Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 17, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1932
Page 5
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__ for M concerned, supt ly part of the of no complaint pastor Cretetneyer ,, . 'he not only recall* [*£ S*' dlBt'nctly 'Collects »• ,. present, but they . ° unt y Treasurer a Swea Cltyan, was we or hear a thin? the Swea City complaint. » e -- e ** u" 1 ™ 8 * 1 * . mine rffe 0 * 1 these clrcumsances the that the which !• perfectly ^ harmless whenever and .. fc c |ted- fans, i , Midori* ge especially together IS WILL ATTEND OOOjHNSTITOTE public 'school* ' will be ADVANCE. ALOQNA, 1QWA *he Oetzmeyers are 'b. W, Godfrey le speaking this afternoon at a "Dairy day" in Mitchell county. Gordon Dewel was Introduced as a new member at the -Rotary club Monday noon. The Rev. A. S. Hueeer family was entertained at dinner Sunday by the Dr. and Mrs. R. A, Evans. The Presbyterian Aid will serve public supper at the Legion hall Saturday night. The menu appears ;n another column. • Shirley Hildahl, Perry teacher, and Mary Kelly, Emmetsburg, spent the week-end with the latter's slater, Mrs. W. W. Sullivan. "The George Hirhere, Wesley, Victor Frlderes, Bode, and Mr. and Mrs. Nick Wlllger were guests of the Charles Hoffmans Sunday. . Dan Long, Sr., who was taken to the Kossuth hospital a week ago Friday, with pneumonia, is rapidly recovering. He Is now 89 years old. Mr. and Mre. Theo. Goeders w.lU mart' home from' Long Beach'.tomor- CoRgrove. Russell la the son of Homer Laweon, Wesley. _ Mr.'and Mrs. C. : Ai, Momyer got home Monday from Chicago, where they had spent ten days with their daughter, .Mrs. E. W. Colt. Mrs. Colt and son, Jack, accompanied them home. Maxine Momyer, who has been at Chicago elnce early in the year, Is employed in a research library. • The former Jasperson house on East State street Is being torn down and the front end of the lot will be used for an oil station operated by William Pestotnik, formerly of the Deep Rock station near the Northwestern depot. It is reported that a smaller house will be erected the rear. at Mrs. ClaVence Trenary, Lp Verne, underwent a tonslllectomy at the General hospital, Saturday, and Capitola Sample, Algona, Tuesday. Mrs. Clara Day, Irvlngton, had a sinus death's door, is heavily Interested In a 12 60,000 corn and pea« canning plant and serves as the concern's field manager, looking after crops raised by farmers within a radius of 15 or 20 mllee around Cobb. Mr. Guderlan'g wife is a former Clear Lake glH, the sister of Byron Stratton, who does upholstering here.'Mr. and Mrs. Guderlan have one child, a son.. u .. A recent number of an Advehtist publication at Nevada printed a half column article on "The Science That Saves,' 1 written by Agnes Nordstrum, an Algona girl who will be graduated as nuree from the Nevada Adventlst hospital-sanitarium In May. She plans to come/home then and practice her profession here. Miss Nordstrom, who was a brilliant,.pupil, was graduated from the Algona high echool four years ago, and.fqr a year before going to at the church are not aware" that I such acts are but invitations to the gangster to take the place of the! minister and gangland that of the; church In home anjd communltSy 1 , Which Would you rather support, the gangster or the Church of Christ? See that your place In the church is not left vacant, BAPTIST* Arthnr 8. Uneger, Pastor—The lives of Lincoln and Wash- METHODI8T, C. V. Hahe, Pastor —The Vourtg Married Folks Sunday school will have a monthly fellowship covered-dish supper tomorrow evening.at 6:30, followed by a program. 1 : 1?he'committee extends an In- „ vltatlon to all Who wish to be class!