Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 3, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, March 3, 1932
Page 5
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i Worth !j»|.yer Given **tfiik • from "a Diocesan week Wednesday ftt Cherokee, St. Bancroft the v met the with 'a «eas- Congressman F. c. . ailchrist, «f the Eighth (former .Tenth) atttrlct,amused colleagues and 1 the public, and at the same time aounded a; note of hard sense, 'Vhtsh- a-bill, to appropriate more thari three million dollars for er- rigatlon projects came up recently In the house. Mr. Qilchrist moyed that the appropriation be cut : to 30c nnd supported the motion with the fdllowlng remarks: "Mr. Chairman: In view of what is taking place over the country, In view of the fact that the Farm Board proposes that the farmers should plow up one- third of their cotton lands, in view of .the vast surplus of agricultural products now being put upon the market, in view of what the farmers are suffering, when they are selling their products In | my district at below cost, when the sheriff is selling their lands, It is time that we cut down on government expenditures and reduce taxes, especially -by reducing appropriations which will bring 'more land Into competition with our present farmlands,,the effect-of which will be still greater surpluses to glut the market and prevent fair prices tor farm commodities." : . , ; Wm. Aman has been sick since last, week and. confined to hds home. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Kent spent a few days early in the week at Minneapolis. Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Auner, of Des Moines, spent Sunday at their son •J. S. Auner's. The Eugene Nevilles have moved into the W. J. Becker house on south Thorlngton. ^ Ceo. W. Godfrey spoke Monday night at a farmers' agricultural school at Kanawha. Nancy Ruth Renaud, local home economics teacher, spent the' week- east Grove street, vacated by Mrs. William McOulrej They had been living in one of the Vera-ajmrtmeht« in the former Clarke-Adams house. Lena Bergman, who had been keeping house for the Jos. Holtz- bauers, went home Tuesday to care for her mother, Mrs. A. J. Bergman, Bancroft, who Is sick, and Minnie Angle, Wesley, is taking her place here. Mr ; and Mrs. S. W. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. C. F. firlckson, both couples of Minneapolis, came Friday to visit till Monday at O. W. liirlckson's, C. F. is a brother of O. and the alternated* but the quartet to the closlngtcpntwt the tournament. Next papers .that'lthey were • the final "»"• *""• and Capeslus were as outstanding players. lose'to Alton. morning at'»;the locate ,^, jvh%had been rated vict m by-officiate and the the night Junior Kelly a light attack of appendl- ,t -he- saltf nothing about It time. 'Then'he wad taken who forbade film to play Ji! entered the game wltl} of the day before lacking were unable to fll At they Kelly u not suited up, dressed and u during the last three mln , of the game, but too late t , th6 tide, the locals losing, 20 1(15, Alton then lost to Fonda •• I'the final game that night. . I, w» Bancroft boys \wsre- eliminate fit, the first round by Templeton, 31 U but won two games in a consolation tourney by beating ,Salix, 16- J« and Varlna, 14-13, which carried Klhem Into the semi-finals. The Whit- llemore academy lost to D ~--»- Ifleart, Fort Dodge, in the RECEIPT OF CAB OF CORNACKNOWIEDGED 'H. W. Godden, chairman .of.,, the ocaTdrive for corn for the,drought-; trlcken area in South Dakota,, re-, elved a letter Monday.from Father '. K. Klnney, Episcopal: priest • at Herrlck, S. D., who solicited .assist^ ance here, who wrote: "The car of corn and "oats, •• N"6! 34860, arrived last everiingv-\(-Fri- day) and is being distributed today, We want you and everyone In Al- 5ona who helped collect and load :hls car to know that we thank you, and that your car of grain has do.he much good and given •'niany^a; poor; fellow new courage. ' P.ost '/Commander G. M. Foltz joins me- jn expressing our heart felt gratitude. If end at her home at Pella. W. W. Sullivan, of the U. D. M.