Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 25, 1932 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1932
Page 6
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•MM Board Proceedings i , • > ! 13,1932. fc v ; '' ' •*•?: '•-. '-.•'•>.{,(-; Auditor's Office, '*'»' i o'clock' 'P. M.\,.J.a.rytmrr IS, 193i • 'Board of S?upervlEprs -of- . Kossuth County met pui v siiant"'t6 adjournment with all'members present. Motion by -Funfiemark and seconded by McDonald that assessors be allowed 25 cents for each road poll tax collected. . Ayes: All., Motion )>y -Balcreman and seconded •by Moris that following official bonds be approved: .Earl F. Griffith. (Deputy Treasurer, for JS.OOO.OO; *--• «• Pearson, 1st .Deputy Auditor, f>. for urtNimuiii IOL •i-'v. f «v,- • $2,000.00; M. P. Christiansen, Treasurer Farm iBureaU. for J3,000.00: H. Q. T&udt. assessor, for $500.00: A. E. OS- ran assessor, for $500.00. Ayes: Al . atotion 'by Bal&eman and seconded bji Morris that Secondary Road Petition INo. 189 be placed on file. Ayes: by Funnemark and seconded uuiiiimi.!.*. Social Worker, and of Supervisors Is hereby adopted. (See Record for Schedule). Ayes: All. On motion Board adjournert to nine o'clock a m., January 26, 1932. • o clock a. m jj' BRTKA - B . JOHNSON,, County Auditor. January 25, 1932. Auditor's Office, January, ffi. 1932 Hoard of Supervisors of Kossiitn cSntv met puwuant to adjournment with all members present. »r"n,.n iiv Morris and seconded _W file. All. Motion b'v Morris and seconded by f- Cla- oon McDonald that official bond of- SS r by Morris'that following suspensions and refunds be allowed: That taxes of jOlevia Benner. It. 1, blk. 1, and Geo. •TV iBenner, Its. 2 and 3, block 1 Call's ad''.. Wesley, and personal tax for 1931 be suspended. That taxes of Clarence E. Robinson .on B 2-3 and W 1-2 Street vacated Block 35, Original 'Plat for 1930 and 1931 and personal tax be suspended in ^That y estate of August W. Haase be •'• • refunded OOc County Poll tax for 19271 '"> 1923-1929-1930 and 1931.- Fenton Town: ship on account of being erroneously charged and being a non-resident. • A Motion h'y Calgeman • and seconded by Morris that \V. E. McDonald be appointed as a committee to check (Board Proceedings. Ayes: All. '-Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Morris that iBalgemah, is hereby appointed as a committee to have supervision •-of managing of Counts Farm. Ayes: All. , Motion by IBalKeman and seconded by Funnemark that Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County make a; donation to Kossuth County Poor Fund of 10 per cent of their salary for a period oC six months commencing wHth January salary. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by- Morris that this Board accept do'• nation of following .County Officers of 10 per cent of their salary for a . V. - .'_ . . .-I...- r .~lA ^A»nf!f-.n frv •^hpridan, justice ui i«= - .,.-«. imOO, are hereby approved. A>es. by Balseman .and seconded »ii' Mntinn v a - , v Funnemark that the 16th day of j. j. Anderson, qua i .MIH^V W2 at 2 o'clock p. m. Is • Fre d A. Dlekmann, ebruar>. i.v.-. «" - . rorpivlnc n«<> Alfred Jefffenapn. trustee mtg. IG. B. jehnsdn, trustee mtg...' Walter H. Klamp, trustee mtg '. John Kohlwes, trustee mtg. .. Thos. .Berg:, trustee mtg H. O. Larson, trustee mtg. ... . \L. W. Ehrloh, trustee mtg. .. H. C. Lunnlng, trustee mtg:.;. J. C. Mawdsley, trustee mtg.. iRoseoe Mawdsley, trustee mtg. ... Chris F. Nielsen, trustee mtg. 0. R. Jensen, trustee mtg. ... L. C. Oast, trustee mtg 1. F. Bngesser, trustee mtg... Albert Potratz, trustee mtgr.... Alex Radig, trustee mtg. .. .. W. F. Relmers, trustee mtg... W. W. Rlngsdorf, trustee mtg. W. E. Orovar, trustee mtg E. 'B. Oittmer, trustee mtg. .. E. O. Mann, trustee mtg. .... C. K. .Rlppentrop, trustee mtg. John A. Sleeper, trustee mtg. 'Henry J. Sherman, trustee imtg Mike Wakner, trustee mtg. .. Joe Schaller, trustee mtg H. W. Harms, trustee mtg. .. H. F. Schultz, trustee mtg. >. Geo. Wlnkel, trustee mtg; .... Henry Weber, trustee mtg Ubbe Winter, trustee mtg. ... quarantine ... quaran- 4.00 12.00 8.00 ; MlflO 4.00 4.00 4.00 12.00 12.0} «.« fcotey ft/ Pohrson. aunpfle* Beed,.Hardware, supplies .. C. S. Johnson, Supplies .. . Farmers Elevator Co., Farmers' 'co-op!' Elevator' 'Co., supplies ... .. ».» .-B. Nauduln, Supplies IF. S. Norton & Son, supplies, i S. B. French Lumber Co., stip- Farmers' Co-op. Association, supplies 4:00 IP. Weyerhaeuser Co., sup- 4.00l plies ... ..« 4.001 G. B. Vahdei'burgh, supplies.. 4.00 !c.B. Huff, meala 8.00,! ToWn of Wesley, supplies .... 4.09'Hugh Post, droyago .. 4.001 Central States Elec. Co., light 4.001 service > • •• 4.00 Interstate Power, co., light 4.00j service 4.00'Edwin W. Lusby, light service 12.00 Chrlschllles & 'Herbst, sup- 10.00; plies i 'Tire Service Co., supplies ..... 12.00 Dahl'a Electric Shop, supplies 4.00 B. H. Gardner, supplies 4.00 Kohlhaas Bros. 'Garage, sup- 4.00| piles ... -6.D5 1.00 Norton Machine. Works, sup- 5.001 piles i 112.41 4.00 • Matt Murtho, supplies 23.32 78. SI 7.301 7.09 i.er 2.60 8.05 1.48 1.83 8.55 3.00 .70 1.40 1.95 41.16 5.55 On motion Board adjourned to one 2.40 39.13 9.20 16.42 , . __. 43.65 j Koch Brothers,'supplies 57.28 j Frank" Flalg, supplies 27.40 12.00 2.56 2.00 Clap'p's Master Service, supplies Armstrong Motor Co.. supplies P. A. Griffith, supplies u iV ft'vpd -11 time for receiving t lne 2.00 p. A. Griffith, supplies .. iii f\r Court House supplies. Ayes: H. L. McEnroe, assessor .. .. 124.SO | Wesley Auto Co., supplies AM" | Koch Brothers, supplies 57.28; Frank Flalg, supplies ... AH. .. T, «j nilJniirnpd to one TCHntn T.nnsp4T.pn.f <Co.. mm- .Tnhn Ampahlirv. nllnnltea . o'clock met pursuant Ufalgeman period of six. months, said donation to. be paid to Kossuth County Poor tunrl and to commence with January sal-.. ary G. T). Shumway, County Attorner: Bertha E. Johnson. County Aud- -"•*-M ' ';; ..- . *-« ».., rn,. n - ct _ nej itor; H. 'N. 'Kruse, County Treas- ls oldrs . Bx- So mei s . Kllpto Loosen'Leaf Co., supplies ....................... Matt Parrott & Sons Co., supplies ......................... Typewriter Exchange, supplies Maxine Momyer, labor ....... Burroughs Adding. Mach Co., supplies ..................... Kohlhaas Hdw.; supplies . . . . & Muckey, supplies .... 