Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 7, 1932 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 7, 1932
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PUTIES HIT BY SAURY SLAS IfFlCECOY A FEW EVENTS SCHEDULED FOR 1932 f- \ Nothing But Rumors So Far Ancnt Jobs • it Courthouse. J| '' ' i , , • j" 1 ' i * With the arrival ,of' the new year, itirest In county politics has been ;ened, and the dopesters are ting 'on .'candidates for representative, courthouse,'office.,, county, attorney, and member^ ,'of the board of supervteors.';'Ttt Is" argued that with so many.unemployed,, ln- cliidlne available ,'employes' of * de- chased banks, there"Is"a prospect,of merry fights preceding^, the June primaries. '_"'"•> • f - ' In senatorial district* politics there eeems to he nothing stirring so far. The politicians are, apparently wait- Ing to see whether Senator Geo. W. Patterson will, forego candidacy for a second term to seek thejlleuten- ant governorship. There has. been talk of a conference of' representatives of the Turner group"' in the _ legislature to attempt a get-togeth- I -er on a candidate for lieutenant governor. ' Bonnstetter Pronpratfl Good. . -It la generally taken for granted that Representative Biinntttetter will }io 'a candldate r for a second term, and though he is a democrat in a supposedly strong republican county no rumors of a republican candidate for his job have been heard. This Is doubtless because Mr. Bonn- Ktetter's record In the last legislature Ls unassailable. There' is a more or less general feeling,; even among republicans, that-he Bought to te' accorded the customary second^ term. It la reported that County Audi- tro Bertha E..Johnson has,decided against another candidacy." She Is now serving her fourth term. Ru- •mor has it that Chas. E. Chubb will again seek the nominatjoh, "Mr. Chubb was a candidate" two' 'years came wlthlu/,SRiyo,teI^,of, l dej •hating Miss Johnson. - The vote at "the primaries was: Johnson, 2639'; Chubb, 2551. ' -., •'< '" ' • Orton to Bun Again.' Clark Orton ie expected to be a candidate to succeed himself as district court clerk. Mr? Orton, who came here from Burt,:is serving his •econd term. Last year he built a home In the woods west of the Call bridge, and his residence ,is now in WpRLO DISARMAMENT CONFERENCE, CRUCIAL TERMINATION OK THE ONE VEftR DEBt HOLIDAY - Cresco twonship, formerly of the B. J. McGvoy, Kossuth County A-ECOt' OLD-FASHIONED WINTER BEGINS WITH NEW YEAR Northwest Iowa Lies Under Blanket of Drifting Snow. A little more than a foot of snow fell from Monday night to yesterday morning in the heaviest snowfall in Kossuth county in many years. A .six and a half inch fall was recorded New Year's eve and day.- Indications yesterday afternoon pointed to more enow and colder weather. Algona began digging out yesterday morning when the snow stopped. Snowplows were working day and night. In' an effort to clear the roads which started to drift when a wind accompanied Tuesday, evening's storm. 1 Auto Traffic Hulted. Trains were running almost on. schedule for the light snow had not drifted or packed,- arid the engines were able,to push through the average- drift without slacking speed. Cars, however, were practically stopped, except in cases of necessity, when it was possible to battle through on the main highways where enow fences kept the roads free from drifts. Sideroads, already in bad condition from heavy rains of the preceding.days, were further encumbered by drifts and •melting snow. The ground is only lightly frozen, and the lower layer of snow Is wet, causing mud. . It was feared yesterday' afternoon