Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 24, 1932 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1932
Page 9
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KOSStlTtt COtiNtY ADVANCE. At/?6KA. tOWA FEED Chick Starter and Growjiig Mash— i«l,80per cswt -r $1.80 per cwt. » AH Feed Ration containing pure dried buttermilk, li!!,Hver oil, fresh hulled oats, and other pure ingredi- Last year we BOW tour, carloads direct from enu "mtll without, a returned sack—IT MUST BE Snnn Thte year we are able to offer this feed to |<S customers at a.blg reduction in prices. ONLY 91.80 PER HUNDRED , Sold at E. R. RISING MILL , Algona, Iowa . .9. FARMERS We are again handling J , .' Sexauer's Seeds. » ' ) ' ' THE STANDARD OP SEED QUALITY We have a special on MEDIUM RED AND SWEET CLOVER SEED [ Don' s t forget our grain receipts are increasing because WE PAY MORE FARMERS'ELEVATOR CO. PHONE 36P1 OFHOBARTON R. L. REID, Manager SWEA CITY'S H, S, PLANS MUSIC EVENT Swea City, Mar. 22 — The Swea City high school music organizations will give a free public program Monday: Five selections, high school orchestra, Frances Dahl, director; baritone solo, Ralph Stockman; violin solo, Dorothy Christiansen; girls' quartette, Edith and Alice Dahl, Dorte and Luella Jensen; cornet solo, Palmer Jensen; boys' Glee club, three selections; piano solo, Irene Dourte; girls' Glee club, three selections; tenor solo, Winston Er- Ickson; violin solo, Mae Peterson; boys' quartet, ; Ralph J. Johnson Ralph Stockman, Merrll Blxby, K.en- | ncth Seylor; trombone solo, t Alice Dnhl; piano duet, Irene Dourte, Alice Dahl; school band, three selections. Several of the players will go to a state music contest at Esther- vllle April 1-2. Clirlstcnson Kami Home Burned— A fl-room. house on the C. M Christiansen farm, four'miles wes and two miles south of Swea City was burned to the ground las Thursday morning. The fire brok out at 8:30 a. m., and Is thought'to have started from chimney sparks. Henry McGregor, who lived on the farm, Is a son-in-law of Mr. Christiansen. A large part of the furniture and clothing was saved, neighbors gathering quickly after an alarm was given. The McGregors are at present with the Alton Fergusons and Fred Jensens. Mr. McGregor had $300 insurance on the furniture, and Mr. Christianson $3,000 on the house. Mr. Christiansen has owned this farm 40 years, It being the old home of his family. He will rebuild. IV. J. Payne. Editor. Charles Klamp, Field Reporter. Basketball Hoys Banqueted— The annual basketball banquet was given In the school dining room Friday evening, and 100 business men, the high echool faculty, and •boys attended. • Seven boys received letters: Darwin and Bud Hanifan, D. W. Fultz, Bergeson, Helmke, and Krumm. The Rev. Mr. Swanaon was toastmaster, and the following program was given: talk by the Rev. B. L. Weaver; quartet, Ralph Johnson, Kenneth 'Seylor, Ralph Stockman, Merrll Blxby; talks by Lloyd Anderson and Supt. Parsons song, Earl J. Josteri; talks by Coach Anderson and Captain Hanifan; pre- I sentatlon of letters by Coach Anderson. At George Clnk's, near Wesley, our Mr. Klamp was entertained by the 9-year-old eon Friday. This boy can play the accordion, also the piano, In wonderful style for a lad of that age. The Tom Elefsons have moved to the farm where William E. Greene farmed last year In . Plum Creek township. The Elefsons had been living on the Wesley-Tltonka graveled road. •Mr. Klamp called Friday at L. B. LIcktelg'e, one-half mile west ami a mile south of Wesley. The .farm Is part of the M. Sfuder estate and is a half section. The LIckteigs have four boys and two girls. Alf Studer, near Wesley, was sawing wood with a power saw Friday. A great kldder, he said the tractor he was using was "no good." He had bought It from our . Mr, Klamp when the latter was In business at Algona. The John LIckteigs live on the well known Appletreat farm wes of Wesley and just east of the Sexton crossing. The family was hap py over a new 10%-lb. girl, Shirley Ann. There are now five boys am four girls In the family. At George Hirner's a mile north of Wesley last Thursday the men folks were felling big cottonwood trees tor lumber. D. I. Dick Jr., of Sanborn, Iowa, Is working for Mr. Hlrner this season. The Dicks have been married only two months. At William Schwletert's, near Hurt Saturday the talk turned