- ington"" have" been" again ™ „ fled with the group. Next Sunday's studied by many. There rises before services will be appropriate to Palm! us one who Is greater, Christ, the Sunday. Next week Thursday eve- | Redeemer. Everyone should at this nlng there will be communion serv-' Ices for members and friends. Appropriate services will be held next Friday evening and on Easter Sunday. Children for baptism are to be season make a careful study of the last days of Christ upon earth. Thej sermons next Sunday morning and] evening will take into consideration! the last days of Christ. There will.; LOOK HERE The new Vefito Soft Tones lens which the Peterson Studio gave a fair trial sold itself and is now a part of the new equipment. Beginning next Monday, we will make sittings of every mother over 60 years oljl, in the countte without charge. s>' ; "': • ' f , '* ' Yes, we'll include the Dads, too. r ? • . PETERSON, STUDIO brought Easter morning. Persons; be a cartoon in the evening for the 1 having letters of transfer or wishing | boys and girls. Sunday school, 10 to unite with the church on profee- | a . m.; B. Y. P. U., 6:30 p. m.; Bible Nevada she taugiht In a Kossuth slon of faith will be received at'the j study every Wednesday at 7:30 p. rural school. August Brown.and his daughters, Eva, Mrs. Edward Larson,;Ayrshire, and Helen, Mason City, spent last same service. TKIJUTY, P. J. Kroner, Pastor- Palm Sunday: 'Sunday school, 10 ST. THOMAS, Lonlg Dennhi&hoff, M. Til., Rector—Tonight, 7:30, litany. and meditation. Palm a. m.; Sunday evensong week Wednesday at Marshalltown' a. m. English services, 10:30. Con-. . . . , ,„ with another daughter, Hanna, who| fIrmatlon of catechumens will take 1 , , rch sch ° o1 ' 10 is sick In a hospital there. Hanna, | place, and the public is Invited to at- I nncl sermon ' Jj 30 who Is taking nurses' training, is i tend. The Aid meets this afternoon | SHRIVELED BEYOND RECOGNI- ntSnnntt . . , ~ — *=• ~—w «.«.. .... Dt •« , v^.mt A. lie ^11VI 1HCCIO LI11O U. J. LCI I1UU11 operation Monday. Selma Meyer,! suffering from anemia. Mrs. Lar-'at Mrs. Ed Winkle's. The S. S. T. *enton, who was operated on for ap- son gave a blood transfusion for' th. teachers .» con«nt!on at F»rt Dodge tudent* with Grace Instructor, w»nt to ' terday .afternoon to a chonw of W atudent tot » -program tonight. The li'wtt* tf«tta Grubb, soprano; betlvPoBter, alto; Emory h and Woodrow ^Sarchett, Donald Hutchlns and T^eo- eil, base. _,.. WSilere, sixth, .4119 seventh Jfinglfth teacher, is givthe.con- ' program toiriorrow for dls- of Making Language Les- E~i.lve, Alvlna Miller, geometry ructor. Is ateo on the program i discussion of Iowa High School mlc Tests in Geometry. CI1Y AND ALGONA IN MATCH row, but will stop off at Salt Lake City,' arriving here late next week. Ruth Renaud, high school home economics teacher, was called to her home at Pella Monday evening-by news that a grandfather had 'died. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Richardson went to Wlnnebago, Minn-.; recently and will farm there this season, -Mr; Richardson used to do rug weaving here. :.. ' Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Richardson and their 'son, Darold, spent Saturday and Sunday at Fort Dodge, visiting the daughter, Mre, Lloyd Bun- nera. Mildred DeGraw, Cedar Falls teacher,. is expected home next .week Friday for a week's vacation. .She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ,L.. J. DeGraw. Hanna and will go back In a- few weeks for another transfusion. Han•na has'been-In. poor, health for. some time. Eva is employed at the local Tuesday's Dee Moines Register announced that the X,. Call Dickinsons, .were about to leave for Washington, 1 telegraph office, and Helen Is a D. C., to visit Call's parents parents, " ' ' Senator and Mrs. L. J. Dickinson, beauty operator. Edward .Rammer, Great Falls, and Mrs. Call Dickinson's parents,; Mont., who had been at Rochester who live there. Mrs. Call Dickinson j six weeks, came to Algona early In •Dr. P. V. Janse 'left Tuesday for lahoma City to visit his daughter, 6kl Mrs. visit H. T. Miller, his