the Sonnenberg property, vacated by the William Batts. T- i .f Friday and Saturday variety of well it Sturdy, well made ironing board, stands firm oa floor. Friday and Saturday Special at i.8» Refrigerators priced to b^ve.jupt a few of tiiey ; . KC^wfwfct »t | peciaU for caib only li&nrvcarkMfC Gamble'. 100% Pure Penn. Oil 10 Quarts Midlum ind Huvy 50,000 gallon!—genuine 100% Pure Pennsylvania Oil. Mot stations ask 30c per quart. 5 Gallons $1.95. Bring Your Own Container PRICED ONE her bridge club High score Wai WOtt by, ' Mr. and Mrt. Oeorg* Ye««f the Clarence Wegener fainity, gona, were Sunday fttaat* a* Yager-a. -^. Mrs. B. C. WeMbrod attenMl bridge party at Leo Whlttemore last week night. . • The Fenton high achool team defeated Swea City 16-7 last week Tuesday 6 Truck Loads... OR 231,000 SILVER DOLLARS rrvfft /// 27,000 RUBBER APRONS , each 34" Dish Towels 5 for 10 for 37c 69c Llmil 10 to • cuitomtr—pl««» OUTSIDE HOUSE PAINT 4 Hour Vamiih, per 9«j 2 Million Feet Manila Rope »/ 2 " 100 ft. 7 /s" 1«0 «. loo $j»» Can you picture a parade of six one-ton trucks and four or five wheel barrows loaded down with silver doHars? That's how the 231,000 silver dollars would look that we are saving the north and middle-west on,this tire sale—the usual list price would total $462,000—we are selling them for just one-half'of that iamount— $231,000 is saved this territory for taxes, schools, etc. . . , ., , . ••ch BATTERIES asf anty $1.50 allowance for your THE FIRST TIME IN TIRE HISTORY THAT ONE SOUD TRWWLOAD HAS BEEN SHIPPED 50,000 TIRES t<5£™nv&^^ less than inner tube prices in 1926. , ' •• j- M '.*.AAu2 Last year we bou 3 ht 30,000 tires— but they went so fast and so many were disappointed that ( •ssjrt ts£m-^gfe^g|«^KD turuK ^h^&^'^SJl^^ «"'t tak« mail ordeli^r Ultphone ordtir^wt c»Vt «ce«pt money for ofl. siiifj*, lir« until • o'doefc Saturdiy morninf, May 7A.^r LINE TIRES M.I ctrtifyinj , Every Phiri. Ro«dgripp«f tlr. «"tej» mNiuhcfiinn' M.I ctrtiyinj ' They *r« *lto eover«d by G«mb«'« WRITTEN guiranty for hfatim* and incy «• *no eov y . the Check.. anal are HIGH PRESSURE CORDS-4 FLY No. on Lilt Price Our Price Our Price Slit Hand. For One For Two Ea. In Pain SOxStf E. 8. U $5.90 : $9.«0 $t.W S9x4 8,-8. ^ 8 9.80. f.W 4.»0 '4PLyRALLOONS 99x4.40/91 U $6.35 . $4.11 $l.1| 9»x4.to/90 1 6.70 80x4^0/91 4 7.05 99x5.00/19 9 8.25 «.70 ».0» S.II » ' -HWST •MMIMHIB 99x4.40/91 99x440/90 30x4JM>/91 89x4.76/19 99x4.76/9* 99x6,00/19 «PLVPALLOONS 39 $9.30 ft.M $ 9.40 9.40 39 9.70 ».70 14 10.05 10.01 10 10.35 10.11 10 11.05. 11.09, Size 80x5.00/90 81x5.00/91 98x5^5/18 80x5.85/80 81x5.96/91 88x5.50/18 99x540/19 80x540/90 SOx&OO/lS 88x0.00/91 t it it a lit a definite i pricai. •ALLOONS No. on Lilt Price Our Price Hand For One For Two Tft $11,35 $11.91 i 11.60 11.40 4 12.15 1t.1I 4 12.85 '11.M 4 13.30 11.90 1 13.20 19.VO a 13.70 19.70 9 14.50 14.90 9 14.60 14.M 9 15.05 11.01 5 15t30 1I.K 3 15.85 1I.M Our Price Ei. In Pain SI.M I.M 4.40 TRUCK TIMS '•$21.20 ftl.tO SIO^O | 35.25 9I.M 17.M ISfOOO Paring Knivtf tftf r19€ Tube R<P«r Kit .ts Shorts |SlMM» 25c GOIF BALLS *for •• ^W^^9 89c TENNIS 1ALLS Here's Ihe check thai started a cyclone of ac- V tjvity. U put 600 men back 19 work at the factory — I eiaht- k hour shifts a day —7 days a week — in enormous number of man were required to produce die raw materials. It made work for railroad employees^ train crews, etc. The transporter ,tion alone waa k $14,200, AM betidet w»re menhavebeen hired in many LINE TIiRES We tell you honestlyfchat these Phwis Comrade Tires ere what the industry^ui They are of th*same>qiiality both in workmanship end matenel as .the first VeilW—end are.guaranteed for lifetime end* MHMt* MaiMH. HIOH PMfSUM CORD»-4nV gnd lint. . Hghtw m Lilt Prlct Our Price Our Price! Fer One For Two E*.inPa!r« 4 $4.38 S4.M 4PI.ViAUOONi 9tx4,4*/tl I $4.78 ' $4.71 MX4M/91 • 5.43 Ml 9ta4,f«/l» I 6.33 MI Site Mx44*/91 99x4.76/19 99x4.76/90 99x6*0/19 81x646/91 99x649/19 89xM»/90 « PLY • ALLOONS No. on Lilt Price Our Price Hand For One For Two $7.12 S7.11 7,85 Ml 7.95 7.fl 8.45 8.41 8.63 8.*9 9.75 t,7l 10.39 10.9f 10.93 10.91 11.10 11,10 4.40 te 1 * 1 »,ft 4.SS 4.M I.M M7 Small InstalUtfo* 1 3rd LINE TIRES yer^e'«ay."3rd line". to feature lowest prices. "Pi*y «» of §o9«l quality wear. They c«rry a lifetime guaranty and * elffHf HK»H NIMSUR* CPRPS-^ M.V ^ No. of List Price O M r Price •"'•- D ' 1 Sj w Hand for One for Tvvo n "3rd line" in print BuiWf* c»Hina "w* '" " 4KVIALI.OONS •»»*»*•» 9U*r*nty. Slie 8«x4l,«/n No. on List Pjri« O«r PrtW O^PD** 11 ' FprQn^FprTwo 6(.l|iP#lr» 9lxM*/19 . Hand 1 $5.75 f 6.60 1 6.95 11.71 *.M Mi IJ.M 9*« PUIRS No Restrict ion* to Tire or Car De iler» GAMBLE STORES *-*t" f ^§.A;Ss

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