Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 7, 1932 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1932
Page 8
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fit GMT - • .,; - v '"^i&^'Yl'C^^vv^.Vt; ;• -^ ,•*,' C->7rf w ?\\ *C^, ^V'K'^ aJ'/^^'nt^f^pl^f^p • KosatrfH fiHtttl^ ? ftH> A ^^' i '^^^ A T l ^^'"'v^ ' -•-'- 1 ^—^^^^ Reflected at Fenton in Hot Scrap •Fenton, Apr. 5-^In closest elections held one of the here recently Herman Krause, mayor for the last two terms, was reelected by a majority of three votes over Dr. J. T. Walte. There were 150 votes cast, of which 52 were ca«t ; by women 1 . The council-elect follows: mayor, Mr. Krause; councllmen — F. J. Weisbrod, A. H. Krause, W. Stoeber, J. T. Newel, and L. Weisbrod; assessor, W. C. Stamen treasurer, C. H. Qeronsln. OH Co. Has New Quarters— The front part of the electric plant building has lieen rented by the Fenton Home Oil company to be used for office quarters. The new ajrangemont makes it more convenient for directors' meetings. Heretofore the meetings were usually held in Dr. Waite's office. Office fixtures have been installed and all the books and other records will be kept there in -the future. John Kramer, who conducted a shoe repair shop in this part of the building, has rented the front part of Adolph Larson's building for his repair shop. Three Qalltlng Bee* Held— ''' Mrs. Chris Ruske entertained a group of women at a quilting bee last week Wednesday afternoon. Thursday afternoon Mrs. J. T. Snyder entertained at a quilting party, and Friday afternoon a number of friends assisted Mrs. H. C. Lindsey at a quilting. Feed Grinder Is Inntalled— The Farmers' elevator company has installed a one-ton Felco feed mixer. Of 47 installations the Felco salesman said this one is the most conveniently arranged. The work was done by C. G. Humphrey. Marietta Helgason, home economic teacher at Ringsted, spent the weekend with her friend, Margie Kleln- heksel. Mrs. Clarence Wegener and children visited the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Yager, from Friday till Sunday, at Algona. The Henry Warner family, northeast of town, and the Jesse O'Keefes, of Ledyard, were Sunday guests at M. E. Lindsey's. A. P. Peterson returned last week Tuesday from a two weeks visit with his niece, Mrs. Minnie Stark, at SEW BAKK IS TALKED Des Moines. Martha Gilbert, Marietta Helga- Plan Carnival cut School Aid— High school pupils will have a carnival Friday evening at the school building. Receipts will go toward buying baseball suits for the school team. 0. J. Stephenson Op Again— O. J. Stephenson, who has been ill at home fer .six weeks with sciatic neuritis, is now able to be up and around again. ^•b ^^—^— Other Fenton News. C. H. Humphrey and son Frank drove to Cedar Rapids Saturday to son, and Margie Klelnheksel were entertained at B. A. Welsbrod's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Evan Hlggina and baby son Robert, of Estherville, were visitors at C. G. Humphrey's Sunday. William Donahue Sr. attended the funeral of his nephew, Tom Larkin, at L.U Verne, Minn., last week Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Schmidt and son Gordon spent Sunday at Frank Lupin's at Bancroft. Mrs. R. N. Kyhi'Visited with her daughter 'Ella, employed at Mason City, Monday. Arthur and Warren Randall and Lester Williams left Friday on a hitch-hiking trip'to Oregon. Lily Rasmussen spent the weekend with friends at Fairmont and St. James, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Filer, Council Bluffs, visited last week Tuesday at Philip Weiabrod's. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Goetsch drove to Britt Sunday to visit Julia Ames, former Fenton primary teacher. Mrs. Raymond Stoeber entertained her sewing club Friday evening. . HOW SCHOOL TAXES GHOW Spencer Reporter—In 1902 the total salaries of the entire Spencer schools were $9,436 with an enrollment of-898 pupils. . . In 1931 with an enrollment of 1,392 the teachers' salaries were $68,474.37. The enrollment has increased 494 pupils or 55 per cent. Had the expense of salaries increased at the same rate the salaries of the teachers would be $15,625 per year instead of $68,474, as in 1931. In fact, while the pupils have increased 55 per cent the salaries have visit the former's son, Fred Humph- | increased 625 per cent. rey. Mr. Humphrey Sr., who has been in poor health the past winter, plans to remain with his son for a while. Mrs. Kate Newel took her grandsons, Warren and Franklin Newel, to Emmelsburg Thursday, where the latter took the train to their home at Hartley, after spending a few days visitlns relatives here. Mr. and -Mrs. Walter Widdel left Monday for Cole»burg to attend the funeral of Mrs. Wlddel's aunt, Mrs. Will Kraus, whose death resulted from diabetes. Mrs. IT. G. Los.se, who spent last week with lier daughter and son- in-law, the Rev. and 'Mrs. J. T. Snyder, returned Saturday to her home at Lake Oity. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod entertained their bridge club last Thursday night. High score was won by Mrs. W. T. Ohm, and low by J. A. .Schwartz. The M«lhodi.st W. F. M. S. wil meet UvlB Thursday afternoon at the church with Mrs. Philip Weisbrod and Mrs. J. T. Snyder hostesses. Mrs. W. J. Weisbrod, Maxine Wetebrod, and Alice Dreyer attended fl.i> all-day 4-H training school at Algona last week Tuesday. The figures below are very interesting : 1902—S98 pupils, teachers salaries $9,436. 1912—77 less pupils than 1902, salaries $14,756. 1914—1 more Swea City Herald— Several Inquiries have been received lately from ex-bankers and. other interested pef-> sons about opening a new bank In Swea City. Such inquiries are for information about the attitude of business men and farmers towarda a new institution, general business conditions here, size of trade territory and other pertinent questions. Several Swea Cltyans have Bald they-' are ready to buy bank stock, although none has announced the extent to which he would Invest. It Is generally agreed, particularly among business men and farmers whose activities reach to any proportions, that the community has gone long enough without a bank. All that seems lacking Is for someone or some group to get up the necessary steam to put the movement under way. DIVIDEJfb IV PROSPECT Ringsted Dispatch—The Farmers Savings bank will pay a 20 per. cent dividend soon. It will probably be paid within the next 30 days. The dividend has been approved by the state banking department, an order for It has been turned over to the attorney' this week for submission to a district judge, and as soon as he approves, the banking department will make out the checks. All this procedure takes about 30 days, so don't start asking the receiver for the checks till the state department has a chance to Issue them. WHT RECONSTRUCTION BONDS! QUESTION—Why are Reconstruction Bonds Issued? i ANSWER—To provide an interest-bearing security so sound and so marketable that there can be no excuse for anyone keeping his money In hiding because of lack of confidence. The government could ratee the money it needs in other and' simpler ways than through the sale of these small denomination bonds. The bonds are Issued for the sole purpose of providing a medium of investment to those who are unwilling to place their funds in other accepted channels. il Minute* pupil than 1902 Algona, Iowa, March 31, 1932 — City council met in regular session on this day at the city hall, and among other things allowed the following bills: ELECTRIC FUND J. W. Kelly, salary ------- 1 165.00 Leo Bellock, salary ------- 150.00 Walter Gorman, salary ---- 135.00 Tom Halpin, salary ------- 135.00 Ray Barton, salary -------- 130.00 H. E. Stephenson, salary __ 130.00 C. C. Wright, salary ______ 85.00 Harry Barton, labor . ------ 28.50 Adah Carlson, salary ------ 145.00 gas, KosautH Watefdtis Co., rtdbse. .-*.»*.. Kennedy * Parson*, mdae, •VVestlngnouse Electric Supply Co., mdse. ^-—-—--— 126.15 Fulton Iroh Works Co., mdse. .. 