The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1954 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 24, 1954
Page 2
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THURSDAY, JWH BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAOB THUEK Business Prophet Roger Babson Sees Continued Progress (Continued from Page 1) tient with French bickering over the Saar and over the formation of a Western European army including German participation. Russia will strive mightily to widen the split between France and Western Germany by holding out the "bait" of reunion between East and West Germany. (12) Friction between the Jews and the Arabs in the Middle East is being encouraged by Communist agents. The smouldering fires there could break into flame at any time, requiring a hurry-up call for Uncle Sam's fire department. STOCK MARKET OUTLOOK (13) Of course, some day the market (especially the Dow-Jones Industrials) will get a bad wallop with very mucn lower prices. On the other hand, this may not come during the next few months. Tip to this time the high yields of stocks have not appealed so much to investors, owing to the personal tax on both dividends and on income in general. Although stock yields compared with those of twenty years ago are higher if personal taxes are not considered, yet when these personal taxes are deducted, today's yields have not been attractive. (14) The new Tax Bill and the increased buying for pension funds and investment trusts have, however, increased the demand for common stocks and could hold the market up for some months to : come. I forecast that it will be very important, to make careful selections of stocks. Don't buy stocks just because they have gone off heavily in price and appear cheap. (15) Unfortunately, many small concerns will find it more and more difficult to compete with their big competitors. Not only can these big corporations make goods cheaper and have better meajis of distribution, but they can spend huge sums on advertising, which a smaller concern cannot do. This will be especially evident during the next six months- The companies which will prosper most are those which have inaugurated effective labor - saving programs. Manufacturers will win only as they purchase new labor-saving machinery, spend more money on research and oxi well-directed advertising. (16) Automobiles will continue to be hard to sell and easier to buy during the last half of 1954. Both the automobile stocks and the cars will be an less demand. There will be more bargains in used cars, discount on new cars, especially cars of the "independent" manufacturers. (17) Canada will continue to boom during the second half of 1954, but this may be a good time to take profits on Canadian investments. MONET, INFLATION, INTEREST (18) When Mr. Eisenhower as- Cabinet of "9 millionaires," they sumed the Presidency with his proclaimed a new monetary policy which would increase the value of the dollar and raise interest rates. Either fortunately or unl'ortun- ! ately. the economic situation caused I a reversal of this policy. The value of the dollar shows no increase over January 1 and this has been hailed by Wall Street as a sign of fur- i ther inflation. Wall Street has boumod certain common stocks accordingly. Interest rates during the second six months of 195-1 should average about as at present. (19) The fear of involvement in IndO'China is .strengthening- the commodity markers. This takes some of the pressure off of Secre-! tary Benson and those who have been resisting increased tariffs. I forecast an upward movement in many commodity prices—other than farm prices—during the balance of 1954. i20) Money supplies are on the rise again now. They will continue to expand during the last half. Inflationary effects on the price level will be limited as our capacity to produce is now large. Remember, the surest way to squelch an inflationary fire is with a Hood of goods. Inflationary effects of the expanded money supply could also be nullified by the change in the Government's method of collecting the corporate income tax The new tax law may put the large corporations on a pay-as-you-go basis, squeezing their cash holdings. (21) Any psychological inflationary flare-ups that may take place as a result of war scares, big or little break of another war. LABOR. BUILDING, REAL ESTATE (22) As to unemployment, I will say that this has increased some over last year, but if considered on a per-capita basis, it is even less than that of five years ago. Look for a moderate reduction in the cities) will eontinur saving In price. In the suburbs, the bigger, houses, even of recent vintage, will be harder to soil. Most salable home properties will be the newer houses in the middle and lower-price brackets with emphasis on the "ranch-houses" so-called. will not be long-lived. They will i j n the big cities it may be another definitely be dangerous to follow j story, unless the land is suitable for parking purposes. (d) Business properties in the big cities may ease somewhat in price during the last six months of this year. Suburban business properties can be expected to hold up. Demand for more shopping centers up. A word of warning: Don't get drawn into any