The Terre Haute Tribune from Terre Haute, Indiana on May 31, 1967 · Page 27
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The Terre Haute Tribune from Terre Haute, Indiana · Page 27

Terre Haute, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1967
Page 27
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tribune FEATURES Comics, Serial Story TELEVISION SCHEDULES Pr«irim information la anppftofl •? til* roaorrtiTO atattona whim ar* roanonalblr tor th* monroe* C— Denote* Color Prorram B 4 RNEY GOGGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH BY FRED LASSWELL 28 TERRE HAUTE TRIBUNE. ITOW CHANNEL IO Evening 6:00—6 O'clock Report 6:30—Lost In Space (C) 7:30—Revery Hillibillies Color 8:00—Green Acres (C) 8:30-Gomer Pyle (C> Wednesday, May 31, '67 *gfcgjVffi; SSW -I-.. ............... 10:30—Las Vegas Show (C) Intrfgue-suspenie at its best HOUSE OF CARDS by STANLEY ELLIN Tram lie Rendon Bouw Bowe! Oqpyniht C UC IP fcmley Ellin. Dincritmtnd by Kin* Feature* Srnd!c*t*. CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE Money was the problem. On our third day in Rom ten in the evening in a rostic- perat ! si of it. The groceries I carried cers, fruiterers, fishmongers - out to »he car —cheese, cold one an(1 shook their heads Thursday unrnfn* 7:25—Sign On 7:30—CBS News (C) 7:55- Doctor’* House Call 8:00- Cantar Kangaroo 9 OO carf ow Theater 9:30—Discovery IO : OO — And\ of Mayberry 10:30—Dick Van Dyke ll -on—Love of Life (C) 11:25—CBS News (c) was like moles blindly strug gling through a labyrinth. So 11 wow channel s On our third day in Rome, at teft Anne in he parked car near champaign , ill . the house and set out in des- Evening ceria in the Piazza Sonnino in Iteration to explore the shops in 6:00 —t O'clock Elditic Trastevere, we spent the last the surrounding alleyways. Gro-| 6:^o^wjh« on Spot* 6:25—6 O'clock Kilition to my questions. 6:30—Lost in Space (c) 7:30 Beverly Hillbillies macaroni, a couple of tissue- in response __ .................. paper-thin slices of ham, a loaf ^ es< they knew the family s on Green *cr«* of bread, and a jar of sulphur- Montecastellani but only from a 9 00- Danny Rave cf) erne Chianti drawn from thp bar- distance. No, they WOUldn t 10:00 News the family ous Chianti drawn from the bar rel of local vintage behind the know where counter—left me with two coins gone. These bigshots. you un­ in my pocket, which together derstand, thought nothing of uQri 10:30—Las Vegas Show I,du 12:30—The Deputy WTT) CHANNEL 4 INDIANAPOLIS Evening 6:00—Leave It to Beaver 6:30—Perry Mason 7:30—islands in the Sun (c) 8:00—Danger is My Business (c> 8:30—Alfred Hitchcock 9:00—Merv Griffin Show 10:30—News ll:00-Twilight Zone 11:30—Movie WEBM CHANNEL * INDIANAPOLIS Evening 6:30— Huntley- Brinkley Report 7:00—Early Report— Weather 7:30—Hallmark 9.00—Chrysler Theatre 10 OO- I ^pv <C> 11:00— Final Report 11 ■ 15—Weal her— Spori.* Scoreboard 11:30- Tonight Show C) I OO—News. Sign Off WLB! CHANNEL 13 INDIANAPOLIS Evening 6:00—Peter Jennings with he News 6:30—Cheyenne Theatre . 6.30— Batman (C) , 700—The Monroes (C) 8 OO-Wed. Nite Movie (C) 10 00—Cheyenne Theatre 11 (XL New* 11:30—Joey Bishop 1:00—Las Vegas Show 3:00-Sign Off WrWO CHANNEL 2 Evening 4:30—Bugs Bunny (c) 5:00—New* Sports. Weather 5,30—Huntley-Brinkley (C) 6:00—Batman (C) 6:30-- Virginian 8:00— Bob Hope Theatre (C) 9.00 I Spy (C) 10.00—Andy Williams ii ‘to New* Wesrtner Sports ll: IO—Tonight Show tC) 1:00— Final Report Thursday *iorntng 7:00—Today (C> 7:25— Almanac News 7:30—Today (Ct 8:25--Faith lo Live By 8 30 lnrlH\ r< 9:00—Snap Judgment (C) 9:25— NRC News CC) 9 30—Concentration (C) 10:00— Pat Boone (C) 10:30— Hollywod Squares HOO—Jeopardy ll 30—Eye Guess (C) ll:55—NBG News (C) 12:00—One in a Million CC) 12:30—Let’sMake a Deal (C) 12:55 Farm Report 1:00—Days of Our Lives amounted to less than an Airier- packing their whole menage into a plane and flying halfway around the world at a moment’s RADIO SCHEDULES ican cent. And prospects were dim. Anne’s wedding ring was a1 480 A 51 BT ITI 99.9 PM 5-9 a.m.