Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 28, 1932 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1932
Page 8
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Proceeding* S. .The County Auditor be and la'A. 3. fe'err assessing doga ••• hereby directed to cause notice of the Paul SeMier*. assessing dogs., making and entering of the foregoing S^jence V«j(ke, * oga March 24, 1932. Auditor's Office, March 24, 1932. ^ order tb be published once In each of H. «. Vaudt, "*^ aln * *°f?, " the official newspapers of the county. Leon 3. Worden, assessing At-oo. All dOgS ';..'! ,...,.- ......... i., ... dogs Fred C, Wegener, dogs COURT FUND assessing Ayes: All. Adopted this 5th day of April, 1982. Motiori toy 'Funnemark and seconded . by IBalgeman that R. B. Chambers Board of Supervisors of Ivossuth be allowed $50.00 as addltlanal-'»dam- John J. Helmets, Witness fee- county met pursuant to adjournment ages' for loss of sheep on claim filed Reiner Helmers, witness fees . with all members present. •. November 16, 1931, on account of cler- - Richard Helmers, witness tee. Motion by Balgeman and seconded'leal error of witnesses as per affi- ; Joe Platt, witness fee >y.Funnemark that Secondary Road davit oh file January 23th, 1932. Ayes: ' Elizabeth Platt, witness fee .. 206-507-208-209-210-211-212 All. '• ra " n "~" -i»» — »— k!5 ( 4.30 5.48 17.00 6.00 by ir un lie Him i\ 1110.1. »ci-wii>j«»..> *.»w*n.« ~7~,V "" — " ' ~ " ~ I r^—1«» ~ Vi „ «.t«.«»»« */*« Petitions Nos. 206-J07-203-209-210-211-212 All. . ,F. W. Green, witness fee and 213 be referred to Engineer for ' Motion by McDonald and seconded , »• C. *J. an £ on ' •»• £• | ee survey and report Ayes: All o^wTcTuncU o^FentonTr'clnce" £ B!'Hovey ' sheriff ..'. .... 19.SO (Motion hy Morris and seconded by pi town council ot senton tor cancel ^ ^ Van Alstyne marshal " Balgemnn that final estimates of 3^1^ Bankbe disallowed woer J.'H.' Sheridan, J. P. fees .. Bauck Construction Company be al- „„?'?" of cmmtv Attornev Aves' i Carl Dahlhauser, marshal . lowed and County Auditor Instructed Ap ,J nlon ot Coutl » Attorney. Ayes. 5 H , D . Muasman, mayor ... . to Is'sue warrant as provided by law: Motion by 'Balgeman and seconded B. N. Clemens, marshal .. . Grading Project No. 4. $156.25: Grad- by McDonald that salary of A. B. ' C. Behrmann, J. P. fees .. Ing Project No. 6. $129.35: Gradlnst Michel. Drainage Engineer, be re- Jake Keller, constable S.S& Sleg-Fott Dodge Co., HUppljes. 298.89 4.S»'I«ternatlonar Harvester . Co., 6.00 supplies ... t 10.40 Kennedy A Parsons Co., sup, piles ..:.. i. ..... 2.40! Cleveland.-!? actor Co.; supplies ilH. 3. iRIce, supplies .. ..> ....< a.oo •Barten-'Wiirner- Co., supplied .. Mld.-Cont. Petro. Corp., aup->. .70 Phiifipg !petVb'."co.,' supplies"'.'. \ •2J Standard Oil Co., supplies .... •70' Ohamplln Refining Co., sup* .70 piles ... ..!.,,.,.< ......... ...... •70 Ohamplln Refining Co.. sup- 6.40 392.72 201.41 226.33 246.13 . 3.50 6.21 3.00 .89 Champlln Rteflnlny. Co., supplies Champlln iReflnlng Co., piles sup-. City Oil Co., supplies ., ,. Peerless Oil Co., supplies 7.78 504.1$ 16,38 45.18 622.69 . .. 21.65 „ 3.68 .. 3.80 .,19.40 ' 8-*> 77.80 Drs. Keneflck med. aid ... J. Nowelt ... i j. Weasels ;,•• <•,•• ft. L. \Vlllia,mS, med, aid <J. Warner •••• S. Jackson • •'• •••» .-p. w. Thaves Mrs. A. Koppen • Rav Estle ..> ...... "• ••, — D" O. H. West, med. aid .... Mrs. Mike Baker 15.00 K. & H. Cooperative Oil Co., supplies ... ......... .......... 65.14 1.001 Haggard & Backus, pub. no- . '3?r tloe 2.10 InB Kroject INO. ». *!-;'..>.>. \»i»uiiin micnei, uruanags ^ngineei-. ue re- rr—; •,"".,•„_r T o «-.. < eft' »j V. • .'. \-l « fpTOlect No 9 $.-09.00: Craning Project duced from $11.00 to $10.00 per day, H. A. Jennings, J. P. fees .... 4.50• Advance Publishing Co.. pub^^ g^t^t &£ S5SS"peT» '^n^^tt^^^™^^™^* n0tlCe -DRArNXGE-FuVrD" ^ JS66.W. iiraamB frojeci '"'"•''• «'• ^ ov - „.. „**;„. o«,,ir,™ar,t *n* tn r>ai- hia Ole M. Ravn. cattle mem 41.39 n,. JA_ «"^''ii' ^~t>f' n 'i<,«» NTn" 1<! *°M 10 Aves- a " ottice equipment and to pay lOradlng Project No. IS. I3M.W. A>es. Qwn offlce ^ rent and prem | um on *_. ,r 'Motion by Morris and secondr.1 bv bonds same to take effect April 5th, £>"n pltch _ ^^ lndemi •Funhemark that Helken be appointed ""-• ^> t i" > £,"• . proceeded to audit C. F. C. Laagte, cattle tndem.. as a committee to make repairs on 1 u . n motion Boara proceeaea to 3,uaii TI , m Mnl ^, ;!o»n<. !»*».« Dr. S3 as per request. c, 'Schedule of Wm - Miller, cattle Indem. written: 'Sheldon Merrill, cattle Indem. ...w...... -^ -- . , _,^, r _ r -_^. rr — —v-i n r ATKra John IBehrends, cattle indem.. by Morris that IBalgeman be appoint-] 3CHBDL,LE OF CLAIMS Irvln H uskamp. cattle Indem. cd as a committee tn have repairs COUNTY IFIUISID Walter Jentz, cattle indem. .. made on Drs. tO> nnd 156. Ayes: Alt. Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. I-Fred Jentz cattle Indem Motion by Bnlgeman and seconded service ....$ 60.10'oie Kvamsdale. cattle indem.. by Morris that April 21st, 1932. at 10 -vv" m . Shirley, frt. bill 1.12 c. L. Lohse, cattle Indem o'clock a. m. Is hereby fixed as time g. J. Backus, envelopes .. .. 45.76 'Robt. Schmidt, cattle Indem... for receiving bids for grading. Ayes: g. J. Backus, postage 10.00 L. .p. zlnnel, cattle indem. ... All. City of Ateona. light and Ferdinand IBterstedt, cattle in- On motion Board Adjourned to one water service 73.63 dem. 1 o'clock p. m. S. J. Backus, postage 4.40 Clarence Blerstedt, cattle in- One o'clock'p. m.-•Board of Super- s j. Backus, postage 10.00 .dem. ' || 13.41 71.08 Geo. Duncan O. ID. Curtis, funeral 7.00 exp. of 12.S7 12.83 15.97 17.29 15.36 12.11 36.95 15.97 21.95 DRAINAGE FUND A. "E: Michel, engineer iM.OO F. H. Lathrop, rodman ... .... 3.75, Walter Elbert, labor '......, 4.96' Geo. Gronbach, labor ,.,,,... 6.30 Dr. 68- I Kenneth Curran, labor 5.80' Dr. 69— ! A. .E. Michel, engineer .. .. 92.00 Dr. S»— , • A. E. Michel, engineer 47.00 F. A. Corey, commissioner . 5.00 ,M. J. Moore, commissioner , 5.00 Dr. 95— / ! Kell '& Halvorson, .repairs ..' 128.02 A. E. Michel, engineer 14.00 Dr. 105- I A,- E. Michel,-engineer 25.00 fftty Mrs. _. M. Ftahdsen F. N. Elbert .. ... .. W. B. Naudain, fuel . A. Dftvls t .•< Mr. B. Taylor ..- .*. F, Klein . R. Mason ...... .