Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 3, 1932 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, March 3, 1932
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ALGONA, IOWA, MARCH 3, 1932 Number 25 E TOURNAMENT OPENS TODAY Closing* Cause ltiei for U. . V nth Wends of the Ingham htva been distressed Of late , bf financial troubles which len W. J- McCheaney, of jftyjy, 'husband of the former __i Ingham, Sf HcCtieaney had for many ffWn president of the Iowa Mir* National bank and treaS- fihe state university. He flg- I an investigation of tho uni- I finances two years ago, but )('consequence was reveal- j "detriment »October two Iowa City banks ^Another was closed January Jtwo others," including the jP:S»tlonai; on January 20. Thta jat» ,tkn bankless. Mr.- Mc"0? had resigned as president ?nAt National a week or. eo f'lt closed, and at the same resigned as university r * *"" ^'university had some '$112,000 i'deposlt in the First National, but |U claimed that this was secured I that nothing will be los^. The sity also had a claim against I JlcChesney for upwards of $600 } rent past due on a house he oc- whlch belongs to the uni- Sult has been brought to ; the rent, and an attachment i'ws levied on the household Notice of the suit was serv- fon a son of Mr. McChesney, ,the • not being found. The state [of education, of which, Geo. [ Godfrey, Algona, Is a member, 1 the suit brought, on recom- latlon of Attorney General tollier-ln-laiv Ailrunccg $8,000. I dispatch to the Mason City Gazette, published Friday, rther study of the affairs s of I J, JlcChesney, former University |lowa treasurer and former p'resi- ! of the closed First National c at Iowa City, was being made . H. Cob-b, auditor and deputy Hirer of the university, declared night that he had 'filed i Attorney General Fletcher and f, Ban Turner a report on with- rals by McChesney of $4,000 i on August 11, 1931, and Aug- 129,1031. lowing failure of McChesney >unt for distribution of the , he said, he reported the mat|to the finance committee of the ' i board of education. The full »of 18,000 was paid to the unl- by Harvey Ingham, Des editor, brother-in-law of on January 15, 1932, he the same dispatch in the Fort * was added 'this •aph: 1 said he had asked McChes- "" the matter when he dta- 1 the discrepancy in the rec- « the university endowment «< McChesney told him, Cobb I that the ?8,ooo had been with^ 'or a loan in process on a «e, but that the deal had not ^completed when the First Na- 1 closed" * /x , »»» Tribune Features Cage, |,»a g o Tribune special writer «nt to Iowa City, arid in Frl- W»er appeared a column-first-, Mtey covering the town's bank 1 & na the nnHr 0 ,.ou,,><, &n& there- flg to the IS,000, re/correspondent 'he Tribune's i which editor IT IS EMINENTLY FITTING THAT THE INSPIRATION OF HIS INDOMITABLE SPIRIT SHALL BE PRESERVED NflTlONWBE OBSERVANCE lOOtb GEORCE WAWINCrTON'S SlRTH ALGONA WINS COUNTY TITLE IN WRESTLING Outpoints Burt, Lu Verne and Grant in Tourney. . Algona won a county wrestling tournament 'here Saturday afternoon and evening by a score of 20. Burt and Lu Verne; tied for second with 17% points apiece, and Grant township consolidated won' 15 points. Algona 1 won .the county cup and one weight championship . against two weight- championships for each of the other teams. The meet was close throughout, and Interest was high, though only a fair-sized crowd attended, including many from Burt and Lu Verne. Coach Aubrey BomSam and Supt. Overmyer have expressed a desire to see such tournaments continued. This was the first- meet, and it was considered satisfactory. The scores for the four schools .in tile different New Directors are Named at Community Club Annual Meet Wt! DEMOCRAT FROM WEST BEND WILL RUN FOR SENATOR Taking his cue from the wishful j and hopeful attitude this-, year. - of. democrats everywhere who would dedicate their talents to public service, B. F. McFarland, West Bend, has announced candidacy for state senator in the 47th district, which Includes Kossuth, Emmet, Palo