Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 21, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1932
Page 5
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JARY 21.1682. MONEY RAISING SALE! '•••••••••••••••••••••••••••MM* BEGINS JANUARY 22 - ENDS JANUARY 30 SARDINES IN OIL, 3 for ----- -—-<.SALMON, 2 for 1 LB. TALL, MACKEREL, 1 LB. TALL, 2 for — - --------------------KRAUT, NO. ? 1-2 TINS, 2 for -----------------------PUMP KIN, NO. 2 1-2 TINS, 2 for --*-. ---- 7 --------------STRING BEANS, NO. 2 TINS, 2 for, -----------------------RIPE-OLIVES, 25c TINS,. 2 for — - -------------------SWEET PICKLES, quart jar -— i -------- - -----MUSTARD, quart jar — ------ :_____ ------ iRASPBERRY PRESERVES, quart jar __ ------- j-_ — . ---- :__ CIDER -VINEGAR,. quart — _-_ -------- -- ----- - — CATSUP, large bottle ------ — . ---- J ---PURE JELLY, 12-oz. .glass ------- ___________ MACARONI, 4 packages -----------------BLUING OR AMONIA, pint size ___________ :_ ----- ---QUICK ARROW SOAP CHIPS, large size --------- ;_ ----- — . HERSHEY'S COCOA, 1 Ib. can ----------------- --. PEANUT BUTTER, 1 Ib. pint jar ____ ----- ._'___ ---PORK & BEANS, 1 Ib. tins, 4 for _________ -----SWIFT'S NAPHTHA SOAP, 10 bars _____________ ------- . 22c 19c 19c 23c 29c 29c 16* 32c 15c ibc GINGER SNAPS, 3 Ibs. for __!.____ CRACKERS, FRESH, GOOD, 2 Ibs. JELL POWDER, 3 packages _^ ~_. GRAPEFRUIT, NO. 2 TINS, 2 for ____J_______^___ CORN MEAL, 5Ib. sack ____ 8c 15c 23c 18c 27c 27c 25c 17c 16c 25c 15c NO, 1 SIZE TINS A very good assortment of Vegetables only Three Cans KOSStttH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQOKA. IOWA ago DEtUUI SIZE Corn, peas, kraut, hominy, tomatoes, pumpkin/ red beans, and pork and. beans— j 25c NOTICE—To those owing me: I have been very patient, but now the time has come. I must raise; money to meet my obligations, so please help me out at this critical time. Thanks. - • W. A. WHITE < iOCALS Mrs. H. E. Rlst and Mrs. M. P. Haggard spent Tuesday at Mason City. Harold Falkenhalner began work Monday at Sioux City for a fruit company, Cf. T. Chubb, who has been confined to his bed two weeks with colitis, Is reported improving. Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Ristau, Ventura, visited at the Louis Hlntz and David Rlstau homes Friday and Saturday. >•••. Geo. W. .Godfrey was the chief speaker at the annual meeting of the Fenton creamery a week Saturday. Mrs. M. P. Christiansen and Mrs. Floyd Saunders returned Monday from Chicago, where they had spent several days. Mrs. T. C. Sherman went to Minneapolis a week ago .Saturday for a few weeks with her sister, Mrs. R. R. Kennedy. .' Mr. and Mrs. F. A. M. Frost got home Tuesday from four weeks of visits with relatives at Monticello and Cedar Rapids. ' Mrs. Hazel Hudson, Wesley, is assisting wlth | the work at the district court clerk's office this week. She 'started work Monday. 1 i;Mayor,C. F. Specht was able to be down town Monday for the first time In two weeks, during which he was laid up with bronchitis. Mrs. Anton Anderson, Mrs. H. E, Brune, and Mamie Duryea will entertain 'the Naomi Circle tomorrow afternoon at the Anderson home. Mrs. Rex. Van Alstlne, Gilmore City, and her daughters Janet and Joan came last week Wednesday to visit the former's sister, Mrs. F. D. Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Loomer, of Whitewater, WIs., spent a few days last week at H. E. Morgan's. Mrs. Loomer is a niece of-Mrs. Morgan's mother, Mrs. Alonzo Clark. ^ ' Mrs. Peter Kirsch, ' mother of Tony Klrech, ..of the Kirsch laundry, underwent an operation Sunday at the Kossuth hospital for obstruction of the 'bowelsY'ahd la recovering.' Mrs. Rhoba Gaylor |g ill with pneumonia, and her daughter, Mrs. Lawrence Trlpp, * who makes'-' her home with her mother, is caring for her. She has been ill since Friday. The popcorn canteen which has been operated in front of the Call 'theater has been discontinued because of insufficient business. Hllma Ostrum had of late been operating it. Dean Frederick, child of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schallin, was baptized Sunday at the Trinity Lutheran church by the Rev. P. J. Braner, pastor. _ Sponsors were Mrs. Arthur luech 'and Edward Wagner. Mrs. Elizabeth Groot, 78, sister of W. C. Danson, died of heart disease •few Year's day at •'her home at River Falle, WIs. • .Except :W. C., ihe was the last of six brothers and Isters. Mr. Daruson did not attend he funeral. • ,• ' Mise Messenger, high school Snglish teacher, was out of school Friday, and' again Monday, sick tvlth the "grip." Aubrey * Bonham conducted her classes during semester .examinations, and she was in school again Tuesday. Mrs. Lloyd Stebbins, Algona, and Mrs. Henry Pergande, Lu Verne, vent to Chicago Friday to stay at he home of their sister, Mrs. Willam Quilhat, till their mother, Mrs. Hinnie • Lottman, is feeling better. She Is seriously sick. John = Strom, Mason City, spent ast week with his sister Sigrld, clerk at the Gdeders store. He went 0 his home at Elmore Monday for 1 week's visit'before returning to lis work. He is in the employ of he Henkel Construction company. Mr. and Mns. CaT Jensen, Los Angeles, are parents of a boy, born January 7. Mrs. Jensen was Lois illett and was employed at the Ford garage here a few years ago. The Jensens have one other child, also a boy. County Agent Morrison, the H. D. A., Muriel Body, Mrs. J. H. Warburton, Lakota, M. L. Johnson, Armstrong,_ Edw. Droessler, Bancroft, and J.'C; Skow, Wesley, are at Des Moines, attending the annual Farm Bureau state convention. Matt Selzer, former operator of the Deep Rock oil station at the east end of State street,-has been ment brick building constructed by Milter brothers. The building te 22 by-124 feet in ground dimensions. The other lot Is for sale. irvln Plckcns, Fairmont, spent the week-end with his brother Roy, assistant manager of the local Council Oak grocery. .He ateo visited the W. L. .Martins. . Irvln, who will be employed at the Roy Caylor farm,.east of Bancroft, a few weeks, will,' after March, 1, • operate his father's -farm,' east of Fairmont., Elsie, Helmke, who had been with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. • H. Helmke, Whittemore, three weeks, returned to her duties at the Rice apartment and the Gift Shop Tuesday. During her absence Leona Llchter was in charge of the Gift Shop, and Amanda Johnson, Bode, substituted at the apartment. The Sidney Wallburgs returned Sunday from three weeks at points In Wisconsin and Illinois with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. "Rem" Smith, of Brltt, Mrs. Wallburg's parents, accompanied them. Mr. Waflburg owns and operates the gas station and tourist cabins at the highway intersection north of town. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rellly are parents of a girl, their second child, born Tuesday. Mrs. Reilly, Who was Bess Paesley, Is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Paesley, Sexton, and Robert, who is a brother of Mrs. Walter Lorenz, is a son of Mike Reilly, who is at.