Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1932
Page 5
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*iJgpiMK»F • • a • 16-02, Iff CAN O* • ''• OA MACARONI ENCORE BRAND . • UNEEDA 4 NO. 2 QAC CANS 259* PKQ. Matt Lamuth and E. J. McEvoy attended the funeral of J. S. Beneen at Emmetsburg Monday. The firemen tried out the new Snaps"£!&. 2 ^. 23 c 45« NO. 21/2 CANS peaches 'flU Bouillon Cubes TUBE 1 O c mart the »«•! with this delicious bouillon, , | n r x pen»lve and ***y to make. A strengthening fo3r«*«l«»*P ric « ! Cabbage, solid- new, Ib. Sc Head lettuce, crisp 2 for 19c Radishes, 3 f or . . lOc truck Sunday to let all members of the company see it in action. Grace Miller, music Instructor in the local schools, spent the weekend at her home at New Sharon. Mrs. Thos. Kaln returned Friday rom two weeks with her mother, Mrs. Thos. Galleger, De Kalb, 111. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sullivan spent Sunday at Emmetsburg with he latter's recently widowed moth- r. Dr. F. P. Klahr, Mrs. George St John's father, Is out again, follow- trvlngtonlans, and Mr. Sarazlne Is also known here, tor he clerked a few years ago at the Steele clothing store. Three major surgical operations were performed at the Kossuth hoe- pital last week. Mrs. Douglas Wil- dln, Cresco township farm wife was operated on Sunday; Mrs. Free Prulsmann, Tltonka, last Thursday and.Mrs. Kate Doege, Algona, Friday. Dan Long Sr. has been a pa tlent at the hospital since Friday With pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Harris, who 'formerly farmed in another state but for some months had been with ing a two weeks sickness with flu, alao here, returned to the city Saturday. Mrs. Orfegw 1* a niece of Mrs. Jennie M. Dewel, who, with Ifr. and Mrs. B. A. Thorp* and the W. C, Dowels, enteftainedr.her and :he two children at dinner last Thursday evening at the W/ C. Dewel home. Mrs. Grlggs was reared? at .Minnesota Lake, in Faribault county, Minn., next north of Kossuth. Louis Cook, of the state .board .of assessment. and review, candidate for tl. S. senator against Brookhart, was scheduled to speak on taxation before the Rotary club Monday noon, but at the last minute he telephoned regrets. In his absence a Quiz on Iowa was conducted by W. C. Dewel, chairman of the March program committee. W Earl Hall, editor of the Mason City Globe-Gazette, IB to address the club next Monday. Glen Raney, J. A BrowneH, J. C. Mawdsley, H. L. Gll- the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Harris, left yesterday for the Wayne, Neb., to viait William's sis-] ter, Mrs. E. L. Padgett, and brother Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Momyer drove Garnett. They wll! remain there if to Chicago last week Wednesday to William can find work. Wilson Har- viflit their daughters, Mrs. Margaret rls Is a local carpenter. Colt and Maxlne. | Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hoorneman, Hllma Meyers, Fenton, is a pa- of Springvllle and the latter's sis- tlent at the Stebbins hospital, hav- ter, Elsie Specht, came Saturday to ing undergone an operation for ap- j visit the women's .parents, Mayor METHODIST, €. V. HULSE, PM- or — The Gospel team of the Young Married Folks', class conducted services at the Hurt Methodist church Sunday evening, and will have charge of services at the local church next Sunday evening. Spec- al music Will be provided ... Mrs. Louis Lynk will entertain at a group social for her Sunday school class at the church Saturdayeven- ng. This Is a large class, and under Mrs. Lynk's leadership excellent work The is doing Sunday school classes are laying- plans for their World Service offering Easter Sunday. Last year some $700 was contributed for missions and the benevolences of the church at Eae ter time . . . The Sunday schoo more, and Thos. Akre are members of the March committee. Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Johnson and their daughter, Mrs. Vera Ferren who had attended the funeral o Mrs. Johnson's mother, Mrs. Lean der Winslow, here last week Mon day, had an automobile accident flv miles north of Wlnnebago, Minn when they were returning to Min-j asked to remember a congregation; board will meet next Monday even Ing at Mrs. W. H. Lease's. Thi monthly meetings have 'been at trading a large percentage of offi cers and teachers, and the exchang of ideas 'has been helpful. PRESBYTERIAN, ,T. L. Cole man Pastor—Members and friends pendicitls Saturday.. and Mrs. C, F. Specht. Mrs. Hoorne- The hollow brick addition on the man remained for a few weeks visit, south side of the old Trlpp livery Hoorneman and Elsie going Coffee barn is being torn down. The brick back Sunday. Mr. Hoorneman has been sold to a farmer. superintendent of schools at Spring- »O *J\,mi OVAU i.Vf I* At*l lll^il i ^ Justice L. A. Winkel was expected: v»le. and Elsie teaches there, home yesterday from Des Moines,! .OMtlmeni In the l Burt neighbor- where he went Tuesday to attend a! hood will recall Mrs. Rassellas Dav- session of the supreme court. j ison, sister of W. S. Stahl, St. Paul, The Presbyterian Aid will serve a|W. E. Stahl, Hurt, and the late Mrs. chicken and noodle supper at the H. Grover. Many ears ago the Legion hall next week Saturday., Davisons moved to Everett, Wash., The menu will be published next and Mrs. Davlson died there Janu- week jary 22, 1932, following a lingering Mr! and Mrs. J. S. Auner returned : illness of one and a. half years with yesterday from Des Moines, .where heart disease and other, ailments, they had spent a few days with the! William Schipull. Plum Creek neapolls. Mrs. Ferren was driving, and the car ran off the grade into a ditch. ' Both''o'f the" Johnsons suffered severe cuts and bruises, but Mrs. Ferren escaped injury. M. E. Johnson, Swea City, formerly Irv- Ington, brother of A. K., called on them at a Wlnnebago hospital ast week Wednesday night. That there Is truth In the theory of buying to end the depression has been evidenced by the result of • a cooperative movement between Gamble stores and their manufacturers in the last few weeks. Gamble stores placed orders for 55 carloads of merchandise in a time conceded to be one of the most slack former's parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. F.I (township, called Monday to I.Vile nanot* annt to Till Verne. I . -1 , COMB BY -, iant> on sea meeting next Monday evening 7:45. Persons planning to join th church Easter morning should se the pastor at once, If arrangemen have not already been made. All < the older young people who wish take work offered in a class preparatory to membership will please see or communicate with the pastor before Sunday.. The morning and even- Ing subjects will be not only appropriate but helpful. have paper sent to Lu Verne. For the Hfervey Ingham has published! last nine years he has farmed the three new booklets on Iowa history. ; Chubb Dreesman place. He made They consist of reprints .from his some money, and would now be on column on the Des Moines Regis-i easy street; had. he not; lost in a pouter's editorial page. . . Plecof,closed, banks. He.wlH farm Louise Wadlelgh, the 6-year-old | on a;:mqre. extensive scale, thei corn- daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph.! ing, ,yeac, ; ,,.,. having, leased,;. .Doctor Wadlelgh,. farmers near Lu Verne,! JariseV.240 ; acr* , farnx ^norfheafet of was a patient at the Kossuth hos- pita Sunday and Monday. Mrs. Howard Carey went to Blue BAPTIST, Arthur S. Hnescr, pastor—Each sermon.for.the next three Sundays will deal with a phase .of the life of Christ. We want to put the emphasis where it belongs, and we hope to make each sermon of seasons in manufacturing industry. j specla , lnterest to a n . . . Nex t and the effect was Immediate. Factories ordinarily operating with one- Sunday: school at .10 a. m.; B. -T. P. U., 6:30 p. m. This latter organ- Verne. J^U ¥ Cl IIU. : /, ^' • .' .',.•-; ' 1 f ' ' ! . Free movies of . the . Woodman sanitarium near Colorado Springe, Earth Sunday to spend the week,Colo., will be shown at the local with relatives. Mr. Carey, who is Woodman hall by a. representative of employed at the Algona Bakery, the sanitarium .next Wednesday took her up, returning the aame night at 8 o'clock.. J. M. Phillips, member of the. Woodmen, says the Margaret Blossom, Catherine Me- Pictures will be worth seeing Three Call, Leona Smith, Delia Frankl, years ago'he went through the plant and Esther Dearchs spent the week- Just before a fire destroyed the main building, which has since been third their usual help or completely lzatlorf wU , glve a social at the shut down-jumped Into activity, full churcll tonight . . . Bible study ev- crewson full time w.ere put to work, I Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. .