- R. news staff, has been at homej with the flu since Tuesday. Amanda Johnson, Bode, came Monday to work at the Rice apartment during Mrs. Rice's illness. County Treasurer and Mrs. H. N. Kruee drove to Welcome, Minn., Sunday to see the former's mother. Mr. and Mrs. W.-W. Schroyer, of Hampton,, spent the week-end .with their daughter, Mrs. N. Victor Lowe. . R. G. Richardson returned to work at his furniture store Friday, following a week's tussle with the •flu. • The Algona debating team will debate Mason City here next week The date had not been set yesterday. L. H. Guderian is rapidly recovering from his recent operation at the Kossuth hospital for ulcer of th stomach. The Rev. and Mrs. B. M. South W., and Mr. Anderson is their cousin. Mrs. C. K. Clark went to Mason !ity Tuesday, and at her sister, Mrs. ff. K. Schoby'e joined Mr. Clark, ho travels for the Iowa Concrete roducts company, Des Moines. She r as to accompany him on ver his territory. Mrs. Eugene Keneflck, son John, and a couple named Saturday at Mason City. ehts of a daughter, Elizabeth Mau- rihe, their flhst 'chltf, last week Wednesday, W. S. Is the son of the late A. f. DTalley, and his wife the daughter of Mre. M. C. Dersham, Eldora, whose, husband lieed to be Advance foreman. .' Mr. and Mrs, S. E. Mater became parents of a boy at the Kossuth hospital last week , Wednesday. Mr. Maler travels for the Pratt Paper company, Des Molnes. Ross Calhoun, farmer near Algona, had a carbuncle lanced Saturday at the hospital. Mrs. George Hohenberger, Algona, entered the hospital Friday for medical treatment. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Burtls have moved back to Algona, Mrs. Burtls Is the mother of Mrs. Geo. E. Johnson, and R. G. Richardson. They have the former Johnson house on north Thorlngton, which Mrs. Bur- tls bought from the Johnsons, the Johnsons buying her house on North street. Mr. Burtls is a retired Lu Verne farmer. Editor John Guderian, of Kanawha, spent Sunday here and called on His brother, L. H. Guderian, who Mr. Wlll- Mrs. Kenefick's parents, Mrs. Oliver Moe. Mr. and a trip Underwent a major operation at the Kossuth hospital a week ago. John als6 visited his mother, Mrs. Eliza- s—n't I beth Guderian, and brother R. H. I Guderian, Advance linotype operator. L. H. Guderian is making nor- lal progress .towards'recovery. •• Last week Wednesday Mrs. William McGulre accompanied her sons Harry Winkle and the William Edward and'William for ten days at Johns returned yesterday from Des their homes at Cedar Rapids and Moines, where they had spent a few Daygnport respectively. The broth- days. 'Mr. Winkle called on a doc- ers/had been called here by the tor there who has been treating death of their father, burled last the former's right arm, broken a week Tuesday- Mrs. McGuire will year ago last fall. soon BO to^the family home at Burke, S. D., to look after business affairs. • The Masons of this district, which BAPTIST—Arthur 8. Hneser, Fns tofr-i-Next Sunday morning sermon subject, Eating and Drinking Unworthily. "At the 7:30 p. m. service the .pastor will draw a cartoon for boys and girls, and there will be a violin duet by Everett Bowman and the pastor. TB1NITY, P. J. Brnndr, .Eastof— Next Sunday: Sunday school, 10 a. m.; German service, 10:30. The Aid meets today with Mrs. Walter Will. The S. S. T. meets tomorrow even- Ing at 8 at the parsonage. Special Lenten services will be conducted next week Wedeeday at 7:30 p. m. ADVENTIST, Otto Nelson In clinrpe—Saturday: Sabbath school; 2:30 p. m.; scripture, 3:30: text, "And thou sayest, how doth God know can he judge through the dark clouds Job 22:13. ST. THOMAS, Louis Dennhighoff, 5f. Tb., Rector—Today, 9 a. m., early eucharist; tonight, 7:30, litany aric ermon. Fourth' Sunday in Lent hurch school, 10 a. m.; litany and meditation, 7:30 p. m. W. C. Good, local express .agent, has been laid up since a week ago! Friday, having torn a nUmber of| you can get another carload it will be greatly appreciated., However, we shall always remember that Algona 'came through'." . In a drive conducted by the Community club last week .Monday, $160.25 was collected towards a second car. There was also some corn on hand, and this was sold, and the total- receipts, $178.87, turned, over Sacred second libracket. In the consolation tourney iWhlttemore lost to Emmetsburg, W. During the season the local acad- |I«my won ten games and lost seven. IfCoach Edwin Butler deserves much f credit for this record. ; Three mem- Iskera of the'team will be lost by "firaduation: George Kanouff, cap- ttain, Harold .Strelt, and Edward Render,'' " '<••-••• '.