- present . at the Kossuth hospital, recovering from a major operation. J. B. Johnston left Monday morning for Boone on business for the American Life Insurance company, for which he is the local agent. Before returning he was to go to Des Molnee to make the acquaintance of a new grandson, Johnston, son of Frank F. R. Roderick Johnston, Cent Table A new departure at the Lusby Drug Store We have established a regular 10-Cent Table. Any merchandise on this table will M sola for 1Q cents, " Dmgi, ToUet Article* Soap», Combf, Etc You'll be 4sligWed w#h the display. Pick out wjiat you want and say— spur? eick with pneumonia two weeks, but Is improving. Amelia Arndorfer, registered nurse from St. Benedict, has been caring for him. ' '• *' Mrs. J. B. .Johnston has been confined to her bed three weeks with muscular paralysis and 'complications. ' The .paralysis ta a recurrence of'an lilness whlcl- kept her bedfast six weeks eight years ago. Her doctor gives, hope of recovery. •>! Alvina Miller, local high school teacher, returned Friday from, Cedar Falls, where she had been called seVeral' days before by news of the death of an aunt who lived.'*with her :parent_." Supt. Overmyer sub-! stltuted for MteB s M!ller during her absence. 9 Mrs. George .Cole, .of .Maxwell, and her daughter Eleanor are at the B. A. Thorpe home. They came Tuesday to stay till Sunday. The school children at Maxwell are hav^ ing a vacation while a new school building -te being prepared for occupancy, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hancher their son Lowell spent the end at Mason City, gueste of B. C,'s brother, E. H, Hancher, who was just home from a hospital) where he had been for a week, taking treatment for a severe case of blood-poisoning. , Maureen JJoquJJougb, returned to her 'duties a£ the -Long grocery store Monday, after' liavJng been confined to her home a, week with, the flu. She Is the daughter of Mr, and, Mr_. W, O. McCullough, and her father 'Is Undertaker W. B, Laird'a partner. Grace Kouba, of the Sullivan, Me- Mahon # Linnan law offices, spent Sundjay with her parents at Wesley. Her sister Vera, who has been unemployed since the closing of the Koseuth County State bank, Is at home. Grace has an apartment at advertising manager for the Globe Machinery and Supply company. Eva Peterson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O; J. Peterson, Algona, was one of five girls featured in a recent picture in the Morning Daily Star, of Rockford, 111. The girls are employes of the receiver of the failed Manufacturers' National bank, Rockford, and the occasion for the picture was dividend checke for 7,000 depositors ? which the, girls were preparing to mall. The Spencer Chick Hatchery will open'-a branch .with' a :62,pOO-egg' incubator at Emmetsburg.. Februk"ry: if There are already branches at Spirit Lake,.Rock Rapids, Le Mars, Cherokee, and Algo'na. The one here is operated in the Dutton & Leffert building under the name of Kossuth Hatchery. The Dewey Snyd'ers, of Spencer, have been managers of the. Algona branch ever since it wae opened. Donald Rh'odee, assistant at Coroner L. M. Merritt's 'funeral home on east McGregor street, has been at Perry, visiting his parents, during the past two weeks, and meanwhile has been studying for state board morticians' examinations to be: given at Des Molnes yesterday, today, and tomorrow, In the Senate chamber at the statehouse. He Is expected, back by the end of next week. , ( The Algona Independents won a basketball game from the Mason City, Diamond Bread team on the lo-; cal high school gymnasium floor Saturday evening, 20-16. The Mason City team was a half hojir late in arriving, because of snowdrifts, and a scrimmage game by the Independents was in progress till they arrived. The Independents plan to play Gilkerson's traveling team, of Chicago, Saturday evening. Dorothy Mangan returned Friday from, Washington, D. C., where she Wad spent two weeks with her' uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. D. Hamel. She drove to Washington with Perry White, who had 'spent the holidays with, his parents, Grocer and Mrs. W. A. White. Perry is attending George Washington university. En route home Dorothy visited Shirley Hill and Leona Clark, student nurses at St. Luke's hospital, Chicago. Mrs. 