Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 21, 1932 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 21, 1932
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u4P • * ri « MiA , > > V • *oM HURT TERM [BEGINS NEXT MONDAY HERE tore Than 40 Cases Listed for Trial t by Attorneys. jjlnety new cases have been file [District Court Clerk Clark Or L'8 office for a term which wi: \n Monday, with Judge Jame _and, Storm Lake, on the bench nothing unusual is the fact tha [the new cases not .one Is a dam or a divorce case. Suits 01 accounts, and leases, wit! .closures, make up the total, witl exception of an appeal from : nent In justice court. here are also 42 cases held ove previous terms which hav .. noticed for trial. Such a larg nber of trial cases Is exceptlona last term, however, set a rec with 55 cases noticed for trla Cases Noticed''for Trial. uses noticed for triaVat this tern Bow: ' . •acob Teuschef vs.'Sam-Zentner Ite. F. Walsh vs.: Wm. O'Donnel hfesslon of judgment. Ihdrew, Receiver'; County Saving vs. Elizabeth Yanser/ land |'s attachment. S. Norton & Son vs. John E tulds, account. Exchange State bank; Wesley, vs |J. Steil, note. C. Johnson'vs. J. J. Cosgrove Ie. ptrong-Scott Mfg. Co. vs. R. P iaer, contract. orge- Holtzbauer vs. Georg |iropfer, contract^ Moines, Joint Stock Lam vs. Thos. Juchem, t foreclosure •rentlss Wabers Products Co. vs J. Slgsbee, account. • Three Cases of Mandamus. hree cases of mandamus agains board of supervisors to ' force |tlng out of .agricultural - lands city and -town '-assessment Ithpny Schmltt vs. F. J.-'Balge Jn,-: chairman; E/H. Kahl vs and John Taylor, vs, same. {pew,- ^Receiver'''.*Algona 4 . State fik, vs. L. A. Winkel et al, note. ndrew, Receiver Algona, 'State bk vs. Lavina C. Winkel et _ al |lndrew, Receiver :Algona Stat< vs. Julius B. Winkel et - al Scott Hanna,. guardian, vs Irew, receiver.. nclrew, Receiver, ,vs. Barton Lar r, 'note. : '. .- . "...-' • • • -, - loorman Mfg. Co. vs. Chas. H lor, contract. '. •• .-•;'' hell 'Petroleum Corp. vs ,'J. F enz, lease. Salt for Accident Damages. eneva Plcht vs. Mrs. Bert West- suit for $3,000 damages suf- ed In accident in 'February, 1931 r Swea City, in which car driven Gordon Westcott ran off the de with plaintiff, daughter of H lent,-as passenger. , > Wrago Joint;Stock Land bank James P. Simmons^foreclosure olrot & Schattschnelder vs. 'Aug- Swanson, foreclosure. ndrew, Receiver, vs. Leslie note. A. Dolly vs, Henry «nltt, landlord's attachment, ullus Haberkorn vs. Marx wyter landlord's attachment, ' 'HUam Mixdorf vs. Mike McEn- contract. "Is & Kohlhaas vs, M. H, Hel- landlord's attachment. . wot & Schattschnelder "vs. Ph Belmers, note. " T. Peters vs.. Fred Kliutt, at- iment. . , Bother Auto AecUrat Silt. V.. Taylor vs, E. J. I^>bb and laird, suit for $1550 damages TO accident at 'corner of Call M nnesota streets in March, , Plaintiff being a passenger in ^aird .car when it and the Lobb collided. J. Qulnn vs. A. J, Behrens. of |208 for 920 shocks of Burned; plaintiff 'claiming IUNTY OFFICERS CUT SALARIES « ^^^M^^^^^^^J C.B.MURTAGH Two Inches of~ Algona /ITO FUND TO V JHL Si^_-'-. : . <^' ^"^ NEW HEAD OF ?"T «' L - A :: Markets RcumT cpnu Savln e« b^nk, Swea CJty, p matter. Joint Stock Land pank, L ° n sneckerf foreclosure. Receiver, v«, W, A. But- osure, cDonald Co. vs, Wm. C. le . account. .„, court, worn accident Qar hit cow , - vs. Mrs. weclosure. aj 'the Mann ' t **»* * A - S :" "• i'D <& ^ % WfVOU 0* rt \ \ ^'LL --•"•^K #r •/'• /-..•/' fa%* — i i*-O ^ - ^r vz*-:. PROBLEMS DiSPUTE CONTENTJOhj ^1-0 N & \ ?O^EKTS ~ \ft *s* f& .