—Music Good Morning Show notice. I was already aware of ready in the pawnship, replaced that possibility, and having it 9-10 a.m-Arthur Godfrey on her finger by an imitation- openly stated this way didnt ti:30a.m to6p.m.—Music ^ of junk picked up make me feel any better. It was in a butcher shop off gold hunk in Standa, the Roman five-and- 5:05 to Midnight—Music ‘lie Sports Caravan 1300 AM H AAC Music anc News Reviews from ' a rn to 6-30 p.m. 1230 BBOB Music titersyersed with news reviews. 24 lour* dally BPFR EM HK.I I Country M ush dime. Also in the pawnshop was the ^'a dm I.ucchesi that I un- my wristwatch and the set of expectedly struck gold. I asked tools I had found in the trunk my question, braced for Al-- WVTS EM <00.7 24 Hour* of Ofp re- Inelf WWVR-FM 105.5 Noon until midnight. Monday through Saturday: Sunday 6 a rn. to midnight Full time Gospel Station. LONZO-1 HEAR TELL VE LOST ALL VORE WIFE-MATES BUTTER AN'AIS MONEY PL AVIN' CARDS AN'SHE WHACKED VE OVER TH' HEAD WIP HER SKILLET THAT'S A BALD-FACED LIE !! to WI rm STEVE CANYON HEY, MAW!! CO/ME OUT HERE IN TH’BACK YARD BY MILTON CANIFF HI ANH LOIS BY MORT WALKER AND DIK BROWNE of the car. On the bright side, we had got results. usual depressing answer. the but DAILY CROSSWORD enough food on hand for a I went back to the car, and dinner and a breakfast, almost Anne said fearfully, “Good or a full tank of gas, and no hotel had0 bills to worry about. Whether we had the money for it or not. “Both. They’re still somewhere around Rome but I don’t taking a room in even the most know where. Do they own a villa rundown pensione was too dan- anywhere south of the city? . ■ , -I „ ** serous to risk since it meant we would be asked for identi fication papqp* or passports. So the car was our dining have to it is the family cook. No.’ “Then they rented or borrowed one. And the only lead we room and bedroom. By noon the next day would be out of food as well as “Rosanna0 You met her? we How did you even know her?” “I didn’t meet her. But she monev. The one cold fact that buys from the butcher down stared me in the face was that that alley. What we’ll do is lay somehow or other we had to dig tew m the car on the Piazza up a few hundred lire just to della Pilotta there, and when survive another day. But dig it up how? she shows up we’ll tail her back to the villa. Once we get the Anne de Vinemont, whose for- address we can get the phone tune, by any estimate, amount ed to about six billion pulled our dinner out of paper bags I handed her. “Ham?” she said. “Isn’t it ex- number and then make our lire, move. the she supposed to pensive?” "When is show' up?” “The butcher says it might be tomorrow, or it might be next “f thought you’d like to try week. And I can tell you it some high living for a change, might be never, if the villa is Don’t let it bother you. We re just that gang’s first stop on their way out of the country?” “If they believe we’re dead, they won’t have any reason to leave the country.” “I know. That’s what we’re gambling on. Matter of fact. I all out of money anyhow.” “Completely out?” “We couldn't even buy a newspaper with what we’ve got left. I’ve been wondering what to do about it, outside of slug ging some prosperous - looking have a hunch that now with the tourist and lifting his wallet. If Courcelles and the Cha- that cook would only show up Because that were waiting for teau Lacnnac and even that sanitarium at Issv marked too was what we hot for comfort, this villa here Sooner or i* intended to be the center of ACROSS I. Let in 6. Distend 11. Depart 12. Japanese gateway 13. Girl’s name 14. Sunflower State 15. Noah’s shelter 16. Storage enclosure 17. Epoch 18. Not of good quality 21. Require 23. Resound 27. Prize 28.City magistrate 29. Sand dune SO. Valuable stone 31. One of a breed of sheep 33. Candlenut tree 36. Gain 37. Female Pig- 40. Cultivate 42. Certain 43. Near: poet. 44. Airs 45. Quantities of paper 46. Silvery food fish DOWN 1. Egyptian dancing girl 2. Costly 3. One who shoots well 4. Creeper 5. Tellurium) sym. 6. Snack booth 7. Gained 8. Gaelic 9. Fibber IO. Mona -----14. Famous pirate 16. 