•.;. J. F. M<*3ee .. .... Frahk PoValasky * . Dave Has* ... Robt. Dutton .^ ... '.w Merel Webster 7.80 Chas. Gunder .. ... -J-jJ Mrs. A. Neltzel 7.» Alb. 'Blanchard .;. • 3.oO Botsford Lumber Co., fuel ... V. Rutledge ,2-50 J, Gunder lf.15 J. Schlmmel • lo-'J R. Stevens *•» F. N. Turner *.g Mrs. J. 8etfert 11-70 C. E. Sweet ... 9.0v> G. Gunder 2.75 C, Taft ....... • . ... H^ J.' Umbenhauer 4.16 Mrs.- S. J. Stehle, rent J. C. Kramer; 2 mos Estate of Amle Peugnet. rent : iRay Mason, 1 -month W Davi8 D i an m 0 onth agent : T! t 15.00! OeorE."JohnBon, repairs M°V FlilpTadv 'rent G M i Fred IPark, expense Mrs. ciiaie ^aayt rent u. *«. . _* ... James supplies .» .. *.« Whlt %rfi m °2' h -M.'MrV E R.' O.' Richardson, supplies ... iTmoirtn' .. ...•' • • 14.00.'Phil Boethler. phone rent and 40.00 Algona Hatchery, supplies .... IH. R. Cowan & Son, labor .... 1200 Kohlhaas Bros. iGaraye, labor "•«" — ... .,„_ guppiieij 65.M {AHIngthefUtlngsand!;" , —••Uito. of th* B a nlS5 _ representative th,,, I16n i* not so- executed llk •«—• sUch changes, &&&*!' RK»HT The « trident of the MM*' or his authorised rehreaefttetlvc the In«tal1at!6tt ot fclectric^YwIrlnitt 'fixtures, appliance*, Iwork and rnft- 2200 terfals twed and done Irt Connection with the operation of electric work of ^ Electric In «ald plant. A record Shall »e kept at stich plants'by th6 person, In I charge of such Work of alMhstalla* Noel lEntwistie, i mo. .. ... «.(».,„„ ot electric Wiring, fixtures, a^ National Drug Co., supplies F. i D »| ance8 W ork done and materials •- ™° v " iused in such plant* covering tfie fl.* 7 ' preceding month. ThW record shall 93i16 toe filed with the Superintendent of 3.00 j the Electric iLlght Plant each -month- M he COUNTY FARM Thos. Akre, provisions ,.. ... -W. E. Naudain, fuel , Norton Machine Works, sup- 24.00 piles-... ••'".', H. O. Larson, supplies W. H. Horan Elec. Co.. sup- 1*^* l.J? to the tlnie he maKes nis lnanect l O n. AH wirin fixtures, appliance*, ' and Mra. Elsie Cady, board and care Ed, Ertckson 4 weeks.. 3.W | «PPI1«I |IJ<:¥5 ' ""••» v-«..w v...« ..—. 7.76 u ^ed in connection with electrical Installation In such plants shall con- the provisions of this ordl- id the Superintendent of the 9- 50 , Electric T.lght Plant or hte author- 9- 75! Ized representative shall be In pow izea representative «t, ,, MM* to all building, 0 .1^I for the pupose of electrical work an< nance. The Superintendent Biectrlc Light Plant or hl ' ' teed representative is i, 0 ,Z , •empowered to make electrical wires and ,1 City of Algpna, low, necessary and whenev ascertained by inspection'™ provided, that any electrt c » latlon or any part thereof building or structure | 3 s so as to tendef the Mme da " person or property, the rent Henrv «n«nn ren en 1 mnn»h 1600 'Nelson Hardware, supplies 1 month ... • ..... '" '" __ -~* '"""-''""»'• annnllp City of Algfona, assign. Wm, \\y Ol AlHUIltL, ttaolgll. ,» I", ^..-^ T\^« Van Scoyoc ...... ........... 1W» Drs iGeorge f supplies Dr. 132— visors met pursuant to adjournment H. M. 3rnlth, engineer 270.00 M. E.' Burwash, cattle"tn'deni. 8».73i' w T PVImml r^nnlra «.l»u nit ^innnKa^a nvdqftnf IT%apfUo JT. Tnhnarm ovM»n1p . r-\«« n T IDi-.nUn.~4*. nnt-Hn i^_ t -'- rj __ -i ' cj,o.ii o Zent- with all members present. IBertha E. Johnson, expense Otto J, IBtochardt, cattle in- a1 -'* dem. I.' in- Mtion by Balgemnn and seconded an( j ac ]v. bty. by McDonald that Klauer M/K. Cojn- p. J.'Balgeman, com. and sea- • R."B." Chambers, cattle indem.. S9.7? pany be awarded contract to funflsh s | ott IS5.U Tletz-i& Tlenan, cattle Indem. 50.33 • —" J ""' " ' ' ~ " Tel. Co., _ I-Henry Harms, cattle indem. . 34.13 106.18 35.62 W-K No. 20-68- com. and " J XltJL£-'OC -L1KI1U.U, LctLLlC 111L1CLI1. . I Henry Harms, cattle indem. . •13.231 Jensen & Norland, cattle In- I dem 193.11 Robt. Jacobson, 'cattle Indem. I Ernest Mueller, cattle Indem. . 1600"ft. of 15 Inch corrugated, culvert Northwestern 'Bell pipe; that Wilson Concrete Companv f e | service .. ... Is hereby awarded contract to furnish yv. E. McDonald, 16flO ft. of concrete culvert.pipe: that session Wheeler Lumber Bridge S-- Supply oiaf Funnemark. com. and Company Is hereby awarded contract session 216.52 -p. JJP. Mueller, cattle Indem. tp furnlFh lumber; that Botsford Chas. Morris, com. and ses- oie K. Olson, cattle indem. ... Lumber Company Is hereby awarded s \ on 225.26 Schmidt Bros., cattle indem.. contract t furnish 10 kegs of nails as ,p. j. Haiken,. com. and session 208.08 j oe Traub, cattle Indem. .'.. ... per terms of bid. Ayes: All. "Henry Nelson, assessor .' 134.00' p re d Traub, cattle Indem. '— Motion by Morris and seconded by Francis Pfeffer, bounty .90 j o hn Ulfers cattle indem. ... Balgeman that salary of Steward & Kossuth County Farm >Bu- • ! Hans Wilberg, cattle Indem... Matron of-county farm is hereby fix- reau. appropriation 1250.00 ,^ r g IQ.. t>unn, vet. service .. ed at $125.00 per month: that salary Erma Stable, labor 17.50. j)n E. G. Dunn, vet. service.. of'assistant and his wife is hereby c. A. Samson, labor 81.00 ijj. K 'Gibson, vet. service ... fixed at $SO.OO per month commencing Mary K. Sands, labor 75.00 D r- R E. Weber, vet. service. •with the month of March, 1932. Ayes: Lilia L. Bishop, labor 25.00 j T. Waite. vet. service oo en " " iv ^ u * iw "W>— ":•;.'' Elmore Cement & Tile Co., tile ... • .',.... No. 35-89— „,•;; 19'74 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., tile ... W-K' No. 46-104— Elmore Cement •& Tile Co., tile WflC No. 68-136— Bert iKvammen, labor ... ... 1.45 C. H. Hansen, labor ... POOR 'FUND All. Wm. Shirley, expense Motion by Balgeman and seconded iL. E. Hovey, sheriff by Funnemark that 31st day of April, 'Peterson -Studio, pictures of J932, at 2 o'clock p. m. Is) hereby fixed, prisoners as date for hearing on following Sec- (Bancroft Register, pub. proc., ondary Road Petitions: 183, 184, 1S5. | etc ' 187, 1SS. 190, 191, 192, 193, • 194, 195, 196. Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., sup- 197, 198, 199. 200. 201, 202, 203. 205, 207,! piles 208, 209. 