-.. and many factories actually oper- The Boosterg win glve a social-.at ated over time. Gamble, stores are the pareonage tomorrow evening; using the 55 carloads of merchan- • . ; dise ; to celebrate'the seventh anni- TRINITY, P. J. Braner, Pastor— versary of the opening of'the first Next Sunday: Sunday school, 10. a store by conducting big sales start- m-; English service, 10:30. Specia Ing tomorrow. ...BUT DON'T MISS THIS Lenten service next week Wedhe^ day at 7:30 p. m. . . The S. .S. T, meets tomorrow evening at the parsonage. Choir practice next Tuesday evening ... The confirmation of catechumens will .take place a week from Sunday. 25 Try Red Circfe cofft* for o rich, full-bodied flavor, dtlicioui and totiifying. Brought to you fnth rpaitod and ground before your tyei, (o suit your method of irtwing. With three coffees, each .having a distinctive flavor; we cannot fail to suit your taste. All are equal in quality—different in flavor—blended by A 4V P. from the finest coffee beans the world products.: Remember, the coffee you like best is the best for you no matter what it costs. MUD AND MEUOW end with their parents, students at the I. S. T. Falls. They are C., Cedar replaced Mrs. Hannah Bonde, an arthritis Mart Lamuth, manager of the lo- patient at the Kossuth hospital for cal Swift plant, is expected home the last 6* years, died at the faos- Slturday from bes Molnes, where he Pl*l last^ Thursday afternoon^ She has been since Tuesday, attending was at the Eleanor Moore "oepiUl, Iowa butter and egg men's con- Boone seven years, before com ng an vention. •here. The immediate cause of death sick Mrs. George Hohenberger, patient was pneumonfc, and f ^ was at the Kossuth hospital with rheu- only a day. Two sons at^Rutland matism and the flu, is reported im- survive. Funeral services were held ST. CECELIA'S B, B, BOYS WIN 2; GIRLS WIN & LOSE St. Cecelia's basketball boys and girls teams played at Emmetsburg I FIRST LUTHERAN, Oscar E Friday evening, and the boys won, Johnson, Supply Pastor—Next Sun- 27-15, the girls also winning 37-3. May: Sunday school at 10 and ; ser- Monday evening Whittemore boys vice at 11. The Dorcas society and girls played the locals, and the meets tomorrow at Mrs. John Carl Algona girls lost, 29-27, while the son's, Mrs. Mahow, assisting host boys won, 46-15. .The Ewimetsburg ess. boys and girls will play a return . „..„.,... game 'here tonight, the last game of ST. THOMAS, Ixmls Deimlnghoff the season, also the last all-time M. Tlu, Rector-Tonight, 7:30, litany academy game for Harold Strelt, and meditation. Fifth Sunday ir Edward Zender, and George Kan- Lent: Early Eucharist, 9 a. m. ouff, who will be graduated . tnis church school, 10; choral Eucharist March IO— II— ia — get here "somehow. You'd never forgive yourself for missing what all your friends will frankly tell you is the one big hosiery opportunity of the year. Ilollins, the original genuine Runstop Hosiery, at prices that you can't resist. Regular $1.65 quality Rollins Chiffons and Service Sheer Silks at a saving of 65c a pair. 2 PAIB, $2.00 of fashion The-John Hohenbergers, at the Lutheran cihurch, EIGHT O'CLOCK comi B 0 K A R COMII VIGORO'US AND WIN5Y Ib. 29" m WHEAT ATLANTIC 4 PACIFIC TtA CO/WAN* • Middle WwJern DMiion called on „... „ her son. R. S. Blossom drove to Minneapolis Sunday, and returned Monday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. .J. R. Blossom, who will again make their home at Burt. They had lived in the city three years. Emory Ai Smith and Pearl Kstle, both of Kossuth, applied for a marriage license Tuesday. A license was issued to Myrtle E. Griggs, Minneapolis, and Emily G. Rist, Algona, last week Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. turned ]uOIlX16| *» *»*•* %y • , »p***rf ' • "—— -.