(*' ^ IT 'OH jKE^r,,- -(ip-TP"" 1 '- ir$«" lIljUUioiLji US? Mil &' "_> SD ' JJECOCC MORE SNOW AS WEEK Last week Monday and Tuesday Old Man Weather tried to take the snow off the ground with a January thaw. Wednesday, however, turned colder, and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, more snow fell, totaling'; -ten ~lnches-;for~the 'rf or - the week-end., This ten, inches of snow would make a total of six- tenths o an inch of water, melted. Tuesday and yesterday the mer cury 'again rose, and the snow melted some although not enoug for water to run. The county snow plows wer 3uay, keeping the - roads clear, til Monday. Many roads were badly )locked. The warm weather Tues day and yesterday tended to eettl :he snow and keep it from drifting The temperature record follows: A, H,S.DEFEATS THE INDIANS HERE. 26-14 The Algona high school basket ball team defeated the Tltonk basketball team on the local floo last week Wednesday evening, 26-1' In a practice game. The first team played during the first .half of th Jan. 12 Jan. 13 •„__. Jan. 14 (sn'fall 4) Jan. 15 (sn'fall Jan. 16 (sn'fall 3) Jan. 17 (sn'fall 1%) 32 20 38 .38 -16 114 .39 Jan. 18 Jan. 19 BURT, FENTON FARMERS TO , HOLD CLOSIH6 OUT SALES John Weiss, who has been farm ng the Angus place, west 'of Burt tas purchased an oil station a tuthven, and will quit farming. H< will hold a closing out sale at the 'arm, two and one-half miles wesi and one-half mile north of Burt Friday, January 29, and will sel nine horses, 14 cows, 45 hogs and all his farm, machinery. The sale starts at one p. m, ' Fred Jentz will hold a public sale t the. farm, one, mile east and one nd. a half mile north of Fenton on the day before. He is going o quit farming, and will sell six work hqrees, 23 cattle, and a line 01 arm. machinery. A free lunch wll . served at, 11 a. m.i and the sale will start immediately after lunch RVINBTOrt YOUTH MAKES 9000 A; INSURANCE MAN Bernard,-son of Mr. and Mrs. U. B. Frank], Irvington, "has won landsome promotion from the Guar- nty Mutual Insurance company! or which he .has been working as representative here having een most satisfactory, be has been ssigned to the entire state Pf Tex- s. The company employs only one ther man in this capacity. Bernard maintains headquarters at San ntpnio. pec|al home office n Iowa. His work MAYOR JOS, DYE, SWEA CITY 0 STAY AT CLEAR LAKE; SICK Mayor J. M. Dye, Swea City's only lawyer, who has beep In popr health ince last summer, was taken ' to h,Oi»M> qf his son Daniel at Clear -ake a, week ago Saturday, and lanjoed to remajn there for a time wbUe- be -was being treated by a lason City doctpr. His case 'haj JieBn-pu««lJn« his physjclaneu ^ lafj: accounts had not arrived at definite diagnosis pf hla Candidacy Hele^ dep.jjty reoord,W ord is satisfactory. Mr. Helgaso has taken a lively Interest in poll tics ever since he was a rlsln young Seneca township farmer 1 Kossuth county 30 years ago. HEL6ASON WILL RUN FOR HOUSE AGAIN; NOT SENATE ; Representative-E. O. Helgaeon, of Armstrong, Emmet county, has announced his candidacy for a third term. The Rlngsted Dispatch remarks in this connection that • the ^announcement disposes of rumors that he might.run for' state senator against Sen., Oep. ,W. .Patterson; From the point of view of the so- game, making a) score of 16-0,-afte called "progressives" in state poli-hvhlch the second and third team tics, Representative Helgason's rec-1 played Friday evening the locals went t Humboldt, where they won, 19-11 In one .of the closest and fastes games of the season. Black mad 10 points and Hargreaves 9 for Al gona. The score at the half wa 11-9 hi favor of Humboldt. Algon missed eight out of 11 free throws Tomorrow evening a game wit! Hampton will be played on the lo cal floor. With seven straight win to Algona's credit, the locals'are ou to win again and keep the slat clean this year, with ( the exception of the first game with Titonka which they lost, after only a week' practice because of the late footbal season. Next Tuesday evening Lu Verne plays here. TENTATIVE TRACK MEET SCHEDULE POSTED AT H, S A tentative track ; schedule has been posted on the bulletin board a the 'high school building by Coach Aubrey Bohham. It lists elgh contests as follows: April 8—Interclass meet. April 16—Meet at St. Louis or Ce dar Falls, April 23—Meet at Emmetsburg or Livermore; this may be a trlangl event. ' April 29—Drake' relays. May 7—Conference. • ; May . 