34.72 &7.4S 1R.30 15.00 23.55 I John Amesbury, supplies J. H. Menke, supplies Joe Greenberg, supplies .. v.. E. (R. Sellstrom, repairs .. ... M. M. Morrow, repairs 8. A. Butcher, dragging Champlln Refining Co., supplies therewith in •a^g!ns?!^-s« »" •"" ----- • ----- , . , abate said tax In G: F. Towne. labor . one. a ......... sum of , Llnnan & stlllman, fees ...... Walter W. Rosenau, labor ... 1,. M. Merritt, coroner fees .. J. W. McCreery, physician's fees Henry 'Kucker, witness fees •Lllla L. Bishop, labor Haggard >& Backus, board proc 70.SO 2.00 r Peerless Oil Co,,« supplies .. .. C>.50iOlty OIlOo.. supplies !•£> iChamplln IReflnlng Co., sup- 1.60 piles : l-2> K. & II. Co-op. Oil Co., sup- 7.74 piles iPhllllps Petroleum Co., sup- 7.00 piles '... 2 -°°I Standard Oil Co., supplies .... (Gfbbs-Cook Tractor <& Equip. Co., supplies 708.21 9.55 4.61 31.90 12.39 1.55 5.25 42.51 750.14 .74.14: •Gio.82 107.W 319.75 92.25 W. -B. .Baker Albert Davis • (F. Spelcher ... ... J. Fox .. Jas. McGee iF. Klein R. Maion ,it Wilbur; Holdrden ,. :''Mrs. Anna Madson Mr«: Arthur Neltzel Robt. Dutton ... .. Fred Anderson, fuel be adopted: Advance 'Pub. Co., board proceedings, etc. 1 "'. Bancroft Rleglster, board proceedings iFenton Reporter, supplies — Messenger 'Printing Co., sutjj Ayes: All. . | piles ,.s and seconded n> pacific Carbon & Ribbon following resolution Mfg. Co., supplies Fldlar & Chambers Co., supplies 115.45 75.07 6.75 9.29 2.00 bv the Board of Bim^pvlsors'of'Kossuth'County. "Jowa, iHIgley Chemical Co., supplies. of \lgona Iowa, that its , deposit | w. E. Naudaln, supplies i i ao-nintst the Fenton State Bank, Hazel Hudson, labor of^nton Iowa? be assigned to the j Leo_ Maunders, labor (Barton-Warner Co., supplies.. 324.15 Sleg-Ft. Dodge Co.. supplies .. '"' "^ la. Machinery '& Supply Co., supplies •• Dukehart .Machlncrj' Co., supplies ' • Central Battery & Elec. Co., supplies Economy Welding Works, supplies ............ ......... .. and UL IT CII l.VI*t «-«••—, - ,,r. rt Treasurer of State for the use •enefit pf the state sinking fund for llcrtepo«lts as provided In Chap- L. E. Hovey, expense ........ 17" of the Acts of the 'Forty-first J. A. McDonald, delinquent ' rpr Li,j OI tilt rv^io v/i- v" 1 - - — -* i ,, •General ' \«sembly as amended, and tax collector that H! X. 'Kruse, County Treasurer. Clark Qrton, expense u-rer- ciark Orton, Clerk of District Court: Laura. Paine, County (Recorder; Wm. Shirley, County Superintendent: "L. E. Hovey, County bheriff. •'.Jtfo'bion by McDonald and seconded bv 'Funnemark that 3rd and 4th quarterly 'reports for 1931 of Clark Orton, Clerk of District Court, are hereby accepted:as filed. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by iFunnemark that following poor allowances are hereby made for year IS-,-, and County Auditor instructed to issue warrant for same at the end of each month: F.. .1. Masters. Whltte- more $10.00 per month; Mrs. Lena Godfredson, TItonka. *20.00 per month: Mrs. Rosewall Hunt, Bancroft, $10.00^^ ^ _ per month: Mrs. 'Gene Cayler, 'Ban-! time tor receiving bids. Ayes: All. croft. $33.00 per month; Mrs. E. M. j Motion by McDonald and seconded Sarchet, Maple Hill, rent for Mrs. ,, y Balseman that resolution I. E. Wortman, labor Eleanor J. iRahm, labor 9.70 •'O-' 11 L. N. Jurgo, vet. serv. 1W.56 • p_ A. Bonnstctter, vet. service 15.00 jj_ E. Weber, vet.-service 11.60 H_ E. Woodward, vet. service 18.18 ' T,. (F. Gordon, vet. service — T B. ERADICATION FUND 78.00 144.50 319.54 480.91 65.26 20.70 , . , . H. R.' Gibson, vet. service i , and BeYtha Eohnson. County Auditor, be and they are hereby authorized and directed to execute and deliver assignment of said claim as provided herein. Adopted tills 25th day of January, 'Motion bv McDonald and seconded by -Funnemark that County Auditor be instructed to call for bids for labor in construction of new- bridges and repair nBOfold bribes for 1932, fix; fnff.February 16th, 1932. at 3 p. m. as ! nmo f.ir rf-rplvlne bids. Ayes: All. Gaylord D. ' expense iR. F. Hawcptt, assessor Charles Haas, assessor .. .. R. B. Goddard, assessor .. . I. A. Gerdes, assessor ... ... Henry 'Fox, assessor Clare M. Erickson, assessor D. C. Ellis, assessor Frank \V. Elbert, assessor . Andrew Elbert, assessor .. . John Dempsey, assessor .. . Chris Dahl, assessor J. P. Cunningham, assessor S. A. Butcher, assessor .. .. W. J. iB'ourne, assessor ... . A. L. iBosworth, assessor .. be E. H. Beardsley, assessor 5.20 6.40 6.SO 6.00 , , Cayler, $10.00: Mrs. W. G. Keepher, a ii op ted makins appropriation to var- $15.00 per month: Mi-s. E. M. Sarchet, , | ous departments. rent for Mrs. H. Johnson. J10.CO per! RESOIjTTTTOX „ month; Mrs. Emma Beard, $15.00 per ! , EE IT RESOLVED by the -Board of month; Rliza Odell, Bancroft, $10.001 supervisors of 'Kossuth County, Iowa, per month: Hilma Erickson, Ban-j tnat t | le amounts as shown In the croft, $00.00; John ! D. Ma.enusson. Al-| fjl , st co unnn of table below, are ap- L. A. Barslou, assessor L. A. Johnson, assessor .. Henry Klepper, assessor .. John N. Ludwig, assessor , iHenry 'C. Nelson, assessor A. E. Offren, assessor Eleanor Potter, assessor ;ona, $15.00 per month: Mrs. Amosj pro ,, rlatetl tor the year 1932 from the Wm. Runchey, assessor Snnev. 'Rincroft. -$16.00 per month; ^ a ,. OU3 Eun( j s „{ the county to the IGlen A Sharp, assessor Jrs Martin Becker, Trvlngton. $2.00 several oCfices and departments of D. F. Schwietert, assessor .... gona Kinne Mrs. per week; Mrs. Albert Koppen. La- coun ty government for the purposes kota, $2.0f) per wec-k. Ayes: set out in detail in the budget now on Motion by Balgeman and seconded | file in the o ffi ce of the'County Audi- by .Funnemark that schedule of fees: tor alul w hlch is hereby adopted this to be paid to physicians and surgeons I n 5th ,j a y O f January, 1932. Balance Antlci- Appro- Ex- Ex- on hand pated -BJe- priated pended pended Jan. 1, Receipts ceipts General Court Poor State Insane T. B. iBradication ., Secondan" Roads: Construction Maintenance Soldiers' .Relief .. . Fair (Ground for IDS:! ..U'li.Ml ... 