—.f weeki Mr. Hauberg's mother,"Mrs. Mary Schnoor, 83, died . and was buried a week ago Sunday at line. ' Adrlen Steen, of Curlew, was a spring. and sermon, 11 a. m. Shore, widow of the late Dr. F. E. V. Shore, and Mrs; Roscoe Call drove to Algona Friday to visit the A. Hutchisons, going back Sunday. Mrs. Shore was one of the Ambrose A. Call daughters and is a sister of Mrs. Gardner Cowles, Mrs. Hutchison, Mrs. L. J. Dickinson, and Chester and Roscoe Call. Doctor Shore was a general practitioner here before he went to Des Moines some 35 years ago to specialize In'the eye, ear, nose, and throat. ... tf. j; Kenefick have jpiiiiiiiuniiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiH 1 A SALE THAT INTRODUCES /• «>t,- „ tabloid . _ liahed by their eldest aon.»-Eugene ng P lant, b ut day at W P. French's. «e „ ^ I ^-^-endTn" advertising to nephew of Mrs. French, _ ana^e L expen8eB and a profit. The first here 'last issue came^out last Th ^day^and "-'"" — TUT JKlr^lff^i-iS ^Conquest ' *ric eration '4&"mi™«'«» SWJH» f«wj»- eg >DnC9t 7W*IW ^HP. J*' f Mrtiif William is the son of Mayor and Mrs. C. F. Specht. Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Williams left Saturday for their new home Iowa City. A transfer truck from Fort Dodge took their household goods down. Mr. Williams, is associated with a newly organized |100,000 bank at Iowa City, •Mrs. E. J. Skinner suffered an attack of milkleg following her recent operation at Omaha, and since ehe went to her son Fred's at Springfield, 111., a month ago she has had a relapse. She is not sick but is (obliged to keep to her bed. iB F Williams, •president of the Capital City Commercial College, Des Moines, gave an illustrated talk before the high school pupils in the H S auditorium Tuesday afternoon. He dwelt on the faults which commonly keep one from success. • Neal Smith, A. J. Keen, and C. R, Schoby attended a'quarterly meet- me of the Iowa State Brand Creamr eries, Inc., at Mason^ City last Thursday. ¥• P- Chrlstilnsen, man; ager of the local creamery, is one Of the directors, but he could not go. J L. Bbnar, who had been, confined to his home a month, recuper, aUng from a fel.l on ice in which he fnjured a hip, Was at bte law office Monday. During his absence the office he had been son- Nugent, of Spencer, visited- JUS parents, Mr. and Mrs, W, p. Nukent, Friday night and attended fbe sectional basketball tournament nere . He is still assistant manager of a J. C. Penney store. Mrs. JJu- fent te a daughter of Mr. and Mra, Fred Anderson. C M. Frano, manager of the AI- Kona hotel, returned Saturday from Chester/where he had been since week Wednesday, golns through the Mayo clinic. He has n»t been in the best of health of Se, but the doctors found nothing had spent two weeks at Iowa City, where Helen underwent an operation on her nose and Catherine visited friends. Catherine, who is a registered nurse, took her training at the university hospital. Helen resume her .duties at County Attorney Shumway's office some time this week. . Irma. Dee Roupe has been substituting for her. Mi«. Harold Lamprlght received word early in the week that,her sister, Mrs. A. L. Hanson, Omaha, had been seriously injured in an automobile accident. "She is at Mercy hospital there, and will be a patient for.some time, as it was necessary to put her in a cast because of a back Injury, Mrs. Hanson is the daughter of Mrs,' Robert Carney, Algona. Mrs. Hanson's sister, Katherine Carney,, was with her at the time of the accident, but was not injured, nor was the driver of the car.* Mrs. R. H. Miller, accompanied by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I* G. Thompson, Estherville, came Mon* day from BstherviJle, where Mrs. Miller had spent 'last week. Her parr ents helped her move the (Miller household goods from the F. S. Norton & Son tenant house on State street to the new Cowan tenant house of late occupied,by Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Williams. Mrs, Miller went to Burlington yesterday to be with Mr, Miller' till April 1, when he will take up his duties as new president of the Iowa State bank. Mrs. Edna Griggs, Minneapolis, who attended the Blst-Griggs wedding Friday, went to Goidfield Saturday to visit relatives. Her children, Earl <wd Beulah, who were They're Going to be th« Sentetion of the Season I A New Idea iii Selling! A New Idea in Coloringl A New Idea in Making! . A New Idea in Materials! A New Idea in iJtyiingl A New Idea in Value Giving! 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