Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 11, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1932
Page 5
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L ALGONA - THE QUALITY IB UP Thursday, Saturday Matinees, 10-2BC. POWELL GEORGE IN A 6lG PUN SHOW "High Pressure" V Wonderful. "• iream. , Sid February 18. : 30 'matinees, 10-26c. |ln Tin Tin Serial Episode No. 2 —•with— FRANKIE 0ARROW and HOOT GIBSON a great" 'Western -action picture "Local, B»*]lf an" ' It's !».furt* .aiMlHthrlH • ahow, •— — „ i and >M*nd«r» Feb. 14 and 15 and 3 o!«lock matinee*, 10-30c. LROL LOMBARD PAUL LUKAS Rupert 'Hughes' story "So One-. Man? | No man. -could .occupy her heart EX-ALGONANS HOLDGABFEST ON THE COAST Mrs. E. B. Butler in Get-togetherVfatlij Old Friends, By Nellie G. Bowyer. -\ "•I" 1 " '•'--"• - COUNTY ADVANC&AljQQKA, IOWA ,. | Palm BeachV glittwraf lavish parts. Luxuriou* ocean linen wlay, W«dnetday, and 17 In "Manhattan Parade" [it's air.tecbnieolor,'; ,\ , ILdughB,- thHlte, beauties. rhunday, Friday, Fe». x 18 and 19. MARIE DRESSLER In . "Emma" ,ONG'S lome Made. Sausage, Ib. lOc TRY A POUND pkgs. Cracker Jack ___10c prunes, fancy dry^ Ib. ____7c FISH EVERY DAY LOOK OVER OUR lOc CAN GOODS BASKETS includes STRING BEANS " TOMATO JUICE GARDEN PEAS SAUERKRAUT TOMATOES CORN PURE FRUIT JAM Large pound jar, 23c. Long's [Fares Slashed! GOOD FOB 4 Big Day* CHICAGO AND RETURN $8 [February 19-20 HAX.P FARE . in coaches only on all trains ItVSbruary 19' and 'JO.. turu to reach lUrtlar print by midnight Fehnury W BUY YOU* TICKETS EARLY IPor further particulars consult Ticket Agent |Ml|LWAUKEE aOAD eau FAMOUS AJTD POPULAR QJ4, > TOP? DANCE) P«* ;!* f t wi ^r .,,.,, had been ordered' to London; but be-! cause of the troubles In, China ..probably will not go at this tim^. .In the British army an officer^is, allowed tb take his family wher> ever he goes, also a maid to care for children. The Fields have' |t little boy. Mrs. Field will riot have time to teach music In England. She has taught in music schools In; China. Captain anil Mrs. Field do not like LondoA, where, as they put It, they have to do "time." It takes 40 days'tw go from Shanghai to London by transport. > ,;,],••• :: ' .Hollywood, Jan. 22—Mrs.; r JE. j ! < R Cutler, of Ataecadero, Calif.) visaed riends in southern California -ten ays at holiday time. It'"was !her Irst visit since 1924. We "are both some talkere," and we had so-'much o talk about and so much reiWiri- isclng to do that we had pur heads ogether for daye. Gwendolyn said we were having an endurance.- corir Mrs. • Bu tier misses old and- - ''dose rlends in her lonejy home,at AJcae- adero. She has rib near-jrielghbors nd"so-'caiinot enter Into vthat social ife there Is-there.' Besides, being eaf, she is deprived ,of public enter? :alnment, and since the talkies came n Is even deprived of the movies, which used to be her greatest means if enjoyment. She always lovedfthe activities'of life, and is of a most social nature. Despite all, however he same-jolly, happy, and helpfu person that everyone In Algona usefl to love. Old Friends are Visited. We had eome Sf our heaviest rains, during Mrs. Butler's visit/ so she was unable to call on many: olc rlends, but ehe did visit her old chum, Mrs. Cina Call. Her brother Harry Wilson, and his wife live at, jong -Beach; aleo the Pangburns ,nd the Mann sisters. Cora Setchell ives at San Diego. Mrs. Butler's daughter, Marjorie teaches phyelca' education in the public schools ol JDS Angeles. In spare time Marorie,.besides editing a book page ir magazine, writes advertising ''and does other literary work. '.". Last fall Gwendolyn, Muriel, and l.'drove to San Diego and spent al host all our time there hunting up May Farley McCarty, with whonj ,w had lost contact for several years We found her and her three chll dren living in the suburbs. She be came paralyzed six years ago on her right side, and almost lost the use o the hand &n& foot, but is now much jetter. There are two girls of 10 anc S and a boy almost 6. May is happy that she can be with her children As I have mentioned before, all; the Parleys have been 'great lovers o children. ?: • Our Algona club had been cage to do something for. her, so .we made a lot of clothes for the children,, and Gwendolyn, Muriel, and. I took; the goods with us. We had such a load that the car was packed, 'and" the family was delighted with all the pretty things, Among other things Mrs. S, B. French gave a jgooc coat which fitted one little girl,;and It was the first coat the. child t'ha< had. A little money was sent t>y a friend, and of course we dldnlt; for get a lot of goodies for Christmas. Visit* Dens of Tla Juana. I also visited my old friend Cora Though it has been 14 years since here, I had never been in 'ifexico, so, we crossed the line a Tla Juana and drove down; th town's main street, which is linec with saloons of frontier construe tion. The doors were open and;w could see inside, but there were few people vteible either inside or' out side. Then we drove on till we cam to the imposing entrance to Agu Callente, where all but Cora, • wh accompanied us, got out.to see'wjha was to be seen, Cora wa*. dteguste with the whole thing, of j'cpurse. an ,. the same, but I hUd curfoptt enough to want to see ,*Jhe -plac made, famous by gambli^ an^ llq uor. etrihient to San blego. It attracts oung and deters people with chll- reh from locating at San Diego. When we crossed the Interna-' iohal line we were met by a smll- ng Mexican guard, but were only old to pass on. • On coming back, owever, a etern-looklng American uard asked whether we had con- raband aboard. After-a reply In he negative we were -allowed to aas, but a following car, an old ••ord was closely examined, Evangelist Helps Tfecdy. Aimee Semple McPherson-Hutton eems to be doing more to help the eedy and unemployed than anyone lee here. She has established three oup kitchens. One is In a large ullding owned by the Yellow Cab ompany. Department and hard- vare stores furnished equipment, ind up-to 2,000 people a day are .fed. t Is said that Mrs. Hutton plans to xp'and enough to feed 5,000 a day. Bakeries and vegetable and fruit eople furnish supplies. When crops )f vegetables or fruit that are not worth gathering at present prices are heard of the church people go >ut and harvest them. The church has three or four services a day, and everyone who at- ends Is asked to 'contribute a car- ot, potato, onion, etc., each time. Altogether this amounts to a great eal. ,. Sorno , years ago there , were "0,000 members of the church here. don't know how many there are now. Mrs. Hutton gets the best meat at only 5c a pound. ' At one of he meetings she 1 was asking for money to buy meat, and one .man said he would give $100 for every $5 contributed. Many, many . hands went up. One man gives 20 sheep a week. One night, over the radio, I heard Wre. Hutton call for help for a nearby-town, and the next morning I lead in the paper that two trucks md been sent, loaded with supplies. For any great need Mrs, Button's supplies always seem to arrive first. 'eople who would otherwise have to walk the streets are allowed to sleep in th'e church. . .1 understand also that the .churches are kept ivarm all the time. It gets cold at night, even In southern California. Almco Is Looking Tired. Mrs. Hutton is looking tired. I lear that someone has offered to •ive her and Mr. Hutton a trip to Bermuda, to be followed by a visit to the Orient. The former Camilla Wilson, .her son Russell, and her husband are now with the Harry Wilsons at U)ng Beach. Camilla's husband has taken a course In chiropractic and s now a practitioner. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick 'Hornung are spending a few months here to escape the cold weather in Salt Lake Mty. They have an apartment near Mrs. Hornung's sister, Mrs. Annabel Davis. The two women are daughters of the late R. F. Hedrick, who was for 25 years or more Al- *r, „! ; Can anyone In Algona^reme^nbe hearing Gora and me »li*|— : '. "Come Join our temperance band, Come one and all; K j | Help drive out the land ^ ' | •. ' lcohol" '• ' Alcohol v f The place was aa attractive • a money could make it. Tb* castnp. te a large building.of Spa$sh tecture. It includes a la/ge with, all kinds of. gambling tables and