Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 7, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1932
Page 5
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Ella ,,.i f in*et tfith (p-i6fftd£ ( *ttei>dftyv V'Bonhamt tit 8. coach, IB & niw Chevrolet coupe, pVfcf AV 'twill 'meet Monday >\il ft* the nigh Sdhool at 8 o'clock, lilndsey spent the we«K-ena wn.« a sister at Spencer, %Mra. Elizabeth AmesbUry went to Mankato, Minn., last Thursday for tt'.weelt tylth her> mother, i'^lr. and Mrt. J. W. Neville spent the first of the week at Minneapolis, buying goods for the shoe store. ' > Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Clark spent fast week Monday ( Tuesday, and Wednesday at Des Moines, on bust- WIs ine •UOIB. Dreesman, principal of the junior high school, spent part of her holiday vacation at Rochester, * Mr! and Mrs, Harry Showalter, Ethel Morrison, and A. E. Ander«on sP ent ' New Year>s at Mlnnea- a , W. B*. W. Calry, Sioux City, went \ home Tuesday, after a visit since Saturday at the Dr. L. W. Fox Doctors Keneflck and Cretzmeyer attended a clinic a t Waverly Tuesday. Waverly Is Doctor <^<-°*~ iheyer's old home town. John W. Menz, southeast of Fenton farmer, was an Algona visitor Monday. Mr, Menz has lived In the jenton. neighborhood 43' years. > Fred Weiss; of Fort Dodge, spent a week ago Sunday helping Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Sorstedt' take Inventory of the Weiss & Sorstedt stock. t '•Mr. and Mrs.;6. W. Erlckson re :turned Friday --.'from Rhlnelander ,Wis., where they had spent the holl days with the latter's mother. ; Vera Stell went..: to Sioux City Sunday, after two weeks at hei father Jos. Steil's. '• She teaches eec- ,end grade in, the schools of Sioux City.. .-•.>' .-'•" :•-•'• . ••• Sunday night Mr. and Mrs. Mlllei entertained 12 at dinner followed by •bridge, with Mrs. B. A. Schemel:am A. E. Kresensky , winning high '•scores. • ./..• . . • • Geraldlne Lewis, of Dubuque went home a week ago Sunday af Her spending Christmas with th< ' Wm. Shlrleys. .Gealdlne teaches a "Montrose. • ,.;'/;'. '.. . • .'•.'. The Rev., and Mrs. P. J.;Brane_ and son Envin, 1 and Mr. and Mrs ', Ralph Riedel, -.. of Spencer, were evening guests at Carl Krug's New Year's day. ••'.'.. Merle Griggs, Minneapolis, wen home Tuesday, after .having spen the holidays with the Dr. A. ,L Rists. He is a- patient'at a'veter ans' hospital. / Mrs. Leon Wheeler, Philip, S. D and. son Duane, went home Monda after spending a weelj: with the .for mer's parents, 'Mr. and Mrs. Geo Hohenberger. . : '.' Madonna. Quirin returned to- low .City Monday after spending the hoi days with her sister, Mrs. J. Jl Herbst. Madonna is a.freshman a the state university. Mrs. L. C. Reding and her daugh ter Rosanne returned last wee Wednesday from . Oelwein, wher they had spent several days wit the Maurice Cullens. ' Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Rice, .the foi ~ mer's sister, Agnes Rice; Chicago Janet Zerfass, and Mary Janice Ric sijent several days the first of las week at Minneapolis. Tyrell Ingersoll, Cedar Rapid lawyer, arrived Monday for a weel with his parents, Mr. and Mrs., C L. Ingersoll. He Is recuperatin from an appendicitis operation. • Envin Braner, wfio .spent hi Christmas vacation .with his paints, left Sunday evening for Ch; cago to resume his studies, at th •Concordla college at River Forest. Mr, and Mrs. R. H. Miller ente. tained 12 at dinner and bridge Fr day night at their home. Higft bridge scores were won by Mrs D. R. Steele and.P. J. Chrlstensen Mr. and Mrs. Joel M. Herbst, Mi and Mrs, G. W, Stlllman, Mr. an Mrs. Walter Lorenz, .arid. B, C. Me Mahon were New Year's eve guest ;of Frances Duhlgg at her home E Emmetsburg, ,..'