son, Dr. He Is also to Hector Janse, and the baby will spend several weeks with the former's parents. R. A. Palmer reached his seventy- ninth birthday Sunday, but he neither, looks or acts his age.. Mrs. Palmer is some nine years younger. "Dick," who was reared a blue-bellied Yankee In Connecticut, came to Algona In 1871, and he has now lived here 61 years. For many years he was the local Western Union agent. .Leo G. Studer, on the' Mrs. John Studer farm, three miles east, and a half mile north of St. Benedict, has om> decided to quit farming and Is an- ago ' the week to spend some time with his father, Gregory Rammer. Edward, who has been tn 111 health three or four years, underwent a major operation on his right kidney at Rochester, and as soon ae he has recovered he will have another of •the same nature on his left kidney. 'He Is married, has a son, and lias a partner In an auto repair shop at Great Falls. His aunt, Mary Rammer, who keeps house for Gregory, reared Edward, who Is now 28 years old. His mother died many years meet tomorrow evening at the parsonage. Following Is the program for Holy Week and Easter: Wednesday, English Lenten aerv- Ices, with celebration of the -(Lord's j Supper, the confessional service starting at 10 a. m. Saturday, announcements for English communion, Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday, Sunday school, 9:30 a. m.; confessional service, 10; English festival service, 10:30. PRESBYTERIAN, J. L. Colcman, Pastor,— Friend Churchman, how about that indifference which has paralyzed your spiritual life and thus tlon—Prices at Gamblf's Anniversary Sale. All Steel Wagon, $2.49. A. C. 22-27 Canvas Gloves, 60c doz. prs.. Spark Plugs, % in., 49c. CAN'T SLEEP! Warning! Don't allow sleeplessness to sap your vitality and don't take habit-forming preparations. SENDOL (non-habit forming, non- injurious) doesn't produce sleep, but relaxes nerve tension, allowing sleep as nature intended, gist—20c. At your drug- CD WE WIS-H TO THANK OUR neighbors, friends and relatives for their kindness and assistance to UB at weakened the influence of your I the time of the death of our daugh- churdi as a spiritual life In the old home town? Many who throw stones ter.—Mr. and Mrs. .Floyd Pasley and family, Sexton.. (50) 27 BABY CHICKS Custom Hatching Kossuth County's Oldest Accredited Hatchery ACCREDITED CHICKS AT REDUCED PRICES Now is the time to bring in your eggs for custom hatching while the price is low. " We are now selling' ourlowa Accredited chicks at reduced prices. ', Reduced prices onSol" Hotbrooder-stove. We have a complete line of supplies, Peat MOSS, Feeds, etc. the Algona Hatchery Call or write for our prices PHONE 104 11-2 Blk. south of Iowa State Bank The Advance for 1 Yeer for Only $2 |OT6 TEAMS li City debated here last .week afternoon. In the first lie EUasZumach and Mary Har upheld the affirmative against •Schnftz and John Mander, Mason City. In the second, jice Dehnert and Eleanor Keen i (he negative against Ruth Hille | joieph Yoseloff, Mason City. i! Smith and Gilbert '' McEwen, i City, upheld the affirmative Janet Zerfoss and Phyllis , Algona, in the third debate. !i and Mrs. G. L. Crosen accom- I the Mason City team. • After ; debate Mr. Crosen, Mr. Mc- Jl, Algona's debate coach,' and i Walters discussed the merits of | teams before the debaters, .Bug- Houston, Tex. George Elb.ert and C. M. Frane spent Tuesday' at i Charles City. George operates the Elbert garage, and Mr. Frane is manager of the Algona hotel. Slgrld Strom and Clarence Phillips spent Sunday at Elmore with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Strom. Slgrid is a saleswoman at the Goeders store. Mrs. F. S. Norton, who for the strong and weak e were no decisions. points. IS WIN PUCES ON HI6H SCHOOL HONOR ROLL freghmen, thirteen" sopho- , (lye jju'nlws, and'/fqur^senlpra > on the' high school 'honor roll [ month,. as announced by Supt. yer'Mon.day, as follbwB:.:;'.. • ,'•.