to the present county officers. Mr. Schwle- tert once considered running for supervisor in the third district (Olaf Funnemark's), but he : has not announced. He has lived In the county 40 years. . • -Mr. Klamp called Saturday at Emil -Bellinger's, near Burt. Mr. and 1UKR CHICKa* , TnbMtrklUiUUrai •SUFCft CHICK*" Tnfa Mvk IU|MUni - TRY - Starting and Growing Mash for your Baby Chicks 25 Balanced Ingredients. During the month of March only $2.35 per hundred $2.25 per hundred in lots of 20O pounds or ov*-rv • . X ' You cannot get • better Chick SUrter m* ~ W. C. T. U. Program Is Given— A monthly meeting of the W. C. T. U., was held at Mrs. Frank Thomson's last week Tuesday, with 30 women attending. After business, Mrs. William Thompson con- ucted a program on a membership ampaign and a financial plan for he year. Mrs. McCrary has the th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades in chool started on posters In a con- est, and prizes will be given. )ld Directors Are Heelected— At the annual echool election last week Monday William Krumm aric O. A. Jenson were elected to succeed hemselves. The three candidates received the following votes: Krumm 148; Jensen, 119; Ole Kvamsdale 110. In Grant township Waltei ngstrum won over A. G. Farrington, 56-37, and in Seneca Jos. Crow ey and Forrest Basset were electee vithout opposition. AUw> get our low prices on Baby Chicks, Simplex Brooders and Brooder • . ; . .Houses. County Hatchery Legion Team Wins 4 Games— A Legion basketball tournamen held at Lake Park recently wa won by the local Cardinals, wh played four games in one day: Es therville 72-16; Arnolds Park, 43-13 Sutherland, 42-12; 'Round Lake, 72 16. The Cardinals won a total 183 points to their opponents' 63. Eastern Stars Give Benefit- Last Thursday evening the East ern Stars gave a benefit card part at their hall, and 150 persons a; tended. Pinocle, bridge, and rob were played. Mrs.'Blxby received a prize for the high score at bridge; Mr. Hanson at pinocle; and a young woman at rook. Bixley Meat Market Closed— ,The Bixley meat market and grocery store was closed one day last week, and the stock was trucked to Fort Dodge, where Mr. Bixley hod eased a butcher shop. Mr. and Mrs. Bixley left Friday morning, the on Merrill remaining to finish the ichool year, . • ' College Athlete Wins Honor—, . Allan Poole, sophomore at Coe and an Alpha Delta Alpha member, IBS been awarded a "letter" for ath- etic achievement. He played basketball with the Coe freshmen last year, and this year was a member of the varsity team. T»lk ol New Bank Started— There Is considerable talk among Swea City business men and proponent farmers of a new bank. Several men nave expressed a willingness to buy stock. There Is no bank lore now. Inez Helinke Appendix Out-* Doctor . West, Armstrong, ' an<3 Doctor Lundqulst operated on Inez Helmke for appendicitis Saturday e is a daughter of Peter Helmke, Vera Anderson Is, nurse. Farewell for Mrs, Blxby— Lost week Wednesday evening e few friends of Mre. BJxby gathered Mrs. Bellinger are young people. They have the farm on the west side of the river, east of '.Burt, known as the Charles Falk farm. The Bellin- gers have one girl, Juanlta, two years old, and a boy, George, a year old. . The J. E. Kylens have occupied the 80-acre farm where Clarence .ckerson operated last year, on the aving south of Bancroft. A year o Mr. and Mrs. Kylen and their -year-old daughter came out from hlcago and stayed at 'George Ny- man'e, north of Lone Rock, till a arm could be found, and now -they re starting for themselves. •Mr. Klamp called last week Monay at Harley Hanson's, two miles ast and two miles north of Wee- ey. The Hansons are new people n the Wesley neighborhood, having ome there from Forest City. There re two children, Eugene, 4, and Vlary Jane, 2. The family lives on jne of ,the Julius Kunz farms, formerly occupied by Mr. and Mrs, loward Cummlngs. G. O. Goe'tz has moved to • the Soadlnger farm, two miles north and 1% miles east of Wesley. George was hauling hay last week Tuesday, but he could not get to _ his new place with a full load, the' snowdrifts being too deep. Mr. Klamp had driven through a drift on the eame road , that morning, but when h went back, he got stuck in the drift and had to have the help of tha good, samarltan, John Seefeld, tc get out. '•''•• While Mr. Klamp was at Bur