Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1932 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1932
Page 8
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PAQB EIGHT Board Proceeding* February 16, 1932. Algona, Iowa- Court Boom, 9 o'clock a,, m. iFebruary 16th, 1932. Representatives of the townships fcnd Board o£ Supervisors of Kossuth county met as a Board oC Approval With the following persons present: Members of Board of Supervisors: .. P. J. Helken, F, J. IHalgeman, Olaf Funnemark, "W. E. McDonald, and XlJhas. Morris. Township Representatives: Buffalo township—Chris Brandt. ,»/ Burt township—1C. G. Bwoldt. Cresco tpWMKhi|>—Absent. Kagle tdwn.shli)—J. P. Peterson. IFenton township—Alex Radlff. Garfield township—<R. B. Berning- ha.ua. German township—John Sleper. Grant township—Absent. Greenwood township—Geo. W. Ny- tnan. Harrison township—Peter TJooft. Hebron townships-Tom Berg. Irvington township—Absent. Xiedyard township—(Peter Mans. Tjlneoln townsliiii—Paul Hcrtzke. Lotta Creek—Allie.rt Potratz. I.iu Verne—.Frank Devitt. Plum Creek—Henry Bailey. Portland—Win. 'Rlngsdorf. Prairie—Absent. Ramsey—191 w. Droessler. •Rlverdale—J. IT. 'Fraser. Seneca—'I... C. Oast. Sherman—IT. .1. Kohlbaas. SprlngCieiil—G. B. Risk. Swea—Henry McGregor. Union—Art Cruikshank, V Wesley—ITenry J. Sherman, •Whlttemore—iH. IF. Schultz. Meeting organized on motion bj Funnemark and seconded by Crulk ohank that 'P. J. Helken act as chair man. Ayes: All. Motion by 'P.algeman and seconded by 'Funnemark that IBertha E. John- Bon, County Auditor, act as Secretary, Ayes: All. Motion by Peter Hans and seconded by Ewolilt that following 1 resolution 1)0 adopted: RESODUTrON' ADOPTING E>NK>I- NlfiKR'S REPORT WKEJRKAIS, H. M. Smith, County Engineer, presented his report to the Board of Approval and each representative of township was given an opportunity tu examine said report in regard to road program for his re- npectlve township, and. WttfHRHlAS, the County Engineer having read the road report recommending the roads to be improved during 19H2; therefore, BE! IT RESOUV'ED by tills 'Board of Approval that Engineer's report be approved. Adopted this Mth day of February, A. D., 19:K. All memhors voting "aye." (See roiul record for Engineer's report) February 16, 1932. Auditor's Office, 1 o'clock P. m., ' s February. 16, '-$32. • Board'or Supervisors of Kowuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all'members present, Motion .by IFunnomark and seconded by Balgeman that Wm. Hahle be allowed blind pension of $300.00 for year 1932 beginning with month of January. Ayes: All. . Motion by Morris and seconded by McDonald that following final est mates be allowed: J. V. Albert Project No. 1 for $231.80; J. V. Elbert Project No. 2 for $15.1.00; J. V. Elbert Project. No. 21 for $49.50. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Balffeman that following Secondary Road Petitions be referred to H. M. TEN SCHOOLS IN DECLAIM AT BURT FRIDAY Burt, Mar. 8—-Ten schools will be represented in a sub-dlsttrlct declamatory contest here this week Friday evening: Lone K«ck, Fenton, Swea City, Lakota, Buffalo Center, Forest City, Wesley, -Algona, Lu Verne, and Burt. Swea City and Forest City will have two speakers each; all the others, one each. Contestants winning will compete for honors in a .pre-distrlct contest. Donald Hutchins, Virgil Smith, Philip Thorson, and Clare Wolf are ,ln the oratorical class; Leona Bor- It Is hereby resolved by the Kossuth i car( jt ; Carol Bllefson, Lois James, P.°J ln H.K a ^.