Attendance Large at Annual// Methodist Pastors' Retreat COUNTY MUTUAL ANNUAL MEETING TOJEJUESDAY The annual meeting, of, the County Mutual insurance association wlH"be For. Dodge Constable, Prisoner, Hurt in Crash State bank, Is being mentioned as 'a MKsible democratic candidate for ither clerk or auditor. Mrs. Laura Paine, who is serving her third term as recorder, will not be a candidate for renomlnation, it is said. However, it is understood that Mra. Helen Dickinson, Who has been deputy recorder throughout Mrs. Palne'a Incumbency, will make the race, So far as known, no other, candidate has been mentioned. Sheriff's Office Is Open. Sheriff Hovey, it la reported, "will not seek renomlnation,' He Is serving his fourth term, which* is a record for length of service, in that office, as Miss. Johnson's Is in the auditor's office. Whether Deputy Sheriff E. L. Harrte will be, a candidate has not been given out. Another possibility Is C. A. Samson, former sheriff, who has been .serv- as extra deputy during the J last few months. No other prospective candidacies have been bruited, County Treasurer H.' N, Kruee, Who is beginning the last year of wree terms of extra-competent ser- wce, is being advised by numerous mends to ask for renomlnation. ?*o «ne else has been mentioned',- Mr, | «use ia expected to announce hte There is not the'early ncramble wr courthouse jobs which was the «le prior to the World war. Aglta Itlon among candidates formerly ; mprninjroat 10 o'clock at 'the courthouse. v As usual the, Mutual shows a gratifying increadB- in business for 19311. The gain is not large, but, considering conditions^ the fact that any gain at all was made is considered remarkable. The' annual financial Statement shows .121 losses during 1931, totaling $43,436.80. .'•-,.." Jos. Paxson, who;: is'"assisted by his son, D. D. Paxson has entered his 19th year, as secretary^ of the association. He was elected in 1914, when Ed ^Blackford, first secretary, resigned. He was assistant to Mr. Blackford -for several years, and thus has served the association for more than a quarter of a century. The terms of directors Edw. Droessler, Greenwood, ft- A. Sm'lth, Algona, and Nick Bormann, Sherman, expire with this -meeting. Holdover directors are President H. 3., Bode, Algona; H' L. Potter, E. O. Mann, Jos. Hauptman, E. A. Miller, and Mr. Paxson. The association was formed in 1|887, and. In -all the years of .its existance has had no litigation either as plaintiff or' defendant. • '. ' Kousuth assessors will'meet this morning at 9:30 at the courthouse to discuss changes .to be made In valuations and other details of their work this year. The assessors were affected by the general salary cuts adopted by the supervisors Satur» day and Tuesday; -their pay being out about 10 per cent. The basis of pay Is again on the number of days necessary to make the assessment, as fixed by the board. N, W, PASSENGER TO BE CANCELLED N. p, «o» City, Maurice Collins, Fort' Dodge Constable, and his prisoner, Joe Copes, whom Collins had arrested at Brltt, suffered minor injuries Monday night when the Collins • car skidded into the ditch near Wesley when Collins was taking Copes back to Port -Dodge. "Both meVwere bi'DUltit 1 to' the Ko'ssuth hospital, where Collins was treated for ^a -wrenched back, bruises and a severe shaking up, and cuts on Copes's face were dressed. According to rumors here Copes was being taken back to answer a charge of jumping a room :bill. $106 STOLEN FROM OIL STATION HERE The oil station across the street east from the Wm, C. Steele store was burglarized Sunday night and $106.76 taken from hiding 