5.7:1!) ... S3.S79 .. 20,-.-00 .. 27.615 .. .233,307 . . 1,971 .. 2,636 1931 102, OS7 7.400 S7.54J 16,13-' 6,142 1«!,KW 154,43!) 2,303 2,373 1030 102,138 4.S12 27,435 16,081 5,266 171,131 189,430 2,375 1,354 1932 53,387 5,479 4,607* 3.070 27,615 56,932 75,561 2,688 230 for 1932 1931 70,154 85,167 250 3S.186 17,139 1,655 29,057 17,452 11,684 106,093 181,398 158,246 172,436 2,340 2,503 2,285 2,106 Receipts 19M 100,180 7.29S 24.9KI 16,518 82 206,210 245,939 1,337 none Accounts overdrawn shown bj' * Adopted this 25th day of January, North of Range Twenty-nine (29), 1932. West of the 5th P. M. and there terAyes: V'". E. McDonald. Olaf Fun- mlnatlng. ~ " A. J. Seller, assessor Paul Selberg, assessor ,P. A. Selvlg, .'assessor J. E. Smith, assessor H. G. Vaudt, assessor Clarence Vaske, assessor .. .. IFred C. Wegener, assessor ... Leon J. Worden, assessor .... J J. Anderson, trustee mtg... H. G. Ewoldt, trustee mtg. ... E. R. Woltz, trustee mtg John Cherland, trustee mtK... Geo. P. Hawcott, trustee .mtg. H. C. Allen, trustee mtg Frank Devitt, trustee mtg. ... (Frank K. Clapsaddle, trustee; mtg G. F. Chambers, trustee mtg.. J. E. Kelley, trustee mtg Peter Looft, trustee mtg Chas. A. Hohlln, trustee mtff.. Peterson Studio, pictures of prisoners Hester C. Young, witness fees | rvRAINAGE 'PUNT> •vttiq Dr. 4— JITO' Ole Gerdes, labor ,,,o'qi Dr. 5— m --%.\ S. B. .French .S.00i n •supplies ... . r en j Dr. 7— S. B« 'French supplies Dr. 20- S. B. French supplies Ole Gerdes, labor J^nJDr. 6tf- tl'so '1^- *^- Lathrop, rodman r!'m A. 13. Michel, engineer 7^1 Dr. 78. S. B. French supplies | Dr. 83- P. A. McArthur, repairs and I labor .: Dr. 84- Charles Brunlng Co., sup•plies A. 13. Michel, engineer .. ... CIpra Dredging Co., labor .. Dr. 90- S. B. French Lumber Co., supplies 1 Dr. 95— A. E. Michel, engineer 5.00 6.00 4.00 0.60 5.00 5.BO 5.20 5.20 7.00 4.60 5.00 5.60 5.20 5.00, 581 Dr. «2- Lumber Co., Lumber Co., Lumber Co.-, Lumber Co., 353.30 S.15 1.65 1.90 4.55 C9.00 moo 2.15 20.00 nemark. C'ha.s. Morris, F. J. rna^i. •Nays: N'one. On motion Board adjourned to nine O'clock a. m. February 2. 19:'.2. ':' BERTHA K. JOHNSON, County Auditor. February 2, 1932. Audtor's Office, .February 2, 1932. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion Ity McDonald and seconded by Balg-eman that following resolution be adopted: TN TITE MATTER OF THE APPL1- ' CATION OF THE CRESCO-UNIONI OOMPA'NiY TO ISE- . Balsc-i Also a line commencing at the West end of that part of the electric power line first constructed, and now maintained on the South line of Section Thirteen (13), Towahip Ninety-six (96), •North of Ran^e Twenty-nine (29) West of the 5th IP. M. and running thence Westward along the "North side of the highway on the South side of said Section Thirteen (13). Township Ninety-six (96) North, of Range Twenty-nine (29) West to a point near the iSouthwest corner of said Section Thirteen (13) and there terminating. Adopted this 2nd day of February, 1932. Ayes: All. Audit and allow bills. An motion Board adjourned to one _- o'clock p. m. CURE PMHMrsSION TO ERECT | one o'clock p. m.—Board of Super- ANT> MAINTAIN ITS ELECTRIC | visors met pursuant to adjournment ' "" with all members present. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by Funnemark that penalty of $42.63 for 192S on tract of land beginning at the Northwest corner of High Lawn Addition, thence Southwesterly SO rds. Northwesterly at right angles 20 rods, 5.00 6.09 ti.SO 8.00 4.00 4.00 4.0fl 4.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 8.00 S.OO s.oo S.OO fi.OO 6.50 8.35 9.00 9.60 303.22 LINES IN. OVKR, A'ljONVt AND ACROSS CERTAIN! HIGHWAYS IN KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA. WHivRRA'S, the Tosoo-T T nion trie Company, a corporation organized and existing under the laws) ot the State of Iowa, with principal _ ..... „ ...... _ ............. _ ..... _._„ place of business in Cresco and Union ro ds to beginning 'NE 1-1 7-05-30 (in- Northeasterly SO rods, Easterly 20 Townshin erect and maintain it electric. 1 trans- hose postoffice ad- > eludes part of Lot 41, Whlttemore dress Is Alpona, Iowa, Kossnth Coun- 1 i, H .. Ix hereby cancelled' on account of ty, Iowa, did on the 2nd day of Junii- i clerical error showing 59 acres on re- 'ary, I'.t.l2, file its petition and apiilica- : eeipt and same should have been en- tion fnr ;in extension of its line with tered as 49 acres, same being inls- this Board tn secure permission to j u-adinK to Anthony Schmidt, the own"' "'' ..... * el'. Ayes: All. i.Motion by McDonald and seconded by Morris that following -final estimates- be approved: Bauck Construction Company Grading Project No. 10 for $Ci)4.!»; Bauck Construction Company Grading Project No. 5 for j_':H.IO; Bauck Construction Company Grading Project No. 7 for $444.10; atong and •in Kos-'Stitli mission lines in. over, across certain highways County. Iowa, and WKRP-KAS. hearing oil said matter was set for ID o'clock a. in. February 2, Iftii. in accordance with notice of said hearing dulv published. NOW TMKRiraFORIE BIO IT SOLiVBI) that the said Cresco-Union | iBauck Construction Companv Grad- Electric Company be granted the ng Project No. 8 for $918.95, and right, easement;, authority,, and permission to. erect.; construct- and-maintain its poles, wires, fixtures, electric appliances, and electric 'transmission lines for the purpose of conducting electricity and ek-ctric current for light, heal and power purposes in. over, along, and aross the hereinafter designated highways of Kosauth County, Iowa, for a period of twentv years, said poles to be erected and constructed on a line not to exceed one foot from the property line adjacent to said highways, said highways being particularly described as follows: Commencing at the north end of the power line on the center line of Section Twenty-six (26), Township Ninety-six W) North, of Range Twenty-nine (29) as I\QW constructed and maintained, and running thenco Northward along the West line of Public Highway No. One Hundred Sixty-Nine (1G9) through the centers of Sections Twenty-three (23) and Fourteen (14) to a point near the North Quarter corner of said Section Fourteen (14) Township Ninety-six (96) North, of Range Twenty-nine (29) West of the oth 5?. M., and there ter- ••mlnating'.. ; , • Also U line beginni.ng at the present [terminus of the power line on the v North,'line of Section-Thirty-four (34) Township Ninety-six.' (96) North, of Range Twenty-nine (29) and running thence Westward along the South Bide of the highway on the North line of said Section Thirty-four (34) to the Northwest corner thereof and thenci South along the K.ist side of the highway on the 'West line of Section Thirty-four (31) to a point near the West Quarter corner of said Section Thirty-four (34), Township 'Ninety-six (9fi) North of Range Twenty-nine (29), West of (he 5th P. M., and there terminating. Also a line beginning at the power line at the Northwest corner of Section Thirty-four (31). Township Nlne- .