Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1932 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1932
Page 9
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«K •M/ ;a ana tunorai tfte Methodist afternoon and bur- HH1 cemetery Ashton , in, »y tfllltatn Ing ,rth I» wtt • •• 285O <bO«J\S „ Printed Last Week ttr*«.t elr««f.tloii by f Br In Koainth. j , .* ' ' Countn ALGONA, IOWA, APRIL 21, STOPS not keep eoftifef afte* yw trft* N 9 i Site jrodr8«lf fntaf« emt»*lhF*H(itMt the paper yo« CM •!•» WhM yw WMt II ped. Number 32 COUNTY FINANCIAL REPORT IS COMPLETED 1 i?\ ''t :;?;< April 11. 18»4. and wnsi brought tdP his parents, Mr. ana •Warburton. THey lived I 1889, when he,came his mother,, hto, father here since 1886 getting for his family on the Srairte. West lived \wlth the old Warborton by Klchard Price m'oved to Lakota, and he £h them tUlthefr .death, partneshlp with hto an Implement a number of 1909, he was to Mrs. Ella * Catton, of ™, Mich., and In July, moved to Topeka, Kas., they have since resided. ^cirtt« Entert<iWed r t t f F R Worley was hostess to "T-orn club last Thursday after«d 26 women and seven chll- "'.ttended. The following > proVSTven: How, God Made 'Written by Henry Wallace, Mrs. C. R. Smith; Mfr. was leader for the Iowa wee k; and the Iowa Indian • discussed. ,ti«y ey Johnson, Mrs. Jerry Wcena, -.Jennie Gutknecht and Mi's. Ir, Wortman read paper* cohcern- Bbck Hawk. The next meeting Bfe'-rt* Mra. Steve Powers next i Thursday. JdiMon's Mother R*eo- 1 *ring-.Rev and Mrs. Johnson' ar- i home from- Knoxyjlle, Friday ,g,,and Mrs. Johnson reports other recovering slowjy. Mrs. .J'corton and daughter Marlon, l Kanawha, came home with them 1 visited till Sunday, and her hus- I and son came up to spend lay, and she returned home with Mrs. Gorton Is a sister of the ^, Mr. Johnson. i.Women Study Beslgn— >oln township's Farm Bureau ' met at J. H. Warburton's afternoon with Mrs. i Mrs. Otto Koppen, and Mrs Sachs assistant hostesses attended. The fifth lesson J design or crayon work, was ... Plans for Achievement day i discussed. The 'next meeting 1 _e. with Mrs. Dave Patterson iayZO,' , . ;: ' Ersland Is Married— " Gladys, daughter of Mr. and Mra. IE. J. Ersland, of Armstong, was liarrled to J. M. Holcomb',, Lakota, , with the Rev. E. T, tiundy ( Mount Vernon, S, D,,. offjciating ilergi'man. They were attended by irlon Helnrich, Armstrong, .and Dahl, of Swea City) Mr. olcomb's father lives northwest of ikota. EXPENDITURES OF OFFICERS AREJ5ET OUT Diagrams Show How Tax Dollar Goes in Kossuth. The annual financial report is out, and copies may be . obtained from County Auditor Bertha E. Johnson as long as the supply lasts. The printing was let to the late Seth B. Calry, of the Whtttemore Champion, who had the type set and the paper cut .when his fatal automobile accident occurred. The book, which consists of 40 pages arid cover, contains much information of interest to taxpayers. The order called for 600 copies. Following Mr. Cairy's death, the -print- Ing, assembling, and binding were done at the Advance shop. Tax Diagrams Featured. The most interesting- feature of the book is* a page giving two diagrams showing where the Koasuth tax dollar goes. These diagrams, prepared from data supplied by Miss Johnson, are published in connection with this story. The Champion commented last week as follows: "The diagrams show clearly what everyone knows yet often forgets, namely that more than one-half of the taxes in the towns and almost one-half of the country taxes go to support the schools. In the case of the towns another big Item is the town's share. "In the case of country taxes the big item corresponding to the town corporation tax is the road maintenance tax. < It is somewhat surprising to note that a larger share of the country total is allocated to the state than in the case of the towns. It will be noted that in the case of both country and town distribution the shares going for other than chool maintenance are compara- vely small. "Looking at the diagrams, one can eadily understand that the econo- lie.s so loudly demanded in the case f other than school, town corpora- on, and country road maintenance annot possibly cut much figure, ven If eve'rything demanded is con- Where the Taxes Go 0<S lS 0T \0* '* &<* IOK nent Is Announced— i engagement of Violet Frerk,' daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. ng, to Gerald W. Ukena, son i. Ida Ukena, was: announced , party at the Prerklng home t week Tuesday evening, and 25 i -were present, Gerald will grad) from a Chicago university In ', and they will be. married in I Olrl Hag OpenUki_r—. 