210, 211, 212, and 213. Ayes: All. Matt Parrott & Sons Co., sup- Motion by McDonald and seconded piles by Funnemark that an embargo Um- Messenger printing CO-, sup- Iting-the maximum -gross weight of v ' piles ' vehicles and loadw- to-6,00ff- Ibs., shall Pratt 'iPaper Co., supplies .. .. be in effect upon all county trunk -Fenton 'Reporter, supplies — roads and local county roads in Kog- Wright iBros., supplies suth county from and after March 'Holley School Supply Co., sup- 24th. 1932. Said embargo to be lifted plies at such time as the County Engineer Crescent Printing Co., aup- deems advisable. Ayes: All. I plies • On motion Board adjourned "Sine ! Lincoln School Supply Co., sup- Die." plies (BERTHA B JOHXSON", Metropolitan Supply Co.. sup- County Auditor. plies J. iH. Welch Printing Co., supplies 105.91 r> r . t, w. Fox, vet. service 124.00 9.00 92.97 100.56 5.29 .29.20 8.90 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. 45.441 service social worker ... .... 97.12 i Northwestern .Bell Tel. Co.. 380.36 tel. service social worker ...' 179.46 Elinor T. Sutton, office exp. ;. 131.76 Family Welfare -Ass'n of 393.64 America, supplies E. Woodward, vet. service 297.58 Boone Blank 'Book Co., .s.up- 'iDr. J. T. Walte. vet. service. »5.32. plies G. c. 'Barton; rent W. , m i ner family, i month * w |John Moulds, rent Max Meg- Ing for 1 month • ae^-Dr. W. D. Andrews, med. aid Mrs. Frank Hanson •R. A. Evans, med. aid J. Umbenhauer ' . 10.25 Chas. Gunder ....•., 5.00 Henry RIppentrop .. .. 2.00. 1KS Henry Cook ...32.00 ,Drs. Keneflck & Keneflck, •~ai med. aid Robt. Dutton •• •• * 1 B. Chase, med. aid...., .... 11 aq Mrs. Elva Mason 10.00 Mrs. Marie Mtnard ... .. 1000 .Tda Walker ' 10.00 'Dr.,.R. M. Wallace, med. aid . 18.88 Albert Davis ... .- 1.50 j Henry Steussy ;• <.00 16.40 Mrs,-Donald Palmer . . 73OO 7.931 j. ..Helmers 20.00 1 Mrs.*Herb. Adams .. '.: 6.00 5.84 C. Hi Cretzmeyer, med. aid i Joe . Arnderfer, clmd. $251; 3.60 allowed Keneflck & Keneflck, med. aid. McConnell 10.00 C. S. Johnson, supplies Lewis 'Gorman, supplies .. ... 15.00 Fred Carter, assign.. of Van i Scoyoc '• 15.00 'Frank L. Miller, light serv. .. 4»'.00 John Hennlng, labor s!55' er to enforce such provision* except ent of the i EIectrIc 8-J5 as the same are hereby limited of n fc authorized 70 exempted, Any falsity contained in at O1ice cauae '° fi.OO the report* required ,to be filed with upon the owner l.» the Superintendent of the ^ (Electric j or contro , ot s&m ^l^ ^!f^^ ln :. a , rM -^ 14.00 30.00 114.50 150.00 Jim *itnii«iio» »«vnv.. ••• • _ t RESOLVED: That the County Auditor Is hereby ordered and directed to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at this.meeting as shown by the Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written as per vote on each Individual bill. Ayes: All. . • , On .motion (Board adourned to nine o'clock a. m. April 21, 1982. ^ BERTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. 5.00 son, firm 80.21 therefor to the penalties^ provided In Section 22. Any. industrial plant to Cooper & Nephews sup- I Kohlhaas 'Bros. Garage, stor- | Kosauth Hospltat, hosp. care •'' i 2.56! age 7.50 1 Joe Arndorfer •'• ~.6o plies j. v. Elbert, grading project ROAD CONSTRUCTION No. 1 ..... . .............. ^. .. J. V. Elbert, grading project No. 24 J. nroiect project - 231.80 49.50 o'TV Sid J. Backus, envelopes O.lti T^rt« Tl *KTiiarA*«f- ooaf- n ncr 23.16 ' age Elinor T. Sutton, expense Trans. F. Besher $5.00 Books, RIppentrop children 3.00 Office exoense 6.78 3CIBEKVTSOR <DtST.. NO. 1 J. B. Brpeldlng,. prov. -Ben GIsch 2.33 oiu u. .ua,uivua, tn»ciw^co • * « • •»**• ••** —— -_ . P _, Don T Nugent, as_st. engineer. 160.00 Benedicts Store, proj. 1.11 11.00 11.2S Jules Seifert, grading 132.78 Jules Seifert, grading 420.70 Bauck Const. Co., grading ti on I project No. IT 524.95 Ji.w j v Eibert, grading project No. 22 189.15 J. V. Elbert, grading project No. 23 1ST.20 ROAD MAINTENANCE FUND April 4, 1932 9.44 Koch Brothers, supplies 60.00 Jenk:ns-Fergmann Co., sup- Auditor's Office. Aprl i. 1912. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth plies county met in regular session with all! Burroughs Adding -Machine members present. i Co., supplies Board proceeded with reading- of Acres-IBlackmar Co., supplies, minutes of last regular session and W. H. Horan Elec. Co., sup- all adjourned sessions. ! plies Motion by McDonald and seconded R. G. Richardson, supplies ... by Funnc-mark that minutes of last Churchill Mfg. Co., supplies .. regular and all adjourned sessions be i W. E. Naudain, fuel approved as read. Ayes: All. Fred Schneider, board of equ- Audit and allow bills. ! alizabion meeting -On molion Board adjourned to one •• S. F. Phillips, board of equal- o'clock p. m. 1 ization meeting One o'clock p. m.—Board of Super- ' J. L. Lichty. board of equali- vlsors met. pursuant to adjournment! zation meeting with all members present. J L. F. Smith, board of equaliza- Motion by McDonald and seconded i tion meeting b? Morris that 1st qunrterly report of Chas. Wolf, board of equaliza- Bertha K. Johnson, County Auditor, i tion meeting and Laura. Pa.lne County Recorder, i Geo. D. Moulton, meeting .. .. are hereby approved. Ayes: All. | F. J. Ludwig, board of equal- Motion .by Baleeman and seconded] ization meeting by Funnpmark that final estimate of Wm. Meyer, board of equaliza- J. V. <Elbert on Grading Project No. | tlon meeting 19 for $!»7.55: Grading -Project No. 2ft w. F. Reimers, board of equal- for SlOO.lfi,; Grading Project No. 21 for 21.06 1.00 94.58 6.2S .50 4.70 114.27 1.00 1.00 City of Algona, light and wat- Fred Schmidt, Lu Verne one month $14.32 Wm. Hedriok, 1 mo 12.13 Chas. Burke, 1 week ... 3.5S McFarland & Walker, prov. Fred Schneider, 3 mo E. 'R. Zumaoh's Sanitary Market, prov. E. Saager, 5 moa. Welter's Store, prov. J. E. Mc- Comten, iLtvermore, 1 week.. er "ervice "48" ^Ichty '& Ross. prov. E. Zeut- er service 4.«- ran Lu Verne _ „ mos Ray Sa-nfcey, prov. Ray San- 63.43 Hancock Co. Treasurer, taxes Bertha E. Johnson, adv. road expense Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. service 'Goodman Hundsness, patrol .. W, H. Grover, dragging 25.50 9.56 19.65 key, Llvermore, 1 week Mrs. W. H. Ellis, prov. IGeo. Scribner, Lu Verne, 1 mo. .. Neuman, prov. Joe iFras- er. Sexton, 2 mos. 14.78 National Drug Co., supplies J. Helmers "- u Laird & MoCullough. ambu- . lance serv., Mrs. Stocfcwen.. 2.-30 .Fisher's Cafe, meals for transients, 2-9" Algona Motor Sales,'supplies . 