..-. Mr. and Mrs. E, W. Lusby too the latter's daughter, Irene Da : zlel, to Fort, Dodge Sunday, : an from' there she returned to Ame* via, bus. Irene is a student at th state college. Dr. H. M. Olson, local dentist, an his sister Mabel .spent.New Year . ana the week-end with relatives an friends at Des Moines; Mabel 4 employed at the state hlghway.com mission office here. Lillian Strom went to Hartle Sunday to resume teaching. She ha spent a few days of her holiday va cation with friends at Counc Bluffs. Lillian to th* daughter Mr. and Mrs. August Strom'. ' L . U, Osterbauer and his brother m-law.' Cletus Butler, Ottawa, 111 went home last Thursday, after few days with L. M.'s parents, » and Mrs. Matt .Osterbauer, l>. M. manager of a hotel at Ottawa. H. D. Olapsaddle, Maurice am *>ea -Bartholomew, and Win, 'Am« returned Saturday from. Lake Wlr neolgoshlsh, where they had bee; since last Thursday fishing. The reported a good catch, each day, tll $J?7, J anlce Rice left for the ~ tum trip to Wellesley. Mass., fr »ay night to resume her studies _ •** college,, after havlm the holiday season' with, he Mr. and Mrs. N, C. Bice. near Ehnore, spent'her mother, Mrs. Mary Sorenson. El- Mr Mon holl r. and Mrs, "W sister, Mrg, Ross Coleman back j& EJtnore Sunday feu, * Br * ce - Waterloo, spent « ^ days during the holidays with Tw '—-=»•*$ j. weawwi thin ^ |%««Sr ftwrSr-. IS^jSi Mr. and Mrs. Ci IV • Chubb. *?i« , ed io 8top at Madison) i till after New Year's. Ernes- is an assistant H, r>. A. Josephine Muftagh and Eleanor iackus, students at Stephens, col- ^!', retllr ' ned to Colu >"bfa, Mo., Puiesday, after having spent Ith'e olldays with their respective par- nts, Mr. and Mrs. E. j. Murtagh no Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Backus. Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Housh, of Des Holnes, .and their two daughters vent home last week Tuesday, after aving spent Christmas with Mrs loush's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L M ^wen. Mrs. Housh, who was Merle once served as deputy court ^ Elmer Sorenson went to his home Denver, Colo., last week Sunday Jwen lerk. ., fter spending Christmas with his . - r Is employed with the American elegraph and Telephone company t Denver. He has been there four Mrs. E. J. Skinner underwent a, major operation Monday morning ",t the German Lutheran hospital t Omaha, and is reported recov- iring rapidly, with prospects of re, G ,™ e l r .°. m the hos Pitol in ten days, has a brother at Mrs. Skinner Omaha. Dorothy Jones, R. N., left for , . ., hiladelphla Saturday after spend- ng two weeks with her mother, CQtiN'TY ADVANCE.'ALaoNA. IOWA FIHST LUTHERAN, S. ID. . rom, Student Pastor-The second of the national prayfer week services will be held this evening at 7:30. Home, church, and state are the topics for Prayer Week Meditations and services. Tomorrow after. noon the Aid will meet at Mrs. Charles Rosewall's. . . Tomorrow evening the Sunday school will hav e a 0:30 covered dish supper. Each family Is to take a covered dish nnd sandwiches. There will be a candy booth ana a fish pond, Cor both of which donations will be appreciated. . . Next Sunday morning the Sunday school meets at ji.O o'clock. Morning services will be held at •I'l, nnd the theme will be Heavenly Teaching. Special- music will be provided. METHODIST, C. V. Hulse, p na . tor—The Aid is having its regular meeting at the church this afternoon.