'Verna May, six-year-old daughter lot the Clarence Edwards, living I north of town, suffered an attack of lippendlcltls last week Tuesday, and erned. No great reduction In taxes therefore possible unless ways an be found to reduce these three ems. And of course no one wants o cut these items to the point where ervice will suffer." Supervisors Draw $13,000. Much of the book is devoted to in- ormatlon of a statistical nature oncerning the county's finances. 'he per diem and mileage of mem- ers of the board of supervisors last •ear cost the county nearly $13,000 e follows: Balgeman — $2375 McDonald 2503 \mnemark _ 2469 Imc taken to a by the IU Bancroft, for private hospital George Wohnkes, an operation. It |5U found that the appendix had She Is reported 'recover- i i, Tom Smith In 8 of Mrs. Tom Smith, who lived here,'have received I that she is in the Mayo ho«following a ma-told operation "•', Her mother, who live* Center, visited her. last Tom Is a brother of John i, living north of town. Stepfather Be**— fcxwuw, A- Clemans, who 'went to I. --Si Minn., a week ago ThurS' Hi i *** her 6te P f ather, who was |Jloun4jjn her arrival tbat'ha had. there Brokei.— ._ his car last week ™hrend Hans, Hvlng west o arm, He is a $•!&!&**:.* tor^S'vwt-t. te^aa^la 1 te w gffis w& ** Ka* « Cl__J-8ft;<!K, 1923 303,492 1929 321,736 . 1930 474,412 1931 458,911 County valuations for taxation in 1931 appear as follows: Personal $ 824,722 Real estate _—^_ 9;834.211 Railroads, telephone and express - 1,233,781 Total taxable valuation —$11,892,714 Moneys and credits $ 3,043,374 CREAMERY AT WHITTEMORE ENLAR6ESTRUCK ROUTES Whittemore, Apr. 19—The cream- ery'directors met last week Monday evening. The creamery is still turning out a record amount of butter. The territory covered by trucks has •been enlarged January 1,. and 15 »ew patrons are' being served. Trucks which deliver butter from various creameries at Mason City have of late been off schedule because of bad roade necessitating both light trucks and light loads, requiring more trips. The Algona buttermaker had to load butter at 3 a. m. one morning last week, and the truck which comes here did not arrive till Sunday, when a ISO-tub load was taken. T HESE DIAGRAMS, prepared by County Auditor Bertha E. Johnson for the 1932 financial report, show in striking fashion how the tax dollar in Kossuth is distributed. The cut was ordered by the late Seth B. Cairy, of the Whittemore Champion, who had the type set and the paper for the report cut when his fatal accident occurred. The printing was begun last week and the books will be delivered to the auditor this week-end. HARD TO BEL/IEVE, BUT 25c day buys a new Coronado Electric Refrigerator.—Gamble Stores. 14-32 Candidate D I R. R; G. MOORS, son of former "and 'Mrs. J. M. Doctor Moore, vet- supervisor 'Moore,' Algona. erlnarian at Dunlap,' pop. 1500, seeks the democratic nomination' for representative In Harrison county, southeast of Sioux City. Harrison County te normaily republican, but only by a majority of about 30». YO U SAVE IN BUYING BAKING POWDER You »«vt in high prictd brandav .IT'S DOUILE ACTINO MILLIONS Of POUND r . US BY OUR COVFRNMfNT IN MANY; f APBR8 It-tests «»•> high each .. subscriber with because of limited circulation. 'Advance circulation,-; on'• th* trary, ta such that the cost _• about one cent'per'family; count of the county farm follow: RECEIPTS Stock ? 2617.87 Cream '. , 1050.66 Poultry and eggS B __--._ 1J4'71 Miscellaneous _—- 30.71 Care of inmates 309.60 Total $ 4123113 DISBURSEMENTS Steward „ J .$ 1650.00 Other help 898.02 Gas, repairs, oil _- 280.39 Provisions : 940.39 Clothing _'. 128.26 Hobart creamery share — 100.00 Water system — 486.00 Dwelling house 5000.00 Barn 4100.00 Hen Jwmse -_•-__— '. ;__'1__ 800,00 Garage _.—:___._________ 400.00 Machine shed . ' 300.00 Silo, ice house, pump house 600.00 Jog house — 1200.00 Double corn crib 500.00 Cattle shed, old _. :____.' 