29.28 for transients ' 1.2> 30.53 Wm. Dehnert, rent V. <K. Russell, resident of Calif. .. 3.00 Kathryn Haag, meals for V. K. Russell family ... 5.90 iSUPERVISOR DOST. NO. Long's Grocery, Prov. E. 30.59 Burch. Sexton, 4 weeks .... IT.IS W. W. Dlrksen. prov. Roy Ol- 50.00 lorn, Armstrong. 4 weeks ... pKunz Grain Co.. fuel C. 5.31 Wandling, Algona .... 11.35 1 Wm F. Ca.llies Estate, prov. . 75.09 Ci. HlKglns, TItonka, 2 months 4'4'92 3.85 Mr. Walker, TItonka, 1 week 1.20 % 4.96 J. L. 'Raskopf & Co.. fuel Mrs. J. Simons, St. Benedict LEGAL NOTICES | ORDIXATfCE JfO. 288 AN ORDINANCE PRESCRIBING RULES AN'D REGULATIONS I dlnance . •mni-k FWTtrn T-vTOm A T T A *PlfWKT t\\P _ • • . . whom the provision hereof applies shall pay to the City of Algona, Iowa, one dollar'..(91.00) per.hour for the time consumed In Inspection.' 1 ' Section 6. COVBHINO Ul? KM3C- TRICAL WORK. No person hfivlng charge 'of the constructon, alteration ' or repair of • any building or structure, or no other-person^ shall cover'or conceal or. cause £0 be covered or concealed,, any • wiring • or electrical apparatus for which permit Is required 'before the said/wiring or apparatus has been inspected and approved as required by this or- FOR THE INSTALLATION OF BLBCTRIIC LIGHT, HEAT AND POWER, WIRING, FIXTURES, APPLIANCES AND ELECTRICAL WORK; PROVIDING FOR PERMITS' .THEREJFOR, ' THE •MANNER OF INSTALLATION AND THE INSPECTION THEREOF AND IMPOSING A PENALTY FOR THE VIOLATION THEREOF WITHIN THE OITY OF ALGONA, IOWA, .'Section 7. RULES, AND GENERAL REQUIREMENTS. The installation of all electric light, heat and power wiring, all electrical fixtures ..and appliances and all ' elec- trical'' work arid'' materials' therefor shall comply with and conform to the "National Electrical Code", of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, a copy of which Is on file In the office of the City Clerk and perlntendent of the Electric Plant or Ms authored renr, tlve',may. cause.the electric to be. cut off from such bul structure or where that portion of the possible bulldln, , - i . " u i structure where •defects or conditions exist, and the"! current shall not again be on until all defects or improm dttions; have, been removed paired 'arid a certificate of tory Inspection thereof |&, provided by this ordinance." •'Section 18. LICENSE •' FBBS. No person, firm or atlon shall engage in the; of Installing 1 electrical wiring, paratua to be used in conn" with electric light, heat or '.itfltMn--the* City of Algona, without having secured a therefor, for which each firm or corporation shall pay a ly fee of Ten Dollars ($10.00)1 able To the City Clerk of the Superintendent of the. Electric Iowa. All such licenses 20.00 Be It Ordained by ,the City Council Llght P i ant an< i the same is hereby non-traraferab!e and shall ot the City of Algona,'Iowa: tn&fo a part of this ordinance and on--the first day of April ot Section 1. PERMIT REQUIRED. shall govern allcases not otherwise, year. No person, firm or corporation shall covered by the provisions hereof. All '• Section 19. APPLICATION I fiesta or proceed with the installa- ex ieting electrical apparatus wiring-, LICENSES. All applicatioi Geo. C. Schultz, dragging- Ben Amelsberg, dragging;' clmd. $33.00; allowed Jay Goflden, dragging F. X. Wilhelml. dragging — Charles Berte, dragging Ted Hoover, dragging TO'so I Tlede & Schneider, prov. Geo. **' ' Scrlbrter, 1 mo • A. W, Jurgens, prov. for Fred J203.80 be nlluwed ami -County Auditor- instructed to issue warrant as provide by 'law. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to nine o'clock a. m. April 5th, 1932. BBRTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. ApriT5Tl932 Auditor's office, April 5, 1932. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with aJl members present. Motin by IBalgeman and seconded by McDonald that County Auditor Is hereby instructed to refund one- fourth of fee for cigarette license or sum of $1150 to Roy O. Bjustrom, on account of discontinuing sale of ciK- arettes permit surrendered March 25, 1932. Ayes: All, . Audit and allow bills. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. , One o'clock p. m.-'Boa.rd of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members preBent. Motion l>y IMdDonalU and seconded by Morris that official bond of W. J. Bourne, assessor,- £oi-.|BOO.<»-.is hereby approved. Ayes: ',All. Motion- by 'Funnemark and seconded by Morris that Secondary Road Petition No. 214 be placed on file. Ayea: Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Balgeman that following soldiers exemptions be allowed: Mrs Katie Rentz on Lots 7 and 8, -Block 6, Buell's 2nd Add. 'Burt for J600.00 for 1931: ization meeting H. C. Allen, board of equalization meeting Frank Devitt. board of equalization meeting IFrank Clapsaddlei board of equalization meeting G F. Chambers, board of eq- A. M. i Gustafson, dragging .. ton Jay D. Graham, dragging ... Fred Butterfield, dragging lfl O clmd. $B.CO; -allowed John Simmons, dragging .. . vOO ; Wyot Stott, dragging o'oo ', Joe 'Mayne, dragging ... ... I Earl Ackerman, dragging ., 4 00 I Albert Wittkopf, dragging . ' ! Edward Hagge, dragging ... 409 IB. H. Gould, dragging j C, L. Sampson, dragging- .. jQO'KjeC" B. Streit, dragging .. ' I Peter N. Thiiges, dragging- .. 26.40 18.00 22.65 42.00 40.60 24.9!) 16.50 4.SO 12.60 34.20 16.20 10.80 30.60 31.80 i IS.60' 14140 Schneider, 2 mos. O. J. Kaschmitter, fuel, E. Saager, Whittemore Fred Nurse, fuel Fred Schneider, West Bend Farmers Elevator Co., fuel Joe McConnell, 4 mos Sanford &'L,lndebak, fuel 3.00 3.00 3.00 uallzation meeting ?.°0 G. B. Johnson, board of equalization meeting 4.00 H. F. Schultz, board of equalization meeting 4 - 0(> John Bormann, board of equal- Ization meeting ••• '• uu J. H. Fraser, board ot equalization meeting •• 4- 00 John Frideres, board of equalization meeting •• '- w J. F. Gllmore, board of equali- ^ ^ zation meeting Crawford Bros., dragging John H. Ufkes, dragging . Rich 'Potratz, dragging ... Cecil Thoreson, dragging . Frank Reibhoff, dragging 1 Henry C. Nelson, dragging iGeo. Scribner 9.33 John McVay 4.51 Thompson Yards Inc., tuel ... Chas. Burk, Lu Verne .. 9.23 Geo. Scribner 8.83 A. E. Pasley, rent Joe iFraser, 1 month •Karel Krebs, rent IFred Schneider, .3 mos -Fred Tiede, rent 'Geo. 