*•••-.. Trophies Are Awarded. ; The Fonda team received a championship trophy in .the form of a |?large silver basketball, Mvhich : must i won in three consecutive years I'to become the permanent property |t«f any one team. The trophy was Jointed' by the Rt. Rey. Edmond 'Heelan, bishop of the diocese. Alton, loser In the final round, son a runner-up trophy donated by the Glldner-Sauer company, Cherokee, and a sportsmanship trophy do- tiiated by the Cherokee. Chamber of ^'Commerce was won by the Temple•ton squad. by Mr. Godden to buy corn and oats for shipment In a car leaving Lone Rock. Banker N. L. Cotton, Lone Rock, advised yesterday that a . car containing Lone Rock, Lotts Creek, arid Algona donations had been shipped to Bonesteel, S. D. Lone Rock and Lotts Creek combined to raise the rest of an 85,600-lb. car in which the Algona contribution represented 640 bushels. gate, Britt, spent part of Monday here. Mrs. Theo Herbst is thei daughter. " Mary gtrelt returned to work yes terday afternoon, at the Goeder 'store, after a few.days off because of infection. . Arthur Tyler, clerk at Graham's, will move to New London soon, having been transferred to a Graham store there. William Specht has reopened his hatchery at Lakota. This is his fifth year. He is the son of Mayor and Mrs. C. F. Specht. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Winkle spent Sunday at Fort Dodge with their daughter Zelba, employed at Doctor Studebaker's office. The Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Becker Fort Dodge, were at Pastor Braner's Friday afternoon. 'Mrs. Braner was at Fort Dodg;e Sunday. The Dennis Pratts, who had been living In the W J. Becker tenan ligaments when he tried top diffi- Includes the Algona, Buffalo Center cult a Job of lifting. He will be uii- Bancroft, Armstrong, "and Burt able to work for a few weeko. Mrs.(lodges, hold a monthly school of Instruction conducted by the ten or district lecturers. Such a was held Monday evening in Ihe local" temple. B.E.Norton Good has been sick .with the flu. Dlst. Supt. -Lease's monthly Al- I more gona Methodist district Broadcaster I meeting or February says that "the .Rev. til Chas. H. Seward, former pastor is custodian of the temple, which I here, now at Laurens, has been un- kept open daily from 10 a. m * ' dergoing extraction.of all his teeth 10 P. m. and will soon .be-ready for-.a'"store'!" w . rjv .Baughan recently bough outfit. ' the A. K. Cliff house on..east Ca •Mr. and Mrs. .Paul Klink, Mason street and will move into it thi lity, are parents of a boy, born week-end. The Daughans have been Sunday at the General hospital, living in the John Steil tenant house their first chjld. Mrs. Klink, who on east Lucas. The Cliff house has was Dona Coon, is a daughter of Mr. been vacated by the Eugene Nev- -Way Grocery SPECIALS butter, l&c Mayflower peanut 30-oz. jar Jack Sprat cake flour, very economical — 19c Powdered sugar, with coloring, 2 Ibs. —Me Pancake flour l9c Good Cheer coffee 19c Ppr"k and beans, 3 cans —19c ' Kraut, 2 cans We ' 2 Ibs; frosted cookies 36c Toilet papci*,' 3 for — 3s. JUS Lye, 4? cans — —i^.J^lte Magic Washer, Irg. fAi6 .i—Me Big 4'eoap, 10 bars l*e Peas, No. 2, size, 3 cans —l*fl Hominy, 2 cans —-—,..-We Flour, 49 lb.' bag We Special Meat Prices, etc. We expect a big shipment of enamel ware about Saturday at bargain prices. PHONE 245- CATHKIN M. GREEN. WE DELlyER ital many months, has Improved 'rom a gallstones attack. Mrs. Allie C. Bronson went to Garner Sunday with Mrs. Frank Clark, after a week or ten days with Mr. and Mrs. Lon T. Wright and other frdends here and at Burt. She called on her brother, Frank Clark; who returned to Garner Monday, following a recent major operation at the Koseuth hospital. Mrs. Bronson is. a former Algonlan: -Her late husband once conducted a furniture store on State street. After his death Mrs. Bronson lived at O'Neill, Neb., where she served as deputy»in a county office. For the last few years she has lived-with relatives. After some time with the Olarks she will go to Lake Mills to live with her only child, Mrs. Arnold Anderr son. The Andersons are also .former Algonians, and Mr. Anderson now conducts a furniture store at Lake Mills. ..BIG SPRING Wonderful Bargains • "'I OK >,' ' V I/ wrl • Wash dresses, fast color, 6»c to $1.00 Peter Pan Prints, colorfast, yard, — 16c Silk Hose,. 