Alto, Dickinson, and Clay counties. Mr. McFarland is the son of the late <R. M. J. McFairland, and with his father ran a general merchandise store at-West Bend for some 25 years. He is still in .the business, the present firm name being .McFarland & Walker, and this month he 'completes a half century In the same store. He seeks the senatorial nomination on the democratic ticket. The senior McFarlands came to Iowa from Avoca, Wls., when the junior McFarland was a babe of six months. They lived at Dakotah City. (Humboldt) till 1885, when they moved to West Bend. McFarland, the younger, attended the old McLeod Select School at Humboldt two iterms, then entered a Cedar Rapids business college, and at the same time carried Coe college studies in Border to qualify for the college baseball team. . Among later activities Mr. McFarland was the first secretary of the West Bend creamery, member of the town council, school board president, assessor, and secretary of the Iowa-Canadian Land Co., in which the late I. P. Harrison, Lu Verne, and the late Bdw. Kunz, Wesley, were also Interested. He helped organize the Northwest Buyers association, the first assoflation of the kind for retail merchants. This later i>ecame the Retail Commercial Union, or R. d.U., with which the Kunz store at Wesley was also affiliated. This organization,, which $11)1 exists, owns the Northern Job- bjng Go.', St. Paul. f'Mr. MpFarland has always been actively Interested In politics and has been a frequent contributor to tjie Bmmetsburg Democrat and 6th- er'njwspapera, FIRE TRUCK CALLED OUT Til FIRiS m TWO 1MB • The fire company answered two calls last week. Friday the firemen wer^ called to the Donald Dodge farm a mile south of the Good Hope church and four miles from town. A - •• •- - floor, Candidate CLARK, Cedar Rapids, candidate of the tax reform forces for lieutenant .governor. At a recent Des Molnee conference, Representative Simmer, Ottumwa, announced candidate, and Sen. Geo; W. Patterson, potential candidate, withdrew in favor of Senator Clark in order to unite the reform forces behind a single candidate. ALGONIANS LOSE IN KOSSUTH B, B, TILTJT LAKOTA Swea City won the county championship basketball honors at Lakota Monday evening by defeating Ledyard, 25-10, and won^he Class A championship by defeating Algona, 21-10. -Algona's first-string men had played the night before here against Emmetsburg, so the following men were sent to Lakota ' Saturday: Nordstrifm, Cretzmeyer, Shllts, Sellstrom, Medin, Bruns, Post, Spencer, and Hardy. Coach Bonham could not go because of the flu. Ledyard won the Class B championship by defeating Wesley, reaching the finals by defeating Seneca, 20-18, Wesley defeating Fenton 16-14 in the semi-finals. Scores in all games follow: CLASS B First Round—Wesley 23, Lone Rock 21; W'hittemore 28, Bancroft, 10. Second Round—Ledyard 80, Lu Verne 14; Seneca 17, Lakota 14; Fenton 12, Tltonka 10; Wesley 25, Whltterrtore 22. Semi-final Round — Ledyard 20,, Seneca 18; Wesley 16, Fenton 14. Final Round-<rLedyard 22, Wesley 11. CLASS A. &wea City 21, Algpna 10. Caucuses are Called. Republican caucuses will be held as follows: First ward, Elbert gar r age, tomorrow evening, 8 o'clock; Second ward, Kent garage, tomorrow evening, 7:30; Third ward, 1 Third ward schoolhouse, Saturday 'evening, 7 o'clock; Fourth - ward, city toall, Saturday evening. 7; 80; Irvington, Irvlngton elevator, Saturday evening. 8 ^ »i»Mi«ftfm- RIVER OVERFLOWS BANKS AS SNOW ME LTS_ RAPIDLY Practically all of 11 inches of snow • on - the -'•• ground- -- -last* ' week Tuesday disappeared by Monday, the result of comparatively high temperatures most of last week. Saturday and Sunday the mercury climbed above 50 degrees, and freezing temperatures were not recorded Saturday.