Saturday he called at Al Staehle' hardware store. It seemed natura to find Mr. Staehle there again There are not many men can slid around the'counter like Al can. Un der his management Burt will hav ear by John McMahon. Loyd Moon, a young man who came with him rom southern Iowa, Is working for ilm, and little Dean remarked that was sure 'Loyd was looking for a 'girl" here. Mrs. H. E. Morgan,' on Worster street, Algona, Is a good amateur photographer, and she has a well chceen set of views which she took while she and Mr. Morgan were on a trip to the west coast and went through the Yellowstone park region last June. She finishes her own prints and even uses stereotype plates to get a high gloss effect. Some of the views have excellent proportions and would make fine enlargements. The pictures show giant cacti, old bears with baby bears, and great redwood trees. One picture shows a couple of bears and their young raiding a lUnch box left on the -running board of a car. There also are many waterfall, mountain, and other scenic pictures. It Is fine to be a camera enthusiast in such surroundings as can be found on J a tour in the west. We made our annual visit to the Mrs. C. R. Lewis home on east Nebraska street one day last week, and found Mrs. Lewis, who now claims 87 years, in good health and spirits. She came to Algona 30 years ago, after having lived on a farm In this county "12 years. She still owns, another Irvlngton farm, occupied by Martin Becker. Mrs. Lewis's son the late Harry A. was an Irvington merchant many years, and later came to Algona and operated the store which Moe & SJogren now have: Mr. Lewis's husband Is remembered as the first man in Kossuth to use drain tile on farm' land, and he was one of the most enterprising and progressive farmers of his day.. He owned at different tlnies prior to his retirement various farms at Irvlngton, also in Burt township,, In Minnesota, and in Dakota. He and Mrs. Lewis retired in 1898 and moved 'to Algona, and since his death, Mrs. Lewis has ved alone. Harry died a number aged 13547.32 pounds milk and 675.05 pounds fat. Mr, Hobson's herd av eraged 3-84.7 pounds fat and 7,826 pounds milk laet year, and in 14,68 cow years averaged $38.41 profit above feed cost. The «est thing In the record made by the Hobson herd is the fact that the cows were almost all young ones, and such production as they have made' will probably Increase considerably with their maturing. To give an idea of the leading cows, we mention Sally, 2& yearri, $48.07 profit abov* feed cost; Jane, three years, 142.82: Daisy, three years, $66.86; Beauty, eight years, 441.02; Nig, three years, $50.92; and Peaches, three years, $65.48; all above feed cost. The sire of the Hobson bull sold for $15,000 In boom times. Mr. Hobson «ald a son and a daughter had both been members of the Lone Rock calf club. However, the family had become interested in Guernseys before that. BABY CHICKS 2 weeks old Leghorn chicks* Sc{ heavies, lie. Big, strong:, healthy* custom hatching -at ouivhatcnefy at Burt, Iowa, l^c per egg;, geese eggs 8c, duck 4c, turkey 4c. Reduced prices In day ; fold chicks. HAMILTON HATCHERY * Bancroft,'low A 'See our ad on the bade page, STUDIO MODERN!). Motor Fuel f years ago, and his widow and aughter also live here. We had a chance to look over the T. W. Hobson Guernsey bull two 'eeks ago. Mr. Hobson lives just orth of Lone Rock. The animal vas up In the barn lot when we -ame along. This bull, Shuttjewlck Caliph 146488, has a great pedigree, nd his three nearest dams averaged 6499.33 pounds milk and 772.08 bs. fat. The 14 nearest dams aver- HAY We will have a car of choice Upland Prairie Hay on track soon. Special price from the car. Leave your orders novr. ALGONA FLOUR & FEED CO. and presented her with gift. o, farewel EX-IRVIN6TON BOY FLIES FROM D ilUS TO CANADA Irvington, Mar. 22—Mr. and, Mre, V Barney Frank! received a phone ^11 from their son Bernard, in Omaha, last week Tuesday, and he eatd ho ha4 Just arrived there by ptan,P JUn Pallas, Te* He added tha after attending to business matt he would return f.o Dallas, wfeere la employed toy as insurance c$w pany. Accordingly he wJred hta j»r ents next 4»y that toe ted 9&te<& * te te* a hardware store with a full line o goods. He owned Uhe same stor many years, but- of late years ha been in the business at'Mitchell, S. D. His wife js a daughter of the late Mr, and Mrs. Peter Kriethe, Burt pioneers. The Herman Soderbergs, south- est of Bancroft, were Ipoklng for- vard to spring work when we called week ago, Herman said his pigs were coming along, but it was too early to say how many he would save. He te one of the good young armers of that section, and both he and Mrs. Soderberg have their par- nts. farming in the same neighborhood. Mrs. Anna Soderberg, mother f Herman, farms a ; little way east on the paving, and Mr. and Mrs. Nels Mathleson, parents of Mrs. Herman, farm a mile or eo farther east...;;-' ..