'Scrib- i8.tt>i ner, 2 mos. J4.40 , Mrs. W. Myers, rent Joe 'Platt, 3e!ooi Algona, 2 mos. 15.30 25.80 2.10 Wm. Runchej', dragging ..... 20-40 Strayer Bros., dragging Willie Sohn, dragging Emil Sorensen, dragging 9.00 9.09 9.30 4.00 8.00 S.OO J. C. Mawdsley, board of equalization meeting .... •Henry Weber, board of equalization meeting ...... Henry Eischeid, board of equ- alizatlon meeting 4.00 Aug. Gutknecht, board of equalization meeting ••• Geo. 'Hagge, board of equalization meeting •• Henry Bormann, board equalization meeting ... 4 .°° •K. G.-.Ewoldt. board of equalization meeting •• J. T. Cherland. board of equal- Ization 'meeting ••• 4 - uo E. R. Woltz, board of ennail- zation meeting •• ••• 4 '°° Geo. P. Hawcott, board of equalization meeting Thos. Berg, board of equaliza- O. A. Laabs, dragging ...... 13.80 Enno Eden, dragging ........ 42.89 A. B. Venteicher, dragging Henry F. Hofbauer, dragging Alvln IBierstedt. dragging .. Walter Bieratedt, dragging .. Kenneth Curran, dragging G. B. Johnson, dragging ..... 24.60 Herman Gels, dragging- ...... 21.50 Ubbe Winter, dragging ...... 55.8(1 Joe Weydert, dragging ....... 23.00 12.00 12.60 10.80 6.60 Ward \& Goetz, dragging W. A.-Murray, assign. ... Kennedy Bros., assign ... Arnold Delperdang. patrol Jack Lynch, patrol ... B. '£*. Burtls, rent E. Zittlow, Lu Verne, 2 mos Dr. R. W. "Beardsley, med. aid 31.95 24.94 7.70 5.90 7.02 32.25 13.84 13.06 12.00 18.00 24.00 25.00 20.00 Ollle Foertsch. rent C. Wandling. 1 month • •Elinor T. Sutton, transp. Estl Cook •• •• T>r. Pierre Sartor, med'. ata .. C. Hlgglns 900 Wm. Boehm family — 3.3T C. H. Cretzmeyer, med'. aid Art Balec. Wesley W. A. White, prov. Mrs. M. 11.60 8.00 tlon or alterations in any wiring system through or by which is conveyed or intended to be conveyed electrical current for power, heating or illuminating purposes, Including 1 devices used for generation, transmission, conduction, absorption, transformation, reduction or con- gumption of electric current in any 25.00 j building or structure in the City of Iowa \vtfhout a permit . A. e, prov. r. . 173AlEOna> Iowa wi.th.out a permit Sions „ . ^ — — 3i — e vj_ a -,- d • j' ' i havlngr first been obtained from the Flack, Wesley 19-50; 'Superintendent of the Electric Light Albert Reno, board and room Esta Cook Fred Boyken, rent C. 'Higglns, and fixtures shall be made to conform to the requirements of this ordinance when so ordered 'by the Superintendent of the Electric Light Plant or his authorized representative. Section S. CONDUCTORS. All conductors, however well Insulated, shall always -be treated as bare, to the end .that, under no conditions existing or likely to exist,'can .any short circuit occur and so that all leakage from conductor to conductor !,Plant or his authorized representa-| or between conductor and ground clmd $15.00 , not allowed Ray Sankey 20.00 W. A. White, prov. A. Olson, 1 week ...' 4.12 W. A. White, prov. G. W. Gunder, 1 month 14.59 33.00 9.00 44.92 63.92 64.22 *.. D. Pruism'an^ patrol 76.10 Gus Richt«,r, patrol 79.40 G. W. Leeper, patrol 27.00 C. A. Lamoreux, patrol 1 ?2' a> J. H.. Montgomery, patrol R. L.. Corbin, med. aid Chas. Dennis, Lu Verne. 12.00 0?red Schmidt, Lu Verne 1.00 Drs. Keneflck i& Kenefiok, med. aid Mr. Wood, Algona. C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. aid; clmd. $200; allowed Wm. Hedrlck, Lu Verne 100.00 Ray Sankey, OLiivermore. 50.00 Walter Fraser, med. aid Joe Fraser family Kossuth Hospital, hospital care 13.00 26.00 150.00 SUPERVISOR DIST. -NO. 4' Hoods Cash Store, prov. C. Sanflt, 1 week ! Hoods Cash Store, prov. Mrs. West, 'Bancroft, 4 -weeks ... Merrill .Bros., prov Geo. Lau, Bancroft, 4 weeks ...15.00 IN. J. Nemmers, 4 weeks 25.24 Ames Bergroan, 1 mo... 10.13 Mrs. H. Johnson, 1 mo. 20.55 Smith Department Store, prov. iMra. A. iKlnney, Burt Priebe Bros., prov. W. P: •Brown, Lone , Rock, 1 mo. .. K. O. Stephenson, prov, V. 5.91 107.10 76.40 4.00 . John S.' Nelson, patrol Chester Alme, patrol ....... , Hlldreth Pettlt, patrol ....... 26.40 Oscar Earing, patrol ......... 115 -?x Alton Pettit, patrol .......... 103.20 Will Leeper, patrol .......... 68.45 J. F. Quinn, patrol ........... 94.15 Ole Gerdes, patrol ........... 30.00 J-JCl til uwt*» «-• *"• —-1 . -j. meeting ••• 4 '°° HarryH Wilson on 3 66 ft. of Lot H. O Larson board of equali- i o.SS =J ej\ ft of E »4 ft of Lot 2, zation meeting • ••• 4 - w i and S w it. or LI sj,,,; 1 ;, " t ™. T iv Kvinh hnard of eouallza- Block 79, Alsona, for $500 tor 1931; ' M H. Clark on Lot 4, iBIook 33, Algona Inc. for $500.00 for year 1932. , «, Crawford on Beg. 2 rods W. SE corner Lot 3, W 12 rods, N. 4 rods, E. 32 rods. S. 4 rods to beginning Sec. 11-9J-39 for year 1932 for 112800 balance having (been applied on personal property. Cresco township, and Counl>- Auditor instructed to abate or refund said taxes as case may be and make necessary correction on ta.x records. Ayesu . All. Motion bv McDonald and seconded by Morris that following suspensions be allowed- Ida A. V'alker-on N. 1-3 of T,ots and 4, .Block 44, Original plat City of j Algona, for year 1931. Mrs •CarHe Thompson on Lot 7, Block 6 OcK>k's 1st add. Swea City for 1931, and County Auditor and Treasurer instructed to enter said suspension on proper records. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Balgemnn that following resolution STrPMH.VTBORS ORDEHI FOR .-mRS'IlFUrOTVON OF 'NOXIOUS WW'IDS AND MO\VING O'F L. W. Erich, board of equalization meeting .. •••••• ;• H. C. Lunning, board of equalization meeting •• John Kohlwes. board of equalization meeting ••• Alb. 'Potratz, board of equalization meeting Geo. Winkel, board of equali 4.00 4.00 Lewis Merkle, labor Pearly Haynes, patrol 34.40 7n.90 Wilbur A. Fisher, patrol 87.50 Clyde Sanders, patrol 50.70 Elmer Ewing, patrol 110.40 John Phillips, patrol 55.59 Clifford Holmes, patrol 4-.15 Hans W. Neilsen, patrol .. .. 57.75 Woodrow .Pettit, patrol 18.50 •Peter Movlok, patrol # 89.60 29.00 92.00 Wm. Hedrick ... ..". ... 69.00 IRay Sankey 23.00 Viola Bergum, care Mrs. Ray Sankey 17.00 Floyd O. Pasley, light bill IFraser family 2.80 L. M. Merritt, ambulance trip Wm. Hedrick 10.00 A. «. -Borchardt, -supplies ... .. 10.70 Wm. Hedriok, Lu Verne 10.60 Dan Long. Algona 10 iR. A. Clark, prov. Joe Platt, Algona, 2 weeks ... 