Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1932 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1932
Page 12
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\iH H * c ' "< , T - - (tt <•>' . r >- ; .V'"' ^iv V.sr/ 1 ',^ .' > ' ' '"'._!' v ' .. 1 rV 1 - ^ *v V i ' , , t' 1 - I T t»AGB FOtJR MANCHURIAN IS SPEAKER ATTITONKA Titonka, Apr. 19—No Ybng Park, native Manchurian lecturer on oriental affairs, spoke here before all school pupils above the fourth grade last Thursday. He is a graduate of both Harvard and the University of Minnesota., and has written books on .•Xihlna, one of which is Making a vfietter China. He said he had trav- 1 cjed in Europe tor two years. He talked mostly on the war and conditions in China, and said that ever since Japan has owned a railroad In China which China formerly owned Armenian Speaker at Burt Church Monday Burt. Apr. 19—James Dyer, an Armenian, spoke at the Methodist church Monday evening. He spoke on the subject: Armenia and Her Christian Martyrs. He was a slave to the Turks for ten years and told of ills adventure's as a slave. He displayed the native costumes of a number of the Eastern peoples. Shower for Mrs. Eorl Shipley— A shower for Mrs. Earl Shlpler, who was recently married, was given at her home last Saturday afternoon by Mrs. Waif Waltman, Mrs. W. J. Stewart, Mrs. Russell Shlpler, and. Mrs. G. C. Hood. About forty tween the Japanese and the Chinese. The present troubles began September 1'S. when the Japanese arrived and started to kill the Chinese. They wanted an excuse to drive the Chinese out of Manchuria, and they subdued Manchuria, and then went into southern China. He sadd the Japanese called the Chinese bandits just as an excuse to subdue all China. In fact there •were few bandits in China till the Japs came in. No Yong Park said the fight had just begun and that it was our duty to help the Chinese. 'He also said that only '8,000,000 children out of 18,000.000 went to school in China, and he had actually .seen the children cry to go to school, though American children cry to get out of school. We- do not appreciate the things we have, according to the speaker. Btfrti Cream Checks Listed— The high cream checks for March •weVe: Nick Heesch, $219.87; Edward Zweifel, $127.19; Bruno Stecker, $110.86; Bartlett & Sons, $92.46; A. Schram, $86.71; John Koestler, J82.80; John A. Harms, $82.34; Chris Brandt, $82.11; -Ted Van .Hove, ^71.99; Wert Asche, $71.76; Graham Bros., $70.'<S; Phelps. & Sons, $69.92; George Rippentrop, $65.32; Herman Dreesman, $64.86; Warner Smidt, $64.63; Jennie- Hanaen, $63.94; John Sachau. $63.48; ,C. E. Brown, $63.25; E. J. Buss. $62.33; William Spear, ,$«2.33; F. W. Schram, $60.03; Geo. •Peterson, $60.03; F. E. Willis. $59.57; Fred de Vries. $59.11; Henry Gray. J5S.19; Peter Ubben, '$56.58; Mark Bacon, $56.12; Harry Rioklefs, 454.51; Carl Wateon, $53.59; Roy Welp, $52.90; John 'B. Pannkuk $52.90: Spier & Larson, $51.98; Walter Osterman, $50.37; Frank Rakow, $50.14; John Radamaker $49.22; A. H. Christenson. $4S.90; M E. Larson, $48.53; Bruno Schutjer $47.84; Inn;! Doege, ?40.69; John •Osterma.n, $46; Harvey Graham. $45.54. ceived many nice presents. The hostesses served dainty refreshments. Senior Play Draws Crowd— A good crowd attended the senior class play; The Burglary at-Brown's, last Thursday evening. The play was very well presented and was considered very .good. This year's raduating class consists of 20 members, 18 boys and only tour girls. Dinner Honors 75tlt Birthday- Mrs. Anna Stow and Mrs. Eva Godden were guests at a dinner ast Thursday given by Mrs. Maude ] home. SON Or, rO, PASTOR IS KILLED IN the class play, In which her brother took part. Mr. and Mrs. O. .T. F. Vogel and daughter