The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio on September 2, 1965 · Page 11
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The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio · Page 11

New Philadelphia, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 2, 1965
Page 11
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The Daily Times, New Philadelphia, O., Thursday, September 2, 1965—Page 9 RFK Fears Racial Viol C* iT^ n«i -iet In Northern Cities RFK: “More leadership will have to come from the Negroes’ By LOUIS CASSELS United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) - Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, D - N.Y., said today the racial problems rights in the Deep South. said. “More leadership will have to come from the Negroes themselves,” he said. Religious Tradition Kennedy pointed out that the civil rights movement in the South is deeply rooted in reli- | South and up to now have had “It is unfortunate that major'relatively little time to devote Negro leaders have been im-;to the difficult problems in the mersed in the problems of the North. “Civil rights progress in the of northern cities are worse giouh tradition and has been than those of the South and if , led by ministers who have by left to ferment may lead to more violent explosions like the Los Angeles riot. He said unemployment, overcrowded housing, white indifference and a failure of Negro leadership have produced a “dangerous situation” in scores of urban ghettoes. “In all these places are riots waiting to happen,” he told UPI in an interview. He said the government should expand its efforts to raise living standards in these and large preached and practiced non-violence. “The North has lacked this tradition and has had too little of this kind of leadership,” he Marine Training Cut To 8 Weeks WASHINGTON (UPI) - The South is important. But the army of the resentful and desperate is even larger in the North than in the South, and it ~ . . .is an army without generals, or Mannc Corps Wednesday cut■ ,aj -almost without 5er. i—. from 12 to 8 Ho Chi Ming Says Americans To Be Defeated boot training weeks. The reduction in recruit training time, at Parris Island, S.C., and San Diego, Calif., was or dered to speed the training of Marines for the Viet Nam war. A similar eight-week training 35. .growth of poverty? phenomenon? a clear warning of what will across the nation, if we Ain’t geants. “During and after every riot, such as the one in Harlem last ,’jyear or the one in Los Angeles four last month, city officials plead for Negro leaders who can negotiate an end to the violence The senator from New York A..That has a lot to do withj A. No, I don't. I think it was;happen in other cities, all;act quickly. is sober-faced, even grave in,it. The rate of Negro unemploy- demeanor. That is the way he ment, nationwide, is twice the has been most of the time, white rate. And in many urban since Nov. 22, 1963. He looks: ghettoes, the percentage of Ne- tired and tense, and a brief groes out of work runs as high time in his company makes it as 25, 30, even 40 per cent, easy to understand why. Lack of work means lack of His office in suite 1205 of the money . . . and living in over- new Senate office building is a crowded, rat-infested housing. <• » i , A m /IamKIit Uo f n f n lr A U n madhouse of feverish activity, And doubly hard to take be with a dozen aides jammed cause ad around them they see in program was used in World and estabbsb a channel of com- War II and the Korean War. munication to the rioters. But into space hardly adequate for unprecedented prosperity, or five, telephones jan- which they aren>t sharing, gling, secretaries darting hither Q .Are you surprised to find ra- and yon with papers, and a n cial violence breaking out in endless stream of visitors. Cautious With Answers [northern cities that have prided themselves on having no segre- MOSCOW (UPI) - North Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh said Wednesday the urban areas as rapidly as pos- 1 Americans will be defeated if sible “to keep more Negroes!they keep fighting in Viet Nam. from becoming so disaffected **it is obvious that American that they feel they have little |imperialists are bogged ^ pau| Yoder Dipt to lose from violence.’ 't0 their necks in Viet Nam,”| ~ But white people cannot do the wispy - bearded Commu- Kennedy is gun-shy about Satlon *lUvS- questions dealing with politics A. No. During the Birming- trained, however. In knocking “Too many Negroes who sue- or foreign policy. He is aware iiam crisis in 1963, I met with off four weeks, the Corps order- ceed in climbing the ladder of j his answers will be scrutinized many northern businessmen, Marines will be no less well; tbiey aren 1 10 be f°und- ed intensified training and in- education and well-being fail to increased numbers of hours de- ■ extend a helping hand to their pie voted to it each week. and perhaps twisted—by poo- newspaper publishers and civic looking for documentation officials who seemed to think fellows on the rungs below. 1 0f his alleged feud with Presi- lhat the race problem was con- think we white people must de-.qent Johnson. He is at pains to fined 10 the South- 1 kePt try-| mand as much from the many!av0id any statement that could inS t0 tel1 them that they would i Negroes who already share the possibly be construed as criti- soon face even worse problems FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (UPI) advantages of our affluent so- Cism of the President, and goes in their own communities. Un nist leader said in an article In m a g a z i ne New the whole job of relieving con ditions that cause riots, said the i the Soviet former attorney general, who Times won the respect of Negroes byj “The further they continue his firm enforcement of civil the war the more defeats they i will suffer and the more difficult it will be for them to avoid inevitable disaster,” he said. Says Krebiozen Is Worthless CHICAGO (UPI) - A government chemist who tested the Nam shall be reunited.” alleged anli-cancer drug krebi-i --------------------Ohio Apple Crop Called Excellent BERLIN HEIGHTS, —Paul P. Yoder, 68, former lieutenant governor of Ohio, died yesterday in a