'places. Louis Reding, manager of the station, had locked up as usual Sun- NEW FIRE TRUCK ORDERED MONDAY BY CITY COUNCIL A new pumping fire truck ordered Monday night by the city coun'cll* 'in an -'adjourned Meeting: The new truck, to be delivered in 60 daye by the W- S. Nott Co., of Minneapolis, is to be mounted on a Chevrolet ton and a and will cost $2,300. half chassis, Some of the equipment on .the present smaller chemical truck:.will be removed and placed on the new truck. The main feature of the hew truck'is a pump attachment whereby water can. be sucked out of the mains and forced through the hose lines. In the George Hansen and C. S. Johnson fires last year the . necessity of additional pumping equipment was'' emphatically indicated. In both cases the firemen were able to save adjoining buildings only by strenuous and dangerous work. If the present pumping truck had been out of commission the fire would have swept uncontrolled. The larger truck is being "retained because it has pumping equipment, and thus several In December, This year, d-?- «W8lo n is already a mgnth" late. «*s than five months remain till primaries, However, there is time for a lively battle over ev- office. In candidacies cpun- have begun to be announced in 'the newspapers, MBier for County Attorney. County Attorney G. D, . , um. s stated, will not be a candidate w succeed himself. Mr, Shv»mway * living hie secoijd term, It is waerstood that H. W. J-iller, Judge > ' - the have begun their la#t yeay ot , unless they ar« r^eeteO, °- nly exception i« ft* new of the t>ojtr4, t. J. Ktrajnmaster, pf C..A, Wingett. trav eling agent, (il of) Eagle Grove, both Chicago *& Northwestern employes, discussed the possibility of dropping passenger train " service" ffo'm Eagle Grpve to Fox Lake with business men here Tuesday. - The gasoline-electric train operat* ed at a loss of $8000 last year, and passenger revenue is "practically nothing. From present indications there is no hope for an increase in business, and in that event the rail-. road" wlU be forced to discpntlnue the train, In. |to place the freights will carry . Combination baggage, mail, press, passenger coach, aiid will ' WJjtttemore, , ' Passengers. Mail service, it to contemplated, w }» be handled in thf» same manner as at present except that the mail will be carried, by the freight*, , operate Jatep <n delivery impossible JR upon, the fojp servic lary was . discovered when the station was opened the next morning. Entrance to the station was gained by a coal . delivery opening, through wh'ich a small man could gain entrance to the building. It is believed that the burglar knew the hiding place of the money, for .hoth^ ing else was taken. Small change was untouched, The burglar left by the front door which is fastened with a spring lock, There is evidently a gang of oll| station thieves operating in this section. At Wesley three oil stations were entered ' last week Wednesday night, Only small articles were, taken. On New Year's night the Lakota elation was entered and chains stolen. Saturday night a station at Swea pity ,wae looted for $10 in cash, tires, oil, .greases and a revolver. , pther stations were robbed over the week-end at Bancroft, Brltt, Forest City, and Charles City. ALBUM'S NEW BANK SHOWS BIB INCREASE IN FBBTIN6S All national and state banks received" a call last week for statements as pf December 81. The Iowa State band's statement shows an< other inprease in footings, the total exceeding 111300,000. The deposits are- also up, standing at $l;314,594. » surprising total In view pf general financial conditions, The banK to parrying ftn extraordinarily