4 pair for 98c Silk' full-fashioned hose — 89c Silk dance eels 89c Silk Bloomers, large and roomy '. — 49c and 69c Children's bloomers, silk _2fte Silk sport hats, all colors .88* Silk slips, large size — -|1.4» 5-yd. pkg.- cheese cloth,; cellophane wrapped __ lie All linen toweling, 1 yd. _16e Children's hose, 6 pairs Jfl-00 Coat hangers, 7 for — ___ r S5e LETTIE MATSON First Boor West of Swift's. and Mrs. John Coon. Mr. Klink is in the employ of the Decker company, Mason City. Dr. and Mrs. Geo. P. Elvidge, of Perry, went- home Saturday, •having spent the week Elvidge's parents, Mr. with and after Mrs. Mrs. house on south Thorlngton, have moved to the Wessel house. Mrs. N. C. Rice, who had been sick with the flu three weeks, i about again. Mrs. F. H. Seller, who had nursed her, is again at liberty. Mrs. Oscar Anderson, daughter Adris, Mrs. H. W. Post, and Mrs. Frank Ostrum spent Saturday at Mason City, traveling in the Ander- EMMETSBURG IS DEFEATED IN LAST GAME OF SEASON The high school basketball team won from Emmetsburg Friday, evening on the local floor, 32-21. The score at the half was 14-8. Emmetsburg placed the first basket, but Algona then took the lead and held it for the rest of the game. son car. The Parent-Teacher association Kelly, of Algona! won a trophy as most valuable man,on any team. I'This was a figure of a basketball 1. player shooting, of'silver on a black base. The trophy was donated by • the Rev. George O'Brlan. Kelly ,was not outstanding player of the tournament, but his sameness in spite |»of disability well earned him this I- atstinctlon. Kelly Is a Junior and will ^wlth the squad again .next year. 'SCOTCH PASTOR IN TALK AT KIWANIS CLUB HERE The Rev. W. H. Milne, pastor of °w Clear Lake Congregational church, spoke last Thursday before .the Khvanls club, Mr, Milne Is Scotch, and the "burr" of his naWve language is noticeable. He is an f optlmlit, but said he* was neverth'e- y««'inclined to give thought io pes- regarding a combination of Nordstrom was high-point man for Algona, making seven -baskets and two free-throws. Hargreaves was second, with four baskets and three free throws. Cretzmeyer made a -basket and a free throw, Black a basket, and Sellstrom a free throw. The team made eight out of 14 free throws as against Emmetsburg's five out of eight. This was the last game on the regular'schedule, Algona placed second In the district conference. Eagle Grove was first. • will meet at 7:30 next Monday evening at the high school building. The program will be in charge of the teachers. The Harry Larsons, Forest City spent Sunday with Mrs. Larson's mrents, Mayor and Mrs. C. F. Specht. Mrs. Specht has been eick vith the flu. Loretta Howie, Dorothy Mangan, ALGONA GIRL NAMED ON VEISHEA STAFF AT AMES Kathryn, daughter of Jos. Misbach, was honored at Ames Monday by appointment as one of seven ..on the Veishea staff for the.annual student exhibition of Iowa State at Work and Play May -5-6-7, The name Veishea was coined from the first letters of the following departments of the State college:- veterinary, engineering, industrial., science, home economics, and agriculture. Kathryn, who wae eleoied_to .represent the Home Economics department, and has charge 'of [vocational educational awards, will be'graduat- ed this spring with a home econom- and Lawrence Misbach, spent the week-end at Ames. Loretta was the guest of Kathryn Misbach; Dorothy of the A- K. Cliffs. Irma Dee Roupe is substituting at the Shumway & Kelly law office during the absence of Helen Zitt- ditsch, who is at Iowa City, recovering from a sinus operation. L, M. Christensen, of Estherville, who is interested in the local Christensen Bros, 'store, and his wife stopped here briefly Monday morning, on their way to Fort Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Gregson