Eleanor,' Mrs. Georgfe Carroll, and Dorothy Brooke were bus- ilnees visitors at Mason City last Saturday. Mrs. Jessie Rlebhoff, who had spent the winter with her sons Mike and Gene at Eagle Grove, returned to her home* here Sunday. Her son Mike brought her home. Virgil Schrader and Allan Gra- 34 UNION PUPILS ENTER IN ANNUAL SPELLING CONTEST Union Twp., Apr. 19— Thirty-four pupils, 13 boys and 21 girls, or more than one-third of the township rural school enrollment, took part in an annual township spelling contest at the Good Hope church Friday. The entrants Included Sayre Winkle, Arlene Godden, Norma Scdtt, 'Jean Marie Sarchet, Kenneth • Sarchet, and Harold Dearchs, Dlst. No. 1; ham left Sunday on a hltch-hlklng| Merrlu Moorei Marjorle Rledel, Zelda trlp on which they expect to visit New Mexico, Texas, and California. Mrs. W. .A. MacArthur and Mrs. W. T. Peters went to Des Moines last Thursday and returned on Friday. • « Anna Overgaard, Charlotte W.tr- rlor, and G, J. Fardal attended the school music contest at Mason City Saturday. Lottie Hawcott and Dorothy Steward visited from Thursday to Saturday at the Ralph Steward home jiear Algona. Clara Schwietert, who teaches at Dolllver, spent the week-end at home with her parents, the W. H. Schwle- terts. The O. H. Grahame, Fentpn, visited Sunday at the J. H. Graham Community Pk'iilc is Planned— At a P.-T. A. meeting last week Monday it wa.s voted to give $5.00 to Richard Harms, janitor, for many courteKio.K. It \va.s also voted to give $35 Inwards a radio for the schoolhou.se, and it was decided that instead of each class going somewhere the last day of school there would be a community picnic, a May pole, and several ball • games. The Marshall Swift company, of Mason City, will put on a program for the iP.-T. A. in May. . ' 4-H Ames J>oles l at< l < Chosen— The Buffalo Busy Bees met Saturday afternoon with Alice Sartor and Myrtle Ama. A demonstration •was given by Myrtle Ama on how to make curtains, and a talk by Viola Rike on Waltzes; also a talk was given by Phydelis Peterson on 'Health A girl waa voted on to go to Ames, and Fern Krantz was named. Leglon-Aux Executives to Meet— Pursuant to call of the district committfiowoman, Marie L. Standley, Boone, there will be a meeting of the executive lx>ard of the county organisation of the 'Legion and the Auxiliaries next week Friday afternoon at. W. J. Denton's. Martha Bonacker is county secretary. The Fldac chairman of each unit 'has i been invited as a guest. •Aux', Hftlps Needy Children— Sixty garments, consisting ol coats, dresses, hoee. shoes, caps etc., h.i.vpi been placed In needy homes in the community to help the t children in school. This was done by dinner the Community Service division of the Ufkil.. This division cooperates •with teachers and physicians. Hanna in honor of her mother Mrs. ,Iary McDonald's 75th birthday. The J. G. McDonalds and R. F. Elvldges tvere guests of Mrs. McDonald Sunday. Quilting- Tea Is Planned— The Woman's club' 3s planning a quilt tea to be held May 7 at the former Monitor office building. Home made quilts will be on display. A small fee will be charged for enter- ng quilts and also a small admission fee for .visitors. Mary Johnson Gettlnp Well- Mary Johnson, who has been sick at Dr. J. G. Clapsaddle's following an operation the past two weeks, is much improved and will probably be able to return home sometime this •week. She is a daughter of the C. K. Johnsons. Town Ball Team Is Mooted— Some effort has been made to have a town baseball team this year. •Friday after school a town team played the high school team, but was defeated by an eight to three score. E. E. Kearns is manager of the town team. EIg1iiconth Amendmoat Debuted— A large crowd attended the P.