•:•'.••• -;''• • L. B. Holllster, northwest of Lone Rock, recently showed us records he keeps on his dairy herd. A cow named Panther gave at evening milking* 19,1, 19.7, 24, 21.6, 21.6, 22,32.3, and 19.2 pounds of milk respect lively on the days immediately pe- 'ore our visit In the second week of march. The same cow at morning milkings gave 20.6, 22, 22.S, 18.2, 22, 21.4, and 19.3 pounds respectively. Mr. Holllster thinks W6 had better look put for grasshoppers this seas- son, but,, like the rest of, us, he lopes there will be no trouble from this pest, .•'•'•• ' .,. We viewed . some, fine-looking Durocs at P. M. Chrlgteneen & Son's ranch near Lone Rock two weeks ag» and were shown the herd boar which won the junior championship at Fairmont 'as a yearling last fall. The Christiansens have 21 sows this year, all purebred Durocs. In thejr purebred Polled Hereford herd there are 115 head, and there are gome feeders and milk cows besides. The Christiansens recently won some good prizes at a state show, and -Mervin got his picture in the Register along with some Qt the prize stock. The daily Register and Other papers have frequent occasion to mention the Christensen & Son Polled Herefords, for they are al- SEED CORN Carlisle's Kdssuth Reliance and Golden Dent, ear to row bred for highest yield. Outyielded all others including hybrids and mule corn in county test plots. Get the best seed cheap. Germinates 95 per'cent and better. You test It; if not satisfied return it. . . , SPECIAL PRICE FOB, MABCH 10 Bushels $1.76 a Bushel 5 Bushels -- 91.80 a Bushel 1 Bushel .— $9.85 a Bushel . Graded—Sacks -Free.' A. C. Carlisle % Mile East of Whlttemore. Look for sign. 27-28 Standard Service Station and at most garages It Burns Clean at Any Speed! O RDINARY gasoline makes no attempt to match seasonal temperature changes. Extremes of weather quickly find it wanting, but Standard Red Crown—the better gasoline— matches every month in the year with maximum efficiency. It's a, costly manufacturing process, but vastly satisfactory to maker and user, now you'll find'Standard Red primed for instant starting—speedy getaway—smooth and silent gqtiog* If you were proud to drive''with Standard Red Crown during the fall and winter, you'll find it even better now. Because it has been improved, Higher anti-knock—better perform^ j, ance—more mileage—more power for the long pull. STANDARD OIL COMPANY MarketDay SALE SATURDAY, MARCH 26 SALES PAVILION, ALGONA Another lot of repossessed furniture. One piano; rugs, electric radio, 50 MEN'S SUITS, NEW Also overcoats and a lot of other new merchandise, 40 bu. early Ohio seed potatoes, some farm machinery, new set of harness. L Big Sale Every Saturday. COL. C, 0. RIDDLE, Auct. FHANK VERA, Prop. STANDARD RED (CROWf« THE BETTER GASOLINE* ^iiiiiiiiittitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnim ways in on the priz» mon,ey Jn state and national competition. Monday at -Sexton 'Mr. cajled at W, C. Taylor's, The Taylors recently moved to Sexton, and they live just north of the Mothodtet church, They haij from Wayne county, Tbeye *j iMpw 4Sw*p"i be b*4 «. co$ he cam,e yg& Baby Chick ^^^ ^BP^fwP ^f White and Buff Leghorn* and Buff V^^flWB^pw TK^PBP- $4,75 « hundred ivV for Quality and We/are now mixing a few b$gs of Felco Clijcb; Starter and Grower; the triwle wands Felco. it is always frea^, and fresft feeds mean much to b&by chicks. Start Your First Chicks on Felco and convince yourself that there is none Jb'etter, A CHICI STARTER 18 ft booster. We build the protein out of flrfcd «*i|l& ansj ujie w> pea* serapf oy .{ilsp use the best grade or cod liver oil. Also good dry graini -"•" "• ents, no screenings or filler, < , - .->.., have a good supply Q '(«•

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