- Mrs. Tribon's division is in charge and an earnest (effort is being made to get a hundred out for the meeting. A luncheon will be served at 1:15; following which he women will make comforts for llstrlbution among the needy. Five eiawsfths lived neighbors at Iowa Falls at one time; • A.'Studer, of Excelsior, Minn., railroad grader, writes: "Enclosed find check-for subscription. We feel glad that we are on the end of 1931, which was just one big headache. We are living In hopes that the coming year will be prosperous for nil who are trying so hard to make a success of farming and other lines of business." Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dlerks, of Rockford, 111., visited the Rev. P. J. Braner home last week .Monday. The visit was a great surprise for the Rey. Mr. Braner, for Mrs. Dierks was a former scholar of the Rev. Mr. Braner's parish Ichool at course. We are acquainted In ev. ery corner of Koesuth, and your; paper pute us In touch with old aeso- clates. It IS a surprise to find a county paper In a town no larger than Algona apparently all home printed; a bold enterprise, but evidently successful.. Here's for 12 months more of It. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Roupe, of Alexander, are parents of a 7V4-lb. boy, born Monday. The^v now have one daughter and three sons. The Roupes moved to Alexandria fYom 'Algona last spring and are operating a grocery store. Mr. Roupe is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Houpe, and Mrs. Roupe was Florence Brltton, daughter of Mr.. and Mt. -Lake, Minn. The Rev. Mr. I Mrs. B. E. Brltton, of Cedar Rapids, Braner had not seen her since he former Algonians. Arnold's sister eft there ten years ago. Irma Dee went to Alexander, Tues- Mrs. AVilllniVi Sr-hnHon SntHt lily to hel f ctlre for t"e family. Charles Halv,orson, Edgeley, N Mrs Georce Wrk -n A, ""••"«• ««i.rn>uuon among the needy. Five l--ome of his rister, Mrs. J. M. Ployed by ! doctor ^ ^ V^' COmf ? rts wer€ completed at the last Herbst.' The next clay Philomena specif VfrfiV ± t b o"f l^"* K J£_ ^.l? "'" '» hel ».' ?" a .£S*™* "«•*«» to Sioux City loneq saleqlnrtv t th ~rn i . " K your tn)mble ant ' ° vtslt th elr mother, Mrs. M. J. Brosstord ^ Chrlstensen needle. . . The Home Guards will Qulnn, who makes her home there ' ' I *« et with Mrs. Lease Friday after with her father, M. L. Hogan. The school. . . The Standard Bearers girls returned last week Tuesday . Mr. and Mrs. Park Hancher and n George, of New Sharon, went home Inet Thursday, after several lays with the E. C. Hanchers. Park and E. C. are brothers, and Park is athletic coach in "the schools of New will meet at the w. A. Foster residence' on south Jones next week Wednesday evening. Sharon, while E. C. manager' here. lone Lease, who teaches is telephone public school music at Britt, spent the holidays with her parents, the Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Lease, returning to Britt Sunday. Howard Lease who teaches in the high school at Schleswig, returned to his duties last week Wednesday. Doris Long returned to Grinnell Sunday, after a holiday visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 'A. L. Long. Eernice Harrington, who also attends Grinnell college, went back Monday, after having spent her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. .p. Harrington. Mrs. W. A. Gaskill and her little son Gilbert recently went to Waukee for a visjt with Mrs. Gaskill'a parents. The Gaskllls had been occupying a furnished apartment at Frank Thorpe's, and Mr. Gaskill was employed at the local Gamble store till a'few months ago. S. E. Engstrom, who was First Lutheran student pastor her e and at Bancroft during the holidays,' Is about to return to Rock Island where he is a senior at Augustana College. Pastor Johnson, of Swea City, Will serve as supply pastor of both churches till further notice. Mrs. R. E. Brown went to Mason City Monday for a few weeks