£Si:rf7u 0 ii!;h n fl" Bl of and Helen Kuebler, in the dramatic class; Franklin Hansen, Francis Kuchynka, Gladys Nelson, and Barrel Riddle, in the humorous class. The contest will be held at the Methodist church at S p. m. T. H, Blossoms Will Kelnrn— Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Blossom are expected this week. They have been a 1 -. Minneapolis for sever il years, but have decided to make their home here for the third time. The eon Donald, who also lived at Mln- 190, 399, Smith, County Engineer, for report: 182, 183, 184, 18S, 18B, 187, 188, 1S9, 191, 192, 193, 191, 1%, 198, 197, 198, 200, 201, 202, 203, 204. Ayes: All: Motion by lAtnnemnrk and seconded by McDonald that following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION fiurt, Mar. 8—-A gosfrel team fr<>*n the Centenary Methodist Sunday school class catne"up front Algona Sunday and had charge 0* evening services at the local Methodist church. The team Included tout- women and five men, and the program was! mixed quartet; tenor solo! andseveral talks. Because of extreme cold only a few persons attended. Mintrte lar session assembled this February, 1933, pursuant to Chapter 2 of the Acts of the 44th General Assembly of the State of Iowa, that the Iowa State Bank, a hanking corporation doing a general banking business and located at Algona, Iowa, be, and the same is hereby selected and approved as the depository for public funds from and after this date. The maximum to be kept on deposit at said bank shall be Thirty Thousand Dollars ($30,000). The maximum amount which each particular officer of Ivossuth county shall deposit in compliance with this resolution shall be as follows: Motion seconded that Board of Approval adjourn subject to call of Board of Supervisors. P. J. HELKEN, Chairman. BERTHA E. JOHNSON. .Secretary. Recorder Sheriff Clerk of TDIst. Court 5,000 10,000 1932. Motion by Adopted this 16th day of iFebruary, —.. „ McDonald and seconded by -Balgeman that Soldiers Exemption of Albert Staehle for $1800 on Lot 13, Block 4, Burt Incorp. for 1931 Is hereby allowed. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seeondea bv Morris that open ditch right-of- way claim of Alvena Domek et n. Is hereby allowed and County Auditor Instructed to Issue refund warrant or abate said tax as case may be: P-A-*K Jt. No. 1— NE 1-4 SW 1-4 1S-97-30 NW 1-4 SW 1-4 1S-97-30 4.W SW 1-4 NW 1-4 18-97-30 1-& 2 Ayes: All. (Motion by Funnemark and seconded, bv Morris that contract for construction ot new bridges and repair of old bridges is, hereby a wared to J. A. Roberts, lowest, responsible bidder as per terms of bid. Ayes. Motion by BalRemnn and seconded bv Funnemark that Treasurer s Semi- Annual report is hereby approved and same to be published as provided b5 law. Ayes: All. neapolis, recently moved to California. The elder Blossom twice had a hardware store here. County "Anx" Meeting Tuesday— A county Legion Auxiliary meet- Ing will be held at the local Presbyterian church here this week Tuesday afternoon. The main speaker; will be Mrs. M. L. Standley, Boone district president, and a Miss Leland, of Humboldt, district music director. TITONKIANSTO GO TO LEGION PEP MEETING Tltonka, Mar. 8—The spring pep neetlngs of the Legion and Auxil- ary will 'be held at Fort Dodge next week Tuesday with prominent speakers of both organizations on the program. State Commander Bob Colflesh, State Adjutant R. J. Laird, and Frank Miles, editor of the Iowa Legionnaire, will be Legion speak-, ers, while .Department' President Jane Pritchard and Department Secretary M. Myrton Skelleyand and others will toe speakers on the Auxiliary program. A Joint banquet will be served In the evening,- and a dance will conclude the evening's entertainment. Jack Hlgley's district commander, of Emmetsburg, will preside at the Legion meeting, while Marie Standley, district committeewoman, of Boone, will preside at the Auxiliary meeting. It is hoped that