at one end there to* r- didn't aeenj a good day W£ b however- F«w were gambling,. »n there were only three customers a the bar. S<*s *•». Win watched "a man , ^-v»»J«ck. He gave&e nsan s i charge a ten dollar bill,-and ip,re- turn received ten sliver dollar^ fc -°- ing the American eagle. roy " by Americans. I recall 'that named Baron Long. «• ahd saloonkeeper here,,-. that Jf prohibition was wntift W» the fine* Sour «*ort on the contnent In Memteo, within there. JLOCALS Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Kent sick at home Monday with day and off duty. eery, has had th« store redecorated. Mrs. J. T. ChrL Tuesday from Ml she had spent two weeks. in the week, and off duty. Mrs. Elizabeth day. ture. .. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Miller spent Sunday at Esthervllle, guests of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Thompson. Mrs.' R. E. Brown has returned from Mason City, where she spent a month with her daughter, Mrs. Walter Schoby. C. T. Chubb, who was confined to his bed a month with his old ailment, colitis, Is now up and around the house again. Jos. Mlsbach was expected, back last night from Blue Earth, where he had been-since Sunday, guest of the H. R. Rosewalls. , Dr. M. J. Kehefick has spent a few days this week at Minneapolis. Mra. Keneflck has been there during the last few weeks 'with' her sons. Kate Skinner, superintendent of MA 3. Kent spent at Des Moines. L. Harris was y with a cold. rs. E, C. Dick- ay and yester- ie Handy Gro- iterlor of his Illes got home eapolls; where eks. of the Paine & was sick early duty. aham, Iridlan- ral weeks with B. Kent. Advance llno- nployed at Mana visitor Sun- f-the Rlchard- s spending the buying furnl- and colds are keeping -many academy pupils at home. Myrtle Bearie went to Albert Lea one day last week to visit- the James Peacocks. She had been Visiting at E.^ j. Murtagh's. The Peacocks, who' are former . Algonians, are former near neighbors of the Beanes. Mr. Peacock Is an M. & St. L. railway postal clerk. Mr. and Mrs. John O. McDowell, Marie Beard, and Esther Quimby spent the week-end with their families at Waterloo and Cedar Falls. Mr. McDowell Is social science teacher at the high school, Miss Quimby teaches algebra, and Miss Beard teaches at the Bryant building. Deputy Sheriff Claude Samson drove to Ames Saturday and brought home his daughter Dorothy for a week-end visit. Irene Dalzlel, Algona, and Vera Morris, Lone Rock, came with them. Supervisor Charles Morris took them all back Sunday. The girls are all freshmen in home economics. Mrs. E. J, Skinner left for Springfield, 111., Saturday for. two months at her son Fred's. Fred Is employed In the Illinois state insur- C ME — In of the Anna he V a unl morro arva A gos Mrs. Urs. *aul vln V *VAn1* ; VtJII 1 3undc dev i*pwo >eopl« PCClf i> i ' J>A or—*! 7:30, jfnco itled, M«T> schools at Lu week-end with Verne, spent the her 'sisters, Mrs. ;ona's Milwaukee station agent. A picture 'called Union Depot Frank Seeley and Mrs. Anton DJd- rlksenl • ' •-•.-'• ••..-•'. Mrs. G. D. Sh'umway and her little son David returned Sunday from Orange City .and' Marathon, -where they had been since last Thursday, visiting friends. Judge Coyle, Humboldt, was looking after legal matters in district court here Tuesday and yesterday. He looks to be in better health since he left the bench. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Oliver spent Sunday at Mason City, guests of the latter's mother, Mrs. H. E. Gmelln. Mr. Oliver Is employed at the Elbert garage. Bernadine Barnes,- Rolfe, came last Thursday to visit her sister, Mrs. George Elbert. She recently finished a nursing course at Mercy hospital, Davenport. sick Her is Mrs. C. F. Lathrop has been since Saturday with "flu." ance department. Mrs. Skinner, who is recuperating from a recent major operation at Omaha, closed her residence on south Minnesota street till her return. M. P. Haggard, Melzar Falken- halner, and Charles Cunningham, Woden, drove to Fort Dodge Tuesday with Al Falkenhainer to attend the funeral of William Halre, Fort. Dodge druggist and member of the board of directors of the Druggists