large sum of immediately liquid assets, than, 1867.000. First mortgage estate, loans. staj,d at H47.79Q , customers' loans at I882.W' The surplus is now MO t OO,0, < Contrasting vividly with pMtime bank. overdrafts amount •streams of water can be thrown by a combination ' of the two , trucks, arid the'new truck will have all'the convenience and availability of •' the smaller truck, In addition-it,will be much faster. Last Thursday in council meeting a the regular transfer of that a strong- northwest wind would spring up, and drift the light snow into hard-packed ;.banks that would require all the efforts of snowplow crews to get through. 'Ice Coating'for'New Tear's. Many cars were stuck in snow New Year's eve. This snow fell following a light mist in freezing temperature that had -left a heavy coating of ice on. roads and .'sidewalk's. Care skidded on , hills, .-and slid into the ditch, where 1 wheels turned on_.the^lce,,. Several cars were ditched on 'the state /park hill, which is a detour of No. 169. North and west'of town cars were-having difficulty in.mak- ing the hills because of the ice. In Algona several cars skidded into curbs and onto the parking, usually without damage. Walks and street crossings were covered ..-•:. with sand and ashes to prevent falls. The New .Year's snow was' /followed by the 'coldest temperatures recorded eo far, this winter, when the mercury^ sank" to 5 degrees Saturday, and Sunday was only one degree above zero. 'The sleet storm preceding New Year's caused heavy damage to telephone and 'telegraph wires, which were broken under the strain of tons of ice that gathered on the. numerous wires and poles. Repairs were hampered by the heavy enow of the first of the week. Fair Weather Probable. The weather forecast in yesterday's dailies Indicated more, snow for last night and toc|ay, •- Snows were/predicted, in individual.'localities.' Fair weather was forecast fo,r yesterday in the Dakotas and Nebraska, thereby indicating a fair Thursday or Friday in Iowa, Temperatures, as recorded by By W. H. Lease. A ministers' evangelistic retreat for Methodist pastors of tlie Algona district was held at the local Methodist, church Monday ami Tuesday, only seven pastors out of 4d. being absent. Several pastors' wives and other visitors also profited by the excellent program. The condition of 'the roads owing to the heavy snowfall was responsible for most absences and part-time attendance. The first session- Monday afternoon w:is given over to a discussion of the revival, Its preparation, execution, and conservation, as a method of evangelism. At the evening service,. Dr. A. L. Semuns, pastor of the First Methodist church, Fort Dodge; led a discussion on "Visitation Evangelism" which brought out many questions and n reused .general interest. Dr. Geo. B. Dean, head of the department of evangelism a t Philadelphia, gave "an • inspirational address on "The Pu«i : slon". . •Tuesday forenoon took place a discussion of "Evangelism for Youth", led by Dr. Elaine B. Kirk•Patrick, of tile Methodist Board of Education, Chicago. This was .one of the most animated and profit able discussions in. the history of Algona. district. Dr. C. H. Kamphoefner, Sioux City, added much to the value of all discussions. ,The closing program Tuesday afternoon was devoted to discussions of a "Program of Evangelism", by the Rev. A. A. Howe, .Buffalo Cen ter, and'"Development and Use of a Constituency List", .by'the Rev 'C. V. Hulse, Algona. • District committees met and did considerable planning. The music festival committee . put finishing touches on that event, which will be held at Algona, February 