-T. A. meeting last week Thursday evening. 'A debate on the repeal of the eighteenth amendment by high school students was the chief feature of the program. Long> Zeiaa Guetafson, No. 2 ; and Dorothy Florence Dodds, Swea City Lad Uiulor Knife— Dr. W. T. Peters operated on the .1-year-old son of Dr. and Mrs. A. T. Whitlow at Swea City Friday a£- ernoon for appendicitis. Mrs. Whit- ow is a sister of C. O. Bailey, who 'ormerly lived here. Home Guards Hame Party— The Home,Guards had a party in the Methodist church parlors last Saturday afternoon. The side to first earn $5 were guests of the losing side. The' Birthday Circle met last Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Aurilla Coffin. Winsome Volentlne, Sanborn teacher, spent the week-end with her parents, the A. G. Volentlnee. B. V. Daniels and daughter Bertha were Sunday dinner 'guests at the Charles Phelps home. Jimmy Holding spent Thursday and Friday at the home of his aunt, Mrs. Wilfred Chafee. The Paul Isenbergers, Lattlmer, were week-end guests at the J. O. Isenberger home. The U and I Circle ' will meet Thursday afternoon at the P. W. Kollasch home. Lorena Peterson went to Mason City last Wednesday, where she spent a few days visiting a friend. Mrs. Pat Mulligan, Bancroft, spent a few days last week at the home of her daughter, Mrs. F. A. Ringsdorf. The John Briggs family, Algona, spent Sunday at the 'M. E. Polhemus home. The Busy Bee club will meet Friday afternoon at Mrs. Claire Winkie's. The Chris Long family, of Swea City, were Sunday dinner guests at the John Long's. The William Larsons, Britt, visited Sunday at the Wilfred Chafee and C. L.' Holding homes. Vera. four-year-old daughter of the John Gettmans, Is sick with bronchial pneumonia. Mrs. E. H. Staley is spending a couple of weeks with her daughter, Mrs. H. L. Reynolds, St. Paul. Mrs. Charles Kenning, Ames, arrived Friday for a visit with her parents, the J. H. Schroeders. Dr. W. T. Peters has had his offices redecorated, and they now present a fine appearance. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Stevens visited their parents at Sexton .Sunday. C. W. Patterson took a carload of sheep in to Chicago Saturday night. K. J. Smith was a business visitor at Waterloo last Thursday. * ; — No. 3; Evelyn Alt, Don Ward, Dorothy Alt, Curtis Ward. Walter-Rich, and Dorothy Ward, No. 9; Howard Sarchet, Wallace Will, Joyce Mittag, Dorothy Reid, Marbeth Will, and Alden Reid, No. 5; Lois Gardner, Frances Sorensen, Trella Gardner, Evelyn Klatt, John Milton Gardner, and Leon Gardner, No. 6; Delores Geilenfeld, Wlllard Mitchell, Mary Crulkshank, and 'Marjory Dray ton, No. 7. The winners were: Evelyn Alt, first, Wlllard Mitchell, second, Arlene Godden, third, in grades 3 and 4; Dorothy Alt, first, Jean Marie Sarchet, second, Curtis Ward, third, grades 6 and 6; Doro thy Ward, first, Walter Rich, second, Kenneth Sarchett, third, grades 7 and 8. first entry In a township contest, while Evelyn Alt spelled last year, though she did not placei Mrs. George P. Hawcott. Hurt, pronounced the words, and Mesdames Harold Jones and Lloyd Elston, Burt, were judges. Mrs. Helen Vogel, Rural Schools day chairman,, presided. Teachers of the township are Mary Fraser, 1 Edith Bates, Margaret Dodds, Gertrude Sage, Mary Oiach, MM. Irene BJUMfom, CteneVleve Cfenrlch. 014 Schoolmates Meet Agwta— Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Sperry, Ren- wlck, sons M. K. Jr. and Willis, Mrs. Sperry's mother, of Fayette, and Mh and Mrs. Rasmussen, Ranwlck, called Sunday at A. B. 'Schenck's. Mr. Sperry, who is superintendent of schools at Renwickj .held similar positions at Lone Rock and Ledyard before going to Renwlck. The H. S. orchestra from Renwlck placed first In Its class In a music contest at Mason City last week, and will now Compete In a state contest at Iowa City- soon. -Mr. 