{y j slx (9G) North of Range Twentynine (29) as last before proposed and rfuipinff Uience Northward along the east s'ide of the Highway on 'the West lines of Sections Twenty-seven (27). Twenty-two (22), and .Fifteen (15), all In Township Ninety-six (96), Range Twenty-nine (29) to a point near the Northwest corner of said Section 'Fif- . teea (16). Township Ninety-six (96), lounty Auditor instructed to Issue warrant for amount due as provided by law. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded :>y McDonald that County Auditor Is hereby Instructed to list names of persons receiving County Aid and amount received from Kossuth County Poor Fund In Schedule of Claims audited and allowed. Ayes: All. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written: SCHEDULE OP CLAIMS COUNTY FUND Houghton Mtfflln Co., books.. 217.13 Wallace Publishing Co., books 40.14 World Book Co., 'books Sl.ftS Chas. E. Merrill, books 44.91 Lyons & Carnahan, books .... 44.341 Row, Peterson >& Co., books .. 227.19 •Glnn & Co., books '.. 454.62 Iroquols 'Pub. Co., books .. .. 231.24 A. IN. Palmer Co., books .. .. 108.57 Rand McNally & Co., books.. 384.95 University Pub Co., books ... 544.47 John c- Winston Co., books .. 78.54! Laldlaw Bros. Co., books 236.73 American Book Co., books .... 765.27 A. J. Nystrom Co., books .... 10.81 Webb (Publishing Co., books . 23.09 Crescent 'Printing Co., books.. 10.60 Charles Scribner's Sons, 'books 8B.72 Macmlllan Co., books 41S.95 Scott 'Foresman Co., books ... 14.25 ROA-D CONSTRUCTION IFUN'D Charles Chubb, assistant engineer R4.10 J. A. Roberts, bridge 1S5.40 Don T. Nugent, asst. engineer 160.00 iF. S. Norton & Son, supplies.. 2.00 Wilson Concrete Co., supplies 99.75 ROA'D MAINTENANCE FUN<D Railway Express Agency, express 2.70 C. & N. W. R'y Co., frt 3.39 Leo G. Studer, dragging 18.00 Elbert Garage, supplies 13.00 City ot Algona, light and water service 10.35 Jos. Bestenlehner, patrol .. .. 7.00 Railway 'Express Agency, express 1.36 Goodman Hundsness, patrol Alton .Pettit, patrol Clyde 'Sanders, putrol Jack Lynch, patrol Oscar Earing, patrol J. F. Qulnn, patrol Hlldreth 'Pettit, patrol ... . 'Hans W. Nellsen. patrol Chester Alme, patrol ..1 C. A. Lamoreux, patrol .. Pearly C. -,'Haynes, patrol . C. C. Householder, patrol Gus Rtchter, patrol F. D. Pruisman, patrol .. John Phillips, patrol John S. Nelson, patrol Clyde Sweazey, repairs .. .. H-rtC No. B-S7- H. N. Kruse, subsequent tax W-K No. 35-89— S. IB. French, -Lumber Co., supplies COURT FUND L. A. Winkel, J. 'P. fees .. .. L. T. Griffin, constable H. D. Mussman, mayor 13. N. Clemans, constable .. .. L. "E. Hovey, sheriff ClRi'k Orton, clerk Edward Laurenz, witness .... Paul Laurenz, witness J OT. Laurenz, witness »-;~ POOfl FUND Elinor T. Sutton, transp. for Donald Trlpp, Corwith .. ... -»-00 Elinor T. Sutton, shoes and overshoes for Ben Glsch children, Rlverdalo township ttobi. Stevens, iBurt i ' Wesley . .i Mrs." El*le Cady, rent and board ... .(.... ... J.. «• ,•'•• O. .M. White, i mo ..... 12.00 Eth« Jones, 1 mo. ., .. M.OO Ed Brlckson, 4 wks. ford. 20.00 B, Ross,, rent, John Helmers, 1 mo., »13.00 ........ . i ..... Victor Johhson, rent, Henry iCbok, I mo. «-0? , . ... John Moulds, rent ............ «.7o Mrs. A, D. Stockwell, 3 weeks .............. •' "-25 Max Meslng, 2 wks ..... 7.50 , . H. B. Rlst and E. J. Van Ness, rent, Verne Rlutiedge, 2 mo, John "Williams, Sweet, 1 mo. O.- C. 'Barton, rent, reilt. C- 'Waiter 'Zentner, 1 -mo. W. C. Danson, rent, A. J. Davis, 1 mo. ... ••• •' Ole Roms'tad, wood, A. BBanch- ard ••••• • '••'•• Fred Anderson, fuel J. Platt J. Helmers Leslie Huff, Belsch 7.00 fuel for Ed W. E. Naudaln, fuel Wm. Van Scoyoc 2.90 Mrs. E. E. Taylor ..... 9.70 Al Btanchard 3.60 Oliver Bakken ...... .. 5.30 Floyd Turner .... 5.80 O. M. White 4.86 F, S. Norton & Son, fuel .. .. Mrs. Ethel Jories ,.. ... 51.87 25.00 15.00 10.00 16.00 5.00 10.60 9.60 31.85 124.59 4.98 5.23 2.60 2.16 12.33 4.40 8.00 14.86 8.00 16.17 4.00 W. O. Keepher .... 7.65 Albert Davis ... 8.10 J. Helmers : • 7.3» Frank Spelcher ., 8.50 Brownell Shoe Co., shoes for John Shhnmel ... ... ... ..... R. A. Evans, M. D., med.- aid. •F. Mmard £0 H. Cook , ••• •• , -w. Jas. Umberhauer 13.25 IChas. Gunder ... 23.60 Dr. R. M. Wallace, med. aid . Rofct. Stevens, 'Burt.. .. 75.00 J. Helmers, Algona .... 26.oO iF. Hanson. Algona .. :. i.OO Vrs. Keneflck i& Keneflck, •med. aid-.John Newell ••;.•• HN.-Webster, care of 'Noel Entwtstle..,.. ••• •• Mrs V." Lloyd Stebblns, care of 'John tNoweli; 'Buffalo Cen- La?rd' & ' 'McCulio'ughv'' funeral expense ... ... ••• •••••• ""i D. Trlpp, Corwith ...- ..-SD.IO J Freistad Lu Verne. 1 .160.00 II. Entwlstle, Algona, 4 ambulance service '.... 2.oO W E. Xa'u'datn, fuel 4.60,<••»_ . 4.90 : 6.19 4.60 31.50 . 38.00 108.50 6.00 45.00 56.25 97.65 178.93 MVsT KiS^Ptfk, jjf^t , tradea i m for prep' Whlttemore Bleytti Wi J. Barr, testlhg cows •-„ iMisbaeh Clothing Co., tuppltea John Hegrarty, labor ....... Kohlhaas HdW., suppliesi . Edwin W. LuSby, supplies C. A. «eard, supplies ... Hleley Chemlcttl ,co.. supplies Council Oak Store, assort. John Hcnnlng, labor ... . •Botsford Lumber CO., sup piles > ••• Co. Farm C..Adams, Algona .. H.' K6ch' .•'•• Belfert & 'Ounder .. J, Schlmmel • F. Turner .... J. Plait,.... ....'