Mutual Insurance company. Mr. Ha.ire died Sunday. William Ferguson left for Washington, D. C., Friday to attend George Washington university and live with his father, Wm. K. Ferguson, employed in the Congressional library. His father has found temporary spare time work in the library for him. He will be a freshman In the university. Ellen Carlson and her uncle, Charles Olson, who had been at El Paso, Tex., since .November, 1 ' got home Sunday, traveling In a Chevrolet. They visited Ellen's sister, Mrs. John Jordan, who is the mother of a new baby. Mr. Olson, who Is a brother of Mrs. John Carlson, makes his home with her. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hertig, Buffalo Center, spent a few hours in the old home town Friday. Mr. Hertig, a former Algona hotel manager, now operates a hotel on his own account. The building narrowly escaped heavy damage or destruction in a recent fire which consumed several Buffalo Center business buildings. The Hugh Posts spent Sunday at Estherville, guests of the W. P. Pay- ors, who lived here a few years ago. Mr. Paylor is a civil engineer in the employ of the highway commission. Mrs. Paylor and her young daughter METHODIST, C. V. Hnise, -In addition to a regular meeting of the W. F. M. S. this week at Mrs. Anna March's, the same society and he W. H. M. S. will be hostesses at a union meeting at the church tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock in ob- arvance of a world day of prayer. A. gospel team consisting of Mr. and ry Johannsen, Mr. and rtrs. Russell Maxwell, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Danson, and Mr. and Mrs. Al^In Weber will have charge of an service at Titonka next Helen Morrow will lead a devotional meeting of the Titonka Epworth League and other young from Algona will provide music. BAPTIST, Arthur S. Hncger, Pag. •The service next Sunday night, :30, will be In honor of Abraham The address will be en- Itled, Was Abrahftm Lincoln An In. The sermon at 11 a. m. Ill be entitled A Covenant of Blood . Sunday school, 10 a. m.; B. Y. U;, 6:30 p. m. FIRST LUTHERAN, Oscar E. loh n son, Snpply Pastor—Next Sunday: Sunday school at 10; services, The Dorcas society meets at Mrs. Alma Nelson's this afternoon A special meeting to vote on calling a pastor will be held February 19 at 8 p. m. TRINITY, P. J. Braner, Pastor- Next Sunday: Sunday school, 10 a. m.; English service, 10:30 . . . The "^oncordla Aid will meet this afternoon at Mrs. Henry Wegener's. Special Lenten service next • week Wednesday evening, 7:30. EPISCOPAL, Lonls Dennlnghoff, f. Th., Rector — Ash Wednesday, evensong and meditation, 7:30; first Sunday in Lent, Early Eucharist, 9 a. m.; church lucharlst, 11. now being shown here, and I. am anxious to see it, but I doubt that it will be as good as A Day at the Union Depot, presented at Algona a number of years ago and directed by the late Louise McCoy. I still recall the characters. Mrs. E. J. Murtagh and Julius Chrlschilles were outstanding. Sumner Quartern took off the Rev. Mn Holmes in a characteristic speech. Mr. Holmes was then campaigning for the legislature, and as a joke It was told that his campaign cigars were so poor that E. J. Murtagh and' Doctor Fellows (tramps in the show) couldn't light' them. Dennis Goeders, ; in a pomp'ous way took off George Boyle. Cast Recalls Old Names. Nannie Setchell was a clever German -vyoman traveling with a number of children.' Camilla Wilson, a stranded grand opera singer, sang. The late Wijl Galbraith and I were an old couple from the country not used to city ways but out to see the sights. He gave me lOc and I bought a postcard of Mildred Carter, who hail charge of a candy, cigars, and information counter and gave information^ Will, who was one of the outstanding characters, could fill a place on any stage. At first sight of his costume at dress rehearsal, I went Into, uncontrollable hysterics. \ Mrs. Charlie Sheets was an old lady dressed in some of the first Mrs. Spencer's clothes, I think worn in the sixties. She tried all the 'evening to get to St. Benedict. She was continually inquiring: the time the train left for St, Benedict. Julius