every post and unit in Kossuth county will be well represented. of H. N. June 1st, l\ I'USl' SEMIANNULA REPORT Treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, for the period from Clnpsaddles Off for Tour— Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Clapsaddle lef Monday for an 8-day vacation dur Ing which they will visit Texis and Old Mexico as guests of Mrs. Clap saddle's parents, Mr. and • Mrs. W F. Main, Cedar Rapids, whom the Clapsaddles joined at Des Moines. Small Attendance at Dance — Only a small crowd attended a "hard times" dance at the Legion hall last Thursday evening. Mrs. Roy S. McWliorter, Mrs. H. "\\ . Trainer, A. "W. Radeke, and J. . T. Heany won prizes for the best cos- tu December 31. 1931, inclusive. STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS B'Y FUNDS Balance June 1, 1931 .Receipts $00.775.16 S.791.11! 61),092.95 , 11.218.71. Fl.TXDS •Revenue ;!,09r.,36 1.714.31 01 ,OS6.80 7;!,(i02.0l) •20S.(!7 1.173.GI !i:M.(iS 3.0IB.IS 125.39 10.lSO.ftl 20,1911.23 17S.4S General f {Soldiers rtnmi.< General Oniiity Court l'/xjn'ii^r- Poor Btate Insane Secondary Hnail i ''instruction Secondary Un:ul Jlainti'iuincu County I'.riijtu' County «":ash ll.iud County School Soldier's Hvlirf County Ttonil Bri<lK<> Bond County O.t.-<h 'Road Bond .. . Diverted Interest School .Districts Library .. .. Motor Vehicle 49,291.58 Principal of School l.SffJ.fifl Cemetery 141.40 Temporary School 7.524.01 Teachers' fn.stilute P.69.97 Bovine T. B 27.0J1.S5 Domestic Animal 2,095.28 County Fair Grounds I,354.0Ti City Special Assessments 1,315.34 Corporation 'Funds 5,980.66 School 'District 'Funds 20,443.04 Township iFunds .85 Drainage: Credited 140.398.3S Overdrafts »2,342.76 . Primary IRoad iBd. Redempt 6,515.72 •Special Assmt. Refunds 109.87 Secondary Road Reilempt 173.90 Secondary Road Asismts 17,213.18 Prl.-Sec. 'Road Redemptions 2.75 IPrimary'Rbad'Bonds 3,499.0fi Total Balances 610,902.11 Overdrafts *2,342.76 U!l,2X3.31 6.913.C4 -12,229.83 1,013.34 13.513.39 9.573.97 112.554.04 S2.15-I.S7 Balance Disburse- Dec. 31, ments 1931 $115,445.79 $ 14.612.6S 7,r>13.72 1.142.66 8,577.48 ll,4:!9.2r, 8,59:1.59 1,247.40 95,700.34 1,000.00 1,0-18.49 2,739.45 50.00 5,707.95 1SS.05 1.07 1,213.71 32,290.45 249,464.62 5,818.40 4.75 14.2OT.30 48,091.5". 3,8114.11 15,737.91 S.217.31 116,061.72 78,470.13 6,594.31 1,254.53 7SS.S2 21.154.98 8,593.59 907.47 61.270.62 2,500.00 S26.44 2,399.57 145.00 2,788.22 1,381.66 1,125.00 2,087.21 23.259.32 199,736.25 111,062.02 5,816.98 17,343.34 3,499.06 AlKori&i Iowa, Swruary to, J.»D« J^lfy council hiet in rwula* «*•* alon on thl* day at the dty nftjt, MW among othef thing* allowed the following bills: i ELECTRIC FUNG J. W. Kelly, salary ———$ Leo Bellock, salary -> Walter Oormah, salary — 136.00 Tom Hatpin, salary --. 185.00 C. C. Wright, salary 85 - 00 Ray Barton, salary l^.OO H. E. Stephenson, salary — 130.00 Adah Carlson, salary —— 145.00 McCord Radiator Sf ' Mfg. Co., mdse. -—-«•- -W. S. Nott Co., mdse. De Laval Separator Co., 'mdse. — Iowa Machinery & Supply Co., mdee. — W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse. Sha\v-Walker, mdse. — -— 22.50, Electric Equipment Co., mdse. —-— Terry-Durln Co., mdse. — Line Material Co., mdse. — J. I. Holcomb Mfg. Co., 11.84 6.20 6,20 13.16 16.00 ttdsmtigeft N. W/ Bell *el. ,C0.< service Jesae Utnbenhower, car* of dump —i..—.—*i.»A— ., C. Dau Oarage, labor- Aefo-SerVlce, gad and oil— Meyer & Wenthe, mdse. — 5.00 1.40 109 4.37 ATAWJ C» W i ' w«»--- — i «* -4 ft H. R.. Cowan & Son, light— <#.1S H. N. Kfuse, Co., Treas., tax sale >-—'-*•—• * Jesse Lashrook, advance —. Jesse Laehbrook, salary -Elliott Skilling, mall and team — ---. — " Elliott 'Skilling, man and team -— —-— — —' Wlllard Gregson, man and team — -.'