with her daughter, Mrs. w. K. Schoby Mrs. Brown's grandchildren, Eliza beth and Jean Schoby had spen the school vacation here, but wen home Saturday. Mr, and Mrs Schoby spent Christmas with Mrs •n Brown. Magnus Lic.hter went to Ames Monday to resume his veterinary course at the state college. He has alrendy had a year-and a quar ter of study. He remained at hom< last year and till now has been employed by Dr. H. R. Gibson. Mas,- nus is the son of Mr. and Mrs Henry Lichrisr^ E. J. Osterbauer, Rockford, 111. whose wife was one of the Ashelford girls, was here to attend the , come and bring your thimble and ~ D~ -.- v ..l.l./j , C*.1\J Ai \Jm LllCIt? PRESBYTERIAN, J. L. Coleman, they took a train for Iowa City. Pastor—January , Is our Loyalty Both are students at the state uni- month. Here is a challenge to every versity. Miss Fisher spent several member and friend of the church days with the Wm. e. Steeles. to help make the. attendance 100 William and Mrs. George Free and per cent in Sunday school, Endeav or, and church. . . Morning subject next Sunday, The Heavenly Footman. Evening worship: C. E. at C:30. It is hoped that all of the youth of the church will find a place in the activities of the En. deavor. .Evening sermon theme. Jesus in Action. Thei<e w lll 'be a five-minute talk on what we believe. Bring your pad, pencil, and Bible. BAPTIST, Arthur S. Hneser, Pas tor—In spite of cold and snow the services were well attended last Sunday. This gave us a good start for the new year. Let us keep up the good work and encourage others to come. We are looking for a great yean Come out next Sunday and then do your best to attend regularly throughout 1932 .. Morning worship next Sunday a 11; Evangelistic service at 7:30 p m. Sunday school at 10 a. m.; B Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m.; Prayer meet ing Wednesdays, 7:30 p. m. XAZABJEjtfE, A. W. and Haze Irwln, Pastors—We should all praj and labor to increase each churcl numerically and spiritually during the new y^ar. Some may have ti pray for themselves and renew co venant with God before they car pray in faith, for others. If the fol lowers of. Jesus needed the Holj Ghost as part of their equipmen then how much more do we neec Him in these days of confusion. Ser vices at the usual hours and praye meeting Wednesday evening 7:30. GALBRAITH UNIOW, H. !fol Malen, Pastor—Good reports hav reached us about the messages tha have been delivered In the evangel istic campaign now In progress We are feeling as if we are lose by not toeing able to attend. W< court sale of the Ashelford esta e ^ notfceiftg able to attend. W farm Tuesday, accompanied by his £«* that everyone who can possi attorney. W. E. Reckhow. also of bly do 60 will avail himself of.th opportunity. Services each evenini Rockford. They drove through and opportunity Services each e found no , snow till after they at 8 ' except Saturday nlsnt ' reached Waterloo. IMMANUEL LUTHERAN, Ban The Gordon Jorgensons, who .had cro ft, S. E.. Engstrom, Student Pas lived the past year on the Ed Ma,wd- • --- - — - - sley farm, near Irvington, moved to town before Christmas, and are now living with -Gordon's parents Mr. and Mrs; Anton' Jorgenson. They \fi\l move to the C.' R. Schoby farm March il, and Mr. Jorgenson will help on the farm. ' Ruth McMahon will go back to Galva some time 1 this week-end. On account of an epidemic of chickenpox her school's holiday vacation was extended till Monday. Marlon McMahon, who also spent the holidays with her parents, returned Sunday to Ames, where she Is' a home economics student, _: Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd Bohanndn arrived Monday from Schenectady, N. Y., where they had made