15. The World Service committee arranged for a week of group meetings the second week following Easter. An inclusive .district program of eyan gelism was adopted which will cover the entire district before Easter. The local church' people. honored themselves by the-way they enter tained visitors. Homes were open At' Close of business, Jan. 5, 1932. By Wilbur J. and Alice Payne. PQULTRY Tens, heavy , ______;.' — .13 lens/Leghorn and under 4 Ibs. .09 prlngs, heavy _-_ .! - .13 prings, Leghorn & under 4 Ibs. .11 Heavy stags ., —__: : .08 leghorn stags — '.„.. .07 GRAIN o. 3 yellow corn . .32 'o. Z yellow corn _ __*— .33 •Jo. 3 white oats __ _______ ..20 "•eed barley ____: .32 PRODUCE Iggs, graded No. i ______ -.18 iggfl, graded, No. 2 .10 ash cream ; ._ .23 • HIDES !alf and cow, Ib. ______ :..02% Horse __. .___ i :_-_$1.50 Colt hides, each : .50 . HOGS' Best mecl. butch., 180-230 Ibs, .-$3.50 t heavy butchi, 230-260 Ibs. 3.40 Best prime' hvy. butch, 26-300- 3.30 Butchers, 300 to 350 Ibs _'_ 3.25 'ack. sows, 300-500 Ibs. ?2.75 to 3.00 ; CATTLE ianners and cutters _$1.QO to $2.00 fat cows——: ...$2.00 to $2.75 Yearlings —..."——-I.$3.00' to $4.00 Veal calves _: —j$4.00 to $4.50 Bulls ——. -—.—$2.00 to $2.75 Fat steers. __ ; $4.00 to $5.00 ed for night entertainment. -The Woman's Foreign Missionary ciety furnished meals at the church t-i,4:esultt/43^e. t pa8,tor_,,andihis.Jjalp t ers..leffeinoj thing undone which 'could minister to the comfort or convenience o: the conference. :•' The, traditiona loyal cooperation of the men of th< district and the,*help and fellowship of. visiting ministers made this om of the best retreats ever held with in the experience of' men in atten dance, ye$ befla given for of the P^s^nger, ' but It $3646.15 was made from the swimming pool, fund to the general fund, The general fund was depleted and a transfer had to be made. At the time the swimming poo) was built the general fund paid for some of the equipment totaling the $3646.15. SHOES, CLOTHES, POUR IN TO HELP THE NEEDY Hundreds of shoes and clothing of all sizes and descriptions were collected in the welfare drive conducted Tuesday by' the all-city group of delegates from Algona, lodges. The clothing was placed In the city hall, where it is being sorted, graded, and If necessary cleaned, Shoes are being repaired. After the sorting has \ been completed, the clothes and shoes will be placed on racks according to size, and will be handed out by Antoinette Bonnstetter, school nurse, ' ' ' k -• Tuesday afterijoon 'a numbep. of people started a raid, 9n {he, clothing pn the /.assumption that they coule| take wh>t 'they waited/ This was stopped £efore •& got a goofl star*, and an> attend,^ ' Weather Observer Merritt, follows: December December December January January January January January 30 31 36 3(5 .34 .28 ,28 -20 -2.6 .29 29 32 26 24 IT on the room. t An enormous amount 9 f was collected m 4he first day's, Rainfall December. 29 and 30 totaled, 1.02 inches; and the, • water measurement of the snow UP tft'yes- terday is 1.88 inphes. NEW SERVICE STATION ON JONES ST. OPENS TODAY to Decree Is Filed, decree in a divorce, granted to Agnes Shipler ^FRR!*£, , and tables and eyen^tbe IJojor were covered >lth a, 'eonglsmeratlon o| garments and, shoes. FORMER A160HIAN TO TOUR IN SOUTH AMERICA, EUROPE B?, H, Wray and C. J. will open their new Are o Service station oh the corner of Jones and North streets today, .The Station Is home owned and home operatedi and, was built by Mr. Wray and Mr. Hpqkstra on. lots owned fey Theo Larson, which the managers have leased, fQp: a ter m of years, They '" * 'bwt9rs f<?r the Pureo|l Jn Algona. Erection' of by George Miller-was two months ago, f he west on jons" " a t the b^ck pf - is' married, hag §nd, ther family inov*4.into the N t L, Cotton, recently vacated by the James, Mr.