128.47 The Estate Slope do., mdse. , 12.41 General Electric Supply Corp., mdse. 814.44 157.33 50.16 Electric Supply Co., mdse. Peoples' Savings Bk., tndse. Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. Beamer Tire & Electric Co., mdae. ', W. H. Horan Electrical Co., mdse. Kent Motor Co., mdse. W. H. Horan Electrical Co., mdse. Kohlhaas Bros. Oarage, mdse.- Cresco Unoln Electric Co.* sign A. H. Borchardt. mdse. »_ Nelson Hdw. Co., mdse. ..— Skelly Oil Co., Ooll Skelly Oil Co., oil Moe & Sjogren, mdee. H. W. Post, frt. H. W. Post, frt. and dray— 54.97 24.00 4.10 23.76 6.15 Marry Barton, salary *.....-- Laiitt'Mitchell salary *— Toledo Pipe Threading Machine-Co., mdse. «. Iowa Machinery A Supply Co., mdse. --—... Neptune Meter Co., mdse..- Clapp's Master Service, mdse. *~ Lalng & -Jtuckey, mdse. — Earl Bowman, labor <-*H. W. Post, frt. and dray.- Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse. —Norton Machlfle Works, mdse. and labor -George Holtzbauer, mdse. and labor 1 Standard Oil Co., mdse. iSS.OO 119.00 2.«S 5.30 21.50 .56 96.00 6.70 Vr. A. Coster. 2* council meeting* ikJ ......**--"«Frank Kohlhftas, 2t couflclt ZtOfr 27.00 meeting^ £. Herman, 27 council meetings .. -« "•• Thos. Kaln, 27 council meetings —Frank Otelgel, 25 council meetings 25 -°° J. L. Johnson, sales agent mdse. 27.00 27.00 Standard Oil Co., mdse. — 2401 27,67 .20 tV". A. Richardson, signs 9.60' 6.92 5.17 R'y Express press Agency, ex- S. J. Backus, P. -M., advance on env. and rent — .Western Union, service .—_ Ernst Thlele, meter' read-" Ing — Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse. N. W. Bell Telephone Co.. *' eervlce —,i ' C. H. Johnston et al, deposits on acct. WATER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary ref. 3.61 6.65 3.65 13.75 14.63 12.83 8.05 2.65 2.53 11.95 .60 32.40 .35 13.90 72.05 75.00 GENERAL, FUND j Frank'Green, salary 126.00 H. A. Van Alstyne, salary— 125.00 Tom Akre, rent .... Mid-Continent Petroleum Corp, gag and oil F. W. Green, dogs — . Jesse Lashbrook, salary — Jesse Lashbrook, salary — Elliott Skllllng, man and team . .— Elliott Skllllng, man and team . . George Gunder, labor Frank- Skllllng, labor Skelly Oil Co., oil -———• Skelly^ Oil 'Co., oil F. A. Newvllle, labor —— 15.00 6.31 2.50 59.20 45.00 48.30 28.00 65.80 38.85 Jesse ,Umbenh.ower,, Cafe of . dump " _—'_._ .. C. F. Specht, mayor salary. H. M. Hatibenr, treasurer salary W. A.' White, 27 council 10.13 1.50 5.00 500.00 40.00 painting Bros. Garage, 11.80 25.00 7.17 4.85 12.20 9.36 euri«jngfia«» * U6fr v , fife 1 , , S ' " ...*.-*«J:.W*' 1*8. men's "tn Frank Kohlhaas et al, **« pense _„.. C. P. Specht Skelly Oil Cfo., sfad and Skelly Oil Co,, ga* and 6I 80 H. R. Cowan & Son, labor— Sinclalr Refining Co., gas— Geo. Haneen, labor and material Kohlhaas mdse. — ^— Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. Algona Ins. Agency, treasurer's bond — 26.00 Moe * Sjogren, mdse. 7.27 'Frank Cook et al, labor — 18-50 Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse. 4.08 Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse. -«0 George Holtzbauer, mdse. . 6.10 The Goeders Co., mdse. .70 George Hansen, labor 32.80 K. D. James, mdse. '10 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., service '•^ 5 . J. L. Bonar, services ——. 400.00 Dr. Fraser, services as health officer — 41.86 Dr. Crawford, Services.- asW- health officer _ 4.14 Advance Pub. Co., printing- 13.54 FIRE FUND C. C. Wright, salary 45.00 W. S. Nott Co., fire truck'-' 2300.00 21.88 .49 I.i2 1,40 AiffcYna Fife Co., 'fireS ***.+ 800,00 Algbna ™ 6B !^ R FUNW j. w. Kelly/ ealary -•» 86 '° 9 H. R. Cowan ft Soh, Oak street sewef —..«——->- 38.7^ Crane Co., mdse. **.