-'' th grades-Alice Gellenfeld, Isa : iGreenbure, Howard Medln, •Irv- |Mlller, Frieda Paetz. ; ;; ^ : " ''"". inth grade--Charles ; Cretzmeyer, lam Devlne, Nettle Grubb, Ida Pin, Jane Hemphill, Elnora Lat- Ila Leffert, Russell Medln, le Nelson, Violet Norman, aid Parsons, Berdie Schulz, Adine ipson. •.••••' ' - ' . •-• iventh grade—'Florence Dehnert, inna Piene, Eleanor Keen, Mar- (t.Vlgare, Ella Zumach. : (th Grade—John Hargreaves, •et Habeger, Carl Medln, Phyl- last two months has been flick with Intestinal flu, has Improved and is now-atele to-elt -up part of each day. Ellen Carlson Is her nurse. . Mr. and "Mrs. L. L. Lease, Wesley, attended . a. Legion-Auxiliary -party at the local Legion hall Monday night. Mr. Lease and a brother operate a hardware store. Mrs. .Morris J. Schock, her thre'e children, and her mother, Mrs. J. M. Patterson, south of Algona, were Saturday noon luncheon guests 'of Banker and Mrs. F. E. Rubey, of Burt. Mrs. Nlta Isaacson, manager of the Kossuth hospital, returned Saturday from Sioux City, where she had been since lost week Wednesday, attending an Iowa state hospital association meeting. Dr. and Mrs. -L. G. Baker went to Rochester Sunday, where they were to spend several days while the doctor went through the Mayo clinic. He has not been In good health during the last few months. Ruth McMahon,' Galva teacher, )s expected home next week-end for Easter. The Galva schools will nqt have-a spring vacation because of an enforced vacation early in the year caused by a smallpox epidemic. 'Mrs. Anna Wallace, 68, was taken to the Koseuth hospital Tuesday, following a stroke Monday night at the home of a son at Wesley. She is Mrs. H. S. Van Alstine's mother, and has 'been living among her children. Ernest Wright, field secretary of the state dairymen's association, spoke last Thursday before the Kiwanis club and showed movie films of 4-H dairy calf club work. He was Introduced by County Agent Morrison. y Suits Commenced. Stehle has been helping at IWrlct court clerks office since »y, There has been a ruah of f «Ws for the term • of court be- FS Monday, March 28. Tomor[* *e last day for f Ulng. Judge nounclng a public eale tomorrow afternoon. He will sell 15 horses, nine cattle, 49 hogs, some poultry, and a line of farm machinery. L. A^ Matern Is auctioneer; the Iowa Btate bank, clerk. Alice Behlmer, teaching physical training for girls In the Brooklyn Park school, Baltimore, Md., writes her parents that her'classes jvon second in an inter-school spring carnival there recently. She has 150 girls of Junior high echool age in her classes, and 5,000 girls were entered in the carnival. This is her second year there. Eugene Kenefick, publisher of a new tabloid weekly In northeast Minneapolis, brought his mother, Mrs. M. J. Kenefick, home Friday, and returned to the city-Saturday. Mru. Kenefick had been in the city, a few weeks with her sons, Eugene and Paul. Eugene was carrying a brief case containing some 300 suggested names for his paper. Mrs. Frank Seeley went to Marshalltown Monday for a week with Mrs. L. G. Minkler, who is manager of a ready-to-wear shop there. Before leaving Algona a year ago Mrs. Minkler, formerly Golda Irons, had charge of ready-to-wear 'at the Chrlschilles & Herbst store. Mrs. Seeley was cashier and bookkeeper at the same store till she resigned recently. . Mrs. F. L. Tribon and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. M, Frost, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Maxwell at Rodman. Mrs.'Maxwell is another daughter of the. Frosts. The T. J. Vincents have, moved to the Young house on West McGregor Street,.formerly occupied by-Mr. and Mrs. E.'J. Hodges. The Kossuth hospital nurses now make their home with the Vincents. . B.' F. Crose is etlll confined to his Home .as the result of last summer's automobile accident in Minnesota In which