-Sunday, or Monday. Tuesday morning a slow rain fell, totaling .64 inches, but it lurried into sleet and snow. The snowfall, however, was light. Trees were left with a heavy coat of ice, and wires were put under heavy, strain. The river has 1 been out of bounds since Monday, and .is now. within two feet of the high water mark of three years ago. It was high enough 'Monday to make work on a new bridge on No. 109 south of Algona dangerous, and the crew was laid off till the water goes down. Hundreds of rate have been driven out at the city dump north of town arid men with clubs and dogs have been killing them. Dynamite was used by County Engineer Smith Monday evening to break up an ice jam near the mouth of'the Black Cat, four miles northeast, of Algona. All ice was.out of ^he river yesterday. Official temperatures follow: February 23 ._:—31 ,11 February 24 ,. —.34 25 February 25 ,„ 46 • 30 February'26 i,_.^_._44- .30 February 27'.-—,,—: 50 32 February 28 J—___ 52 38 February 29 ._ „, 43 33 March 1 _ _ ,—38 29 POOL TOURNAMENT FINAL TO BE PLAYEDjnUB TONI6HT Robert Collinson and H, N. Webster will play the final championship round in a "put and take" poo) tournament, at; the ,Hub tonight, They are winners • of seml-flfaala played Tuesday evening, when Earl Steinman and Frank Johnson were eliminated. ~ The four were winners in quarter-finals last Thursday evening. . * The championship winner tonight will receive as first'prize a jointed cue. and the loser will receive' as second prize a carton 9! cigarets. Blx,ty'four men entered the ppn- test,,and in each round half were eliminated, Large crowds have watched,the games. .. WHITTEMORE UD, 16, FOUND SHOT TO DEATH; SUICIDE? Whlttemore, (Nfar, 2—-The body o| -PftUl ??wejfej, Ifi, son of Mr. <|nd Mra, Jacob ^weifel. farmers between .Whlt^more and,' Swea, CJty,i was found to the barn on his ffttji?! er'» twin. Mpnijay ftfternoofl. A 22 bullet into the head caused death/ Suicide was indicated, .though no cause is kaown. Conner L. M- ritt ims called an l»<m$st for afternoon, following funeral ser* vices. The farm is eight miles north weights follows:. Weight— Algona. Burt LuV. Grant 0 .6 3 5 0 0 105 23 115 1.0 125 2 ' • . ' 5 135 31 145 ; ' 3 . 1 . 155 .6 1 165 -3 5 IttHlllts of Results of bouts In the first round Saturday afternoon were: 105-lb. — ; Stewart, Burt, time decision over Medin, Algona, one minute, S seconds; Wllley, Lu Verne, fall from Patterson, Grant twp., 40 seconds. 115-lb. — Gronbach, Lu Verne, fall from Spencer, Algona, 1:19; --Soever, Grant, fall from Sigsbee, Burt, 4:48. 125-lb — Coffin, Hurt, time decision from Bartley, Lu Verne, 3:39; Reynolds, Grant, time decision over Sarchett, Algona, 1:10. 135-lb. — Greene, Algona, fall from Lalns, Lu Verne, 4ft seconds; Blair, Grant, time decision over Tlingsdorf, Burt,"l:25r ' ,--'.-»t:~.—~;' ...... :.,---..^,,^.u- 145-lb. — Gregory; Lu Verne, time decision over Sanderson ,Burt, 4:59; Hutchins, -Algona, fall from Blair, Grant, 3:25. l:55-lb. — Norton, Algona, fall from Carter, Burt, 4:37; McQlellan, Lu Verne, fall from Kelly, Grant, 5:09. 165-lb.— Stow, Burt, bye; Norman, Algona, fall from Westcott, Grant, 2:30. ,' ' Championship Round. In the final championship round In the evening results were: . 105-lb.— -Willey; Lu Verne, decision from Stewart, Burt; • 115-lb.— Boever, Grant,- fall from Gronbach, Lu Verne, 2:48; 125-lb.— Coffin, Burt, time decision from Reynolds, Grant, 55 seconds; 135-lb. — Blair, Grant, decision 'from Greene, Algona, 3:01; 145-lb.— Gregory, Lu Verne, fall from Hutchins, Algona, 2:25; 155-lb. — Norton, Algona,; fall from McClellan', Lu Verne, 23 seconds; 165-lb. — Stow, .Burt, time decision over Norman, Algpna, 1:51. . Winners of consolation rounds were: 105-lb. — Medin, Algona, fall over Patterson. Grant, 2; 48; llStlb. — Spencer, Algona, deqlsiop over Sigsbee,' Burt, 3:25; . 125-lb.— Sarchett, Algona, fall from' Bartley, Lu Verne, 1 : 07 ; 135-lb.— Rlngsdorf, Burt, fall •from Lannlng, Lu Verne, 4:41i; 145-ilb. — Sanderson, Burt, fall over Blair, ..Grant, 4:25; ISS-lb.