007 19. Seraglio 20. Long for 21. Father 22. Female sheep 24. Center of attraction 25. Garden tool 26. Food leaving 28. Chief 30. Broad smile 32. Pitchers with lids 33. Culture medium 34. Hair on lion s neck 35. Region I 2 3 4 s I 78 9 to ll % 12 13 14 15 % It* % 17 % % IB 1920 V a 'V % 21 ZZ 23 24 25 2b 2726 20 % 30 V a % % 3132 b 33 34 35 % 3b 3738 39 OO41 % 42 43 44 45 Ii 'uu. 4b MAV I HAVE THE PEAS INSTEAD OP THE LIMA BEANS? IN YOUR ''CASE WE'LL TD LP<E TO /WAKE A SUBSTITUTION, ■CSJ 5-31 later, we hoped, the cook of the DEI activin for the time being. _ . . < « . « LlF.iL jim 'lr mil' I (r* /-» Montecastellani household, the household of Madame Cesira s With your funds cut off from the leadership from all devoted relatives, would show around the Continent will be tin and all unwittingly lead us filtering down here to solve the to the family she served. problem. And there’s the prob- We had no choice in this; it tem of Henri’s death, too. As was the onlv course we could Leschenhaut s second - in - com- take. From the time on TorceUo mand, he’ll be hard to replace.” w’hen I had forced from Signora What I didn t express aloud Braggi the admission that Paul was ny thought that if Louis’ and his grandmother were being murderer was among the OEI removed to Rome. I was sure leadership filtering down to the the Casa Montecastellani which villa. Paul’s life hung by a very S. Bend Boy, 16, Stabbed, Hung Boy, 5 tlement was not revealed. Donald now attends Escondido High. I wL TELL > OH, VERY WENTHE &OSS\ WHAT DO YOU you wade) want to ONE POR ,■ j TH AT > B-ONDE ) ^OOU-fi rf INSTEAD Op the hash' ll TAKE THE STEAK./ SJW MUGGS AND SKEETER Madame Cesira had once so thin thread, vividly described to me would be their sanctuary in the city. Anne had agreed with me. UPI)- SATISFACTORY LAS VEGAS. Nev. (AP) - Movie Producer William Perlberg was reported in satisfactory condition Tuesday after falling ill w’hile attending* a show. A supervisor at Sunrise Hospi- SOUTH BEND. Ind. Juvenile authorities today pon- tai blamed exhaustion and the After that, Anne and I kept dered the case of a 16-year-old effects of heart surgery six butchers hours in the Piazza boy taken into custody* Monday months ago for Perlberg’s col- deha Pilotta, from seven in the for stabbing and hanging a 5- lapse Monday night. According to her. the Monte- morning until noon. and then vear-old boy over the weekend. The producer, 67, had been castellan! clan was divided fr°m three in the afternoon un- The younger boy was recover- sitting at a ringside table against itself into neo-fascist ^ eight in the evening. and royalist factions, but all were united in fanatic support of the OEI. and their ancestral home on Via della Pilotta was a hotbed of its activities. And most Important. Madame Cesira always stayed with her family when in Rome. On this basis I set my trap. All it needed, when we arrived on the outskirts of the city early in the morning, was a phone call to spring it. That was when we hit bottom, when I called the Monte- castellani number, only to discover the line was dead. With all communications to the enemy cut off. we had come close to the end of our string. The; end itself was the sight of the! barred gate of the Montecas­ tellani quarters on Via della Pi­ lotta, as much a fortress as the •mansion on the rue de Courcelles, the huge padlock on the gate and the sealed shutters at every window proclaiming that the house was deserted. But move we must, even if it (Continued Tomorrow) CARMICHAEL mg in here. Police said the wounded boy had knife injuries in the chest, back and arms, and bruises on his neck. A doctor said he was “lucky to be alive.” Police said the boys entered an empty apartment