their home for a year, Lloyd, who Is an electrical engineer, was in the employ ,of the General Motors,. company. They will make an extended visit at the. home of Lloyd's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bohannon. Mr. and MM. II. T. Miller, Oklahoma City, left for home last week Wednesday, -after a visit with tho latter's parents, Dr. and Mrs. p, ,V, Janse. Mrs. Miller had spent several week* here, and Mr. Miller arrived Christmas day In his car. Mr. Miller Is athletic "coach in one of •the. high schools,at Oklahoma .City. Gladys Bishop,! of Swea City, began work Monday at the county treasurer's office, temporarily employed at writing tax receipts, She Is a former employe of a defunct Swea City bank. Ella Rabm, of St, Benedict, who was helping in the treasurer's office, is, now 'at the Sheriff's office writing drivers' 11- censes «**J?V*>t ' Mr, 'and Mrs. H. M. Smith gpt home last week Wednesday from eve th tor—This week Wednesday nlng the annual meeting of church was held, preceded by a half hour prayer service at 7:30 the first of two national .Praye Week services. The 'other meeting will be held tomorrow evening a 7:15. . . Sunday evening service Avill be held at 7:30. EV. 1UTHERAX, P. J. Braner Ppstor—Sunday school, 10; Englisl service, '10:30 The , Aid wil meet this afternoon with Mrs, Davi Rietau The S. S, T. meets to morrow evening' at the parsonage ... The annual business meeting of the voting members will take place next Sunday afternoon ' at 2 o'clock. CONGREGATIONAL, Fred J Clark, Pastor—9:45 Sunday echoo , . . 11 a. m. morning worship, Ser mon, The Four Winds. A quarte of'women's voices will sing In the Garden ... 6 p. m. Junior C. E... 6:30 senior C, B. ... 4. p. m. musical Vespers, their brief honeymoon at Mlnnea. polls, and on New Year's day began housekeeping In the former John Van Deest home on south Dodge Street, n°w owned by G. D. Shum way. Mrs. Smith, who was Eva Strelt, has resumed work at the Ad vance office. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ix>we accom panied the R. H. Clawsons, Duluth as far as Humboldt Saturday and that night were guests at a party given by Mr. and Mrs. Lester Rogers. From Humboldt the Claw sons went to Hampton to visit Mrs Clawspn's parents before going home, The Rogers family and the HOME MADE CANDY FBOM SCHOOL KID truck drivei to 4ebi|tairte, delicious home candies to youiE tever&l tastes, Tpur fipprfte -Pecan Rolls, English Taffy, Cream Caramels, French Nougat, delicipue Fudges, Peanut Clusters, ; and many qther|. FRESH HOK1 rim n «M» 4wpj JMMW, w tor y«w& .'iii^sasis f*y.;kv^ ifA'Vff U^MuMit^ AVilllnni Scholtcn, Spirit cnme Saturday for a week vlth her father, W. C. Danson. VIrs, Scholtcn wns Florence Danon. The Paul Dnnsons went to White Bear Lake, Minn., last week Wednesday to visit Mrs. Danson's mrents. Pnul returned Friday, 'Irs. Danson and the baby remain- ng for an extended visit. Phllomena and Madonna Qulnn ook their brother Bud back to Le , ind vlslte-.l over Christmas at the ome of his rister, Mrs. J. M. o visit their mother, Mrs. M. J. night. c uieir orotner Bud back to Le- •••-•= u euuu uiramery ana goo< •s a week ago Sunday, after Bud mal ' ket for Poultry. We are alway.. vlaitn-i m-n,. <-<i,..i,.i .1 *,-_ §Tuid to get your good paper and ve scan closely for Wesley news." Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Buell, Burt, ecently left for St . Petersburg, 'la., where they spend their wln- ere, and under date of December 9 Mr. Buell wrote to ask that his laper be sent there, adding: 'Reached here Christmas afternoon, ind found the thermometer registering 30 In the shade; .much different from last season, when it was cold and rainy. The tourist crop is light so far, but of course later lower William Steele took George Free ind Dorothy Mae Fisher to Nora Springs Monday, and from there baby will drive to Iowa City Fri day. Mrs. Free and baby will re main, bufW'illiam wijl return early next week. Forrest Rice, Stanley, N. D., visited his mother, Mrs. Sylvanla Rice at his sister Mrs. Guy L. Taylor's, Sioux City, over the Week-end, an<3 then drove on to Algona Monday for a day with old friends. He was looking for favorable territory in which to dispose of horses. From here he went to Minneapolis. It is now 30 years since Forrest left Kossuth, but he is still interested in news of Algona and the county Lula H. Belton, widow of the late A. L. Belton, sends a renewal subscription check from Gardena Calif., and says; "In the futtire, ad dress my paper to 1218 Magnolia Ave., Gardena. I haven't moved but Gardena has been incorporated as a city of the fifth class, and w< now have mail delivery. . . Almos 21 years since I.left Algona, but : still enjoy the paper. I am glad tc •hear that Mr. Dewel is able to com to the office again." . Harry Brown, o f Burlington, call ed on friends here Tuesday. He Is employed by a telephone company and a crew of the company's men were working close to Algona Harry is the son of Mr. and Mrs G. F. Br6wn, ormer Algonians nov living at Burlington, and the elde Mr. Brown is manager ,of an ol station. Harry's sister, Mrs. Thorn as, the former Mrs. Clarence Bel nap, lives at 'indianola. Harry i married and has four children. From Lamberton, Minn., Mrs. S A. Barker writes: "I am sending back your check, signed for anothe year. We have been having foggi weather, with rain and sleet' whic] turned to snow December 31, anc •we now have a white. blanket o five inches of loose snow. Cars can get through, but sledding is a safe way. Hog prices'have been low but are a little higher at present Cream is 30c; eggs, 20c; hogs, $3.4 to $3.65; corn, 32c; .oats, 25c; bar ley, 40c. , ' The Rev. G. F. Barsalou, forme Bancroft boy who is a Methodis pastor at Maquoketa, writes: En closed find my check for 1932. W , writes: "Enclosed check for 2.50. My wife, nee Minnie Nelson, Wesley, and I send our best wishes or a Happy New Year. We have lice weather here; some snow, but lot cold, and the ground Is not rozen when it is covered. We had air crops last year, with plenty of 'eed, so people are i n fair shape. We have a good creamery and good x years old, is attending a kindergarten school. Captain Oberlander's athei 1 , who made his home with the berlanders when they lived here, ow lives in California, and has a obby for collecting stones, of which e has some hundreds of different inds. When the Oborlanders left ere they went to South America, vhere the captain for some years ^presented the Goodyear company, he little daughter speaks Spanish s fluently as English. Tw 0 ol- three months ago a son f Mr. and Mrs. L,. J. Malueg, who vns returning in the family Dodge ar from Ayrshire,. where ' he had aken a, sister who Is a teacher here, struck a slippery spot on the aving and the car ran into the itch, where it rolled over two .or hroe times.