..: •"'• A. Blanchrtrd .. .',.; W. .Vanderwerf . -8.S5 2.00 4.D5 9.00 10,30 2.45 4.35 4.65 4.70 63.1« 9.60 s!oo 13.27 14.66 6.60 23.00 18.00 50.00 61.25 23.69 W 4 .V tuiuci YTI;I» ., iP. S. Norton & Son, supplies RESOLVED':' That' the 'counV Auditor Is hereby ordered and directed to asue warrants for alt ..WIJ? allowed at this.meeting as showh'by the Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written as per vote oh each Individual bill. Ayes. AH, On motion Board adjourned to Feb- 5,94 Herb Adams A. Davis H. Cook P. V. Mathlson R. Dutton .... 'Poor Farm Mrs. J.. Seifert J. McGee ... ... ••• • ..... 6.06 'Fred Klein ... ..... ' ••• 6.00 Mrs. W. G. Keefer .... 6.80 Ray Mason ... ........ r •«•;! Merle Webster ... . ...... 10. i9 Matt -Frandsen ...... . 10.23 Mrs. E. E. Taylor ..... 11.30 Al Blanchard .......... 4.u H. Dau,- feed, Joe Platt ..... Zender & Caldwell, second hand battery for Gerrlt Hol- dencamp ............ "i,"' Daniel I.-lchliter, prov; Mrs. ruary 4U , . . County Auditor. FcbruanTi, 1932 Auditor's Office, February 4. 1W2. •Board of supervisors of -Koastttn County met pursuant to adjournment with all /members present. Motion by 'Morris and seconded b> Balgeman that | F° urt ^" a '; tc , rIj port of L. B. Hovey, Sheriff, Is by-approved'. Ayes: All. Motion by iMorrls and seconded b> iFunnemark that Secondary Road Petition Nos. 192-1SB-19M95-196 be placed on file. Ayes: 'All. j_- 'Motion by McDonald and seconded by Balgeman that H. M. Smith, County. Engineer,. Is hereby InBtnict- ed to make a reconnaissance survey and estimate of all 'of the roads selected In a provisional way by "this IBoard. Ayes: .All. • .*•' •'••••• „ .-.,On. motion-, .Board adjourned to one One o'clock p: m.-'Board of Supervisors met pursuant to .adjournment | with.. all members present. : :.Mption by McDonald and seconded 6y Balgeman that following: soldiers exemptions- are hereby allowed: Henry Stehle, .-U800 exemption on _E 1-2 E3 3-4 S 1-2. SB 1-4 Sec. 24-97-29 for year 1931 'Mrs. Rose Householder, Lot 2 and N 1 rod W 1-2 of 6 Block 1 Reservation No. 2,- Algona, $500.00 exemption for 1931,. and County Treasurer Instructed to abate tax In 'accordance therewith. Ayes: All. • ' Motion by. .Morris and. seconded by Balgeman that Heiken Is hereby appointed as a committee to have repairs made on Dr. 82 as per request of J. J. Guyer. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark. and seconded bv Morris that 2 mill levy for Road Maintenance or Construction Fund be credited as follows: one-half to main- exemption be made, time anfl In the manner . aw that a writ of possession Issue tTthe Sheriff ot Kos/iuth county, Iowa, commanding him to put such purchaser tn possession ot said ^Y^nTnd each of you are further notified that plaintiff, In ,*aid petl-, tion, demands that pursuant-.tp the terms Of'the mortgage aforesaid, a receiver be appointed to take-pos" session of said premises- and to collect the rents, testieS and profits therefrom,-and to apply the same In Accordance with the terms of said "Vent and each of you are further notified that no personal Judgment s aeked against ahy of the defend? ants above named, except the de- 'endant Amelia Heidenwlth. For further particulars, see «la petition now on file. :. ANT> NOW, unless you 'appear thereto and defend, on or before noon of the second day of the next terttftof said conrt^b*ltig*the*M*rCh I9S2 term thereof, which conwneB and wm be held at the CourtTHouW at Algona, Koasuth County, Iowa, on the ?8th day of March 1932^ default will be entered against you, and Judgment and decree rendered thereon, as prayed. ^ ,R. P. CLOUOH, 21-24 -Attorney for the Plaintiff, 14.85 3.00 8.37 3.50 3.57 2.50 .75 172.75 133.00 3.30 3.30 ., Edna Johnson. 'Bancroft Hood's cash Store, provisions 32.20 Carl IBIusch, Bancroft, 3 weeks ........... • •••• l'-20 Mrs. Mabel Doss, Bancroft. 1 mo ........... 10.00 C. Sandt, Bancroft, one month ............... B.OO Merrill 'Bros., provisions ..... M.-I Nick Nemmers, Bancroft. 1 wk ........... 6.00 Mrs. H. Johnson, Bancroft, 1 mo ........... 20.22 A. Burgman, Cancroft, month ...... ......... 10-05 J H. Sheridan, Agt., rent for N. J. Nemmers, 1 mo ......... S.OO Bettln's Cush Store, provls- Elinor T. Sutton, trans, for Ada Beltz, Burt W. ; H. 'Zentner, labor .. Elinor T. Sutton, transp. for John Nowell, IBuffalo Center Elinor T. Sutton— transp. for Louise Kibler. Nevada, Mo *S--1 Transp. for Mrs. J. H. TJor- sey, Duqmvm, HI J14.8L IFrank L. Miller, light service County .Farm ••••• (Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., tel. service social work- M. C. 'Fraiidsen, ialior Co. farm 17.13 n.oo 18.00 .30.00 23.02 15.45 17.44 27.00 68.98 1S1.60 94.oO 110.95 344.30 90.75 L. E. Hovey, sheriff $ 128.92 Charles Clapsaddle, bounty .. 1.70 City of Algona, light and water service 131.99 A. J. Heliien, bounty 2.40 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. service 67.00 99.30 64.05 99.75 Wm. Hansehman, patrol 20.30 Ed 'Fuchsen, patrol 110.95 Elmer Ewlng, patrol Tom Weir, patrol .. John Hanselman, patrol; 122.80 111.30 farm :A'™ iR. A. Clark-Provisions 69. W Loyd Haubeck, Algona, for one week * 2.00 Wm. Vanderwerf, for one week .Robt. Bowman for 'mo. of Jan 1° Henry Cook, for mo. of Jan J-' S4 Earl Bowman, for mo. of Jan. 9 -°l Edwin Johnson, for «no. of Jan • I 3 - 83 Mne & S.1oi?ren, provisions ... iF. N. Elbert, for one week • 4 - 59 Mary ITmberhauer, for 1 month H.o John Seifert, for 1 mo. 13.« Albert Davis, for 1 mo. 19.75 Wm. Van Scoyoc, for 1 week o.-il Chas. Gunder, for 3 wks. 11.29 John iFox, for 1 mo. ... 4.S9 L lgona Coop. Creamery Co., provisions - 1 ' 00 Mrs. Henry Cook, for 1 month o- 58 Mrs. Emma Beard, for 1 month 6 - 5S C. Gunder, for 1 mo.... 2.79 Matt Frandsen, for 16 • days * •• 1*44 O M. White, for 15 days 1.35 (Francis Elbert, for 8 days - L« Earl IBtowman. for 2o days 3- 50 H. M. Smith, engineer 270.00 P. J. Balgeman, com. and session W. E. McDonald, com. and 171.02 session 220.6S >Olaf 'Funnemark, com. and session 193.9G Chas. Morris, com. and session 247.57 P. J. Heiken, coni. and session .. 