14—State.- meet at Mason City. May 28—State meet at Ames If winners at Mason City. June 7—'Play day. The play diy;will'be contests for BURT LIGHT & POWER BATES AREJUT DOWN Burt, Jan. 19—At a meeting o the town council Monday evenin Ordinance No. 51 was passed, b; which electric light rates were re duced as follows; residence an commercial rate for first 30 k. ws reduced from 11 to 9c; next 30 k ws., So; next 40, 7c; over 100, 6c. The rate for power will be 7c fo the first 15 k, ws.; 5c for the nex 20; and 4c for-all over 35 k. ws. Th minimum monthly bill'-for .light, o power will be $1. The charge • fo heat will be 4c, with a minimum o $2,a month. The new rates apply only if bllli are paid by the 10th of the month Ic a .k. w. being added if not pale by that date. Since, 1928, when the town began buying power wholesale from th< Central States company, two reduc tlpns have been made, and In th< last" two years the December bilte were cancelled, consumers receiving their. December electricity for noth Ing. •"'-, v ! ".- " •.-, .. • • PETERSON A6AIN HEADS THE BUILDIN6 AND LOAN AH officers were reelected at the annual board meeting of the Al* jona Building- & Loan association last.-week Wednesday night. A, L Peterson is president; H, R, Cowan vice president; A. L. Cunningham secretary; E. J. McEvoy, treasurer A. change was made In method of handling the state building and loan stock .tax. This ie paid direct to the state by the association and the stock cannot be listed by the assessor for local taxation. In addition building and loan stock receipts up to $300 from dividends and nterest are exempted from the federal 1 Income tax. FENTON FARMER IS OOOMEO TO RUN A6AINST MORRIS According to the Fenton Reporter, a wen known Fenton farmer whose name was not given, is talked of ag a candidate for the republican nomination for supervisor in the Ourth dtetrlct, which constate of ^otta Creek, Fenton, Seneca, Swea, Jreenwo.od, and Burt township. The district Is at present represented by Supervisor Charjes Moris, who is serving hie third term, for The X-akptij, Record give favorable mention to tt» townsman, I, E. for county auditor. »Jr. J?ajiker , high school championships and awards of medals. BURT AND AL60NA H, S, BOYS TO WRESTLE HERE The Algona high school will hold a wrestling match against the Burt ilgh school on the local floor next week Friday evening. Admission will be 10, 15, and 25c, The follpw- ng boys are trying put for the local ;eams: 85-lb. weight— H. Medin and Cooper; 95-lb. — M. Miner and D. Mathes; 105-lb,— Russell Medin; 115-lb.— William Spencer, B. Richardson, 'and Vernon Sands; J2.5-lb.-r- M. Thpmpson, A. Sarchett, and P. Miller; 135-lb.— J. Green and P, McCullough; 145-lb.— D. Cowan; 155-lb.-HBdward Norton; and 165-lb. oje Nprman. . | I., „ U* ^I.J,, 111. Algona Woman Featured, Mr. and Mrs. B, E. Dea.1 went to Moines Sunday to attend the annual meeting of the state master winters' association, pf which Mr. >eal Is president. Mrs, Deal te prea- dent of the woman's auxiliary, n yesterday's Register her picture and teat -9t another presiding at a tea table were Hajr, wh 9 iftgthwgft p| , week; NEW HEAD OF COUNTY FAIR Annual Meeting Helc Tuesday Afternoon at Courthouse. C. E. Murtagh was named presl dent of the Kossuth County Agri cultural society at the annual meeting Tuesday afternoon at the courthouse. He succeeds Julius .Kunz, o Wesley, who had previously statet! that he would not accept the 'jol this yeai'. Mr. Murtagh was the only suggestion for the place, am he was elected by acclamation. All other' officers were re-electee