9-5 R. A. Clark, prov. O. Callles, Algona, 1 week 4.1 Thos. Akre, prov. Mrs. Henry Koch, Algona, 1 month 12.00 C. J. Johnson, prov. A. V. - " U.E3 2.40 8.00 "CU, •» I»likti*t *•!-»»••»• —- —-t ^. zation meeting ... ... ... ... «•<» Peter Elbert, board of equalization meeting *- w John Schaller, board of equal- 4.00 4.00 4.00 John Hanselman, patrol Wm. F. Gronbach, patrol Ed Fuchsen, patrol ization meeting H. W. Harms, board of equalization meeting • iR. B. . Bernlnghaus, board of equalization meeting Mike Wagner, board of equalization meeting Peter Hans, board of equaliza- 150.50 18.00 „ - 91-00 Joe M."Esser,""patrol 91.00 Clem Goodman, patrol 90.6a Wm. O. Ludwig, patrol 89.42 Tm Weir, patrol 91.00 Joe Heiderscheidt, patrol .'. .. 37.50 S. D. McDonald, patrol 96.60 Ole Gerdes, labor 12.00 Clifford Johnson, labor . <BF1 fP m^SOLVBD by the Board of Supervisors of ICosauth county, That in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 246 of the. C'otie of 1927, it Is hereby ordered: 1 That :<11 weeds growing In the hitrhwav-, 'ih'ill be cut a.1 least twice | Fleanor iPotter, assessor during Hie Browing season, the first Wm. Runchey, assessor W. A. Schram, board ot equalization meeting Chris Brant, board of equalization meeting • Andrew M. Hansen, board of equalization meeting ,T. E. Smith, assessor Henry Fox, assessor Andrew Elbert, assessor T,. A. Johnson, assessor Henry Klepper, assessor .. .. Peter 'Selvig, assessor R. fF. Hawcott, assessor .. .. W. H. Patterson, assessor .... O. L. Cavis, labor Aaron W. 'Steusay, labor Aaron W. Steussy, labor .. tion meeting 8 '°° E. P. Hansen, board of equalization meeting ...^ .. : ••_•__;• 8 '°° 8.00 8.00 8.00 104.no: 108.00 128.00 116.00 147.5" 128.75 120.25 134.75 3.90 2.00 2.90 5.00 3.15 3.00 E. L. Huber, labor Andrew RtedlnB. labor 'Lars Garvlck, labor; claimed J5.00; allowed 3-00 Emil Kraft, labor 1|.« 3.5* 5.25 17.40 9.96 9.23 .75 cutting lo li.i not later than July 1st, iQ*f> i nd t ho *iftOond cuVtiiiff not later - m. v >.^v .«..-..-. flna'n'sWlember'lBth, l»5'i and a » nox- ! L. M. Merritt, coroner's fees ious wenrfs ,"ha" be out and destroyed Delia Welter, reporter's, fees by th» owner or occupant whether on the proper!v or on the adjoining highway, J«'tW'fpn Hit? -dates named, to- Wit' " IVjok. .Buokhorn, Wild 0 wrnooih !>OCK. .LJUI-KIIOI n. wn'i Mustard, Cnurk Grns.s, Sour or Curled Doc.k. (ianada Thistle. Horse Nettle Wil<! Parsnip. Wild Carrot, i Russian .Thistle, and Sow Thistle 'be-1 tween the l r >tU day of June and the 1st day of .fuly, Ii»'3, and between the I5tli d-iy of Julv. 1932, and the 15th da.y of August. 1932. 3 Shooflv, Burdonk. 'CocVleburr, Wild Sviiifinwer. Velvet T\ eed. between 1h« l^t day of July, 1932. ami the laii'dyv'of August, 1932, and between Hie r-tb day of Aueust and the 15th 'la/ ol September, 19S2. 4 Tha.t If the owner or person in contro; of any real estate falls to mow all weeds frnm the roadside as hereinbefore provided, or fails to cut, burn, oTotherwise destroy all noxious weeds during the period hereinbefore set out. the trustees, council, commissions, or board of supervisors as the case may be. will cajjae the highway tobe mowed and the noxious weeds £ be cut *nd d«troyed_and the ex- H j||. j. v «J ti«-ii wj i «.»— — ^— — . H. G. Vaudt, assessor J4b.75 r-lare'nce Va»ke, assessor^.. .. lil.75 iD.jK 1.25 7.65 2.45 153.29 90.75 Perkins Bros. Co.. supplies O. iP. McDonald & Co., supplies Haggard & Backus, puto. proc. Advance 'Pub Co.. pub. Proc.. Elmer Elllngson, labor Mike Loss, labor J. A. Roberts, bridge Arthur Pehrson, supplies .... Kohlhaas Hdw., supplies H. R. Sorensen & Co., supplies Kohlhaas Bros. Garage, supplies Norton Machine Works, supplies P IG. Hauenstein, labor Wesley Auto Co., supplies .... Joe Greenberg. supplies D. A. Schultz, labor P. C. Dahl, supplies Frank iFlaig, supplies Deltering iGarage, supplies ... Clapp's Master Service, supplies Geo. Holtzbauer, supplies - J. F. Fisher, supplies J.OO Carl Syverson, supplies i.«g Elbert Garage, supplies 78.05 o* «J d mowing or destruction, costs of a«rying notice and \t •oy.Tte taxed-ae 1*134 a«* tbe owner* thereof. INSANE L. B. Hovey, expense of conveyance L. E. Hovey, expense of con- VC> DOMESTIC A'INIM'A-L FUND 1.85 51.06 1.60 7.8 116.60 4.80 29.56 ?9.30 15.20 221.30 5.50 Hartgrove, Algona, 1 month W. E. Naudain, fuel Joe Platt, Algona Botsford Lumber Co., fuel Mrs. Henry Koch, Algona ... 'SUPERVISOR DIST. NO. 2 Dr. L. G. Baker, dental aid Weiss girls Mrs. Rachael Stlies, trans. Mrs. Martha Van Dorston . A. H. Borchardt, supplies, Ethel Jones, Algona. ... . Moe & Sjogren, prov F. N. Elbert, Algona, 2 .months 19.62 John Fox, Algona, 2 moa. 11.48 John Slfert, Algona, 2 months 27.65 Wm. Van Scoyoc, 1 wk. 3.41 Wm. Siepman -. Jr., 1 wk. 3.63 J. Umberhauer, 2 mos... 25.39 Albert Davis, 2 mos. ... 51.35 R. A. Clark, prov. ...... .... Robt. Bowman, 3 wkrf. . 10.87 H. Cook, 4 wks 35.87 'Chas. Gunder, 2 wks. .. 14.86 V. Rutledge, 1 wk 3.86 Long's Grocery, prov. ... ..... Max Meslng, 4 Wks 23.34 iFrank Hansen, 4 wks. ,. 17.07 J. Schlmmel, 4 wks 22.77 M. Pedersen, 4 wks 19.12 G. M. White, 4 wks 17.90 ,p. V. Mathlson, 4 wks.. 14.93 Shott, Fenton, 1 month Henry Wiener, prov. W. P. iBrown. 6 weeks A. A. Droessler, prov. Mrs. Edna, Johnson, 1 month. 4.00 12.00 10.00 4.23 5.85 tive-.. Section 2. APPLICATION FOR PERMIT. Any person, firm or corporation desiring such a permit shall file with the Superintendent of the Electric Light 'Plant an application in writing on standard forms provided by the City for such application, stating therein the location of such work, owner's name, the name of the electrical contractor and the amount and nature of the work to be done under the permit and that such work Is to be done In accordance with the ordinances of the City of Algona, Iowa, Section 3. PERMIT ISSUED. Upon the City Superintendent of the Edna Johnson, Paul Grames, prov. Geo. Lau of the application for a permit as 1 week •»•*>'provided In Section 2 hereof, he shall Art Bettln, prov SS-SO 1 Julius Briggs, Burt, a weeks 7.oO Mrs. B. Johnson, 1 mo. 16.09 Bert Goddem. f mov .... 16-*> •Floyd (Duncan, prov.. BTrs. A. Kinney, 6 moa Mrs. Mary A. Froehle, rent Mrs. Grover Tirteiv 2 mos. Dr. J. G. Cla'paaddl'ev med. aid C. O. Riddle 30.0* 03. Godden 9.50 J. Brisrga ...... ».50> C. Coffin - 37.00 J. H. Ditstrorth, Clarence -Sandt, rent 1-2 month J, H. Sheridan, Agt., rent N. J. 