• —— : — Spear & McVay, man and team .—— ±-^--~- eo. Ounder, street labor- rank Skilling, street labor touls Hagg, street labor — 26.05 65.00 49.20 28.00 31.50 16,80 22',00 53.20 16.80 '2.80 *hdriJ»t ,-Wdedr A, wm < > ; ^ttfferf, Htde*,'ftna »**"* - 1§ *^V tfnhwtMt 1 *t 41. *hW ', removal kohlhaas JT. lielfy/ salary C, C, Wright, fcalary .-- ' ,1*.' <; 4K*6 9.0S 85.00 48.00 Attest: ADAM dARtSOH City Clerk. "SlStSS ft M Second.o£:M' WILLIAMS' oiuitrric LAXATIVK LIJSDY'S plltW ST0BE, AlCtONA mdse. Supply tumes. Clifton 1,497.47 03.231.25 S.427.94 S70.S4 3,070.92 57.o79.12 77.2SB.74 20S.07 1,173.61 1,454.09 2,951.61 125.39 17.9li9.30 10,483.50 518.41 83,721.30, 2.69' 363.45 7.863.S9 274.97 29,944.58 1,801.65 230.12 441.84 15,011.79 70,171.41 .85 123,109.48 *2,S18.47 698.74 109.87 173.90 5,693.24 7.50 601,082.81 *2,818.47 Totals J60S.559.35 $804,305.18 $874,600.19 $598,264.34 Overdraft* shown by * RECEIPTS AN'D DISBURSEMENTS RECE^TS Amount On hand June 1. 1931 * nfiTJ?'80 From Current taxes, 1930 i'«i90 Prom delimuent taxes, 1929 and prioryears i'«s'is Penalty, interest and costs m'SuM Drainage taxes 458601 Highway receipts 49'l9G 97 Gasoline tax s«ttS9 Diverted interest ?B358 Motor carrier SS'm Cigarette licenses "Von Dog licenses •• •• n onn'oo Principal of School <Fund vmo'iz Interest of School Fund -• '%>•*> Btate appropriation for Teachers' Institute ""• Sale of auliiniohlle numliers and license . Bale of bunds filraiiiage) Pines and forfeitures from Clerk Fines ami forfeitures from other Officers nTi^'S- Care of patients in State Institutions '™'S Caro of natR-nts in County Institutions i rv'ivl Sale of produce at county home o'mi'« Bale of school hooks iin'S Fees from (Vniniy Auditor u "-£! Fees from County Treasurer ..: oie^n Fees from County 'Rcronler ],-4o.<u Fee3 from Ulerk nf District Court Fees from «li.-riff 'Misci'.llaiu- Transfers Miiiisiors 5Ioot at Titonka— The Rev. and Mrs. J. B. and the Rev. and Mrs. A. H. Wood, Good Hope, attended a sub-district ministers' meeting at. the Rev. Carl Hammer's, Titonka, last week Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Mi-Inzer's Father Stricken- Mrs A. H. Melnzer was called to Kildeer, N. D., last week Tuesday by news that her father had suffered a stroke. She went with her brother, Dr. E. G. Marty, Spring Valley, 111. Russian Slides to be Shown— The P. T. A. will meet at Fire Damages Lester House— A fire partially destroyed the George Lester home tenanted by the W. A. Winter family early Monday morning. The house was badly damaged, but the contents were saved by quick action of the family and the fact that wash water had been carried in .Sunday evening and was available to fight the blaze. • E. 0. Slack Has Rheumatism— E. O. Slack has been ill the last few days with Inflammatory rheumatism. He was taken to the Fred Wentz home Monday morning, where Mrs. Wentz, a trained nurse, is caring for him. His son Neil, freshman in high school, is staying at Raymond Hansen's. mdse. ------- . ----------The Kay Dee Co., mdse. — General Electric Co., labor. Western Contractors Supply Co., mdse. ... ............ Supreme Mfg. Co., mdse. — Ingersol-Rand,- Inc. General Electric Corp., mdse. ------ - ----- Securltry Petroleum Co., gas and oil — ----------- 216.13 C. M. St. P. & P. R'y, ft*. on gas, oil ------------ -- 226.65 Western Union, service — H. W. Post, frt. and dray— R'y Express Agency, express ------ 1- ---------N.,W. Bell Tel. Co., service A. L. White et al, refund deposit — --------- — C. W. Green, refund -----Cresco Union Elect. Co., .sign light -------------Ernst Thiel, meter reading- Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. WATER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary ---- — Frank Ostrum, salary ----- 130.0' O. E. Atcheson, salary ---Laura Mitchell, salary - — Toledo Pipe Threading Machine Co., mdse. > — ----Wigman Co., mdse. ------Phoenix Meter Corp., mdse. Neptune Meter Co., mdse. _ H. W. Post, frt. and dray.