without opposition. W .T. Peters Burt, vice president; P. P. Zerfass secretary; H. L. Gilmore, treasurer; directors: J. A. Raney, .1. H. Frasor and George D. Moulton, the latter of Lakota. Hard Year Financially. Several factors combined to hit the fair hard financially Tast year The Fourth of July celebration was rained out. Fortunately the association was insured;-and the insurance netted a profit of $1600 over expenses. However, the celebration usually brings in a profit of two 01 more times that amount. It -hat been hoped that the celebratioi would pay the cost of many im provements at the fair grounds. Then the fair itself struck four o the most disagreeable days In years The weather was sultry, and a wine that approached a gale at time; clouded the sky with dust. More Season Tickets Urged. In his annual .report Secretary Zerfass urged a larger -pro-fair'sal of season ticket's. ': Some fair.?,-' in eluding the Spencer fair, are prac tically paid for by the sale of seasoi tickets. Algona and Humboldt, Mr. Zerfas said, are two; fairs which have base ball games. It has been the p'rac tlce to allow admission to' the in field free. This provides a comfort able -place to see -games arid watcl other, attractions. At, most othe fairs it Is necessary ito buy a grand stand ticket to see anything excep concessions. Figures on Fair's Finances. The Fourth celebration expense in 1931 totaled $3559.07, and the re ceipta, including insurance, totaled $5,180.92, leaving a gross profit o $1,621.85. t Gate receipts, etc., at the fair to taled $7,729,24; state and county aid, '$3,000; concession, entry, am other' fees, $7,832.65; and mlscellan ecus items brought the grand tota up to $20,251.92. There is now a balance on hand of only $27.84. The fair is in debt $fr,445.50, including notes outstanding for $5,150.03. Much of the expense was causec by permanent Improvements, sueh as the free act stage, the new diamond, toilets in the new grandstand etc. The fair, as an exposition alone, almost broke even.; DICKINSON IS SPEAKER AT NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CLUB Senator. L. J. Dickinson was one of three speakers before the National Republican club at a luncheon at New York City a week -ago Saturday, the other speakers being F. E. Murphy, publisher of the Minneapolis Kaufman, Tribune, and Herbert former assistant secretary of the Interior. Senator Dickinson upheld the tariff, scored the democrats for railing at it and then as they come into power in the House failing to isuggest a single change, opposed a pending proposal to take away from the president the so.palle4i flexible .p ; ower. to raise ] or lower. tarjff-raties .within limits, and declared 'himself against , other legislation' recently offered by the democratic House majority. WESLEYAN SENTENCED FOR AUTO ACCESSORIES THEFT Orvllle Ash, Wesley, was sentenced to 13 days in jail and costs oh a jetty larceny charge before Justice L. A. Winkel Monday afternoon. He was charged with stealing automo- >ile accessories valued at $3.50 from the Albert Monson service ' station and selling them at the Julius Lorenz station at 50c. As the first case In the Winkel court since December 18, thte broke a month's record of good behavior. Inheritance T»* ?»id, »$ estate of Henry Stelfiug, Bancroft, who died a year so ago, has paid' the state an inheritance tax of $952.37, based on an estate worth f 19,051.48.. Mr. stelflLug, who was a war veteran, was an Invalid for some time be- ore his death. He never married and left only els.ters and S brother, Arm Broken. ». Clark^ s^fferefl a of or Mrsv fajl Jn her room £unflay T £fternpon andj»rok£ tier fight arm at a point a yttie'belosr the shoulder. • tyf 9. of year* MJTS, "fl»rk ,. her hp,me wjj^ h^y'-dj Sfrs. H. E, Moymn,-a&e tf Snow at L. A 'Most Unusual The daily papers have been featuring a snowstorm in southern California