spent the week-end at Leo Gregson's, near Corwith. The Leo Greg- sons are moving to Grinnell,- where the son Kenneth will attend college. Beulah Hartshorn, of the beauty shop over the Bloom store, returned yesterday from Des Moines, where she had been since Saturday, attending a cosmetologists' conven- Hugh Herman, and at Lone Rock, where the doctor's father, Jos. Elvidge, died a week ago, burial be- .ing made at Burt 'Friday. Alex Krueger, who has been manager of the Lone Rock Exchange elevator a year and a half and before that was second manager seven or eight years, was an Algona visitor Monday morning. He is handling the Felco brand of chick 'feed, which is advertised in the Advance. Dist. Supt. Lease has of late been conducting revival meetings at various Methodist churches in the Algona district. A series was closed at Tltonka Sunday night, and another begins at West Bend .next week, following which there will be others at Clarion and Corwith. Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Kennedy and W. A. Kennedy, St Paul, and Mre. J. M. Glasier, St. James, Minn., spent Tuesday here. -They are chil- •dren of the late Mrs. John Kennedy, whose will was read Monday. llles, who have moved to the W. J. Becker tenant house on south Thorington. Mr. Daughan is 'a right•hand employe at the Norton & Son lumberyard. Last week's Britt News-Tribune reported a P. E. O. and B. I. L. party at which George and Martha Washington were" guests • and gave a one-act play, during, which Mesdames J. E. Vincent., and B. M. Southgate were "missing." The party was marred by an accident which befell former governor John Hammill, who as he was on the way, with his wife, to attend the event fell on an icy sidewalk and suffered a broken left wrist. MRS, WILL BANKS, FORMER KOSSUTH RESIDENT, DIES Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Keith have received a copy of the Russell, Minn., Anchor announcing tl}e death Monday, February 22, of Mrs. Will Banks, who would have been 64 Saturday. Last week Wednesday] was the 42nd anniversary of her marriage. Burial was made last | Thursday, and the daughter Gall, Madieon, Wis., teacher, attended the funeral. Mrs. Banks was sick only a day, and influenza and heart disease caused death. The Banks family formerly lived In this county, leaving 15 or 20 years ago. 240 ACRE FARM IS SOLD IN LU VERNE TOWNSHIP (Mrs. C. T. Kennedy Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Goeders. Mrs. Charles Kuchynica, Garner, and her two daughter, spent Monday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Becker. Mr. Kuchynka Is manager of a basket grocery at Garner. Mr. arid Mrs. Henry Becker spent Sunday with the Kuchyn- kas. Mrs. Kuchynka is Henry's sister. A. B. Tyler drove to Webster City James Sewick, who has worked for the Jensen hardware, Burt, six years, was here Monday. His father, H. G. A. Sewick, 73, widely known Burt oldtimer,' has for the last two or three years been troubled with hardening of the arteries. It is more than 50 years since the elder Sewick came to this county from the Waterloo neighborhood and settled near Burt. Before he fell sick he always took a lively interest in Kossuth republican politics and many times served on Burt delegations to county conventions. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Dooley returned last Thursday, from Fonda, where they attended the funeral of the former's ' brother, B. *F. Dooley, who died of cancer of the stomach. He was 75 years old. The deceased moved to Fonda two years ago from Warren, Minn., where he farmed, and at Fonda lived with his sister Ella and brother Mike, unmarried. He 'is also survived by brothers, P. D. Dooley, Fonda,, and. John Dooley, Henry Weber, who has been farming Just east of Irvington, has completed purchase of a farm in Sec. 23, Lu Verne township, from G. S. Buchanan, receiver of the Bank of Lu Verne. He bought the northwest! quarter, also the west half of the northwest quarter, a total of -. 