-rCarter, Burt, . decision, over Kelly, ' Grant, 1:03;, 165-lb,— Westcott, Grant, bye for one point, , • GASKILL GETS FIVE YEARS IN PENITENTIARY; PAROLED More than 50 members attended the annual meeting of the Algona Community club at the K. C. hall Monday night. Directors reelected are: P. J. Chrlstensen, C. R. LaBarre, D. H.. Goeders, T. H. Chrls- chllles, M. J:-Pool. New directors are R. H. Miller, F. E. Kent, W. A. Foster, M. G. Norton, and William Hawcott. The meeting was called at 8 p. m., and tho entertainment consisted of cards till 8:30. 'President P. J. Chrlstcnsen then opened a business mooting, and the annual financial report, the auditing committee's report, and a .review of the last year's-activities were given by Secretary D. E. Dewel. M. 'J.'.Pool, head of a committee In charge of sales of eeason tickets for the' basketball tournament spoke .briefly on the necessity of. support- Ing such activities and announced plans for welcome, cards In store windows and for the sale of season tickets. I). IT. Gocderg Speaks. President Chrlstensen called on D. H. Goeders, who commented on the excellent showing made by the club in 1931 despite hard times and other adverse conditions. He called for a rising vote of commendation for Mr. Chrlsteneen, which was promptly and unanimously accorded. 'Mr. Goeders said that competition Is now not between stores in a town, but is. rather between towns in the same class. In. Algona one's competitor is not the store across the street or In other towns in the county, but in Fort Dodge,. Mason City, Fairmont, Emmetsburg, or Humboldt. If Algona is to receive its share of business, Mr. Goeders said, it is necessary to give at least as good service, good quality, and Rood entertainment as can be had at any other town. - Community pride enters Into a town's prosperity. If people are proud of their town they will trade there, and such loyalty means much' to a town. Algonians who make a. practice of going , to Fort Dodge or Mason City to buy goods are striking at 'their own (-interests." -.•-•;' ••••—.:*-.-- - _;:,.,,..'.-•..., Clirlsclillles Submits Questionnaires. Mr. Goeders called on T. H. Chris- chilles', who read a questionnaire Each person In the audience was requested to ask himself the questions and give an- honest reply. A typical question was, What are you contributing to the Community club, in money, time, and loyalty? E. R. Morrison, County agent, thanked the club for cooperation In printing pamphlets for exhibits used at the state and county fairs, also for help in expense.' • of shipping prize-winning baby beeves to the state fair. . Dr. M. J. Kenefick. gavp a short talk on community loyalty. He remarked .that no one invited him to come to Algona, but he came, made money here, and felt that the leasl he could do to-repay the community was >to be loyal to it as his own home town. * A., E. Kresensky urged cooperation of the club in sponsoring the activities of Junior baseball leagues of,boys 17 to 21, Such leagues are kept up In many towns every year Mr. Pool was again called on, anc he gave, a short, talk about basebaV activities for 1932. / ' ^ : Following the talks lunch' was served, and then a number of foursomes played cards till a late hour r A review of the club's year is ?lven on page 3 of this week's Advance. > . • • -•• -.. •••-' / * . - William A. was given five years In the penitentiary by Judge IJeald at Spencer Saturday on a charge of embezzlement while he was employed at the Gamble store here for a year and a half. For a reason not given out Judge Heald paroled him. ' The charge filed against Gasklll toy. County Attorney G. P. Shumway was for only $20 in cash taken and $20 in goods. Gae- kill later confessed that hfe had taken $800 worth of goods. A checkup by Gamble officials showed a shortage of $4,000, and a detective proved that Gasktll had taken some $2,000 worth. The amount finally charged against him by the court was 18.200. . on Committee, C. B. (Murtagli has been appointed to represent Koseuth on a "Victory" state democratic drive for campaign funds, African Lily Gets "in Bad" p| officials presented petition MPWtey t£'Tr64s.urep 'N,,Km»e asking. th.e % removal %» African J41y wWcJi «§ haf , »ursi,wf-"It NEW FIRE TRUCK TO BE PLACED IN SERVICE A new Algona fire truck was expected to arrive