Friday, and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Horan have received from their son Clemmer a copy of the Los Angeles Herald- Exarnlner telling,of the "unusual" event. There was only an inch covering the 1 ground, but the government meteorologist at Los Angelus said that two inches fell, halt of it'melting as soon as it lit. The Herald-Examiner printed five large pictures accompanying its story of the storm, Including >ne which showed children building a snow man. Many' of the city's children had never seen snow before. One of the pictures was entitled "The Sight of ). Lifetime." This was a panor- imic view of the city in white. The storm shattered a 54-year •ecord in Los Angeles. Sunshine tallowed the storm, but at internals there were sprinkles of •aln. The temperature at dawn vas 34 degrees, and at noon 50 legrees. RIFLE CLUB WILL COMPETE AGAINST CLUBS ELSEWHERE The Algona Rifle club met a week ago Friday in the basement of the Smith billiard hall and elected officers: G. D. Brundage, president; Arthur Helberg, vice president; William Shirley, secretary; F. L. McMahon, treasurer; Harold Stephenson,, executive.offleer; Lee Green, publicity manager.- The club's practice range is in the basement of the Smith hall. The organization plans to .have two teams, .a scope-sight team practicing Monday and Tuesday evenings, and an iron-sight team practicing Thursday and Friday evenings. A pistol team will practice .;Wednesday evenings. Recent scores "in prone position were made as'follows: L. W. Green, 484 out-of 500;. Harold Stephenson, 473 out of 500; Arthur Helberg, 470 out of 500. •.,.-.:• ... The club has dated rifle shooting matches with other clubs from var- the be At close of business Jan. 19, 1932. By Wilbur J. and Alice Payne. HOGS Best sorted lights, 180-230 lbs._$3.50 Beet' med. wt. butch., 230-260—$3.30 Best hvy. butch., 260-300 lbs...$3.20 Best prime hvy. butch., 300-350 $3.10 Best packing sows, 300-350 lbs._$2.75 Beet hvy sows, 356-500 $2.50 to $2.60 CATTLE Canners $1.00 to $1.25 Cutters —$1.25 to $1.75 Fat cows $2.00 to $2.50 Yearlings $2.50 to $3.50 Veal calves ;.$2.50 to $4.50 Bulls- . ; $2.00 to $3.00 Fat steers — $4.00 to $4.50 POULTRY Hens, heavy ' $ .14 Hens, Leghorn and under 4 Ibs. .11 Springs, heavy .13 Springs, Leghorn & under 4 Ibs. .11 Heavy stags .08 Leghorn stags .07 PRODUCE Eggs, graded, No. 1 .12 Eggs, graded, No. 2 .08 Cash cream .18 GRAIN No. 3 yellow corn 32% No. 2 yellow corn —.33% No. 3 .white oate .20 Feed barley .30 HIDES Calf and cow, Ib. —. 02% Horse $1,50 Colt hides, each ; ,50 ious parts of the country, and first week of competition will shot next week against a club Sutherland, Neb. The shooting is done at the two towns, and the targets sent to Kansas City, where they are tabulated and the scores judged. There will be seven contests, one each week. Other matches are with Ardmore, Okla.; Westfall, Kansas; Liberty Rifle club, Post, and 33rd Methodist Rifle club, Galveston. - ' The local indoor range has cently been refinished, with new lighting fixtures and shooting paraphernalia.; The-walls were whitewashed, which made the lighting easier. There is room for five shooters,- and the ranges are 75 -feet in length. The local team was organized last year,in March.v San Antonio; Taylor Legion Chicago; North Platte, Neb.; JOHN SLEPER WILL RUN A6AINST OLAF FUNNEMARK The Titonka John A, Sleper, Topic reports that of German township, is circulating nomination papers for the republican nomination for supervisor t in the third district, now represented by Olaf 'Funnemark, who Is serving his • fourth term. Edward Droessler, Ramsey township, has been mentioned for the nomination, but so far has not announced candidacy. Mr, Furme- mark has been urged to run again, and at last accounts had'the' t Ion' under advisement; -The district consists of -Ramsey,'German,' Buffalo, Portland, Wesley, and