- The car was so badly recked that It looked like nothing nild be done for It, but it was rought to town and turned over o Wm. . C. Dau, who runs a gauge next south of the Advance hop. Mr. Dau and his men worked It, and when they turned it ver to Mr. Malueg last week It ooked like a brand" new car) 1 Mr. lalueg was so much pleased 'with uch fine workmanship that he call- d the Advance force out to look t it before he drove it home. more tourists are expected Rentals are almost one-half than last season's." Mr', and Mrs. Morris J. Schock and their daughter Betty Elaine were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Rubey, of Burt, at 6:30 New Year's dinner Friday evening. Mrs Schock and her three children are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs Jewell M. Patterson. Mr. Schock is a representative of the Sheaffe fountain pen and pencil' company and at present is demonstrating samples at the Younker show room at Des Moines. The Rubeys am Schocks are both formerly of Ame< andi have been close friends for several years. Mr. Rubey is vie president of the new Burt%ank. The 240-acre Ashelford estat farm five miles southeast of Al gona was eold. at partition sal Tuesday to John McGuire, Algona at .$36.50 an acre. This price look ridiculously low, but It is explaine< by the fact that the improvement are worth little and about half o the farm is timber land, while th other half is in poor condition. Th sale is subject to' court approval The,farm was sold at a similar sal a month or so ago to E. O. Oster baue'r, Rockford,' 111.,. husband o one of the heirs, at $33 an acre, bu the court declined to approve th sale. Esther and Ruth Bishop return ed to Iowa City Saturday to resum studies at the state universitj Esther will finish a home economic course in three weeks, and upo graduation will go to Lowden teach in the high school. Rut will be graduated from the colleg of commerce- at the close of th first six weeks of summer schoo Harry Bishop, who also spent th holidays 'with his parents, Mr. an Mrs. A. A. Bishop, returned t Iowa City Friday. Maude McBroom sister of Mrs. Bishop, who is prin cipal of the elementary school at th state university, spent several day of her holiday vacation with th Bishops. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Clark vlsi ed in Minneapolis recently, an while there called on the The Oberlanders, former Algonians wh have made Minneapolis ' their horn during the past year. ' Captain Obe lander is still with the Goodyea are renewing our subscription o company. The daughter Betty, no Tire Chains For Ford and Chevrolet, heavy hardened chain $2.50 Weed Rid O Skid $2.00 32x6 Heavy Duty truck chains _— : ^ $7.00 Other Sizes Low in Price Proportionately. v < * General and Kelly Tires U. S. L Batteries, exchange $6.50 HIGH GRADE RADIATORS Joe Greenb<erg Rite-Way Grocery January 8 to 14 Soup, tomato, ? cans — .}Bc Peas, No. 2 can — __„ ---- }9o Catew, 3 8%-«?. bottles —Wo CoK«e, Good Cheer, Jb. ~,Wc -fetches, 6 Ijpxes „„„• ---- 109 Pepper, black, % Ib. pkg. }ge Gelatin powder, Jack Sprat, 8 pfcgs. ... ------- „ ---- 1»6 Pe^ohes, Jack Sprat, Afelba, large can ~ T ----- >. ------ W» pilye |o*p, 9 a»fl beam, H ^ eafi» Peanut butter, 8Q o?. Jar - Cake flour, pkg. ____ , ____ 190 Bran FJakee, j^ s pra ,t, 2 pkgs. -------- — „ — I0o Corn Flakes, Jack. Sprat, g > pkge. , ----- „,__,. ----- ,_l>c Pancake flour, Jack Sprat, 3^ Ib. bag _„.„ -------- 190 Baking chocplate, Jack Sprat, % Ib. pkg. ------ m Powdere4 sugar, Jacfc Sprat, Soap, Big 4, waj&er, lys. pkg. bee| - kraut , •>- .^ -£ tmstpfjO A gfj **£• 00 KOSSUTH 4-H GIRLS STUDY HOME FURNISHING Three hundred Koesuth 4-H club •iris will take a course In home furnishings as their 1932 4-H alub iroject, according to Muriel Bddy, H. D. A. Six training schools will e held, at which three lessons will >e given. Two days will be given iver to each lesson. A school will be held in the North End, and another in the South End the follow- ng day. Dates for these training schools will soon be announced. Eighteen clubs will begin the year's club work, as compared to 14 n 1931. The following county contests will be conducted: music memory contest, June; contest to choose most outstanding club girl in the :ounty, March; best 4-H club record books, October; health contest July; banner club contest, April; picture memory contest, June, Rally day; journalism contest, May. CALL THEATRE — ALGONA - Saturday, January 9 BIG 4-WAT. SHOW More for your money than ever. before! 