- the schoolhouse this week Thursday evening, and the main feature the program will *be a showing slides depicting Russian scenes. Other Burt News. Mr. and Mrs. Milo Brown School Hard Hit 1))' Flu- Thirty pupils have been absent from school because of influenza. Pupils out one day have to have a doctor's certificate before returning to school. Several have been out for a couple of weeffs. dinner guests Friday of the C. B. Chipmans and attended the J. H. Grover funeral. Mrs. Brown is a sister of Mr. Chipman, and lives at the top of a hill on the paving two or three miles west of Garner. The Theodore Fisher family have moved to the farm vacated by the Paul Bakers; the E. V. Koestlers, and to Armstrong. Mrs. Grace Watkins and her two eons are again farming. Among .persons sick during the last week were Mrs. W. B. Pratt, O. P. McDonald, Mrs. Josephine Sharp, her granddaughter, Mildred Armstrong, Henry Smith, and Mrs. Ada Mann. Mrs. Louise M. Schmitt left Saturday for Chicago for an extended visit, and thence will go to Pennsylvania. She has been living with her daughter, Mrs. Edward Thaves. Mr. and Mrs. Ross QFUngsdorf, of Other Titonka News. •Mrs. George Howe entertained her dinner bridge club last week Wednesday evening. Mrs. Earl Stott won high score for women, and Mr. Stott for men; Mrs. Cuttings, Mrs. Howe's sister, and Raymond Bonacker, were low. Mrs. Miller Nelson was the winner of the traveling prize. Mrs. Antone Pannkuk, Mrs. Harold Johnson, and Elvina Darilelson drove to Mason City on business Friday. Mrs. Pannkuk visited her daughter, Marguerite, while there. Marguerite is taking nurse's training in the Mercy hospital. The high school was dismissed for Friday afternoon to let pupils attend the Titonka-West Bend basketball game at Algona. Besides a bus- load, a number of private cars carried both pupils and their elders to the tournament. The J. F. Fishers, the Kenneth Fishers, all of Titonka, and the Robert Fishers, of Philadelphia, were entertained Sunday at Mrs. Freda Boyken's. from Funds: Automobile fees o^'iVis Other transfe 3 ^. M °-' i> Total Receipts $1,472,864.53 DISBURSEMENTS Amount Grandma Cooper, mother of Charles Cooper, and who was injured in a bad fall some time ago, Is reported not doing as well as was expected. The R. L. Krantz family drove to Algona Saturday morning to attend a Titonka-Livermore tournament State Tivasiiivr's receipts County A.u4it(,r'.s warrants School fund loans ;• Drainano warrants, bonds and Interest County bonds n-il"«med (cash ro'ad) Interest on county bonds Interest on 'Primary road bonds Orders on County Treasurer by Mayors of cities and towns Orders on County Treasurer by presidents of School Dist. .. Township clerks' receipts Secretary of .State's receipts for automobile licenses .. Miscellaneous payments •• Transfers to funds index; 1 dozen engineer's field books Boone IBlank of assessment: Book Co.—1 abstrac 40 alphabetical dog 9,915.65 5,816.98 25,443.07 199,375.77 700.00 58,158.62 152.85 41,757.18 Bala'iicV cii'riuiiid' December si, 1931 ..'.!! . 