yesterday. Mayor C. F, Specht, Fire Chief Oscar Anderson, Councilman Frank Kohlhaas, and /one or two other firemen went to Minneapolis Tuesday to inspect the truck and bring, it here. The truck, which was ordered by the council January 4, was to be delivered by the .W. S. Nott Co., 01 Minneapolis, and was to be mountec on a ton and a half Chevrolet chassis. The cost Is $2,300. The 4 5 -gal chemical tanks on the present chemical truck were taken off some time ago and shipped to Minneapolis to be added to the new truck. . i The main feature of the new truck is a pump attachment whereby water can. be sucked out of mains and forced through hose. It can also suck water for farm tires or use water wjilch collects in basements during firee. A larger truck owned by the city also *has pumping equipment. The old chemical truck has feeen sold, to Burt, 4 " Algona Markets By Wilbur J. and Alice Payne. At close of business Mar. 1, 1932. HOGS Best sorted lights, 180-230 Ibs. $3.50 Best med. wt, butch., 230-260'— $3.40 Best prime hvy. butch., 260-300 $3.30 Best hvy. butch., 300-350 Ibs. _$3.20 Packing sows, K 300-350 Ibs. : $2.90 Big hvy. sows,- 350 to 400 Ibs. _$2.75 Big'hvy. SOWS,'450 to 500 $2.50-$2.60 CATTLE. 'anners '. 50c to 7oc Cutters _75c to $1.25 Bulls .$1.50 to $2.00 Fat cows _._• $2.00 to $2.25 Veal calves ____• $3.50 to $4.50 Fat steers _ $3.00 to $4.00 Yearlings $2.50 to $3.00 POULTRY 21 TOWNS TRY ; FOR DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP Bode and West Bend: to Play 1st Game at 2:30. ' The first game In a district fcas—- ketball tournament here will" b»- called this afternoon at 2:30, Withe, highs the Bode and West Bend school teams'as contenders. Games will toe played each afternoon and evening from this afternoon "till Saturday night, when th»r, championships of the 'A and B divisions will be determined. All games.. will be played In the new highi school gymnasium, and, according^ TT ,, to the dope, they promise to Hens, heavy . . .14 f&gt> Games today will be between Br- Hens, Leghorn and under 4 Ibs. .12 Springs, heavy _ .13 Springs, Leghorn & under 3 Ibs. Heavy stags .14 .09 Leghorn stags .08 PRODUCE Eggs, graded No. 1 . .11 Eggs, graded, No. 2 .07 Cash cream : : .17 GRAIN • No. 2 yellow, corn 27% No. 3 yellow corn 26% No. 3 white oats - :': .19 Feed barley .30 HIDES Calf and cow, Ib. .02 Horse _ $1.50 Colt hides, each .50 MMler-tabe NewPresident of Bank Here ^-Announcement—last week' - that F. D. Williams would become associated with a new bank at Io\ya "City was • followed last week-end by news that R. H. Miller would succeed him as president of the Iowa State bank here. . Mr. Williams has sold his stock in the local bank, part of it going to Mr.. Miller.' There will be no change in the personnel of the board of directors other than the substitution of Mr. Miller for Mr. Williams. The latter expects to leave for Iowa City this week- snd. Mr. Miller, who has for some fears -been examiner in charge of failed banks here and near 'by ind is now in charge 'of a big failed bank at Burlington, will slose up his work for the state mnking department this month ind will assume hie new duties ibout April 1. Mr. Williams will be active rtce president of a $100,000 bank vlth a surplus of $25,000. Mr. Miller has earned high iommendation for his .excellent .•ecord as bank examiner and en- !oys the confidence of the com- nuriity. (Myrle E. Griggs, Minneapolis, and Emily C. R^, Algona, filed applioa- ^n fpr> wfcytage license Friday at -the district .court clerk's office,, Licenses have been Issued to: Enno Folkerts, ^^e SmMt^ togtb, of fl- Hfljfry . BCans^neyer, Louise bojfc* o« Crysjt^-Lake; 'W. Sjgaidt, Fraaces TJaOen, botfe of • • ' NEW CORPORATION IS FORMED HERE Publication of notice of the incorporation of the Koesuth County Implement company was begun last week. The incorporators are C. 