'F. J. Sessions, Davenport, renews her subscription and writes: "Am/enclosing P. O. order for $2.50. We always look forward to the coming of the Advance, and are glad to hear of our oldtlme friends.- We've been interested in reading about the big snows In your locality. So far we have had only one very light snow, which soon melted away. This Monday has been a typical spring day, and robins have been.seen in • - - - - - a I PRESBYTERIAN, J. L. Coleman, Pantor—The Missionary society will meet at vMrs. •, Frank Gelgel's this afternoon . . . Evangelistic m e et- ings will be led at this church by the Rev. Dr. Thompson,.Des Molnes, February 14-28,-both -Inclusive.. ... Now is the time to get in touch with the activities of the church. The church Is specially calling her youth to make a survey of the opportunities of service . . . Next Sunday: morning sermon theme, A Young Man's Vow. The youth of the church should plan to hear thle. Evening worship: C. E. at 6:30; sermon subject, The Passing of Jesus. BAPTIST, Arthur S, Hucser, Pas- for—We are interested today In various kinds of -tests. How about a test for religion? The sermon subject next Sunday at 11 a. m. will be, The Test of Personal Christianity ... There are -many voices today, and we often find ourselves In deep seas. To whom shall we give ear? The undecided person Is wretched. Come out next'Sunday at 7:30 p. m. and hear a message on '•Who Speaks With Authority"? ... Sunday.school at 10 a..m.; B. Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m. . . . Prayer meetings, 7:30 p. m., Wednesdays. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, A. W. and Hazel Irwln, Pastors— The union service at*the Presbyterian church Sunday evening was profitable, and the message on prohibition was enlightening. Our church always registers 100 per cent in favor of the 18th amendment . . . Services every Sunday, beginning with . Sunday school at 9:45. Morning worship at Jl. Next Sunday morning's eermon theme. Love, Manifest; evening theme, The Hard Way; time, 7:30. ^ METHODIST, C. V. Hnlse, Pastor —The monthly social of- the Centenary S.S. class, will be held at the church tomorrow evening. Dinner will be served at. 6:30, and a prb- and meeting sponsored by the Kossuth chapter of the state master barbers association, Montiay evening at the Legion hall. Stereoscopic pictures -by the state health department accompanied a lecture by Inspector F. C. Moffltt, Sioux City, and a lecture was given by Inspector J. N; Ostergard, Cedar Falls, on sanitation and barber organizations. Chief Inspector J: T. McGruger, of Des Molnes, also attended. A number, of j.toarbers were here from Humboldt and , Brltt. Dinner woe served by State's/cafe. Opal M. Biggs arrived Saturday evening for a few days with her aunt, Mrs. W. H. Freeman, leaving Tuesday evening for Berrien Springs, Mich., to attend college as a junior and study toward, a bachelor of science degree. She has been nurse and secretary to a music teacher at Chamberlain, S. D., who ha<i 90 pupils. During last year she was journalist for the Wa-tan-ye club at Chamberlain and secretary- treasurer of the alumni association of nurses of the Chamberlain Sanitarium. A farewell party was given In her honor by 14 professional girl friends, who presented her with a beautiful alarm clock.. H. N. Mathes, who for 14 years has been city delivery man for the Algona bakery, underwent a major