The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1949
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 1949 leds to Attend 'Peace' Parley But State Department Sees Little Good in Admitting Communists WASHINGTON. March 17. (/i>j_ |he State Department announced "day thnt 23 delegates from a and Soviet bloc countries PHI he permitted to attend a "world • >eace" conference In New York |itartlng March 25. Five Hungarians who asked to aV- eiirt were barred, however. In re- haliatlon for Hungary's recent nc- |Uons toward American diplomatic MI Announcing the decision, the Stnto Department charged that none of the Soviet Mac delegates at •the conference will Ire free to "cx- ll'icss nny view other than that dictated by the political authorities in Moscow." Ths conference was called by the •National Comic!) of (he Arts. Sclcn- Ice.s and Professions. The rtepart- Iment predicted in a statement that • "Communists will attempt to use land manipulate" tt. I Those granted permits to attend •included seven from Russia, among • these Is Dmitri Shostakovich, the IcompiKcr. Also admitted were two IRniiiaiiJaus. five Czechoslovaks, four iPoles and Jive yuaoslnvs. All \rere Igiven official passjiori visas, which Ido not entitle them to diplomatic immunity. Tlie issue has been under study or the last week by AUorncv CJen- jcral Tom CJark antl State Depsrt- Imcnt officials. Russia hns been • pressing for admission of the So- Iviet group. I Under existing laws. Clark must I approve the admission of known I Communists to the United Slates las special exceptions to the Amcr- llcan official ban on their entry. I The New York conference was • called as an attermath of a Cnm- Imunist-run Con(;ress of mtcllec- Ittials held last August in Poland, [where the United States was heat- Icdly criticized and Russia praised. New Planes Blast Old Marks n _. •* « BLYTHEVILLE <ARK.) COURIEn NEWS It Is estimated that Americans | read 400 million books a year. Tota! color blindness Is extremely Prewar Records Of Distance and Speed Shattered W.v Douglas l.xrsen NKA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON (NEA)-So miuiy records have been broken and so many milestones passed In aviation since the end of war thai it has teen difficult to keep the record book tip lo dale. There's probably no single flyiii" mark on t!ie official books of the National Aeronautic Association which hasn't already been broken unofficially And there probably isn't one that couldn't be broken officially tomorrow if the right persons wanted to spend the $285 that it costs for the Judges and seltln-.- up the proper conditions for the try. That's how aviation pro- gross is today. It Is the unanimous opinion or aviation experts that the crackin» of the supersonic barrier by the XS-I in Us flights close to 1000 miles per hour I? the outstanding achievement in flying since the Wrl»h« brothers made their first flight" Up until that font it was the theory of many scientists that the speed of sound—approximately 7GI) mi.'es per hour-was al»ut as fast n.v .1 wns physically possible for a oliine lo fly. CracKing this barrier ojit-iis up new horizons in flight None of the XS-l's flights have been made for "official" NAA records Most ol the NAA records since'the wnr have been broken by military aircraft The billions that the Navy and Air Force have spent on research is responsible for this. The Air Force holds 26 of the 31 major international land plane re~- ords established by NAA. The British hold two of these—the altitude record of 59.445 feet and the 100- kilometer record of 605 miles per hour for that distance. The U. S. Navy holds the record for the longest