698,264.34 Total Disbursements $1,472,864.53 Algona, Iowa, January 21, 1932. I, H. N. Kruse, Treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, do hereby certify that the report given above Is a correct summary of the business transacted by me as aaid treasurer during the period therein specified. IT. N. ICRIUSE, County Treasurer. Motion by TialKernan and seconded by Morris that bids for following supplies are hereby awarded as follows: as per terms of bid— Klipto Loose Leaf Company awarded contract to furnish 2700 aluminum. dog tags and 4,000 rivets; 3 dozen filing envelopes; GOO miscellaneous tax receipts; 100 probate blanks; 50 general execution blanks; 50 probate appraisement blanks: 1 Ib. pliable rubber: ;UW eighth Kra.de diplomas; 231 school officers packages; 4 quire stencils: primary election supplies. Matt Parrott Jfe Sons be awarded general election supplies: Perkins Bros. Co. ln> awarded 1 .grosa I,-ad pencils: 1S.OOO tax receipts; '100 probate, certificates; 100 marriage applications; 2 canvas covers; Acres- Blackmar be awarded 6 dozen Congress ti.i envelopes; treasurer's ledger; treasurer's cash book; 300 mar, riage license blanks; 50 satisfaction blanks: 30 yards blue print paper; 1 dozen lumber crayons; one Philadelphia rod; 1 gross lettering pens; 50 Newark, S. D., and two sons visited part of last week with Mr. Ringsdorf's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ringsdorf. , The Legion and the Auxiliary met at the Legion hall last week Wednesday evening; Mrs. John Murray and Mrs. W. H. Steward, hostesses. Buttermaker L. E. Roetman and E. B. Dittmer attended a butter- makers' convention at Mason City one day lust week. 'Mrs. Earl Vincent, Algona, spent Friday with her parents, Mr. and Irs. D. L. Godden, and attended the rover funeral. Esther Olson returned last week ''uesday from Rochester, where she ad spent several weeks, following n operation. Mrs. William Ringsdorf returned iaturday from Rochester, where she had undergone an operation the veek before. Willis Chipman has come home i-om Milwaukee, and is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. 'B. Chip- nans. The James AValkers recently moved here from Titonka, and are living n one of the Fred Ringsdorf houses Sen. Geo. W. Patterson and G. W Bleich went to Des Moines Sunday returning Monday. The Fortnightly club met las basketball game. Elmer Peterson has been ill with influenza the last few days. Ernest Peterson has been taking his place driving the bus. Donald and Florence Bacon entertained at a young people's bridge party Friday evening. Mrs. Dr. Pierre Sartor entertained her bridge luncheon club last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. J. F. Fisher entertained her bridge luncheon club Tuesday afternoon, What • rtllef . . . to hear reassuring n«ws over the telt phone I When someone Is ill, or something else' worries a friend out of town, keep him Informed of conditions by telephone. He'll appreciate your thoughtf ulness. USE LONG DISTANCE The Cost is Low Wherever You Go You can talk threo minutes during the day (between 4:3O a. m. and 7 p. m.) over a distance of 4O airline miles for 35 cents; 7O airline miles for 5O cents; and IOO airline miles for 60 cents .... when you ask for anyone available at the telephone called. Charges are less per mile as the distance increases. Long diiUne* edit cm b« mid* from public t«Uphontt . . . local calls for • nickel. Look for th» Blue B*ll in drug (tow «nd other itorti, filling itationi, d*potf, hotels and other public placet. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY yds. drawing paper: 74 yds. tracing paper; 1 gross hard pencils; 100 ft. Bteel tape. ' Metropolitan Supply Co.—150 pack, construction paper; GO pack, drawing paper: 2 Ibs. mimeograph Ink. J. H. Welch 'Printing Co.—1 Treasurer's ledger-funds. Jen.kins-iFersema.n—1.000 juror's re- Celpts; 50 inventory blanks; News Printing Co.—33 tax lists; 1 imarriago record: 1 chattel mortgage record; 1 fee book; 1 chattel mortgage books; 100 probate bonds; 50 notici final report; Messenger Printing Co.—1 case ink 300 blotters; 1 road record; 1 treas urer's ledger; 1 register of vouchers 1 pobate record; 1 district court rec ord; 1 combination docket: 1 Insan record; 1 junk book; 2 deed records 2 mortgase indexes; Pratt Paper Co.