240 ' acres. The farm is known as ' Ed- 1 ward and Carolina Will farm, and lies a half mile east of Hanna. Mr. Weber is moving to the farm. Easter r The Joyous Advent of Spring Sunday, March 27 ) M Blossom forth with the buds and flowers. Sing like the buds of Spring. BE HAPPY Forget Old Man Winter, also Old Man Depression. Eat plenty of our Delicious Chocolates. These will insure rosy cheeks and a happy healthy smile. Make the kiddies glad with some of our unique Easter Novelties. We are glad to he reopened for business. Welcome friends and patrons. ; To the Algonquin 101 EAST STATE STREET ALGONA, IOWA Maharas Installs Lunch. Carpenters began work Monday on equipment for a lunch stand on the west side of the building occupied by Nick Maharas. There will be a counter in front and booths behind. Mrs. Maharas will conduct the stand, which will be called the One-Minute Lunch. Mr. Maharas will continue his shoe repair shop on the east side, behind which his shine stand Is now located. fences as events that The best thing to to enjoy, .,. . ,, [vet keep a weather eye out for in 44 °- yd ' and knowing that to keep happy ics degree. who can »e« nothing and believes everything I* all ,„ Is headed for trouble,' he said. Ithe contrary the confirmed peals just as bad, for imagined be Just a» real in their really I A16QNIAN SETS NEW WORDS IK SWIM MEET A16RINNELL Walter Fraser, life-saver ,at ..the Jgona municipal swimming pool tion. • President R. M, Hughes, of Iowa State college, R. K. Biles, director of the Extension service, and Professor Buchanan, who is one of the Ames deans, were here briefly Mon-i day evening . Roscoe Call and Philip Shore, of Des Moines, spent Sunday with the A Hutchisons. HOscoe is a brother of Mrs. Hutchison, and Philip a nephew. Mr. Call is in the Insurance business, took .part in __ swimming 1 '' • meet Grinnell, and won two firsts, besides betterln f .jopl ;l m a rks events. necessary to guard against $he is F. W. Whltfortir'nWest J "it pastor, anjjiijnqiBs meetings beginning tight, He will be as- Mary iv AM t-.T'music l^fejr-thelfcv »WP»*eachevenlnjrSFb4> ttoe ln nia luiic ••• — •- - o.iTO fnr 6:03.3. and he turned in 2,47 .2 for the 320 dash. Walter ^itqpk third in a fancy diving event and WOK p"art in I medley relay. He is a sen- olle- and it is ior at Iowa State college- and it exnected.that he W in;.be. life-sa SaVer expected here- again thlg summer.- WJns in "Declaim" Hutchins won fii-st in the L continue two week*, with i 7:80, . Fenton, Bebker . . knd Margai-et Lease third hu- Sally Briggs, of the Pratt Electric company, spent Sunday with Mrs. Martin 'Mortenson, of Mason City Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Polheimis, Burt, were gueets of the John Briggs family. Loretta Howie, Lawrence Misbach. Dorothy Mangan, and Helen Stubhs went to Ames Friday, and Lawrence and Loretta attended a Gamma Phi formal that evening. All returned to Algona Sunday, The trees were loaded with , ice Tuesday, and In" some cases limbs broke under the weight. In front of Otto Falkenbainer's one fell pn C. B. Helse and knocked him down, but he was not hurt. Carlotta Kanouff returned Saturday from Chicago, where she had spent two months with her sister, Mr T E. E. Van Houten. The latter, who was Ravenna Kanouff, i« a Juvenile court social .worker. Mrs. E. A. Martin. Belmond, and ^ •n^.t'trvir DTtrl n Trtrs CirO** Sunday, and there met his wife, who returned with him, after a visit with her parents at Ottumwa. Vincent Kleinpeter, of the Basket Grocery accompanied Mr. Tyler, as far as Fort Dodge to visit friends. M-r. Tyler is assistant manager of the local Graham store; - f The Peterspn Studio has Installed a new floodlight which permits taking photographs day or night The studio's lighting facilities now command the use of 6600 watte' of electricity. On approval the studio ie trying out a new, soft-focus effect lens which, has twice the; speed' of other, equipment. In the Mason'''City Globe-Gazette one day-last week appeared a picture of a group of youngsters In colonial costume which had appeared on various club programs, giving dances, etc. In the group was Mary Elisabeth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Schoby, granddaughter of Mrs. R. E. Brown. The Rotary club had. as guests at noon luncheon iMonday .M. L, Qos- lln, highway maintenance superintendent. County. Engineer H. M. Smith, Supervisor F. J. Balgeman, and 20 state and county employes who have been active