'Sperry and,' Mrs. Schenck were reared in the same rural community near Fayette. School Spellers In Contest— Most of the schools of the township will enter contestants in - a county spelling contest at Algona April 30. Kenneth Sarchet will represent Dist. No. 1; Dorothy Ous- tafson, No. 2; Dorothy Ward, 4; Alden Reid, No. 5; Leon Gardner, No. 6. The winner of this contest will represent the county In .a tstate contest sponsored by the Des ; Moines Register and Tribune to. select a champion for a trtp to Washington, D.'.C.,.to enter a national .contest. , Union's Population Increased— Mr. and Mrs. Paul Palmer are parents of a'9%-ib. boy, born last week Sunday. There are four other children In the family. Mrs. Herman pau Is nurse. 'Mr. and Mrs. L. Glsch -are parents of a 7%-lb. girl, born Friday. The family now consists, of five girls and three boys. The Gtsches live on the former Jos. Zanke farm: Whltfemofe, Afcfc of Rev. and Mrs Whittemore, was killed and his er suffered a broken leg in an auto accident Friday near Sioux City. They were accompanied by Ham Gardner and his son Albert, both of whom escaped serious injury. The Rev. Mr. Stevens was pastor her* from 1027 to I$30, and Melvln was graduated from the Whlttemore high school in 1929. Mr. Stevens a a Twins at Lakota. Lakota, Apr. 19—Twins, 'a boy and girl, were born to Mr. and Mrs. Diaz last week Thursday. 'The Diazes are Mexicans who tend beets on the Charles Outknecht farm south of town. • Methodist. •*• Snttons Leave County. Mrs.'Elinor T. Button .ind her husband moved last week Tuesday to Guthrie Center, where Mrs. Sutton will be county welfare worker, She had served as Kossuth weltire worker during the last year or two. The office In the basement ff tho courthouse was closed last Week Wednesday.' Mr. Sutton Is a former Greene county supervisor. Lakota Fred Bradburn,. Humboldt, former resident here, was a caller at J<- H, Warburton's Thursday. He has a large dairy herd and furnishes milk to the town of Humboldt. The first division of the Library Aid served a 25 cent luncheon at the library Wednesday noon and cleared $14. Mrs. I. E. Wortman Is chairman of the division! Vera Sachs has been in Oelweln visiting relatives the past few weeks. Vera Is a daughter of the Louis Sachs. ' The family supper given by the Dorcas Sunday school class last week Wednesday night at the Meth- odlst church was attended by 35. Tony , Schaper is building a modern home on the lots just west of his present home. OH, POP » I V4WT MOttfc +*%j ONE MORE Q UBSTl ON WHOSBU.* COAU OF ONGU)E$TlONfD QUALITV -. HIRE'S THft NORTOflN Phone 2X9 "The Yard That Saves and Satisfies.' Von are invited to the KELVINATOR COOKING Auxiliary Plans Poppy Sale— The Auxiliary of Knoll Unit No. 549 are making plans for their annual poppy sale. These poppies are made by the disabled war ve'.erana. County Odd Fellows to Meet— The monthly county Odd Fellows and Rebekah booster meeting will be held here Tuesday evening, April 26. Chicken Pox Reported. Burt, Apr. 19—A number of children have been ill with the chicken pox. Among the victims were Grace Thoreson and Elton Elston. Legion Auxiliary AVIH Moot— Tho l>cffion Auxiliary will meet at the r-p«ion hall Monday evening and an executive board meeting win he held- this week Friday evenimr at the home of'the-presi- dent. Jfew Ford V-ft U Inspectad— Clifford, Mildred, Harold and Fern Krantz, Arlo and Harley Larsen, Arthur Jay Budlonff and Phydelis and WVjfKlrow Peterson drove to Lakota Sunday afternoon to see a new Ford V-8. District i.uther leaguers Comlns Tha {-other 'League is now meeting ev«ry Tuesday and Friday evening.? C-'tr preparation for a district convention here the first Sunday in May. Other Lone Rock News. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Stewart and son Don ,and Mr. and Mrs. H. Andrews, Ceylon, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Seifert, Sherburn, Minn., were dinner guests Sunday at the M. L. Vinaas home. Mr. Stewart is the postmaster and editor of the Ceylon Herald. The Vinaases, Stewarts, Andrews, and Seiferts are old friends, who all lived at Ceylon many years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Nichtern and children, Graettinger, were Sunday •rts at the W. R. Carney home. Mrs. Nichtern is their daugh- er. The R. J. Hammerstroms were also supper guests at the Carney home. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Davison were Saturday evening eupper guesrs at he R. A. Bartlett home at 'WhlHe- more. Their daughter Irma, who :eaches at Sioux Rapids, was spend- ng the week-end at the Bart'.stt home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Doty, Freder- ciksburg, Mrs. Julia Brace, and Mr. and Mrs. McNutt, Algona, and the G. E. Braces were Sunday dinner juests at the W. B. Brace home. Mrs. Doty Is Mr. Brace's sister. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Holding drove to Minneapolis Sunday to move the household goods of the Edwin Aliens from Mlnneapolia to Iowa Falls, where Mr. Allen has secured position. Mrs. George White, Sioux City, visited from Thursday to Saturday at the home of her parents, the Will Ringedorf's. She came up to attend SPRING STRAWS ROUGH SHINY BRAID Oollege Head Speaks— 'Mr. /Umilton, of the Mason City buslne.'! 1 :; College, spoke on Personality iH'fbo the high school Friday afternoon. Mr and ton, tin, Otlier Titonka News. Mr. «/jd Mrs. H. A. French, and Mr« Antone Sorenson, weired Wentz, W. J. Den- Asken. and H. Rex Ausa county joint Legion- meeting at Algona las week Wednesday evening. T(u* Cradle, Roll of the Legion Auxiliary will entertain children o veter.wui at the Log-ion hall Satur day fjjfUirjioon, April 30. The chil dren of yc.terans, whether their fath ere 'fjuJ'nuj to tho Lejgion or not. an lnvit<*J Tiio Dinner 'Bridge club met at Mr and M»« Herbert Hcliweppe's las week Wcamw-l:«.v evening, and tin LuncJniOji iiridge club met at Mrs 1*30 f> 'Wolfe's last Thursday after noou. Winter. Mason City a. tow hours here last week route to Alsona . no was to look after business See this remarkable demonstration of COOKING MiVli COLD The quality our straws, and the Paris type detailing that fashions our hats makes them worthy of a far higher price. You'll want one for each of your smart spring outfits. Secial shipment of Hats at $2.95 For Saturday The Elite Shop REFRESH MENTS April 22, 1932 2:30 P. M. 7:30 P. M. We are pleased to invite you to the Kelvinator Cooking School. Come and learn how to prepare delicious Desserts, ealads and frozen delicacies from recipes originated in the famous Kelvin Kitchen. See'the interesting demonstration of Kelvinator 4-Zone Cold and the World's Fastest Freezing Speed—boiling water reduced to freezing temperature in five minutes. Get a free copy of the Standard Rating Scale for Electric Refrigeration—the Scale that shows you how to judge value in an electric refrigerator. Refreshments will be served and all dishes prepared during the demonstration will be given away free. Souvenirs and copies of Recipes from the Kelvin Kitchen will be presented to every guesl, Come and bring your friends. Everybody invited. Don't «4ss ill Foster Furniture Foster Furniture Co. Phone 449 203 East State Street Mimeographing Advance Publishing Co. , law I ] * , , • '-*••'•'--- •-— *-<- f -

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