-- TT " J " — t Q CHOIR TO PRESENT MUSICAL SERVICE The Congregational choir, assisted by Mre. A. K. Michel and Glen Raney, violinist, will give an al musical Vesper Service Sunday at p. m. Mrs. F, J. Clark is directing the program, Mrs. Sylvia Gunn, or ganlst. A silver offering will be col lected to be used ' toward purchas of new cfcoir 'gowns. The program follows; _ prelude-T-Adaglo, Rogers-Mrs. Gunn Processional—God' 1 of' Our, Fathers . Invocation. , (a) The Heavens Are Declaring"— Beethoven. (b) Ten . Thousand, Times Ten Thousand—Sheldon. Chorus Choir, .(a) : The Infant Jesus -Pletro Yo; (b) Deep River __ Burleigl (c) The Lost Chord Sulliva Chorus of women's voice*. Alto Solo, Evening Chimes—Mrs. A E}. Michel. ' ' (a) The' Silent Sea—,., Neldlinge (b) In the Hour of Trial—Broom (c) My Faith," Looks Up to Thee— > Schnecker. : Ylojin Objijjlato by Glen Raney. Chorus Choir, Offertory—Estrelllta -.-, Pone k -1-'-' 'Mr«.* Qun'n.v "Twilight—At>t\.--i.—--Pouble Trl Recessional—8aviro 1( Again tP '' Dear Name We Raise. *> POBtlude—Scherzo Mrs, Gun ••"'" nui»u.iL. i. started' sfa,Moj(l •' three Algona Markets COUNTY SAVES $152 MONTHLY BY WAGE CUT C \ Deputies Receiv ing More Than $100 Are Reduced. ^ V The board of supervisors slashed.' deputy salaries • all thr6ugh"_"th», courthouse Saturday in an all-day^ session, and the reduction in* 1 «U- ' ary list will save the county $15&S& per month. The only office tt_at ^ escaped the knife was the ^cou'ritjf ~ superintendent's. Supt. Wm. Ship- ', ley's salary Is fixed on September 1, and the salary of Deputy Miw. Shirley is fixed bv the county /board of education, and is outside the supervisors' jurisdiction. ( ' •', V\ In County Auditor Bertha' Joiiin- son's office first deputy C. S."pear-,' son was dropped from $1(10 to $100-.' > The other deputies, Harley S: Bait- lett and Irene w. "V>udt. we're not, cut, they receive $90 and $75 re- 1 , bpectively. \ •">•>- 1 The largest cuts came ^ in County- \ *-'? Treasurer H v , N Kruse's office'.-' 3 •>''' where C. W. "Pearson was cut, fnm-, •-* > $125 to $110. <> Salaries 'of the ottier ' 'f clerks remairTthe same,' - r ' r In County Recdrder Laura I*alne's^' office Mis. Helen Dickinson was/cut,.' ; from $100 to $00 * * *H NINE WOMEN ARE ORDERED ON PETIT JURY THIS MONTH Court Clerk Clark Orton, County Auditor Bertha Johnson, and Coun;y Recorder Laura Paine Saturday drewV the new grand jury for 1932, and the petit jury for- thej January :erm of court, -which commences GRAND JURORS leorge Alke Wesley J. M. Blanchard — ...Lone .Rock John Blom Armstrong George Crawford Whittemore' Fred Erlcksori' __. . "_'___Bancroft W. T. Fish .—.-——Whittemore Fred W, Geigel— Algona, Irvington Hans Hanson Wesley P. H. Har'greaves —Algona J. J. Nurre .' Bancroft D. F. Slaughter _,—Burt I. E. Wortman .--..Lakota PETfT JURORS I Joe Bosch -Whittemore Anna Carlson Swea City Deputy Sheriff E. L. Harris was/* 1 cut from $135 to $112.50. The tsxfrmt. .", work done after regular of f ice'hours, * by Mr. Harris, such as serving pa- » pers and in criminal investigation, ' left his salary at a higher figure-/ than the 5,100 first assigned,, as the , ; limit to all deputy's salaries. ," , ' , Cut Includes Janitor. ' - • ' Janitor George Palmer was cut '', fiom $85 to $80, and Matt Holts-' bauer, caretaker of the courthouse*" ground, was cut from $35 to $20." * , County Engineer H. M. Smith cand '. his assistant, D. T. Nugent," aug- /. gested to the board some>months-! ago that a 10 per cent cut'• be fected in their office, and amount was adopted by the' making the v salaries ^ $,370* '• J <v*," lek Clark' OrtonV fice Mrs. C.s'D, Schaap's 1 salary «, Luvla Craven r ._Titonka A, F. Curran Lu Verne John Farrow ——: . .