one leg was shattered. He has to use crutch 1 and cane, and he may never recover completely. The man who ran into the car In which Mr. Crose was a passenger had liability insurance/and Mr. Crose has a'suit for damages ponding in Minnesota, The case Is expected to ccme up for trial in June. Major surgical operations at the Fred Behlmer has Installed a Neon sign In front of the Algonquin con^ wj .., : ,; high and six' or seven 'feet long. .The" Neon gas Is in glass tubes, and the, letters read "Ice Cream." The gas shows in bright red, and the letters' are eight inches deep, which makes the sign easily read for several blocks up and down State street. The words, "Lunches" and "Candies" are painted in the background of the" sign. Algona has a number of small Neon signs, but this is the second on a large scare; the other advertising Goodyear tires at the Clapsad-' dle tire station. The sign cost $150 and weighs more than 100 pounds. It does not use much electricity. HIGH SCHOOL DEBATE TEAMS LOSE TO THE FORT DODGERS Tuesday afternoon^the high school debate team was matched against Fort Dodge here in the first of a series of debates. The question lor all debates Is, Resolved, that the several states should be required to enact legislation providing for compulsory unemployment Insurance, Al- gon'a won 'the /first debate,' Fort Dodge the second,, but in the summary of both debates the decision went to Fort Dodge by a two-point margin. Fort Dodge will now debate winners of a similar debate at Sioux City this week lor the northwest owa championship.' G. L. Crosen, Mason City coach, wae critic judge. Florence Dehnert and Eleanor Keen won. the negative debate 'here against! Gordon Winters and '; one •Reynolds,! Tort' poijge; ' The/ ', local; al f Irjriative i' .earn, Ella Zumach and . Margaret iabeser, lost .to' Theodore Watts and Paul 'Kramer. A- Heald, Spencer, will 1 bench, it j s expected that Will be many cases for'trial, there Is a period of 'almost six * before'the next term in Sep- Bernadlne Barnes, who is at her sister, Mrs. George Elbert's, returned Monday from Rodman, where she had been taking care of Mrs. Adam Reding. Miss Barnes was recently graduated from a nursing school at Davenport. , .'...' Amce students expected home today 'for a week's spring vacation are: Hoyt Raney, Lewis Ferguson, Edgar Finnell, Marlon McMahon, Kathryn MIsbach, Dorothy Samson, Irene Dalziel, Peter Chubb, and Darrell Neville. O. H, Ogg returned last Thursday from three weeks with his mother at Lexington, Ky. He ateo visited at Berea, Ky., and called on a brother at Greenfield, O. Mr. Ogg is William ijfawcbtt's. partner in the local Haw- colt & Oee variety store. Last week's dallies reported the organization. of the First Capitol 9tate Bank 'at Iowa City, with which P, D. Williams is associated as vice B^eeldent and cashier. Lee Nagel is president. Thte is at present the ' 9t H 4« ^'"Vfi^***** VUt^DLLUW V* only bank at Iowa 'City. Harold Falkenhainer, SJoijX City, spent the , npw; ; of week-pnfl , Jeannotte Goeders met him at Emmetsburg last Thursday,' and brought him the rest of the way •home. He Is traveling out of Sioux Pity for the Real Silk Hosiery com- Br. Walter Fraser was at Fort w odge last Thursday, helping Pr. W. W. Bowen "With an operation. _J? . _T . * ' t« 1_« rvnm Vlftl*fl. Koseuth hospital in the last week have been: A. L. Smith, . Algona farmer, Friday; Mrs. John Arndorfer, Corwth, Monday, and Margaret Laist, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F, J. Laist, Ottosen farmers, Tuesday. Mrs. Harry Stauffacher, Lu Verne, entered the hospital Friday for medical treatment. John Weseless, Buffalo Center, was operated On for appendicitis Saturday. It never rains but it poure. For the first time/in months, except a week at Christmas time, the Advance is overwhelmed with both news and advertising. R, H. Guderian, lino- typist, is off duty because of the death of his brother "iLou," but Glenn Scott, Mason City, the only substitute llnotyplst in 20 years in the Advance shop who has measured up to "Rudy's" standard of efficiency been on the job since Monday, morning. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Roeder took their 2%-year-old son to Des Moines Saturday, and he went through, a clinic there. The baby Is not able to walk. Mr. Roeder's parents, Mr ft nd Mrs. George Roeder, l%te of iiansing, who have made, their home here for the last two months, accompanied the family to Dees Moines and thence went to. Carlisle^ to visit a sister of Mrs. Roeder's sister.. The junior Roeder Is a Milwaukee postal railway clerk. '••'} > J. B. Worden, who lives, in a two- octor Bowen known here. His deceased brother Roy'r. wigw. Mrs, Blteafceth Bowen, to a patient w«U. g^ltetones at the Cenerai hoe- rt jE»*Ch H. Morse, EstherviUe, came Sunday and was a guest Mrs T- Mrs. rlnston till and Mrs. Har,riag- inspector for the Pastern »nd she inspected the local toom apartment in his house on South Minnesota, had been sick for several days before relatives were notified Saturday ,when he was taken to the Kossuth hospital, where be Is being treated for pneumonia Mr. Warden Is in bis seventy-fifth year. His sons.jLeon, Ledyard, Eugene near ElmoVe, and George and Chester* Dows. and bis <n»»«**~ Mrs. Rachel White, Ceflar have visited him in the last few daye Nick Maharaa opened bfo new wlcb ehop in tUe M K«? ?^Jor- touildtag Saturday. A partition „„, built to provide *be room, ana tbo eandwlffh abop to on the the east side Is res repair with counter 'SSw^^™ 1 ^ 1 Grand Master Coming. The Odd Fellows' county council wljl hold a monthly meeting here next Tuesday night at 8 o'clock sharp. Grand Master Whiting, Iowa City, will be here. All Odd Fellows and Rebekahs may attend and take friends. Senior Play Chosen. Parts for a senior play at St. Cecelia's academy April 3 were recently given out. The play is "A Pair of Sixes," and Sister Mary Ellavens Is directing. Four girls and eight boys are in the cast. Camp to Consolidate. The local Woodmen were expected to- vote for consolidation -of the Irv- lngton camp with' the Algqna camp last night. The Irvington camp now s only 12 members. 2 WEEKS OLD CHICKS Heavies, 12c; . Leg. horns, lOo, while they last. |1500 in prizes 'given away for wrltr Ing the best letter on "Why I plaji to raise hatchery . chicks thl* | year." Nothing to buy; get your >ntry blank at the HAMILTON HATCHERY, Bancroft About PETERSON'S SECOND , BABY CONTEST The first one closed and the second made e, flying start. Then came the cold snap and mothers stopped bringing up their youngsters. Thirty have been .photographed. 'Twenty more wiU be photographed if brought in within the next week.. STDDIO -Adv. PRESBYTERIAN SUPPER J«4»CH 19 Legion Hall , Chicken an4 Noodles Mashed Potatoes Scalloped Parsnipe are It Easy to Dress-up for Easter Httrt Schaffner & Marx Suits and Tops Here are square woven worsted'suits, worth many dollars more, at a special Easter price of $22.50. New Spring colors—bronze tan, Corona brown, Platinum grey, Dusk blue. In single and double-breasted models—University style, Also twists, crashes, diagonals, lattice weaves, tweeds. Topcoats in Chesterfields, Raglans, Guards coats and in every new color and every good weave. The bigest $22.50 worth this town ever saw. Other Makes $15.00 and $20.00 Why we insist pn making the 4 TESTS for you 1. Is it style} Because m«*n wants to look 60 or per cent rlgbt. He wants to be 100 per cent correct* S|hirt» B\ue, ivory, green, g?ey ana tan. Pre-shrunk. Ties Pastel sbades, dots and stripes. Resijient con. Only & Is it well made? tne sewing clinches good style, i. a, Will |t-we«rl Because you deserve ft lot of good, long service for yom? money, It sell fast at a small fil fast and wfcenJt sells <g|

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