Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 3, 1932 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1932
Page 7
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IS^^L Printed Last Week clteitatlon by far In Konsnth. AVAIMI WHBS tOtr 0*»«» STOPS TM, I, not kJJp^omlnf .« CT yo« or««r H 8ar« yonwelf fntnfe embatraMmni the paper yon can stop *h«* /«• wa«t H ped. • Volume 31 ALGONA, IOWA, MARCH 3, 1932 Number 25 ^ifi Phillips Loses in Mason „ i Teeter In Hospital— D ' Teeter Is a< patient || >Y 1*0 -Mr left too at hiving under- last Thursday from ;ttoe large and the bone set .. for the ICettlesohs— ' ' ' nd friends Surprised i 1 . and if evening The Kettlesons are the Sclmffer farm to Getting Welt- ;' who was recently at City navlng skin grafted on |f turned last June, is 'now iVV about the house at his near Mason_Clty. r Sisters lose Father— • «» Teeter Messrs, and L mnz Teeter and VerneTeet- rfat Tltonka Friday, -attend- >0e funeral of the women's fath- *H p. Chrlsteneen HOXWOOD, OF DESMOINES, WINS MATCH Harold Hoxwood, Dos Molnes, outpointed Clarence Phillips, Al- ;ona, In a main S-round event at a boxing show at Maaon City last Thursday night. According to newspaper 'accounts, Phillips was In bad shape at times during the battle. Hoxwood tried for a K. O. In the final round, but failed to connect. The Mason City Globe-Gazette gives the following account of the bout: 'Phillips opened the encounter with a barrage of rights and lefts that seemed to get nowhere. Hoxwood kept ,hls arms close and waited. At the opportune moment he drove two straight ones to Phillips' Jaw and the Algona flash was set off. His right was wild but Hoxwood stuck to straight punching and the two drew the round. In, the second, Phillips back ped- alled and Hoxwood motioned for him to come In and mix it. At this Phillips tore into Hoxwood with another barrage but landed most of his >lows on Hoxwood's shoulders. Hox- vood delivered two stiff ones to the eft side and Phillips began to lutch at the Des Moines battler. Hoxwood covered well In the third as Phillips opened feebly and Hox- Boxing Bout Master Iowa Rural Homemakers LAW STUDENT FROM FENTON WINS HONORS Fenton, Mar. 1—An article in an Iowa City paper gives an account of a practice case In the senior class of the law college In which Carrol Wander, son of Mr. and MrH. Philip Wander, took part. These practice cases are interesting and instructive. It is Carrol's second attempt and he has succeeded in winning his case both times. Carrol will finish his law course this June. Mrs. Clinrlcs R. Mills Central City. Iowa Mes . Potter,, and Mrs were sick abed wltl many others had severe I F L Miller is still sick With flu 1 complications following .an op lto n at the polyclinlc hospital funnel, but was reported much i Tuesday. . ' ',„ FMTS. William Runehey wHl , ot the Aid this week Friday .ring at an early supper to , the public is invited. _ kmna Jean Dutton is in school in, after an attack of the flu. clinch, lacked mn j IS THREATENED BY YOUTH 1H EXTORTION PLOT I Edward Everdlng, Buffalo ; Center, iiitly bound to the Wlnnebago rand jury' under $1,000 bond by slice McDermott, also Buffalo inter, pleaded guilty to an extor- acharge In district court at For- tCity and was given a good, behavior suspended six months- Jail mtence. 0. W. Stmman; of Van i & Stillman, Alg.oria'ls(.wfirm, ssented him at the, hearing and Wyised the guilty plea. : Everding Itrote a threatening letter, to 3. J. Buyer, Buffalo Center toankeryde- jinandlng' money. The contents \of •the letter were not divulged, but the •turn is said to have been less than vood soon forced him to Phillips was swinging but :he sting in his punches needed to slow up his foe. The fourth round was the Algona mauler's best. He opened strong with lefts but Hox- wood came out of the skirmish not greatly battered and snapped a short right to Phillips' chin that slowed him considerably. Hoxwood worked on Phillips' mid-section until -the bell. The wearing down process began to tell on Phillips In the fifth and he back-pedalled more rapidly than ever. He led at Hoxwood but met with nothing but arms and then played the ropee to enable him to slide in a left to the jaw. They were in a clinch at the bell. Early in the sixth Phillips got Hoxwood into a corner and tried to stall. He tapped two to Hoxwood's head but failed to do the damage that Hoxwood's body punches were accomplishing. Phillips was booed gingerly in the seventh as he climbed aboard the bicycle. Hox- wood's pounding to the mid-section caused Phillips to hang on at the bell. ...... The final round was an endurance test for Phillips with Hoxwood trying for a knockout. Mrs. Bruce E Kccfcr Conrad, Iowa