Prairie townships. PROSPECTIVE TEACHERS TO WRITE EXAMS NEXT WEEK County uniform school examina- ;ions will, be written next week Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, conducted by County Supt. Shirley. They are for young persons ambl- ious to be country school teachers. Twenty-five young women are ex^ pected to take the tests. County eighth grade examinations will be written Friday, February 5, and more than 300 pupils throughout he county are expected to write. SERVICES HELD AT LAKOTA FOR MARINE£LLEO OY CAR Lakota, Jan. 19—Funeral services or Fred Reefer, Iowa marine, who was killed in an auto accident last week, were held at the local Luther, an church Friday afternoon,- and burial was made in the Lutheran cemetery? . Kenneth TrunkenmtUer, another marine, whose parents live n TSibley, came with the fcody from Washington, », Q, Tax Sale Jan, 25, Pounty f reiMwrep 3S^wjs es that th? Boatpojo^ 1 a,t ejrtra time to pigiy ll - teepwsr' ACADEMY BOYS WHIP ST. JOEJASON CITY St. Cecelia's basketball team defeated St. Joseph's academy, Maeon City, on the local floor Tuesday evening in a .close game, 27-26. The visiting Johawke were in the lead, 17-10, at the half, but the home team rallied and fought out the second half to win, making the winning basket in the last minute of Play... . Hanson and Kelly played gdod basketball, arid Kanouff was local high'point man. ;The glrte' team won, 21-15, from the'•• Johawk girls' team. The score at the half was 17-8 in their favor. The boys' team played at Mason City December 30, and was defeated, 32-18. , The Academy boys' team has now won six out of 11 games this season. ; -Friday evening the boys were defeated, 34-8, at Livermore, and the second team was also defeated, 15-10. Tomorrow evening the .Wesley boys and girls will play here. THREE E. GJEBATE TEAMS HERE TUESDAY Tuesday afternoon three Eagle Grove debating teams debated three local high school teame, here. There were five debates, as the contestants were paired off several times. Two affirmative teams and one negative team came from Eagle Grove. - -, The subject was . unemployment Insurance. This is the subject for high.school debate teams over the state., There "were no winners! but an analysis was made of the debates In which strong and weak points of the debaters were pointed out. Much interest was manifested by the debaters; E#gle Grove Is strong in debate. The Eagle Grove team was state winner last year. Roy Barnes, son of .the Eagle Grove Eagle editor, was one of the visiting debaters. Roy won individual honors in .de-> bate work last year. BEAMER ELECTRIC CO- IS SOLD TO LOCAL MANAGER manager of the - company « here Dennis Pratt, Beamer Electric since the high; school electrical con-, tract held by the company wa4 completed, haa bought out the, Beamer Interest and is now conducting the shop himself. The Beamer company originated' at West Union, where Mr, lives. Mr. Pratt came to Beamer Algona When the school job started, and has been here ever since. At that time the company rented one of the O, E. Heise shop rooms on Thorington, and Mr. Pratt continues the business there, EXCELLENT SHOWING MADE BY NEW BURT SAVIN6S BANK The Burt Savings bank, nine months old, held Its first annual meeting last, week Tuesday. Deposits, stood at $142,000 December 31, and cash or its equivalent at «0S,- 000. Directory are: Sen. Geo. W. Patterson; Dr. W, T. Peters, president; F. B. Rubey, vice president (active), J. T. Heaney, cashier; GW. Bleipb, L. E. Llnnan, and W, A^. MacArthur, co-publisher Burt Mcnr itor. . v , Twelve Seek Office, i Britt News-Tribune is carry, political ahnpun,ceme'nts fpr'J? candidates for county office: one each for representative, auditor, treasurer, and county a, ttoraey. two for ctepfc twp for recorder, one foj ^ -'- - ? 