local hospital. Yoder served Ohio as lieutenant governor in 1937-38. He also was a three-term state representative from Dayton. He became widely-known in Ho said no matter how many i1AOA .. , , , , , ____________i 1 the 1930s as the leader of the ciety.” out of his way to register fortunately, none of them be- agreement with things Johnson deved ft- Boyish Look Gone Robert Kennedy will be 40 on has said about the war on pov- Q .Why do you say that the; * problem in northern cities is he more explosive than in the Nov. 20. He no longer has the erty and civil rights, boyish look he had when he be- Among other things, came attorney general in his shares the President’s belief1 South? brother’s Cabinet at the age of the government must deal! A. Well, the southern civil —— -----------------------—“ quickly and firmly with any rights movement has been outbreak of violence, even strongly led by men like Dr. troops the American aggressors send to South Viet Nam they shall be defeated. The Vietnam ese pccple shall win. 'Viet Nam shall be liberated and: “hatchet men,” a group Democrats who opposed Gov. ‘‘“‘“. Martin L. Davey, D-Kent. Yoder is survived by his wife, Martha, and two daughters. Services will be Friday in Dayton. ozen Wednesday testified she, could not have detected mixed! substances of less than 1 per cent Testifying in the federal jury Highway Safe+y of Law Is Effective COLUMBUS (UPI) — Two; injustices, new laws, aimed at better safety regulations along freeways causes of a riot is before or af- aimed at breaking down spe- ■ t 1 I. a - A .. a:_* Ar> *1 i~r AlttU VAA 1 r O A) ft A f'fin r* n tl Art U A A %•*» T> 1 % 4- [though it may reflect accumu-:(Martin Luther) King who are lated grievances against social committed to non-violence. It has been, for the most part, a “The time to worry about the well - disciplined campaign Ohio trial of the drug’s promoters, (UPI) — Processing and juice Mrs. Alma Hayden of the Food apples this year should bring and Drug Administration (FDA) good pnees, the chairman of said she found only mineral oil the Ohio Agricultural Marketing in the tests she conducted. Association’s On cross-eaxination.m how- board thinks, ever, she said the sensitivity of: “Based on the crop condi- her analysis was very' low in! tions, demand for apple prod- detecting materials of less than ucts and the competing fruit , a lobby just off the chamber Wednesday. The fire in a rack of news ,nnl, ■P»Pers was quickly extin- 1PP f* 8 gashed and there was little damage. But smoke was so and school bus transportation, ter, not during the outbreak,’’ icific segregation barriers. But went into effect in Ohio yester- Kennedy said. “Anti - poverty the northern problems are prob- day. programs won’t stop bullets lems of everyday living, in jobs Privately owned school buses ’from killing or fires from burn- and housing and education, must now be licensed by the ing. Any riot must be put down They affect too many people state and the owners made lia- with sufficient force to stop it too directly for involvement to »be restricted to those with the ! patience, discipline and inclina- But the real objective is to lion to practice non-violence prevent riots, and to achieve And we are still looking for the Real Objective Solons Smoked a WASHINGTON (UPI)-Smoke ble for three-year suspension or quickly. from burning newspapers filled revocation °* license# for safety House violations. Tbe busses must be inspected by the Highway Patrol and an inspection decal dis- this “we need to do far more— same strong Negro leadership in a far more urgent fashion,” in the North that we have had played. TTie second law bans pedestrians, farm tractors and ma- thick that congressmen had t0ichinc_7- blyf.Ies- .m“.0,r5des’ mask themselves with handker 1 per cent substance. situation, a base price of $3.90 chiefs to keep from choking. The government maintains; per hundredweight for process- krebiozen is nothing more than ing apples and $1.75 for juice’ a regular body substance, and apples is very realistic.” said said the drug is worthless. The Miles Phillips, Berlin Heights. he said. Q. Such as what? A. Expanding the animal -drawn vehicles and program. More aid to educa- ing to outdo the other in offer- animals from Ohio freeways. It tion. Better housing programs, ing unreal hopes and dangerous Q..Is unrest among Negroes hates. ;in the South. Demagogues have j too often usurped positions of poverty leadership, with each one striv- Times Class Ads DO pay. I accidents. hopefully would facilitate free-; j way driving and eliminate some in northern cities mainly an! Q..You don’t think the Los economic thing an out-.Angeles riot was an isolated four krebiozen promoters on trial said l-100th miligram anti- He added that current crop conditions in Ohio, Michigan, cancer material was mixed New York and Pennsylvania in- with a cubic centimeter of mineral oil. dicated that an excellent crop will be harvested this fall. FAR AH puts luxury look permanent press slacks. ‘lney're ironing while they’re drying Waiter PI “ nu mmm /3 SLACKS with FaraPress An elegant, new, yarn* Farah fabric that presses itself after washing, tailored for the man who likes the slim, streamlined look of beltfess, cuffless slacks! In the season's top new shades of Olive-Blue, Blue-Green, Clay, Charcoal, Faded Blue, Char*Brown, Dark Olive, Wolih 28" to 38" Langtlit 28" to 33" ES FOR MEN Miracle lant Plaza - Dover, Ohio SHOP these A ci • n Miracle Lane Plaza's Leading Fashion Store VALUES THE TOTAL LOOK FOR TEEN-AGERS Stockings and Tops With Swinging Skirts or Bell Bottom Slacks 2.98 3.98 Skirts With Matching Socks . Sheaths Or "A" Line Skirts .. Shells Or Jackets ........................3.98 Bell Bottom Slacks......................3.98 Sheltie Sweaters ..........................3.98 DAY SALE THURS.-FRI.-SAT., SEPT. 2-3-4 ALL OF OUR GIRLS 2.98 SCHOOL DRESSES 2 for 5. Wonderful Styles For Gir!«'3-6H,7-14 Solids - Stripes • Plaids Bring in the girlsl Try them on! Wonderful Styles and Colors in Wash Wear Fabrics... 1.00 Lays Them GIRLS' PILE LINED WINTER COATS FROM A FAMOUS MAKER (some with detachable hoods) BOY COATS PLAID COATS CORDUROYS WOOL MELTONS 10 . 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