—1 gross pencils 500 clasp envelopes: Whittemore Champion—100 tripl cate doff receipts; COO financial re ports: 500 funds in detail; 1000 regis ter of tax receipts; 1000 apportionmen detail; liar docket for four terms; bottles Hlseins black Ink; North Kosauth Record; 9S assessor roll books: 2500 envelopes; 24 poll tax receipt books; Orescent Printing Co.—300 school school certificates: Baker Paper Co.—1,000 clasp envelopes; Midland Chemical Co.—2 cases roll towels; 1 drum sweeping compound. Churchill Mfg. Co.—2 cases folded towels: 12 mop heads and stick; 1 case pipe solvent; 2 dozen frazone blocks; 1 sweeping brush; 2 cases toilet paper. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to nine o'clock a. m. March 1, 1932. BBRWHA. E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. week Wednesday at Mrs. Krwin Schwietert's. The Masonic hall is being re-pa pered, Bertha Daniels doing the work. The Home Guards will meet Sat- END ECZEMA Dr. Erickson's new Eczema remedy has successfully treated thousands of pitiful cases in the past few months and we sell it on a guarantee.—K. D. James. (1 Cost 85 Cents to Put Rheumatic Cripple Back to Work Again Now Joyously Happy urday afternoon with Arlene Daniels, i The George Naumans have moved to the B. V. Daniels house. Hannabelle Giddings is nursing at the Kossuth hospital. ,The S. C. Resers have moved to Audubon. 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CUIVEWANO. o. lUSBY'S DBUG STOKE, ALGONA Stock Fire Insurance Companies are represented by Capable Agents in your community Stock Fire Insurance — with all its experience — with its beginnings rooted in early America' >keeps up with the times, It anticipates and studies every new fire hazard—in your home or place of business. i STOCK FIRE INSURANCE has earned its leadership by sponsor* ing protection, prevention and inspection services that benefit every community and every individual. THE NATIONAL BOARD OF KJobn Street, NSW YPR& CHICAGO, 222 WtitAdwtStrtet SAN W.,B» Quarton -.QUARTO* & Law OCClces Phdnest Office 427, Algona, *• 1. UONAH • Attorney-at-Law Office Iowa State Bank Office phone 460-W. Say, Dotty, you know the furniture been dreaming about? Well, rfound.just what I wanted in an Advance want-ad. SULllVAN, J. W, ,Suliivan s•..„•.', L. E. Llnnan Attorneys-at-Law Phones: Office, 261; j -J 8. B. McM., 403. __ HARRINGTON T.P.Harrington i Attorneys-at-Law Phones! office, 28; T. p, B. J. VAK NESS, G?iv '•••'•.._....•••. Lawyers Office over Iowa State i t.» ai« -nr "WU6 \ Phone 213-W. AlgO| O. D. Shumway 8HPMWAT t Attorneys-at-Law Office In Quinby Bl Phone B8 A L. A r 1 * /**• " *^ iinu Atttorney-at-La v i Office In Quinby BulldiJ Phone ISO DOCTOUS" KENEFICK & Physicians anil Sur Office over Rexnll Drug | Office phone 300 M. J. Kenefick, M. D., res < J. N. Kenefick, M. D., rea.'phi C. H. Physician and Surge!, Office in John Galbraith L Phones: Office, 310; res.1 Algona P. V.-JANSK, Jl7 Physician and Snrg,. Office on South Dodge 0 Phones: Office, GfiG; resldet Algona, Iowa WALTER Physician and Surge Office in Quinby Bldg., Rot Phone No. 12 MEI/VIN G Physician anil Suriwoi Office in Postotfice Bio) Phones: Office, 197; resldei DR. w. n. AxniiEii rjBteopathlc Physician anil ^ Eye,, Ear, Nose, and Thro X-ray Office over Hub Recretitionl Phones: Office, 187; residei R. A. EVAIfS, 3f. 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State St. New and used Auto Tlrea and Accessor Hides, Fur and * SSSfSffSffSSSSK^S^^^ Loa WOO or less obtained Furniture, Automobile Stock. For »d4ltloual Inform write or pM CUNNINGHAM &§ Eepresentln? ofStaik Firt l*»tr*m

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