220.48 Helen Harlff, labor Mary K. Sands, labor O. A. Samson, labor 'L. L. Lease, labor Edward F. Christ, labor .. . MarBuret E. Roderick, labor W. P. Rlnsler, labor Wm. Shirley, expense J. A. McDonald,'delinquent tax collector ... L. 10. Hovey. expense .. ..— n. C. Baas, tustee mtg Henry Bailey, trustee mtg. SO.OO 78.00 75.00 11.49 7.-19 5.57 10.f,7 30.9G 17.17 97.40 4.00 12.00 L. A. Boleneus, trustee mtg... 12.00 John Bormann, trustee mtg... 4.00 Henry Bormann, trustee mtg. 4.00 P. M. C'hristenson,, trustee mtg 4.00 Fred A'. Diekmann, trustee mtg 12.00 Henry Eischeld, trustee mtg.. 4.00 Peter Elbert, trustee mtg 8.00 Ole K. Vlom, trustee mtg. ... 12.00 J. H. iFraser, trustee mtg 4.00 John iFrideres, trustee mtg. .. 4.00 J. F. Gllmore, trustee rots. ... 4.00 L. (B. Holllster, trustee mtg... 4.00 olimd. J194.00; allowed 189.00 S. D. McDonald, patrol 123.20 Clem Goodman, patrol ... Peter IMovlck, patrol Joe M. Esser, patrol Win. O. Ludwlg, patrol .. J. H. Montgomery, patrol G. W. Leeper, patrol Will Leeper, patrol Joe Helderscheldt, patrol Ole Gerdes, labor Max Meging, labor Leonard 'Arndorfer, labor . Arnold Harms, labor Everett Faith, labor Ed Baker, labor Elmer Elllngson, labor ... Cecil Thoreson, dragging . Albert Kressin, dragging 83.47 94.15 99.92 ifi.56 105.35 31.50 114.45 64.55 24.« 2.7C 4.9C 5.8C 46.90 8.11 7.8C 7.5C 7.5C \Vm. Spelcher, dragging 18.0 John A. Sleper, dragging 6.0 Guy Carlson, dragging 32.2i A. R. Crulkshank, dragging .. fi.O L. Doege, dragging 3.7 Freddie ' Eden, dragging 15.7i Dan Froehlich, dragging .. .. 17.2o John Koestler, dragging 4.5 C. K. Rippentrop, labor 9.7 George Vltzthum, dragging ... 12.0 George B. Streit, dragging ... 3.2 C. K. Kohlhaas, dragging — 4.80 L. H. Junkermeier, dragging. 22.1 Arthur Johnson, dragging .... 7.!V Henry Dontje, dragging 39.E Hanm (Boeckholt, dragging ... 39. 'i Victor A|jplegate, dragging .. , 9.( H. A. Adams, dragging 6.7 Geo. Wolf, dragging 2.-! Nick Mergen, dragging 3.( John CFrlderes. dragging 1 10.! Joe Mayne. dragging J5.0 Ward & Goetz, dragging .. .. 41.2 Wilbur A. Fisher, dragging .. 108.1 Harlenvplah, labor .".... 2.4 Ed Underdahl, labor 8,55 Lawrence Doege, labor 8.00 Kennedy Brothers Co., as- slsnm ... J. A. Roberts, bridge 259.2 John Droesaler, labor 32.< Martin Branflt, gravel 6.0T H«w., supplies .... 23. ions Julius Brlggs, 1 wk., IBurt Leader Cash Store, prov. Mrs. E Johnson, Burt, 3 mo. . .. 'Hurt iFarmers Exchange, fuel. .Bert 'Godden, Burt ... .. 8.35 Mrs. A. Klnney, Burt . 12.00 W. T. Peters, med. aid Her- •bert Walker ••• •• Dr J. G Clapsaddle, med. aid . J. Brlggs, Burt 10.00 E. Belsch, Plum v Creek twp 24.00 Mrs.. H. Graham, Portland twp. ..• 22.50 Mrs E. Johnson, -Blurt... 7.50 Bert Godden, Burt ..... 3.00 University Hospital, drugs for Otis Moore, Burt .— National Drug Co., supplies .. Matt Frandsen. Algona 10.80 Otis Moore, Burt 20.00 Dr Pierre Sartor, med. aid Marie Huber, Britt Crystal Farmers Ass n, fuel, S. Mosiman, 'Crystal "Lake .. Farmers Elevator- Co., fuel, Vallle Shott, Fenton K. L. Williams, Md., med. aid W. Thaves, Lakota Thaves Sisters, prov. ITred Thaves, 1 mo., Lakota ... ... iF. Weyerhaeuser Co., fuel for Mrs. O. Brauer, Ledyard ... iF. Welerhaeuser Co., fuel for Glen Shaver, Ledyard Tlede & Schneider, prov. Mrs. •Geo. Scrlbner, Lu' Verne, 1 mo Llchty '& Ross, fuel iFrank Stewart, Lu Verne 7.2S. Mrs. E. Zeutlau, Lu- Verne .^ .' 82.97 Mrs. W. H. Ellis, prov, for •Geo, Scrlbner, Lu Verne, 1 mo Benedict's Store, provisions .. Chas, Burk, Lu Verne, 1 week G.57 IFred Schmidt, Lu Verne, 1 mo 14.24 B. W. iBeardsley, med. aid Mrs. Nick Klein B. F. Burtls, rent, .Mrs, M. 'Zetlau, Lu Verne , J. ,\V. Hewitt, rent, Nick .Klein, Llvermore iFred Tlede, rent, Geo. Scribner, Lu Verne Welter Store, prov. Joe Mc- 3.03 42.86 20.35 3.00 67.00 tenance fund, and one-half structlon fund. Ayes: All. to• con- On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. February 1C. I 932 BERTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. LEGAL NOTICES) ORIGINAL NOTICE In the District Court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth County. The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Plaintiff, vs. Amelia Heidenwlth, Irma D. Adams : County Savings Bank, of Algona, loWa, L. A. Andrew, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa Whittemore State Bank, Whittemore, Iowa, L. A. Andrew, Superintendent of' Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the Whittemore State Bank, Whlttemore Iowa, Ervin J. Heldenwith, Defendants. To: Amelia Heldenwith, Irma D :een ttf«!4)f,oll Section ftti <tt TWnShin o* ehtltfed to the 240 acres, to the Gover claiming 8 and for cost, petition prays Judgment an 7, closure accordingly an ? d eatable relief ;..*„„ *™ «• particulars as to ,pi alntl ° t , '"' , demands and prayers, y • ) f ! lc ' Plal. the, the said petition ,o n ftlsb asks for the Receiver and for ment .,.., "And Unless you appear tv and defend before noon of •ond^day of the next Ter Court, the same A. D. 1932 Cotifrt, Which will be Court House at A County of Kossuth, and Ibwa, on the 28th day O f D. 1932, your default win and judgment will be against 'you for the fun 'j claimed, and for costs, Includi torney feeaj : said mortgage established, as a , li en upt,,, premises and foreclosure O f mortgage;will be had; and suci,I ;er,and further .relief will ,b e B l! As' equity .iniiyS'airect, in its b vi ? . ;• .. ' YJT/-vnnTi« - w * u l, State • Ma rch , J be wllfi 23-26 . HOBBET BYRON B. Attorneys for 7.50 30.80 85.50 4.45 10.20 41.50 15.00 14.20 10.00 25.00 90.26 4.96 20.81 5.00 20.00 10.00 12.00 Corinell,- Llvermore .'.. ....... 10.86 C. S. Jolmson, provisions . Hurley Adams, for 4 wks. 13.35 'F. Klein, for !i wks. ... 6.76 .C. Wandllng, for 3 wks. 9.99 S. Moslum, for 1 wk. ... 3.37 Anna Madson, for 1 wk.. 2.32 Oliver 'Bakken, for 1 wk. 2.89 Jens Knudsen, for 2 wks. 8.70 A. Hardgrove, 1 wk. ... 2.19 'Bloom's 'Store, provisions ... A. Hardgrove, 3 wks. .. 8.52 G. M. White, 4 wks. ... 16.83 iR. Mason, B wks 25.17 IF. Klein, 1 wk . 4.28 C. Gunder, 3 wks 11.65 iLong's Grocery, provisions — C. Mathlson. 5 wks 19.78 C. Oorsey, 1 wk 1.49 Ed Belsch, Plum Creek twp., 4 wks .... 13.11 Martin Pederson, 4 wks. 13.92 J. Schlimmel, 5 wks 15.95 Max Meslng, 3 wks 14.63 Rite Way Grocery, provisions* Janle Chapin, 1 wk 2.08 Albert Blanchard, 4 wka 24.32 Frank Hanson, 3 wks. . 