1:30-3:30 matinees, 10-30c. VICTOR McLAGLEN LEW CODY EDDIE GRIBBON FAY WBAY in Herman Whittoker's "Over the Border" Three bad men. Featuring the Dakota land rush The attack on the wagon train. Over the border to gold. The wild roughnecks fathering a defenseless girl. ' A big fun and thrill show. (2) Also— ' WM. BOYD ZAZU PITTS WARNER OLAND in "The Big Gamble" He gambled a year of happiness for gold. (3) A big: son«• and musical numbe AL WOHLMAN and JOHIOfY BOYLE —with the—• ALBERTDfA RASH GIRLS in "Hello Good Times" See what they do to old man de pression! It's 100% plus. (4) OTHER COMEDY FEATURE More for your money than wa ever offered. Sunday, January 10. 1-3 o'clock matineee, 10-35c. Continuous at 5-7-9- o'clock,' regular prices. A modern, clever, fast movini story that givee you the low-down JOHN BOLES LINDA WATKINS ,; GRETA NISSEN MINNA GAMBEL HEDDA HOPPER ETHEL WATERS The Cotton Club Orchestra and in "Good Sport" How the other woman holds he man! ' ' Smart sophisticated clever com edy. "':•'• • .••;-. NEW—NEWS Magic carpet of movietone^•':. •' "The Wild West Today" Another big time comedy— ANDY CLYDE In "Half Holiday" Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday January 11-12-18 Tuesday matinee 2:30, 10-30c. Horribly, grimly, fascinating^ picture of a lifetime. FRANKENSTEIN Warding! If you are nervous o frighten easily—do not attend th< theatre on this show. The strangest, weirdest, mos fascinating story ever told. He produced a monster from the ports of departed men. It had the strength of a dozen men, A big thrill for those who lik,e i —and -can stand Jt! Thursday, January 14. DOUG, FAIRBANKS In «l Like Your Nerre" Friday au4 8*tw4ay, Jf ftn , 15-18 ' BOSCQE *m HOSE Beginning January 7 and continuing for a week one hour each day we will sell 3 pairs of Sil Fab ladies silk plated hose for the price of one pair. They are beautifal hose, labeled 75c; and advertised to sell at 75c. Thursday, Friday and Saturday the hour will be from 10 to 11 o'clock in the. forenoon. Next week Monday, Tuesday,' and Wednesday the hour will be from 2 to 3 o'clock in the aftarnoon. Each day during this one hour you get 3 pairs of hose for what one pair would cost you at any other, time. • ' Be sure and get in on this deal. At Neville's Shoe Store J n . ;* ' wl I ores Famous Coffee Trio at Special Low Prices! EIGHT O'CLOCK ^^WN^^^V A^ vy Try Eight O'clock coffee for a mild and mellow flavor, one you can enjoy day after day with increasing pleasure and satisfaction. 3 With three coffees, each having a distinctive flavor, we cannot fail to suit your taste. All are equal in quality—different in flavor—blended by A &P from the finest coffee beans the world produces. Remember, the coffee you like best is the best for you no matter what it costs. • , • * ' i Den /*IB/*I e ' Ib. .^3'v I*EU VJKViLC COFMI RICH AND fUU-tODIED , B O K A R COMIt VIGOROUS AND WINEV ~*, — and more values Cold Stream Salmon 2 TAU.25C CAN NO. 25; CAN Salmon SULTANA BRAND Peaches °^J88Sg X! L tf&fD L Bartlett Pears DEL MONTE CAN Pancake FlOUr AUNT JEM.MA 2 Wet Shrimp .... 2 ""25* 28c 25c Bananas, 4 Ibs. for Grapefruit, 6 for . Wheat Pops Rice Pops • " 6 lQc VERMONT MAID SYRUP• • •£ "'.f'""': • !lj Cauliflower,, solid Green Top Parrots, 2 feunpjies \.-. JJead Lettuce, gplid/ 8 far T -, Trr . Rutabagas, 6 Jbs. for ,___>^_. Oranges, Sunlsigt, 2 do^n _,..--_., Tl"T" " <(-• j- Wj

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