-Lakota W. H. Freeman -Algona Frances Gibson • Wesley Marguerite Gardner _—Algona Harold Groyer Burt Merl Holt " —-—Ottosen E. N. Hanson __ ; Elmore Ca'rl Hanson '. ,—Whittemore George B. Harner Swea City Harvey Johnson _, Algona R, S. John Burt H. L. Kesler .-..-..Armstrong Frank Kouba Sr, — -, Wesley Mike Keller •---—_ ', LaWota Clarence Kruse Lu Verne Adam Luchslnger -.Whittemore H. J. Lacy___ . 'Algona Bertha Michel -, ,_-—Algona Paul Nemltz „--- ..Fenton Mrs. Earl Neal (.------ Lu Verne Zella- Nugeijt ',-, Edith.' Pike r -,' Jos, Re^kyr* '__™i-—----—Bancroft John Simon Irvln Selms, , , Elmer ^wanson ,.._-._^_—Algona 'Mrs. Glen" Sharp -'-,---., T Lone August Sejmer "_^_-_—1—_- Wesley A, HrStocic "!,^VT--T---_—Algona Hefjry, SteWe, -,;?-,-, Algona City .Algona left,at th"e same figure, $90 ,p*r ^^~month. Mrs Sch,aVhas-been' U8tii«^^i her maiden'' name of Clara "'Hty-'""" •' nold's in her • official work *-Jno_fe' her marriage last f July, and 1 appointment was signed in th'e way. The board returned pointment to Clerk.' Orton request that it be made out married name. Mrs. Elinor T. Sutton, ' welfare worker, was reappoi: December, and her salary from $150 to *135 at that time; Extra Help Scale The board reduced the of extra help in the county /< from 93 to $2.50, and- reduced' day pay of roadmen from »1.663 Salaries an d Pay for deputies^" extra help hired" in , the v«' county offices totaled; «,6,773<) 11930, according to the -Annual f published by, County Audltavfl tha Johnson,'/^hjs .,1s/'" 1 ' among the« off Ices las (folloi itor $34^3., 65; treasurer, c order' $Xi_37!;5d; -_uii '$1500.90; clerk $1-71.'50; and nee n $3326,75, i- . ' '- ' j., Hour.' rates to be paid rpadl were fixed at an adjourned?** Tuesday afternoon as follows: ? men, 40c an hoyr; putrolmeni ordinary labor, 30c; mechanics^ drag-line operators, fU5 a road dragging, 60c a" mile h.praes, 1 man and teafi*,, eo^^ani'i i naJban V_,-> «•----- '-^a* '•V^VU ^VW %ji >P J.'Heiken was man of the boa,rd at. session .Saturday,; succeediii perved for a number of year Salaries of the' lH "' '-I---T-JOHN MINKLER YEARS A60. DIES IN WES Jfohn Vfebstep Minkler,"60, one of the old t\fu* well-HnownjA^lgonlans, died Monday at Portland, ore, The cause of death and other facts have not been .learned here, hut it ia believed that" f.uneral • servloea -were ' made Cecil W«W Matt Wordel — Art Zln^ell' ^..-^^^-^-.--^ 200 RESERVATIONS MAKE yesterday, and th>M., Mrf. D. -Lr Driver, •Is"a; slater, and Mrs. Clark Orton, 3, Jajjght^r/ Mrs.-Madeline- Mlnk- lep'.M*^ 111 ' Carbon, Jnd., who has vi$}ted, here on numerous occasions }n the la^t .few^ sews, fejlSb^r. TQe, Minkler was un«l« of Loren MtnkKr, former, ^ngw. at Charles City.. TO COME HERE NEXT WEEK ary anfl help cost 'to t,he i $33.,07-..80 during 1930,, The of county offlcei-Tare , ---- ,__Banorpft of t the supervisors, ' ! amount every ,Pf license FOR TEMPLE DEDICATION -More than 200 reservations had been made yesterday for the ban- fjpe, ana, dur)n|r ~ ^«.-.«*.-?. quet at the dedication of the new Temple to be held ' ' Temple tonght oth.ei».prpBjinent in cles are expected for" the program ' and-H te-beUeved .that- the of Grand Master Chas. S, Pf hejd in, t}»e fiedicatioQ. prp^ranl plape. in. the Jodge joam on-thj Will Represent pro.eggler sbip, Witt gp to

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