'Nemmers, 1 mo C. H. Sehrader, rent Mrs. 15.04 16.» 86.00 4.00 8.00 6.00 25.00 6.80 142.5S 6t>.46 Johnson, 3 mos 30.09 J, H". Sheridan, Agt., rent Geo. Lau, 1 month :... W. A. Murray, fuel 100.65 Mrs. West 9.80 Geo. Lau 5.05 C. Buaen 6.20 Mrs. H. Jonson ,. 9.50 Mrs. E. Cayler 8.75 J. Knapper .... 7.20 Mr,s F. O'Dell 10.00 Mrs. H. Gries 4.85 Mrs. G. Tyler 10.25 Mrs. R. Hunt .. 9.50 Amos Bergman 8.25 R. Gunder* 2.50 Mrs. Kramer .. .. 8.80 (Burt Farmers Exchange, fuel 20.55 Mrs. E. Johnson 9.80 'Mrs. A. Klnney 10.75 O, IP. McDonald & Co., fuel~ Mrs. E. Johnson .- 23.55 Dr. S. A. Meyer, med. aid Mrs. J. M. Martin, clmd. »22; Issue a permit to the''person, firm or corporaitlon applying therefor. Said permit shall not he in force or effect until all the inspection and other fees as provided herein have been paid. Provided further, that if the City Superintendent of the Electric Light 'Plan,t shall deem It necessary, he may before issuing a perml require, .a complete se/t; of plans am specifications to be filed In his off ice indicating the number of and capacity of all feeders and sizes of con dults, cabinets and switchboards. Section 4. PERMIT NOT RE QUIRED. No permit shall be re im'is lulred for making repairs or main tenance replacements to any wirin.' allowed W. T. Peters, M. D., med, aid, 17.00 35.00 35.00 L. A. IBarslou, assessing dogs 7..«) W J Bourne, assessing dogs . R. A. iButcher. assessing dogs . 9.20 6.80 W. E. INaudain. supplies . F. S. Norton & Son, supplies., •Kunz Grain Co., supplies .. .. IBotsford Lumber Co., supplies Northern Lumber Co., supplies Farmers' Co-op. Elev., sup- W H.'JHoran Elec.' Co., sup- i> J\- "JJU ).W 1JC* i o.*»w^•»•••*» '•-• — — d John Dempsey, assessing dogs 1.20 Chris Dahl. assessing dogs ...: Andrew Elbert. assessing dogs 10.80 9.70 1.80 6 -l° 'assessing "dogs. 2.00 . 'Fi<ank W. Elbert, assessing dogs • 'Henry 'Fox. assessing dogs I. W. 1 VV • ^.^ClUTO, tii3fcH-»««i<ra »~"CJ „. R. IP. Hawcott, assessing dogs »•«" L. A. Johnson, assessing dogs Henry Klepper, assessing dogs 72.15 25.78 S.55 4.50 11.40 11.65 3.50 13.30 6.23 8.12 .Bloom's Store, prov. C. Gun; der, 2 weeks '• Algona co-Op. Cry. Co., prov. "H, Cook. 2 mos 10.80 Emma Beavd, 2 mos. ... 10.80 iF. N. Elbert, 2 mos. ... 10.80 C. Gunder, 2 mos, 5.39 G. M. White, 2 mos 5.40 'E. (Bowman, 2 mos 4.06 M. Frandsen, 2 mos. ... 5.40 Jens Knudsen, 2 mos. ... 3.06 C. S. Johnson, prov - iFred Klein, 5 weeks .... 22.67 O, -Bakken. 4 weeks .... 12.47 iHarley Adams, 4 wks... 16.09 Mrs. Anna' Carney, rent, Mc- 7.54 56.41 »l-23 plles Lone Rock Tel. Co., tel. serv.. Algona Ins. Agency, premium. Interstate Power Co., light ser. . Kathryn Haag. meals ... W.10 Mrs. Amelia Koppen, rent .... 30.00 Firestone Tire & Rubber Co., supplies ••• 64 - 86 Central Battery & Elec. Co., supplies Economy Welding Works, sup- j N. Ludwig. assessing dogs H. L. McEnroe, assessing dogs A. B. Ogren, assessing doga . Eleanor (Potter, assessing dogs W. H. <Patteraon, assessing Wm? S RiuncheyY ass'essi'nk dogs j$| J. E. Smith, assessing dogs T>. >F. Schwletert, «.60 l'.50 10.10 10.00 903.30 «•«.«•««• •«•> Lelghton" Supply Co., supplies. L68 Klauer Mfg. Co., supplies .... la. Machinery & Supply Co., supplies ............... ••• ;•• Gibbs-Cook Tractor & EJaulP- Co., supplies ............ .... Carl <R Wilier Tractor Co., supplies A.USUXI W '*Co.; s.upplie» Rite Way Grocery, provisions. R. Mason, 4 weeks 25.33 Alb. Blanchard, 4 wks.. 30.04 W. E. Baker, 3 weeks .. 17.64 Jens Knutson, 5. weeks.. 28.67 j. Chapin, 1 week 3.17 H. R. Sorensen & Co., prov... H. Helmers, 4 weeks .... 17.77' M. 'Frandsen, 4 weeks .. 12.24 Dave Hasz, 1 month ... 6.00 E. Jones, 1 month 21.0a Arthur Neitzel, 5 weeks. 32.00 Fred Anderson, fuel •• J. Helmers • •••• 2.40 Morten 'Pederson 6.33 H. Helmers »•* Alb. Blanchard ., 7.0o W. A. White, prov. ... •••••: .F. Gronbach, 1 month .. 14.61 J. Helmers. 1 month .... 17.58 C. Taft, 1 month I* 2 ? G. Haag. 1 month ... •,•• •*•••! R. Goodman. 1 week ... f.OO . J. Umbenb&uer. 1 week. 8.08 tbr. C. D. Sohaap, dental aid «3. W. Gunder ', S. Norton & Son, fuel <j. M, White .... ,.. Robt. •*•-"— «.« 104.85 89.06 18.20 69.79 clmd. $102.00, allowed 97.00 Wm. Enis 12.60 (Ed Moon 20.00 Win. Enls , 40.OO aielvln Hawks ....' 24.50 J. A. Devlne, med. aid 25.00 A.Bergman 8.00 Mrs. Eugene Caylor . .. 13.00 Mrs. Roswell Hunt .. .. 4.00 Dr. Karl OH. Hoffman, dental aid 9.50 Nick Nemmers ... ..'. .. 1.00 Mrs. Edna Johnson . • •• 3.50 Mrs. E. Caylor , 3.00 Mrs. C. Sandt S.OO Augusta Klnney, care of D. Geist 25,00 Mrs. C. H. Qorensten, board ,. John Martin family 14 days 40.00 stnpEaavieoR DIST. NO. 5 Hood's Cash Store, prov. C. - - - * 30.00 16.08 15.00 19.54 17.45 8.00 9.58 system. No permit shall be le- qulred for'the Installation of wires to operate electric bells, gas lighting apparatus, call bells, burglar alarms, telephone, telegraph, district messenger, firm alarms or other similar installations when a transformer is not required and where the voltage as used is not over fourteen (14) volts. 'No permit shall be required for the construction, reconstruction, alterations or repair of any elect tic light system used in connection with electric' light," heat or power in Industrial plants, central stations, substations or other public utility build- Inge where expert electricians are regularly employed and who have charge of the electrical work In such plants, Section 5. CERTIFICATE OF •INSPECTION. Upon completing the installation of any electrical work, electric light or power wiring, electrical fixtures and appliances or electrical work or materials, for which a permit has been issued the electrical contractor or person in shall be reduced to a minimum. Section 9. DISTRIBUTION CENTERS./In laying out an installation xcept for constant current'systoms very reasonable effort shall be nade to secure distribution centers ocated in eaeily accessible places at vhich points cut-outs and switches ontrolllng the various branch circuits shall be grouped for conven- ence and safety of operation. The oad shall be divided as evenly as possible between -branches and all complicated and unnecessary wiring shall be avoided. Section 10. EXIT LIGHTS, 'in all public halls and .places where exit .Ights are required, they shall be on separate circuits from those used for general ligh.ting. 