-<i***— , 4.80 ELM, DtJRANT A ttfNDEN STREET SEWER H. W. Roba, .certificates '. and interest -""" * 1>M BAND Fl/ND Algona Military Band, services ~ , 525.00 C. F. SPECJHT, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARlJtON, City Clerk, O NE OF OUR BEST SIDELINES is mimeographing. This Is the reproduction of typewriting on paper or cards. You would be surprised to know how much of thl* work y-e do. We mimeograph bulletins .otters, cards, etc., and the cost IB much less than printing. Suppose vou waiit».to send out a circular let ter, a notfce of any kind, or a card We mimeograph the Job for you in a .few minutes, arid "thcMritrft' omhnW be told from Individual typewriting And you can sign your name to th» mimeograph stencil If you dealt*, and the signature will then appear on every sheet.—Advance. 2Stf salaries $17,386. 1919—135 more pupils than 1902. salaries $26,702. 1920—13 more pupils than 1919, salaries $35,658. 1921—40 less pupils than 1920, salaries $45,145. 1927—233 more pupils than 1902, salary increase from $9,436 to $66,031. 1931—494 more pupils than 1902, salary increase from $9,436 to $68,474. The school millage has increased from 26 mills in 1916 steadily to Security Petroleum Co. oil _______________ : _____ 188.92 Security Petroleum Co., gas, oil ____________________ 506.15 C. M. St. P. & P. R'y, frt. on gas, oil ------------------ 81,8.99 How To Care For VARICOSE VEINS Apply a generous amount of Emerald Oil to the swollen veins and sores. Let it penetrate. Feer the 100.4 mills for 1931. Miscellaneous! magic relfef! Now famd" your leg- expense, whatever that may be, has risen from $1,234.87 in 1918 to $7,929.42 by 1931 and now the grand total for the schools costs about $100,000 for 1932. The entire tax levy has risen from 148 mills in 1930 to 169.5 mills in 1931, making an increase of 21.5 mills in the school tax for the past year that is being collected this year. with a bandage three- fricftess wfd'e and long enough to give the necessary support, winding ft upward from the ankle to the knee, the- way the blooct flows in the- veins. Stops the pain. Begins at once to heal the ulcers anil brofcen veins. Just follow the simple directions and you are sure to be helped.—E. W.. Lusby won't keep your money unless you are. Cash in If and Advertise in The Kossuth County Advance AN OLD STOVE in the BASEMENT TIMES like this no one means to be, wasteful and yet the most flagrant form of wastefulness is to withdraw from use things that can still render service and economy to some one. When you do so you forego the cash you can obtain from them by re-sale and you deny others of the practice of thrift that arises from making use of things they can buy and utilize without paying the "first hand" price. Why not sell to eager buyers what you don't or cannot use? There are hundreds of them reading the Want Ads every day for just such chances. I Nrlil The best—the finest—the toughest Age Resisting G&J Inner Tube we have In stock FREE DURING APRIL WITH EVERY GftJ BIG SIX OR SUPER STALWART TIRE ... This offer means an ACTUAL SAVING OF FROM $4.08 to $9.00 on • set of 4 tires and tubes.... Rarely, do we depart from out list prices on G&J tires—rarely do we offer such a fine inducement to "tire" up. Bat many customers have been running with tires on the ragged edge. The motoring season is upon us. We make this offer to help equip completely and be ready for a season of motoring FREE OF FLATS. <•*>. THIS OFFER GOOD DURING APRIL FREE TUBE with «v«ry BIG SIX A u ply (lie «t the usual price ol a 4 ply. New a tomorrow—M lull ol value H a U. S. Government Bond. 6 piles—«nd a dpiity^l^^er.itrlpT-CiameUmet referred lo at 8 piles under the tr<rad). Genuine G»J QuiHty Irom-top to boOoftrfltsJde end at*. A tire built to stand the gaff—no matter how rough and tough the tWs new G A J 6Mj Six Is tucked by a definite mileage «nd llfeti.iw guaranty that is known from Missouri to Canada—from Ukt Eric to thr '' irders of Wyoming—for fairness and reliability. G ft J BIG SIX BALLOONS Giumtita 10,000 Mll«wd LHttfiM Cost per Each - - "" With PerPr. 1000 With Miles free Free Each Size Tube Tubes In Pain 29x4.40/81 $6.69 J13.10 J0.1J 30x4.50/21 6.75 13.20 .31 28x4.75/19 7.70 15.10 .18 89x4.75/20 7.75 15.80 .18 89>5.00/19 8.20 16.00 .40 30x5.00/20 8.35 16.30 .41 Collisions, cutting by situ, run- •Inj.flat, etc., are not to be coMra- ered the fault of Each With Free Size Tube 30.5.35/20 9.40 31x5.25/91 9.70 i9x5.50/19 10.35 32x6.00/20 10.65 33x6.00/21 10.95 TIRES MOUNTED Colt pei PerPr. 