building, along with the younger boy’s pet dog. The older boy reportedly undressed the younger one and stabbed him with a butcher knife When the injured boy said he was going to tell his ? : parents, the older boy took the dog’s leash and hanged the five-year-old from plumbing pipes. The older boy, thinking the five-year-old was dead, took him down and fled. But the; youngster regained consciousness and walked to his home where his family notified police. STOWAWAY GIRLS CAN'T LEAVE SHIP LA HAVRE, France (AP) — Two Philadelphia girls who stowed away on a Norwegian vessel in New York have been denied permission to leave the ship by French authorities. The captain of the Para, Gus-j j ta lr Ornaheim, said Pauline Gregory, 21, and Lerna Weiser. 19, did not have passports. “We are about to sail for Rouen to unload cargo before making for Antwerp,” Orna­ heim said Tuesday. I “Perhaps port authorities in Antwerp will allow them to Col or-match a ne,. transfer to an American ship " Ii tu there hound for New York. Oth- are erwjS€) j shall have to keep them aboard and take them to our home port in Norway,” he St. Joseph s Hospital watching Mitzi Gaynor perform. J LET ME INTRODUCE^* myself! my kame is SQUARE! BARKLEY square ! rrt/7 & T ‘SQUARE''aASeBAlL IS KAMEI) AFTER ME, BARKLEY SQUARE, ITS MENTOR! j-j TUE SM APE IS T/Z ,*“N ' Coot IT, BY WALLY BISHOP Printed Pattern r GRANDMA BY CHARLES KUHN IbpimS ii <yf, Handbag Hits .644*6 IV IvcrfLt to Summer clothes, perfect for town, travel. Save money smartly Crochet roomy, attractive handbags said quickly of low-cost, heavy cot ton, or rug yarn. Pattern 600: easy directions. Fifty cents in coins for each pattern—add 15 cents for each pattern for lst-class mailing and special handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, Tribune Nee- “They are being taken well care of and don’t seem in the least worried.” TAKES TEACHER TO COURT FOR CUT (AP) I ry TTT**! Versatile! Which neckline do you prefer? Necklace-loving round or low, scalloped neckline that plans up a tan so prettily. The princes shape is curvy, cool, easy to sew. Printed Pattern 9415: Misses dicers ft Rpm Rnv ICI SAN DIEG0> CalIf mr) ~ r*“»w raucrn y*,.-,; Hisser I mat inn v vt Donald Demouiin charged his Sizes IO, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size alation, ’New York, high school teacher took a sheep 14 takes 2ti yrs. 39-in. SIXTY* fill-!. ,tern shears to his locks. He took the FIVE CENTS in coins for each ........... case to court. MRS. FITZ BY FRANK ROBERGE Chelsea N. Y., 10011 Number, Name, Address, Zip. NEW 1967 Needlecraft Cata- pattern- Donald, 16, and his mother pattern IAT MS AMBICS UMM You DO -qiN&s CIS WA y OR EISE — A\D HE'S QUITE FAMOUS for HI<5 "O r ELVES’'— I rf ORA Lni# 1 • . . 'JJA Cl IL* , AU, a Ii I Jli.3 IllVrUJCi paH/VI II I Iii III irtldS embroidery mrilK favhions, ; sued on the ground that the a1- and special handling, ccna 10 .n*t rn., n i af?„hans- teged haircut in January 1966 Marian Martin, Tribune Pattern -add 15 cents for each for first-class mailing Send to toys, gifts. Plus 2 free patterns, was Send 25c. Afghan lovers, send for new an assault and battery. They asked $30,000 damages. Dept., 232 West 18tli St., New York, N. Y„ 10011. Print Rnnt nf PH „ 10 Karl Bakken- the teacher, NAME, ADDRESS with ZIP, Book of Prize Afghans — 12 said the Fallbrook High .School SIZE and STYLE NUMBER complete patterns to knit, cro- administration had ghen him chet. Value Only 50c, 12 I nique Quill Patterns Museum Quilt Book 2. 50c. Special Quilt Book I — six- out-of-court EVERYTHING NEW — 115 permission to cut Donald\s hair. most-wanted fashions, fabrics, Monday, while jurors were accessories in new Spring-Sum deliberating the civil suit, an mer Pattern Catalog. All sizes! jut-of-court settlement was Clip coupon in Catalog—choose teen complete patterns, 50c. reached, The amount of the set- I one pattern free. Send loc now.

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