Mrs. Thomas W. Everts. Glidden, Iowa T HESE five women representing the rural homemakers of Iowa, will comprise the fifth group to receive the title of Master Farm Homemaker conferred by THE FARMER'S WIFE national farm women's magazine of St. Paul, Minn., with the/ co-operation of the Home Economics Extension Service of Iowa State College. In Your Next Cake Use K C Baking Powder and notice the finV texture and large volume. Because of its high leavening strength you use; less than of high priced brands and are assured of perfect results in using Mrs. Samuel F. Putzkc Dayton, Iowa Mrs. Arthur H. Betbt Logan, Iowa S. J). Yisitor Is Honored- Mrs. Frank McFall and Mrs. Carrie Volght entertained at the home of the former Friday afternoon In honor of Mrs. Mary Hayenga, visiting here from Henry, S. D. The time was spent socially and refreshments were sei-ved. Guests were Mesdames Peter Hayenga, Harry Haase, J. B. Hanson, Kate Newel, J. F. Newel, W. E. Stoeber, Mike Welsbrod, Philip Weisbrod, Tena Shendel, 4and E. C. Fauerby. C. H. Neivel to Farm Again— C. H. Newel, has decided to give up his job a's truck driver for the Fenton Home Oil company and will move back on the home farm owned by Mr. Newel'e mother, Mrs. Kate Newel', tenanted last year by Steve Frost. F. H. Bohn, who has been without a position since the closing of the -bank, has -been hired by the company to look after the business on Mr. Newel's route. POWDER SAME PRICE FOR OVER 40 VEARS 25 ounces for 25c It's Double Acting GET THIS COOK BOOK FREEI, M*il this coupon with 4e in sUmpi forpottMM «nd packing and you will receive the KC C*o?S, V Book containing over 90 ttrttrf rec/pec. JAQUES MFG. CO., CHICAGO, NLL» Enclosed find 4c in stamps, Mail **• Cook's Book to PONA YOUTH IS PLEDGED 10 ORDER OF ST. PATRICK |f;Mllwaukee, Feb. 23—St. Patrick, I among numerous activities, .was an ^ngineer, and because of this fact ;ron saint of the engineering FORMER ALGONIAN IN COMMENT ON REGISTER'S POLL Geo. C. Call, prominent former Al gonian at Sioux City, had a letter on the Des «Molnes Register's editorial page the other day, as follows: Mr. Cl.fton compares Senatoi Brookhart's vote in your straw bal- ot with the entire vote cast for other candidates and says "voters are cool to Brookhart," comparing Brookhart's vote with that of Alfalfa Bill to the detriment of Senator Brookhart. Senator Brookhart will be a candidate for senator on the republican ticket, 'Murray Is a candidate for the presidency on the democratic ticket. In all fairness, why not compare Hoover's vote in the straw profession. In his honor the Juniors Ito the college of engineering, Mar- Illiiette university, Milwaukee, have llounded society known as the Family Tree Traced Back 9 Centuries By W. J. Payne. Mrs. Eva P. Gardner, who lives on College street and in the sountry around Algona has one of the best groups of sons and daughters* to be found anywhere, not only did a good job of rais- ng a family but can trace her geneology back more than 800 years to the time of William the Contiuoror. One of Mrs. Gardner's ancestors accompanied that illustrious warrior to England from Normandy in France, and did such good service that he was granted great estates and principalities; Including 41 lordships. The family tree runs down through generations In England, and then changes to America, where one ancestor became wealthiest In his taxpaying district and another was governor of Connecticut. A direct ancestor of Mrs. Gardner was a famous New England clergyman. Mrs. Gardner herself and her boye and girls have kept up the family's good name. Mrs. Gardner was-brought to the county when she was a girl of 11, and she has resided here ever since, or for 67 years, being one of the few remaining real pioneers. Demo Candidate FORMER RECTOR HERE EN ROUTE TO ENGLAND i Mrs. Win. Huskamp In Hospital- Mr, and Mrs. Wm. Huskamp drove to Rochester Sunday, and Mrs. Huskamp entered the hospital for treatment for a throat ailment. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Earnhardt, of High Lake, will look after the 'home during their absence. Mrs. Huskamp and Mrs. Earnhardt are sis- Last week's Emmetstaurg Democrat reported that It had received a ters. "letter-card" from Father. Thorald R ev> Snyder a t lake City— Eller, (former Episcopal rector The Rev. and Mrs. J. T. Snyder here and at Emrnetsburg. It was drove to Lake City last week .. , , _. _ _ .., . . . Wednesday and the Rev. Mr. Snyde mailed on the S. S. Baltic, on which | __ _ ^^ M00 „,. „ » nmm ,,n\tv the Thoralds were proceeding to Farewell Given Fred Jentzes — A farewell party was given fo Addr.M. MILLIONSOF POUNDS U S E D B Y OU R COV E R N M E N - REDUCED i o£ St. Patrick, and among _ recently selected by a fac- ; 'board is William, son of Mr. Mm. Mrs. J. j. Dooley; Algona, ppo- |,Jey was already a member of Gam- TM Theta Pi, local professional en- [Kineertng fraternity. ' • pare ballot with the vote that he received three years ago for president? Twenty-one thousand two hundred and eighty people voted for Hoover four years ago, but only 10,291 voted for him In .this straw ballot— less than 49 per cent, in the table tabu- gave an address at a community meeting at the .Methodist church England, the old home of the elder They returned Thursday. They wer Thoralds, where Father Thorald re- guests of Mrs. Snyder's parents, Mr celved a life parish appointment a| and Mrs " H " G> Losse few months ago. Father Thorald wrote: "This is our ninth night on board, and are getting rather tired of it, as the weather has been" cold and We hope to reach Queenstown tomorrow, where almost 100 Irishmen will' land on the 'Little Bit of Heaven,' the Emerald -Isle. We shall reach Liverpool Monday. All are seasick but myself and one daughter." By way of comment the Democrat said: "The card has lines for address on the first page and a letter -u/; E. gtoebers Grandparents— on the second. • The third Is a menu, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Stoeber were which shows that the food was ma de" grandparents for the first choice. A fine Illustration of the time by the arrival of a boy, Wll- vessel is on the'fourth page. The Ham John, at their son Oliver's at I evening's entertainment, and Mi- rough. E. J. Frank won high and Georg Jentz low. {Surprise Party for Krafts— 1 A surprise farewell party was given for Mr. and Mrs. Emil Kraft at their home' east of town Sunday evening by neighbors and friends. The Krafts will move to Lone Rock this I lated up to February 12. that 8,927 votes were It shows cast foi Senecm [Held from Last Week.] The Aid will meet at Mra. P. H, Fenton, March 10. win entertain Workers .March 5. Bemtce Jensen last the Willing Brookhart in his last election, while in the straw ballot 6,583 of those same voters voted for him-about 74 per cent as against Hoover's 49 per cent, and Governor Turner Te- ceived 76 per cent of the same voters who voted for him two years foiled down, Hoover has received 49 per cent, Brookhart 74 per cent and Turner 76 per cent of 3 ELECTIONS THIS YEAR; SCHOOL ELECTION FIRST A national election, county conventions to select delegates to pre- presidential state conventions, a primary election, and conventions to pick delegates to state conventions face Iowa voters this year, and a local election will command the attention of Algona independent school district voter's. The first local election comes March 14, when two school directors are to be elected, OWA DEMOCRATS are entranced with golden dreams of carrying the state next November. This is C. F. Lytle, 62, Sioux City investment banker, who holds the rare distinction of having resigned a state senatorshlp in war time—why, he doesn't say. He now announces for U. S. senator. Local Klwanlans might be Interested to learn that he Is a member of the Sioux City club. He Is also' a Mason. pastor's address is Barkston Rectory, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England," | Armstrong last week Wednesday. (Continued on Page 5.) the terms of President T. P. Har rington and Director G..S. Buchanan being about to expire. [Held From Last Week.] Seven auto loads from Swea City attended an Algona Methodist district musical festival at Algona last week Monday night. Local contestants sang in a "B" choir, and 22 sang in a junior ohoir, 11 boys and 11 girls, The junior choir was trained by Mrs. J. H, Warner,' MisS Moats accompanying. This was the only junior choir in the contest, .ermm *ne wuuns wi '5. ,, of en stayed at Chrlsl week, whjlle*'WTrsnitt vtelted at Ames.' ha ana .nu» 01 •» i—• .. tlme who voted for these men at the time . :-", Sharp vtelted at Ames. Y™ r - and Mrs. Lyie House, Water- i™' Visited the George Patterson WiHay. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lau . . ?2^, n> Whl "emo're, visited ? ,™ Larson's. . ' Mar• Hansen's, caring fop a. er - Dolores, who has Mrs> S'do'Tou'not run a headline »&,Trurs-rs ^ffo^e^^-wuTf SBs-s^SS* Bropkhart? Let us all be fair. Paint-up! Clean-up! Get Ready tor Spring It's painting tim<$ and we are ready to supply, you with the Celebrated DuPont Paint, Brushes, Lacquers, Enamels, and other materials you may need. We carry the most reliable products at the most economical .prices. '< Perhaps you will*need a new oil stove this spring? We handle the celebrated line of Perfection Oil Stoves ; equipped with the new high power burners. 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