'L'. Buell, J. W. Daw, and H. C. Striick- man, .Messrs. Buell and Struckman live at Moline, 111., headquarters of the-John Deere factory, .and , Mr. Daw, who has a wife and two children, moved here recently from Muscatine and Is living in a house built last summer by H. E, McMurray, Mr. Buell is president of the corporation; Mr. Dawi vice president; Mr. Struckman, secretary-treasurer. The corporation has taken over the farm implement business formerly conducted by M, M, Morrow across the street west from the courthouse and has greatly enlarged the etock. Besides new machinery, a complete line of repairs will be <wried. John Deere goods will be handled. The corporation conducts <two other farm implement shops, one at Emmetsburg, the other at Ruthven. Mr. Daw has general oversight of the-three, shops. • p. R.- gellstrom is manager' of the local shop, and H, C. Fredericks, Algona, salesman, calls," on the trade in Kossuth, Em-r met, and Palo Alto schools, except a Plover-Swea City •game tonight. This is expected to».r be one of-Jthe best games in the A_^ class, for ;^)oth teams rate highly..^ The luck in drawing pitted thent ' against each other in .the first. round. '.v./f. Season tickets are still being soldE at $1.50 for adults and a dollar for- children. Single-session tickets are**, 35c for adults and 25c for chlldreni Season tickets admit to 19 games. There are three games at each ses-- slon ' •* J Lnrg'C Audiences Expected.' "*"" •Special arrangements are being- made to care for a large crowd expected to attend the games. Bleachers are being installed in the gymnasium, which with the permanent, balcony, will seat 900. >• Each town's team is expected tos be accompanied by a large group toCr fans, especially each Kossuth team..' Interest in basketball Is •"; running;; high in Kossuth, and delegations-otS iOO or more .will i not be surprising A 'Sw^,.^lty > an jyrote recently that.t at ieasT 100 faris'would come "from. that town. M. J. Pool heads a Community- club committee which is preparing; special decorations in honor of the; visiting teams. Each team is to ba. represented in a special window on- State . street. Cards will give th»- Tilayers, coaches, and school [colors., in which latter the windows will b«: draped. The high school will open at 8:1(K this morning and tomorrow morning, dismissing at 2:30 to enabl* students to see all games. A majority of high school students haw purchased season tickets, and a, large sale was reported yesterday'ot adult tickets in 'a State street can- vass'made by the Community clubv Xew Gym Drawing Card. , Algona basketball teams wer* handicapped in previous years by ft small and unsuitable gymnasium*. For this reason interest in the sport was not'as high here as in other towns where basketball has been, and remains the major school sport. This year Algona has made a creditable showing for the first tint*. and games here have attracted, many fans. This is Algona's first basketball tournament, and Supt. Overmyer, Coach Bonham, and the high school team hope that large numbers of Al- gonlane will turn put for the game* to insure future tournaments. '' TAXES BRING OLD SIZE MONEY OUTJF HIDING Hard times seein to bring ' fortlk money for taxes better than prosperous time, according to H, N^i Kruse, county treasurer, who f»» ports more than $102,000 in taxw paid SQ . far this year. January brought in almost $80,000, and Feb^- ruary more than $76,080. ": Taxes are due January 1, becom» delinquent March 1, and penalty atr- taches April 1. Usually not much, in taxes te paid till March, Just b«^' fore the penalty attaches. The 000 so far paid is more thai been customary, ( ' Mr. Kruse also says that ''' old-size bills in $20 and $10, inationg are feeing turned Inr bills indicate that the money been hoarded. The governmenl; ceased issuing these bills some years ago, and they are retired soon as they enter a bank. fr 1 "?™ HU r "".&.! - Many more ta.«ee are cash, payments, madff tfyui in Candidate for Congress Dies years, arid, flv? put of six uppp whonj Sty, borne. . ' ij>oth fear •WffiMfi ftraktfwRte' 1 few**,-* 1 track. •> MI j H«jSYk*SajM, -r STO ikittenball J-S^WKSggWMr \ fl«ivimag.c| jWPimtaj!

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