6.23 Julius Briggs, 1 mo 10.00 Herbert Adams. 1 wk.| . 1.63 J. Knudsen. 1 wk 6.06 W. E. Baker, 4 wks 13.75 Thos. Akre, provisions Wm. Vanderwerf, 2 wks. 4.77 Mrs. Henry Koch, 1 mo. 11.72 White's Grocery, prjvlslons .. 'Grant Hagg, 4 wks 14.68 J. Schlmrael, 1 wk 1.40 •Forest Mlnard, 1 wk. •• 3.6S Albert Neuroth, Sexton. 1 wk 1.71 John Helmers, 4 wks. •• 15.42 G. W. Gunder, 4 wks. .. 12.17 H. R. Sorensen & Co., provisions •E. J. Jones, 6 wks 28.26 H. HelTOers, 4 wka 13.46 'Dave Hasz. 1 wk 3-<X> IGeo. Bo.ren, 2 wks 6.22 ., Matt TTr&nsen, 4 wks. .. 13.61 Arthur Neltzel. 4 wks... 25.06 Kossuth Hospital, hospital care *..' .'•, • •• Chas. Gunder, Algona. . 8,00 Chris Nelson Algpna ... 38.00 49.57 66.35 78.88 64.07 16.49 49.06 Mrs. Floyd O. Pasley. labor for Ernest Burch, Sexton 10.00 Floyd Pasley, light serv. Fraser family 4.35 Otto Neuman, prov. Joe Fraser, 1 mo 38.85 C, G. Dourte, rent. Edward Anderson, 1 mo., Swea City. 10.00 C. E. Rohlin, rent, Mrs. H. 1C. •Hutehlnson, Swea City, 2 mos. ... 20.00 IFarmerB Co-op, Elevator Co., fuel , 52.60 Mrs. Carrie Thompson, Swea City 19,10 Ed Anderson 21.90 Mrs. Clare Erickson .... 11.60 B. L. Hanson, prov. Ed, Anderson, 1 mo 15,26 Sanborn's Cash Store, provisions • 9.87 Mrs. Cora Hutehlnson, Swea City, 1 wk 6.87 P. M. 'Besher, 1 wk 3.00 J. L. Raskopf & Co., fuel for Mra Mary Simons, St. Benedict ' 19.9ft Mrs., Mabel Dryland, nursing, Ed Hufoer' family, Brltt .. .. 15.00 Amos Kromminga Sr., rent, W. J. Walker, TItonka, 1 mo. ... .. 12.00 Farmery Elevator Co., ' fuel, Leora Godferson /--..... 72.65 C. >L. Cavanaugh, medicine James Morris, Whittemore . 1.60 A. W. Jurgens, milk. !Fred Schneider, West 'Bend Inc. . 3.97 Dr. iF. L. Adams, mad. aid ... 48.75 i Ernest.'B.urch,: Wesley , 20.00 •Clarence E. Robinson, Wesley 28.75 W. W. Dlrksen, prov. (R. D. Ollum, 2 wks. ... ... .,. ..... 9.31 'Kohlhaas 'Bros. Oarage, repairs and'storage 11.95 Lee Q. Wolf, supplies 10X10 Henry IBraun, beans- 8.60 Adams, County Savings Bank of Algona, Iowa, L. A. Andrew, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the County Savings Bank of Algona, Iowa, Whlttemore State Bank, Whlttemore, Iowa, Li. A. Andrew, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as- Receiver of the Whittemore State Bank, Whltte- more, Iowa, and Ervin J. Heidenwith, defendants above named: You and each of you are hereby notified that there Is now on file, in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Iowa in and for Kossuth County, the petition of the plaintiff above named, demanding personal judgment against the defendant. Amelia Heidenwlth, In the sum of $9,210.05, together with in- teyest on $9,000.00 of said sum at the rate of five per cent per annum from the 5th day of November, 1930, payable semi-annually, and with interest on $208.05 thereof at the rate of S per cent per annum from the 16th day ,of January, 1932, and with interest on $2,00 thereof at the rate of 5 per cent per annum from the 19th day of January, 1932, and for the costs of said action, including a reasonable attorney's fee for plaintiff's attorney, as provided by law, as justly due the -plaintiff upon the certain promissory note in writing given by the defendant Amelia Hei- denwlth and one Charles Heidenwith, now deceased, dated May 5th, 1922, for $9,000.00, originally due May 5th, 1927, with Interest at 6 per cent per annum, time of payment of which note was extended by extension agreement signed by the defendant Amelia Heldenwith on the 13th day of July, 1927, the said extension agreement fixing Interest at the rat'e of 5 per cent per annum, payable'' semi-annually, on the 5th day of May and of November In each year. You and each of you are further notified that ?208.05 of said sum is claimed for and on account of taxes upon said premises advanced by the plaintiff, and that '$2.00 of said sum Is claimed for and on account of expense of continuation of abstract of title, preparatory to foreclosure. You and each of you are further notified'that eald petition demands foreclosure of mortgage given by the defendant Amelia Heidenwlth and ne'r' husband Charles Helden- KOTICE.OF IXCOBPORATION TO WHOM IT MA-Y CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have associated themselves together under and by virtue of Chapter 384, title 19, of the 1927 Code of Iowa, and have adopted Articles of Incorporation, which provide as follows: - ' The name of this Corporation shall be "Kossuth County Implement Co.", and its principal place of business shall be Algona, Iowa, and the general nature of Its business shall be to handle, sell, and exchange machinery, implements, tools, mechanical devices, seeds, wares, and merchandise. ' '''' The authorized capital stock -by the Articles of Incorporation Is Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00),, divided Into shares of $100.00 each. No stock shall be Issued until the Corporation, has received payment In full therefore at par In cash. It shall commence business on the day the Secretary of State issues his Certificate of Incorporation authorizing It to do so and continue for twenty years with right of renewal. Tlie affairs of such Corporation are to be- conducted by no less^than three nor more than five directors, who shall hold their office for one year and until their successors are elented and enter upon the duties of their office, all of whom shall be stockholders of the Corporation. The Board of Directors shall have general charge of the business affairs of the Corporation, and all the powers of the Corporation are vested In Its Board of Directors, except as otherwise provided by law or by. action of the stockholders. The Directors shall have, full power to fill all vacancies in their number from whatever cause occurring, and such Directors so chosen shall hold their position until the next regular meet- Ing. The annual meeting of the stockholders of this Corporation shall be held at the principal office of the Corporation at Algona, Iowa, on the last Thursday In- December of each year at ten o'clock in the forenoon. All voting at stockholders' meeting