Chrtechilles was a German singing a German song. Senator Dickinson, even'then a "politician," was on his way'to.Hobarton to make a campaign'speech. Mrs. Frank Dingley asked him to hold her baby while she went to look after her baggage, and when, after some tlirie. she didn't come back, Mr. Dickinson grew desperate as his audience was waiting for him., pratnced : back and forth across the stage, and finally announced that he would leave it with Mtas Dodd at the postofflce. , With perhaps the exception of Queen Esther, given at the courthouse In 1877, I thing this the best home-talent play even given at Algona. ALGONA SHOOTERS LOSE IN TILT VS, CLUB IN NEBRASKA The. AJsoi^, Rifle, team lost first match/. " tbte season ' againit Sutherland, Neb., by a score of 884 to 819, The Sutherland score' in standing position was 894, Algona's 364, and the score,in prone position was 490-*55. 'Bach team shot in Ks home town. The necprds were aent to headquarters at where they were t»bulaj^ an4 the results announced. i Scares were sent to headquarters from here S8,tu'rday in a contest with'Ardmpre, OWa. Amone shooters Pdward Johnson was with I?! points? J. O, Smith, second J79; ftnd -WSSfTO TitjjA third, ifr. Smith W» hteb Ju pro»& flipn witlf 3, iwore of 98, an4 TAtw W«n to 6t»n^|f position w«J> a score of 88, • centef t te daughter Meredith; in the employ of the Modern Dry Cleaners, has been caring for her since Monday. Merle Bailey, Minneapolis, will go back Monday, after two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Bailey, north of town. Merle Is in the employ of the Northwest Bancor- poratlon. The 'Edwin Larsons, Ayrshire, spent Sunday with Edwin's mother, Mrs. Andrew Larson. Edwin, who is a brother of T. L. Larson, of the Hnggrard &' Falkenhainer offices, Is a buttermaker. Pour Algona hardware "men left yesterday for Des^Moines to attend an annual convention of the state Hardware men's association: John Kohlhaas, L. J. Nelson, O. W. Erlck- son, and Leo Spllles. Elsa Friday and Vernon Johnson, of Palmer, and the A. E. Laurltzens and Winifred Friday, Ledyard, were Sunday guests of the. L. G. Pools. Elsa, Winifred, and Mrs. Lauritzen are sisters of Mrs. .Pool. Mrs, Frank McMahon spent the week-end with friends .at Emmetsburg, where she lived many years. She Is the mother of F. L. McMahon, of the Iowa State bank, and Attorney E. C. McMahon. Philip Kohlhaas and associate Chevrolet dealers In Kossuth went to Des Molnes yesterday to attend an annual state dealers' convention. They are expected back tomorrow. Three employes of the Algona Bakery were sick Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Raymond Anderson and James Allen took sick Sunday, and Lewis Wilson has been at his home at Mason City since Saturday. Mrs. August Harig was taken to her home south of St. Benedict Sunday, after ten days at the Kossuth hospital. She is slowly gaining 1 . Her daughter, Mrs. L. E. Martin, Algona, is again caring for her. J. W. Daw, Muscatine, is expected •sometime; this week, and will be associated with E. R, Sellstrom in the management of the former M. M Morrow implement shop, Mr. -Daw will bring .his family to Algona soon. Dr. R, L. Williams, Lakota, who married ~V*ra, daughter of Mr. and •Mrs, .Albert Ogren, Algona, a year or so ago, tipped over in his car when it ran" off the grade, east 01 Lakota in blinding weather last week Monday. He suffered no injury of consequence. Aubrey Bonham, high school coach, was confined to his room yesterday with a cold, Miss Durant was also sick. Attenc high school is good in. comparison with that of neighboring towns. Flu will leave March 1 for a visit June at the former's old home till in West Virginia. Mr. Paylor expects :o be transferred soon tb some other point. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Cullen, of Oelwein, are parents of a 7%-lb girl, born Monday morning, their econd child. They already had a son, Terence. The baby has been named Blanld Mary. Mrs. Cullen who was Teresa Streit, is a daughter of Anton Streit, and Mr. Cullen who is employed in a Ford garage at Oelwein, Is a son of Banker and Mrs. Jqhn S. Cullen, Whittemore. B. F. Burtls, who.recently moved from Lu Verne to Fort • Dodge, was here Saturday. The Burtlses lived many years at or near Lu Verne then resided. here for a time, after which they returned to Lu Verne. A farm hear Lu Verne which Mr. Burtis owned was sold, but. he, has a town property there which has been rented. Mr. Burtls, who is at present retired, said he expected to. re turn to Algona April : 1. Marriage license applications were filed in the district court clerk's office last week by the following couples: Lawrence Gaehe, Hattie Rhode, both of. Elmore (license issued later); Guy Farrell, Ursula Walsh, both of Whittemore (issued February 8); Otto Rlchter and Mary Adams, both of Kossuth. Other !!• censes were issued to Halvor Flom Jr., Edna Johnson, both of Wesley and Sylvester Carman and Anna Blelch, also Wesley. The C. O. Baileys have moved from Inwood to Rock Rapids. For a year or two C. O. has been helping wind up closed banks, and he continues in such employment at the new location. Mr. Bailey had a varied experience in banking in this with such facilities. Photographs made at the studo in'one-twentieth to a twenty-fifth of a second exposure will be exhibited soon, Natural expression Is obtained without the possibility of 'moves,' and the photographic quality is the same as, If not better than, that of photographs made by old-time methods. An Algona Bakery delivery truck was forced Into the ditch at a point just south of the bridge leading 'to the Ambrose A. Call state park Saturday afternobn while It was pulling the other truck, which had suffered a breakdown coming home from Humboldt. The trucks were passing a car and got too near the edge of the road> The lead truck tipped".over on its side. No one was hurt. Elbert 'Fisher was driving the first truck, Vernell Hardgrove the second. The latter couldn't apply his brakes quick enough to avoid running Into Fisher's truck and the Impact caused the upset. It took all the afternoon to right the Fisher truck. Jos. Shaben got home Friday from Clncinnatti, where he had spent several months with his son Leo, employed in the Dalton adding machine factory there. Leo, who has been in this work five years, is in the assembling department.- Mr. Shaben spent last Thursday at Wesley with his. sister, Mrs.. ',Jacob Roadinger, who is sick with cancer of the liver and has been confined to her bed three w«etas. , . ben's daughters af-e atlli teAcWnfi Lillian as home economics inrtf tor at Ithaca, N. Y., Margaret shorthand and typewriting InStf tor afAnn Arbor, Mich., and Irene as instructor in a state college &t East Lansing, Mich. Mr. .Shabert report* a cold rainy winter ftt Cln^ clnnatt). He expeoft' to return to Ohio soon. It that he return! fas to see his slater I at this time. • i B. B. Game Cancelled. St Cecelia's basketball team unable to kcetf- a date with Corpus Christ! academy, Fort Dodge, on the local floor Tuesday night because ot sickness in the local team. The game will be played later. The boys' a*tt girls' teams are to play .at Bat* metsburg tomorrow evening, •the academy will compete in a nament at Cherokee February 23-1& DANCE, BOBBY GRIGGS and KM orchestra, Coliseum, Titonka, E^ri- day night, February 12. — B. jTtyi Shepard, Manager. ... ,i Another step ahead— RCA VICTOR Automobile Radio Holecek Radio & • Music Shop school, 10; choral! PRESBYTERIAN, J. L. Coleman, Pastor—Remember the evangelistic meetings, beginning next week. Dr. Wm. H. Thompson, Des Moines, is to lead in a great undertaking for the Lord. county, having worked in banks at Fenton, Algona, and Burt. He is a son of Frank Bailey, Fenton merchant, and his wife's parents. Mr. and Mrs. George Yeager, former Fenton farmers, live at Algona. Mrs. William Shirley got home last Thursday morning from Iowa City, where she went a week ago Sunday for a few days with her son John, who was graduated last week Tuesday with a bachelor of arts degree. John registered this semester for post-graduate study, towards a master's degree in English. His brother, Dr. Hale Shirley, has been child specialist In a Lincoln, Neb., clinic for some time. Mrs. H. J. Winslow, the only sister, is with hei