1000 With Miles Free Each Tubes In Pairs 19.40 .46 18.90 .47 80.12 ,M 20.60 .IS 21.40 .14 die Ure—ai>d are DM covered by our guaranty. tti4.40/t1 la«h In fun TUM FMI $.1165 6 FREE TUBE with every G ft I SUPER STALWART The best is the cheapest. GftJ Super-Stalwarts cost you only '2 9/10c* per hundred milei of service. You are buying on « GUARANTEED COST PER MILE basis. A warranty for a minimum of 25,000 miles of service plus lifetime with every Super Stalwart Tire. 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S9x4.SO/tO Each in Pfiri TUiE FREE .41 .41 .43 .44 .44 .45 .45 Roller Skates rhcy zip along the lidewalk ai only a ball bearlni ilieU CM. Built lite a bridge—with channel steel extcmlofl bar. Heavy toe clamp and heel plate double riveted. Steel wheels—ball bearing. Per Pair ff< Extra fine quality, Per Pair..'. fl.44 Step Ladder 5 foot. Seasoned, weir c Fir. Reinforced with X Inch Heel rod under etch >tep. Htndy pell iSelf. $ Screen Paint Hme !• get out die .screen. PM. fc «ith«« preserves and protect* frames from warp and rot Paint your ttora sashes before itorlng. One quart palnti 10 to IS icreens. Omit > s Gamble's Polish Your Monty Back Double 49 Pint Can Buy a can and polish your car. II you are not satisfied, that it is equal o polish selling at anywhere near the price, bring the balance back and we will refund twice the amount you paid for it This polish sells at $1.00 per can under a nationally known name. ToiicJi-up Enamel, 6 oz. can «o • DUCO NO. 7 ToucUpEnamei: s ii, can:::;;::;:;:::;4ij GAMBLE STORES Tfii FRiWPLy f TOM BUSINESS Dim »*»mbet- SI. 1908 T t ' ft Algofta. Iowa, u "" March 2, B. Quarton QCAUTON ft Off,ce 427 , Algona, i owa . reaM , ' . *• , Attorney-at-La w Office Iowa State Offlo. phone 46ov! SCtLIVAN, I. W. Sullivan S . -.'o-ai.-ijaar Phonea: Office, 261; j w 3. B. MoM., 403. ' A,.' HABRINGTON 4 T.P. Harrington Phonea: - r -, J. W. 8TII? Lawyerg H1 Office over Iowa 0. D. Shumway DMW Attorneys-at-Law Am«' Atltorney-at-Liw Office in Qulnby Phone tan MWEPICK ft n, : ^ Phfilelans and f Office over Rexall brim „ _ _/ Office phone 300 H. J. Kensflck, M. ~ J. N. Kenefiok, M. C« H. uixjKuncujg , Physician and Sure*™ Office in John Galbraith B i, t Phonea: Office, 310;™, Algona '' •P. V. JANSE, M. D. i _ .f hjr.tlel.vi and Surjeoi I Office on South Dodger Phonea: Office, 666; real '•;.'•• . Algona, Iowa WALTER FBASEB,M,1I Physician and Surgeon Office in Qulnby BIdg., f : Phone No. 12 MELVITT G. BOUBM Physician and 'Surgeoa i Office in Postotfice Block! Phonea:' Office, 197; residenctl DB. W. B. ANDREWS Olteopathic Physician and Sin, Eye,'Ear, Nose, and ThroaW X-ray Office over Hub Recreation ,,. Phonea: Office, 187; residence! H. A. EVANS, M. D, Obstretlcs and Electrothei viz: Diathermy and Ultra Violet] Over Borchardt Drug Stm] Phones: Residence 312, oHicel Algona, Iowa. DENTISTS DR. H. M. OLSON Dentist. Gas and novocalne used Jor| traction. Located over Christenaen I Phones: Business 166, residem Algona, Iowa VETERINARY L. W. FOX Veterinarian West State Street, Algon»i| Phones; Office, 475-W.; ns.,f BUILDING CONTBAG COWAN A SON General Contractors Estimates Furl Phone*: .Business, 639-J; rejj MACHINISTS KOBTON MACHINE WOi Machinists and Welder* | Service Stock on Ptoton Rings, Pins, and 1 West of Courthouse PRODUCE . CMh"Buy'er» Poiltrjr, En* »nd HUtf I Matt Lamuth, Mgr, Phone 264. INSURANCE KOS8CTH COUNTY MB INSURANCE A880CUI Over 115,000,000 worth of in In force. A home company, ••cure, J. O. Paxson, THE ALGONA INSUli AGENCY 0. B. La Bam Al L . Reliable Insifrance Sery»«J Phone 65 1 City Property Loan* Farm I . Insurance. Real CUNNINGHAM l»T W.SUteSt. ,AH«*i JOB OBEENBBM New and used Auto W TtrM and AccMSor^fj HJde», Fur and Wo* Alvona, lows and STOfiABEloFALLI JUwg, Distance Every load against Ibss and age of all kinds. pedto do all hauling and PHONE 8W

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