'DOR FUND TO BENEFIT FROM SALARY SLASH Officers Are Reduced 10 Per cent; Board Cuts Per Diem. Last week Wednesday all of ' th* county officers voluntarily accepted a 10 per cent salary cut from. January 1 to July 1, and It include*. a similar cut in the per diem of th* supervisors, but not in the mileage fees of members of the board.' * Though acceptance of the act ; voluntary, it was not viewed wttlt complaisance by the officers, for varying reasons. No great objection was made to the cut itself, but diversion of the funds thus eava* Into the county poor fund was not. approved by at least one county,of- flcer, and some of the others looked* .askance at the failure to cut board members' mileage. Treasurer Hit Hardest. The cut wili^hit County Treasurer H. N. Kruee Hardest. Deputy C. Wt Pearson, of- Mr. Kruse's office, had' been cut from $125 to $100 by th* board at a previous meeting. S* heavy a cut looked unfair to' Mri. Kruse, for Mr. Pearson cannot sup^ port his family on that. sum. 'MR Kruse therefore offered $10 montH- ly from his own salary to Mr. Peari son, which gives Mr. Pearson $110-a month, the eame salary that E. fi Griffith, the , other deputy, was allowed by the board. •• When the salary cut was broach*ed by the board Mr. Kruse did not object, but he suggested that th* cut make allowance for the $10) ft month he was giving Mr. Pearson* leaving $7.50, a month to be turned into the poor fund. The board" did not accept this proposal and later secured Mr. Kruse's consent for 7 a:.< straight' 10 per cent cut over and above the $10 for Mr. Pearson. Mr. Kruse thus stands a total cut * <ir" $27.50 a .month, or nearly 16 percent of his salary. - . _ Orton Offers Objection. District Court Clerk Orton told the board that he had been glvin* 10 per cent of his salary to poor relief, but that he would not agree- to turn the 10 per cent Into the poor- fund because its administration doe» not meet with his approval.: Later, however, the board and Mr. Orton reached an agreement whereby th* 10 per cent will go into the pdbr fund. , Other officers, Including Sheriff Hovey, County Recorder Laur%. Paine, Auditor Bertha E. JohnMnVT* and County Superintendent Win. Shirley agreed to the cuts of 10 per cent for the poor fund. Some objections were offered here also to the use to be made of the money. County Attorney G. D. Shumway agreed to the cut the same day, though not present at the boar*, session. Board's Mileage Questioned. The big argument'among most «* the officers came in the view taken. by the supervisors that only thebt pwn per diem, not their rnlleae** was to be cut 10'per cent. The «u- pervlsors receive'seven cents a mil* and $5 per day. Thus the cut for the supervisors amounts to only 5t* for each day the board |s In session*, and a suggestion was advanced that, seven miles more driving for each such day would make up for th* 50c, or an extra day's session would' make up for nine sessions. The officers, however, have no such mean* to recoup their losses, The reason the money from th* cuts Is^tp be turned into'the poor fund i* that the fund is at presenr ' overdrawn *7.000. Mrs. Elinor "R Button, county welfare worker, an* her'assistant receive $170 a month* and other demands have been In- crea,slngly. -heavy on the fund during the; last "yeaf. Further overdrafts are certain to come in th* fund:'.'•'•-<•'•< _ Members" of the board felt „_, their mileage should not be, unit, 'because It had already been reduce* from ten to seven cents by the laafc legislature. • • OB Mileage Is the larger share of th* board's expense, The report for 193; is not ,yet avaljable, feut in th* report for 1930 the mileage, totak* , $7,612.30 for the five superviapmt while the per dlen} totaled 16,998 On the baste pf |6,999.«6 r ' year, the 10 per cent would to $349.98 for the five over the six months average pf 411.6? a per diem basis. '""

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