shall be by ballot. Each person, firm, or corporation shall be entitled to one vote for each share of capital stock owned by such voter. A representation of the outstanding shares of stock in the Corporation shall constitute a quorum at stockholders' meeting. The Directors of this Corporation shall at their first meeting after the annual meeting of the stockholders of'this Corporation, elect from their own number a president and a vice president, who shall hold their office for one year and until their successors are elected and enter upon the du» ties of their office. They shall also elect a Secretary and Treasurer, who shall hold office during the pleasure of the Board. Until the -annual meeting to be held December 29th, 1932, C. L. Buell, J. W, Daw, and H. C, Struckman, shall constitute the Board of Directors, and C. L. Buell 'shall be President, J. W, Daw, Vice President, and H. C. Struckman, Secretary and Treasurer. NOTICE OF SHKBIFF'Sl STATE OP" IOWA, KO8SUTH COUNTY. SS. Notice, Is hereby .given that virtue of a Special Execution dlr e ert to me from the Clerk of tke h trlct Court of Kossu'.h county I M on a Judgment rendered Iti Court on the 13th"day of Pei 1932, In favor of Edward J. Hot ns Executor of the estate of L. Galbralth, deceased, as nlaini( and against" Colmun T. chii Laura T..Chubb, Chas. E. ch«u Ether L.'Chubb, Laura M. Pa| and Berte Li. Palmer, as detenu for the sum'of Four Thousand! Hundred Teh and 15/100 Dollars and-. Costs, taxed at Hundred Two and 48/100 Dollars and accruing costs, I)., levied .upon the following desert real property as the property of || said Colman T. Chubb, Laura Chubb, his wife, Ohas. E. Chiitj Ethel L.' Chubb, his wife, Laura Palmer and Berte L. Palmer, husband, Mike Loss and S. N. ]_ rls to satisfy said execution, t'o-ii The North Half of the South- Quarter (N% of SWy 4 ) of Twenty-three (23), Township; ty Five (95)'North, Range Twei Nine (29) West of the Fifth P,: and I will proceed to sell said, pro erty, or so much thereof as i be necessary. to satisfy said e» tion, with costs and accruing i at public auction, to the hlg bidder, for caeh In hand, 15th day of March, 1932 at eust door, of the Court In Aigpna, In Kossuth County, Ion at'the hour of 10 o'clock a. said day, when and where duel tendance will be given by the uni signed. Dated thla 15th day of 1931. v" : • L. E. HOVETJ , Sheriff, of Koeeuth County, By Everett L. Harris, Deput Sullivan, McMahon & Llnnan, Plaintiffs Attorneys. »OOK. DB. CON8TANTINE'» . t» rein) •••• Xiralment Belltnt I Cum*. Wrn« NOW-Df. !•• IlklU, 7-m JB^MB City. Uw*. The private property of the stockholders of this Corporation shall foe exempt from liability for indebtedness of this Corporation, which Indebtedness shall at no time exceed two-thirds of its Capital stock Issued and outstanding. , C. L. BUEL.L, J. W. DAW, H. C. STRUOKMAN. INEXPENSIVE WIESCBIP GUARANTEED TO BSD BHEPMATISM Thousands Joyfully Astonlsheli Swift 48 Hour Belief. Progressive phamracists will' I you that the popular big selling P ecriptlon for rheumatism right i Is Allenru— for 85 cents you canf a generous bottle from Eby or any up-to-date druggist _ You .can get It with an absoli guarantee that If It doesn't stopl paln^-rthe agony — and reduce ^ swelling In 48 hours— your back. . Uric Ac»4 PolBOn Starts l» Vrty In 24 Honri . 24-27 2-25-32 . Out of your joints and muecleil the uric acid deposits that c your Buffering— it's a safe, scientific? formula— free from ! ful or pain deadening d The' same absolute holds good fop sciatica, neuritup lumbago— quick, Joyful relief -I more idle days — it remove* cause. " ORIGINAL NOTICE In the District Court of Iowa in and for Kossuth County, March Term, A. D. 1932. THE FEDERAL LAND BANK OF OMAHA,, a Corporation, Plaintiff, Hro • vs. 89.00 Hoe .& PJogren, Assign 16.20 Elinpr etc, T. Sutton, supplies, 8.80 E. Jones, Algona .... .. 1.05 C GundeA Algona .... , 2.00 Ed Belsch, Algona 60 J. Helmers, Algona .... 2.50 Mary Bggert, Algona ,, .76 Miscellaneous '••• ... -....2.0Q Zender & Caldwell, ' BUPpUe? Co. Far,m : t . -;,f ..,'•'.., Hub Recreation . Par4pr.'"-»UP- ^Plles-i(3c}._!pa ri n _- ,,,^., u. . 2.6ft with, now deceased; securing payment of the aforesaid debt, and covering the south half of the northeast quarter-; arid the north forty acres of the. southeast quarter of section number- one, in . township number ninety-six north, of range number thirty west, Kossuth County,' Iowa. You and each of you 'are further notified that the whole sum, secured by said mortgage is declared due by the. plaintiff; by reason of default in the payment of interest and Installments of principal aforesaid, and you and each of you are further notified -that said petition alleges that plaintiff's mortgage aforesaid ia paramount, superior and prior to the right, title, lien, claim, or interest of any pf the defendants in and to said real estate, aad prays for decree plaintiff* 8al d execution M. j. MCCARTHY and MAYME MC* OARTHY, husband and wife; J 0 *™, RUGER and MRS. JOHN RUQER, husband and wife; and AGNES MCCARTHY, Defendants TO M. j. MCCARTHY and MAYMB ^ARTHY, husband and w«el JOHN RUGER and MRS. JOHN RUGER, husband and wife;Tnd AGNES MCCARTHY: .;"*""* You are hereby notified that there to now on fUe, in the office of the !?J f tbe Dl8tr1 ^ C6"t QJ Kossuth County, Iowa, a petitio,, O f The EASY PLEASANT TOLOSEFAI How wowld you like to harmlcjssly Ipse 15 pounds oi i a month and at the same crease ypur energy and your Health? Jfov >VQ»W you like to i (loMb,lt {Ph^n apd.your too i* hips and abdomen and at ' tlnie paak? ypur sWn so c clear tJjat'i^ .will compel Won? - Get .on pf a Plaintiff, claiming O f you M> McCarthy 'and,Mayme McCarthy Personal judgment fpr the sum of I W ^,; three T ^«^nd Seven Hundred Fifty and 4l/ i 00 ( » 2 3,75M1) Dollars together with interest at the rate of -8% from and after -the today ' •**: v» i*"l* r+*T *F.^WT~- — i.**oH how mwb, you weigh—tnen topttle. 9^ ^rwacfeen Salts tW'a next to noting, and which »W you 4 spponful Fel}ruary ' together »** «ale of said premises, 0, go wiH ' -. geer with attorney fees and costs and

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