this winter In from the roads, and Goslin .gave Sioux City, and two sdstere,. Mrs. Daniel Burnsr Sioux City, and Mrs. Andrew Kilday, .Cincinnati!, Lee Wlnslow went to Minneapolis yesterday for an .extended visit at •his daughter Mrs. A. K. Johnson's. Another daughter; Mrs. H. J. Asker, Spokane, who had been here two months, caring for her late mother, left for home yeeterday. Mrs. Asker was Cecile - Winstow, and her husband has charge of the plumbing department of a Montgomery-Ward store. Mr. Winslow's youngest daughter, Mrs. Frank Ross, her husband, and their 11-months daughter Barbara Jane returned to their home at Watertown, S. D., yeeterday. Mrs, Ross was.Margaret Winslow. Emma Rahm, Lu Verne, had her tonsils removed at the General hospital early 'in the week. Mrs. Clifford Hoover, Burt, has been a patient at the hospital since, last week Thursday,' when a minor operation 'as performed,; A Mrs. Brown wea City, entered the hospital last eek Wednesday for medical treat- aent, but has gone home, James on of Mr. and 'Mrs, Lloyd Stebblns n charge of the .hospital, could not ttend school part of last week because of sickness. Mrs. Roy Bowen ho has been a patient at the hos Seek Provisions Here, •S. B. • Naser' and another man from Fulton, S. D., were canvassing Monday in Algona and the vicinity for hay and corn for' stock. They said that 500 cattle were lost near Fulton ten days ago in the \storm which left six inches of snow here. Snowdrifts made it impossible to get ood to the cattle. Rendering companies were swamped with reports f dead animals. • morous. sSasiKjri-*.- mates at Praivte du Chien, Wis. Mrs. P. P. Dooley and her daugb- terf Don; and Dorothy came f-tur- tov to visit the J. J- Doojeye, day to * gunday; they t ch near Fonfla. """ removing snow Messrs. Smith talks. Dtet. Supt, Lease and the Rev. C. V. Hulse were at Sioux City Monday and Tuesday, serving on a committee to discover ways .to reduce •operating expenses at the Sioux City Methodist hospital. Morningside college; which ha%' a 39 P«r cent increase in attendance this year, recently dropped 16 members of the acuity. Mr. and Mrs. R, B. Whitney. Fond du Lac, 'Wis,, ar<> parents of a son, born Tuesday, named Donald Edward. They have one ofhep child, a ltfer. Mrs. -Whitney, • whose given name Js Ejfeabsth, % dauuh>F P£ Deputy Coynty Recorder Helen ijicklnson. Mjs, Ptokjnson now two grftn4sona a»4 ono grand' daughter. Mr. and Mrs, W- B. Daljey, Bris s?i Okla., who hare been marked, a dosen yewf op inote, Became the the s^y , mQye4 tot? msfriPHftSPt r te^ " ; w^ J? SVJpyRKBw^ ^ f^ f i We Use Genuine ALEMITE Lubricants Alemite-ing Costs No More Than Ordinary Greasing Don't gamble with "cheap grease" when you can get _ Alemite Specialized Lubrication at .the low prteftj)t !HARLES E. CHUBB ANNQUNC- es himself as candidate for the nomination for county auditor on the republican ticket, subject to the approval of the voters ^t th'e June" primaries. Your support; will ."be an-* predated. 33,(2)25 ADVANCE WANT AD5 6ELL *-_-" • Ml... Ill I •» $1.OO Proper automobile lubrication requires that the correct lubricants be used for the motor, chassis,' gears, free wheeling units, water pump, universal jpints, wheel bearings, springs, and miscellaneous .parts. Times might be hard but Alemit-ing is far cheaper I than repair bills. Did You See Them? The most outstanding values in Washing chines ever shown. All electric, epamel tub, cut gears, bronze, bearings " balloon rolls, Aluminum gyrator, in three different models. Priped ftt , $49,80 $59.50 $79.5 The gas motor model, equipped with Priggs ton 4-cycl.e engine, reduced in price tQ . Strait$99.50 lOW-i ON? OILS BB4*1 , „ -• ,.<•! A its 'i"f»h <i*jtt. To apply these lubricants where they are required. JjLTI the automobile, highly specialized equipment is f—«' essary. Th& Curtis Rotating -hoist,BfWfceB /e$^,j accessible. iRigh pressure'"guns fdrthe use'pf. | kind of lubricant and the knowledge of every p of car with the use of our ehek-Chart is „ vice to you. Let us start your car off to ^ .Tfine performance. s , Free Flushing Service —on all crank-case drains. Cjet r$d, of; sludge before replacing with elea.» p||. 'A

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