operation at a Fort Dodge hospital a week ago Friday, and wae expected to be, well enough to be brought: home ,yesterday or today. Mr. Mathes'is the father Of F> D. Mathes, State's cafe proprietor, and of Mrs. C. A. Merrlfield, wife of a local barber.' While Mr. Mathes was convalescing Mrs. Mathes woe a gueet of her son Lyle, of Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Mathes and the Merrlfields were at Fort Dodge the day of the operation, all returning next morning except Mrs. Merrifield, who stayed .till, the following Sunday. occasion occurred two years ago when enow wais'so deep that ..cans folks was were stalled and the had to go home in recalled.- Mrs. Jessie Dalzlel, Algona, spent last week with her daughter, Mrs. Loyd Potter. [Held from Last Week.] The Mothers and Daughters club was to have met with Mrs. Arthur Cruikshank last week Wednesday 1 / but the meeting was"pbstponed because of the last Illness of Loyd Potter. Mr. Potter died Friday morning; and funeral services' were conducted Sunday at 1:30 p. m. at his home and at 2:30 at the Methodist church at Alg-ona. Fifteen or more neighbors gathered at Mrs. Loyd Potter's Saturday young a bobsled and provide f com f or CAfB to g«t ft and out for Mr. J>otter'tf fuhefWL B. B. Game* Played. Whlttemore, Jan. IS—The Whit* temore high school basketball team* played St. Cecelia's academy, Algona, last week Tuesday •• evenjnf on the Algona floor, and -the local girls won, 35-12, .but t<be -boys tart In a hard "fought game, 22-18. Irvington F. B. Meet. The Irvington' township J Farm Bureau will meet all day., toirtorrow at Fred Gelgel's. There will b* election of officers and a short pro*. gram, Members are to take covered dishes and sandwiches. WANT-ADS BRING RE8UIVM, Four Corners gram will, follow The Young &*mii willj J.UIAUW ... J. lie JUUIlg People's class'i; taught .b'y Mrs.'A. A. Bishop, will have a social evening- at the church next Monday. TRINITY ET. LUTHERAN, P. J. Braner, Pastor — Next Sunday: Sunday school at 10- a. m.; English service at 10:30 ... The iAid will meet this afternoon with Mrs. Herman Boettcher. FIRST LUTHERAN, Oscar E. Johnson, Supply Pastor—Next Sunday: Sunday school, 10 a. m.; 'services-at 11. and another teacher live, together in. an upstairs apartment in a private -home. Forty licensed barbers had dinner The Mothers and Daughters club will meet this week Thursday with, Mrs. Lucille Rich. The. .opening song will be Massa's in the Cold, Cold, Ground, and roll call will be answered with school recollections. A paper on the Black Hills is to be read by Mrs. iSoy Lowman, and , a recitation will be given by Mary Joyce Rich. The Parent-Teacher association of Union school district No. 7 met Friday night at John Sabin's. The school sang two numbers and one number was played by the-rhythm band. Edith and Leo Sabin sang also Leo Sabin, Games furnished entertainment for the rest of the evening. Lunch was served. Twenty-two neighboring young folks gathered at Archie Walker's Friday night to surprise Irene and Robert Walker in honor of their 'birthdays. Irene's was last. w.eek Wednesday and Robert's Monday Games were played and a similar VALUES —in everyday-foods! WITH PORK AND TOMATO SAUCE 16-OZ. CAN QUAKER MAID BEANS SUGAR Cane, 100 Ib. bag . $4.80 25 Ib. bag $1.25 10 Ib. bag .SOc Beet, 100 Ib. bag . $4.60 25 Ib. bag $1.19 10 Ib. bag .48c Fig Bars . U A N K E |& Folger's Coffee 6C-LD MEDAL ,. "KITCHEN TESTED" LBS. 1-LB. CAN 49-LB. BAQ 1.33 —Your Choice— APPLES — Jonathan, Winesaps or $ Grimes Golden, per bus. . Lettuce, Large Solid Head* lOc Grape Fruit, Texas, Seedless, 6 for 25c Crystal White Soup 10 BARS 31* Lux Toilet Soap . .4 CAKES 25 C THE GREAT ATLANTIC • PACIFIC 1t\ Co. • Middle Western Djv«ion the "city. Laet Sunday I found dandelion in bloom on my lawn, am glad to know that Mr. Dewel la nearly well again!" * • , Mr. and Mrs. Earl Moore arrived recently from De Kalb, 111., and for the time being are living with Carl's parents, foriper Supervisor and Mrs. J. M. Moore. Earl worked for some time for. a/ canning company at De Kalb, and then for a tea company. Because of the hard times He was recently laid off. He was married a year ago last August, 'and hi* : .parents met, hie, wife for the first time when the couple got here last week Tuesday.! Earl is next to the youngest son of the and Mrs. Mrs. Lottie Kaln's. Junior, 8-year-old son. Agne0 Tibbetts, has been HI with, the fU? for a week, toft was reporte^ somewhat feefter yesterday. Jujjiojr delivers supers Jor the }^. 69» C}ty elder Moores, Bernice. Swenson, Performance -thrills you've never had in any low-priced car t 65 to 70 miles an hour *0 to 35 miles an hour in 6.7 seconds Silent Syncro-Mesh gear-shift •Simplified Free Wheeling Unsurpassed smoothness and quietness • 60 Horsepower grade teacher at Lu Verne, took sick with appendicitis last week-end, and was brought to, the-Algona hospital Sup- day, by. Supt. Kate Skinner. An operation was performed the same day, arid the, young woman Is recovering. This is her first year at Lu Verne. She hails' from Watervllle, and she has a sieter Jrene who has "been teaching at Lu Verne for several years. The sisters, Miss Skinner. Much Would You Pay to Be Eld OF IN 48 HOUBSt Wo«U Vou Pay fen Doll«r«t —Would You P-y 86 Cental Well: Here's a chance for you to be spry once more — to dp your work cheerfully without one twinge of- pain, , Here's a positive guarantee that no rheumatism sufferer can afford to pass up — you can be free from agonizing rheumatism — and keep free from It Get one 85 cent hottte of Allenru from B/w. L'u^by or apy.progres- ajve' druggist with t^e positive and distinct understanding that your pains ana torture wm ail be sone You must drive the new Chevrolet Six to appreciate fully the many new thrills of ite performance. Take it out on the street, compete with other can in traffic—and understand what it. means to accelerate from a standstill t9 35 miles an hour in Jess than seven seconds! Hunt out some long stretch of highway, open the throttle to the limit—and experience the keen joy of a top speed without stress or strain, Travel over the roughest road you know—and learn the advantage of its new stabilised front end. Run the car throughout its full range of speed and power—and know the pleasure of 'Chevrolet's new smoothness and quietness. The n, .toy the thrill of Fife Whceling-pf gliduig along on momentum in « modem quality six—of shifting, gears e*«ily, simply, and quietly. And finally, change back to conventional gear, and try shifting gears with the easy, non-clashing, .quiet Syncro-Mesh transmission—which is exclusive to Chevrolet in the lowest price field. , Never has the actual driving of a Chevrolet Six meant so much as it does today. Come into our showroom—• without delay. Try out the Great American Value for 1932. Faster, livelier, smoother than ever-—easier to handle and control—it gives performance-thrills you've never had in any low-priced car! PRICED AS LOW Ml pnce$ /. Q. If. Flint,. &i*n4pricetan4«uyG.M.4.C,Krm*. Cktml* N#fr Cm* ,t^M,Midu^. DM«ffi<>/Ci*M-44feir* '/ • * ' ^P ^B ^W^S m W ^^^ _^^^W ^^B^P W *^W^^ ^%^ .^^fe-^-^M^ 4PP ^iPF4iR4pil-w > Js'&m M THE ^f^ff^f _* ^-'^E^^ ^ff^li^^^S^ff^^ fl^^^BP^F ™*v •^^^WP:^siRp ^w^^^wp^^i^^W'^s^^^^ -^^^^f^w. ^p^^^y^giy IRWP^ wM^ii^ ip^p^^-iipiii^ipip^'ppp^k^i ***?£*

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