flight in a straight line—the 11.000-mile flight of the "Truculent Turtle" irora Australia to Ohio in 19«. No one has bothered to try to establish three ot the NAA speed records for special distances. The most challenged record of all is the ojie for "maximum speed." now held by the Air Force at 67D miles per hour. The official transcontinental rec SOI'EKSONtC: XS-1 passed bluest milestone ,inc« "wrUjh I —•«**->- • . I TRUCULENT: Navy bomlier Is straight-line distance chamr,.' SOLOIST: I'-SO set one-man IranscoiilIiicnUI spctd murk. Ufc'FKNDER: B-36 performance led In military significance. ord for the fa-stcsl solo flight between Los Angeles and New York is held by the Ah Force. It was made in a l'-80 Jet plane in 1846 by Col \v. H. Council in four hours and 13 minutes. His average speed was 580 miles per hour. And the Air Farce, holds the non-solo record for that distance, with a B-2fl flying It in 1945 in five hours and 27 minute.-,, averaging 450 miles per hour. None of the Jet bombers have flown the official cross-country' course from Los Angeles to New York, nlthoujfh the recent flights ol the XB-47 n;ul YB-49 from California to Washington hi « lutlc over four hours were hailed as "records." In addition to actual speed, distance antl altitude murks set since, the war there have been tremendous strides made in flying which aren't accounted for In tlw record book. Here again most of them have been accomplished by Inc. services. The Ah' Force expert* rule the performance of the glunt B-38 bomber with a proven I-HIIRO of over 80 mllcs-pcr-hour us extremely significant for national cleft-use. Other post-war developments In nilllliiry flyjne Include Ix'rfcctliiR a method of refill-Hint; hi ulr to Increase the range of bombers, Improvements in )et engines and the. great developments In radar Hying and hvndlnt; aids which permit op- ertlon in all kinds ol weather . In ii«v:il aviation the Intcfirallon of Jet planes Into the regular operations of (he carriers is considered the lop ixxst-war advance. Although not mitte as spectacular n* the military In sotting records commervln; (lying )ws made Birnt strides since the war. The lulrmltic- lion of the plus DC-C. the Constel- latlon, the Martin 2-0-2, the Con- valr and the luise Hoelnn Sdalo- crulscr are Items the public can Kce lint commercial aviation also Is responsible for a big share of the credit for developing- nullo and radar hindlni; aids which have Increased flviiiR sali-ly. In the Held of private llyln B llio development ot many types of safe, small planes capable of carrying four nnd five pa.s.scu B er economically Is considered Its biugtvit step forward. One of Die Causes of postwar avlnlion Is the Browlh of thr- number nr licensed landliiK fields There an- S759 in o]x<mlloii—more than double Hie numlier lhat existed before Ihi- war. In addition lo that number Dim- lire thousands more small, private fields which dot the U. S. State to Round Up Property Claimed Under New Law UTTLE ROCK, March 17. W)~ The state has stnrtorf to round up (lie abundonod iiersoiwl property to wliii-li It look title by » recent legislative net. Allorm-y Oeiieml iko Miirry said e IK preparing notices willed «•»! he SHU first to ullHly and oil companies, requesting them to submit lists of such properly In their pas- session. Under inn net, personal property hich hns been unclaimed for seven yours, reverts In llio atiile. Such properly must be listed with the attorney Koneuil who begins court nc- llon to obtain the property. MniTiiy Kald nhinrduneil property In nosse.sslou or utility and oil cnmimtilcs consist principally of nn- clutmi'il royiillles inid <le|k)sl(s. He ii'imrtcil |hnt ntnlo Imlllti- IHuis are In possession of some Kuril properly and lhat railroads and bus companies hold sums ol money In unclaimed (arc refunds. Dattd thl« ind dty ot Much, «/Mra. Letn Jl»-»-lT of Estate of Edgar E! Bwnin.' R*»d Courier H«w« Wurt In the I'lukjiti, ('ourl (or (In- ChlrknsiiwlM DlMrlcl of Mlsilvvlppl Oiiimlj, Arkansas, lu the Matter of the Rstute of Ertfiar E. Swain. Deceased. Notice of (irantlng of l.ct<t-ra of Ai!mliiMr,<tl(iii Notice Is hereby jjlvcn lhat Letters ot Administration ,vcre grunted to the mxlerslBmid u|Kin the Ilstiitc of Edgar E. Swnln, dcccnsed, on PILES Hurt Like Sin! But Now I Grin TJiGDsnm!. 1 ? fdntiyc Rroana lo firliu, (fs« if ptlca. Sent tlrucglsta'ljy noted Tlmrn- '.on & Minor OJnic. ,Siir|tr).i)fiR QUICK •lalUntlve relief of t.ntn. llcli. trrllnllon. rends lo soften, nfirlnk awctifiiK. Uan (orlor*' wny. Cnt tuba I'hovnton ft Minor's Ilcclnl Olnliticnt or Ilo^tfil Hu»- !>osnor)f?a toilny. Kollotf label tllrecltotw. tor sivlo at nil drug sloroa cvcrywl\cr» the ^4lh day of Febniiiiy, IWO liy the I'nibate Court for Ihu Clilckn. K«wl>a Dlslrlcl or Mississippi County. Arkansas. All persons havlnn cliilins or di'umiuls aitalnst said c.s- l«te must exhibit Ihvin. iirnpcrly milhriilicaled. lo the tinderelniRxl for allowance within six months from the aril day or March, HIM If not so lire-willed within sucli time they shall bu burred forever mid im'dtuli-d from any benelll.s In said estate. The address of the Ad- ministratrix ),s: Lfilm Svcihi, ,«itite One. Ilox ^115, Diylhevlllo, Arkansas MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Thi» Old Treatment Often Bring* Happy Kcllflf WhpndtMnJfrftf kMrtcy function tx-rmlt* lioijiurwm iiiuUcr In rcnmlti Lu yoiir lit<im! II limy ciuine nnKulntr Imt'kiieliL', rlii'inniiMo j'alns, icKinilin, Ima of i>i'i>jtiiii i-jinny, «*'!- tlii>; un Tilitlits. nwclllm;. inilllnrKs iimlcr lh* eyes, livMiHcliiiit nml illtiliu-flB. l-Vtimrnl or Bcniily un9«i\K".-« \vLUi niimrliiiK uml Wniiliirf ftoinclhucH B]U>W» thcru |-i notiictrkldn wnmic wJlli your kl.Jnt-3'fi or blmMcr. l/on't wnll I Ask v,.iir ilniKttM tnr Uo Pills, n ndiiHilnnL iluirctle, u VMncy l rour biu , for over fiO y.'am, IJ««i/ r nnd ^|ll hel[) the IE m fluRli out trtifiariouawnat Get Uo*u*5 I'llb. d illy f f SMALL PUT AMI IN STORYBOOK SANDALS lnug.ot-K«»! for wpport, bu» wt* I wlgoU-to. aomfort, Ht*Mbf**^ umiak anbtttof tlm» loolw«or for a«Hv« yogna«t»t». low h pii*^ bul jaily ttyltd. Outfoof y<xing»»»r« prooltcally , 1 1 and ^•^ til>xp>ns(v*ly. ^f $2.85 to $3.45 f»tnrtr tmnmnfitr Department Store Across the Street frum the Hltz Theatr* -305-307 West Main Phon* 3149 ANOTHER ABC WASHER HIT! Check These Outstanding Features: • Porcelain Tub • High Agitator Post • Non-Tangling Agitator • Wringer Designed and Built by ABC • 4-Coil Spring Tension Wringer Principle • ABC 6-Way Safety Wringer Release ABC Roll Bearings Precision Built Gear Case ABC-Manufactured Heavy Duty Gears • Forced-Feed Lubrication • External Gear Case Adjustments • ABC Clutch Model No. 229 j Here Is What You've Been Waiting For Just Look At The Value You Get! ABC WASHER 124.95 Double Rinse Tubs Year's Supply Rinso - - 22.95 4.50 TOTAL All the Above for the Price of the ABC Electric Washer $151.95 You Save $ 27°° Whoever Heard of Such a Value! And you pay only $19.45 down; And you get $27 worth of free goods Then you con poy the bolon« like paying laundry ($1.75 a week) or $7.11 a month. On these terms you ean't afford to do without a washer any longer. Good For A Limited Time Only! Sold Exclusively in Blytheville at Hubbard & Hoke Appliance Company

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