200.00 Brooder houses 175.00 w wire and posts - .113.13 New steel bin for ehelled Medical aid 20.47 fix- Hardware, furniture, tures - 1- 146.11 Machinery 71.17 Stock purchased 964.25 Grain and hay purchased — 477,28 Supplies •—— 1— 62541 Miscellaneous — .,.„—, 1127.08 Morris , -— 2788 Water, light, and fuel '3,38.90 Heiken — 25981 Insurance — 70.50 Salaries of county officers are set out aa follows: Bertha E: Johnson, auditor —$2100 H. N. Kruse, treasurer - 2100 jaura Paine,, recorder 1900 Wm. Shirley, superintendent -.2500 C. K, Orton, D. C. clerk—,— 2100 E. Hovey, Sheriff — --"-— 2000 H. M. Smith, engineer 3300 G. D. Shumway, attorney _.— 1700 Costs of Public Services. Besides amounts drawn by the >oard of supervisors but Including salaries of county officers and deputies, with other expense, for the •urpoaes and in the aggregate eums ollowing: Auditor's office ,.|5625 Treasurer's office Recorder's pfflce ; Superintendent's office ( 5150 Total -_'-•— ..% 7735.93 Valuation of County Farm. ' Farmers and others interested in farming will be interested in the county farm appraisement figures, as follows: • . ' ; Horses —? 270.00 Cattle and hogs 3900,00 Chickens —'—— — 216.00 Grain and hay —— 2660.09 Farm machinery _—- 4038.90 Furniture, bedding, kitchen- , equipment . 662.40 Vegetables, canned fruit, supplies 467.49 Coal and wood — 133;,00 Electric fixtures -6.0C Telephone ehare ,—' -5,0fl Elevator share _-•—-; .•'.'•"• 25iOO Clerk's office 3565 SherKt'B office _ !576 Engineer's office ... office General courthouse -— Bounties —•— "" Aaseasors, boards of review, tnwtees, and clerks, and members of other boards — 9891 -„« 1848 tlUli »—»-f •••-• ••^•»~ Board proceedings printing Mtecellaneous county Coroner's court .--— Court .--- — and other . 548 Petit Jury Insane 820 Poor outside county The Item of miscellaneous funds was divided as follows; ^^"tti^;:::--,- --*«• relief animals fund _ I4brajry fund /BJf " f pllowlns- were included of wpenditvu-es the •Burial expense, home: p 300.00 1032.48 5.00 aid —-— — and &9sptt»l 6057.79 6447 }9X9.79 5316.62 2674.03 773.08 1785.0Q _ . . automatic oil heat now costs less than coal.. Put off no lenatr of «ut«m«t!c ell h< hot. Cwhirv Mcd.l P cht* p*r ar«d«> of 9!! without wfiit». «$ quitted C!MH «i it It fews Adu.lly (jhMptr th»n «o.l, N«w j ,.ni«tion«l n«w l»wt priw. C|NTU ENGINEERING CORP., C.d«r Iowa. LAING & MUCKEY corn H5.00 Shrubbery and trees ______ 495.01 240 acres at $145 34800.00 Cresco Light and Power share __ 350.00 Apartment house -—l_r__r—1800:0o Total _^ _.__;—_____$63956.93 Great Increase In.Expense. Illustrating the rise in expenditures of late years, the following totals of warrants issued are interesting: 1927 _„_ ___$272,126 Have you to old chair or table tbat hu lost its newness and actracweness? Does jro«r furoiture clash wW» the new decowions ? Poe* your avtono- bile need jefinishing or touching up? The Modern M*&co(KmgLyk-4~L*t £*MM& witt renew your Furnituf e, Floors, Woodwork or AutomQbUe, You can do the work yourself and enjoy it, ljk'*-L*k is so easy to use, I| dries quickly aod produces results whicji are ^e f ho*t of manreloui. Use it on exterior or interior surfaces. Twenty-si* beau* tiful colprs (rom which to choose. FREE TRIAl CAN We w*«*t yo^ $P tiy lti*g ly^t^k E&m<l be* ,ca«se ,wf knowyoH wUI ,»pprf cia,tf itt sbitity to servf you, in p*«y w»y»- Sign d>« co»p°ft below 1 »nd bring if to owr stpre thif week, Vow will Deceive * fi»U size, 25c can of lyk-«;Lak. purchase required, just sign the ' Sold gt any Standard Oil Service Station and at mott garages ^MIGHTY ^HIGHER ANTI-KNOCK S PRING SPIRIT! Standard Red Grown— the better gasoline — is seasonally adjusted; In _?* winter it's brimming with quicll < starting light ends. In summer 'it** ; a sparkling, eager fuel, free from > troublesome -gases that cause, , vapor -lock. And. now— ri$ h£ 4'-' it't a dynamic ga-wline, A* ready for the open road. Higher anti-knock. Packed with extrv power unite to give, extra energy. Only a concern with tremendour manu.acturing facjlitie* could pot- t •ibly make a gasoline exactly right for every MMOQ of the Standard Red Grown today. tt*» adjusted for tpriog, / ,,; -*,V , ft Bums (Hkdn at Any Speed! ____. Borchardt Algona ^jtF* mf >^wp|B'^B ^^^

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