'Section 11. ENTRANCE CABINETS. All meter installations hereafter made shall be equipped with a standard approved 'blocked steel service cabinet inclosing all service connections parts including externally operated switch, fuses and meter connections. This standard service outfit shall be used for entrance as well ae customer's meter connections, and , sha,U be mounted on a board large' enough* to /permit Installing meter on same board, and shall be arranged so as to -be seated by the City. Circuit or branch fuses must be installed, for all circuits in such a manner aa to be externally accessible to the consumer or owner ef the premises. The meter trims the license herein required L. made to the City Clerk and d'iij sued by him upon recommei as .to the competency of the i cant, by the Superintendent i Electic Light Plant. Section 20. BOND REQUl| No license shall be Issued to a son, firm" or corporation untlll person, firm or corporation have filed with the City surety 'bond In the sum of| Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) sureties to be approved by thJ Council, conditioned for the fa| .compliance with all the provl .of, this ;ordinance and for 'payment of all fees and si the City by reason of this ore and for the payment of all I posed; upon person, firm or < tion for the violations of thls| nance 'and to indemnify any i njured by- reason of a violatl any of the terms of this ordlJ •Section 21. FEES. The follf schedule of fees and In charges shall apply to all workl under'the provisions of this \ nance except ae otherwise herein: $1,00 per'hour for time < in inspection .including tr Section 22. PENALTY. son who shall d'o or perform I act or thing prohibited by ttibl nance, or otherwise than in a| ance with its provisions, or i any or either of the rules orj lations shall be guilty of a i for the standard, service eabineta shall be furnished by the City and charged to the owner. Section 12. SERVICE; '-EN* TRANCE WIRES. No service entrance wires shall be smaller than No. 10 B. & S. Gauge copper wire and all service entrance wire shall be enclosed in Iron-conduit from the service switch cabinet 'to the point at which they connect wltft the service wires of the City. Entrance cond^it> must be . grounded and run exposed to entrance cabinet. The ground connection must be made permanent and effective and must tie made to an approved ground rod to be not smaller than No. 6 B, £ S. Gauge copper wire. Ground rod shall not be smaller inch standard galvanized meaner, and on conviction In addition to the enfori forfeitures, liabilities, stip and reservations shall be f a\fm of ,not more than $100,001 committed'''^ the county jail| period of not exceeding required to pay the cost of tlw ecutlon. ' L Section 23. REPEAL. All] of ordinances in conflict are hereby repealed. 8ectlon_24. PUBLICATION| ordinance shall 'be published vlded by law, and be in full and effect trom and alter itt j cation. Adopted and passed Council of the City of Algoi*| ttila 18th day of April, 1932. * ADAH OAfa City Clerk of th« ( Algona, Io« 'Approved by me this «». A n A »*J:' 1 ' Bush, E. L. Hansen, prov. Ed Anderson, Swea City, 1 mo Thaves Sisters, prov. F. W. Thaves, Lakota, 1 mo. .. .. Tlce Brack, prov. Mrs. Adam IGretlllat, 1 mo O. S. Pehraon, prov. Carrie Thompson, 1 mo O. S. Pehrson, prov. A. R. Peterson, 1 mo ... ., Thaves, 'Lakota, 2 mos Jim Bruer, prov. IF 1 . W. Thaves, Lakota, 2 mos.. 9.58 Sanborn's Cash Store, prov... Alvln Peterson, Z mos... 8.26 Mrs. C. Hutchlnaon. 2 moa .... 14.93 Stella Gretlllat ... ... ... 2.00 Nelson Mercantile ' Co., prov. Mrs, Thompson, 1 week C. <3. Dourte, rent Ed Anderson 1 mo Art -Lester, rent (Frank Miller, 2 moa. ... ,. .. .. ..... C. OS. Rohlln. rent iH. K, Hutchlnson, *. mos. ..'... ;,. F. C. Newel Estate, rent Chas. BUBh. * 4008. '.. jr, P. Schisael & Son, fuel f, "SP". Thaves, 9 mos ... Fanners Co-op. Elevator, tuel Mr«. H. K, HutpMSpn '. SM than 25,19 5.S3 10.00 10.00 20.00 W.»8 charge of same shall notify the Superintendent of the Electric Light Plant or his authorized representative who shall within twenty-four hours inspect such installations. If found to comply with the requirements hereof and upon payment of all fees hereinafter provided for he shall Issue a certificate of inspection a,nd approval. In case the Superintendent of the Electric Light Plant or hia authorized representative finds that such electric work or any part thereof is not in conformity with the ^requirements of this ordinance, he shall refuse to issue a certificate of inspection and approval and upon, euch refusal, he shall give notice thereof to the electrical contractor or .person-in charge of same, giving his reasons therefor together •with a -written statement as to the changes necessary to comply with requirements hereof, in no shall a certificate of inspection approval be Issued on any installation that is concealed in such - manner tha,t it cannot be e*am- Bd. No person, flrn> or corpora- Oon.shaji furnish dectrfclty to wy p«SKM» w»i«»i th» ' ^ .1 C. 'F.i Mayor of the< Algona, J« pipe not less than 8% feet long, ery rod must be pointed and* , tltted with a cap so depth can be measured. Only one entrance will be al. lowed in any, building when connected to the same system. When, entrances of different systems are required, all entrances must be made In the same location in the building. Section 13. IXXJATJON O? ENTRANCE. Before any entrance is installed in any building, contractor or person doing wiring must «btain from the Superintendent of the Electric iLlght Plant or MS author, Ized representative a written statement as to where entrance to bulldr ing must foe made and where meter setting will be made. Section 14. METER LOOPS. NQ meter loops shall be smaller than No. 10 p. & S. Gauge copper w}re. Section 15. MBTAX, CONDUIT. All wires carrying a voltage in excess of 150 volts shall be wctased in iron conduit and all buildings within the fire limits and all buildings occupied by three or •' RHEUMATlSlI urie ACW »" ol80n01s !;*j L«fkve Body In 8* Hor AH F»to, A»»»y » nd IB " '«o»e In 48 Hour* •Make up your mind tl»y ypu treat Rheumatism. Neuralglft or Sciatica w ' way—you'll periodically reat ot your )* f e! 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