speculative moves in commodities or stocks based on the outbreak of a small war. If the need arises, our Government wil move with lightning swiftness to put controls into effect. They are already "triggered." The only real danger of any federal tax increases will come with the out- ranks of the unemployed during the , < f) Tn the hlsl nalf _ yoar construc . I last six months of 1954. j tion will still bo a powerful support ! (23) The improvement which I to our economy as it has been for so long. Seasonally, building will hold well, strengthened by continued li- ; beral credit terms. Some boost to i building could come in the second j half if. civilian defense moves create a "dispersal scare." If this happens, j • look for a rush by many factories I to move operations into areas far I from bomb-vulnerable cities- CONCLUSION: I cannot end this | Forecast without reminding readers J that we are living in a truly New ; Era, comparable only with hte year I I A. D., 1954 years a no. or the in- j vention of printing 500 years ago. The H-Bomb, in the hands of any ambitious dictator, could bring about unparalleled ' conditions. T h e s e ! changes could make the things, I about which I have written above. of litle value or consequence. Only a great spiritual awakening can save us. Nagging Backache Sleepless Nights Often Due to Kidney Slow-down When kidney function slows .Sown, muny Jo ks complain of nninriuK bnckiiehe. heud- aclies. anil Ions of w and energy Don t suffer restless nights with these .H.s. comforts if reduced kidney function It yet- tins you down-due to such common cuuVes »a stress and strain, over-exertion or exposure to cold. Minor bladder irritations due to cold qr wrong- diet iniiy cause getting up expect in employment should not, however, be sufficient to make union leaders careless. Jobs will still be very much in demand. This should mean that the last half will see no prolonged strikes. (24) Most union-management settlements will be made with a moderate amount of give and take. Any wage advances will be limited to the neighborhood of a reasonable hourly figure, plus some additional fringe benefits. The Administration and the Labor Leaders will not try to revamp the Taft-Hartley Bill during the last six months of 1954. (25) My forecast as to the various classes of real estate is as follows: (a) Large commercial farms will experience a further sag in their land values during the last half-year as farmers' gross income dips lower. (b) Small farms on the fringes] of big city suburbs Should hold or rise in price as people get further away from city centers. This move event of really serious war scares. (c) I look for' vacant land in the suburbs to hold its value well. ^ frequent p. Don't neglect your kidneys if these conditions bother you. Try Down's 1 will be noticeable during the months | l ?.ilir cst n c ;. U5cdr f. ucce " ifl . I1 '>'. 1 'y n » over 60 years*. It a amazing how t Doan'a give happy relief from Mi to come. (el Home property (especially the older houses, particularly in the Iln—a mild illions for no diKCorn- forts-helpthelSmileaof kidney I _ ters flush out waste. Get Doan's 1'itla today! RCHiST AIR TIGHT • FULLY INSULATED LIGHT WEIGHT JUMBO SIZE MAINTAINS ICE CUBES 48 HRS. IN ANY WEATHER! WEIGHS ONLY 16 Ibs. 8 PIECE LUNCHEON SET Sef included with each chest. 1 PICNICS & VACATIONS. TAKE ON AUTO TRIPS, FISHING & CAMPING Dome Shaped Cover for greater strength and more room inside. Removable Food Tray holds sandwiches, meats, salads, etc. 4 large size plates with 3 divisions and place for mug. 4 mugs with handles, included. BARBKUtt AUTOTRIPS FISHING CAMPING ON PATIO AT HOME OR TAKE ANYWHERE Spun Glass Insulation in galvanized double wall. Maintains temperature inside chest Handle-lock swings down out-of-the-way. When up, it fits over top handle to seal cover. Large Deluxe Model BOBBIN Copy'lqM Robb-.* P.oducU Holds 22 6-01. bottles ^ or 20 12-ox. bottles; PLUS 15 Ibs. crushed ice and removable Pood tray. Use it at home, office or clubhouse. Take it anywhere.' Keeps food and drinks refreshingly cool. Healthier, Safer and Cheaper, too! Order NOW while limited quantity fasts at this special price. NO MONEY DOWN! 50c A WEEK ANOTHER DREIFUS SUMMER SCOOP! H H E IF |I S Meet Dreifus W. Wear Diamonds WEST mm si 3 Ways to buy: COME IN! PHONE KEZSi TODAY! OR MAIL THirTOUPON! Drcifns Jewelry Co., Blythevillc, Ark. Unclosed find $ ...... Down Payment. Please send me the Deluxe model Cooler Chest at the s-pecia! price of $12.95 and Include the 8 piece Luncheon Set Free. I will pay balance ...... weekly. Name ........................ , Address Accounts af ............................. ; Where employed ............. n ow | j0n(t (Kxtra Charge for Shipping 406 W. Main Phont 3-4591 PRE-FOURTH SALE Values in All Departments. Reg. 4.95 Chenille Spread 1.99 Full size spread of coll on chenille in beautiful pastel shades. Limit 2 to a customer Reg. 1.49 Ladies Shorts 87* Ladies twill shorts, durable trim-looking, aMnicd'vc simulated cuffs, neat back zipper. 12-20. Limit 2 to a customer. Reg. 1.98 Table Cloth 1.27 Rayon cotton table cloth for every dinner event. Colors—yellow and ivorv. Birdseye Diapers 1.77 doz. 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