husband at Annapolis, Md., where he is a .mathematics and science instructor in the U. S. naval academy. Sunday evenig at 6:30 the Y. P. S. of the Lutheran Trinity congregation held a valentine banquet at the'Legion hall, all members attending except one. A three-course dinner was served, the table being decorated in cerise and green, with valentines and cut flowers. The decorations were arranged by the" Huenhold, brothers. Mothers of members were table waiters, and the Rev. P. J. Braner was toastmaster. Toasts were given by members.'The rest of the evening was spent at games and contests. The program committee consisted of Elda Lavrenz, Helmuth Huenhold, . Adrian Burmeister, Gervalse Beard, Hilda Boettcher, and Amelda Lavrenz. 'Elda Is president of the society. The Peterson Studio is newly equipped with the latest development in photography, instantaneous exposures or "snapshots" at the studio under ordinary light conditions. There are probably not over a dozen studios in the country out-j side of the motion picture industry White's Grocery Week-end Specials Peanuts in shell, 2 Ibs. Bacon squares, pound . •O8c Sardines in oil, 5 for . . Lettuce, 2 heads 190 Soap Chips, large pkg. 2 for X9C Oatmeal, large pkg. . 13C Coffee Parker-House The best coffee you can buy for the money 35clb. 3 for $1.00 H. R. SORENSEN & CO, Week-end Specials Corn Meal, 5 Ib. bag lOc, Oats, large pkg. I8c" Macaroni, Spaghetti, Noodles, per pkg. 5c "Peanuts, high quality per Ib. . lOc Hershey's Cocoa, 1 Ib. 2|fe ( Red Pitted Cherries, full packed, No. 10 size 49«. Seedless Grapefruit, large size, per doz. 4Sc Toilet Tissue, 4 rolls 2S0 FRESH AND SALT FISH AND OYSTERS Beef by quarter 9c and ip Dressed Pork, half OP whole ft i-Se LAMB, VEAL, CHICKENS Complete line of Freak Fruits and Vegetables. TOP PRICES FOR EGGS *QC WE DELIVER PHONE lit Satisfied Customers 10O°J 0 — on Our Special $2 Portrait for $1 pearly half of our' customers have already reordered, or have expressed their Intentions of doing it. , There are still a.number of sittings left, and-^-if necessary — we will extend -the time in order to make the full amount advertised, THE VETEttSOK STUDIO The Depression It Ending ^^^Pr ^^^r^^^"^^^^*^"™w^^B And chickens will help you see it break, Jn 1931 the price of oats, corn, wheat, rye, potatoes, horses, and cows averaged 56% of prewar prices, Chickens and. eggs averaged 11?% 'of prewar or over 2 to 1 against the above items, Enuff said. We ar$ now tilling our machines with the finest Leghorn eggs' we ha,ve ever set and have a wonderful bunch of chicks coming off every Friday, We buy the finest of trapneated breeding stock, and our flocks are sctentlf icaUy taken eve ojt every dfty Jn <&e ye#r, anijl together with the very latest incubating equij>r meat njakes it possible for us to p'ut out a very Wgh Duality chick that lives «uid makes money, •Satisfied customers %re our beet a^sot. Bpok your * The Right Recipes Plus Oar Foods of Excel- lenee Will Help You Win Fame • as a Provider of BASKET GROCERY, L E. ASHLAND PHOPPIETOP V' ALGONA.IOWA PHONE IO3 V Club TOO BAD LINCOLN COULONt CN JOY THE DANDY DINNERS OUR MA COOKS. THCRF WAS NO RCClPf CLUB THFN From LiucoUt'g time till now there h«s been no fluer too& st'rvetj upou the White House t*Ue than 1* fur- bj- UiU puro'(ood store. GOULASH THIS WEEK •! Sugar, 10 Ibs. with order Beans, '3 Ibs. Kidney Beans, Monarch, 2 for __95« Tomatoes, fancy, 3 cans for __^_! Macaroni, bulk, 3 Ibs. __ Tuna Pish, light meat — Sardines, mustard or tomato sauce, oval tins, 2, for _„_ Sardines in olive oil, 20c value _10e Shrimp, tall cans, 2 for _„„_—.Jl&c Salmon, pink, tall caps, 2 for ___95fB Ripe olives, tall can, Y. C. —J^ JUN> Cheese, 5 Ib. loaf Am. or Br, --$1.00 2 1-2 Ib. loaf - 56e Mixed Nuts, 2 Ibs. w ,,i ' Harft Gandy, ( 2.Jbs'. „:'_„,_{,{ Van Camp's pork and beang are a. necessity in everyone's cup*'*,. board- Hjlex or Clorex „,.,. " v ^ vr , Fig bars and ginger snaps, 3 .Malt syrup, Basket Store's , ior, it's tye best, 3 Jpr „,; Gold 3fe^aj flour «kftelM>lt Van Camp tQm'aio SPHP *„„'*£ f , W ftwburfe r »j|Csjpy|g4 a "* * "" j

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